Monday, December 1, 2008

Councilwoman Gallo’s Replacement

As required by law, the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee has submitted three candidates for Councilwoman Gallo’s seat on the town council – two old-timers who won’t feel slighted by not being selected and one ace. No surprise whom will be picked. Congratulations to Fred Tagliarini on his upcoming appointment to the Aberdeen Town Council.

The other two names, Henry Arnold and Irwin Katz, are respected members of the community but they lack the fresh face and name recognition that Fred Tagliarini has.

Fred and his wife, Donna, make an attractive couple – friendly, athletic, and long-time community volunteers. Fred was recently re-elected Vice President of the Matawan-Aberdeen Babe Ruth League, where he’s been involved for nearly 20 years, and he sits on Aberdeen’s Planning Board. Donna participates in Monmouth County’s annual Outdoor Adventure Expo and some charity runs.

The question is what kind of councilman will Fred Tagliarini become. I have high hopes. First, Tagliarini is well-respected in the community and nobody enjoys being bashed on these pages or in the town grapevine. Second, he never campaigned for the position; the party came to him, not the other way around. Third, the local Democratic Party is on a losing streak considering the resignations of Councilwoman Gallo and former Town Manager Stuart Brown. Fourth, anybody connected with town events has, at the least, a passing familiarity with the allegations on this blog and will be assuming the position with eyes wide open. Lastly, all good people want what’s best for our community and Tagliarini is a good man.

Still, as my newest representative, I respectfully submit to him the following requests:

  1. In the upcoming mailings regarding the property revaluations, please provide guidelines on how a property owner can determine how the new assessment will affect his property taxes
  2. In the upcoming budget, ask to review last year’s payments for professional services and see if they’re in line with neighboring municipalities
  3. Pursue alternative quotes for professional services and end the practice of pay-to-play
Best of luck, Fred Tagliarini. Make us proud. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Once again a smart political move by the man in the shadows that runs Aberdeen the one the only NORMAN KAUFF. Did I really have to say his name?

While you can be sure that Norman is busy with the new Monmouth County democratic majority it now makes Norman Kauff a major player and worse yet makes him a part of the political patronage job give away bonanza about to unfold on a bigger stage than our little Aberdeen. But Norman cut his teeth and in an organized crime organization like the Aberdeen democratic party Norman has earned his bones so to speak as he is a made man now in the in the Scudeiri crime syndicate.

So now another Republican has been lured to the dark side. First was Tom Perry now the sure bet for the upcoming election is Fred Tagliarini. But will Fred Tagliarini drink the Kauff Kool Aid. With Gallos departure which you can be damn sure Norman and all of the other leeches are very worried since Gallos departure now makes it four seats up for reelection and and that means CONTROL of the entire council. Fred Tag as he is known to most of us league parents is a great guy and we have been lucky to have had his dedication and leadership all of these years. But I hope he stands his ground and helps to stop the fleecing of Aberdeen by Norman Kauff.

While my boys finished up with baseball some years ago I will be looking for Fred and when I see him I will tell him that I and many others hope he does bend down and kiss the ring and sell the taxpayers short like the rest of them do. Perhaps he will join with Councilman Perry who is a constant thorn in Kauffs side. I remember the days when Fred, Sam, Dennis and Butchy worked to stop the likes of Murphy, Gartley and others of their own party when they were screwing the taxpayers.

The screwing we have been getting under Norman Kauff and these supposed leaders of Aberdeen is a joke. The joke that is the democratic party in Aberdeen which must stop punishing and feeding off the blood of the residents before there is no money left. it is very close to that for many taxpayers and their families who are hurting from the Kauff screwing we have been getting for years.

The election will come down to one simple word TRUTH. Everything else will be the democratic lie.

