Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MARSD Strides Forward

Dr. O’Malley and Ms. Irons continue to undo some damaging prior practices. The changes are “buried” on Page 12 of last Monday’s BOE agenda.

Extra Curricular Personnel – 9 Coaches are on Step 1 of the pay scale, up from only 2 coaches on the preliminary list (page 24). This is both a cost savings and a sign that turnover among the untenured coaching positions is higher than originally estimated. Sadly, we still have too few people applying for coaching positions but that is something we will have to address before next year.

School Psychologist II – In 2007, the four highest paid school psychologists in Monmouth County were employed by the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District. The reason appears to be that our school psychologists are covered by the MRAA (administrators) contract rather than the MRTA (teachers) contract because the job description includes a supervisory role.

That may be necessary in certain circumstances but not all school psychologists need to be supervisors. Dr. O’Malley has therefore created a new position, School Psychologist II, who will be paid according to the MRTA contract. Moving forward, the mix of supervisory and non-supervisory school psychologist positions will be determined on a needs basis.

Director of Technology – The prior director of technology was a high school graduate. Dr. O’Malley has revised the job description to require a masters degree and a principal or administrator certificate.

On the financial front, last March, the district received a $2.6 million capital grant from the state assuming we provide $3.9 million in matching funds. The grant needs to be accepted by the end of the upcoming school year. Expect to hear more about this next spring.

More to be done but nice to know we’re moving in the right direction.
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Anonymous said...

Where are the 3.9 million in matching funds going to come from? Does this mean a huge tax increase next year or will they bond and buy more debt over time?

metoo said...

I too would like to know where the 3.9 million is going to come from?

Please tell me that it isn't coming from a raise in taxes? We just CAN'T afford it. Something has to give.