Sunday, February 15, 2009

We're Running!

Liz Loud-Hayward and I are very excited to announce our candidacies to represent Aberdeen Township on the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School Board.

We believe our community has some of the finest administrators and teachers to be found anywhere. We believe our children are second to none. We believe our district can be among the best in the state.

But, somewhere, the system is broken.

We’ve had administrators legally unqualified for the positions they’ve held. Our students test scores are below average across the board. Yet, school spending has risen 25%, over $13 million, in just the last five years.

We agree that our children should not be shortchanged. We agree that teachers should be fairly compensated for doing that most important job, educating our children.

But something is wrong when we pay so much for so little.

In June, our school board set a goal to increase the number of students passing the state assessment tests but only “maintain” the percentage of students scoring advanced proficient. How sad. We need to set high expectations for all our students. And ourselves.

Shame on us for allowing our once great school district to deteriorate so drastically. Shame on us for treating the parents of special needs children as the enemy and an unwanted burden. Shame on us for failing to educate our children to the point that one-third of high school seniors needed remedial education because they couldn’t pass a state exam.

We can do better. And we will.

Liz and I have a plan to move our district forward. We will work with the administration to focus the curriculum on college preparation. We will work with the administration to reduce the tax burden by increasing non-tax revenues and cutting unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, we will work with the administration to use data to improve what works and repair or remove what does not.

We can do better.

Our new superintendent, Dr. O’Malley, has done a wonderful job this past year and he has our full support. However, it’s not the school board’s job to simply rubber stamp everything a superintendent recommends. We intend to hold all administrators accountable. By doing so, we will hold ourselves accountable to you - the students, the parents, and the taxpayers.

Though no one else has yet announced his or her candidacy, we expect to have formidable opponents and we are eager to begin our campaign.

Our strategy is simple – Be of good cheer and spread the message to every nook and cranny of our beloved community. Together, we will break from the past and work toward transforming our school system into a place where all children can excel.

Dozens have already offered their time and support but we’re looking for scores more. In the near future, we’ll be announcing the details of our launch party and introduce our campaign officers. We invite those who share our vision of excellence to join our campaign and be a part of building our children’s futures.

Until we have our new website up and running, please contact us by email at my address,

For the few of you who are wondering what will become of the blog, nothing will change until after Liz and I are elected. Looking ahead, however, the blog will need to change its focus from investigative reporting and opinion pieces to providing general information and seeking new ways to improve our community. I hope the blog will become one of many communication vehicles between the school district and the community.

Liz and I are extremely grateful to those who have already helped us so much and we look forward to working with you during the campaign and beyond.

Our best days lie ahead. We are thrilled to work with you on building a better school system for our children and our community.

Thank you for your support.
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I really think your best work is with the investigative reporting and op-ed pieces....
I like the material. THe insight. By calling out those in question, we see slow change.

You being on the BOE, will hinder this blog, and for that I am sad.

BUT, I congratulate your decision to make our community better by taking action- unlike half of the other people on here who just complain and do nothing....

Anonymous said...

you have 1 vote from me.

Anonymous said...

You have my vote, the votes of my family members, my friends, and my neighbors. You are what we need on that board....

Anonymous said...

Good morning to a new day of accountability. I agree with your post and will work hard to ensure a positive change comes to our School Board. I believe that with the two of you taking these two seats it will be the first steps to a positive change for Aberdeen tax payers.

Whether it just begin with this change in Sschool Board personnel or elsewhere in leadership positions, it is obvious by our societies many ills that change is needed at every level of government to combat that too-long in elective office contempt by some that allows for malaise and worse. Example after example our elected officials contempt for the electorate comes easily when they feel so comfortable and safe in their too-long held positions that they feel they can do whatever they want and that we the taxpayers will not say a word against them. This attitude and belief by our political elite allows corruption and the mis-spending of our tax dollars with little if any accountability or the slightest fear that they will lose their cushy positions in government. That allows corruption and backroom dealings to be common place which hurts each and every one of us.

