Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's a School Director?

My apologies for the lateness of this posting. I had hoped to post soon after Monday night’s Matawan-Aberdeen School Board meeting, especially given the explosive nature of the prior article. Highlights from the meeting include the proposed academies, the 7% health insurance increase, and the ethics presentation reviewing the School Ethics Act.

But, to cut to the chase, Demarest pretended she was unaware of any of the issues surrounding the three directors (as if she doesn’t read this blog). When I asked why the board appointed a high school graduate to Director of Technology, Demarest suggested I have a chat with Cathy Zavorskas, as if the two of us were BFFs (best friends forever).

Dr. O’Malley gave assurance that if anyone was unhappy with his child study team, Dr. O’Malley would try to provide an acceptable alternative.

However, the key issues regarding the directors were discussed with Board Attorney Michael Gross. Following the meeting, Mr. Gross was very gracious with his time and provided three administrative cases supporting his contentions that supervisors are qualified to oversee child study teams and that a director’s certification is only necessary when the job description, not job title, demands it.

Out of professional courtesy, and with gratitude towards Mr. Gross, I am withholding final judgment until I have researched the cases. However, please note that I have already communicated, directly or indirectly, with a county certification officer and two special education attorneys. Having done so, I find no basis to retract anything from my prior posting. However, if I find Mr. Gross’s case history convincing, I will certainly retract any and all incorrect statements.

To save people the time of going through the entire video (or having to look at Zavorskas’s frozen scowl), I have transcribed my comments and the responses. Though not perfect, the below is near exact.

