Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aberdeen Dems Reforming the Party

It’s impossible to know whether the local Democratic Party’s actions represent true reform or if it’s just more election year tactics but the list of changes is growing more impressive.

First, Bill Shenton, the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee’s new chairman, ended Councilman Vinci’s “consulting fees”. The committee appears to be in violation of New Jersey election law for not filing a Receipts and Expenditures Quarterly Report in January but I’m guessing it was an oversight due to there being no receipts or expenditures. Councilman Vinci’s “raise” won’t cover his loss of fees.

Next was the selection of Fred Tagliarini to replace Councilwoman Gallo on the town council. Unlike Councilwoman Gallo, Councilman Tagliarini was chosen despite having no personal interests in the township aside from public service. (Ms. Gallo has been unable to make any public statements since her resignation because her son-in-law is a recent hire for the Aberdeen Police Department.) There have been rumors of grooming the councilman for the mayor’s seat but I hear he has yet to change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Then the Democratic council introduced a draft pay-to-play ordinance that would theoretically introduce some competitive pressures for professional services and, for the first time, allow us to see the true cost of engineering projects. The draft will likely be passed prior to this year’s mayoral campaign.

The latest development is Councilman Vinci will finally pay his fair share of property taxes. As previously reported, Councilman Vinci never paid taxes for land he received in 2003 from the highway authority. He then received another 2,538 square feet this past year from the township. However, those two parcels don’t seem to account for the whole story.

Last year, Councilman Vinci’s property was recorded as 86.7’ X 163’. This year, it’s 140’ X 163’, a difference of 8688 sq. feet. Also, the total property footage, 22,820 sq. feet at the end of a cul de sac, is plainly large enough to subdivide.

I can’t account for the 8688 sq. feet but I’m happy to see he’ll be paying his fair share of property taxes. By my calculations, the councilman’s taxes will be increasing over $2,000 this year.

Whether the motivations are altruistic or political, they certainly are an improvement. I’m happy to see the township moving forward.
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Anonymous said...

I figured I would move this conversation into this new blog since I believe it is still on point since, if true, it would tend to prove reform is not as clear as we would like to believe.

In the previous blog an allegation was made by "Follow The Money" indicating the "majority of developers" working in Aberdeen have been utilizing the law firm of Weiner Lesniak, home of Senator Lesniak.

According to "Follow The Money", if you want your project approved in Aberdeen, you have to use Weiner Lesniak as your attorney.

I had asked "Follow The Money" to name these crooked developers, but for whatever reason he has not done so.

This morning I took a glance at some of the recent and forthcoming applications pending before both the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. None of the applicants I could see are represented by Weiner Lesniak.

In fact, the only major development appearing to be nearing a hearing in Aberdeen is the Centex Homes application (now called RCM Group LLC) and the developers there are represented by the firm of Giorando, Halleran and Ciesla out of Middletown.

So, I have to ask, does anyone know which developers are represented by Weiner Lesniak? If in fact "the majority of developers" in town are represented by the firm, why I can't I find any evidence of it?

Aberdeener, do you know if this is a true allegation?

Aberdeener said...

Lesniak doesn't represent anyone before Aberdeen's planning and zoning boards. My understanding is that they negotiate on behalf of out-of-town developers.

Once again, the exact nature of these negotiations is hearsay and so I don't report on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response.

I guess we can throw the Weiner Lesniak allegation into the same useless pile as the alleged parking lot shakedown.

If there is no evidence of an incident, it amounts to nothing but rumor and it does us no good to keep repeating it. Let's move onto things we can actually substantiate.

On a positive note, I am glad to hear things may actually be improving in Aberdeener. Perhaps the Dems have finally begun to learn their lesson.

Aberdeener, I think you deserve a lot of credit for promoting these changes. I salute you sir!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post a comment that does not relate to the current one, however I am a bit confused. Doesn't the district have a nepotism policy? Isn't it a conflict to hire the husband of one of the high school's vice principals to act as hall way security. What is even more interesting is that this man was a class room teacher and released from his duties mid year due to his alleged incompetence. I hope my niece has the story wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is disturbing to hear Gallo has a family member getting employment in town. Her resignation without much explanation is very telling now. To get elected, resign so early without a fight or a good explanation would only allow one to believe this is payback to keep her mouth shut. How disappointing politics and who gets what run so deep in this town.

Anonymous said...

As I finally had time to answer on the other posting - Weiner/Lesniak represents at least:

Train Station Developer
Anchor Glass Developer

Don't think they are regular attorney for either.

So, as stated before:
Train station developer contributes at least $5,000 to Monmouth County Democrats, while Kauff was Township Attorney (2001). Donation is made by Dean Development (the primary company owned by the developer)

Kauff is of Counsel to new Township Attorney.

New Township Attorney and Township Engineer contribute funds to Lesniak's campaign fund.

At least two developers hire W/L as attorney for business with Aberdeen.

Just the facts - I'm with you -- these are just the facts that I've been able to piece together off public records. I'm not connecting the dots because I'm not a fly on the wall, or in the parking lot, whatever the case may be.

It just seems that there's lots of money being passed around. These guys, Kauff and Company, have a history of proposing a populist agenda in election years. In this case it appears that their pay to play reform is a cynical attempt to grab positive headlines and avoid real reform. Holmdel and other towns, as listed in literature by Common Cause, the nationally know government reform group.

Take a look at their pay-to-play pamphlet which seeks to promote real pay-to-play reform. The $2,500 limit in the proposed Aberdeen law should be in the aggregate by individuals of a firm (not in addition to individual donations).

Also, ordinance should forbid work by any firm that has exceeded the limit in the past year. Otherwise it weakens the intent of the reform.

Whatever this group's motives, let's all work together to make sure that we get real reform passed and enforced.

Anonymous said...

Oops - I introduced the Common Cause pay-to-pay pamphlet, but did not post the link:


Maybe we can work together to replace the proposed ordinance with the model ordinance. I believe that Common Cause is available by invitation to come to a council meeting.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Money - I appreciate your follow-up.

Can you advise me which public records reveal Weiner Lesniak represent the Train Station Developer
and Anchor Glass Developer?

I only ask because I took the time to examine the planning/zoning board records and saw no such representation. The Aberdeener confirms no such representation on the actual building level.

