Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday, Cathy Zavorskas resigned her school board seat following revelations at Monday night’s televised BOE meeting that the school district allowed Bruce Quinn to serve as superintendent without proper certification despite notification from the county. At that same meeting, Rappaport’s story continued to unfold – filings to the county listing her as a supervisor pre-date the December, 2003, BOE meeting assigning her that title. Plus, shortly after that same meeting, the school board negotiated with the MRAA to pay a Director of Special Services a higher salary than any other director and then awarded that salary to Ms. Rappaport even though she no longer held the title. The number of laws broken in the district has become too much for me to count.

Though there’s more to this story, and I will certainly continue to investigate, I have no plans to publish any more discoveries. I recognize that many of us wish to see justice done to those who abused our community over the years but that is not the purpose of this blog. My intention has always been to improve our community. I exposed past misdeeds to hold our public servants accountable and ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. Nothing more.

Now is the time to move forward. Per statute, the school board has 65 days to appoint a new member and will likely refrain until after the election. As of today, the two school board incumbents representing Aberdeen have still not retrieved their candidate packets and the deadline for submitting candidate petitions is this Monday. Should they choose to run, Liz Loud-Hayward and I have prepared a massive ground campaign targeting all segments of our community. We will run a vigorous campaign holding board members accountable for their records while promoting our promise to break from the past and build a better future. However, should they choose to resign with dignity, we have no plans to live in the past.

Regardless, I will honor my commitments to engage community leaders, parents, and teachers, to express my vision, hear their concerns, and develop common goals.

As for the township, I still have my concerns. Though I’m heartened by the democratic leadership’s clear intent to begin next year with a clean slate, I am troubled by the seeming attempt to “cash out” while there’s still time. From irregular financial filings to unwanted development to possibly locking the township into multiyear contracts with political contributors, it almost looks like they’re either sabotaging next year’s slate or don’t believe the populace will punish the new candidates for the party’s past sins.

Still, I believe Aberdeen’s future is bright and look forward to a new leadership untainted by corruption. I also appreciate Councilman Tagliarini’s personal notification that he has officially registered as a Democrat. This is a sharp contrast from past years when all things political were considered state secrets.

Soon, this blog will be taking a softer and more constructive tone. Yet, for those who are considering public service, please note – Don’t mistake a soft voice for a soft head. Our community has awakened and we will hold all public officials accountable to uphold and defend the public trust.
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Anonymous said...

Joey, I commend your integrity. I wish you and Liz all the best as future members of the school board (hoping you both win) and trust your abilities in representing the best interest of our children and our community. We await this dynamic change.

Anonymous said...

It is just to concentrate on your election so I would suggest a reformatting of the website and a widespread notification to all residents you encounter as to the website. Whether it be in fliers, personal advisories or newspaper articles people need to get much more informed. Please do all you can to get the Aberdeener much more notice on a wider taxpayer awareness.

Then when you are elected you can turn things loose on Norman *THE WORLD IS MINE ALL MINE* Kauff.

If the candidates still yet to be chosen don't separate themselves from Kauff, Vinci and Mayor Sobel they can talk to everyone they want it may not be enough. They will continually have to explain a lot of Kauff' corrupt actions and massive amounts of money Kauff has funneled to his *close personal friends* at taxpayer and VOTER expense.

There is a new sheriff in town and his name honesty. Fred is out there alone so far and he needs to think really hard about the name Norman Kauff and all that brings forth. The backing of sports team parents may not be enough this time around. Kauff is a major liability and Fred better realize it. I appreciated his meeting with us sports parents the other night but he still will not be able to explain away KAUFF and all of the money.

Anonymous said...

No more BARZA. Now BARUD(e)

MrFF said...

Mr. Anonymous
Can we get past the Barza, Barud(e) and everything else and maybe aim higher for a unified school board? Perhaps the two new candidates can keep this in mind and aim for this rather than keeping the business at hand ALL POLITICAL.

Anonymous said...

Do you people not realize the damage BARZA did to this school district? Do you have to be reminded that the budgets increased $20,000,000.00 in less then 8 years? How about the $2,000,000.00 football field and $500,000.00 snackbar. Wer those and many other expenditures really necessary? Was it payment for support down the road? How about the continually embarrassing test scores, broken computers, patronage jobs and far more that have only begun to be brought forth. Then there is the recently unexplained Administrators and School Superintendent without proper certification that was hidden from the public. How about the $38,000,000.00 school construction program that wasted about $10,000,000.00 in Aberdeen alone, with a billion or more wasted statewide. Have we not learned anything from history on a broad scale. History repeats itself.