Warren: It was recently brought to light that there were three directors who were either appointed or maintained in their positions despite what it seems to be the board’s knowledge they were unqualified for those positions. And I was hoping you could comment on that.
Demarest: I think I would need more information on the directors and their positions.
Warren: In December 2003, Ms. Rappaport and Ms. Pond were both demoted to supervisory status from director and yet, during the last five years, I shouldn’t say that, after they were demoted to supervisor, they were both maintained in a director’s position.
Demarest: Both are the same case. December, 2003.
Warren: December 15, 2003, the board approved that their positions, their titles, their positions, would be changed from director status to supervisor status.
Demarest: Okay, and your question is?
Warren: The question is, can you explain why, after they were changed from a director to a supervisor, were they maintained as directors for the district?
Demarest: And do you know they were maintained as directors of the school district?
Warren: I have documents, sworn affidavits, from Ms. Rappaport that she was a director of special services. She was submitting these sworn affidavits to court hearing involving special ed cases. In the case of Ms. Pond, I have copies of the old website listing her as director. I have an old newspaper article that says when she retired she was a director. I mean, It’s very clear they were maintained as directors.
Demarest: That’s post the ’03 meeting.
Warren: Post the ’03 meeting.
Demarest: I’ll ask the attorney if he has the history of any of those positions.
Gross: The only thing I can respond to in regards to that, there are a couple of things that are not correct in what you said. I want to make sure that we’re correct in what we’re saying. First of all, you’re presuming that the change of title, the official title from director to supervisor was some kind of a demotion. And I’m not sure that there is a demotion necessarily from . . .
Warren: Change
Gross: But you used demotion three times.
Warren: One has a lower pay scale than the other.
Gross: Sorry?
Warren: Because one has a lower pay scale than the other.
Gross: No, it does not. That’s why I’m trying . . .
Warren: A supervisor under the MRAA contract has a different pay raise than a director.
Gross: Currently, but not in 2003, it did not.
Warren: The contract, I believe it was the 2003-2005 contract, I believe there was a difference. I could be wrong.
Gross: I think if you double check, to conclude . . .
Warren: The responsibilities are also different. The director’s considered a higher level of responsibility than a supervisor.
Gross: Not necessarily.
Warren: A supervisor cannot oversee child study teams.
Gross: That’s another misnomer and I know that was misspoken at the last board meeting. And that continues to be misspoken when you say it again and that’s why I want to set the record straight with regard to that. There is the regulations that due permit the supervisor of special education to supervise child study team members. There is clear case law in the state of New Jersey that provides for that. As a matter of fact, there are over one hundred and fifty supervisors of special education and special services in the State of New Jersey, and a number of them are even in districts very close to this locale including Marlboro, Colts Neck, Freehold Regional, Howell. All of those districts utilize the position, the title, supervisor of special services or special education and they do supervise the child study teams. So, again, there’s a lot of misinformation that has been spoken about this subject in the last meeting and now again tonight. So, I want to make sure that we’re correct in what we’re saying.
Warren: Alright, are you certain that those same supervisors only have a supervisor’s certificate? That they’re not also certified as a director?
Gross: Yes.
Warren: Why was Ms. Rappaport being, I would say, in all the documents that I could find, being represented as a director?
Gross: I can’t answer that. I don’t know why that is the case. Mr. Warren, I do not know.
Warren: Another case would be Ms. Cholewa. Ms. Cholewa is a high school graduate of Matawan. She clearly lacks all the legal qualifications to be a director of technology. Why was she appointed to that position?
Gross: There is no certification requirement for a position of director of technology. The term director is a working title, not necessarily an administrative title. And, therefore no different that what we call the director of the school play a director. They don’t need a director’s certification or endorsement to be a director of the school play. There’s a difference between a working title and a legal or an actual title.
Warren: I can’t argue with you on the legal points. I don’t know it but . . .
Gross: I’m sure you’ll look into it, though, Mr. Warren.
Warren: Oh, I certainly will, thank you for that. Alright, so let’s discuss the appropriateness of selecting a high school graduate to be a director of technology. Can you explain why, in your opinion a high school graduate was best qualified for a director of technology position?
Demarest: What was the date on that?
Warren: That was at the reorganization meeting of 2003. April 28th, 2003, she was appointed to become the director of technology.
Demarest: And I assume you know the vote. How many board members voted for that?
Warren: All of them. It was 9-0. Two-thirds, two-thirds . . .
Demarest: I really don’t remember that day but I’m going to say if 9 out of 9 board members vote for it in the affirmative for the superintendent’s recommendation.
Warren: Correct.
Demarest: So, that rationale would have come from the superintendent at the time, whoever that may have been. I believe at that time we were in a committee system, so that the rationale would not have been discussed in public but within a personnel committee meeting. I was not on personnel at that time but I’m sure you can get the records of who was on the personnel committee and they would have been privy to the rationale behind that appointment.
Warren: I, I know that, actually, I did see a portion of the personnel committee. I know that at the time, Ms. Zavorskas was both president of the board and president, not president, and on the personnel committee.
Demarest: Okay, but this wouldn’t be the forum for you to ask her one-on-one for what happened at that committee. You’re certainly welcome when this meeting is over to ask her what the rationale was behind that appointment.
Warren: It’s also my understanding that Ms. Rappaport’s salary would be frozen because she was not certified to be a director. Is that correct?
Demarest: Her salary was frozen. That is a correct fact. You want the rationale behind that, that was not a board vote. That was a superintendent’s decision. So you can ask . . .
Warren: I’m asking.
O’Malley: It was my decision that she did not hold the qualifications to be a director and she should be a supervisor.
Warren. Okay. According to Mr. Gross, he said there’s no difference between the two. Is that your understanding as well?
O’Malley: I don’t think that was his answer.
Warren: That wasn’t? Okay, can you please explain the difference between a supervisor and a director in terms of the qualifications.
Gross: Under the New Jersey Administrative Code, there is an administrative certificate. For example, Ms. Rappaport has an administrative certificate. There are three different kinds of endorsements that you can get under an administrative certificate. Actually, there are four. But, for the purposes of this discussion, there are an administrative certificate, that is what the chief administrator has, there is a principal’s endorsement, that is not even a term director, by the way, the term director is not even a recognized administrative title in the State of New Jersey. There is a principal’s endorsement under the administrative certificate. And the third, for the purposes of our discussion, is the supervisory endorsement. Under the administrative code, under the administrative certificate.
Warren: So, I guess my question stands, in terms of her responsibilities and functions, what’s the difference between a director and a supervisor?
Gross: It would depend on what the job description calls for. Certainly, some districts require as part of the job description for you to have a principal’s endorsement to qualify for the position. Other districts, as I mentioned before, who have supervisors, only require a supervisory endorsement as part of that certificate.
Warren: But we just eliminated the supervisory position.
Gross: That is correct. Dr. O’Malley had, I don’t mean to speak for him, but I’m sure that I can in this particular incidence, Dr. O’Malley has made the determination that he would want the person in charge of the child study team to have a principal’s endorsement. And, as a result of that, he eliminated the position of supervisor, the official position, a supervisor of special services, and replaced it with the director of special services, which will require a minimum, a principal or administrative endorsement on the administrator’s certificate.
Warren: So, your understanding is that, not in terms of the qualifications, but in terms of what Ms. Rappaport could have done as a supervisor is no different from what she could have done as a director.
Gross: That is correct. And, as a matter of fact, nothing that Ms. Rappaport did or, there’s nothing that a principal’s endorsement could have done to change Ms. Rappaport’s expertise in the area of special education. It would just be a different kind of administrative endorsement, not a special education endorsement. For example, I know that there was an accusation, I think already this evening, about her ability to sign these documents and testify in court on those documents as a director even though she may have only had a supervisory endorsement. There is nothing she would have testified to in court that a principal’s endorsement would have given her any more expertise in testifying on those issues. That’s an administrative issue, not a special services or special education issue.
Warren: Speaking of Ms. Rappaport, it’s my understanding that she’s now, that she will be assuming the position of school psychologist in the Matawan Avenue Middle School.
Gross: Pursuant to her rights as a tenured employee in the district following the reduction in force that took place at the last board meeting. She invoked her tenure right as a school psychologist.
Warren: I’m concerned for the parents who are afraid of retaliation. I want to know if this school board has considered any policy that would allow any family that does not want their child being reviewed by Ms. Rappaport an alternative.
O’Malley: You’re asking for a specific policy or are you asking . . .
Warren: No, I’m just saying if someone says “Hey, I don’t want my kid being reviewed by Ms. Rappaport” would you honor that?
O’Malley: I absolutely would do that for anyone and not just particularly in that case.
Warren: Great, thank you. Also, just for the record, when was the last time Ms. Rappaport had any one-on-one experience with a student?
O’Malley: Who would know that answer?
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Anonymous said...

I'm quite pleased that Dr. O'Malley made that statement. I'm sure many parents will be requesting not to have Mrs. Rappaport be their case managers and will request not to have her on their CST.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much B.S. If "supervisor" and "director" are basically the same thing, why was Helen "changed" in 2003? Why didn't she use the proper title afterwards? Why was her salary frozen? Why is she not still the director or supervisor?

If it's the same difference, why not just leave her where she was, doing what she was(n't) doing?

Anonymous said...

We all must remember that Dr. O'Malley is a politician, not so much in an elected sense of the word but in the sense but he must be very careful with every word that comes out of his mouth. This as he is in an authoritative position.

