Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Property Revaluations – What You Need to Know

This Tuesday, December 9th, at 7:30 PM, the Aberdeen Township will hold a Revaluation Information Session. It will explain why the township had a revaluation, why it was the right thing to do, how the process works, and what you can do if you believe your assessment was incorrect. Allow me to save you the trouble and give you the information you need to know.

The New Jersey State Constitution dictates “All real property assessed and taxed locally or by the State for allotment and payment to taxing districts shall be assessed according to the same standard of value . . .” (Article VIII, Section I) The state has set a target that all municipalities assess their properties at 100% of value. The last time Aberdeen had a revaluation was sixteen years ago in 1992. The county therefore informed Aberdeen we were long overdue and insisted we reassess all properties.

Rather than save some money and request a shared bid with Matawan – both municipalities used Realty Appraisal Company – Aberdeen chose to postpone the revaluations for a year so as not to coincide with township elections. Unfortunately for our solons, that meant the property tax changes would take effect during an election year and next year’s a big one – the mayoralty and control of the town council are up for grabs. So, Mayor Sobel has asked the county to delay imposing the new assessments for another year, a non-election year. Our dear Mayor Sobel also has the fine distinction of being the only mayor in all of Monmouth County to make such a request.

Well, good luck with that. For the taxpayers who need to deal in reality, here’s what you need to know.

The preliminary assessment roll is $2,090,000,000. That’s 2.47 times the old assessment roll of $847,374,000. In other words, the average property owner’s assessment is 2.47 times his previous assessment. That means, if your new assessment is 2.47 times your old assessment then your “fair share” remains the same.

As an example, a home’s prior assessment was $100,000. If the new assessment is over $247,000, taxes are rising. If less, taxes are dropping.

To properly calculate the tax rate, you divide total appropriations (local, county, school, trash, etc.) by the total assessment roll. Rather than calculate total appropriations, I’ll take the lazy man’s route and just divide last year’s tax rate of 5.617 (dollars per hundred dollars of assessed value) by 2.47 and add 4% (my guesstimate for next year’s tax increase). Rounding gives a 2009 tax rate of 2.365.

In order to approximate your 2009 tax bill, multiply your new assessment by 2.365%.

The new tax rate doesn’t take affect until the 3rd quarter of next year, meaning your first payment under the new rate will be due in August.

The revaluations are revenue neutral so, applying the rule of thirds, one-third will see property taxes increase, one-third will see a decrease, and one-third will remain about the same.

Based upon what happened in Matawan and anecdotal information, homes on the lower end of the spectrum (apartments, condos, older homes, etc.) will get the biggest hit while homes on the higher end (houses built in the last twenty years) will see the biggest windfall.

(Full disclosure: I challenged my assessment early this year and received a 22% reduction prior to the revaluations.)

The question, now, is how to reduce your taxes.

The assessed value should be a close approximation of the sale price of your property. When the appraisal company visited your home, they matched what they saw against a data sheet provided by the municipality and made notations of any discrepancies.

The appraisal company then matched your home against recent sales as best they could. Given today’s housing market, their assumptions may have inadvertently inflated the assessment on your home but, because they used the same criteria across the board, everybody’s home was calculated the same way, your fair share remains the same, and your tax rate is unaffected.

In other words, the only way you can challenge your assessment is by demonstrating they made a mistake specific to your house.

Here are examples of common mistakes –

  • Unheated areas of the house - If you have an unheated storage room, laundry room, basement, etc. unless you told the appraiser, he may have listed the area as heated. Unheated areas are assessed a lower value
  • Structural, flooding damage – If your house has any structural defect or is subject to flooding, make sure the appraiser knows
  • Outdoor structures – If it’s not “connected” to the land, it’s not real estate. Sheds, hot tubs, above-ground pools, etc. are not taxable if they lack a true foundation connecting them to the land (Note: All sheds over 100 square feet and all decks, whether or not connected to the house, are taxable. Thanks to Holly Reycraft, Aberdeen Township's Tax Assessor, for the correction.)
  • Location – If your house is in a particularly bad location, that matters
If you think your assessment is too high, challenge it NOW! Once the assessments get submitted to the county they will be virtually impossible to challenge. The county allows a 15% error margin before they’ll consider revisions.