If you fail to properly address the crimes, mistakes, failed educational programs and far more of elected leadership, we are doomed to repeat these many failures, improper decisions, and devastating costs to the taxpayers, over and over again.

For far too long the students and their preparation for college, jobs, military service and more has not been the priority for many. Have these supposed leaders been challenged and properly judged in the public domain? I do not think so.

If leadership is not brought to light in a public forum there is no hesitance for them to act properly. We locally have far too many examples of that across the board. It must stop as the costs are too high monetarily and educationally. Taxpayers deserve more from their money then denials from those entrusted with vasts amounts of money and the educations of our students futures.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Joe, Amen!

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with NSection Joe! We as the taxpayers and Stakeholders MUST speak up loud and clear! ENOUGH!!! I have just sent off my letter demanding action by the State. I have demanded a revocation of Certificates and PENSIONS of Quinn, Glastien and Rappaport! Why should we as taxpayers be extorted for the pensions of those who have violated the law and FAILED this community for their own enrichment? If Mr. Glastien had done his job, Deputy Super of Personnel, perhaps this community would have been spared the devastating damage done by Quinn and Rappaport.


If it makes you mad, put it to good use:

I am THRILLED to see Aberdeener and Mrs. Hayward are running for the BOE, I look forward to a clean slate!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing "political" about wanting people who do not do what they were elected to do to step down or be replaced.

It's just common sense.

Anonymous said...


Point taken. Your comments ARE insightful, I will give you that.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 7 ON THAT BOARD? THEY ARE NOT HELD A LITTLE ACCOUTABLE TOO? Are well calling for their heads too? Don't give me this just go on a few years ago crap. Only one, really can fit that - MR. But what about the others?

Your answer will show us all if you have bias here.

MrFF said...

I am certainly not saying wipe the slate clean. If laws were broken, etc., then those have to be held accountable. No doubt, I agree with you Nsection and any crimes etc. must be addressed but it irks me to no end to see what damage a split Board has been doing and maybe with Joe & Liz, I am suggesting to stay independent and move business forward. Partisan politics suck all the way from the Federal level on down. There is no room for partisanship in a school board. Now how much time (and money) is going to be spent on the items you mention (which has to be addressed and not swept under the rug) when the time should be spent on other things at hand. Keep speaking up loud and clear and make yourself heard (at meetings and not just this blog)
And by the way, the only politicalness that I am referring to is the split of our Board likening to the Dems & Republicans whereas much more time & therefore expense is wasted than getting anything accomplished. It would be nice to hear "unified board" sometimes rather than Barud(e)vs Dr.O'Donken. Maybe it's wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'm done with this site. I can't believe what an arroagant attitude- go with digniity and I won't besmearch your name. I've tired of the self-serving pious attitude. I know there are many good folks who are well intentioned that read this site-and to you I wish each of you good luck. I've just tired of Mr. Warren.

Anonymous said...

Once again nsectionjoe made total sense. To his detractors I ask you one question. How can you attack him when every single time he hits the nail on the head ? Save your time Joe just apply to fill Zavorskas' seat. I think they have to take applications from the community people who may be able to apply to fill her seat until the term expires.

Anonymous said...

Good evening all. I respond to the anonymous posting in regards to the remaining members of the school board. On this I am split for the following reasons while I will address my suggested bias on this subject from an anonymous poster.

When BARZA had complete control for most of the improper budgetary decisions and votes, which always seem to be in their favor. There was little the others could do as they were always outnumbered for years.

When BARZA had the votes for the hiring of Bruce Quinn and several others, who eventually failed us, and who it appears now may have not even been, qualified, certified or worse for the positions they held for years in our school district with negative effects on students and parents and lest we forget serious financial hardships on the communities taxpayers. The lack of certifications and more may explain away some of the devastating financial, curriculum and program decisions they made concerning for our district while they were in charge, manipulated or were perhaps fearful of the majority that was BARZA. Any opposition voiced by the minority once again may not have changed much due to the BARZA voting majority.