This would be similar to a man like Mr. Gross who as an attorney at law who gets paid to counter every assertion, suggestion, example and fact presented in regards to the questionable service provided by this school district for many years to special needs parents and more. I suggest Mr. Gross that you never question anything I said as that which I bring does not need an overpriced legal opinion. Similarly if you do not like something I say about an employee, official or board member just file the lawsuit. Do not waste your time giving me the legal mumbojumbo. I have no use for most every attorney I have ever met. Like the joke goes "what is a million lawyers chained together at the bottom of the sea --it is a good start.

I myself have only contempt for the profession as a whole. But his (Gross's) day I think is coming as much of what a lawyer says when questioned is often merely a tornado of words often meant to confuse, bemuse or merely make the questioner think that the answer given by someone with the title attorney would somehow be honest and truthful. The last time I believed something a lawyer said to me was about the same time I believed what a politician said to me.

This districts leadership needs to do one simple thing and that is to apologize for the sins of the past and take steps, and fire immediately anyone who knew, was a part of or contributed to the FACTS as relates to the mess that was and remains the special needs program in this school district. The costs to the taxpayers of Matawan and Aberdeen has been tremendous for programs which could have been done in house long before now.

Many people are waiting and closely watching this one to see how Dr. O'Malley handles this serious problem. It is not over by a long stretch.

The vast amounts of money expended in this district on the special needs programs and other such programs needs to be looked at carefull, to see how much can be effectively handled in house as to ensure that those students who need out side services get the best that is available. The savings in this districts over the years could have been considerable had our former leadership and others done their jobs.

Many failed all of us and as it seems to go, in an ironic sense, those who have failed the citizenry have moved on to bigger and better positions without being accountable.

Sure maybe a name or two of district employees have been printed in the paper or announced on a local video presentation, but they still GOT PAID. It also seems those who got paid more than they should have are laughing at the taxpayers expense all the way to the bank.

People are watching closely to all of the school and elected officials reading this.


Anonymous said...

THis NSectionJoe certainly speaks his mind. What is next.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the postings I read earlier today I just finished watching the broadcast of the School Board meeting. I would have to add to the previous posts the following.
School Board Attorney Michael Gross is a pompous ass. His condescending presence and obvious smug responses reminds me of the little boy who brought the ball to the playground and then got mad when he did not get picked to play.
Gross needs to go and while they are at it if you get rid of Gross you would probably get rid of Joel Glastien as they seemed to be in simpatico. Glastien never said a single word from what I could see the entire two and one half hours. I did thoroughly enjoy the obvious frustration of Barbato and Zavorskas. She sat their with her arms folded and a woe is me expression on her face while he just sat their with a complete look of disinterest. The writing is on the wall for them.
I also have to agree with Mcaler as to the school arts and musical choices selected and performed over the years, which he brought up to the board. Ms. Anne Hannah a much beloved and treasured musical force in this district for over twenty five years would be turning over in her grave if she knew that limitations were placed on music, wording, plays and more.
It is my understanding that music and theater directors have had to present lists for review and approval, which are then reviewed by Glastien and a few others. If this if true is a damn shame.
Why is it so few have so much to say? How is it so few can be free to limit the learning of the true history of music or theatre and its origins ?
O'Malley has a big problems and needs to address these types of things and stop it. He also needs to look really close at our local Laurel and Hardy. Guess which one is which.
By the way will Joel Glastien do something for all of the money they pay you. At least carry Gross's briefcase. Do something. Anything.
How much do both of them leech out of the district? If it is more than twenty bucks it is too much.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Edgeview, I am tired of long winded Nsection Joe too...... always speaking as if he is an expert...and VERY condescending to us simpletons since he is the "insider" ... Start your own forum !!!!

At the least the Aberdeener will admit when he is wrong from time to time.......

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, what is the 4.75 - 30 years an advertisement for? A mortgage company where?

Also, I know that BARZA has been around for a while and things have happened under their watch - BUT let us not forget the others who have been around since 2003.... and things that have happened under their watch

Aberdeener said...

Regarding the interest rate, I can give references if anyone wants to email me directly but, basically, this is to let people know that now is the best time to refinance. Any mortgage broker should be able to get you that rate.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who wish to try to deflect attention from your selves by knocking NSectionJoe, you should have a thimble full of the "inside" knowledge and guts he has. I was there at the BOE meeting and I did not see ANYONE get up to speak in defense of these arrogant boobs. Joe spoke eloquently about the performing arts program and later gave voice to many families in the room who still feel they face retaliation if they speak up.

As for his comments on this post that refer to the BOE attorney...he is right. Gross represents the worst kind of attorney. One who will prostitute himself to the highest bidder and defend that as if his life depended on it. There are good, ethical attorneys out there and one happens to sit on the BOE as an elected member. Some do not like Mr. Kenny because they view him as pompous but generally, those very people are lacking in the ethics department themselves. Or they are part of the "blind" flock of sheep that follow & worse, believe Barza.

Bottom line, everyone has known how underhanded, sneaky and ass-backward the people in the district administration are/have been for years. Now that there is a new sheriff in town and he won't stand for this crap, they are all scrambling for cover. The cozy world of lies and deception at taxpayer expense is over! Thanks Aberdeener for exposing these "people" for what those of us who have been here a long time have known they are....crooks.