However, don’t expect any major reductions. The vast majority of reductions will be less than 2%. Still, for most residents, even getting a $50 reduction in annual property taxes is worth the time.

To recap, the average assessment is rising by a factor of 2.47. If your new assessment is more than 2.47 times your old assessment, your taxes are increasing.

The guesstimated tax rate for next year is 2.365% of your new assessed value.

To challenge the assessment, follow the directions on your letter and do so now. When challenging, you must demonstrate a material difference between their records and your property – either their records are lacking information or have something wrong.

As for relying upon the town council for assistance, like the Genie said to Aladdin, it’s time to “wake up and smell the humus.” >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener - I feel awful for your poor family....

Anonymous said...

The first ignorant and anonymous poster feels sorry for the Aberdeener's family. Really? I doubt it I think you are just wallowing in your own misdeeds and false allegiances.

Look in the mirror anonymous and feel sorry for your uninformed and sheep-like self. You would rather believe the corrupt and live with the lies that we are being properly served by our elected leadership. Good luck with that.

The rest of us know THE TRUTH and soon all of Aberdeen will know as well. Keep doubting us all the way to THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

"Given today’s housing market, their assumptions may have inadvertently inflated the assessment on your home but, because they used the same criteria across the board, everybody’s home was calculated the same way, your fair share remains the same, and your tax rate is unaffected." The rates are not the problem. Current market value is. These revaluations do not mirror current market at all. That is a BIG problem. And is in no way fair or pragmatic. There will be abandoned homes. We are setting ourselves up for blight, better increase the police budget. Also, if this whole process needed to remain revenue neutral, using a law of thirds, there is no way for it not to result in very big losers and very big winners. The meeting on Tuesday will not be boring.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding when I called last Friday that the meeting and discussion will ONLY be about the reevaluation process itself.

The appeal process alternatives may be supplied in a hand out form, but not much will be discussed at the reevaluation meeting but the process itself.

If you are going to go to vent your anger you will be wasting your time. You need to hire an appraiser who will go with you to the review hearing, which will of course be down the road, or a professional in the field of appealing taxes. The costs are not out of hand for either but we should all understand the process before we start beating up on the municipal employees who are just doing their job. Leadership however is fair game and needs to explain their attempt at delaying tactics which would only get more money for some favored lawyer.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The process is the problem.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the fire district tax of 0.100 per hundred and the garbage tax of .0257 per hundred. The 2008 tax rate is 5.617, not 5.26 per hundred. Using your lazy man math method, the tax rate would calculate to 2.365 per hundred, not 2.2. On a $350,000 assesment that would be about $600.00 more.

Anonymous said...

Well this just seals the deal. This can't get much worse. How much more can this town take from us. We already live in a highly taxed area to begin with and NOW they are going up - not to mention the natural tax increase and whatever the new president has in store for us.......

If there was ever a time for Matawan Aberdeen to merge maybe this is the final straw. I remember last month this was discussed here and the major set back was Matawan's higher taxes - well now are we even?

Aberdeener- this would be a great future post about the itemized savings of such a merger.

Aberdeener said...


You are correct. I checked my own property and the current tax rate is indeed 5.617 per hundred.

Thanks for the correction. I'll correct the posting.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is not some grand conspiracy people. Everything goes up. The value of our homes has gone up and our services remain provided by Aberdeen are fair for the taxes we pay. Arguably the school portion is questionable and needs better accountability.

Every ten years or so this happens.

Let us let the professionals explain the process. No one wants to pay more for less but we are not getting less in services from Aberdeen. My house in the beach is worth much more than I paid by far. The value went up and the costs for services provided by Aberdeen increases as well which costs more. Granted an increase of a thousand or more is significant but what has not gone up. Anyone remember when a loaf or bread was a nickle. Times change and while we should not just bend over and take a kick in the ... we should give an opportunity for an explanation of the process to be given.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind paying my fair share of taxes, and that is all the revaluation process tries to assure. I do mind that what we do pay goes to support exhorbitant contracts to Kauff's buddies.