The Aberdeener indicates he can not find any evidence of their representation, so I'm just trying to figure out where you found it listed?

If we make it available for everyone, we can have it on this blog as clear evidence for all to see.

Anonymous said...

As for reform I would prefer the option under State law to prohibit any political contributions by contractors:

3. Prohibition on Contributions
The Law requires that a contractor:
“…shall not make such a contribution, reportable by the recipient under P.L.1973, c.83 (C.19:44A-1 et seq.), to any municipal (or county) committee of a political party in that municipality (or county) if a member of that political party is serving in an elective public office of that municipality (county) when the contract is awarded or to any candidate committee of any person serving in an elective public office of that municipality (county) when the contract is awarded, during the term of that contract.”
Broken into its components, this section requires that the contractor:
• Shall not make an ELEC reportable contribution (see Section 8)…
• …to a municipal or county or candidate committee (individual or joint) or political party committee if a member of that party is in office at the time of the award…
• …during the term of the contract.

NJ State's full Pay-to-Play book is available at: http://www.nj.gov/dca/lgs/p2p/refs/p2pguide.pdf

Just the Facts: Only building/zoning plans go to those two boards. Those are not the only files in Town hall. What is your point? Their representation is not a secret? You asked a question -- I gave you a factual answer, not innuendo. I'm not even suggesting that the representation is improper, just laying out facts that I know for someone that obviously likes to deal in facts.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Money -

My point is I would like to be able to get a copy of the document which lists their representation. It would be clear evidence of their representation and it can be posted on this site for all to see.

Anything with the Weiner Lesniak firm name listed in association with either development would do a world of good for our cause.

I'm not asking a trick question, I just want to know what documents I should request if I want evidence of this. We are all better off when the documentation is made public rather than having to always cite back to one of our posts on this page.

One of the reasons I respect this blog so much is that the Aberdeener almost always provides scans of documents, or links to websites which support his claims. I just want similar evidence in this fashion for all to see.

I'm assuming you learned of the law firm's representation based upon some correspondence in the Township's files which contains their letterhead. Just tell me what to request so we can get things moving.

BTW - I am in complete agreement on your proposals for Pay To Play reform. Excellent work! Let's get Common Cause down here!

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener: Re your post: Nobody suggested that Senator Lesniak represents any party seeking to do business with Aberdeen. Weiner/Lesniak is a reasonably large law firm and they have various partners and associates.

Aberdeener said...

You're correct. I was referring to his firm and not him personally.

Anonymous said...

I never took the Aberdeener's post as indicating Senator Lesniak represented the developers personally.

I understand we were talking about the firm here, not the man.

In either event, I think the distinction is irrelevant. If there is a connection, it needs to be exposed.

Just hoping to gain copies of the documentation.

Anonymous said...

Ask for copies of development agreements and related documents for projects you want to know about. For example, documents for the train station related to a development agreement are public documents under the Open Public Records Act. Also, ask for any and all documents, communication, etc. related to the selection of Silver Oaks, aka Dean Development, aka Bill Bocra, Jr. and Sr. I don't know the name of the glass people, but I think that they're the same people as in Holmdel for Bell Labs. The names of attorneys are not information that can be protected under OPRA.

May the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

The hallway guy is the husband of the vice principal BUT he was not a class room teacher... to my knowledge

He has been a district sub for years.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener:

I am sure you could do the research on this one. I ask you because you would find it better than me.

Of the 67 million that goes to the schools - a large proportion is salary. Now, it is widely known that our AGE of our faculty lends to the high salaries. Of course, the longer you have been teacher, the more you make. With an advanced staff - the average salary is raised.

I know there are a large number of teachers who ARE or are close to retirement age. Would a retirement/buyout help reduce costs? How much would one cost our district?

I know they did one years back yet hired people who were VERY EXPERIENCED and they did not save much money.

Is this feasible? Because, I see people write on here all the time about how the 67 million will keep going up but as I see it, we should be seeing little increase in salaries as more and more teachers retire and we hire younger ones making less. Or would a buy out be more cost effective?

Aberdeener said...

A buyout is an interesting idea but I don't know if it would work.

Here are the numbers:

The average years of experience in our district is 9 years. However, the average salary is about $60,000, what a teacher with a masters +30 would earn in his eleventh year. That means the level of experience is slightly weighted to the higher side.

The difference in salary between the high end and the low end is $40,000. If we restricted new hires to relatively inexperienced teachers and split the buyout into two payments, it could work.

Here's the problem. First, you're giving buyout payments to teachers who were about to retire anyways. (A fifty year old teacher isn't about to take the buyout unless he has another job waiting for him in another district.)

Secondly, even if we replaced 30 teachers, we're talking about a savings of a million dollars. Granted, that's a large number but it would only save the average taxpayer a hundred dollars a year and we don't know how it would impact education.

I'm not against buyouts in principal but I'd need to see the details before I could support it.

Anonymous said...

Buyouts usually don't work. You would end up losing the really good experienced teachers (the ones that good get good jobs elsewhere) and keep most of the deadwood that is otherwise unemployable. A move to pay for performance, which would freeze lower quality teachers would be ideal - but would face many hurdles to implement.

Aberdeener said...

I support merit pay but it's not a cost saver. It's a way to reward/retain good teachers and give the others an incentive to leave.

Anonymous said...

My childs WORST TEACHERS were the ones just starting out, either right out of college or went the alternate route course.

In my opinion as a parent, a teacher needs several years(5-9)of teaching experience to become good at their job. Knowing the information is one thing, being able to effectively communicate the information to the kids is another. If the district did a buyout, we would be stuck with the problem of many, many inexperienced teachers at lesser pay, but to the detriment of
the students education. That would be much MORE COSTLY, in my opinion.

Remember, NOW is the ONLY time OUR children have for their education, we can't throw them under the bus, just to save money. We have to figure something else out.

I think one of the problems, is tenure after only teaching 3 years and 1 day. We have too much deadwood, sitting around and not doing their jobs. Not only are the children suffering by not being taught properly, the district is paying out how much more in additional programs and tutoring for the students. Yes the students need the extra help and we need to pay, but lets address and get rid of what is causing the problem in the first place!