The just disclosed questions as to Quinns proper certification coupled with some others whose certifications, director or supervisor titles or positions, which seems to have Glastein, Gross and others running for cover in regards to not only Ms. Rappaport being unqualified but also Bruce Quinn. Who else will come from under the school districts rug if it was lifted and beaten against the fence.

It leaves many questions regarding every budget item, construction change-order, everything for years may have been possibly left to a man that was unqualified and perhaps worse. Forget the fact that he was a lackey for BARZA, that he may have not had the proper certification necessary to have even interviewed for the position, which he was put into by the BARZA majority. And then to perhaps the lack of proper certification, which may have been hidden even from the DOE, which should be investigated even now, should let the hammer fall on those who voted for him or those who did not look hard enough before making their decision in the affirmative.

It is obvious there is a good o'l boy network amongst such people and they seem to get moved around quite easily with no accountability upon their departure and in our case financial damage to the taxpayers. It seems the more they screw up the better the next job will be for them. Quinn and Kalvon are our districts most recent proof of that.

As for the often discussed change in the school board with the additions of Mr. O'Connell, Mr. Kenney, Mr. Aitken and then Mr. Gambino it seemed all to easy for that group of men to be exemplified and shown to be against BARZA, as though they were only picking on the women when Cathy Z. would felt picked on and pout, She felt picked on after conveniently forgetting her own betrayals and inside dealings that were a constant for years against others in many forms. Come on people, these people had the majority and control much less the damage from Cathy Z's constant interference and presence in the school system, that disrupted morale and far more among the staff and administration.

These are the things that most parents of students never knew were a constant in our district and amongst our school board leadership. Whether they come to light now or not, people need to know that because they are merely elected in a popularity contest. That does not make them anything close to qualified to manage and control a an entire school system much less a $64,000,000.00 school budget.

I once again restate a statement made by the former Mayor of New York City Rudy Guilliani. When asked what he thought of the New York City Board of Education and their control of billions in school construction monies he stated the following. "The Board of Education should not be involved in construction and they should not be involved in education". No truer words have ever been spoken on such a topic or people in charge with questionable experiences, degrees and more.

We have to deal with what we have as our structure for our school board leadership. Liz and Joey are well intended and I will support and work hard for them, as I know there commitment and desire to keep watch if nothing else will perhaps allow the positive changes and control by the School Superintendent recently enacted will have two new opinions and two sets of eyes.

I hope this did not show the suggested bias I supposedly possess according to the anonymous poster above.

Anonymous said...

Once again - "woe is me"

I did not say you had bias. Your answer would say if you did.

I am sorry - the men you named were on the BOE for a longer time in some cases than you make it seem.

Any BOE member who votes out of "fear" as you called it? I dont want them either.....

JD was on this board all along -you did not mention him - and many times he was a swing vote. And I think you simplify the roles of others as being a "minority vote". I respectfully disagree with you as to their degree of guilt. I may give you Dr. G - but the others have been there all along. I would like to see their voting records before I agree with what you are saying.

I am sorry. I think you have chosen sides - and look blindly as to the voting records of BARZA vs. Non Barza.

Let us drop it. I am probably wasting my time. I have NEVER heard you admit you are wrong. Joey W. has done it here several times as have other posters. But not you. Your way or the highway.

I respect what you write. You are knowledgable. I just think we have agendas and look blindly at any other point of view.

But as we have all said- change is on the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous that change is coming. Politics as usual or as is too often the case politics unusual must stop across the board.

It is just that simple. The reality is that the ruling class political parties should not be involved with the school elections. Sadly that is not the reality in our and many other school districts. That of course is for only one reason which drives all politics. money.

70% of my taxes goes to the school district and that number while well used is no different whether it is used properly or is politicized.

There is much to be said at times for the fact that our system of government is shattered and all to political. The solution comes from Washington D.C. on down. Of course none of us or our childrens grandchildren will live long enough to ever see that change for the betterment of the people. The one and only reason goes back to my former statement as it is all about m-o-n-e-y.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people will even attack something as honest and insightful Joes last post. He and many others make us think and disagree. At least the information is out there for all to discuss, disagree or laugh at if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Mr Warren,
After you discoveries, if elected would you vote to retain the current attorney next year. What about Glastein, is another raise justified after all that you uncovered. Will you hold them accoutable for what they have done?

Anonymous said...