Anonymous said...

So true so true. After it is all about Kauff. Despite the occasional BLAH BLAH BLAH from his leeches and hangers on.

Anonymous said...

By the way anyone see the road over by the parkway was finally finished with sewers installed to stop the flooding for the area residents. Too bad it only took Vinci six months to get that done. I am certain he will be patting himself on the back for that one. What will he do when people start asking about the abandoned C.M.E. parking lot mistake.

Oh wait I forget C.M.E. does not make mistakes. RIGHT? They just never get held accountable or adjust their bills for all of their very real mistakes.

It is good to be C.M.E. it seems.

Don't worry about the costs of a reevaluation. Worry about the costs from Kauff if you really want to know what GOUGING THE TAXPAYER REALLY IS.

Anonymous said...

So what do we actually multiply our new assessment by 2.36? I heard it was 2.26.

I just don't get the new assessment value as well. If these were done over the past year - what happens if our houses are not worth that anymore due to the bubble bursting drastically in the past 10 months? NOthing? Can we contest that? THEN I WANT TO KNOW - if all of these new taxes are being collected - what is the actual number being collected from all residents compared TO WHAT WAS COLLECTED BEFORE? How much of a difference is there? Where does that money go? How did our town make it before the new taxes? HOW DOES OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT compare to others around us in regards to budget and money spent? Are we more than Hazlet, Rumson, Red Bank, Ocean?

Aberdeener said...

The township is projecting a rate of 2.26 for next year. I hold by 2.365. Take your pick.

As for the tax rate, Aberdeen is in the top five for Monmouth County. Matawan is #1. You can thank our school district though part of the problem is that we lack commercial properties.

The reval process is revenue neutral. It's all about paying your "fair share".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question. I totally agree that there IS NO COMMERCIAL REVENUE.

In the past 15 years we lost the glass plant, a car dealership, stores where Grand Union used to be which is now being put to use, and we have 16 banks at last count. We have a bunch of small stores and everytime I hear about bringing in a chain restaurant i.e. Fridays - they say no - the new Wachovia was supposed to be a chain rest. and it was shot down DUE TO LACK OF PARKING. The train station I would think brings in money - does it? What about all those warehouses around the station are they put to use? Holmdel and Hazlet have restaurants, big dept. stores, and telecommunications companies.

What can we do? What can this town do to generate tax revenue so that it does not get taken from our pockets every April when they shoot down the budget or when CME and Kauff and his boys need a new project with a no bid contract to fund a new Mercedes or addition to a home.

Anonymous said...

Its about time, Fairness! Equal rates, equal services! I won't have to wear a sideview mirror on my shoulder anymore everytime I want to take a walk out in these winding poorly lit roads! We're going to get sidewalks! Hooray! And I can actually plant trees on my property, and have shade so I can cut down on airconditioning costs in the summer. All those pesky utility wires will be underground! Fairness and equity, a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of telephone wires...has anyone else in the Cliffwood Beach area had their trees trimmed because of the wires? TWICE?

Two different companies have come by and trimmed the same trees in my neighborhood in the last few weeks.

Do we really need to pay 2 different companies to trim the same exact trees within a month and a half of each other?

They stripped my trees down to nothing the first time. The second go around, they hacked at a few random branches (leaving tons of shavings all over my car, might I add).

Did someone's family who owns a tree trimming company need extra cash?

Anonymous said...

Wrong on many fronts. The utility company pays not Aberdeen. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Fairness and equity makes no sense.

If you complain about services not being equal prove it. If you call the police do they not respond? If you go to town hall do you receive service? You want your area to look like Strathmore and that will make you think everything is right and fair. Your area was built many years ago and to put the wires underground would be a monumental expense you would pay for. Your roads fit your area. Just because Strathmore was built in 1964-5 does not make it better than your area. I doubt you could factually show one real instance where Strathmore was given something before any other part of Aberdeen.