Perhaps Fred Tag will look into the $1.2 million dollar giveaway to Mr. Samulson and his C.M.E. thieves.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that any appointment by the Democratic majority on Council, Kauff's majority, still leaves control of the Council in the hands of seemingly corrupt politicians. Regardless of any lone voice, Sobel, Gumbs, Raymond, Vinci, and Drapkin will all carry the water for the pay-to-play politics that control this town.

The revaluation will make the distribution of taxes fair; however, the sole source award of patronage contracts with Engineers, Planners, and Attorneys is a sinkhole that will not be repaired by the appointment of one honorable person.

We need a clean sweep! I won't vote for anyone chosen and appointed by these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Who will the Democrats get to be on the election propaganda? You know the mailer they send out where they have all of the fake Republicans that have not been active in the party for years endorse them?

It goes like this:

I used to be a Republican (insert party position) but I think they are very bad now, and the Democrats are doing a great job ! Please vote for them !

Mr. Tagliarini was a top contributor to this propaganda for years. What will they do now? "I used to be a Republican that was not active for years. Every three years I used endorse Democrats. Now I am out of the closet and telling you I was really a Democrat all along. So vote for us?

Will he stand up to the constant fleecing we are getting or will he be an obedient servant? Only time will tell. The council is a whole different ball game. Pun fully intended.

Anonymous said...

None of you know anything about the council. Stop blaming the council for things you have no idea about them. SHUT UP already!

Aberdeener said...

Are you talking to me? :)

Anonymous said...

Uggghhh you people are terrible. You don't know any of the facts and Mr. AberdeenerWarren Man you only do half ass research on what you want to believe and see. Do the full research and you'll realize you are WRONG. A WRONG MISERABLE PERSON!

Anonymous said...

We know nothing and according to anonymous we should stop complaining about the Aberdeen Council leadership.

F U Forget you!

Here is just a few things we know and would like the anonymous defender to explain away. They won 't be able to because much like THE TRUTH which will set Aberdeen free come November 2009.

The complacency which Kauff and his scum count on will soon be replaced by THE TRUTH. The truth is coming Norm start hiding or better yet fold up your medicine show and snake oil tent and and let Aberdeen heal itself FINANCIALLY.

So ANONYMOUS explain these little tid bits.
1. Councilman Vinci the one way street that he is
A. Gets paid$3500.00 as a CONSULTANT to run for
council. Why?
2. Vinci doesn't like that 20-30 cars drive down his street so he gets the County to spend $850,000.00 to close his street off. And to make sure he is not stopped when he exits his Kingdom he gets the town to put up the only two signs on this one street and 30 ft apart warning drivers to not block KING VINCIS INTERSECTION. To show his ultimate contempt for the citizens he arranges and accepts free land from Aberdeen and the NJHA with no restrictions as most every other regular citizen would be advised on such property sales or give aways. But not KING VINCI.

Then we have Deputy Mayor Gumbs and her own sweetheart land deals and her being allowed to use her influence and position to help her favored land developers then being the real estate agent. Conflict of interest? A little silent anonymous?

Then there is the exorbitant fees paid to CME of $1.4 million dollars annually for shall we say a large amount of KEEP THEM BUSY AND PAID busy work.

Then their is the family employees of some council people who takes them out for CONFLICTS OF INTEREST some of our supposed leadership who surprisingly have magically gotten family members jobs at the BOE so as upstanding (?) political leaders they must abstain and recuse themselves on each and every matter related to that which takes 70% of our taxes.

Is that fair anonymous defender of the council?

These few examples and many many more will soon be very publicly displayed. So keep defending these scumbags.

We are waiting for your reply on even just one of these few examples ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous said...

Sobel - looking for Kauff to get him job at State or County
Drapkin - Get political printing jobs for Drapkin Printing
Raymond - Kauff and Axelrod get him post-retirement job at DMV
Gumbs - Throws her weight around town hall for her real estate clients and relatives
Vinci - Gets his well-earned police pension supplemented with gigs on council and the Fire Commission, as well as "consulting" for his own campaign
Perry - well, there is occasionally an honest person that just wants to serve their communty
Taglarini - we'll see how honorable he is

Summary - the controlling majority of Council is a self-serving collection of parasites who feed off of our hard-earned tax dollars.

