Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Aberdeen’s Hapless Republicans

The Aberdeen Republican Party has a long history of fielding weak candidates without a winning campaign strategy. Continuing the trend, this year’s flag bearer is Michael Canberg, a new resident and community organizer with a troubled financial history.

Canberg rose to local fame after triumphantly blocking the expansion of a Jewish school in Cliffwood. He successfully cobbled together a coalition of those opposed to development, opposed to burdening the public school district, and opposed to Jews from Lakewood "ruining the neighborhood".

Having acquired a name for himself, Canberg’s fellow republicans nominated him for mayor without regard for his personal history.

In May, 2017, a sheriff seized Canberg’s house in Manalapan. According to the Deed of Foreclosure, Tropicana Casino and Resort is listed among those parties with a prior interest in the house, which might explain Canberg’s history of personal bankruptcies.

The county lists either a tax sale or foreclosure lispendens (notice of foreclosure) against Canberg in 1997, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015. In other words, from the year Canberg became an adult (1997) to the present.

Yet, the Republican Party doesn’t realize the irony of making Aberdeen’s debt (which is enormous) the centerpiece of its campaign.

At this point, I’d recommend the Aberdeen Republican Party reorganize as a church since it’s obviously a faith-based organization.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Warren except I feel so betrayed by the democrats I'd vote for OJ Simpson over Fred the liar Tag-liar-weenie. I agree the R's need to better organize but the democrat only club of assholes has gotta go. Just because they gave us sewers we should vote for them my neighbor Maggie Montone thinks I say think again.

The costs we will have to pay for the sewers are a sin and some of my neighbors have installed new septics over the years. They installed new sewers as there systems failed waiting on democrats to keep their word. All we got were lies from the democrats under corrupt one party rule that must be stopped.

Even if only one republican gets in to bother and piss off the do nothing but spend big money our money democrats it'll be worth it.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Just another day in Councilweedmans neighborhood except Councilweedman is threatening to sue people legally now.

This time I meant Greg Cannon.

I say that since it was not a road rage incident involving a woman being followed and threatened this time by another member of the cannon family.

And this time surprisingly it's not a woman being threatened as it is usually women to be threatened and abused by a Cannon.

So it seems that Greg Cannon the self aggrandizing Councilman of Aberdeen is threatening to sue a male resident of Aberdeen because he posted Greg Cannon's drug arrest and expungement of his drug arrest record from 2013.

I am so confused when it comes to the Cannon boys getting arrested and magically having their arrest records expunged.

It seems so easy to do.

I am sure it has nothing to do with politics or political corruption of course.

Sure it doesn't right my fellow overtaxed voters in Aberdeen and Matawan.

They may not be up for reelection now but just remember these Cannon family facts for the next election.

Norm said...

My freezer will be full on Wednesday, but next year I'm gonna eat one of my own.

Anonymous said...

Doomed? If the democrats win again we are most certainly doomed.

Anonymous said...

The Aberdeen Republican Party has a long history of fielding weak candidates without a winning campaign strategy.

Truer words have not been spoken here in Aberdeen.

From past observations when you have people like Gus Toomey, who is running again, who appears to be like Cannon, they know everything and not do much of anything.

Is there an organized Republican Party in Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

Even if only one republican gets in to bother and piss off the do nothing but spend big money our money democrats it'll be worth it.

William Sullivan will get our VOTE.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check to see if those are actually all the candidate - in other words, how do you know it is the same Michael Canberg?

To your own point, what bank gives a minor mortgage after mortgage, if, according to you, all the borrower is doing is going into foreclosure? A LisPendens does just as much damage to a credit rating when applying for a mortgage as the actual foreclosure does....and anyway, how is it that he amassed all of these properties, as a minor, only to begin to not pay his mortgages and taxes as soon as he becomes of age....who is writing this fantasy?

What child/prodigy builds a real estate portfolio before legally able to do so, then according to your post, "as soon as he was an adult", disregard their entire discipline, and just what.....stop paying his mortgages?