A reminder that there was no transparency on board issues until the Committee as a Whole was instituted. (not to mention how long it was that meetings did not get televised) The public will never know how many times JD disagreed or was denied acess to the same info as other majority members had on voting topics. All I know is that JD has taken responsibility for maybe not asking more questions of the majority or former superintendent. That has changed and JD's sincerity is obvious.

At least now there is a forum to hear the discussions and opinions of the members. It was clear at the last board meeting that board members such as L O'C had no knowledge of the County's letter that was presented to the board president about the former superintendent's certifications. Why was that????

The old board majority & JG sat silent except for CZ who tried to defend the lack of certifications. That was an embarrassing moment........then she resigned hmmmmm

Good luck Joey & Liz !

Aberdeener said...

Regarding Glastein and Gross and any other personnel - All personnel decisions will need to be discussed in private with the superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all giving Marty R. a free ride? Aren't you aware that Barbato, Zavorkas and Demerest orchestrated his entire campaign to be on the board. He is merely another puppet that votes as he is told. The best was when, in public, Zavorkas would try to keep her distance from him, as if she had nothing to do with his election. Didn't Barbato drag him around from door to door, telling you to vote for him? Demerast on sign patrol? He was only there for the majority vote!

I agree, no one should vote out of fear, they should all always vote what they feel is best. Yes, in the past, JD was often a swing vote, what is wrong with that? Doesn't that show he tried to look at the issues, rather than just go along with BARZA?

Is everyone so unaware, that for only one year, when Ken Aitken, Dr.Gambino, L. O'Connel, C.Kenny & J.Donohue were on the board, did light finally begin to be shown on this web of lies, deciet, and corruption?

BARZA needed the majority vote always, to cover their lies.

Anonymous said...

From the previous few posts it appears that the BARZA SCREWED US ALL CAMPAIGN IS UNDERWAY. As for the newest member of the board he may have some new views when he is no longer surrounded by BARZA.
John we are waiting for your not so graceful bow out. Monday will be your last chance to apply to get roasted if you dare to run for reelection. Many of us hope that you do in fact run so that you can try and explain yourself on the recent revelations regarding the certification or better yet lack of certifications for many of the patronage jobs and positions BARZA gave out and now wants to not be around to explain. Wait a minute does that mean your next to resign? Too bad resignations will not be enough if investigators from the DOE or State Ethics Review Board come swooping in.
To quote a young girl in the Poltergeist movies "Their here".
John your horror movie may have only just begun. Everybody get your popcorn and snacks ready for this one. There goes the coming attractions. The movie is about to start. Anybody scared?????????????

Anonymous said...

What everyone should keep in mind, members of the BOE who were not BARZA camp members were in the minority up until 2007. Members O'Connell,Donaghue,Aitken and Kenny were often berated and argued with whenever they disagreed with or questioned Quinn/BARZA schemes. Anyone who regularly attended meetings would know that. My question is did Glastien tell anyone on the BOE about the certification problem with Quinn? My bet after watching the Pod-cast of Monday's meeting, is that he may have informed the then BOE president, CZ. She visibly paled at the questions posed by Mr. Warren and she did not even ask to see the letter. She did, however, make a pathetic attempt to defend Quinn and to draw GD in with her.

I find her hasty exit the very next day, all too telling. The last poster is right, it may not save her or anyone else who knew. There may be a swarm of State Officials (with any luck) visiting our little corrupt haven very soon. CZ once told parents at a BOE meeting that 10 was the magic number of letters to the DOE if one wanted to get them to act on something. Lets see how many we taxpayers can send in to get action. Thanks FedUp for all the e-mail addresses!

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear that Councilman Tagliareni and Jim Laura from the town spoke to sports parents groups recently? Please do not tell me Laura is going to run for council. That would be a real shame. Anyone hear anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Please do not forget Jan Rubino & her ethics violation in soliciting MARSD staff for donations! Have we heard any more about the investigation into that? She was running with Marty Ruprecht when she did that.

I hope Marty has the sense to start thinking for himself now that Cathy has left the Board. Does it look like John & Pat may not run now with this latest cetification issue with Quinn?

Anonymous said...