What else is there to know. Just watch who Kauff tries to place at the County. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

To Edgeview, I am not the one who posted earlier but I am tired of reading all the things you and some of these other idiots are going to do. These issues that you are complaining about are more than a year old, nothing has been done by you or others except whine on this blog. Do something, were you at the council meeting last night? I bet no, no one stood up and asked one question to the mayor or council memebers about any of these wrong doings. Grow a set and show up and ask these questions. Until then, ZIP IT! I enjoy reading this blog and the writings of Mr. Warren, what I tire of is all the threats of "you will get yours", "their day is comong", "we will get you", etc. All of you who complain do nothing! Instead of typing on this blog on Tuesday nights go to the town council meetings and ask these tough questions. Untill than you are just a blow hard, all bark - no bite.

Anonymous said...

Thats right we are all blow hards and you obviously have no problem with corrupt officials and the very costly abuse of the taxpayers to feed Kauffs criminal enterprise.

So yes we have plans and will upset Kauffs apple cart and whether it be today, tomorrow or sometime between now and election day THE TRUTH IS COMING and will effect the election GUARANTEED!

So just keep defending the scum that purports to be honest and open government in Aberdeen. F U !

Aberdeener said...

Let's try to tone down the language. This is a forum for ideas, information, and opinions, not gladiators.

The overwhelming majority of people in our community are good and honest folk. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless I have information to the contrary.

I don't print everything I hear but when I hear the same things from multiple independent sources, even though I don't print them, they make me skeptical of certain individuals.

As for those who comment on this site, with few exceptions, I have no reason to doubt their sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Aberdeener has shown himself to be fair and open. This as is contrary to those whom continually try to defend this council its failed policies and its obvious corrupt practices. The money that is being stolen from the taxpayers through the Kauff syndicate of crime and corruption is very real and has had a very negative effect on every citizen in Aberdeen. Thank you once again Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

Its official Gallos replacement is (as expected and as so politically calculated) is Fred Tagliarini.

All of the rest was window dressing.

I wish Fred well and hope he does the right thing. If he does not do well and fight on behalf of the taxpayers presently represented by immoral and corrupt representatives of the people Fred will once again merely be a fill-in councilman once again. You see Fred has been in the majority when that arrogant, self serving majority got kicked to the curb, and rightly so.

All Fred has to do is go with his heart and exorcise the demon that is Norman Kauff from his life.

Anonymous said...

The last posting was right on the mark and from what I can tell the defenders of the present leadership seems more than a little frustrated by this site and its contributors. It seems we are having an undesired effect and the Kauff crew are very upset with us.

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they stop raping the taxpayers and rewarding their friends with our tax dollars we will stop telling THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Who's defending them? All that was said was you have done nothing Edgeview and you haven't. No one was defending the members of the council, I think you need to re-read the post. It was on the mark, you have many questions and concerns but say nothing in public, just on the blog. Where you there last night? Did you ask anything? The answer is no, go back to talking tough and doing NOTHING. Anyone who goes to these meetings know you don't show up, it's the same cast of characters, but you are not one of them. Show up and ask the tough questions, they are sitting right in front of you! My guess is in two weeks you will again not be there but act like you have done something.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight genius. Go to a council meeting and stand before morally and ethically corrupt council people who are merely out for themselves and Kauffs criminal associates. Let me guess next thing you will want us to do is ask these same idiots if they are in fact corrupt. They'll say no and we are supposed to believe them and that is all. Let me guess we just stop blogging and pointing out these corrupt and divisive actions by elected officials because after all politician is another word for honesty.

Are you out of your F'n mind?

I for one would rather blog and irritate you and your handler, Norman Kauff. So you just keep thinking we are doing nothing. That way when it happens you too like most of Aberdeen will wake up to the reality of the corrupt activities perpetrated by this council and of course Norman Kauff and the democratic machine.