As for Gross, he needs to be FIRED! It was quite obvious he is more interested in defending Rappaport than the district. I don't know anything about "code" but I know when someone is trying to shovel horse crap at me. He sounded like a pompous jerk making up things as he went along. Do you know what the code says, Aberdeener? I bet it would be easy to check up on Gross.

The new year is coming soon...I hope it is also dawn of a new day for this district and town. Dr. O'Malley is a breath of fresh air and I hope he stays a while. I am betting that when the dust clears from the mushroom cloud over Gross, Quinn,Glastien and the rest of them...O'Malley will be busy hiring a lot of replacements.

Anonymous said...

Once again a person who fails to identify themselves is tired of my long winded postings and responses. I do at this time apologize for same and for those that I will continue to post into the future. I care little for those who hide in the shadows of anonymity and criticize those of us who stand up and do the right thing and put ourselves out there honestly and with only the word anonymous as being their identifier.

So continue to sit there in the dark in your easy chair, and keep believing everything you are spoon fed by those in leadership as well as those who blindly defend the same corrupt, lazy, too long in place hacks who fail to do their jobs time and time again. Whether it be an attorney or otherwise does not matter to me as I do not get involved to have some lawyer tell me my opinion and beliefs are wrong or or are counter to the job he is paid for or that is counter to his educataion, profession or opinions.

I truly believe things have gone on in this school district that have been counter to a positive learning environment for all of our students at an extreme cost to the taxpayers. I do not have all the answers but I will not sit idly by and allow those I feel have failed the students and taxpayers, time and time again, to ever do it again. They have to know people are watching and are very concerned and will be long winded in their disgust.

Merely holding elected office does not qualify a person to lead. Similarly the letters esq. behind a persons name does not make them anything but an ________ feel free to fill in the blank.

I have put myself out there. Will you Anonymous?

If I have been long winded Mr., Ms., or Mrs. anonymous feel free to submit another anonymous criticism of me but do so after realizing who is responsible for 70% of your taxes and the education of our communities children.

Isn't the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution a wonderful thing? That is the one that gives all of us FREE SPEECH. Lucky for you, you can be anonymous under that constitutionally protected rights that I and many others served and fought for, to allow your anonymous responses to be posted from your shallow existence and world of belief that leadership is without fault and I am wrong to criticize them in the face of their failures.

Have a nice day anonymous. I will.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is well put NsectionJoe

Nothing else needs to be said. Your to the point response to ANONYMOUS was exacting and just condescending enough. I loved it.

I really loved the esq. part.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Kenny is pompous and condesending just like most lawyers. Just listen to him talk with his long winded monologues explaining what he thinks we don't understand. We don't need the commentary and the defenseness, but I guess he can't help it. Gross has been here too many years and its time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

Here here, NSection Joe!! I can not say anything better. Anonymous has moved on to bashing Mr. Kenny now, so I guess you have made your point--in many ways. Anonymous, you also have a constitutional right to log off this blog if you don't like what you read. Healthy debate is always calling for name calling's sake is just nursery school level behavior.

Let's try to remember what all of this about. An incompetent lawyer who gets paid WAAY too much, an incompetent Assistant Super who gets paid WAAY too much to put Quinn's & BOE member's friends in jobs they aren't qualified for or worse yet look the other way when Quinn did it, an unqualified & undereducated "director" of technology who has raked in $50,000 more a years than she should (and has the nerve to try and sue), an unqualified "director" of special ed. who was voted out her position by the boe & took $15,000-$20,000 more a year than she should have and then bragged about it in the paper...twice!, an former "director" of testing who stayed in a job she had been voted out of for two years and collected 20,000 more than she should have..and retired on a fat pension we pay for,an attorney who is content to collect his fat paycheck to pander to anyone even if they break the law and GRAND PRIZE goes to former superintendent Bruce Quinn! An incompetent crook who used this district as a personal playground, bank and employment agency.

We also have to remember Quinn staunchest supporters, Zavorskas, Barbato, Demerest,Rubino and Williams. They argued with guys like O'Connell, Aitken, Kenny and Donoghue when they would question Quinn's recommendations. "The superintendent is recommending this, we should trust him..why are we even questioning this?" How ironic that those same individuals not only allowed this mess to go unchecked, but now pretend to be so concerned with ensuring the Super is not hoodwinking them. I really doubt that they are motivated by anything other than the desire to shame our new Superintendent. Good luck with that..

Grow up folks, except that you have been exposed and to those of you who defend them..WAKE UP! they have been lying and stealing from you!! Worse yet..they have done so to children who should not suffer anymore than they already may.

Anonymous said...

Well KennyCB called me and told me to check this post. I am amazed that some of the singular and anonymous voices still think they can stand up to an NsectionJoe or anyone else who stand up to be counted. Quite obviously that is not the case citing Joe and his last response and small digs at anonymous.

To a certain extent we are all anonymous but the facts we present and our words prove us out to care about more than our own asses.

That is all the likes of our school board, their mouthpiece as well as our local leadership really care about. These types of people do not have to understand or respect us but they will listen to every word we have to say. And let one of them roll their eyes at me if I get up to speak and I will embarrass them 24/7. I swear.

Nothing else needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Home early due to the weather and thought I would check in. Lo and behold an anonymous posting attacking one of us who takes the time proves their point and walks the walk.

I am glad I got home early and would have much to add but in truth NJoe said it all and far better than I. So time for Guy's BIG BITE. Love that cooking network. Gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Kenny for acknowledging Mr. O'Connell's efforts to have IBM donate 2 computers to the students. I thought Ms. Demerest should have acknowledged Mr. O'Connell for putting our students first. And I found Mr. Ruprecht's comments childish.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I think that Mr. O'Connel wanted to not be recognized. Ruprecht is just a tool in the negative sense of the slang word. Not just a tool of BARZA but a real tool.