I look forward to helping with your campaign and I will do all I can to help with the change in personnel, which is obviously so needed. These two candidates will give a different perspective to analyze the spending of our tax dollars in this district.

I do not doubt the sincerity or their wanting to serve the public of any other candidates or present member on the School Board it is just time for new ideas and fresh faces in Aberdeen. These two candidates should get an opportunity at changes our district so desperately needs. If that change is to start with these two candidates for school board, so be it.

Good luck to the candidates and to Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like I've been set up?

Anonymous said...

Now all of a suddent you are espousig the virtues of our teachers and our administrators. Sounds like this has been a platform to launch your campaign. At least remain steadfast in your criticism of the players and don't insult the teachers and administrators by your hypocritical platitudes.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to hear of your candidacies. I have no doubt the two of you will raise the standards all our children deserve. You have our votes, and I'll be contacting you to see what I can do to help.

Anonymous said...

I too agree that the platform launch announced today is spread across the board and while some of you obviously feel betrayed from your continually anonymous postings, the campaign is nonetheless underway. As for the anonymous statements routinely put forth from obvious insiders or even board members themselves the fact that they remain so anonymous yet so quick to criticize from the dark, allows the rest of us to once again conclude that they would rather just let the same mistakes and the same failed leadership remain unchanged. That cannot be allowed to continue as the costs have been too high for most every taxpayer as well as the negative effects on each and every one of us just trying to keep our homes and community affordable. The vast amounts of monies wasted in this district goes far beyond salaries and football fields. It is the educational needs that need to be prioritized not the whims and special interests of the few, which have have been the standard until the most recent change in school superintendent. The damage done by Quinn and those who controlled him and Klavon needs to never occur again as the costs for those failures in leadership have decimated Aberdeen.

This election season for both the school board as well as well as the leadership of Aberdeen is most important, on many fronts, that will unfold soon enough. What happens after that will either change things for the better or allow the plight of Aberdeen's taxpayers to remain mired in repeated failures and typical New Jersey politics that each and every one of us cannot afford or allow to occur.

If you are fine with politics as usual then so be it. Just continue to sit in the dark of your anonymity and cast your stones without analyzing the candidates or the problems our community faces.

As for the rest of us who realize a page can soon be turned for the betterment of Aberdeen, we will fight in a very public forum with the facts, numbers and failures of past administrations, and more. I intend to be very involved with Mr. Warren's campaign as well as do what I can for Gerry Donahue in Matawan as most who have voiced criticism voiced against him has failed to dent a man who truly cares for his community and did not base his decisions on the maintenance of power for the few. Say what you will against him, he truly cares and has represented Matawan well as well as openly admitted some mistakes which he has learned from.

Things need to change in this district and the shall we say ethical lapses of candidates and their solicitations of funds from district employees and vendors, among other ethical lapses, that has been common place in the past, screams for the need to be exposed and corrected in a very public way. This must be an election based on facts, truth and not be politics unusual.

Aberdeen has had enough of that type of leadership all of these years. My interest for now is to ensure that the school board candidates elected will make the positive changes happen as well as be elected to ensure fiscal accountability is priority and educational standards and reforms is job one.

The time of pressuring board members exerting unchecked influence coupled with their well known manipulation, interference, control and more of administrators and staf, must stop. The costs to morale as well as the community at large has been too much.

These two candidates are a step in the right direction, at last. Granted they will have a mountain to climb against the deeply entrenched incumbents whose manipulation of staff, teachers and parents organizations is well known. Change must also come for the many who do not have children in the district as well as those whose children have moved on long ago. The costs to these segments of our communities deserve a voice as well. I for one am tired of seeing our older friends and childless couples leaving Aberdeen due to the unchecked fiscal choices of the past.

The time for change has long since past. Listen openly to the candidates and make a choice on what they can do for our community, not just their egos and power base.

Anonymous said...

