Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mostly True

It’s election season in Aberdeen and the Democrats are wagering they can extend their two-decade monopoly on the town council.

Statements on Facebook purporting to be from the candidates warrant a response.

“In the case of the Glassworks, 85% of the property is not part of a PILOT and will just pay ordinary taxes from day one.

Glassworks is being built in stages. The 85% refers to the entire development but the PILOT only refers to the first stage. Nothing precludes the township from offering additional PILOTs for the later stage developments.

Furthermore, PILOT is only one of many ways to reduce a developer's cost. For example, the township had a practice of not assessing a property until a certificate of occupancy was issued. Since the developer didn’t request a C of O until the property was under contract, properties were nearly tax free until they were sold. Other likely benefits include scale of development, variances, infrastructure support, and ignoring violations.

In short, we don’t know what concessions the township is providing to the developer or whether they are appropriate.

“[P]eople confuse the fact that the the PILOT Payment on the 15% does not get shared with the school district with the notion that they're paying no taxes. And there's nothing that we can do on the local level to change that. The State Redevelopment Law says that it doesn't go to the schools.”

This is only half true. When the Jefferson (Avalon at Aberdeen Station) units were built, the township granted the school district $200,000 annually to cover the expenses from the handful of students residing in the new development. At the time, arguments were made the school district was entitled to its fair share of revenue but at least the township didn’t create a hardship for the schools. The new developments specifically call for family housing. The township did not fully weigh the financial burden or educational impact on the schools nor offer any grants from the PILOT money to offset the costs of the additional students.

“The town has only two imperfect tools to incentivize a developer to take down an abandoned factory or clean up an environmental mess: PILOTS and Abatements.”

Not true. How ironic to hear the Democratic leadership argue the only way to promote economic activity is through tax cuts to the wealthy.

As discussed above, there are numerous ways to entice development. Church St. development went from age-restricted housing to age-restricted and familly housing.

Manhattan has some of the highest taxes, restrictions, and burdens in the country yet there’s development throughout the city because the land is valuable. Aberdeen has a beautiful shoreline, parks, highway access, a train station, and boundless opportunity for improvement. Raise property values and developers will come begging.

To argue that taxes are the only way to entice development, suggesting it was the only thing negotiated between the developers and the township, says two things:
1) Cover up
2) The town council likes dropping their pants

“We made a deal with RPM Development whereby they would clean it up on their dime, help us clean up the adjacent lot, and in return, they got the property (which had negative value) for $1 and a PILOT agreement for the same term as the repayment of the money RPM borrowed to clean up the property.”

If true, that means RPM got the land for free plus a virtual tax credit equal to the cost of the cleanup. In other words, they got the land at no cost. Somebody made lots of money on that deal.

“[T]he PILOT payment goes directly into the municipal general budget and directly, dollar-for-dollar, lowers the residents' property tax levy - just like any other miscellaneous revenue. Now, you can say this is unfair to the schools, but it literally makes no monetary difference to a resident. Their four quarterly payments are going to be reduced by the PILOT revenue - the only difference is whether their municipal taxes are lower or their school taxes are lower. It's a zero-sum game regardless.”

Pure propaganda.

The notion that the township gets to pocket the revenue while the school district bears the cost “makes no difference” is shameful. It means the township does not recognize nor cares about the burden it places on the school district. And it assumes Aberdeen is a town of idiots.

Of course it matters whether money goes to the township or the school district. The township has far fewer restraints on increasing spending and far greater incentives to encourage development than the school district. This PILOT money will go towards municipal spending, not tax relief. The school district will get another influx of students without sufficient funding for them. The township will debate how to spend more money while parents and students fight over scarce resources.

And the school district is called Matawan-Aberdeen for a reason. A third of the school won’t be benefiting from the township’s munificence. Cardinal rule of getting along – Don’t piss upstream from your neighbors.

“Finally, people ask: why everything at the same time?”

Not exactly. People are asking why so much over development at the same time.

We know the answer to that question. With all due deference to Jessie J (Price Tag), it is all about the money, money, money. 
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Anonymous said...

Once again a truthful and honest subject matter from Mr. Warren regarding our no good self serving crony ensuring CME fee padding two decades in power with nothing to really show to be an improvement for the residents, students and most importantly the businesses that the J handpicked for deaf dumb and blind allegiant business council idiots. In other words just another illegal immoral politically corrupt day in Aberdeen. Vote the first 3 out of office to at least try and put 1-2-3 different party people to try and stop the democrat thievery from stealing what's left of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

And still the assholes in town hall cannot get the graffiti off the old sushi business on 34.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is off topic but have to say this

Can anybody in Aberdeen Township get anything right.

1. Why is the leaf pick up truck riding around town looking for leaves? Has anyone in administration not seen the weather we have been having summer not fall no falling leaves. Waste of time, manpower and money again. Flexibility should prevail. staring te Week of Oct 16th is ridiculous. Truck went down my street twice in an hour. Did the driver think leaves would hfall that fast and be put out for pick up and by the way it was yesterday Garbage Day just like Street Sweeping. Wake up over inf Town Hall and DPW office.

2. Aberdeen Update came today and what the F is going on. 3rd Quarter arrived Sept. 26
which is 23 days ago and now 4th quarter arrived Oct. 18 so these things cost a bundle of money and all they are taxpayer funded campaign junk to try to tell us how wonderful they are. All stuff that has been published elsewhere to residents to see so now they are trying to cram it down our throats, Abuse of our money and office.