Is this a real allegation? I ask again - did you do your homework, and make sure that all 8 of your dated allegations are tied to THIS CANDIDATE?

Aberdeener said...

You could be right. County property records reference a Michael Canberg and a Michael J Canberg. I've only listed references to Michael Canberg. It's possible the records incorrectly refer to Michael Canberg when they should have referenced Michael J Canberg. I'll update or remove the post if the property records prove inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Start to keep an eye out for the democrat scumbags to knock down the republicans sign. I got my money on that lil cuss doing it to try to make up for pissing people off for the last year who live by the old factory. Man are they getting screwed by the democrats 500 apartments and all that traffic.

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to see Councilman Cannons TRW. Then again with all that money he and the fellow corruptocrats have taken and hidden he's just fine. I mean just the bribes taken off of selling the senior housing property they're all fine. I can't imagine the money coming their way from the Somerset people alone they could retire. Let's do the corrupterdeen math. 500 units with a democrat senators law firm getting a $1,00.00 per apartment fee is a good start. Then I have got to figure locally our democrats will split a cool million between them. As you can see political corruption really pays in corrupterdeen.

Countdown said...

Only 4 days left to go. 8:00pm Tuesday Polls close

No More phone calls, no more tv ads, no more junk mail and NO More attacks on people.

Anonymous said...

A night walk in the woods with our local vote seeking democrats? Yeah that sounds as enjoyable as dying.

Anonymous said...

Rain on and off today so golf I cannot play
stay in and catch up on Aberdeens taxes I will say

Seems Joe M is on a roll and I am also very glad
even though all he knows and says make some sad

No doubt the local politicians will try to defame him
our politicians will tell you there honest and they'll trim

Seems Joe M is very interested in letting all tax payers know
so much debt the town has garnered on what I also don't know

If paying 3M annually on the debt politicians say no big deal
when our politicians it seems do nothing but deal and steal

Whatever Joe M is doing I say thank you to him for sure
as I cannot last much longer here with politicians I can't endure

Closing in a month on my retirement abode in Delaware you see
glad I won't have to ever hear more about our thieves and CME

Anonymous said...

VInny Vinci wrote a mailer endorsing Mayor Fred and the two mannequins? And they think an old codger like Vinci holds any weight with people alive today? I know the deal on the stealing of washers and dryers and stoves and air units when Strathmore was being built by the cops working then. I know about the years he couldn't work nights as a cop cause his misses told the then police chief he couldn't. Forget that he sat doing nothing for years unless it was for his area as a Councilman. The years he was a paid commissioner at the fire house with Lou and his pals doing nothing. And they think a flier Vinny Vinci didn't even write a word on is a plus? Vinny Vinci like those he endorses is a joke and he's not funny either. And don't forget he hates Fred Tagliarini going way back. Honest Injin.

Anonymous said...


Election 2015 = 4 year term

Cannon, Kelley, Swindle, Hirsch

expires 12/31/2019 (16, 17, 18, 19)

Election year 2017 - 4 year term

Tagliarini, Montone, Martucci

expires 12/31/2021 (18, 19, 20, 21)




Anonymous said...

Honest Injin got it straight Vin really hates Freddy boy.

Question said...

How does a person who listed these highlights of himself get a state police arrest record expunged?

• Graduate of Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School (2001)
• Graduate of the University of Notre Dame (2004)
• Graduate Villanova University School of Law (2007)
• Attorney
• First elected to the Township Council in 2009
• Parishioner of St. Clement’s Roman Catholic Church
• Volunteer Basketball Coach for St. Clement's Athletic Association
• Member of New Jersey Irish-American Bar Association
• Member of New Jersey State Bar Association

Anonymous said...

Got to give it to the scumbag politicians past and present in Corrupterdeen cause they can hate each other and still lie while they support the other scummy politicos. Right Fred T

Anonymous said...

Hapless Republicans are better than scumbag Democrats any day.