Great, now can't wait to hear someone is finally running against that incompetent ass kisser Gerry Donahue. The hope should be incumbents and more people run so that the public has a choice and a spirited campaign. This venue and the early announcement may discourage others. Maybe thats the point.

Anonymous said...

Once again an anoymous posting by those who hide and unjustly criticize GD with an obvious strong and very personal dislike for GD which may have clouded his or her thinking. As if they could do any better being one vote of many with Barza breathing down your neck. Change does not come in such instances without first pulling the real weeds from the ground on the school board . The worst weed in this instance is Barbato. Enough said. Pull the lever and put Barza on the street once and for all. I for one cannot wait to see the look of shock and awe on Zavorskas's face election night. She will sit her remaining term in silence and self loathing thinking of days gone bye. While Aberdeen will finally get a chance at change so long needed.

By the way anonymous it will be a spirited campaign except from those who will have to hide from the truth. Any incumbent that thinks they can run this year on either the school board or town council in Aberdeen is in for a big surprise. Incumbents out is my motto. I am sure I am not alone.

I too agree a man like Gerry Donahue knows he was improperly swayed on occasion. I would rather have him than Barza representing Aberdeen any day.

I await your anonymous response.

Anonymous said...

Hey great news for Aberdeen good luck and all the best for your campaign. I have a question for all of you. Is this the last school board election that will be held other then in Novembers election day?

I understand that they may combine the two to ensure a fair representation and to keep the too powerful NJEA from exercising unfair control.

Please respond if you know the answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree Eted. People were swayed and have since been repentant. I think if you asked Mr. Marinella he too would openly admit that his time on the school board was filled with barza dealings and that he like Gerry made some mistakes. At least Gerry has admitted his errors and has learned from them. I would likewise prefer to have such a man be on the school board then the likes of barza and those they control like Ms. Demarest. I think better of her if she admitted her being manipulated as well by barza. She I fear is a stickler to the end and will probably go down with the barza ship of fools.

Anonymous said...

Great news now all we need is the shoe to drop. That show is for who is going to be brave enough to run for council. Sobel, Raymond and Perry are up this year. I think someone has to figure out the deal with Fred Tagliarini he was supposed to be a shoe-in. When I mentioned his name the other night at a neighborhood get together, the tale I heard about him and the running of the Babe Ruth league was disappointing if true. It will all come out in the wash I guess sometime between now and election day. He may not be the good guy we hear he is according to some of my neighbors. Time will tell I guess.

Anonymous said...

Edgeview Ted - YOU ARE ANNONYMOUS TOO!!! Get with it.

Nsection - get your own blog - you write enough for one. Babble babble, durge, durge.....

If we are calling for BARZA replacements - it should be across the BOE - all who have been in power in the past 6 years.... except maybe MR because he just got on.

What does the annonymous after the Kauff post mean about set up?

Let us see who else throws their hat into the ring? Anyone in Matawan yet?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren - I'm very excited to hear of your decision to take on the powers that be. You've got my vote.

It will be funny though to watch the blowhards on this blog, such as THE TRUTH, who have previously announced their HATRED of ANYONE who runs for elected office. What will they do with their values torn?

The Aberdeener has proven himself to be honest and truthworthy time and time again. Now is the time for the blowhards to take a look at themselves and decide where they really stand. Do they truly support change? Or are they just people without lives who like to sit back and complain?

If they are true to their word, the Aberdeener has just become the enemy because now he is just one of those who seek elected office.

HOW SAD. My sincere hope is that this election announcement will allow some of these blowhards to have a change of heart. Not all politicians are evil. The Aberdeener is proof of that.

So I join NSectionJoe in his praise of Mr. Warren. I encourage everyone on here to please support this election and not let their distrust and hatred of anyone who runs for elective office to continue to blind them.


Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, a suggestion. Ask all your supporters to stop using insults in every exchange they have on here with their fellow citizens. They are giving the impression that you have a constituency of thuggish people.

Anonymous said...