Don't look now but the lug nuts are loose and the wheels are soon to come off the democratic machine. Keep doubting and criticizing us rather than those you trust so explicitly since in Aberdeen that makes you the minority.

Time for a reality check as we who blog are not killing Aberdeen. The democrats cannot keep pushing their one and only accomplishment as paving roads. Voters are changing and roads being paved are not the proving ground it used to be. Voters are complacent but they overwhelmingly DO NOT TRUST POLITICIANS.

What do you think voters will be thinking about in November when the Aberdeener and many others let everyone know what Normans crew has been up to, as well as the the vast tax dollar numbers given away in a manner that is to say the least circumspect. Fact after fact, truth after fact and example after example.

Who will be going door to door to explain away all their corrupt activities and self serving misdeeds. Who will be the point man to explain the Vinci factor alone? Then who will explain all the rest.

Don't forget Norman did not ruin Aberdeen overnite. It took years. Likewise our strategy will develop slowly but it is coming and it is based on one simple premise. THE TRUTH! How will the democratic machine counter that? If Bill S. started planning today he would still come up short and all of you know it. Get ready Norm its coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's Kenny CB. The king of DO NOTHINGS. If you think you are making a difference crying on this blog than keep doing it, I would bet most people see you as a big cry baby. If you want to challenge someone do it in person, that's all they are saying! Your cowardly whining is doing nothing. I am not thrilled with the mambers of the town council and have been critical of them myself but if you want to make yourself heard- STAND UP, get in your car, drive to the municipal building in two weeks. When it comes time for the public to speak stand up say your name adress the mayor and council and let them have it. Show up to every meeting and keep voicing your concerns.

Anonymous said...

When will these idiot slaves of Kauff realize that we have a more damaging effect blogging than in going to a council meeting. These council meetings are a total waste of time and they know it. They just want to see the faces of those of us who are the thorns in their side.

I will give these idiots a hint. We are black and white, asian and idian, young and old and all of us share one thing in common.


Understand that you idiots?


Anonymous said...

You have got to love the anonymous postings of those who attack KennyCB and others yet say nothing of the subjects, criticisms and proof we bring forth about our local leadership. Leadership in the most corrupt sense of the word of course.

Just keep trying to embarrass KennyCB and others while your handlers and co-conspirators await THE TRUTH.

How will Norman get these scum elected when the truth hits the fan. They won't.

Anonymous said...

Hey look it's Useless Brother and Kims moms splinelesshusband defending my JD bottle is empty Kenny. Why don't you three try to do something, anyhting. While I appreciate Joey Warren and his information on the "goings on" in town, you 3 contribute nothing. He shows at the BOE meeting and the occasional town council meetings, are you suggesting he is wasting his time? He is the guy you 3 worship. Get a clue you 3, I am not a defender of the council, but you 3 see nothing good in anyone. Go rain on someone elses parade, you guys are a riot.

Anonymous said...

Once again anonymous says

BLAH BLAH BLAH....................

Shut up and go away already Kauffboy!

Anonymous said...

Way to go KIMSMOM. These scum who turn a blind eye to the corruption among Sobel and the rest deserve the scorn they get.

Anonymous said...

Calm down people. November 2009 is a control election. We just need to find four honest people to run for election.

Anonymous said...

Honest people true but you still have to counter the web of lies and deceit that spews from Kauff and the others.

I truly hate what that man has done to our town. He deserves rebuke and scorn like OJ. He is scum.

Anonymous said...

Kimspantywaste, you are anonymous too.

Anonymous said...

Seriously get your facts straight on Norman Kauff. The only position Norman Kauff has in the town is working with fund raisers and that's all. You people are SICK and seriously know NOTHING. Get your FACTS straight than post.