Councilman Tagliareni has helped form a new group called MASA (Matawan-Aberdeen Sports Alliance). This group is made up of the leaderships of all the sport recreation leagues in town (Pop warner, Little League, Softball and Soccer)in hopes that they can share with each other their leagues respective strengths so they all can continue to provide the youth of our two towns with a safe educated enviroment to play or compete at whatever level the player chooses to.
Mr. Laura was a guest speaker at the last meeting. There was no talk of anything political at the meeting. It was about how best to utilize the resources we have presently for recreation as well as brainstorming about ways to improve them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Do some research on tag and lauro

Tag's claim to fame is sports. everyone who has been involved with fred on a sports level does not like him - if you don't beleieve ask around

Not to mention that aberdeen has the worst record with sports - we do not have a sports facility with light, parking , bathroom snackst and like all of our surrounding town do - (little league firld with minimum parking and one field is in matawan) Hazlet has a individual facility for each sports - baseball - soccer etc etc. Fred has worked with and supported the Norman and sobel to build hundreds and hundreds of new homes that flood our school with more kids and inflate our school budget, but build a facility for our kids NOT

And Lauro is so far up Norman ass its not funny - Want proof Jimmy salary to run the aberdeen DPW $142,000 per year. don't believe-please see Asbury park press data universe. $142,000 Jimmy is rapping the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

If you do not think that the new spots parents league, where all of a sudden out of nowhere Jimmy Lauro comes to speak to us was just a coincidence. try again.

The entire thing screams that the Democrats want to get them out in the public in advance of the election to show how much they supposedly care for children.

Just like those signs they put up just before school elections that read "Vote For The Children". This stinks to high heaven of Norman Kauff and too bad for us it looks like he may have two new puppets to dangle in front of the public for election 2009. Is anyone surprised? I for one will be very disappointed if Jimmy runs I'll tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Me too. If Jim Lauro runs for office that would be a damn shame. I hope ATUmp is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

To al the above about Mr, Lauro , you are abunch of idiots. He has done more good for this town then any of you ever will. Whatever he makes is worth every penny in what he saves for this town and what he does for the taxpayers way beyond what he has to. If you do not know him or have worked with him or received his help then shut up, because you do not know what you are talking about. I hope he runs, we need someone with his integrity and knowledge of this town. All of you just jump on Kauff, Kauff this and that, well that may be true, but do you think that Minutolo is any better, he is 100 times worse. Check out his deed for his house in Alpine against others that bought a similar unit and see what he paid against theirs. He used his position to get to Kara Homes. Lauro is his own man and the best person in this township to lead it

Anonymous said...

A little less caffeine and some grammar and spelling lessons may help the previous anonymous poster. No one was questioning Mr. Lauro' salary, honesty or otherwise. So your post is not only poorly written it is way off the subject. Someone has posted some suggestions that he may run for political office. If he does so he will be open to review, rebuke or criticism like anyone else who wants to be in the public domain. That is how politics is played.

I for one hope Mr. Lauro does run as the he will be able to answer an awful lot of questions about what he has seen over the years in Aberdeen. I am sure it is some good, some bad and some very ugly. I for one have several questions just regarding the salary boost he and a few others got from Mark Koren just before he left. Can you say pension padding for Koren using Lauro and others as cover.

Anonymous said...

"The entire thing screams that the Democrats want to get them out in the public in advance of the election to show how much they supposedly care for children."

That's right because we all know that only Republicans REALLY care about children.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Lauro is a public employee and is not able to run for political office within Aberdeen while he is in the employ of Aberdeen. He would however be able to run for the school board if he so chooses. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should make use of the spell check option yourself before you bring attention to someone else's grammar. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