3. Another screw up - there is no day called Nationl Recycle Day on NOvember 15
it is

America Recycles Day (ARD) – November 15: Amercia Recycles Day, held every year on November 15, is a national campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and buying products made with recycled materials.

Seems like lots of people in the administration and public relations cannot get things correct.

We pay for their mistakes. They show us No Respect.

Anonymous said...

How can Mike Canberg run the town when he can't even manage his own finances? The guy has been bankrupt twice. Doesn't seem like a good idea to let him handle all of our tax dollars.

Lou Scannon said...

Hey, Democrats! The more you know? Mayor Tagliarini and Governor Christie Perfect Together!
“Fred Tagliarini, the mayor of Aberdeen Township, was one of just two local politicians who got the top ranking from the governor’s staff, though he had no idea until a Bloomberg News reporter called to ask for comment.”

“The mayor’s name turned up on a spreadsheet maintained by the Christie administration that ranked some of the state’s mayors and council members, mostly Democrats, on the likelihood they would endorse the Republican governor’s 2013 re-election. But it wasn’t just rankings. It also tracked who sat in the governor’s box for New York Giants’ and New York Jets’ games, toured the World Trade Center, attended Christie’s speeches or received gifts, like steel remnants from the wreckage of the Twin Towers.”

“Tagliarini, 64, said there was “zero chance” he would have supported the governor, despite accepting invitations to a New York Jets game and a Christmas Party.”

Anonymous said...

Come on you know Tagliarini was and R then a D then an R and now he's a d forever. Tagliarini has been bought lock, stock and barrel because the Kauff gang pay better than the R's ever did.

You see it's simple math for the D's. Pay CME Engineering way too much money for what they do and you get a pittence of it back in campaign donations. It doesn't matter to your politicians like Tagliarini since it's all on you taxpayers year after year. The supposed Christie list of favored mayors might come into play soon and Tagliarini might regret it if Joe McAleer does what I and some of my brothers and sisters in blue think he's going to do. Christie might have helped out Fred if he went to a game or two. Come on joe is gone almost two years and he's not going to stop. If he goes down he's taking your politicians down for all he's seen and heard for years. They wanted Joe to do that job and he did it right up until he did that job against one of Cannon' boys. So of course he had to go. Right Greg isn't that how it works in Cannon' world.

Norm said...

I keep a spread sheet too.
I keep a spreadsheet naming every Aberdeen Republican candidate that I sent packing on every election day for the last 20 years.
This is my town.
I own it.
You can't do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Cannons world is a *smoky haze* of do nothing betrayal. Criminality coupled with ignorantly defending his and his fellow politicians total incompetence, financial mismanagement, cronyism and political patronage ruining our community. Much has been said lately about the towns debt service and only one question must be answered by the towns voters this election day. What did Aberdeen really get in exchange for that debt amount of debt?

Anonymous said...

F Norm and his cohorts in crime we know as the democrat party of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

By the way and hopefully soon the word SPREAD SHEET will have new meaning for Tag-liars gang when they get to prison.

Anonymous said...

Norm lives and that's good for the investigators. They'll have to travel though to talk to Coren I understand he lives in Philly since getting out of prison on the sex with boys thing. Maybe the other ones under Norms control and that are still in town should be looking out their windows more often.

Cliffwood Matters said...

I just checked my post box and another newsletter from the town. How much money do they waste trying to make us think they do their jobs. It is just political bull whether it is a glossy piece of paper or one of those annoying phone calls. I cannot wait to vote these losers out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the host for a honest and mostly non political explanation of PILOT. Either way the current mutts on council screwed us over.

Anonymous said...

Hear Ye

Hear ye

Hear ye

Cannons explanation was significantly different than Mr Warrens and that is not surprising to me

Know why?

Cannons egomaniacal and Napoleonic complex rantings and attempts to explain PILOT through the smoky haze he lives in was all just typical political bullshit. Cannons defending of PILOT should have been around when the corrupt practices and developer shakedowns stalled building out Freneau and giving us sewers for decades when the corrupt tag team of Kauai and Coren held the reigns of planning and zoning.

Anyone remember the past advisories of the firetruck bribe that was required to swing the vote to allow Fat Tony to build out here? Remember the parking lot shakedown in the municipal lot that stopped senior housing dead in its tracks when Kauff ordered the developer to use a well known politicians law firm only?

So what has changed under The Tagliarini political mafia since Kauai and Coren left the scene?

Developers now building in town and who are going to make so much money off of rental apartments that they'll pay whatever our corrupt democrats and engineering thieves demand. The rumored thousand dollar a unit agreement on the old factory in Cliffwood is example one of the political sharing going on will reach Airport Plaza, the county seat and the corrupt den of iniquity in Trenton.

One more profit possibility could be the process the town uses to screen affordable unit tenants. While the process is unknown to this writer it is without a doubt circumspect just knowing the typical make money anyway and everyday pattern of team Tagliarini and CME.

This is Aberdeen and that's why things will not change for the taxpayers one bit if the democrats maintain corrupt control.

It is not nicknamed Corrupterdeen for nothing

Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

It's K A U F F as in Norman Kauff aka Norman 'Aberdeen is mine all mine' Kauff. Or as Fred Tagliarini calls him BOSS. Think not? Think again since I was in the car when it happened.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Carmino? Who is that?