Unfortunately there is a perception, a wrong and comedic obsession against some areas of town. Some pay more some pay less it is a balance. All services are exactly the same. It is only your self pity and woe is me type of defense mechanism that makes you point your finger wrongly. Do you want my house? My monthly costs in mortgage, taxes and all related costs for services are $3200.00 per month. My taxes are $9,022.00 a year. So when I call the police or go to town hall I do not get to go to the front of the line just because of those reasons.

Think about it before you start pointing fingers and seeking fairness.

Anonymous said...

The Revaluation Information Session tonight was not very informative and very poorly presented. The room was packed with unhappy taxpayers and very little information was disseminated. What we need is for the same amount of people to show up at the council and board of ed meetings to voice our concerns to our elected officials on how we our overtaxed. Until we do that nothing will change.

Anonymous said...


Last nights presentation, if you want to call it that was a complete and total disaster from start to finish. I present the following comments, suggestions and observations in hopes that the new and so far unimpressive Twp. Manager Joe Cariscuolo(?) may learn something about managing a crowd and presenting information to the public properly especially information as hot and contentious as a major increases in taxes.

1. Don't have such a meeting on the same night as a Board of Education meeting as well as a Planning Board meeting.

2. As people enter the meeting supply them with a handout on the manner in which such a meeting a meeting which due to its very nature will be argumentative and will no doubt be attended by people boiling with emotion due to the economic times and dissolution with corrupt local leadership that seems to be firing managers at an alarming rate and failing to serve the public honestly and openly.

3. When a meeting is supposed to start at 7:30 and an angry, upset and inquisitive crowd is waiting do not let them wait uninformed. Was it so hard to make an announcement which was finally made after 15 minutes by a man who exclaimed that due to... then at the end you tell the crowd by the way I am the Aberdeen Twp. Manager Joe... try doing that in the beginning so people know who you are its called presenting an authoritative front and it shows who is in control.

4. Obviously from the number of people in attendance as well as my own observations that Councilman from Matawan Bud (whats in it for me) Mullaney who was in attendance did not bode well and showed me that the presentation was doomed from the start as it was also attended by residents of Matawan who are in a real financial situation. Matawan should be taken over by the state due to poor leadership and their improper financial choices for many years.

5. When people are outraged and very vocal as they were last night the manager should have taken control. He did not as it seems the Aberdeen Twp. Manager allowed the upset residents to dictate the terms and conditions of the meeting rather than taking control of his meeting in his building. That is management 101 in its most basic form.

6.When such disruptive actions are allowed to take place and causes people to walk out of the meeting uninformed in the middle of a meeting (this due to the disruptive emotions that were being spewed forth)those who left abruptly were not well served.

7. It was very funny to see Mayor Sobell, Councilman Vinci and Ms. Montone readying for their planning board meeting. Hear no evil see no evil and speak no evil was all anyone can expect from those three. The meeting they were having across the hall was another slap in the face to taxpayers another prime example where Kauff serves himself and his cronies by allowing more houses to be built and more kids into the school system ($13,000 each) by helping his friends the Cifellis to over develop the last few remaining parcels in Aberdeen.

8. It was also obvious that former councilman Gus Toomey was out for blood as he wanted to know where the present council members were. This from a man Gus Toomey who was a disruptive and argumentative presence with a slant against then Twp. Manager Corren with questionable under tones and perhaps religious slants against Corren. First Toomey was a democrat, then he pulled off a power grab against the then Aberdeen republican leader Adam (I never got a county or state job I did not like) Puharic and then Toomey took over and doomed that once strong party allowing it to be a non factor in local politics which then allows Kauff to run free and cash in time and time again. Gus Toomey has been off the radar for a long time and needs to disappear again if you ask me. He is not more than a very small blip as time goes by in the history of Aberdeen.

9. When a meeting is held on such a topic it should be held where people can be comfortable and not standing in the isles like sardines. Perhaps a school auditorium next time would be fitting.

10. When information is provided to the puiblic it should be correct. An attractive young lady later identified as the Aberdeen Tax person tried to make an announcement (try turning on the microphones we paid for) that the numbers on the reevaluation were wrong as was stated on already received correspondence and advisories that also does not bode well and makes the entire process questionable. It looks very unprofessional as well as confusing and also adds more fuel to the fire of an already angry and out for blood type crowd.