And your biggest supporter, the Republic Chairman of Aberdeen, is one of the most fraudulent people in the town...KARA HOMES ring a BELL??? Why do you think the town didn't want this candidate running again??? BECAUSE HE WAS NICE ONLY WHEN HE NEEDED SOMETHING AND WANTED SOMETHING FROM THE TOWN. SO KNOW YOUR FACTS.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its time for everyone that is saying that the council is corrupt as well as Kauff to show us some proof. This is getting very boring ripping into people without the evidence. If they were so corrupt as some of you say why were they not taken down when Christie arrested the surounding Mayors and council memmbers? Just show the proof or shut up. If they are lining thier pockets tell us how. Its time to put up or shut up and get on with it, we want to know now not later. Lets see some facts instead of insults and made up lies because you do not like someone. I thought this blog was for legitamate information not for some residents to send hate mail.

By the way I do know Mrs. Gallo and she was not forced or asked to leave the council it was mainly for personal reasons. When you talk about taxes, I pay about $1300/year in municipal taxes and if you think that is to much for the services we get here (police, fire, garbage, road and park improvements) then I think you should all wake up.

Mr. Aberdeener, its time you made this site what I think you wanted it to be. Which I think is suppose to be informative true information, If not maybe you should change it to

Anonymous said...

Kauff - just a fundraiser?! Give me a break.

He is "Of Counsel" to the Township Attorney and regularly represents the Town in negotiations with developers.

Do you really think that it is appropriate that in your words - this fundraiser - to continue representing the town, in a contract relationship, to also be advising the Mayor and certain members of Council on which professionals to hire. This is all pay-to-play at the worst.

Aberdeen is a great town. It deserves better than the failures that are no longer on the Council -- and it deserves better than the failures that remain on the Council. Regarding the former - there is no honor in someone who abandoned the Party instead of working to repair it. Either the guy you're talking about was a fraud as a Democrat or is now a fraud as a Republican. Point is that people have to stand for something -- and that something can't be in keeping Kauff's money flowing.

And -- nobody said that Drapkin sells printing to the town -- the suggestion is that he profits from selling it to others that are connected to the political party. Besides, Drapkin is a complete conflict of interest - so that wouldn't stop him.

Aberdeen deverses better than inflated expenses for Engineering, Planning, and Legal expenses. Aberdeen deserves better than self-interested councilmembers who care more about preserving their power than in doing what is best for the town.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeen, Have you heard about the Responsible Contractor's Ordinance, Councilman Malley, Councilman Bunyon and Councilman Mullaney are trying to pass in Matawan? What's the skinny on that?

Aberdeener said...

I'm surprised anyone would still claim that we have not provided any evidence of shenanigans in the township.

To the anonymous person who requested proof, please peruse the blog and, if you can't find what you're looking for, I'll try to help you.

Regarding the Responsible Contractor's Ordinance in Matawan, it's nothing but a sop to the construction unions and will increase the borough's cost for capital and maintenance projects.

Anonymous said...

After my last posting several anonymous posters left what can only be described as the most ludicrous and idiotic suggestions that Norman Kauff and his council and all the other scum are all on the up and up.

I warn you like they did during WOODSTOCK.


Get real you idiots. Kauff and his scum have been proven to be corrupt merely by their silence against this blog and the information provided on it.

So to all of you KAUFFLOVERS just GET A LIFE. Better yet start planning on how to stop THE CAMPAIGN OF TRUTH.

NEXT KAUFF supporter step up and spew your BLAH BLAH BLAH !

Anonymous said...

Right on Ted.

Drapkin doesn't get printing work? Kauff is just a fundraiser?Sobel doesn't want a job in the county to boost his pension?

Give me a F'n break.

All three of these leeches get money (legal and otherwise) and every one of them knows it.


When Sobel gets his job and Norman gets indicted, and when Drapkin gets his next printing job from public or private concerns (CME ring a bell?) you can kiss my a..