Anonymous said...

Norm sounds like he's talking about eating Cannon next year. I don't blame him he's oussed people off in the Cliffwood areas. Big mouth with a big ego and a lil cuss brain.

IVANHOE said...

By the time you read this Mayor Tagliarini made his victory speech in other words republicans lose again! Thamk you Mr aberdeener Warren for this good post. Your Democratic team is better for the job.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Norm said...

3 more hours and I will have once again bagged my limit of Aberdeen Republicans. I'm already psyched about next year when Greg is in my freezer too. I hear that weed is a good seasoning, so I bet he's gonna taste great.

Beach Guy said...

I voted for them today but not enthusiastically. Just didn't want Fred's crowd to keep a monopoly.
I don't think the Republicans in Aberdeen have been serious about this for almost 15 years. They don't organize, they don't raise any money to speak of (I know, they're not in power, but still. Not even trying. Really), and they're not involved in the community.
They missed a lot of issues opportunities over the years, going all the way back to the Coren scandal. Not to mention neglecting the beachfront and the sudden firing of Stuart Brown (town manager). The Democrats had been all for Aberdeen Forge and the Spalliero project on Greenwood Rd in Freneau for years while Republicans backed a county park. The Democrats did a sudden 180 and came out for the county park and the local R's never even called them out on their switch. I could go on.
There are plenty of good people involved in our community who also happen to be R's. Joe M is one and there are others. It might be time for them to get together and organize a new Republican party in town.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Vinnie clearly got paid for his signature or some other form of compensation. He never saw a Benjamin Franklin he didn’t liked.

Anonymous said...

Michael Canberg goes bankrupt again. You have to give the guy credit he has been consistent his entire adult life. He is a perpetual LOSER. I wouldn't be surprised if it is disclosed that the democrats arranged to put Canberg on the ballot ensuring their own victory. How stupid can the Republicans be to put an incompetent bankrupt fool as their mayoral candidate. The Republicans have to get their act together and find competent people to run or we will never win an election in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Why can't Cannon come out of the closet? Cannon's obviously the *anonymous Nov. 8 12:21 AM* posting after just getting home from *the democrats we can't believe the voters are that stupid keep electing us again *victory party . I'll bet the PILOT-Developers slush fund paid for steak ad lobster at that party this year no doubt. Fuck you I say to all you democrats as you're all scum who use and abuse our town like your own politically corrupt to the core bank. You will get yours someday you can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Councilman Greg Cannon, can someone point me in the right direction to the story of his arrest and the weed, etc. I remember it on this site but I searched for old stories and can't find the link. I am starting to question if he's been leading me in the wrong direction.


Wil Borkowski

Aberdeener said...

Anonymous said...

Why cant you Micheal Canberg come out of the closet? and identify yourself as the "anonymous Nov. 8 6:48pm" poster. Apparently you just finished another day in the office filing for bankruptcy against another gullible lender who like the republican leadership of Aberdeen failed to do their research and ended up getting screwed by you. WE republicans need to organize and put competent people on the ballot or we will continue to go bankrupt in the Canberg tradition. Michael don't hide if you identify yourself so will I.

Anonymous said...

Bend over Aberdeen cause we are screwed for another 4 years under the curse of the corruptocrats.

Anonymous said...

Maybe put in drug arrest by state police in 2013 using the name Greg Cannon in New Jersey. On his brothers arrest in Aberdeen you probably won't see anything as maybe his not so honorable lawyer brother probably improperly and immorally interfered and whitewashed the arrest. It was supposedly for a road rage incident against a cliff wood woman he terrified. Might have impersonated a police officer as well maybe. He used his brothers official police identification for a police department in north jersey i heard. Such an honorable clan as you can see. Or is it Klan maybe not much of a stellar at my age now.

Anonymous said...


The losers in town are the ones who voted for the democrats because the likes of Taggy Tags and his lap dog Lil Cuss.

They think they've got permission to continue to line their pockets at our expense.