JohnnyMain much of the input you criticize is meant to make people think before making important decisions for this election season. Much information described in the Aberdeener is far different then the glowing political literature that we will get from incumbants seeking to maintain their costly and flawed control. If you do not like what I write just bypass my name when listed. It is just that simple.

Welcome to the blog though as your ID is a new one. New visitors to the site are of course very important come this years election season. It is important to get people to see the open discussion from the opposing sides as well as information that does not only come from the candidates or party bosses which is often only complimentary and glowing of accomplishments real or otherwise.

Much discussed here for me and especially concerning and highlighting the school board shows that monies, titles and responsibilities were and presently are not as they seem to have been described or testified to, when questioned by a concerned public.

Anonymous said...

Come on johhnymain you criticize people whose posts that do make us think. Your anonymity is no different than most, but many of us know who nsectionjoe is due his many years of being an outspoken and concerned resident of Aberdeen. When you can back up what he says or put just half of the time in at council meetings and school board meetings that he has, then you will have some real reason to criticize. Your words about him and Ted show some sort of bias yet to be revealed to us. You do deserve the benefit of the doubt and will have to stick around and add to the discussion more then this one appearance. Otherwise you are like many who run and gun who only voice their opinions to momentarily stir things up, then disappear until their next set of instructions come from the ruling class. We shall see where and on what subject you surface again. Then you too shall be judged as you have judged others.

Until your next post.

Aberdeener said...

I'd like to thank you all for your support. I need it and will be calling upon your help during the campaign.

As some have noted, Liz and I wish to keep this a positive campaign. However, there is no conflict between being positive and holding our elected officials accountable as well.

When Carter quipped that Reagan didn't know the definition of a recession, Reagan responded that recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job, and a recovery is when Carter loses his job.

So, let's work hard but have fun as well. We live in a great community. In time, we'll have a great school district as well.

matawan advocate said...

We commend,applaud and support you and Liz Loud-Hayward on the decision to run.

Matawan would be well served if we can find people of your caliber to run.

Anonymous said...


I've been trying to find out about the supposed stipend for the HS principal. Do you know if the info is correct?

Aberdeener said...

Sorry, I know you asked this question earlier but I haven't researched the issue.

Here is a copy of the MRAA 2005-07 contract. Principals do get stipends but I assume it's to cover a range of after-hour activities.

Anonymous said...

Stipends to cover after-hours activities for a $110,000+++ job?! Great deal if you could get it. What other salaried professional gets paid extra for doing their job.

Joey and Liz -- we need sanity on the Board. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The stipend covers the differences in responsibilities between a grammar school principal and a middle or high school principal. Do you think the high school principal should be paid the same as a grammar school principal?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you both in the election. Despite the above post, you have my vote. I will say that I hope this years election does not become an election supported by a political party. As many of you will remember last years election. We will soon know if a political party has a dirty hand in a certain campaign and is backing certain candidates.

Remember, a school board election is a Non-partisan election.

Anonymous said...

A school board election is a non-partisan election.

Not with Norman Kauff in Aberdeen it isn't.

Norman wants his one hand in everything going on in Aberdeen and a check in his other hand for doing so. Him and his political party are in for a rude awakening.

Wake up Aberdeen Kauff is scum.

We will give you a hint Norman.

The next meeting for the use of the Hwy. 34 property and the County Road property will be the first taste of our new *Get Out the Vote Campaign. Or as some of us prefer to call it *The Get Norman Kauff out of Aberdeen Campaign*.

COAH is bullshit Norman and your excuse to use it to carry favor with your *close personal friends* The Ciffelles is about to hit a BIG snag. Big snag. We can't wait to see your faces at the next public meeting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last two posting, a school board election is supposed to be a non-partisan election. However, I noticed how the red and white school board signs last year were in those same wooden frames as those ones used in the last democrat election. What a strange coincidence how everyone shops at the same lumber store and must have same carpenter making the signs,.....

Anonymous said...