By the way the brown acid thing was F'n funny! Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

If you all hate the town so much than maybe you should run for council or get out of the town. You have NO idea what goes on behind closed doors and you know nothing about the town. You all can say you have FACTS FACTS FACTS but truth betold you're jealous idiots who have nothing better to do than BASH PEOPLE. If you want something to be done than show up to the council meetings and make the change you want to see. I hope you ALL get something you DESERVE. You lowlives...

And the Brown Acid...STUPID STUPID STUPID, but I guess that goes with the person who made the statement.

Anonymous said...

Anyone aware of what is going on with re-evaluations??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forget the reevaluations. Read the newspaper today and see that Mayor Sobel at the direction of the puppet master of course Norman Kauff is trying to delay the reevaluation change in taxes until 2010.

WHY? OK it is very simple ELECTION and COUNCIL CONTROL.

Much like Middletown and the serious trouble their tax person got into by stalling the reevaluation for political purposes our local genius Mayor Sobel is trying to pull a fast one and hang out tax person out to dry. Nice low life move Mayor Sobel and all of the rest of you.

Where is the Attorney General.

Once again the Kauff-Failthful are all BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Next Blah blah blah step on up to the plate. Strike one. Strike two.
Strike three Kauff and his crew are


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how we appeal these insane appraisals and where? Mr. Aberdeener when is the next council meeting?

Anonymous said...

You people think this is the only town that HAS to do this. You have ABSOLUTELY no idea at all what's going on. Let's think the city council lives in Aberdeen as well, do you really think they want to have this done? GOSH get real; do you think they're made of money? Check other towns out and stop bitching....go move to Matawan where they've become bankrupt and their taxes are absurd. GO KAUFF GO KAUFF GO SOBEL GO SOBEL AND GO CITY COUNCIL...You people get what you deserve...finally it's coming...I hope you have to pay a ton of money.

Anonymous said...

GOT MY RE-EVALUATION. Oh my god. For a small house in Cliffwood Beach, my taxes went up 1300 dollars. Was paying 4400 - now 5675.... Which is fine if I actaully had a real home.

I have a one bed room (depends if you count a second)- on a 50 x 100 lot with no room big enough to have a party of 6 or 7- no curbs - above the ground power lines - crappy roads- a flooding road- a dilapidated old nursing home which now some sort of quasi-school for boys near by and I go up 1300 in the worst economic times in 70 years...... I know others pay more than me but THEY ALSO OWN MORE THAN ME....

They really just want people to pick up and move out, huh? or do the new American thing and leave the key on the counter and walk out.

This is absurd. NOT GRADUAL. NOT OVER 3 years. ALL IN ONE YEAR.

Let us see who is honest. Did anyone's go down?

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Cliffwood Beach who now resides in the N Section of Aberdeen I can assure you what has occurred is that a fairer distribution of property evaluations has taken place and is based on numerous factors. While I paid taxes in Cliffwood Beach from 1993 to 1998 on my 3 bedroom home with a good sized yard I paid an average of $3500.00 during that period annually. Upon moving to my present home I immediately paid $6500.00 which has grown to $8500.00 annually since then for a house 1/3 larger and a yard 1/2 larger. I have been on both sides of the coin and while my house is larger my services from the town have remained exactly the same. I still have police, fire, DPW, Sanitation and all the rest.

What people need to understand is that yes you can in fact appeal your taxes. But what you need to do first is find out the breakdown of your taxes, which will give you a better idea of Aberdeen's set costs and in which direction to place your anger.

15% of your total tax bill goes for all of your municipal services police, fire, DPW, municipal offices and departments, anitation, Bd.of Health and more.

70% goes to the school district. Need I say anything else. And of course children must and will be educated but the spending formula and more is wrong from Governor Corzine's office to every school in the state.

The rest is various fees, county taxes and the like.

Do not scream and yell about your taxe. Take the time to yell and scream at the breakdown percentages and where your money goes. Yell at the indecent spending by the school district which adds $350.00 annually to your taxes alone.

Get mad, get very mad but place your anger on those to whom have cost you the most.