The other major problem to cost was the financial screw ups the past administration and ruling BAZAR wing got the district into. Can we do anything to refinance those financial obligations?

Aberdeener said...

I agree that better teachers generally have more experience but I wouldn't shortchange new teachers.

Have a look at this Wall Street Journal editorial.

On average, the Teach For America corps performs better than their more experienced peers.

The problem with newer teachers may be more grounded in their selection process than their lack of experience.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you make an excellent point about selection of teachers. I've heard of Teach for America before, and have been impressed by what I've read. The question still is, how do we get rid of the deadwood in our district, both teachers and administrators!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Phillips was a teacher-at least that was his title. I can attest to the fact that he was incompetent as I was one of the unfortuantes that had him. It was ablsolute chaos until they fired him and gave us another teacher. The fact they would hire him back is astounding enough-but to hire the husband of an administrator is just too much.

Aberdeener said...

In private correspondence, I was told by one of the board leadership that our district will not terminate any tenured instructor for poor performance.

Furthermore, Dr. O'Malley stated at a public board meeting that student performance is not reflected in a teacher's review.

In summary, you want to put children first and taxpayers second? Vote for a change in leadership.

Anonymous said...

Pat Phillips has been milking this district for years and if her husband has a job in the school it is a disgrace. What is wrong with this administration and this board for approving such a move. It just keeps getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Leadership may be failing us once again. We shall see, I mean pay.

Anonymous said...

Just to interject some facts in order to be fair to Mrs. Gallo and her son-in-law, he was an experienced law enforcement officer that was a prospective hire more than a year before she was even a candidate for council. To imply politics was involved is totally at odds with the truth and does a disservice to both.

Aberdeener said...

Neither Ms. Gallo nor her son-in-law did anything wrong. However, I believe one of the factors that made her an attractive candidate to the local democrats was the fact she would be unlikely to act against their interests for fear of retaliation against her son-in-law. Given her silence since that fateful meeting, they may have been correct.

Anonymous said...

One do nothing Philips in the district isn't enough? now we need her husband? What is going on? Is Barza responsible for this? Did this have to be approved by the board and recommended by administration? Is o,malley another Quinn?

Anonymous said...

One you questioned tenure.... if times of saving money - tenure saves the ones that make the most money from getting the ax to save in the first place.

YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THE ADMINISTRATION who looks at these teachers, observes them, and they hold the key to retaining a job. That is the sin. Some 110K principals don't want to take responsibility and make the tough the decisions when it comes to tenure time. When they give it to the rotten apples - they are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

This is an election year people any magic show by our elected officials towards any type or real or supposed pay to play reform would not really have to start with the words "pay to play". The "pay to play" terminology is better and more truly labeled "we pay you a little" and "you give us much more". The national ration during the Clinton era was in the 10,000% increase for each dollar donated to that favored political party. Clinton got $2,000,000.00 from the banking industry for his camapign for a second term and the banking industry got approvals for fee structure changes we all pay that gave them a return on their $2,000,000.00 of $2 Billion dollars. Not a bad return is it? Betas Madoff by a long way.

Then there is of course the expected dollar return to the Aberdeen contributors. Lets say the property owners of the Hwy 34 property owned by Kauffs 'close personal friend' Roger Cifelli was to be used for office or stores as was supposed to be the case for years. Such properties are ripe for towns to be used only for ratables never housing. Why give up highway frontage property? Properties fronting highways are limited and is not a drain on the school system in any form.

Then there is the County Road section by me which was told to all of us a while ago was approved to be used for storage facilities only. Now it seems with a possible $50,000.00 shall I say contribution, questionable legal firm placement or a parking lot meeting with Kauff and this possible "contribution" as has been suggested to have been demanded by Kauff in the past, may have brought about these new property approvals and the ratables of offices or stores magically become tax draining housing units. Do you think they will name a street after him?

So we all know that the previously suggested $50,000.00 shakedown fee obviously has been properly placed and now has both properties owned by Roger Cifelli to "magically" or should I say "Kauffily" been transformed into housing unit and density approvals for Kauffs "close personal friend. Who says magic is a dying art form. Kauff is our local Harold Houdini.

Lets look at the Kauffmath for a minute. At $13,000.00 per child of school costs these two areas, and with lets say two hundred and fifty units, that could potentially bring us a school budget increase of $650,000.00 a year for just fifty students out of the two hundred and fifty units. Between the two properties we could see even more. All thanks to the Kauffmath.

More money for Norman and the rest means more pain for Aberdeens taxpayers. Talk about following the money.

Forget "pay to play" reform just stop the Kauffmath.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, please clarify, are you saying the problem is putting students first and taypayers second? Or are you saying that these two items should be the begining of the order of priorities for our town?

Anon. in support of tenure, I agree tenure is good for those teachers worthy of it to protect their salaries if they truely deserve them. I do want to retain the good teachers for our children.
But what about those teachers that shoudn't have been given tenure? How do we get rid of them if they don't perform their job effectively? I know the administrators screwed up, how do we undo thier mistakes?

Why won't this district terminate a tenured instructor for poor performance? What is the district's first priority?

Aberdeener said...

Our priorities must be children first and taxpayers second. Our school board often leads us downhill because that's the easy route.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, I agree. But what are your suggestions as to what we can do to get rid of those who aren't performing their jobs. I know vote for a new school board than those long time members up for election this year, and the rest of the BARZA wing. But what do we do if they stay in charge?

Aberdeener said...

The only way to hold teachers and administrators accountable is to elect a school board that holds itself accountable. Regardless of what happens in the election, we need to constantly educate the community as to what's happening in our school district.

Anonymous said...

Yes Aberdeener, got it! But here's where I'm comming from...MY children and ALL the rest of the students are in school NOW. They are receiving a sub-education NOW. They don't have time to wait for the community to be educated or even care, for that matter. They don't have time to wait for the underperforming teachers to retire. Their chance is NOW. Their preperation for college and their future is NOW. And they are not getting the chance they deserve!

We need to speed up the removal of the underperformers!

Aberdeener said...

What I'd love to do, but lack the expertise, is devise a road map for college preparation.

Basically, we determine what skills and knowledge we want our children to have prior to entering college and then devise a schedule with multiple milestones.