The actions or inactions taken by the Aberdeen Twp. Manager did not impress me this evening. It showed me that the supposed management experience Kauff recently put in place is not long for this position if he mishandles a simple meeting such as this.

From the minute I read Mayor Sobell gushing over their most recent choice for Aberdeen Twp. Manager I knew the whole thing stunk of patronage and kauff control. Once again the people are ill served by its supposed leadership. Nothing new in Kauffs Aberdeen.

Good choice Norman. You idiot.

Yes I am a little slanted against Kauff and his cronies but from the goings on last night we need to watch this new manager very closely. He did not show me anything managerial last night. We don't need hacks we have enough on the Aberdeen Town Council.

If you are looking to ID me I was the one shaking my head as I could not believe what I was seeing in all its forms last night. It was insulting to every person who attended and was not well run or organized perhaps purposefully.

I was not impressed. Good luck next time.

Anonymous said...

The post prior to Dogwood hit the nail on the head. We need all of these people to show up at the town council meetings, BOE meetings, etc. I find it funny that everyone can show up to protest their tax increase in public because they don't want to pay more, what do you think is going on at these meetings people? They discuss items that are costing is a fortune at these meetings, why not show up and voice your displeasure BEFORE they enact these things? I just don't get it and the three dummies on here KennyJD, Kimswhatever and Useless brother are part of the problem. People think not showing up and writing on this blog are making a difference. The only people who can make a difference are the one's who go out and make themselves heard. Aberdeener, I do appreciate all the information you give us, please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Dogwood 100%. The entire situation was ludicrous from start to finish. Sadly if that is the management style and professionalism of our new manager put the HELP WANTED sign out now. Maybe we can get Stewart Brown back. No that will not happen as long as that old queen Norman Kauff is steering the ship.

The USS Aberdeener is sinking and hopefully Captain Kauff will go down with the ship. Sooner rather than later would make many overtaxed people very happy.

Bon Voyage Captain Kauff. Whether you know it or not things are changing and your days of ruining Aberdeen are coming to a close.

Sorry about all the boat references my wife and I leave on a cruise Friday.

Anonymous said...

By the way it is disillusion not dissolution. I am not the vocab police but you can be sure the Blah Blah Blah will nit pick such a thing. That is what they do along with hide from THE TRUTH. IT IS COMING NORMAN.

Anonymous said...

Well since I took advantage of some much needed overtime the other night I was unable to make it to the reeval meeting. It seems I missed a humdinger of a presentation.

The blow by blow given by dogwood seems to be all I need to get a complete picture of the entire nights events.

I can say no more than that due to the long but exacting posting. I normally do not like long reads like that but that one was great.

Thank you to dogwood once again.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I figured out our taxes last night and we went down by about three hundred dollars. That will almost cover our school tax increase for next year. At least it is something.

Busy day goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Our Township should post a detail list of the salary and full benefits of every single town employee. Second how often do we replace school buses, maintenance trucks and police cars? Perphaps each vehicle should be kept for one more year. Who,if any have a town car and why? Why did we buy a VERY EXPENSE Street Cleaning Truck? Would it not be cheaper to have it done by a private firm.
Every expense over $1000 expense each month should be published to each home owner in Aberdeen. With our economy the way it is, we all must tighten our belts. Should not the township do the same? You voted the Democrats in...and now I pay $25 a DAY to live in my colonial house....I am still waiting for the Gold to be delivered. Why does it take 3 men to cut the grass on town proptery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dogwoods....You really gave us an education in sound management. Your ignorance has shone through. Lookout Dale Carnegie. Do us all a favor skippy and go back to the easy chair.

Anonymous said...

Revaluation Chaos

I attended the meeting at town hall Tuesday night. I agree with many of the comments made by DogwoodsSilentnomore, but there are some comments that I would argue against.

