Friday, September 5, 2008

Councilwoman Gallo Pushes Back

I did not vote for Councilwoman Gallo. I was unimpressed with her record on the school board and felt other candidates were better qualified. What I failed to take into account is that single prerequisite for all candidates of public office – character. During this week’s town council meeting, she refused to be cowed into supporting a bloated budget and no-bid contracts for political patrons. Bully for her.

It’s no secret why, with the exception of Councilman Perry and Councilwoman Gallo, the council members march goosestep under Kauff’s command; the Aberdeen Democratic Party only runs candidates that can be controlled. For Vinci and Gumbs, the only two council members to accept a pay raise this year or be involved in suspicious land deals (Vinci, Gumbs), it’s all about money and privilege. Drapkin gets printing business from the county democrats and hopes to get a state job. Raymond got his job at the MVC from Robert Axelrad, formerly the nominal local party chair. For Perry, it was the promise of becoming a state assemblyman. Gallo’s son-in-law is our police department’s newest member. As for Mayor Sobel, well, he loves being mayor and wouldn’t mind a state job as well.

In fact, the entire township works around the election cycle. In election year 2007, the township promoted no tax increases, the Oakshades Park lighting, upcoming roadwork at congested intersections, Aberdeen Township’s 150th birthday, the senior housing complex on Church St., and development at Cliffwood Beach.

In non-election year 2008, we have the largest tax increase in the township’s history, the firing of Town Manager Stuart Brown, and the property revaluations.

In election year 2009, we’ll have groundbreaking for the senior housing complex, groundbreaking for the intersection at Rt. 34 and Lloyd Rd., and development at Cliffwood Beach.

Notice how good news and bad news follows the election cycle?

For years, Councilman Perry has been the lone voice of dissent on the town council but this week, in Perry’s absence, Councilwoman Gallo fought for her constituents. You could hear the arguing through the closed door during executive session. She opposed the 12% municipal tax increase. She opposed giving another no-bid contract to CME Associates. She opposed using the same auditor, another politically connected crony, for over a decade.

The council has reason to worry. If the democrats lose next year’s election, Councilwoman Gallo will be the swing vote on every contract and every appointment. Her dissension could even prompt newspaper stories and possibly upset the election.

Forget about politics. Forget about party loyalties. Councilwoman Gallo is fighting for us and she deserves our support.
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed the last town meeting, I was away, but I was glad to hear (read) the comments on Gallo. As I stated in an earlier blog comment "I did notice Gallo was very much apposed to the CME issue last night and wanted it to be discussed further in executive meeting." I think Gallo is seeing the light.

Keep up the good work Aberdeener and thanks for showing up Ken.

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

I guess that she won't be getting a Christmas present from CME this year! Vinny and Gumbs will take her share.

Anonymous said...

Watch how Kauff will circle the wagons now. Old Norm will now make the calls and push his weight around. The one who made the most noise against her that night wants the cushy state job that Norm rewards for following his orders. Looks like Owen made the cut this time. Raymond got his last as he needed the money. We all need the money. Vinci gets his from the Dems like clockwork and says nothing. Imagine that Vinci has broken new ground as not only odes he get paid to be a councilman he also gets paid for the Fire Commissioner gig, retirement from his years as a security guard for Aberdeen years ago and then there are the most recent land grants being awarded to Vinci for his hard work as the servant of the people.


Janice gallo stood up and now all of them inside town hall and outside on Kauff's payroll will seek to defame her for asking questions that all those who will seek will to demean and criticize her for, already know is illegal, unethical and immoral.

Politics as usual in Aberdeen. Right Norm?

Fisrts time I say this F U NORM.

Anonymous said...

Where are the newpapers on this. They are at the town meetings and should be asking why she voted the way she did. There is a news story here, not the trivial crap they usually report. It was evident that she wanted to be heard and on the record of opposing the powers that be. The aberdeener does a better job of reporting what goes on in this town then they do, and that is their job. Do a liitle investigative reporting, get to the bottom of this, and report it. How lame can they be. If you were there it was so obvious she is upset with them.

Anonymous said...

What state job was Drapkin given?

Aberdeener said...

Drapkin hasn't gotten a state job, yet. He hopes to get one as a "reward" for "service rendered".

Anonymous said...

Notice the newspapers do not focus on Aberdeen with all the information revealed in the Aberdeener. Interestingly enough they report every little pro-Democrat thing in Matawan.

Why doesn't the press focus on Aberdeen where there is a real story. Are there no investigative journalists left in NJ? Sounds like we need a story about Aberdeen politics. What, won't Scudiery allow it?

Anonymous said...