Once we have that, each parent could see where his child is on the "road to college" and where the next milestones are.

With such a map, each parent can determine how his child is doing and hold the school, his child, and himself, accountable.

Anonymous said...

I want the teachers teaching, not filling out road maps. Each parent has the road map on a daily basis if they keep aware of child's performance on homework, tests, reading, etc. It's time to stop increasing the administrative time for teachers by trying to replace parental responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Yes this road map idea is fine in the long run. But, we still don't have an answer for the children that are in the school system NOW.
Many things are already in place, but ALL teachers aren't doing them.
My children have had good teachers, and bad teachers. The bad teachers really set them back, especially for the following year.
I'll say it again, we need to find a way to undo the damage of BARZA and administrators that don't do their jobs properly. We need to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Start with two of the three vp's at the High school. One is the queen of nasty and the other is lazy and dumb

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the Independent today? Middletown is hiring an in-house engineer. That is historic and must mean that T&M has not been making their payoffs I mean political donations on time.

An in-house engineer in Monmouth County is unheard of and is counter to any normal campaign finance procedural rules. It works like this. The taxpayers pay the exorbitant engineer fees and the engineer then gladly pays the local political party their share, which in turn funds their campaign war chest and much more.

In Aberdeen it costs the local taxpayers in one way or another over $1.56M last year. So if Aberdeen was to do the same thing as Middletown what would happen to our corrupt leadership and our corruptionmaster Norman Kauff?

I am not really sure but I would love to see it happen. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Having teachers fill out "road maps" gives us data. Data tells us where the gaps lie in a kid's education. Data needs to be "kid specific" or it is useless.

Data collection is not a bad thing & not time consuming. How can we repair what is broken if no one is looking around to see what is broken & what is working?

Anonymous said...

Hurry you have to read the number 60 post by TRUTHABOUTKAUFF on the previous subject. It is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of reforms. Does anyone know when Matawan and Aberdeen start there budget meetings. From what I hear we are all soon to get a lesson in creative math. With a big election in the state and our local towns it should be very interesting to say the least.

The newspapers have been filled with other towns in the area forcasting doom and gloom yet silence from Aberdeen and Matawan. No tax increases are the norm during election years to keep the incumbents in their cushy seats. Other towns seem to not be even trying to go there. Our economy has changed and so should our communities leadership.

I attended the Chris Christy event last night in Lincroft and that seems to be the slogan for 2009. Get rid of the old and try something new. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

TRY SOMETHING NEW has my vote for Chris Christey already to go and will be cast for anyone else that is not an incumbent. How can Americans keep sending the same liars back to Washington DC? Just look at the monies they wasted on the new Capitol Visitors Center. The number reported to have been spent on the building you visit before you actually visit the Capitol building was $700,000,000.00. Seven hundred million dollars on a visitors center?

Who is running the asylum for the financially insane? People on all levels of never before seen financial levels are losing their jobs, homes and futures, and if you think our government did not have a big hand in the decisions which brought all of this this about you are sadly mistaken.

I want to pull an Elvis every time I see Barney Frank and those other idiots supposed who were supposed to be our financial watchdogs, who failed to watch the store, pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves on my television. Elvis shot his TV when he saw someone he despised on it.

And do not think that our new President did not have a hand in the financial mess we are in as well. Yes he was there yelling that poor people needed the chance at the American Dream and our government put them into houses they could not afford and now Americas is paying for the failed poor peoples American Dream. Its not black or white it is that our government screwed all of us black and white and every other color, again.

The American Dream has now made way for an America that will soon put us in debt to the point that our grandchildrens children will be paying for this and maybe even more will have to pay long past when any of the idiotic and corrupt leadership that caused all of this to unfold will have turned to dust.

"American voters never learn" and that is just the facts Ma'am, just the truth, follows the money and is now once again anonymous. Did I leave anyone out?

Anonymous said...

I agree the entry in the previous blog by Truthaboutklauff was great. I whole heartily agree. Make them front page news until November. They all suck. I will be voting very carefully this year for my own party. If they have gone along with the flow and just voted the way klauff wanted them too they are O U T !

Anonymous said...

If a parent has a concern about their child's progress or behavior in school isn't the correct protocol to follow the chain of command?

First, address the teacher
(this usually removes any uncertainty about the situation)
Next, take your concerns to the grade level vice-principal.
Then, if you are still not satisfied, schedule an appointment with the principal.

Why are parents even entertained by administration at Central Office before first contacting their child's teacher, vp, or principal?

Anonymous said...

The titel was Aberdeen Dems reforming the party seems to have gone awry and is filled with entries about school. So I will come back when the Dems are back to being the subject of this blog.

First thing we should put our ear to the ground on is who will be the candidates for the parties running. For instance their has not been much of a presence for the republicans and the green party has dissolved as their single issue on development has not brought them to bring attention unless it is in there backyard. They caused us votes last time and the republicans have had some chances to win with to say the least lousy candidates.

I do agree though Norm is a big liability in fact he could be worse then any other thing the dems have to worry about. Will Norm do the right thing and bail out. Some would prefer that Norm had to bail himself out of jail of course. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

While tying up the newspapers for recycling I saw this weeks and last weeks Independent. Since I did not get a chance to read either I kept them from the pile. I am now glad I did. I just read them this morning over my morning cup. I think by reading between the lines and from what else I found out here on the aberdeener it would be appropriate for the reforms that may need to be considered for my town before there is no town left.

First I read in this weeks issue that Middletown is going to put in place its own engineer hired from within. Good for you Middletown. My sister is divorced form an engineer who worked for T.M. in Middletown. He used to be very boastful about what his company was able to charge the towns they worked for. It was often like sitting with a comic book character as he was so crass about it. He used to say we get what we get and we give what we have to. That would be the reading between the lines and easily understood. It is far more than business as usual it is a crime.

Myself and my wife are selling our home and moving south. I am very sure we are not alone and will not be the last to do so. Towns like Aberdeen and the people who are supposedly leading them better learn a lesson from Middletown and start changing the business as usual practices they have abused for years. It is too late for us as we will be moving on but we feel for those who remain. You all need to stand up and be heard before its too late for all of your neighbors and friends. It may already be too late for far too many like us.