I also thought that the meeting was ineffectively managed. The county tax official should have been allowed to make his presentation first, and then field questions from the audience. The manager should have set the ground rules, and literature should have been handed out with more detail about the appeal process. I am not sure if the fire code was violated, but when all the people could not get into the meeting hall, it should have been re-scheduled at a larger venue like the high school auditorium.

Regarding the planning board meeting, you are correct that the COAH project on Route 34 is going to be approved. It will be on the agenda at the next council meeting, since it was rubber stamped by the planning board over the objections of many citizens. A new updated (November 2008) township master plan was cited as the document supporting the vote. How convenient to have it available so quickly. How much more did we have to pay the township planner for it? I believe the council deliberately scheduled the revaluation meeting to keep attention focused away from this development. Why haven’t they joined the class action suit initiated by the NJ League of Municipalities?

Mr. Toomey has never been the chairman or “run” the Republican Party in Aberdeen. I can tell you bluntly that I have been subjected to the same “anti-religious / anti-Semitic” rumors around town when I criticized the Mayor on the “No Bid” CME contract. This is what people who have no rational defense for their action do to marginalize a superior argument, and try to get you to shut up.

I have not formed an opinion about the performance of the new manager. He has only been here a few months. Frankly, having a crash test dummy as township manager would have been preferable to Mr. Coren. I attended many meetings, and saw him in action; I can tell you that he regularly ridiculed members of the public in a nasty, disrespectful manner. If the council had any respect for the citizens they should have fired him years ago.
Mr. Stuart Brown should still be the manager. He treated people with respect and cared about our quality of life.

In closing, I would ask people not to get caught up in neighborhood (ie.Cliffwood vs. Strathmore) finger pointing about the revaluation. This “divide and conquer” strategy is exactly what the party bosses want so they can keep control of government. We need to stick together as a community to get change. We need government to serve us, which is not happening. What does this council do to help you? Is your quality of life better or worse?


Anonymous said...

Do you even know what type of troubles Stuart Brown caused the town? No you do not. He put the town in a whole lot of trouble and now the council has to pick up the pieces. They let him go because he was not the manager he said and protrayed to be.

Aberdeener said...

I've heard these allegations before. Care to provide an example?

Anonymous said...

Provide an example. HA HA HA.

Anonymous said...

Stewart Brown was pushed out of here over nine months ago yet the town council along with Norman Kauff and his scum keep blaming Stewart Brown for everything. Oh he spent too much money, he had a planner for the towns birthday celebration BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Where were these supposed leaders to complain while this was going on? They all patted themselves on the back at every one of the events, which they will use and exemplified in their election propaganda.

Where were these same people when during all of the past months all of NORMANS "CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS" had all of their shall we say QUESTIONABLE bills paid.

Let the authorities look at the FRAUDULENT BILL for the Oakshades baseball field lighting that C.M.E. tried to bill the town for. Little problem with that one RIGHT NORMAN? You see the lighting came with the specs/plan and Normans C.M.E. just tried to ONCE AGAIN pad their bills with another example of FRAUD.

That is just one example of why Stewart Brown was removed I and many hope he will move on to bigger and better. What accomplishments can these idiots point to since Stewart Brown was forced out. SILENCE from the Kauff scum for that one will be all we will hear.

Now weve got this empty suit to be Norman's puppet instea. Hhe will not be here long and Fred Taglarini neither will cash that many checks if he has an honest bone in his body. Stand up and be counted Fred. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

As an employee of Aberdeen Township I am proud to respond to the anonymous poster who brought up some ideas and opinions on several facts, which while believed by him to be cost effective, sometimes the opposite is true.

The posting included criticisms on several fronts. I take the time to respond to you from the inside looking out, as well as one who like you did criticize Aberdeen's management and leadership in the past. I can assure you I have not sold my soul to the devil and as a taxpayer and 45 year area resident I am not happy with some of the goings on. But I answer your assertions honestly.