So what our town has over 12,000 voters and 3,000 voted for Taggy Tags.

With less votes for the other two idiots who blindly, deafly and without a word of follow Tags orders.

That's not leadership approval from the all of the people in town.

That's permission from bamboozled people who wrongly trust politicians to do what's right.

Look around our town and tell me what the democrats have done besides the big builds that'll screw us soon.

Nothing is the real answer despite shiny toothy grins in campaign press releases.

Good luck cause me and mine are outta here before summer.

We can't afford the taxes that will be out of control because of the democrats favoritism and screw us over deals.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Councilweedman is so glad Phil Murphy got elected. I'll bet the toking Councilweedman. Is playing Bob Marley 24-7.

Anonymous said...

The votes have been tallied and the corruption is on
why and how don't matter since taxpayer hurt rolls on

Fred and the other two think they've got a mandate
under review and soon may have a prison man-date

I hear some rumblings of changes next election season
with Cannon n the outs and they're are plenty of reason

Hear Fred and Carmine don't like the Lil Cuss one bit
they realize he's just a ego driven napoleonic Lil Shit

Going to be very cold out today so no golf will I play
I will play again soon down in NC soon on Turkey day

Anonymous said...

When does the streamlining of municipal government begin here in Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

Shabbatt Shalom

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is soon to be legalized and our toking councilcreep Greg Cannon is beyond happy. Now if Governor elect Murphy can legalize political corruption Councilman Greg Cannon will be over the moon. Right Fred?

Anonymous said...

Which Cannon is in the closet? Really?

Anonymous said...

Mark my word that no good scumbag senator menendez is going to get off for selling his office to the highest bidder. See what we have to look forward to with the corruptocrats here in corruterdeen. Looks like politics like crime does pay for scummy politicos.

Anonymous said...

The Matawan Patch says that Fred Tagliarini won the election and he has a firm grip on Aberdeen. He's got a firm grip alright on everything illegal, immoral and politically corrupt that betrays us tax payers every single day. Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the picture on Aberdeen Forward and Restore Matawan celebrating Election night?

We think it says a lot when you see the 2 Matawan ladies who won the election along with the councilwoman who won last year all standing behind the current democrat councilmen.

Why? They should have been up front since they were the winners not Cannon, Reeve, Vergaretti and Altomonte. Shame on them.

Same for Aberdeen. Montone stuck in back on stage next to Cannon who wishes he was that tall.

Good Luck, Matawan ladies.

Anonymous said...

The new governor spoke in from ofbthe teachers union his largest number of supporters.

Our mayor spoke in front of CME. Today his largest supporter.

Greg Cannon probably probably is singing Cause I Got High again since he's worried about being ousted.

Speaking of being ousted the abysmal town manager might be packing her desk real soon.

And on the abysmal front the next puppet manager possibility is purported to be Harvey Brenner. In order to continue the do nothing management and questionable spending on idiotic patronage spending. We hear that debt has us in great debt according to sources and the silence of the mayor tells me plenty.

F the democrats before I forget.

Anonymous said...

2 Veterans Day Events In Matawan This Weekend

Is there anything planned in Aberdeen for Veterans Day?

Draglot said...

It was Saturday. I was sitting around, waiting for my unemployment to kick in and surfing the Facebook groups. As much as I would like to visit my old hunting grounds at the commuter lot, my mustached replacement scares me with his cop swagger. So, I decided to post yet another extremely long, extremely slanted comment about the people who fired me on one of the Facebook groups that they don't belong to.
It was after posting one of these comments that I became engaged in a discussion with someone who might actually be as long winded as I am. I never thought I'd see the day.

I know Joe said...

Be careful Joe you might get drafted to run with the republicans next time around. Unless you was to really piss them off then run.

Anonymous said...

Veterans Day is for veterans but not in corrupterdeen each year. It somehow has now become emergency worker day. Gotta get those votes somehow I guess. Losers all of the politicos in town.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they threatened to take away Vincis don't block intersection sign at the end of his street. That's why he signed on to the Fred corruption campaign mailer. They all suck each betraying us residents one of them.

