Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Post Has Been Removed

I have removed the link in this post because it has served its purpose but is now primarily distracting from more pressing issues.

I have also updated the comments policy to ban religious denigration.

Deleting the article would do the same to the comments below, many of them worthwhile. I've chosen to retain most comments so that a person could still determine the original post and benefit from other comments that contribute to the political dialogue. >>> Read more!


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Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you are posting this because ....

Play ball said...

With Mark Coren it was always about the control. Now he is the one that gets to be controlled. How long was he sentenced for? What is next Norman Kauff gets busted for beasteality? Please tell em there will be pictures if that happens.

Aberdeen Democrats 2009 just got a little more interesting for Norman Kauff and his minions.

Aberdeener said...

Why did I post this? Because high public officials have a special obligation to safeguard the public trust. To assume Coren was caught on his first and only offense would be naive.

By publishing, I hope to deter the next guy who assumes he'll never get caught.

Anonymous said...

DC Number: C03366
He is set to get out 10/10/2011
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: HAZEL
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 215 lbs.
Birth Date: 12/12/1949
Initial Receipt Date: 04/29/2009
Current Facility: GULF C.I.
Current Custody: MEDIUM
Current Release Date: 10/10/2011

Anonymous said...


Offense Date 06/03/2008

Sentence Date 04/23/2009

Prison Sentence Length 2Y 6M

Currently Incarcerated

Anonymous said...

You sir are an elected official. And you have the nerve to post this. For residents that live in Aberdeen that have no idea this not Mark Coren I repeat not. You sir should be ashamed.
Irepeat this not Aberdeen former Twp Manager.

Anonymous said...

This is the one and same Mark Coren that was the Township Manager. Same mug but with a Florida State prison haircut - sans hair and facial growth.

It's very sad - not something to celebrate. Was he auditioning to be on "To Catch a Predator". He is now also on the national sex offender database.

I heard that he talked to Kauff and some on Council daily. I guess not since they don't allow cell phones in prison.

Anonymous said...

Also, these are not allegations or unproven charges as some have made on here. He is a convict and will be housed courtesy of the State of Florida until mid-2011.

Anonymous said...

He has not lived in or beem Township Manager for 4 years, so to post this is nonsense. It means nothing and could only hurt his family, Grow up Aberdeener, no need for this

Anonymous said...

You Aberdeener have reached a new low.

Anonymous said...

Coren municipal advisors (mark Coren president) were paid $8,500 by aberdeen thru out the year of 2007

metoo0522 said...

To anyone who is defending this scum. How do you know that he would not return to aberdeen when he gets out? I thank you Mr. Warren
for informing us that someone who lived here and had or still has some ties to our community is hurting childern.
I have four young childern and I would want to know if someone moved here with that background. Once again I thank you Mr. Warren

Anonymous said...

Heard Joe from the N section made copies and was handing them out to evryone. He should have kissed Corens ass because he is the one that hired him as Code Enforcer at the request of a couple of councilmen. Otherwise he would not have a job. Nice way to say thanks Joe.

Aberdeener said...

Metoo is correct. Even if Coren was not a former high public official and notwithstanding he currently resides in Florida, the residents have a right to know that a longstanding prominent member of our community has been convicted of being a sexual predator.

Anonymous said...

"An arena of ideas for improving our quality of life and reducing our cost of living in Aberdeen Township and the Borough of Matawan in Monmouth County in the State of New Jersey"

Bull-crap Aberdeener. I didn't like the man either, and his actions are despicable. Yet, it has nothing to do with your description of the purpose of this blog. I would expect this posting from one of the ten regular FU Norm morons who frequent it, but not from you. You knew the information would hit before the day ended. You should have waited. Just another pompous elitist who thinks they're smarter than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Irrelevant?! The man still owns property in Aberdeen and I doubt the people near Gloucester Court would tolerate the risk of having a convicted registered sex offender (national sex offender registry) be their neighbor when he gets out of prison in 2011.

tax 2008*
Monmouth Aberdeen Residential 268 GLOUCESTER COURT CONDO 0 COREN, MARK $65,500 $25,000 $54,800 $79,800 $4,197

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener you make me sick. You've taken this town and trashed it. You are an awful man and this blog is awful. The words people post on here are disgusting. No one should wish rape to anyone. These words are disgusting and so are you. You are a gross individual who has brought this town to an all time're just as much of a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

"Irrelevant?! The man still owns property in Aberdeen"

Nearly twenty other registered sex offenders reside in Aberdeen as well. However, they didn't make Aberdeener's headlines.

Aberdeener said...

I do check the sex offender registry. For my area, 07747, there are 4 people listed. 1 for attacking his ex-girlfriend, 1 for violating a woman after getting her drunk, and 2 for doing nasties in front of children.

Thankfully, I don't know any of them.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Hand FU TRUTH etc. said...

For the record, Warren didn't hope for Coren's rape, I did.
I will sometimes post here and defend Kauff because I think most of the haters are anonymous morons running with rumors.
This is not a rumor, this scumbag is convicted,there is a difference, absolutely this should be made public.

Anonymous said...

The argument has nothing to do with "right to know" or "being made public," etc. It has already been made public. Yet, Joey one term, aka my kids will never go to public school in Aberdeen, but I'll tell others how things should be done Warren decided to post it on his quality of life forum.

Anonymous said...

"I do check the sex offender registry. For my area, 07747"

As an elected official wouldn't YOUR area also include 07721 and 07735? So much for you River Gardens, Cliffwood, and Cliffwood Beach folks who thought this great crusader was representing your children on the school board as well as the Strathmore kids.

osectiongrampa said...