Lets try to stay on topic, and watch the language! Aberdeener, I would expect you to monitor this blog for inappropriate comments and language.
CountyRdAgainstKauffand Greed -You can be frustrated and angry, but try to keep your comments civil. And perhaps your Hwy. 34 property and the County Road property concerns would be better suited to another post, not one that pertains to the announcement of school board candidates.
As for Liz and Mr. Aberdeener- Best of luck in your run for the school board. I think Matawan-Aberdeen School district stakeholders are ready for a change.

Anonymous said...

Everybody watch out the anonymous polite police are in the house.

Here is a topic for you to think on or perhaps it would make a great movie title.

Idiots who want to control the world and make sure everyone obeys the rules that they themselves create.

Try laughing just once anonymous, even if its at yourself for being such a tight ass.

A little much for a movie marquis of course

Starring the anonymous poster with an opinion on everything.

Coming soon to a politically correct blog near you.

Get a life anonymous.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the post above.

Anonymous said...

What's the diference in responnsibility? I thought both were responsible for overseeing staff and making sure our children recieve the best possible instruction. Do you think a 1st grade teacher should be paid less than a high school teacher?
In regards to the hs stipend you better find the new contract. It is 6000 and I agree it is for the additional hours M.R. should be working attending after school activities. The point I think the blogger ws tring to make is that she recieves this huge stipend but doesn't deliver the after school hours she is being paid for.

Anonymous said...


Oh what a tangle web the Democrats do weave

when first they keep Kauff around to deceive.

Norman stays around and the Democrats go down.

Not that there are many Republicans around.

But see you must
that change has come to our economy to all still around.

So if the democrats can get Kauff to go.

They stand a chance if Kauff goes down
otherwise they will assuredly lose this town.

It will be hard to get past Kauff's crimes and misdeeds

in light of all that voters will soon find out and read.

How will the Democrat campaigners explain away

all of the money that seems to flow back to Kauff

for his his corrupt campaign and his misdeeds.

So think about it Aberdeen because soon enough

you will be asked to judge those who allow or participate

in those same corrupt activities and the exact same misdeeds.

Unless the yet named candidates wake up

and say it is time that Norman Kauff goes away

the time for voters has now arrived and start learning of Kauff in a juicy read

THE TRUTH it will be you see as Kauff even knows

he needs to go.

A poem written on the fly.

Flight from LAX to EWR 2/17/09

Anonymous said...

That doesn't rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Aberdeen we will have a shot at responsible leadership and accountability.

you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Poems do not have to rhyme just so you know. I found it entertaining.

Thanks On The Fly.

Congrats to the candidates all the best.

Anonymous said...

Loud, hum. Sounds familiar for some reason. More of the same just a different party I guess. And Aberdeener, what did you do out in your hometown to help? Oh yeah, you came to help us!!!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Looks like BARZA and their faithful are starting to plan their smear campaign.

Thank you Ms. Loud-Hayward and Mr. Warren for standing up and fighting for change. I hope people will finally open their eyes and vote out the BARZA insanity.

Anonymous said...

Please. please address the curriculum changes. The Everyday Math program for one.

Anonymous said...

Mr Warren
I am glad to hear that you are running this year. Please don't forget abut the people who live in Cliffwood Beach. Some how we are like the lost residents of Aberdeen. I have lived in C.B for 9 years now and not once has anyone running for anything come to introduce themselves. I truely hope that you can walk the walk .This township needs to start doing more for our childern. If your child isn't into afterschool sports theres really nothing for them to do. I understand that alot of people think that spending money on athletics should be put on the back burnerI would like for you to think of it this way. When your child is on a team sport they have to keep a certain grade average. They will learn how to become a team player instead of a I player. One more thing playing sports they are more likely to have a goal to go to college and further their education. I will hope for a more balanced leadership in you.

Aberdeener said...


I assure you we will be campaigning strongly in all areas of Aberdeen, including some areas that have been neglected in the past. More importantly, once elected, we will serve all segments of our community. I am acutely aware that certain groups have been neglected in years past and we intend to rectify that.