Good luck Aberdeen

Frank and Carla I Sec. 22 years

Anonymous said...

I am an original owner and have also had enough of politics and taxes as usual. As my first husband used to say its politics unusual. He held an active role years ago with Mayor Powers and he cursed the day the Mayor as he always called him moved out of Aberdeen. He used to say that was when Aberdeen lost its luster. He really respected that Mayor and was proud to have been involved with starting our town with its brand new name.
What happened since is a shame and nothing this lady can say now would do any good.

I will leave my home for my children to fight over. I hope they get a fair price for the house I have lived in since 1964.
While I should have sold years ago when they said to I just could not leave all the memories.
Like they say though you cannot pay your taxes with memories. Im still active and get around.

I wish you both good luck.

Anonymous said...

So true to the last post. We had hoped to stay in Aberdeen ourselves. Alas we cannot especially with the new taxes after revaluation. I ask this Mr. Kauff when will you have had enough of what is said about you on this site. I would have packed my bags and left. You are supposed to be an ttorney they say. I thought attorneys were supposed to be smart. Are you the exception to the rule. I am also of the opinion that what is said here is true since you dont defend yourself.
In that case I have had enough of your kind and this is one lifelong democrat that will vote any incumbent out democrat or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Have not seen J section Ken on here ??? Any one know the story?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you...

This sounds like a political platform to me.... you have my vote!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You have our votes too Ken, hope you run!

Anonymous said...

THE TRUTH is all anyone needs to win this time. With all of the bad press about Monmouth County politicians, Norman and his "close personal friends' and a few surprises soon to be made public the Democrats will not take all seats this time. Now do not get me wrong with pushing Gallo out of the picture along with Mr. Brown people are really starting to wonder how long it will be until more personmel changes happen or worse.

Only time will tell.

Any incumbant does not get my vote this year.

Anonymous said...

I agree if they have sat on their asses and let Kauffs buddies fleece the taxes out they go. I will not vote for anyone who is presently on the council. I say we start a sign campaign around the area. Simple signs that read A I O to start. You can figure it out. A. I. O. it will get people thinking. Better yet put ABERDEENER.COM SAYS A.I.O.

Think about it. You too Mr. Kauff.

Anonymous said...

The attempt at reforming the party may be true. I mean look at the Democrats most recent choice to fill the seat of the (KAUFF PRESSURED HER OFF THE COUNCIL) former Councilwoman Janice Gallo.

Sure our new Councilman Fred Tagliarine is an involved parent and an officer for the intramural leagues but what is said of the Democrats roster when they fill an open seat on our towns leadership with a Republican. Unless he switched parties I remember his last shot on the council was to fill an open Republican seat years ago.

The Democrats problems seem to be many this time around and come election time explaining away the Gallo thing, the forcing out of the former manager from his position and now having no one in the Democratic ranks to lead to the point of having to go to a Republican is far more than hands across the aisle. It is the smart thing to do just like Kauff thought about Gallo until she started asking questions the Aberdeener said I think about the bills of the professionals in town.

Soon you can also start looking for monies to start flowing to athletic programs in a shameless attempt to solidify the league parents as a voting block. Then the standard road program will be paraded out again and the pictures of Cliffwood Beach that get recycled each election year and worst of all they will all tell us how they spend our money wisely.


This election season is a nightmare for the Democrats and Kauff knows it. The rest of them are just waiting for Kauff to tell them its a nightmare. Yes they do not think on there own. Kauff tells them practically everything they should say, see or do, even almost when to breathe.

Kauff 2009 all the way.

All the way to the bankruptcy of Aberdeen.

Coming soon to a household budget near you. Popcorn optional.

Anonymous said...

You have to say that you are reforming the party when no elected incumbents are running and the only hack you can find to fill a vacant seat is in the other party. As a lifelong Democrat, I am ashamed of the local party. They are a blatant reminder that at the local level parties do not have the ideological meaning as at other levels of government. The Aberdeen Democrats might have lots of tainted "play-to-play" money; but, they are bankrupt of integrity and new ideas.

Take a look at Tagliarini: Maybe a good guy who is committed to a local youth sport -- but, he lost reelection when he filled a vacant Republican seat last time he ran, and he'll lose this time. His judgment is clearly lacking as he keeps hooking up with losers.

There are many Aberdeen Democrats like me who will put community ahead of party and vote no for the Aberdeen ticket, regardless of who they dig up to run. Hopefully, the community will have intelligent choices, because lately the Republicans have been too eager to put poorly recycled candidates like Gartley on the ticket. Aberdeen is a great community and we can come up with better.

We need to get good candidates on the ballot, we need to reform government, we need to get the losers out of township hall. To do this, we will need to turn out and vote in both the primary and general elections!

Aberdeener said...

Just to clarify Councilman Tagliarini's "record", he was once defeated during an election primary by two votes. Hardly a record of failure.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that Tagliarini went to them and asked to be considered. Look at the Republican Party, they have Minutolo as their Chairperson, now that is desperation. He was the biggest slimeball on the council, always looking for help and handouts. So now he leads the republicans, out of revenge and nothing more, Why would anyone hook up with them. Its time for an Independent ticket, so lets see how many posters to this blog will have the guts and run. For me I am retiring and moving to Delaware

Anonymous said...

Two votes or twenty, Tagliarini lost. The dems are desperate to get people to associate with them, digging up people from past elections or names that are known from the past.

I agree that the repubs are just as desperate. Minituolo is a joke. He just rode coattails to get elected and took his marching orders. He doesn't stand for anything - never did. Why did the Repubs associate with him? How can they criticize Fred for changing parties with him as their chair.

This is a sad state of affairs - we need primaries and real local control of our parties, including a third party if needed.

Anonymous said...

Asbury Park Press

February 10, 2009

Judge lets Schoor avoid jail for payoffs


There will be no orange jumpsuit for the founder of one of the state's most prominent engineering firms, who admitted paying off an Ocean Township official.

Howard Schoor of Manalapan could have faced a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 .....

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I thought Mike Borg was the chairman? Didn't he become the chair after Adam Puharic? What happened, how did Minutoulo become chairman?

Anonymous said...