Anonymous said...

C Condescending
A Arrogant
N Nasty
N Neanderthal
O Obnoxious
N Nincompoop

Goes for either of them of course

Anonymous said...

Of course the dems are putting out lies about all they supposedly done for us lately. There's the multimillion dollar water park thing that was opened late and has had nothing but problems and complaints since it opened with a ball designed war memorial. Now there is this paving on top of the seawall that maybe fifty residents use regularly and that probably came with big unnecessary engineering bills to kickback to the dems campaign treasury in this election year. Then the Sigismondy center they gave to the dems ATM machine aka the guy we now know as the Ronald McDonald statue thief called Ronald McRoman. Now I see that Vic's got the snow removal award again on the total lie and joke on taxpayers of his being the single bidder. No corruption my ass.

Anonymous said...

You know Greg Canon is full of shit when you read this explanation of the pilot thing developers are robbing us blind with.

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article about each town in jerseys highest home tax bill. The oe in Aberdeen pays over 17,000 bucks. It is not candidate Martucci's house and that surprised me since his house if gigantic. I think it is time we look at what our council members pay in property taxes for the last 5 years compared to what our own taxes are.

Anonymous said...

It was international sloth day today. Did the PD honor their well known kiss politicians ass Sloth today so he could keep his do nothing job and maybe become chief one day.

Anonymous said...

The sister of the boy murdered steps away from the new park across town is 100 per cent right our mayor is a Tag-.liar. Hopefully on election night when the votes are counted he and the other two will be formerly official liars.

Anonymous said...

How many lies can the corruptocrats use our tax money for in the press to try and make voters think they've done anything but take care of themselves and their cronies on our dime. That is for sure mission 1 before the election? Liars each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

I am working at my churches yard sale today and one of the older members just walked up and asked several of us if the towns mayor showed up. I thought it funny so I asked why is she concerned about that. She said that at the last sale the mayor walked up and introduced himself to everyone here never missing a crowd. She said I've lived here for over forty years and that's the first time she ever met a town politician. That is sad but then she got really mad and said that she hates politicians in this town for not helping the church years ago when they had difficulties with selling the church property. She said the towns lawyer was in cahoots wth the builder and hurt the church. I don't know if it is the same mayor or not but that's typical politician conduct most anywhere.

Anonymous said...

A new subject from the host is welcome to see
gives an insight to our politicians catering to CME

This PILOT thing is a big boom for scummy politicians
gets the town financially well from past legal constrains

That is an especially good explanation with school insight
gives all a factual tale of politics stealing everything in sight

The number of children said to be 65 is truly a political joke
especially for a town that some think might be going broke

A recent post gave an idea of big tax raise after sewers go in
it is these little raises like Fire and sanitation and they're all in

Like the asphalt purchase we were told about paid by utility tax
robbing peter to pay Paul still without our politicians taking a fall

Cannon would tell us all there's nothing illegal going on you see
he's just another illegal pot smoking tool for the thieves at CME

He really missed his calling since he should sell cars for a living
not that his lying as a lawyer and politician don't pay for everything

Anonymous said...

Why everything at the same time?

It's called maximum profitability from illegal campaign donations and corrupt payoffs.

Why would elected officials do that?

BY throwing over the residents of Aberdeen in favor of the developers and special interests they all profit.

Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

What the next campaign of lies publication? Maybe it'll be about how much the Carmino business group does? Does that is only for the politically connected businesses cause many business owners don't even know there even is a business group in Corrupterdeen. Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Strange how the explanation from the lil cuss left a few things out. Like I don't know the truth maybe? F all of the corruptocrats.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How Low can Cannon go?

How can Mike Canberg run the town when he can't even manage his own finances? The guy has been bankrupt twice. Doesn't seem like a good idea to let him handle all of our tax dollars. October 19, 2017 at 12:16 AM

Isn't the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) responsible for finances and tax dollars not the Mayor?

How dare him speak about a candidate's Personal situation, if true, which is nobody business. How about we publish things about Mayor Tagliarini or Cannon himself?

Cannon just can't keep his fingers to himself always passing derogatory comments about someone other than himself.

For instance, when he posted on Facebook about a former township employee, who it seems he worked hard to get rid of, because he knew too much about things going on related to town hall/politicans and things not right.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen under the democrats stands for

A Absolutely
B Beyond
E Egomaniacal
R Repugnant
D Democrats
E Everything (for the)
E Engineers
N Needs

Anonymous said...

Cannon is the last one to criticize anyone since Cannon himself is morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

lawyer in cahoots with the builder is a long standing practice in this town. That can only be Kauff as in Norman Kauff and if it is involving the church on Cambridge that has got to be the Ciaglia building family. They built right by us here by the high school and the then asshole of a mayor Dave Sobel told all of us who came out against the building of two houses on a lot where there was one house before something shocking. Sobel said that denying the Ciaglias the building rights would be like taking food away from their children. You can see that our town has a long list of asshole mayors and politicians who have sided with builders and developers against us residents historically. We have a big chance to send the in the pocket of builders politicians packing on election day. Vote for anybody but in office candidates is all I can say.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Getting the graffiti off that building on 34 has still not happened but you can count on Tag-liar, Monotone and Mannequintucci will gladly tell you how they all truly care about the town and how they deserve to stay in office.