Regarding sports, I am a strong supporter of our sports program and would like to see more students participate in athletics, whether through the schools or any of the sports leagues. Sports builds character, improves health, and leads to better grades when combined with a nurturing environment.

As for Everyday Math, I have already discussed privately with Dr. O'Malley the possibility of introducing Singapore Math to our schools. I have also shared my concerns with Ms. DeLuca about the need for advanced mathematics and writing skills in all the academies. I'm pleased to say that both were receptive.

There's much to do but everything is within our reach.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren,
I'm in favor of, and see the need for advanced mathematics and writing skills in the academies. However, many of our children are too old to participate in the academies, going into their junior or senior year, or, may not be interested in the fields these academies concentrate on, please, if elected ensure that they too will have access to these more challenging classes.

Anonymous said...


What specific groups do you think have been ignored and exactly how do you plan to address that?

Anonymous said...

First thing look into the ENTIRE budget for athletics. Every nook and cranny of that I beg of you.

Talk about monies unaccounted for.

Aberdeener said...


Thank you for your questions.

Juniors and Seniors in high school who have already fallen behind have little time to prepare for a challenging college environment. Though I have no ready answer, my gut feeling is that we should define the skills necessary for college and offer these students a special program to strengthen these areas. This would necessitate working with the parents to garner their support.

I can readily identify three groups that have been neglected.

African American students, as a group, have consistently underperformed for years.

Students that are struggling but able to score "proficient" don't receive the help they need to excel.

Students with special needs are often denied the services they require or dumped in an out-of-district program.

The problem isn't a lack of resources, skills, or caring. The problem is a lack of ambition.

I believe we should engage the students and parents at the beginning of the school year to set academic goals,track the students, and intervene whenever it seems the students won't reach their goals.

I also believe we should require students to take some advanced coursework prior to graduation.

Ultimately, we need to create an environment of excellence.

The lower the bar, the lower our expectations, the worse we'll do.

Anonymous said...

"We believe our community has some of the finest administrators and teachers to be found anywhere."

Spoken like a true hypocrite! You do nothing but bash the teachers and administrators and than you have the nerve to tpye those words?

You under estimate our intelligence. You are kidding no one.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see we are able to put forth two worthy people to run for the School Board. This is a board that is in need of change.
Well now we the people of Aberdeen have a choice. Hopefully we will all make the right choice.
The right choice is actually showing up to vote. Too many of the residents of this town do not even bother to vote. If you can not bother to show up to vote then you deserve what you get.
Those of us who do vote need to go out among our fellow residents and get them involved. The more people we gte to the polls the better it will be for uniting our community.

Anonymous said...

"We believe our community has some of the finest administrators and teachers to be found anywhere."

Just because Mr. Warren doesn't believe that ALL the teachers and/or administrators the finest around doesn't mean that he doesn't think that SOME aren't.

He has praised Dr. O'Malley and other administrators in the past. And I don't believe that he is painting all teachers with the same brush - there are those that are amazing, and those who aren't -- just like in every job in every industry in every town.

What Mr. Warren does seem to believe is that every administrator and every teacher be held accountable for doing their job, to the best of their ability for the good of the "company", just like every other employee, at every other job, in every other town.

If an employee in another business was not working up to par, and was hiring family members, and was letting the "customers" down, they would be fired in a heart beat.

In MARSD, they've been given tenure and been allowed to vote on paying themselves.

Anonymous said...

Just because Mr. Warren doesn't believe that ALL the teachers and/or administrators the finest around doesn't mean that he doesn't think that SOME aren't.

Okay, rereading that, I realize that was not exactly well put, lol.

Plainly put, I believe Mr. Warren does have respect for many of the administrators and teachers.

Anonymous said...

The administration and staff of school systems or our municipal entities are no different then where many of us work. We all would have to be honest and say that the workplace of most every business, company or factory is divided into three phases.

Phase 1 are those who put in the extra effort report for work on time and are diligent in their positions with a positive workload and attitude.