I do not blame Kenney for pointing out the idiocy of Ruprecht. As for Ms. Demarest I am quite impressed by her handling of meetings and keeping things going. As for her comment to the BOYS it was deserved.

Ruprecht looks as though he just walked off of a loading dock. What should we expect?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you article titled, "Why Joey Warren Is Bitter, And Why He Doesn't Have A Shot In Hell Of Becoming An Elected Official, And When Is His Democratic Buddy, Who Only Posts On The Aberdeener Using His Initials Only(Everyone Knows Who It Is By The Way) Is Going To Get What They Deserve For Being Ignorant Peices Of Shit" is going to be posted? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing whenever anyone tries to discredit Mr. Warren they sink to such lows, as the language of the comment above. No class!

First of all, he backs everything up with proof. Secondly, this information isn't new to anyone. We've all had some experience with this to some level. This school district hasn't served any of the children well, and the test scores prove it. Oh there is that word again, "PROOF"

Anonymous said...

At least Joey Warren goes up to the podium with a smile on his face, asking honest questions. Half the board sits there looking like they just swallowed a lemon whole, and wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the keester.

Anonymous said...

Heywood Jablomi, you need your mouth washed out with soap. I think you can pick some up at the dollar store.

Anonymous said...

Hey people! Lets remember what the issues are and dispense with the schoolyard theatrics, eh? In fact scratch that, I think our children are better behaved.

If those of you like Jamblomi have the option of NOT READING OR POSTING on this site if you can't take the heat.

To Jamblomi (and Barza+friends):
The type of uneducated, low class comments you post give you away as one of the "guilty" parties. The heat is on and all the low life comments in the world will not deter the Aberdeener from exposing you all for who you really are.

How do you live with your selves? What do you tell yourself to rationalize your lying, cheating and stealing from the kids and taxpayers? Do you realize that while you defend those who have helped themselves to our hard earned money, there are at least four families around the corner from Crest Way who are losing their homes? Some of them have kids in this district. Perhaps if you REALLY gave a damn about kids, as so many of you claim, you would stop stealing from their families.

Go ahead keep whining about the Aberdeener exposing you as the criminals you are. In the end, I hope you do the perp walk with Quinn, Gross and the rest of them. Just a word of advice, get your own lawyer, cause Gross doesn't know his ass from his elbow.

Anonymous said...

Tony you really think that "BARZA" read this site? And waste time commenting on it?

Anyway everyone is starting to sound like they're on a kid's internet forum. I would like to ask the Aberdeener what he thinks about these academies that were presented on Monday.

Anonymous said...


Not only do we know they read this site so does the council leadership of Matawan and Aberdeen as well as the Kauff cronies.

Why do they read yet slam us all like children, it is because they need to be prepared to deflect what is coming their way next. They all hate the fact that much of what used to be in house secrets is now out in the public domain for all to comment about.

They are all like cockroaches. They operate in the dark and when you shine the light on them they scatter back to their dark smelly homes. The ABERDEENER shines the light necessary to keep them exposed and scrutinized.

As far as the Jablomi idiot or the Kauff faithful let them vent and go back to their bosses and say I defended you and I did my job. Then they can get scratched behind the ears like the mixed breed, ignorant mutts that they are.

Anonymous said...

Wait I just realized something we all may be in the presence of true greatness. It seems that the great Jablomi knows who all of us are and that the Aberdeener's democratic buddy has been found out.

Hey Jablomi what is the next megaball lottery number so I can win the jackpot and leave you to fester in your misery.

Since you know who all of us are with your gifted sense of ignorance just leave me the numbers on my answering machine.

Thank you very much Ja-blo-mi.

Anonymous said...

Kenny well put once again. How is it that so few come to criticize yet many have facts, proof, opinions and more about the so called leadership in our communities? It is simple those who know of their guilt hide from our assertions and interest.

Just look at Norman K. for instance. With all that has been written about him you would expect that he would file a lawsuit for defimation of character or something.

Not one word from Norman or any of his kind. Vinci and all of the rest know they are wrong and rather than draw any more attention to themselves they stay alone in their misery and guilt. They also know that any legal action they might undertake would require them to also testify and answer questions in a court of law and under oath. Even though we all know that oaths they all have taken and swore to uphold with words like best of my ability and I swear to GOD mean absolutely nothing to them. Right Mayor Soble.

Yes I know a little about the law. Actually my brother knows a little about the law. He is a lawyer. We do not talk about it too often in public though.

Anonymous said...

While my husband and I are in no way political however we were in attendance at the last school board meeting at the Starathmore school.

Having been told of the Aberdeener website and some of its interesting topics and disclosures that night we were very interested and did take a look that night and since. We have spent some of the last two evenings looking at some of the subject matter and we are truly amazed and disappointed as well. While we will not get into too much of our feelings right now, we would like to let people know that we agree that Mr. Macleer did speak out on a subject we understand all too well. Our son is a special needs child and we as parents in this present environment feel a positive change is underway that will be bring a significant change to many.

While we will keep our opinions on some of the subjects we have been exposed to over the past couple of days to ourselves. We will agree with JohnfromMatawan and thank Mr. Macleer for standing up.