My ass they do as they are like the other four idiots sitting idle they are all useless.

On another subject have they started interviewing for the new edition of Freddie's puppet manager yet.

I hear they are very soon going to announce that after a long, difficult and every xpensive search the town officials are hiring the former councilman who did absolutely nothing as a councilman---- drumroll please----Herb Brenner.

This town is truly the joke we all think it is.


Mike Canberg for Mayor

Bill Sullivan Gustav Toomey for Council

Vote republican for no other reason then it'll really piss off Councilweedman Greg Cannon to have anyone question him.

They'll have to sell tickets if republicans get on council as they will justly question everything the democrats do and rightly so the council meeting attendance will skyrocket.

We cannot afford the lock-step democrats political mafia even one more day.

Vote to piss off the democrats and Greg Cannon.

Anonymous said...

At least in Aberdeen you know we have the best politicians money can buy. Doubt me? Just look at the reassessment numbers on all these properties being bought and developed. Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Kauff and his miscreants are just like a plugged up sewer drain. When you flush it the dirt always comes back and it always stinks to high heaven

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't succeed just campaign to stay in office and continue to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wish Cannon was on the ballot this year cause that asshole loses big time. Lil cuss that he is.

Something is Rotten in Aberdeen said...

Candidate for Mayor Mike Canberg is so right there is definitely rotten things happening in Aberdeen.

Yesterday while finding (a friend spoke about this website) and reading the Monmouth County Open Public Records System at

So much information is available about houses, owners and addresses, assessments current and past, taxes charged, size of property, if property was sold and names and address plus other information.

Today, it shows very different information, guessing that someone was very busy yesterday at the county since there were many updates put in on 10/23/217 along with owner name changes and specifically the Somerset Anchor, Glassworks LIHTC LLC AND NOW Glassworks Urban Renewal LLC.

Most glaring were the 20 records there today compared with the 5 listed yesterday.

For instance only one was checked today Block 155 Lot 1 and it had an assessment in 2016 $5,424,000 which is now listed in 2017 as $301,000 with taxes listed as $8,358.77 for 50.50 acres. Rotten for sure.

Also, zoned MFG and built in 2000. Could that be manufacturing for a housing development?

Did we all miss the buildings being built in 2000?

Are these things Rotten?

Time for more people to find out this information and share.

If you go on this website check out Center Street and Meinzer Street see the goings on there that Mike Canberg spoke of in his Facebook message today.

I am putting this on here so the people on the other side of town really know what is contributing to the demise of our town with the democrats running for re-election. Time to hit the road for them.


Anonymous said...

Getting nervous yet Fred

Anonymous said...

Matawan-Aberdeen Patch has this story today.

Monmouth County Exploring Safety Improvements to Lloyd Road In Response to Request from Aberdeen Council.

Monmouth County is exploring safety improvements to Lloyd Road from Reids's Hill Road to Church Street in Aberdeen. by Lisa Kreda - Updated Oct 24, 2017 11:24 am ET

Monmouth County is soliciting professional qualifications for professional engineering services for the preliminary design of safety improvements to Lloyd Road (CR 3) from Reid’s Hill Road to Church Street in Aberdeen Township.

The improvements are being planned as a result of the Aberdeen Township Council’s outreach to the County, asking them to develop a plan to alleviate traffic problems on the busy stretch of road which is home to Lloyd Road Elementary School and the Aberdeen Township Hose & Chemical Company.

“Parents of Lloyd Road students came to us and asked what could be done to make Lloyd Road safer for their children, many of whom walk to school,” said Aberdeen Township Mayor Fred Tagliarini.

Among the improvements being considered are a modification to the intersection of Ivy Hill Drive and the Lloyd Road Elementary school entrance to create a standard four-legged intersection; improvements to the overall safety of the corridor for pedestrians and bicyclists; and an evaluation of the Lloyd Road traffic signals at Cambridge Drive and Church Street for level of service and compliance with current MUTCD and Monmouth County design standards.

Interesting and sad since the road has had the same problem for years and where was the town council all this time?

Wasn’t the Ivyhill Road and Lloyd Road intersection already approved?

Answer is so telling and very obvious – Re-election time for mayor and two council people.

All of a sudden they are concerned. Vote them out and kick them to the curb.

They are phonies and do not deserve any votes from Aberdeen residents.

Something to ponder: The author of this submitted article is Lisa Kreda, paid employee of private Public Relations used by the town, we have a paid employee to do this job, but somehow this company gets the job.

Pilot Info said...


Also Present:
Holly Reycraft, Township Manager-Ron Gordon, Township Attorney


Mayor Tagliarini asked anyone wishing to be heard on agenda items to come forward and state their name and address.