Norm said...

MMMMM!!!!! Just got my delicious Aberdeen Republican venison back from the butcher. Can't wait for next hunting season when I harvest a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down
as well as Tagliarini thinking he can wear a crown

He knows he has betrayed the communities in Cliffwood
now if only he'd repent his evil ways and try to do good

The corrupt leader of a group that do very little you see
unless of course it is to do expensive favors for CME

Speaking of the outright well known thieves over at CME
seems Joe M has been making news of known excessive fee

Often we can sure projects and made up work has been done
especially when campaign funds are needed and under the gun

Joe M seems to be onto something and spreading the word
I myself say that is long overdue and smells like a stinky turd

Seems after the election many more want to keep an eye out
I say that is good to keep pressure on those with CME like clout

The democrats sell their approvals and influence to the big bidder
all so that work and big money can be spent after the big bid rigger

IVANHOE said...

It is a mandate from the people for Mayor Tagliarini and his Democratic team in other words the republicans lost EVERY DISTRICT in our town, Aberdeen!
This is the coupe de grace! The REpublicans were comlpetely rejected and its time they realize they are not wanted in Aberdeen.They shouldn't even bother running next election. Do they really think they can win?. I feel they should just stay out of it and let it be by acclamation!
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

I will miss your biting poems so good luck with you retirement place in Delaware.

Anonymous said...

Democrats won=Aberdeen lost

Despite the votes Aberdeen lost

They just don't know it yet

Right Joey Mac?

Go get em Joey Mac

Anonymous said...

A Cannon in a closet is so dead on.

Anonymous said...

Ivanhoe says the D's have a Mandate? That sounds like typical speak for Councilman Cannon the asshole extraordinaire of Aberdeen that he is.

Anonymous said...

*****News Alert*****

A New Jersey lawyer was just arrested in North Jersey for breaking into a home wearing only a t shirt and 👠 So I have to ask has anyone seen Greg Cannon today? Yes he's that big an asshole and deserves nothing else.

Norm said...

I'm begging you. PLEASE run that blowhard ex parking lot cop next year! I would love to see him every time I look above my mantle and I would gladly buy a bigger freezer to store all the meat that he would provide.

Anonymous said...

Joe M is quiet for too long and that is not good.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton says that Trump asking for an investigation of the uranium deal and the Clinton Foundation is an abuse of power. If that's not calling the kettle black. She's a sick and twisted woman who staked the claim on being abused when she is the number one abuser. She's sick is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Shabbatt Shalom

Anonymous said...

Relax people Councilweedman will screw himself over again cause he can't help himself. Yes he's that arrogant, ignorant and egotistical. Right Norm?

What Nerve said...

Today’s latest heading on Aberdeen Town website

What's Happening in Aberdeen Township should be What’s Not Happening

During the past two years, the Township Council has gone to great lengths in working on passing ordinances in regards to vacant homes and abandoned properties. These ordinances are to ensure that the owner of the properties, private or bank owned are held accountable for the maintenance of. If there is a vacant, abandoned, empty house or property that you know of, please contact our Code Enforcement Office using the contact information below or as provided on this township web page. If the property has a for sale sign on it, we would like to know. Thanking you in advanced for your continued cooperation for making Aberdeen Clean. Office of Code Enforcement 732-583-4200 Ext 196

Aberdeen must have issued BLINDERS to their NEW Code Enforcement man because they want us to do his work because he is sure not doing from the looks around town.

His head must still be in the up in the clouds since they put out so many notices about hiring him making it sound like he was so good. NOT!

As for BLINDERS the mayor and council must still have theirs on because there are many issues besides vacant homes and abandoned properties that have not been handled all the time he has been an employee of Aberdeen.

Which brings to mind, how many hours does he work in Aberdeen and how many in Matawan? Did the former Code enforcement man work in both towns?