The Asbury Park Press parent company, Gannett, recently laid off 600 people in NJ. The local section amounts to little less than press releases and police reports. The reporter that covers Aberdeen also covers two other towns on the same night. Now, if the Aberdeener issued a press release ....

Just an idea.

Why pick on Drapkin? He just needs the extra money for a new wig.

Anonymous said...

Matawan is also a little more exciting with both Dems and Repubs on the council, it stirs up a little more interest.

Anonymous said...

Just to make a comment, in the original post there is mention that Gallo's Son-in-Law is the township's newest police officer, however, it should be said that
1) when he was hired he was not her Son-in-Law, 2)he was already certified and employed as a Full time police officer in the State of NJ, and 3)He was selected through a Lateral Transfer process, governed by Civil Service regulations. He, nor any other elected official's family member's should be scrutinized, unless they specifically committed some type of wrondoing. I don't believe that's the case here.

Anonymous said...

The comments and suggestions in regards to Gallo's new son-in-law are off the mark and both Councilwoman Gallo and the young man should be left alone on this one. It may appear aptly timed to her running for office but it is not the case, this time.

An officer hired in such a manner happens often and is actually a savings to Aberdeen for training and much more which must occur in an academy setting, and much more. Just so you know.

As for the newspapers just send an e-mail to the editors of these papers outlining a few of the items listed on this site and see what happens. Perhaps the Aberdeener could put all local editors and television producers and the like on his distribution list. Perhaps just start off with Norms top ten.
But do not leave out the Vinci plunderings as well.

The media fluff no longer informs it merely entertains. Items of interest like the Aberdeener is what the people need not what they would get from the bobbleheads and newspapers. Investigative reporting even on an Aberdeen scale takes away from the everyday news forced fed to us.

Just an idea

Anonymous said...

I agree that Janice will incur the wrath of the Kauffster.

How is it that the Kauffster does not incur the wrath of the people and the authorities?

By the way the one about lawyers hiding under the belly of a cockroach after a nuclear devistation was great.

Such imagination.

Imagine if Kauff could use his power for good instead of evil.

No such luck.

Aberdeener said...

My apologies for not being clear regarding Councilwoman Gallo and her son-in-law. I never meant to imply that she or her son-in-law had been engaged in any improprieties. Rather, because she has a son-in-law in Aberdeen's employ, Kauff may have presumed she could be controlled once elected to the town council.

Anonymous said...

Just another example for our leaders who laugh at and question the Aberdeener. The man clarifies his position on Ms. Gallo and her new son-in-law respectfully. Our leaders have never done that even once as it easier to hide in the background for most of them and just do as they are told.

If only our elected officials would clarify their positions just once, just answer questions with an honest, answer questions and not just with Norman Kauff's line of bullshit. Or just once even ask a question and stand up for the citizens and taxpayers against Mr. Kauff themselves. No they cannot do that as that is not in the Norman Kauff playbook.

You see this is all a game to Norman Kauff, and the taxpayers of Aberdeen pay the cost for all of Norman Kauff's players and his ' close personal friends' who reap the rewards. Right Mayor Sobel? That is the true makeup of 'your close personal friend' and 'the rapist of Aberdeen', Norman Kauff. Like my Mom used to say with friends like that you don't need enemies. Norman Kauff is the true enemy of Aberdeen.

The cost is far too much for the political shenanigans in Aberdeen. Time for Mr. Kauff to be unseated next election.

Wait that is right Mr. Kauff never got elected, Norman Kauff just runs the show from the dark and secretive places that most of us would not dare go into without a gun. None of us would also not have the level of betrayal and the obvious ability to lie to the taxpayers through his henchmen, every single day, while smiling.

The truth is soon for all of Aberdeen to seethe money trail every single day, as the money just keeps rolling into the pockets of Mr. Kauff's ' close personal friend's. Mr. Kauff's close personal friends are getting richer every single day at the expense of Aberdeen's taxpayers.

It must stop. Once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Way to go. I start off my involvement in this blog site by apologizing the first day I write in.

Just to clarify I am not an ATPD member.

My realdealatpd signature was a chosen combination of my nickname, residence and my initials. I did get a call from an employee of Aberdeen who knows my old sign on name from the web. He asked me to change my sign on signature for the Aberdeener. I oblige his request and thank him I did not realize it would cause a problem or embarrass anyone.

On another subject some of the people I meet up with at my place are also still very upset with the Stuart Brown situation and Bruce Quinn also, and I agree with them completely. Those situation have s left a very bad reputation in and around Aberdeen. I also understand much more is rumored be developing at the hands of " you know who". This as the name is seldom used in my place. Now Miss Gallo feels something is wrong to. Good for her I say. Stir the pot as much as you can.