A resident stated he would like to talk about Pilot Programs. What you are voting on tonight is a pilot program for affordable housing in town. Our developers at Glassworks received $17,582,991; RPM at South River Metals received $10,700,099. This is off the Department of Community Affairs website. Now, you are having the developers pay you in lieu of taxes. Our Board of Education is not in the loop. It costs $15,356 to educate a student of that $10,578 per pupil in our taxes. The demographic information that planners and developers use, shows 64.94 children in that development that is not paying $10,578 the burden will get split up among the rest of the town. The terms of agreement are for developer to be in pilot program as long as their loan is open, if they have a 30 year mortgage we are on the hook for 30 years. No contributions are being made to the town from the developers. Please no more pilot programs. Councilman Cannon stated there are other economics involved. The Grants are 30 year low interest mortgages with a balloon payment at the end. No one else will loan them money to take down an abandoned factory or to clean up environmental contamination site. The Community Development Grants you are referring to are the $200 million allocated through Federal Funds through State of New Jersey to Monmouth and Ocean County to rebuild affordable housing in these counties. They pay that money back as a percentage of their operating expenses. Pilots are a last resort. They are improving those properties with those loans and pilots. The Pilots pay less in a payment to give them an incentive to develop those properties. We have all stared at Anchor Glass for 20 years. There is no other deal to get these properties redeveloped.

More Pilot info said...

No one wants South River Metals, there is at least $3.6 million in arsenic, lead and other stuff buried right next to the creek.

Is it a good deal, no. As far as the children in the school there is a marginal
costs, the schools are there and the teachers are there. It may be $5,000 or $7,000, not
$13,000. Also, there are far more 1 and 2 bedroom units, than 3 bedrooms. South River
Metals is half senior citizens. We are fully aware the deal is worse the more students in the school. There are 250 units at Avalon on Central Avenue; there are 7 school children that live in that building. This is not a win fall for the town; these pilots solve serious problems that cannot be solved by the private sector.
When the properties are built up the values of the homes around it will go up. If it wasn’t for pilots and grants these would not be built. 30 years is a long time but we will have $200 million in ratables to offset our property tax burden. The resident stated our developers need to come in and provide infrastructure and amenities for the people who live here. Mayor Tagliarini stated this council inherited two or three projects, like them or not were going nowhere. Residents want senior housing; we are giving it to them. We saved our town from 1500 units, called Freneau Park. Look at the total picture. Thank you for all your input.

Pilot-end of minutes said...

A resident asked Mayor to explain what a pilot is.

Ron Gordon stated a pilot is based upon a New Jersey Statute called “Long Term Tax
Exemption Law” and it authorizes payment in lieu of taxes that are based on one of a
number of formulas. The money does go to the municipality, some of the money gets
shared with the County and it some circumstances is shared with school board but is not
required to be shared with them. The formula for tonight’s pilot is based upon the
amount of income that comes into the property and is based upon a 10% number, but
there is a minimum amount of payment that can never go below. It is a method of
incentivizing and bringing onto the developed properties that would otherwise not get

Holly Reycraft stated the land tax is a tax which never goes away. The school will get the money from the land tax. The Pilot is only on the building portion.

The resident asked what happens to the money that comes into the town.
Councilman Cannon stated goes into the general budget.

Resident asked how many pilots do we have now.

Holly Reycraft stated one, Avalon.

Anonymous said...

I got a corruptocrats door hanger the other day because the Corruptocrats came calling and I was working my second job to pay my taxes to keep my house. Man do I wish I was home cause they would've called the cops on my telling them what sssholes they are. You see the Corruptocrats can't handle the truth. F every one of them I say. Can't wait to vote this year it's time these scum are gone for good. By the way the mayor had no accomplishments to list on the door hanger just like Martucci other than involvement with kids and past bullshit awards.

Anonymous said...

Looking on Facebook it seems Joe M finally found a voice
I am glad although I doubt the democrats will ever rejoice

What's that Cannon didn't respond yet with his typical lies
his defense of all things democratically corrupt never flies

Between the elder Mrs. Bucco voicing her opinion in Matawan
Joe M in Aberdeen the Cannon boys can't get anything done

I guess it's a politician thing to deny the truth from citizens
God forbid anyone or anything is publicized on line or pens

The crooked elections are coming upon us all very soon you see
it's just for us in Aberdeen the election monies are all from CME

That is what is true most every year in Aberdeen typically
this year there's more developer money to corruptly tally

Signs are abundant all over town and on every municipal
with all the typical old spots of the democrat party faithful

All I can say if you're reading this poem before election day
get off your ass and vote as our communities future is in play

Anonymous said...

Have the dems put out the warning list for their two molesters locations yet to warn kids and parents just before halloween yet?

Anonymous said...

I bought a knockoff of Hilary Clinton's latest book titled What Happened. The book has one page and had only nine words on the page. Those words were

I'm a terrible person and people could see that

Anonymous said...

I've been going thru some contacts in regards to the reported 1k fee brokered into each unit sold at the old factory across town. What I was told and discovered is that a developers group once interested in a senior project property in Aberdeen had a representative with the initials RK. It seems RK may have been in contact with a lawyer or a go between for Aberdeen back in 2004 or 2005. I wrote down what I was told very fast so it's a 90% certainty what I was told. Initial retainer was listed as 25k with a 1k success fee per unit for all approved market rate units created by the project. It reads like lawyers make big money with the more units they can get a towns leadership to allow. So in the instance of the old factory site with 500 residential units with over 400 market rate sale potential I guess one can see how the process allows great amounts of money to grease the local Aberdeen political process. I'm wondering was Kauff and Coren in charge back then or was this possibly tied to Kauff putting Coren is as a Development Czar to keep the Kauff and politicians law firm well positioned. So many questions still keep coming. Right Mr. McAleer I guess you might know more on this and other topics. I sure hope you do and if you can spill your guts about it if your time comes. Good luck to you I say since I'm not into revenge or avenging.

Anonymous said...