The out of control spending in the past by this school district is the root cause for our tax problem, for the most part.

Anonymous said...

The breakdown Nsection gave us is a eye opener. While I understand the reevaluation process and its level of fairness in these economic times it will hurt many in Aberdeen. What it may also do is spread things out to those whom may have in fact been underpaying.

I for one would like to see the apartment, condos, town homes and the like pay a larger share. I am uncertain of the tax numbers on apartment complexes and the like I would think that most of all would be a fairer distribution of taxes due to density and profit by owners. We shall see. I plan on attending the reevaluation presentation.

Anonymous said...

So let me understand this, we had our reevals now because i is a non-election year you people said in earlier blogs. Now they are appealing it because it is an election year next year? Get a grip people, do they do anything right? If anyone would bother to show up to the town council meetings you would know how to appeal it because it was discussed at the last two meetings. They have also set up time on Tuesday to meet with the county tax guy to go over the re-evals. EVERYTHING IS NOT A CONSIPRACY PEOPLE! IT'S A SHAME THAT 3 OR 4 PEOPLE MAKE ME NOT WANT TO READ THIS BLOG ANYMORE. Keep up the good work Joey Warren I do believe you are an assest to this comunity, it is a shae that 3 or 4 of these people can not be fair.

Anonymous said...

Then don't read it anymore. It is something the town HAS to do; get it through your thick skull.

Anonymous said...

Face THE TRUTH anonymous Kauff slaves.

Sobel is trying to not have the reevaluation not take effect so they can not have that hanging over the leeches that are running for office.

Is that simple enough moron.

Call Kauff and find out what you are supposed to right next.

As for the tax guy from the county coming it is probably been requested by our town tax person as to have the community better understand the process. This in spite of Sobel politicizing the process. Like the water tower/cel tower thing the council knew they would lose that from the start they just were able to have big legal fees charged off on the taxpayers that funnel back to the democratic party campaign fund. THE TRUTH ONCE AGAIN!

As for GET A GRIP. Aberdeen is not Disney World and its leadership who remains so silent in the face of our proofs and accusations is all the proof many of us need. Keep thinking that only 3 or 4 of us keep this blog going.

How many votes made the difference last election? This election THE TRUTH will be the only factor and will send all of them, except maybe Tagliarini packing.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I would like to see the condos, townhomes, and apartment complexes breakdown of tax assessment too - I mean what they contribute.

NSection- you kind of agreed with me - though trying to refute what I said. You had a 3 bedroom with a good size yard. I have a 1 arguably 2 bedroom home on a 50 x 100 lot and now I pay 5700? How is that fair? Tax assessments based on home value is part of the formula - yes but to be honest homes on the other side of Aberdeen are nicer and BIGGER than mine are WORTH MORE and therefore they pay more. Plus there are nicer roads on your side of town, curbs, and underground power lines. I am not making it a civil war of Aberdeen - but be fair - Strathmore and Cliffwood Beach are apples and oranges - no comparison in area and now I explained the size of my home which resembles few houses like that in Aberdeen. Agree? 5700 bux in CLIFFWOOD BEACH? ONE BEDROOM? c'mon

Anonymous said...

These assessments were done before the housing bubble burst. None of these reevaluations are valid now. Real estate values are plummeting, unemployment is rising, no one's job is safe and Aberdeen raises our taxes! I hope Aberdeen realizes that they will have to take all this extra revenue and feed us with it. Can you say soup kitchens? Can you say abandoned houses? Can you say ruination? What folly!

Anonymous said...

Fed up and anonymous you kind of answered your own questions. I for one appreciate the breakdown that Nsectionjoe gave since he was on both sides and paid on both sides.