The D's have big problems and they know it and look for only Fred Tagliareni to be on the ticket this year with all new names of the D faithful or shall i say less tarnished by Norman Kauff and his vast corruption. As neighbors to the Oakshades Field I hope it is not Vinci's turn to run again as my wife is pissed off and if he comes to the door again with his BS she will unload on him as she says. Vinci and the others need to realize there time has come and gone. We will listen to Mr. Tagliareni but the rest of them will get three less votes from my house for sure. We are big fans of the aberdeener and will do our part to tell aberdeen residents
we meet to really look hard at the D ticket this year. It is time a change and new ideas come to town instead of more money going down the rat hole or to the blob.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tagliarini is no savior! He cheated when he picked teams as a coach, he gave his team trophies when they didn't earn them. He is a shameless self-important blowhard. Perfect for the Aberdeen Dems.

Anonymous said...

Reform? Hardly!

Their biggest contributor in the fourth quarter is Gary B. Taffet and wife. As in former McGreevey chief of staff Gary Taffet. Click my name for some info on Mr. Taffet.

Anonymous said...

Taffett is perfect for Kauff both scumbags out for themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Kauff Kauff Kauff

When will that man stop bleeding us dry?

If he runs the campaign this year i stay out of it all together. Time for these old men to be put out to pasture. Haven't they stolen enough to live on by now. If Kauff is involved in this years election i too will vote every sitting council person out.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real -- Kauff will try to control any Dems that run with money funneled through his various campaign accounts as long as he can. His arrogance and desperate need to please Godfather Scudieri have to keep the donation faucet flowing. But despite being mad at the mockery he has made of politics in this town -- we should feel sorry for the old man. In the end, all Kauff is, is a bag man for Scudieri. He doesn't even keep the money in Aberdeen. He does what he does to feel important. He is a sad, pathetic old man.

Vinci is a bag man who takes orders from the desperate fool.

Sobel is the front man who tells ridiculous lies to explain Kauff's actions away.

Drapkin gets to sell printing jobs to other Dem strongholds around the state.

Gumbs gets to push through approvals for her personal real estate deals.

Raymond simply sold out for a post-retirement job at the DMV.

Tagliarini - well, he filled in as a Republican, and lost --- now he is going to fill in as a Democrat and lose. He doesn't know what he stands for.

Perry - Can't see him flying with the bunch, a boyscout. Don't know how he can sit at the same table with that bunch.

Let's get some new honest faces on the Council. Kauff should just be put in a diaper and sent to the Federal rest home for retired wanna-bee political hacks.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who accused Fred Tagliarini of impropriety in the handling of his duties as a leader of the intramural baseball league.

I have known and been a friend of Fred for over fifteen years now and I doubt every word of what you say against him. Many people who sit on the outside like our anonymous poster never dedicate themselves or give the time necessary as Fred has done freely all of these years. He has dedicated himself fully to the league and I have never heard a bad word against him, ever.

This anonymous posting sounds like sour grapes to me and I feel sad for such a person to attack a man who has given so much to the youth of Aberdeen. I would suggest this anonymous poster look unto himself before he casts stones against such a man.

As for Fred filling seats on the council previously he was chosen to do so for his commitment to Aberdeen. Many who have held such a position in the past have not had public service in mind more like self service for some, we can all be sure. Fred deserves our support not our scorn. It is an election season and Fred is just assumed his seat on the council and deserves a period to settle in and see for himself what so many seem to find fault with at present.

Leadership deserves to be watched from within and without. I would suggest Fred be given a fair shot before anonymous criticism and veiled accusations.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Njoe as many parents merely use intramural sports as daycare.

On a similar subject is likewise unfortunately true is our districts expensive daycare programs, which should have never been allowed to be funded by all taxpayers. Why our school system needs to baby sit children prior to the age of kindergarten is far too expensive and once again burdens all of us taxpayers unnecessarily. Those of us who did not have taxpayer funded day care are just fine. If these parents want pre-k babysitting they should have to pay for it like our parents had to. It should not be at taxpayers expense. Our school system is costly enough without having the Bruce Quinn Daycare Service funded as well.

Mr. Warren look into that one will you. Thanks.

Aberdeener said...


I know you don't want to hear this but our district is looking into offering full day pre-k. Looks like it will become a state mandate in the near future unless the folks in Trenton change their minds.

Aberdeener said...

A word on Tagliarini -

He reads this blog, he knows what's happening in the township, and he has a fine reputation in town.

We should give him our support and a little patience to do the right thing.

At the very least, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. No personal attack intended, but Fred left his political party to join the party of Kauff. While some others may not have known the Kauff antics, Fred did, and he chose his desire to be on Council over any belief system. It's one thing to be an honest person who later finds he has associated with the devil - but Fred knows that going in and he'll have to explain how and why he is going to wage a campaign that is financed by Kauff's pay-to-play fundraising.

Does this also mean that Fred is ok with the other antics of this Council like, Ciaglia's tax breaks, Vinci's land grab, and the rest? Nice guys have choices to make too, and it looks like Fred has made some pretty desperate choices in his quest to get on Council.

Who has drank the kool-aid now?

Aberdeener said...

In recent months, the dems have taken Vinci off the payroll and assessed him full property taxes and introduced a pay-to-play ordinance.

Baby steps to be sure but so long as they're moving in the right direction I think we should nudge them along.

As for Tagliarini, I'll be judging him by his record on the council, not his decision to join the council.

Aberdeener said...

By the way, there was an earlier question regarding Ciaglia not paying into the Sidewalk Fund and COAH fund.

The town approved his converting the property at the NW corner on Church and Atlantic from a mother-daughter to a two-residence property. The question is whether to require him to pay into the funds as he would for new development.

I can understand why he wouldn't pay in the Sidewalk Fund but don't know why he would be granted a waiver on COAH. I'm fairly certain listing the property as a two-residence creates the same COAH obligation as if he built a new house next door.

Anonymous said...