1. why does it take three people to cut the grass at town hall? Firstly the three people work for a private contractor who through a contract with Aberdeen free up our Public Works Dept. of which there are some 8 employees to handle many other responsibilities, and I can assure you those workers along with the workers for the water and sewer dept. of which there are far less a number are busy and are very diligent. Aberdeen does not have 25 such employees as many people think. By the way through a shared services agreement the grass contractor, who cuts all Aberdeen properties, every park, every building, every Aberdeen owned property. They also maintain at a cost levied against homeowners who fail to maintain their own properties, in order to keep the quality of life and more for all of Aberdeen. I can assure you it is a considerable amount of work on a weekly basis.

2. The average vehicles in the police department run 24 Hours a day and while we have vehicles in reserve they could easily be needed citing our world today. Such vehicles are well used and maintained in house by only two (2) workers who maintain every piece of machinery, vehicle, snow plow, work vehicle, backhoe, bulldozer and the like owned by Aberdeen. If anonymous was to take a tour of the garage at the public works facility you would be amazed that two men could keep such a fleet of vehicles in good and dependable working order citing all the varying types of vehicles and machinery which number over 100.

3. The street cleaner you speak of was not purchased this year and perhaps not even last year. But the fleet of leaf removal vehicles, snow plow vehicles, everyday work trucks and more do have to be replaced from time to time. That normal time frame is in excess of ten years and often longer with the exception of the police vehicles as previously discussed. How long have you had your present vehicle anonymous?

4. As far as the street sweeping services being contracted to a private concern that simply is not cost effective or it would have been done. Under prior administrations and to maintain taxes the budgets of public works and the police department, which are of course two of the most costly services provided they are not given free reign and unlimited funds to use as they wish, despite your assertions. It is quite easy to sit back, drive by or see such workers on the roads of Aberdeen and wonder what they are doing and why are they there.

Likewise have you not been properly serviced? Do you not see and trust that the police who serve and protect our community do so in a prudent and responsible manner. Much of what you observe is easily explainable and cost effective. Once again I too have criticized such observations and in some cases of Aberdeen town business and I still do.

I can assure you having been on both sides of the coin Aberdeen is well served by the everyday workers that you discuss in your posting. Certainly in these economic times many things seem out of sorts but please remember the breakdown of your taxes. School taxes account for 70%, Municipal Services are 16% and the rest is county taxes of varying types and debt service. Taxes for your excellent volunteer fire and ambulance services are also very cost effective citing the services provided and the dependability we all have for those who take the time to volunteer and risk their health and safety.

Sanitation services are the best deal we get for an average cost of $300.00.

Once again I have been on both sides. It will no doubt be said to have drank the kool aid or was given my position to keep my mouth shut. I can assure you that is not the case as I am merely defending my fellow employees. Once again I understand your frustration citing these tough economic times.

I thank you for your time in this regard. I ask you to respect this information I provide to you as an insider.

Anonymous said...

Nsection has rightly defended his coworkers in a positive light. We can all be certain that such an explanation while heartfelt still leaves many of us knowing that the daily employees of Aberdeen do work hard for all of us. The real truth is that leadership is still the root of all problems in Matawan and Aberdeen. I have no doubt that Joe and most of our employees put in a hard days work and they have to work and be witness to and even perhaps be a part of a system that seems corrupt from the top down. The vast amounts of monies disclosed over time on this site is boggling and with little explanation or accountability. Pay to play seems like one long four letter word to me. I thank Joe for his explanation and likewise I commend his standing up for his co workers.

Anonymous said...

I too believe Joe and while my nephew works in Old Bridge in the public works department. Itis often the public who fails to appreciate the hard work these people do. I too agree that the contempt many taxpayers have for greedy and self serving politicians often overshadows the hard work such people do.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Gramma. Well said.

Anonymous said...

As an update to the "fair" revaluation that was completed. Check the following Try to compare your property to your neighbors you will find MANY ERRORS. As an example I checked my Strathmore property against the house next door to me. It was assessed at $30,000 less then mine. Before the reval it was assessed at $25,000 more then mine. Why? the house next door has more updates and a large addition. It was valued higher and should have been higher still. No wonder Matawan was up in arms last year. It looks like Aberdeen is headed for the same screwing. WE MUST STOP THIS FROM GETTING APPROVED.