In speaking to some of our friends and neighbors that night we were told that he is a long time presence who speaks his mind on many subjects. We are two parents and taxpayers that are glad he does. We are very glad that people like this show no fear and will stand up for those of us who fear reprisals for seeking that education that will benefit our children. Obviously Mr. Macleer does not fear reprisals or worse.

We would say to those who will criticize him or us for supporting and thanking him, perhaps it is time you looked inside yourself rather than slandering others. There are many problems in our little community and we will be keeping an eye on the Aberdeener and we thank him also.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

After reading the latest posting from the Aberdeener and watching the disgusting display by the Board attorney, Mr. Gross, I wanted to know the answer to the questions: "is there a difference between a Supervisor and Director?" & "is the title of Director a recognized title in New Jersey?". So I made some calls to the State Board of Examiners yesterday. The nice lady who helped me actually chuckled when I mentioned what Gross said at the meeting and told me to look up the following on their web-site:

N.J.S.A. 6A:9-12.3; Authorization Administration Certificate.

(a) A School Administrator Endorsement is required for any position that involves services as a district-level administrative officer. Such positions shall include Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Director. Holders of this Endorsement are authorized to provide educational leadership by directing the formulation of district-wide goals, plans,policies and budgets, by recommending their approval by the district Board of Education and by directing their district-wide implementation. Holders of this endorsement are authorized to recommend all staff appointments and other personnel actions such as termination, suspensions and compensation, including the appointment of School Business Administrators for approval by the Board of Education. Holders of this endorsement are authorized to direct district operations and programs and to supervise and evaluate building administrators and central office staff, including Business Administrators, they are also authorized to oversee the administration and supervision of school-level operation, staff and programs.


(c) The Supervisor Endorsement is required for both Supervisors of Instruction and Athletic Directors who do not hold a standard Principal Endorsement. The Supervisor shall be defined as any school officer who is charged with authority and responsibility for continuing direction and guidance of the work of instructional personnel. This endorsement also authorizes the appointment as an Assistant Superintendent in charge of Curriculum and/or Instruction.

--So, basically, in a nutshell, Gross needs to be fired for not knowing what the hell the law says, and the title "Director" IS a recognized title in New Jersey and it is WAY more involved than a Supervisor. A Supervisor can only supervise teachers in a building, according to the above law.

Thanks, Linda @ Board of Examiners for helping me understand and prove Gross an incompetent moron.

Anonymous said...

James and Karen BEWARE. Don't you know that you are not supposed to compliment anyone on this site. And to have complimented Joe McAleer is not a good thing. Having worked with him for the past five years and known of his involvement in many local issues, the thank you and appreciation shown to him toda, along with the Aberdeener will not be well received by the supposed powers that be and their supporters.

Just so you know. I myself agree with the two of you. The soon to be posted responses to your posting will unfortunately be criticized shortly. That criticism is guaranteed to come from the supporters and operatives of the powers that be on the school board and maybe more. Just so you know.

Be sure to tell your friends about the Aberdeener website. Spread the word.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

So, a week in the Poconos and I missed a lot! I just finished watching the Board meeting and boy is my blood boiling! These people have no shame what so ever. What does it take to fire that jerk lawyer with the $200 tie? Maybe it is time to give in and move down to Virginia like the wife wants to. The only problem is my grand-kids are still going to be here and those criminals will just keep stealing their future. I am waiting anxiously for an answer to my investigation request from the Department of Education.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding the academies, I'm strongly supportive and would like the commend the teachers and the administrators for their efforts and time towards this noble endeavor.

I did not post an article specific to the academies because I was afraid any criticism, however minor, may discourage future projects of this magnitude.

My biggest requests would be to include AP Math in the business academy and AP English in all the academies. Also, though it lies outside the scope of the academies, I would like to see graduation requirements raised for all students.

As for Mr. Gross's comments, I transcribed his answers for my benefit as much as for my readers. Lawyers are trained to be exact in their language and I needed to parse his words. I believe I understand his position.

1) Certification requirements are determined by job descriptions, not titles
2) Supervisors of Special Services are allowed to manage Child Study Teams

Though I understand his logic, I have not been able to find any support. Even if he were likely correct, why place the district in legal jeopardy or tempt one more lawyer to sue us?

Another point to remember - None of this could have happened without the superintendent and school board's support.

Anonymous said...

Come on the last Schools Superintendent treaded lightly around BARZA. The day Kenney came onto the school board the gauntlet was thrown down between he and Zavorskas. I remember well the back and forth and of course Zavorskas felt that she had been abused by such statements and he woe is me defense started. How dare anyone stand up to K(C)atherine Zavorskas.

Well it took some time and the votes still do not go the way many of us would like but to watch BARZA with their folded arms and bored looks as they realize they can not puppet the new School Superintendent is PRICELESS.

As for the dead wood and moves, removals, downgrades or whatever you want to call it the BIG MONEY positions like Gross, Glastein, Spells, Martucci and all the rest need to be looked at closely. Martucci for one could pack his kit and go and many would not miss a step. He seems to have grown roots and it is time to cut the tree down. By the way how many assistant principals do we need in each school before control and authority can be assured?

Time for major shakeups and for many long time mainstays to be shown the door.

Anonymous said...

Specialneedsdad, I agree with you on almost everything except the idea that Quinn treaded lightly around the BOE. On the contrary, I believe the facts will bare out that they were all in it together.Barza and friends did not question most everything Quinn did. A don't ask don't tell situation.

Anonymous said...