We the people of Aberdeen are between a rock and a hard place. I have lived here for both democrat and republican parties. The republicans spent money like they had it and there was nothing to show for it. On the other hand our democratic puppets can show the roads repaired or replaced over the last dozen or so years, this is at a cost. Norman, the legal leach, still influences our towns discision and has his hand in the Anchor Glass Project, along with CME.
CME is still sucking the life out of out town. They want to cut back spending in town, but not CME's take. CME still has projects that have not been completed and are still charging the town for them.
Ask Norman about Aberdeen/Wilson Asoc. Normam and Mark signed contracts with Kara homes for the sale of that property. Not on the towns behalf. I think that would be using your municipal position for personal gain. Yes Mark, Norman, and a few other investors own that property. If you dont believe me, ask Gary Jacobbs, who was a VP for Kara Homes at the time.
As for Jimmy Lauro, he is a good man. I believe he is a volenteer fireman for our town. Not many others can say that they volenteer. On the other hand, Vics landscaping has put down more fertilizer on Jim's lawn, than Lawn Doctor has put down in the whole town, I guess it was all those no bid jobs Vic recieved. Jim has done a good job walking the fence, he has survived both parties in our town and it's amazing because he cant operate a computer, and he is the highest paid empolyee in town. I think he would make a good politician, he is a good fence walker, he knows the system, and is good friends with Mark and Norman. What else does he need?
At least we will have Deputy Mayor Gumbs, she uses her position for personal gain. Sells homes for R&R builders, who have built homes in her part of town, she has demanded C O's from the building dept because she had to close on these properties. She also had a hand in the approvals for those properities. But the all time best is she demanded that her church have the fees waived for the construction of the pastors home. No other religous groups have had fees wavied. Just a little food for thought.
Dont get me started on the school system. We have more Assistant Principals in the school now than we had 30 years ago when my kids were in school and the number of students were higher.
If our town doesn't change its path, it is going to end up worse than Matawan.

Anonymous said...


You have been very clear,articulate and vocal in your criticisms of Rappaport and Quinn. If elected, what other administrators will you scrutinize. Are they all tenured? If not,I hope they use a critical eye so we don't get stuck with more of the above.

Aberdeener said...

I'll be relying upon Dr. O'Malley's recommendations regarding personnel. However, I intend to push for the following:
Massive data mining to measure performance.
Raise and redefine the bar for hiring and tenure positions. (In my estimation, our former music teacher should have been retained.)
Not put students in classrooms with "bad" teachers.

I believe even these simple steps will go a long way towards improving education.

Anonymous said...

And how do you determine a good teacher vrs a bad one?

Aberdeener said...

Two methods -
First, there are a couple of teachers about whom the district has received multiple complaints, investigated, and found to be justified. An example is an earlier case I cited of a computer teacher who allowed his students to use class time to hack into the school network.

Second, through data mining over a period of years, we'll be able to track the correlation between a teacher and his students' progress.

No method is perfect but these two are the best I've heard and they're certainly better than doing nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

First off yes Jimmy Lauro is the highest paid employee in Aberdeen. Perhaps if you were to disclose in your accusations that he has also been employed in Aberdeen long before Aberdeen was even Aberdeen. Forty years he has been on the job, I believe, and going strong.

Jimmy Lauro and his dedication to Aberdeen has had its financial rewards that of course come with such a dedicated and professional lenghth of service given to the citizens of Aberdeen. I find your assignations against him to be disrespectful, unproven and without merit.

I will tell you unashamedly that I respect him for his service, experience and the fact that he has been able to walk the fence for over forty years. I respect that as well.

As a disgruntled former employee, yes I know who you are, you do yourself a great disservice. You owe Jimmy Lauro an apology as he did right by you in spite of the damage you did to yourself.

Say what you will about my response as my intention by this response is presented for the many who do not read these posts and who would also stand beside me and defend Jimmy unashamedly. In this instance your attacking of Jimmy Lauro I find that you are very wrong and your personal animosity is all too evident in your post.

Enjoy the retirement you almost cost yourself. Jimmy Lauro did right by you in that regard and this is how you thank him? That is a shame and it speaks volumes about you and your motivation to merely embarrass a man that may have helped you more then you will admit to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Joe you are amazing! The way you can use your superpowers to look right through your computer screen and look right into the eyes of the person typing at the other end.You are Aberdeen's own Superman

Anonymous said...

Once again a message from an ononymous poster means nothing. Ever think Joe was dead on. The attack was very questionable and wrong. I think Joe standing up for Mr. L. was right thing to do. I guess I get attacked now.

Anonymous said...

OK, here it comes, ready? you spelled anonymous wrong, consider yourself attacked....stupid.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Jimmy L. plowing snow. That is a real manager who goes out and works along side of his men. I am willing to bet he has been up since late last night working for us. How many management types would do such a thing. Professionals who care about there men do.

Anonymous said...

The Superman comment was ignorant. Once again an anonymous poster has embarrassed themselves. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

"Second, through data mining over a period of years, we'll be able to track the correlation between a teacher and his students' progress."

So, teachers who teach AP and honors classes, will be compared to teachers who teach B classes and special education classes?

How do you compare the level of student that the teacher has contact with over the years? We all know that some classes are better than others.