Allow me to jump to phase 3 as they are the ones who do the most damage. Phase 3 does the minimum and for many reasons. They are most often disillusioned, tardy, waste most of the day on things other then real work related items and just do enough to get by.

Phase 2 sees both ends of the spectrum and while they strive to be Phase 1 they also realize that Phase 3 never gets bothered and just plugs along with little if any real results or accountability.

Such is no different in our school district or municipal buildings. As for Mr. Warren none of us can say most of what he presents for us is in fact most always backed up and timely. As for those who respond it is nothing more than opinions, rumor, suggestion and in some cases purposely inflamatory. That is all just fine with me.

Let the candidates be candidates. I for one want anyone in the school district to keep watch. One thing we can all be sure of will be the fact that the PTO's and staff, many who owe BARZA, will be very vocal against these two candidates. That will solidify my vote for these two on many fronts.

Unfortunately that vocal sector is beholding to those who so severely damaged this districts finances and leadership. They need to look unto themselves and realize the damage done that is so costly and negative to a prudent learning environment so desperately needed to ensure our students futures and the taxpayers financial outlay.
Time for change has come.

Anonymous said...

I agree with NoMartucciFan every sport in the high school brings in money and I don't understand why Mr.Martucci has his hand in it all should each sport be allowed to keep the money they raise. How does the football program benefit from the ice breaker tournament which is wrestling or the husky relays which is track and field?
Both of those events make alot of money.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Waren,
You misunderstood my question regarding incoming juniors and seniors. My child hasn't fallen behind and in need of remedial work. My child is perfectally capable of doing it. He's not assigned challenging work! It annoys me that whenever changes are made to this district, the older kids are just written off! You might not have realized it, but that is another group of this district that has been ignored in the past.
It's not about getting into college, it is about getting into a GOOD college!

And for all bloggers that want to attack with the "elitist" BS, don't bother.

Aberdeener said...

I understand and share your concern. We want our children to excel in school and beyond. It's not enough to offer AP classes, we have to ensure they have the foundation to take advanced coursework.

My background is in software development. Like in many specialties, we first define our objectives and then determine how to reach that objective. I would like to see that same philosophy in the schools. Let's define the skills we want our students to have upon graduation and then design a curriculum to ensure they develop those skills.

Regardless of grade level, let's see where the students are, where we want them to be, and implement a curriculum and standards to achieve our goals.

Anonymous said...

When is someone going to hold the atheletic department accountable? Unless you participate in football, all other programs are short changed and are not a priority. No active recruitment to have more participate and get the benefits of playing high school sports. No school spirit and pride that comes with winning programs. Of course academics are the #1 priority but this is one area that does our students a disservice and where a lot of money is spent. Board members have not addressed this issue in the past or the person in charge when a conflict of interest exists. What will be done different or do you not see this as a problem?

Aberdeener said...

My understanding is that we are contractually bound to first offer all coaching and club positions to teachers, even when we have better qualified people willing to do the job for less.

I'd like to see that provision removed. No matter the situation, I want the best people instructing our students.

Secondly, I believe our sports programs should be pursuing corporate sponsorships. That would improve funding and give some taxpayer relief.

Anonymous said...

1. THe corporate sponsorship idea has been explored and shot down by past BOE and Bus. Ad. docterine. Check it out. It may not be admitted to, but it is true.

2. It is a state law the certificated teachers get first crack at open athletic or extra curriculuar positions - it is not always right -but it is not a local law.

3. It does suck that wrestling and track do not get first dibs at the money raised by their meets.

4. Athletic director/ head football coach IS A CONFLICT of interest.

5. We all talk about the importance of sports at the HS level and the rec. league level ALL BENEFIT FROM THE TURFED FIELD. You and Mr. Nsection have killed the field in past posts but it is used by 1000s of our children per year - football at HS/ and pop warner level, soccer at HS and rec level, field hockey, band, track which is used by students and community. Yes it was costly but IT IS USED!! That is why I was mad listening to N section complain at BOE meeting about HIS kid not watching Obama - and that is his opinion - but don't other parents have a right for their kids to use something at the HS which benefits the whole town but is the main topic of disconetent by some on here.