Someone has to explain to me how this leadership cannot honestly explain the overspending and illegal payments to the C.M.E. ? How will these people explain all of the goings on and these questionable things that seem to be discussed on this site evry week and that have been talked about since Stuart Brown was removed.

For people like my wife and I we get hit both for our business and for our house, both that are in Cliffwood.

Such a little town and so many secrets and lies are here. Since this is my first time writing in, although I have been a reader for a very long time, I say good job to the aberdeener for his honesty and hard work.

To those who will nitpick his site and its author I would suggest you look inside yourself first, as the Aberdeener seems to be based on truth, and it is of course extremely hard to report on the truth, when it involves politics and politicians.

These people who do not even know how to spell the word T*R*U*T*H. Think about that one, next time you attack the site or contributors. Once again I thank the Aberdeener.


Anonymous said...

Real Deal,

From what I read in the papers and on this blog about Stu Brown, it seems like he is one of the good guys who tried to be honest and got punished for it.

But what is the deal with Quinn? I for one am glad he resigned from the towns schools. I never thought he did much good. O'Malley seems to be doing some good and increasing standards. Why are people upset Quinn resigned?

Signed Aberdeen Mom

Anonymous said...

You go girl ! Ask every question you want to and ask every question til you get the real answer. Political answers are most of the time meant to deceive rather than inform. That is for most every politicians. Do not let them pressure you out of asking the questions you want or need answered

Tell them all to ......... fill in as you need.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I was wondering if the aberdeener had seen this article:

Aberdeener said...

Thx for the link. In our school district, we only recognize degrees from universities and colleges accredited by an organization recognized by the US Department of Education. My complaint has been that we should only recognize advanced degrees from programs with professional accreditation.

Having said that, there is a question whether the teachers contract allows us to discriminate between "recognized" and "non-recognized" accreditation agencies. The provision should be explicit but it's not.

Having said that, five months after the memorandum agreement was signed, we still don't have a contract.

Anonymous said...

I always felt Mr. Quinn was open and honest. I'm not sure why so many folks were unhappy with his performance. I think he did an excellent job considering how fractured the board was/and still appears to be.

Anonymous said...

A two word answer to the prior comment... TEST SCORES.... End of discussion.

Aberdeener said...

Quinn will always be remembered for bursting the budget (i.e. football field) and plummeting test scores (i.e. district reorganization).

If he did anything of long-lasting benefit for our district, I'd appreciate someone letting us know.

Anonymous said...

After 5 months, still no contract. Why? What possibly could be the reason.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Quinn repeatedly gave out personal student information, disparaged the Cliffwood community as "crack addicts", made hand-shake deals without contracts, never directly answered a question...I could go on all day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Stuart Brown, but not Quinn. This guy, with the help of BARZA did accomplish the following.

· Quinn and his BARZA accomplices destroyed our neighborhood schools by redistricting.

· Quinn and his BARZA accomplices caused division in the community by promising everything and delivering nothing.

· Quinn and his BARZA accomplices raised the school budget by 50% to over 60 million during his tenure, while allowing academic performance to plummet.

The havoc that he wrought on our schools, children's education, and finances with the full support of compliant board members will not be fully known for months, maybe years. Quinn knew he was going to be held accountable and chose to abandon the parents and children of this district by quitting.

Unfortunately these same self-interested board members that supported Quinn are back in control. These people will pretend to support Dr. O'Malley, but they will use their network of stooges to spread misinformation about Dr. O'Malley, and will start taking credit for all of O'Malley's innovative ideas. Just sit back and watch.

These board members want to go back to the future, using the schools to maintain their power by handing out patronage to their friends.

Thank you, Dr. O'Malley for the steps you've made to address educational reform in our schools that children desperately need. It is very refreshing to have a leader that puts children first. I am hopeful, that we will see real improvement. Our community needs to support Dr. O'Malley and reject the destructive gossip spread by "BARZA".

Anonymous said...

I agree with the assesments of Quinn. But I am beginning to believe they all come from the same mold. What steps to address educational reform, innovative ideas. I agree we should give this guy a chance, but don't be praising before he has done anything. Let's see if anything gets down to the classroom. I doubt it, but we are all praying. It can't get any worse, but even a little improvement is not enough.

Anonymous said...

I am neither here nor there on some of the comments. But I will say this, the redistricting idea is hated by those who do not want their kids going to Cliffwood School. END OF DISCUSSION. The reasons for that I will not say....

But I am sick of hearing of the redistricting argument. The only complaint I have is that 6th graders do not belong with 7 and 8th. But that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Parentandguardian hit the nail on the head as well as the funny accomplishment post. No truer words have been spoken about our district and the BARZA stooges and their ill effects.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Get past the redistricting issue. Many districts have gone to 5th thriugh 8th grade schools which don't provide the extra attention that 4th/5th and 6th - 8th grade schools are able to provide for those age groups. Most of the arguements I've heard against it are very parochial and divisiveness. Whether or not you agree, move on.