Are you also suggesting that test scores are all that are important to be a "good teacher"?

Aberdeener said...

The question is how do we interpret the data. I'm sure Dr. O'Malley and his directors of accountability can tell us how to weight certain data so that no one is penalized for instructing an advanced course.

However, in most situations, we will have comparable data from other departments and outside sources. For example, how do AP physics students perform compared to AP chem and AP bio and national averages?

Obviously, teaching encompasses much more than test scores but if a teacher develops a track record of consistently poor student performance than the administration needs to intervene.

Anonymous said...

"The question is how do we interpret the data. I'm sure Dr. O'Malley and his directors of accountability can tell us how to weight certain data so that no one is penalized for instructing an advanced course."

You missed my point, teachers who are teaching the AP classes would NOT be the ones penalized as I see it. Those students are the cream of the crop, and their scores will be the advanced proficient scores. The teachers of those students will always look good according to the data. It is the teachers of special education students and kids who are struggling that will be the ones who are penalized for low scores.

Also, after working in schools for many years I know that a lot of the best teachers have some of the worst classes due to their behavior management skills. So, while their scores may be lower the problems these kids can cause are lowered a great deal due to the management skills of the teacher. These are the teachers we want as well in our schools.

Someone also commented on the # of assistant principals we have in the buildings, comparing them to when he was in school. I'd love for that person to spend a few days in a HS(any HS) and see how many more issues schools have to deal with these days. The list is too long to mention at this time.

Aberdeener said...

I apologize for misunderstanding you.

We will be measuring progress, not achievement. The question is how much progress a student has made from one year to the next.

Also, there isn't one teacher with a challenging class but several so we'll be able to compare.

We are only looking for standouts. By definition, half the teachers will be below average. We're concerned with the teachers who are way below their peers.

In statistical terms, assuming a bell curve, we're talking about more than two standard deviations below the norm.

Anonymous said...

From this week's Independent

Mat-Ab Board of Ed. member resigns

ABERDEEN — A Board of Education member stepped down Feb. 23 after serving 11 years on the board.

Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Board of Education member Catherine Zavorskas resigned Tuesday because she felt her presence was no longer effective, she said in a Feb. 26 interview.

"I have been on the board for 11 years and I felt that I wanted to actively participate to find solutions to our problems rather than sit back and criticize the district," Zavorskas said. "I took my responsibilities very seriously. There was a time when this board functioned very well, knowing we could freely discuss our ideas to meet a consensus, and I no longer find that to be the case. My contributions are no longer effective."

Board of Education President Patricia Demarest said she respected Zavorskas' decision to step down.

"I am grateful to Mrs. Zavorskas for the decade of volunteer service that she provided to the Board of Education," Demarest stated in an email. "However, I also respect her decision to step down at this time."

Zavorskas stressed her feelings of gratitude to the community for keeping her on the board for so long. "Believe me, it has been a privilege to work on behalf of the children of the district and, boy, it was great watching them grow up and receive diplomas and accomplish goals," she said. "I met so many families and staff and students, and it really meant a lot to me that these people entrusted this position to me."

Zavorskas said that no specific incidents prompted her decision; rather, her ability to express her opinions was what made up her mind.

As for a replacement, that is yet to be determined, Demarest said.

"We are waiting to hear back from the board attorney for the details of the process. We will have to appoint within a certain amount of time," Demarest explained. "The issue will be whether we appoint before or after the election. As soon as the attorney gives the details, I will poll the board members to get their preference on the timing."

During her 11 years on the Board of Education, Zavorskas said she served as vice president for a year and president for three years, even venturing to become a certificated board member and later, a master board member.

"I took it very, very seriously," she said. "I ran to make a difference in the first place, and now I am stepping down because it is better for me to step aside. I want success now and in the future for this district, and I wish the Board of Education luck."

Zavorskas said she would fill her newly found free time with her own children's activities.

"I still have children in the school system and I will keep busy with work and helping parents with special-needs children," she said.

Gag me with a spoon please!

Anonymous said...

Gag you with a spoon? How the hell old are you? The vibe here is so vicious. You've won, the woman is retreating. There is such a thing as graciousness in victory, you know? How we will ever find good people to serve now since everyone knows they will be subject to public ridicule by Aberdeener thugs? Or is that the game plan? Clear the field, so to speak?

Aberdeener said...

With all due respect, I think we have found good people to serve.