Lastly, I hope Ms. Hayward does not run for her specific agenda which has been a complaint about other BOE members.

Anonymous said...

I think her agenda is the children of this community.
Be the change you want see in the world.
Its easy to voice opinions, but it is quite another to act on them. Anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and tackle the many issues that face our school district is to be admired. I know Ms. Hayward and I am not alone in the opinion that she is a woman of integrity and intelligence. She has a fair-minded approach to problem solving and a willingness to hear all sides of an issue.
She has my vote!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Dont know her. Will try to learn more. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

a section pete seems to;

appreciate the turf field bought and paid for without approval of the voting public

says that thousands of kids use the field

says it sucks that monies raised by wrestling and track does not get used by those sports first

Says that the athletic director position and head football coach are a conflict of interest.

Yet he never brought these topics to the school board. Or did he? Yet he attacks those who complained publicly and without questionable identifiers on a blog site at a time when computers, test grades and the basics that our students need did not materialize. But boy we spent 1.5 million dollars on a field we only needed because the same athletic director he criticizes allowed the turf one used since the school was built, to degrade to a supposed unsafe level by failing to maintain it.

Get a life A Pete.

Anonymous said...

Nolan, your reply to me makes NO SENSE.

I, unlike you, take each issue seperately. I do not get where you stopped comprehending what I wrote.

My contention was the at least the field is used by ALL. Yes it was expensive - but as it was explained to me and the public - monies saved by grass cutting, up keep, and lining the field for games will pay itself back. How do you know I have not gone to the BOE in public or private with my concerns.

Get a life? Why because I disagree with you? I am not happy about taxes either. My main point was the N Joe goes crazy about the field but my kids and other kids use it all the time, as does the town. I was comparing that fact to how he went nuts that his kid could not see the inauguration. In other words, I was trying to show bias here.

I was a dissenting opinion or is that not allowed here?

Anonymous said...

asection do you just hate anything Joe has to say on any subject? You have to admit he has an opinion that is well formed and factual. It is obvious you have a personal grudge or dislike for him and I think you need to man up and as he Joe has and invited his dissenters to just give him a call. I find his input refreshing and insightful. As for you I find your after the fact excuses and explanations boring. Please do not respond to me as you have wasted enough our time.

Anonymous said...

Once again - we flock to our friends and not make our own opinions.

I have no problem with Joe or what he done on here. I was just saying that the field is used by the whole damn community - yes it was expensive, at least it is not going to waste. I merely said Joe and Mr. Warren do not like the field - but my kids and hundreds others enjoy the field - therefore I will make the best of it. My point was if Joe can complain for his kid not seeing the inauguration then I can defend the field because hundreds of kids and adults use it.

DEFENSIVE ARE WE? You and others are the reason this blog loses its validity. EVERY dissenting opinion is insulted or told they are BARZA. Those types of comments ALSO ruin this informative blog.

Aberdeener said...


I'd like to clarify my position on the $1.4 million field.

Personally, I have no problem being taxed an extra dollar a week for a field in which our students and community can take pride.

My objection is the school board had no right to finance the field through a lease purchase agreement specifically designed to avoid a public referendum.

Spending $1.4 million on a football field was a decision for us to make, not the board.

Anonymous said...

Point taken.


Anonymous said...

Stuart Brown was trying to convince them to do it under a joint town and school grant. It would take too long and Martucci wanted it now. So almost 2M $ went out without voter approval and pissed people off.

Taxpayers screwed again by Quinn and that bafoon he brought with him Shea.

Aberdeener said...


One clarification regarding athletics. I spoke with the BOE attorney and you're correct that certificated individuals have first crack at coaching positions by statue. I only want to clarify that any person with certification is equally considered.

Anonymous said...

Correction- the field is not used by the whole community, it is used by whomever Mr Martucci decides can use it