Of course the town allowed Ciagliia to not pay his fair share. After all it is an election year. Do you know how expensive it is to run a corrupt campaign these days? Kauff knows as he has run many corrupt campaigns.
Every person who has had to pay the sidewalk fund or COAH fees should march on town hall and demand a refund. Once again the scum that is the Ciagliia family wins under Kauff control. Maybe it was because his relative sits improperly on a board that approves everything the family wants. More of Kauffs dirty work you can be sure to come before election day. Any ideas on candidates this year? Mayor Slobel is up along with Raymond,Perry and Gallos seat needs an ass to sit in for the rest of her term. Hope she has a few quotes for the voters come election time. Who else would be better to grind an ax into Kauff and his 2009 campaign monkees. The monkees with there see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil alleagiances to Kauff.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I agree Ms. Gallo has a unique opportunity if she is brave enough to tell Aberdeen the pressure she was under for looking into the corrupt, questionable and secretive billing procedures to all of Norman Kauffs 'close personal friends'.

Aberdeen is starting to chant louder and louder and louder. Can you hear it Norm?

Kauff must go. Kauff must go.......


Kauff is the Democratic liability and the county party has low keyed him. This years Aberdeen candidates better take the keys to the car from Norman if they hope not to crash and burn in this upcoming election season.

Anonymous said...

get the facts straight. the sidewalk fund for the ciaglia variance does not apply because the sidewalks were installed when the home was built over twenty years ago. COAH FEES apply only to new construction and additions to existing homes. in this case, it does not apply. the aberdeener is a joke. the anonymous fools who attack families such as the ciaglia's are so misinformed and lie about everything they post on this site. assholes !!!!

Aberdeener said...

COAH obligations are based upon "residential unit growth". Are you saying that, under COAH regulations, subdividing a property into two residences is not calculated towards residential growth?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener - I agree with you on the COAH issue. COAH would apply here.

Some clarification though on the premise of the question:

While Ciaglia was granted a waiver from contributing to the sidewalk fund (sidewalks already are there so there was no reason to pay) he was NOT GRANTED a waiver from the COAH obligation. The COAH obligation will apply. Request a copy of Resolution from the Township and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Joe Ciaglia?

Try telling any of us that your F'n family has not gotten the inside track and more all of these years just shows just how stupid you are. Don't try and cry the blues and tell us how broke you are. Those like you with Kauff in your pocket have cost all of us plenty.

I loved watching your application get shot down when you tried to develop the property next to town hall. That is right I was there. It was a short walk from 5th. street. You wanted four houses and they only gave you two. Guess you did not make your donation to Kauff on time so you did not get what you wanted.

Life is a bitch ain't it Joe? By the way how come you can't sell the houses by the church? Bad Karma is catching up on you Joe. Many are glad at your misfortune.

I asked about the house and the sidewalks yesterday and was told you lied on that application also. Problem with the truth Joe? There is that Karma again.

Aberdeener said...


Thx for the clarification on the COAH issue. I guess the minutes are a bit misleading. I'll get a copy of the resolution and post it.

Thx again.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

The defenders of Tagliarini, as being a "new" guy, not beholden to Kauff, are naive. Sure, Kauff will lie low during the campaign; going under a rock for a while, but it will be his ill-gotten gains made through pay-for-play that will finance the campaign.

Maybe if the "new" candidates ran without Kauff's funds and campaign direction, we could expect something different -- but that's not happening.

Just watch, Kauff still representing Aberdeen with developers. Still in bed with Silver Oaks for the train station (convicted felon), still throwing our code book out the window for Cifelli, still pumping our money without a shut-off valve to CME Engineering - financing their effort to be a top pay-to-play contributor state-wide.

Real change is not a paint job with new drivers. You need to take the jalopi to the junk yard.

Anonymous said...

Whoever the cnadidates are for the D'd and R's will have ample opportunity to attack or defend Norman Kauff and the evil he has done.

The first one that says well Norman is a ...and is not followed by the words NORMAN KAUFF IS NOT SOMEONE THAT TELLS ME WHAT TO DO...does not get a vote from me and mine. I for one cannot wait to see who the D's and the R's march out this year. It will be very interesting and very embarrassing to Kauff if we have anything to do with it.

This election is about Norman Kauff, CME and all of Normans *close personal friends* NOTHING MORE.

Anonymous said...


Since all you do is scream about "parking lot" deals that everyone, INCLUDING THE ABERDEENER, concede are only rumor, whatever you say is irrelevant to this entire discussion. No one cares what you say.

We all want change and reform. Lies are not the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Just the Facts - You just can't help but to say the same thing over and over again. Even when "Follow-the-Money" gave you details, you ignored them and disappeared.

There are lots of facts that are not questions (i.e. Follow-the-Money)and lots of unexplained behavior, like why the Council continues to work for convicted felon to develop the train station. And why the parent company(Dean Development)owned by that developer (Silver Oaks) made a $5,000 donation to the County Democratic Party in tandem with first being named the developer by Aberdeen. These facts are not opinions and not in dispute.

So, please explain why Mr. "Just the Facts Ma'am" keeps ignoring the facts. The facts are clear.

Anonymous said...

The only "FACT" which "Follow The Money" gave me was that the law firm "Weiner Lesniak" has represented the train station developer and the anchor glass developer. He (or she) did not provide any documentation to support that allegation. His only advice was to tell me to go to Town Hall and do my own research. I have not yet had the opportunity to do so. (Some of us work for a living)

Simply saying something doesn't make it fact. If someone has actual documentation that Weiner Lesniak represents these two developers, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until I can get a day off from work to go to the municipality and put in a document request form before I can confirm that particular "fact."

As the Aberdeener himself stated, he has never seen any evidence of "Weiner Lesniak" involvement in Aberdeen. In the second post in this blog he deemed such allegations to be nothing but "hearsay" which is why he has never reported on it.

I am always skeptical of anything anyone tells me on here that hasn't been confirmed by the Aberdeener. He is the only one who I trust 100% because he confirms everything before stating it. When someone corrects him, he acknowledges his misunderstanding. NO ONE ELSE seems to do that.

Even if true however, this isn't evidence of any corruption. It might just be evidence that the train station developer and the anchor glass developer using "Weiner Lesniak" as its law firm. It is a fairly big law firm after all.

Obviously using "Weiner Lesniak" is not a prerequisite to getting approved in Aberdeen since other major developers in the township, such as RCM, aren't using that firm.

Further, according to the Aberdeener, "Weiner Lesniak" has never appeared before the Township's Planning or Zoning Board where all real development approval must take place. Those are real FACTS! Not speculation or rumor.