While I pay a mortgage on my home and its value is fair according to my new reevaluation where were the complaints when a house like mine that I bought for $115,000.00 was selling in the good market for $220,000.00 not so long ago. Were the two of you complaining then? Of course not and rightly so. In the same respect we cannot blame those like Nsection for paying more in taxes , mortgages and more, that is how it works. So to complain now is somewhat laughable and of course no one wants to pay more. The reevaluations were done and had to be done around every ten years, so in a way some paid more than they should have and some paid less. While I am no big fan of government I believe there is a true balance coming and yes taxes go up and down for all.

As for fed up and his assertion that the homes are nicer in Strathmore with nicer roads, what is it with roads and curbs being the basis for most things being fair. My brother lives in the W section and his road was paved like many others in Strathmore when the homes were built, in 1964. I understand the curb and sidewalk thing but far more needs to play into your complaints that homes are bigger and nicer and on that basis you should pay less and they should pay more. Those houses are nicer and they cost more all along the way in mortgages, taxes and more. It is not class warfare it is LIFE.

I am happy with my home on my side of town and I do not begrudge those who have paid their fair share. Give any thought that maybe we have under paid?

With the new president and his socialist ideology wait until you see what he has planned for all of us. I for one am tired of paying for those who on a generational basis maintain a woe is me type of life and fail to contribute to society and the economy. That is the big picture but it is coming for all of us. Soon the reevaluation will be the least of our worries. It is just the topic of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener-you seem very informed with this whole situation going on...i am one of the idiots that lives in town and i blame myself for not knowing too much of what has been going on for years. Do you feel going to this meeting on Tuesday will help? Do you think asking for a reappraisal will help? I am currently assessed at $100,000 of course I know thats very low but whose fault is it that NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF PEOPLE LOSING JOBS I AM ASSESSED AT $250,000? my taxes before eval were $5200 for cliffwood? I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW LONG IT WILL BE BEFORE I LOSE MY HOUSE I'M SURE THE TAXES ON MY PROPERTY WILL SKYROCKET TO WHAT $7000, $8000 BECAUSE WHOEVER DIDN'T DO THESE RE-EVALS ON A MORE CONSISTENT BASIS?? THEY ARE GONNA DRIVE THE POOR WORKING SLOBS OUT OF THIS TOWN?

Anonymous said...

Reevaluations are going on in lots of towns. My sister-in-law had her reevaluation and the taxes went up a good amount as well. It's not just Aberdeen. I don't understand why you keep swearing to yourselves that Aberdeen is the only town doing this. Start doing outside research. When I read this thing I went right to my brother and sister-in-law who live in Ocean County. It's something most towns are doing.

Start going to meetings and start getting the facts. Stop complaining and making yourself crazy by blogging and not taking charge. Get yourself over to a council meeting and demand ansnwers. Stop sitting here waiting for the town to come to you; it won't happen.

Aberdeener said...

Please hang tight. I wasn't expecting the reval numbers till next week and just got the preliminary assessment roll on Friday.

I hope to post today about the revaluations. In the meantime, keep in mind that the average assessment rose by a factor of 2.47.

If your new assessment is more than 2.47 times higher than the old one, your taxes are increasing. If not, your taxes are NOT rising due to the revaluations.

Anonymous said...

People on this site are so funny. Really! Comment after comment, they berate other people for complaining, with no self awareness at all that their put down comes off with a very whining tone! RAOTFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Someone comes on here to let off steam and their concerns are not popular with the "regulars" and SO THEY ARE WRONG?...??..

Of course KennyCB and Nsection agree- they always do. I am sorry, it is just an observation. Kenny, for the type of house the FED UP guy explained, I would be mad too that my taxes went up about 1300 bucks. That is 108 dollars a month and thats alot for anyone-

AND DONT FORGET THIS IS ALL BEFORE NEXT YEAR'S BUDGET and our NEW SAVIOR of a President starts his socialist taxes......... GOOD LUCK.
Anyone think the School Budget will pass this year? Oh my God - LOL

Anonymous said...

Keeny, UC and Kimsmom agree with each other on everything and whoever disagrees is wrong. They are hatefull, angry, bitter little people.