Potential nor'easter coming Sunday and Monday the Matawan Patch says. I'll bet the new water park will be just fine even without a fully established protective dune to stop the water and debris. Right Freddie boy?

Coincidence or Conspiracy said...

As Mike Canberg, republican mayoral candidate, said in his Cliffwood Matters Facebook post there is a rotten and fishy smell around and this might help explain some of it.

Has anyone ever heard the saying “don’t believe everything you hear”? Let me tell you that definitely is true here in Aberdeen.

It appears that numerous individuals, organizations and companies/LLC have been purchasing properties in Aberdeen mainly in Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach but also in Matawan since 2010. There have been repeat sales of some places and name changes for others, mostly owners. Seems like some kind of maneuvering towards a monopoly in Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach.

So, is it coincidence or conspiracy?

Just saying, be sure when you read this remember that Fred Tagliarini was elected Mayor of Aberdeen in 2009.

Again, coincidence or conspiracy with these happenings starting around the same time?

Mayor started his term in 2010 and buying of properties began in 2010 from what was found so far and many purchases in 2016 and 2017.

Listed below are some addresses found with owners' towns listed which is public information for all to see.

Property Location Owners' Towns

Center St. 200 Brooklyn NY as of 12/28/16- was Lakewood
Center St. 172-176-180-181-183 202 Brooklyn,NY as of 12/28/16- was Lakewood
Orchard St. 183 Brooklyn,NY as of 12/28/16- was Lakewood

Meinzer St, 197A Lakewood
Meinzer No Number listed Lakewood
Orchard St. 203 Lakewood
Van Cleaf La 194 , Lakewood
Cliffwood Ave, 640 (Manna House) Lakewood

Meinzer St. 197 Shrewsbury as of 12/30/13-was Matawan
Meinzer St. 361 Shrewsbury as of 12/30/13-was Matawan
Cliffwood Ave.360 Shrewsbury as of 12/30/13-was Matawan

These addresses should help republicans to see how many registered voters are at each location.

Anonymous said...

Man it is so obvious that political crrruption and development really pays in Corrupterdeen. I just got a big glossy mailer from the Taggy Tags gang of fo jothings and I love it that their accomplishment listing have nothing to do for the town. It's all me I'm great look at what I did years ago. Useless these assholes are all useless. SAVE Aberdeen and elect Canberg, Toome and Dullivan. The corruptocrats will still have the majority but the newly elected voices will drive Cannon nuts.

Anonymous said...

How is it Carmine has a cop style plate? Who's ass did he kiss for that? Who'm I kidding that list is really long. Never mind!

Junk Mail said...

Arrived this morning and here’s the scoop
Promises Made, Promises Kept
What a Crock of BS from these 3 candidates via Cannon.
Stabilize our Municipal Tax Rate – What happened in 2014, 2015 and 2016? So, they claim 0% tax rate in 2017 but of course you know it is election year and it always happen that way every 4 years. No Surprise. Best of all, streamline municipal government, what will the mayor do since the last election in 2013 he claimed that Aberdeen had a lean government comparing us to other towns. He stated we had only 84 employees and other towns had more employees. So, how does he explain at the end of 2016 Aberdeen had 98 employees? That’s 14 new hires. Is he going to fire them to streamline?
Protect Open Space and stopped a 1,000 unit development only to replace it with 2 Luxury rental buildings one alongside the train station , 1 senior citizen building with 70 apartments and 1 building with75 units affordable family housing and the monstrous Anchor Glass project. Don’t forget Montone said we will have a Main Street at the train station in our 21st Century Transit Village.
Does Contaminated Water and children getting sick and rashes count as renewing our parks?
Does getting an award from a professional organizations which most likely the town engineering firm is a member count as renewing?
We want to know do these 3 people really believe all this running of the mouth by Cannon?

Anonymous said...

Coming off the bus and just cannot say it enough

Don't vote for any incumbent in this town

We deserve better than the expensive democrat failures that are




Anonymous said...

Election to control the spending is very soon
despite that democrat egomaniac Cannon goon

I think the democrats lose votes because of him thinks his S don't stink and he's above the rim

Some on here say his time in prison is soon
he'll have a big fat roomie he'll have to spoon

A fitting end for his arrogant abuse of citizens
since he knows everything we're all just hens

Anonymous said...

I guess we all can watch and see how many of our politicians end up in these new developments that are being built. You see that's an old cow find orange Rick from years ago when they got condos in the 34 builds when they were in power. No corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

Anonymous said...

Well this while democrat only Aberdeen forward bullshit must be working. I mean after over 6 months of avtenant of a shopping center and others laughing at the graffiti on the oldsyshi place on 34 the gravity finally got removed. Will miracles ever cease. I got one hope there is a big miracle and these scumbag do nothing democrats are kicked out of office. This year despite the lies and promises and spending for votes I hope the voters have had enough and send Tag-liar, Monotone and Manaquintucci packing. Then we start on the other 4 do nothings especially Councilweedman since that little balding Oompa Loompa has got to go.

Anonymous said...

Did Deputy Mayor Montone really have a dead body discovered on her property. I was told that earlier today at our blocks garage sale and I cannot believe it is true. Is it in fact true because if it is I'd like to know if it really happened.

Anonymous said...

Desperation and Disgusting are words to describe Aberdeen Democratic Municipal Chairman Cannon who we are sure put this latest piece of political trash together about Michael Canberg.