Does he ever go on Lloyd Road going towards Route 79? Second to last house in Aberdeen on left side there is a new house that has been under construction for what seems like forever that had a full dumpster sitting there and it is now gone and more piles of trash are sitting on front of property for a long time and nobody especially person responsible for getting them to clean it appears to do nothing to get it cleaned up.

So Making Aberdeen Clean is a joke.

Draglot said...

It was Saturday. I was still fired, so I figured I'd go bitch about the people who fired me on one of the various Facebook groups, run by the election losers. Today's bitch was about the equipment that they're auctioning off. It's not like I have anything else to do, being unemployed and all. It's funny, I never bitched when I was an overpaid meter maid. Wait...Forget I said that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Big Mac is peeling back the onion and it for sure seems like Draglot and another of my former bros in the DB are pissed. As for dragnets post it looks like jealousy cause Big Mac gave out a lot of wood enforcing that lot. As for DB you know you ran your side biz on town time like others back there so just take your pension and STFU bro.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo its finally started and its time for our cockroach politicians to hide from exterminator Joe. Get em Joe we are all watching take em out and spank em.

3,124 Voted said...

for Fred Tagliarini, which can be verified by Monmouth County Election Results page, and we have 4 years to watch and listen carefully, question often and make him accountable to us.

So, we believe that we were duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, hoaxed, swindled, double crossed, defrauded, mislead, bamboozled, suckered, snooker, cheated and scammed.

Ever hear the phrase “You can’t tell a book by its cover” that is what happened to all of us.

Why you ask?

Remember he was a salesman for many years and they usually have a sincere (false) way to talk to people so you believe all the things being said to benefit you. But, as many of you know or have experienced many salesman really only look out for themselves. Thus, the same for a politician.

11/17, 2017 Legal Notice and town email - DISPOSITION OF SURPLUS & OBSOLETE
Most Notably are the last 2 items on page as described below:

One New 4 Wheeled Pavement Profiler in the amount of $252,500.00 and One New 38500 GVWR TRI-AXLE 30’ Flatbed Trailer in the amount of $18,345.00 were approved for purchase in 2015 and possibly purchased then if not 2016 and are for sale now. Why? See council meeting agendas and minutes on the town website for Sept. 15, 2015, October 6, 2015, and December 01, 2015.

3,124 Voted - Continued said...

There was a town council meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2017 then on Friday, November 17, 2017 this comes out via legal notices and email.

Bids to be opened on Noveber 28, 2017

The next meeting is Thursday, December 7, 2017 which is a calculated tactic so residents cannot go to a council meeting and question why these two items are being put up for bid when we, the taxpayers, just bought and paid for them.

Who recommend the town buy these items?

Who in management authorized this?

Was any research done on this to see if Aberdeen really needed?

Why did we buy them in the first place?

Have they ever been used?

How many times?

How many streets were fixed?

How many employees were trained to use this equipment?

Why did mayor and council approved these purchases?

Brings us to shady deals again by the politicians at our expense.

$270,845.00 to be exact.

He, Fred Tagliarini, is not worthy of our trust and is certainly not concerned about spending our money foolishly and frivolously.

Anonymous said...

We drive thru the apartments by the tracks and I've gotta ask what's up with the brick ovens that are fenced in. Is that contaminated or what.

Anonymous said...

Hitting the ball today even though it's a bit cold
I could just mock Fred and his thieves it never gets old

Joe M has posted about an auction soon to happen
highlighting a politically corrupt insider deal again

Some big road scraping machine the town bought
accountability for never being used is being sought

Numbers wasted of taxpayers wasted is over 250K
rumblings town wants to buy sand cleaner but not ok

Is the towns huge debt not our politicians main concern
to me it is long overdue and something people must learn

With all Joe M must have going on I respect him no doubt
what Joe M says pisses of those with corrupt political clout

Off to hit the ball on a course to end up eventually in a tiny cup
hopefully one of these days Fred and the others get locked up