Beyond the "Weiner Lesniak" issue, this is the first time I am hearing the allegation that the train station developer is a convicted felon. That is a completely new one for me and was never mentioned by "Follow the Money".

What is the basis of this new charge? How is the developer a convicted felon? Aberdeener, can you confirm?

Anonymous said...

Just the facts -- keep your head in the sand. Do a google search on William Bocra and the conviction for tax fraud comes up. Do an online NJ ELEC search for Dean Development (the company he owns) and his $5000 donation to the Monmouth County Dems comes up.

Some of these items were covered in an article last year by the Aberdeener, others not, but all are based on fact.

All you seem to do is rant that since you personally haven't taken the time to learn the facts it is not true; and then when you are told the truth you excuse it (i.e. they're a large law firm).

Believe whatever you want. I think that Nixon was guilty, even though 18 minutes were missing from the tape. You can choose to be naive and that may make you happy.

Personally, I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe that where there is smoke there is fire.

There is a good amount of questionable behavior that has occurred in this town.

Aberdeener said...

Here is a link to William Bocra's appeal hearing.

Anonymous said...


My head is not in the sand. As I have said REPEATEDLY. I absolutely agree that there are problems in our government. I have also said REPEATEDLY that I believe Norman Kauff is the major problem with Aberdeen.

What I have disagreed with are the consistent rantings of THE TRUTH that something illegal happened in some parking lot somewhere on the planet Earth. He can't give any details about anything - not when or where it happened, nor who allegedly was in involved. He knows nothing about it.

The Aberdeener himself says there is no evidence of such an occurrence. The Aberdeener himself says it is just rumor.

I'm sorry, but I have to believe the Aberdeener over The TRUTH or any other Anonymous person on here.

Case in point - I ask for clarification on the Train Station Developer being a convicted criminal. Who supplies the evidence... THE ABERDEENER does. Point proven! Its a Fact.

I have never once denied corruption. I have just gotten sick and tired of those, like THE TRUTH, who believe it is necessary to make up new corruption stories.

We have enough corruption in this town. We don't need to make up new stories when there is more than enough evidence of what is actually going on to make our case.

Why that is so difficult for everyone to understand is beyond me. Thank god I have the Aberdeener to rely on. I don't know what we'd do without him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. or Mrs. Just the Facts:

You were never any good at connect the dots, were you?!


Anonymous said...

JFTM needs to face the music. It is playing louder and louder. Can you hear it Norm? It is the sound of Norman Kauff destroying my Democratic Party, a Democratic Party that once proudly flourished in Aberdeen. It is sadly my own political party that is very soon to JUMP THE SHARK. Jump the shark you see is a game my son told me about that is simply played by suggesting the name of a movie star or celebrity who stops being bankable or talked about by the public any longer. When that happens they have JUMPED THE SHARK.

In the Aberdeen version of JUMP THE SHARK my corrupted Democratic Party and their Money Man Norman Kauff is no longer bankable due to the ever increasing publicity of his corrupt activities on the Aberdeener. I can assure you there is so much more to come before election day that it may cause some to drop from the shear embarrassment and pressure that is soon to be brought down upon them by the Aberdeener or by THE TRUTH.

So JTFM all you have to do is click your heels together three times and say




I do I everyday in my mind while I wait for my train. A train I should have stopped taking when I retired in 2006. You see I had to go back to work just to pay the damn taxes in Aberdeen and stay where I want to live until the day I die. I am sure I am not alone in having to un-retire just to keep pace with the Kauff give-aways to his CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS. By the way David you are such an embarrassment. It is sad to see what you have become Mayor Sobel.

All you really have to do JFTM to know the truth about Norman Kauff is to go to the next council meeting and ask the entire council one question.

QUESTION ONE Have you had direct knowledge that while the Township of Aberdeen Attorney Norman Kauff solicit and demand a bribe in the parking lot of the Aberdeen town hall from a developer seeking to develop Township of Aberdeen property.

The most telling thing for you will be to watch the reaction of each council member as you ask each of them the question. You see they all know it happened and as public officials they are in very serious trouble for not reporting the incident or having the allegations or knowledge of the shakedown officially investigated. It is called *collusion* I think, or being an *accessory after the fact*. I tried calling my brother to know for sure but he is in St. Thomas sunning his overpaid Attorney ass.

You see this is a BIG problem for each and every one of them. The present town Attorney as well knows it even though they were handpicked by Kauff. That is why the Attorney would more then likely try and shut your questioning of the council down.

I am not a mind reader but am merely a man who has followed our local Democrats and Republicans very closely for the past twenty five years. Neither is worth a damn I can assure you.

You may also want to be sure to ask that your exact question be recorded word for word in the minutes that are probably required to be type written my brother once told me. Also you should ask for an exact recording to be kept for future listening by you, the public at large or any law enforcement agencies in the future.

Each of them know what Norman did. They also all know who he shook down that night in the parking lot.

And most importantly they all know


F N K 2009 has only just begun.

Anonymous said...

Truth -

If you know the Truth, why don't you report it to the authorities? Aren't you aiding the criminals by not reporting this incident?

Anonymous said...


The investigators initials are M.H.

Anything else you need to know will be detailed on the front page.

Anonymous said...

To the TRUTH all I can say is BRAVO.

Thank you for THE TRUTH you have to know it really pisses them off.

Keep up the good work. Keep Kauff front and center. Keep having to deny that which they know is true.

Power to the people.

Anonymous said...

In actuality, while there are some in Aberdeen who are concerned about the Truth, the majority of people in the government think he is a big joke. In most of the conversations I have, they do nothing but laugh at his insane diatribes. They know no one important takes him seriously because he sounds completely nuts.

If you want people to follow you, you have to at least sound intelligent. The Truth never does, so no one really gives a damn what he has to say.

And that, my friends, is the real TRUTH!

joepleaseshutupalready said...

What happened to all the Vinci hair dye comments? They are hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Once again I am amazed at the useless comments from anonymous posters. This new entry or perhaps disguised entry from joepleaseshutupalready is no better. I think I will check for their absences in a week or so as not to waste my time.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the title of this post I have some hair dye to sell you. The same type used by Vinci and Ronald Reagen. And they say republicans and democrats can't get along.

There is your hair dye comment. Sleep well.