Politics at its worst. We don’t need or want the democrats involved in our town politics anymore.

Time to start digging into the personal history of the democratic candidates along with Chairman Greg Cannon and publicize for all to see what lowlifes they really are.

Of course, we have read about Cannon being arrested for drug possession in 2013.

Hopefully, soon ex-mayor Fred Tagliarini secrets and lies will be brought forth for us to know.

Councilman Joe Martucci is a legend in his own mind and hopes his secrets and lies stay under wraps.

Why did Cannon change the name of his return address on the mailing from 31 Lake Blvd Aberdeen to Bayshore Democratic Alliance 46 Alexander Drive, Middletown, NJ?

It is the home of Mr. DiCicco who moved to Middletown Township, Monmouth County in 2011. Mr. DiCicco is President of the Middletown Democratic Club and Co-Chairman of the Bayshore Democratic Alliance and a lawyer of Bathgate Wegener & Wolf: Di Cicco Michael M. 1 Airport Rd, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

Convinced now more than ever that there is so much dirty dealing going on with these candidates and the rest of the council that they are really so desperate to win at any cost.

Desperation equals how much money and other perks they will lose if they don’t get elected.

Anonymous said...

Purporting to be from the candidates?

These people don't d anything ever and there is proof.

Just look at past minutes from most every council meeting and the proof is right there.

As for my estimates having looked at many minute printings I found the following.

Must talking by Tagliarini and Cannon rank #1.

Lawyer talks way too much and I hope he doesn't get paid by the word.

Montone is next and that is about it because the rest hardly ever say anything.

As far as attendance candidate Martucci misses a lot of meetings during his entire term.

He should be honest and have chosen not to run for his total lack of involvement in the process.

Then again he and Kelly, Swindle, Monotone and Hersch hardly ever says a word.

I don't know what they get paid to be on council but it is no doubt undeserved.

Two talk way too much, one talks to hear herself talk and four are for sure towing the party line and know where there bread is buttered.

Their bread is buttered to not say anything unless it is your turn to read something on the tape is very much shown.

It's Harvey not Herb said...

It's Harvey Brenner not Herb Brenner and yes in fact he was a man who did nothing as a councilman like a good little idiot. That will change if he becomes the next puppet manager no doubt. He will be very busy doing everything his Svengali of a mayor Fred Tagliarini tells him to do. It'll be very crowded in town hall though and likewise it will be ver crowded up Tagliarinis ass for Brenner as he will be competing for ass space to kiss with the head of the AEBC. It is amazing how we have a self serving mayor and council and a self serving business council both that fail miserably to do what they are supposed to dol. No corruption my ass in Aberdeen under the democrats. Vote Canberg, Toomey and Sullivan.

The Four "C ' s" said...

Is It Coincidence, Conspiracy, Collusion or Corruption?


More properties sold in Aberdeen in 2016 and 2017

Sherwood Drive 320 Jackson then Lakewood
Sherwood Drive 339 Jackson
Arlington Ave 154 Lakewood
Cliffwood Ave 630 Lakewood
Cliffwood Ave 322 Lakewood
Ferndale Pl 451 Lakewood
Ferndale Pl 476 Lakewood
Gulden St 501 Lakewood
Orchard St 238 Lakewood
Malden Dr 863 Lakewood
Sunset Way 993 Lakewood
Beechwood Way 309 Lakewood
St. Joe Terr 50 Lakewood
Seawood Dr 78 Lakewood then sold
Ivyhill Dr 145 Lakewood

Other Aberdeen Properties - All Lakewood Owners
Ken Gardens Apts., Barrington Gardens Apts., Manna House,

Then Matawan Properties – All Lakewood Owners
Main Street Village Apts. owned since 2007, Sutton Pointe Apts.,

Anonymous said...

Man the amount of signs the corruptocrats are using this time around looks like they're afraid they're going to lose. I certainly hope they lose no doubt.

Anonymous said...

*****************NEWS ALERT *************

There were countless number of young children screaming out for their parents in the middle of the night all over Aberdeen last night

Reports are coming forward confirming that all of the children who attended the Trunk or Treat event held last night off route 35 in the shopping center where the AnP used to be were frightened very badly at the event

Apparently every child in attendance awoke from their beds screaming at the top of their lungs for their parents loudly exclaiming

Mommy and Daddy don't let the evil democrat incumbent politicians get me

Like they say out of the mouths of babes

That is all that needs to be said about how scary the thought of our town reelecting the evil democrats who routinely prey on children by telling everyone they meet how much that our democrats have done for children and parents, which we all know is an absolute lie

It's the LAW said...

National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC)

Protecting Your Right to Open Government

Open government is not a natural phenomenon.

It’s the LAW.

NFOIC protects your right to transparency,

The New Jersey Foundation for Open Government seeks to increase transparency, accountability, honesty and democracy in government at all levels by defending and expanding public access to government records and meetings. NJFOG is the only organization in New Jersey with the sole mission of protecting and expanding public access to government records and meetings. Established in January 2001, it is a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals who support open government.

Here’s how Aberdeen Township is NOT transparent:

Zoning Board 2016

Agendas- 20

Minutes-6 –are what is posted on website

Missing 14 meeting minutes and the most glaring is 5-11, 6-8, 7-27, 9-7, missing minutes which according to agendas were meetings all related to Meinzer Street?

