Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daniel Cleary, 1989-2009

Daniel Cleary, MRHS Class of 2008, passed away on Monday, July 13th. We have no way to express our grief or our sympathies for his family. Daniel was loved by many and will be missed. God bless Daniel and his family.

Arrangements for Daniel are as follows:
Viewing: Friday, July 17th at Saint Joseph's Church in Keyport, 3-8 PM
Burial: Saturday, July 18th at Saint Joseph's Church, 9:15 AM

Counseling services will be available at Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School for students and community members.

Please call Mrs. Ruscavage at 732-705-5355 or Mr. Schweitzer at 732-705-4024 for more information or assistance. >>> Read more!


Metoo0522 said...

May the Lord help his family with the pain they are feeling. God Bless Danny,and God bless his family .

NSectionJoe said...

A not so old Irish saying.

We who did not know him will wonder why but should not. We who feel for the family should do so from a respectful distance and should do so with only good thoughts for those Daniel left behind.

We who could not imagine the sorrow and pain should allow our hearts to go out to his family and friends as a show of kindness and sympathy for those of us who could not so bravely face such a loss.

Finally all of us should say a prayer for a young man who left his loved ones too soon.

Join with me and keep this family in your thoughts that this sad time will pass for them and that better memories will be with them always.

Thank you to all who read this.

JM 2009

Anonymous said...

Very nice sentiment Joe. My thoughts and prayers go out to them as well. I am sure your sentiment spoke for many of us who at such a sorrowful time are unsure what to say.

Edgeviewted07 said...

Amen! I hope GOD takes Daniel into his arms and holds him close until he can join with his loved ones in eternal rest.

Anonymous said...

Danny was an amazing person. He had the greatest, most infectious smile EVER. I'm gonna miss that smile. The class of 08 has lost another great one.

Btw, he was born December of 1989, not 1990.

Rest in peace, Danny boy...

Aberdeener said...

Thank you for the correction. My apologies to Daniel and his family.

Thank you to all said...

The service was memorable and respectful. The family was comforted by the expressions of sympathy and assistance posted on here. A personal thank you to the Aberdeener and Nsectionjoe and others who posted.

A Cleary family friend