I neglected to mention yesterday that I went back to the information about Directors of Special Education and Supervisors of special Education that I used to determine that rappaport was #3 & 4 in Monmouth/Ocean Counties for salary. I looked at those school districts Gross mentioned at the meeting, who have supervisors. He seems to also be wrong (partially) about that. All of them ALSO have Directors of Special Services and they are much bigger than us. Chances are they need both to keep an eye on every building.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the course of action taken by the superintendent, school board or its attorney in regards to this very serious issue, people were paid monies that they may or should not have received. People were put in positions they were not qualified for. And most importantly those in authoritative positions knew they violated reporting procedures, laws, standards and most importantly they knowingly violated the public trust while negatively effecting the students and their parents in many ways.

Just ask that question of each and everyone of them at the next school board meeting. By that time they will have received all of the information surrounding this situation. Unless of course Gross gets to them first and advises them to stay silent on these issues to avoid lawsuits. That would be legal speak for just shut up and deny being involved. Gross and Glastien will not be able to do that I think. Tose two and a few others need to be looking in the classifieds right away.

Anonymous said...

Hey ABERDEENER can you publish on your blog an exact copy of the ETHICS rules for the school board and town councils. I for one would love to see the exact wording used and that is to be signed, sworn to or read by our elected and employed officials.


Aberdeener said...

Here's the link to the School Ethics Act.

Aside from the oath of office and an assortment of codes, I don't know of any single ethics act for other elected officials.

Anonymous said...

After a quick overview of the ETHICS criteria Barbato, Zavorskas, Rubino and Demarest should resign their positions immediately.

Their conduct on numerous occasions whether to have been believed to have been in secret, personal confidence or in the course of doing school board business is just cause enough for them to tender their resignations immediately.


If they read any of the ETHICS literature or listened to the examples given at the last school board meeting or have any sense of civic duty or honesty left in their cold self serving hearts, they will resign immediately.


On the mess that was Zavorskas's kid being sent to that special school without the required testing, classification and review she should resign. Walking into that idiot Klavon's office and demanding it be done violates a list of ethics violations. Zavorskas's interference and constant presence in the schools along with her meddling with teachers and administrators is also cause for her immediate resignation.

As for the rest of them they know what they have done or what they failed to do, that violates their supposed ETHICS letter and mandatory classes.

RESIGN NOW all of you! Save the taxpayers the money along with the pain, laughter and the I told you so (s).

They got some splaining to do Dr. O'Malley.
(Ricky Ricardo slang phrase used)


Anonymous said...

Speaking about ethics, there is a current board members whose daughter works in the high school office.

Anonymous said...

18A:12-24. Conflicts of interest

b .No school official shall use or attempt to use his official position to secure unwarranted privileges, advantages or employment for himself, members of his immediate family or others;

Anonymous said...

How about including the local council members whose siblings also work in the school system. I understand that when votes or decisions come up having to do with school budgets and other things they are not allowed, perhaps conveniently to vote. That in Aberdeen takes two of seven council people out of any decisions, criticism or negotiations.

They sell themselves so cheap.

Anonymous said...

Jets blew it again so I figured I would jump on and see whats going on. Well the last few posts are interesting and as was said by one of the posts certain school board members are in violation of the ethics code and should then voluntarily resign. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen these people are special. So they think.

By the way I agree with one of the prior posts. I watched the school board meeting and Zavorskas does not look happy. She looks as though she wishes she was anywhere else. Is this her normal look or was it because of the ethics seminar? When she was told that she could not participate in O'Malley's review because her young daughter works in the schools. She looked like she did not know what to do. Barbato did not look happy either. I am glad!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on how to get the great information you posted "out" through the media? I think it is a crying shame that the so called press has not printed any of this. I know someone over at the APP is on to it as far as Rappaport, see Editorial archives first week of December. I was real surprised when I saw an Editorial instead of a "Letter to the Editor" from the public.

I wonder, do any of these people feel the heat on the back of their neck? Is Gross's performance at the Board meeting just part of some scheme to set up an insanity defense later? "Gee, your honor, I don't know what to tell you, my client must have temporarily lost his mind. He has been a lawyer for 30 years so there can be no other explanation".

PLEASE just crawl back under the rocks you all came from, Quinn, Glastien, Gross, Rappaport, Chowela, Zavorskas and Barbato! Pass GO!, DO NOT collect $200, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!!! Everyone remember how it sucked to get that orange card in Monopoly? So humiliating.

Anonymous said...

I have personally sent copies of this information to the Star Ledger and every local television news program between here and NY.

I was told by the Ledger that Matawan/Aberdeen is too far out of their locality, even though it's an interesting story.

I would suggest others write in about the story. Maybe if they know how many people would like to see it break, they would rethink doing the story on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous. I sent an e-mail to the Editor of APP but no answer. I agree everyone should keep sending requests for the media to cover the story. We all need to keep asking for an investigation too. If there are enough requests the State can't ignore it and that would be sure to get media attention.

Aberdeener said...

If the papers report that the school board attorney says it's all legal, then there's no story. If someone sues or the state/county acts, then there's a story.

My focus is the upcoming elections. There's more to this story, it will all be exposed, and I hope those responsible will be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Once again there is that word accountable. In and around the political and supposed leadership structure it is unfortunately a word that is laughed at.

Just look at recent convictions and sentencing guidelines. John Merla 2 years, Sharpe James (who stole for years and years), Wayne Bryant. It seems the most they seem to get in minimal in comparison to their years of thievery. One person caught with marijuana or a house burglary where more than $1,000.00 was stolen get more than that. They rule the day it seems but it also seems that the contempt many of us have for politicians and their dishonest and unethical behaviors are changing. Many of us speak out in spite of the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH responses by those who feed of of the nipple of a Norman Kauff or a John Lynch.