What are they hiding from us?

Doesn’t anybody on council/boards care to show us RESPECT and TRANSPARENCY?

Don’t they care they are breaking the LAW?

Anonymous said...

PILOT in Corrupterdeen stands for

P Political
I Incompetence
L Leachorously
O Obnoxiously misusing our
T Tax payer monies

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've had that same nightmare as those kids did. That's so funny I just hope the nightmare of dems ends on election day.

Anonymous said...

Driving around Aberdeen the night before Halloween and it appears there's been much mischief afoot tonight by ghouls and goblins of the democratic kind. Everywhere I look I see signs for 3 democrat candidates with the words Aberdeen and Forward tied together.

All I can say is Aberdeen is to really ever go forward in a positive way we have to vote the crooked self serving and thoroughly corrupt democrats entirely out of office. Think not? Look at your tax bill and then look around the entire town and ask yourself one question. Q. What could the democrat only leadership have spent over 34m on without anything substantive to be visible in over 20 years? A. You'll be able to see for yourself. We've been robbed by the democrat only leadership who've failed us continually while hiding the proof of their failures. Vote on November 7, 2017 because the 3 democrat candidates are experts. Expert liars that is. Vote for Canberg, Toomey and Sullivan

Anonymous said...

It's the law? Is a great post detailing just a small part of the Democrats corrupt practices. As for the law being enforced in Aberdeen that does not happen in Corrupterdeen unfortunately because the Corruptocrats think they're untouchable. Not much longer as the wagons are circling despite Tag-liar thinking that his contacts at the county level coupled with Weedmans purported county leadership position will insulate them. Think again there Freddie boy think again. Lawyer up is all I can say to the Corruptocrats.

Anonymous said...

If a town politician knocks on your door today and says trick or treat don't give them anything. Also no matter what they're wearing they are vampires. No costumes needed of course since all politicians are blood sucking vampires. Happy Halloween my fellow oppressed taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

A tisket a tasket

I hear Fred better not put all his eggs in one basket

Cannon like Humpty Dumpty sits on top of the wall

And he better hope he don't end up in prison with the nickname of Lil Sweet Humpty

F both of them

Anonymous said...

If you see candidate Martucci also known as candidate Mannequintucci before the election ask him what he has done in the last 3 years. He promised to look inside for savings inside town hall. He said when he was campaigning last time that he would *look in every nook and cranny for savings*. The debt increased the whole time he served or better yet collected his taxpayer check for doing nothing but what he was told. He's a F'ng liar like all the rest of the council and the loser mayor. Martucci didn't go to many council meetings and the 9-11 memorial event at town hall this year either.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for the dead and injured in the NYC terrorist attacked.

Anonymous said...

Trick or Treat

A kid just came up to my door with a sign around his neck that said LIAR. Then he turned around and the back part of the sign said POLITICIAN

I gave the kid the whole bucket of candy for being the best costume I've ever seen

I should have asked him if he was an Aberdeen democrat

Anonymous said...

Halloween was great fun with kids all over town
imagine that in a town managed by a puppet clown

Sources tell me she sits alone most of the day
waiting for a too frequent visit by Fred they say

Carmine is a Fred buddy who gets the red carpet
lil reason he is a big player for promises not met

All around town last night ghouls and goblins were out
unlike town hall where evil is for those with Fred clout

I asked sources why manager is still sitting in big chair
heard often that Fred wanted her gone and more unfair

First demand was night of town hall sandy meeting
embarrassed when Pallone ran out his feet fleeting

I cannot stand Pallone he's just a too long in power wimp
very familiar to Aberdeen tax payers run by a puppet pimp

Anonymous said...

I would have ended the Cannon poem like this--- and he better hope he don't end up being the girl as the prison booty call

Anonymous said...

It's the law?

You do know this site is about Aberdeen New Jersey right?

I ask this as it is well know there is no law in Aberdeen New Jersey due to

Political corruption
Lawsuit settlements to avoid accountability by politicians
Excessive spending
Projects for overbuilding rather than citizens needs
Incompetent management
CFO mayor and council have wanted to fire for years
* CFO not fired due to knowing all of the corruption
** That ensures CFO keeps her position
***CFO hides much from manager, mayor and council for years
Veterans Preference illegally denied repeatedly and for years
Incompetence is covered up and rewarded
And so much more............

Anonymous said...

How much of our tax dollars is the Aberdeen town council spending to “show” us how they really care or should it be said how many projects are they trying to advertise now that it is election time to show they are doing things for US?

These are various projects advertised: Lloyd Road, Aberdeen 17 Parks, Roads, Veterans Park/Spray Park, Seawall, Sewers, and Glassworks, Hidden Village, Hudson Ridge/Senior &Affordable Housing, The Link (Luxury Apts. /Train Station) Hidden Village (Luxury Apts.).

Remember to keep this information in mind when you vote.

Anonymous said...

What has Martucci done you got to be kidding. All he's done is collect another taxpayer check for doing nothing. Instead of being a football coach with a team to be responsible to win or lose he's been on a politically corrupt team doing nothing but what he's told.
What happened to you Coach M?

Anonymous said...

Gorilla Joe became a democrat politician is all and truthfully all he does is collect a check for sitting and doing nothing but what Fred says like the other do nothings. Maybe that's why he doesn't attend many meetings. Just an idea from a disappointed democrat.