Anonymous said...

The reasons for Quinn's failures were very simple. He did not listen. People inside and out of the schools warned him to stay away from BARZA and to keep BARZA out of the schools and offices. Did he listen? No.

His best decision was to leave. But like other School Supers before him he got a better job for his dismal and repeated failures and the devestating effects that will linger.

Need proof? Anyone remember Klavon? Another genius who allowed samplings of BARZA to run amuck and we the taxpayers, students and parents pay the price with inflated budgets, dismal test scores and far more.

All of you BARZA tools do not even try and defend the previous statements as is opposite of your continual excuses and veiled defending' of the idiots who claim to be serving the students are truly destroying the district, still.

BARZA keep telling yourself that all of you are doing your best. BARZA's best is miserable, divisive and unethical. I forgot immoral also. You betray those who elected you.

Do not think Dr. O'Malley does not know what you have done. You will smile and make nice now and then to his face but you are always and will always be schemers. Good luck with that.

Like the local politicians you cannot hide from the truth or the ABERDEENER.

Anonymous said...

The Barza crew love to find new uninformed voters that they can spin their webs of lies to , to obtain votes at election time.

I wonder what kinds of stunts they'll pull this April at election time.

Anonymous said...

Well put MRHS76. It is time for more people of Aberdeen and Matawan to be better informed of what is really going on.

Most people do not know what our leadership is doing and what the real costs are for all of us. It is truly a crime and their actions scream for criminal investigations.

Our elected officials cannot hide behind pay to play that they themselves craft and fine tune. Pay to play is a joke in every way, shape or form and they all know it. They laugh at us every day.

Anonymous said...

Man I hate the train. Anyway we have gotten a bit off track and we need to get centered back onto Councilwoman Gallo. KennyCB and I have been talking and are quite certain that Gallo will have come under fire from the Nomran faithful. We are sure phone calls have been made and probably even a call from the man himself may have been made to Councilwoman Gallo wherein Norman Kauff may have expressed his sincere disappointment with the fact that Councilwoman Gallo did not march in line with the others.

From this blog and its varying topics and submissions it is quite obvious that Councilman Perry is also a disappointment to Norman Kauff for similar reasons. We figure asking questions is a major NO NO for council members under the Kauff regime.

As a matter of fact we have a new Kauff credo ourselves. It is very simple and it is soon to be put into play.


Coming soon to your front door.

It is time the public knows what is going on. We may be looking for volunteers soon to help us get the word out on a very large scale. The rest of the Kauff crew will crumble under the publicity. As kennyCB said, there are not enough places for them to hide once we turn on the light

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the Kauff people are just angry that they are being exposed - they have no shame. They blame Republicans for all of the extra exposure brought to them by bloggers.

The link,
is for an editorial by Joe Caliendo in the Bayshore Courier last week - in which he assumes that all bloggers are Republicans who just want to make the Democrats look bad.

Well, I'm just for good government. I don't know about anyone else on here, or the Aberdeener, himself. It seems like we all just want an end to the corruption, lying, and pay-to-play. Who cares what political party is involved, as long as we get rid of those that have sworn a blood oath to Kauff.

Good work Aberdeener.

Aberdeener said...

Wow, just read the Courier article. Can't believe they would print such drivel.

Maybe they should have read Caliendo's blog before printing his tirade. At least I hope they didn't read his blog first.

Anonymous said...

What are you kidding me. The Courier and that snake who owns it is nothing but a lackey for Scudeiri now. Next time that rag ends up in your driveway and before you line your cats litter box with it just take a look at the number one advertiser.

That is right none other than Vic 'IEI" Scudeiri. AKA Vic "MVC" Scudeiri, AKA Vic "Gaiters Restaurant and Bar" (that never seems to have any business unless it is a 'laundry' Scudeiri, Vic "$250,000.00 loan to the Monmouth County Democrats that he knows will never get paid back" Scudeiri, and more.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

They blame republicans as if no one else knows what they are doing and how much it costs the taxpayers is some kind of well kept secret.

With Owin and Vinny between the two of them they are like a radio station.

F them too.

Aberdeener said...

Awesome article in today's Independent.

Kudo's to Erin Stattel for excellent reporting.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Ms. Gallo is asking tough questions and bringing an independent voice to the Council. There is nothing more admirable than a person who "sees wrong and tries to right it", to paraphrase Bobby Kennedy.

BTW - someone mentioned press releases. There is no reason a continuing political committee, such as the Aberdeen Republicans have, cannot issue a press release and likely get some page space. The Green Party may also be in that position soon.

--Paul Rinear