Anonymous said...

Has ZAVORSKAS resigned yet?

Let me know when it happens as I have a beautiful bottle of bubbly I want to open and celebrate her demise with my husband. It cannot come soon enough for many of us who have grown tired of her crocodile tears.

How someone like her can keep up this facade for so long really boggles the mind. The other BS she has pushed on this district under the pretense of her supposed concern is no different than an elected official who starts off thinking they can really make a difference.

Anyone come to mind who started off that way. I have a list of about fourteen or so just around Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow Aberdeeners, Interesting twist today... I came home from holiday shopping hell with my wife and had a voice message from Davy's office asking me to call them "regarding your recent correspondence to Ms. Davy about Matawan Aberdeen School District". I tried calling back but got no answer, guess they cut out early down in Trenton. I wonder..does she want to tell me that she will be sending one of her "boys" in for a peak at those dirty and dark "corners" where the crooks hide? Boy, I'd have to believe there really is a Santa Clause if that happens.

Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

Keep us informed! Can't wait to hear what happens.

Anonymous said...

UC, you will not stand up and say a word, you are scared! and a big mouth who will only hide on this blos as anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Since you are posting on this blog as anonymous....pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.

Anonymous said...

Come on already - enough w/ the name calling.

"Who's who" on this blog is really not as important as which Superintendent knew about the "alleged fraud" in tax dollars, salaries, benefits, pensions & titles & what did he do to cover it up.

What did you know & when did you know it - shades of Watergate!

Everyone is anonymous because some people will "call out" other people's kids on the playground, bench them on sports teams & stop patronizing their businesses.

We are nothing in Matawan & Aberdeen if not petty.

There will be no "crisis of conscience" among the sitting members of the BOE to resign - don't wait for it.

Do wait for the investigators to come in. It will be a short one.

I think I hear someone knocking....

Anonymous said...

Spoke with the secretary at the office of a Mr. Hart at the DOE today. He was unavailable but she took a message and said he would call me back. I doubt I will hear back before the Christmas holiday but boy am I anxious to know what he wants. I intend to re-state my request for a formal investigation into Quinn, Gross, Glastien, Rappaport, Chowela and the rest of the crooks involved. I also will ask him to check out the video of the last two BOE meetings. I sure as hell hope these State people are taking notice and intend to go after them all.

To my fellow watchdogs:
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that jazz.

To Barza, Quinn and the rest of you criminals: Hope you make the most of the rest of 2008 because 2009 is going to suck for you, if we have anything to say about it.

Anonymous said...


Did Mr. Gross provide you with the names of the court cases he was referring to at the BOE meeting? How do we know that there is any case law that would allow someone to hold a position without proper certification? If Mr. Gross gave you the cases, could you post the references? I would be curious to read them.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Just thought I would share the general attitude of my NY family members when I showed them the Aberdeener during Christmas festivities. "Holy Sh-t,at least in Brooklyn you know what you are gettin'. If this crap happened at St. Anthony's, there would be some old fashioned neighborhood justice, if ya know what I mean. Priest or no priest, if they were stealing from parents at the school, there would be head knockin', forget 'bout any phony investigations. You gotta be kiddin' me with that sh-t."

My cousin is right, makes me wonder if we were stupid to think Jersey was gonna be better for our kids than Catholic school in Brooklyn.

Hope everyone keeps asking questions and doesn't just forget about this over the kid's vacation, that's what those slime balls are preying for.

Anonymous said...

Yo Tony, dats the way to do it, knock in some heads! Better yet, get some concrete show\es for those dirt bags. And keep your kids in Brooklyn catholic school - it sounds like they need all the help they can get with a family like yours...

Anonymous said...

Yo, you should a stayed in Brooklyn--

I agree that my NY family is pretty bullheaded. One of the reasons my wife and I moved to what we thought was a better place for our kids to grow up. You may think we are just a bunch of mobster guidos, that's your right but at least we don't pretend to be THE upstanding members of the community above reproach, while stealing from taxpayers and kids. I think perhaps you wish all the transplant Brooklyn people stayed there 'cause since we all rolled into town, you all can't dip your fingers in the cookie jar so easy anymore. So, go ahead and mock my family...but remember, you can't fool anyone any more.

Have a nice night :)

Husky Special Ed said...

Any word on what's going on with this issue? From the comments on this blog, it would look like Ms. Rappaport has taken a job at MAMS, but many parents are expressing that they don't wish to have her work with their children.

I hate to think of her getting a paycheck for a job she won't be doing.

I've spoken to many parents, and most of them have no idea who their new case manager will be, or who they should talk to if they are having problems. What is a parent supposed to do in this situation?

Anonymous said...

What if no one wants her to handle cases. Does the school district pay her and someone else to do the same job she is being paid to do. Has the administration addressed this issue?

Anonymous said...

She's been given the job already - she sent letters out to the parents just before the holiday break. As she had tenure, she's got to be given first crack at the position, as it's one she actually has the credentials for.

If no parents want her to be anywhere near their child (I've already sent in my letter!) I have to assume that she will be getting paid to sit on her butt. Much like she has for the last 12 years.

So far as I know, no one who has written to have her replaced as their case manager has been given any info on who their new case manager will be.

I don't know of anyone who's actually seen her at MAMS doing her job, either. Is she not showing up? So will she be paid for the job without even having to walk into the building? Excellent use of tax money!