It is once again said that NJoe who works for Aberdeen was said to be giving out this info. Did you call and ask him? Probably not you low life. You say Joey should kiss Corens ass. For what? For Coren hiring the right guy for the job. Have you looked at Aberdeen since Joe has began doing the job? Aberdeen is very much improved. So hiring Joey made sense whether Coren did it or not. If you read this site at all you will also seen that Coren violated Joeys civil rights by keeping him from writing to the newspapers as he was free to do as a part of his employment and his rights under the constitution. Joey could have sued the town and cost us taxpayers money. Joey did not sue the town and cost the town money. Joey just put up with Coren's bullshit and evil ways and did the job. People know Coren was not a nice man to work for. He threw other employees to the wolves I hear when people complained about employees in the town. One time it happened Coren even involved Joe in a lawsuit for what Coren did. And you say Joe should kiss Coren's ass. I do not think so. I think Coren got what he deserved and that will come to him in prison. To the idiots who are defending Coren first and foremost you should know it is him in the picture. Second it is him in prison. And thirdly it is him who robbed Aberdeen with Kauff. Kauff who it is said brought Coren back as some bullshit consultant for business taxes in Aberdeen until Kauff realized it was big election year mistake. What is this new information on a good Kauff buddy going to do for this election. It will be embarrassing to say the least for Kauff and his close personal friends. Isn't that right Mayor Dave?

Letthewordringoutfromthistimeandplace said...

More blame against the man who keeps Kauff and the corrupt in the spotlight. Keep it up Joe W. keep pissing Kauff and all of the rest off. If you give in and buckle under Kauff and the other scum will win.

F U to all of you wrongly defend a child hunter who wants sex. It is Mark Coren in, arrested, convicted and jailed. If it isn't him all you who doubt it let him watch your kids then. It is him in prison fatigues whether the Kauffkins like it or not. One more thing keep pissing off Joe Mcaleer and see what will happen. Ask Murphy and his one term crew. Mcaleer walks soft but swings a big bat. So piss him off from the anonymous darkness pussies.

Anonymous said...

You were bearable until you made the guy who's job is to hand out parking tickets at the train station into some kind of superhero with a big bat.

doesthismeanimnotanonymous said...


NsectionJoe said...

A nice night at the beach concert and a few drinks at the Seagulls Nest ends at 10:30 with a phone message that my name is on the Aberdeener again. So to set the moron record straight.

1. It is Mark Coren in the picture
2. Many were shocked by this who
worked with him for years
3. I did make a five copies for
those who asked for them. I did
not make this some huge deal
I find it troubling and sad. But
If Mark did this crime and was
convicted for this, it is just
that he goes to jail and gets
the help he needs
4. No one was gleeful about this
it was very disturbing and sad
5. Mark was a tough man to work for
and he had friends and enemies
no different than anyone else
6. The attacks posted on the
Aberdeener to the website host
are no less troubling
7. To those who doubt me good luck
8. To others move on as there are
many more important things to
worry about in our community
9. I hope he gets the help he needs
10.Let those without sin cast the
first stone.

Good night.

NsectionJoe said...

Anonymous who posted at 10:23 call me tomorrow at 732-583-4200 X 196 at 9:00 AM. I will give you the list of what I do for Aberdeen. I'll be waiting so I hope you call. I am very proud of the services I provide to the citizens of Aberdeen. I hope you are similarly proud of what you do for a living. Remember 9:00 AM.

Thank you.

Marcwoodswatchdog said...

Joe good TOP 10 list. Don't pay attention to the idiots and naysayers.

Anonymous said...

What a degenerate, deviant sociopath. And for those who are offended that this link was posted, would you prefer to keep your heads in the sand and allow your children or your neighbor's children to be sexually solicted by this slug you are defending? Yes, he commited this offense in Florida, but he was convicted of sexually soliciting children on the internet and therefore, this deviant slug could have been in contact with any child in this country or abroad. Your concerns for his rights are misguided to say the least. It is the responsibility of parents and communities to protect our children from sexual predators like Mark Coren. And, informing the community of his status as a convicted sex offender is far more responsible then worrying about Mark Coren's rights and defending this deviant scum's character.
Thank you Aberdeener for posting this link and letting this community know that we had a pedophile managing town affairs. Disgusting and he is where he belongs. I am disappointed that he is only serving 2.5 years...not long enough I say.

Lng4mthreng said...

Nice picture is all I can say. I just printed out the comments put on here since yesterday. I will read them on the bus to work. One thing is for certain I am sure that picture is the former manager of our town. Thank you A'nr for putting it out there for all of us to see. To those defending this monster you are idiots. What is on your computer?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the name Joe that makes people accusatory?

Anonymous said...

For anyone who thinks this post isn't appropriate -
You tell that to the parents of the victim. This man is a PEDOPHILE. If he took millions of dollars he'd be on the news like Bernie Madoff and you would support that.

Anonymous said...

I’m a retired Aberdeen Police Officer, Coren spent most of his time trying to do as much damage as he could to the Police Dept. while he was there, and then he came back! (Thanks again Aberdeen Twsp. Council members) Before he left his position the last time he changed the retiree’s that live in Florida’s medical insurance plan to one that gave me 2 options for a doctor and no hospitals so I’m not a fan of his. He is in the Saint Lucie County Jail which is about 12 miles from my home so I will go there on visiting day look him in the eyes, laugh at him get up and leave….”karma” it’s all good.

Retired Aberdeen Pd.

NsectionJoe said...

No call this morning. I can assure those who question and criticize me that it would have been an informative conversation. Especially for those under their anonymous postings who question my position and my various daily duties on behalf of the citizens of Aberdeen. Feel free to leave me a message at the same number. I will return your call.

Shmoe Macaqueer said...

I got a job from this guy, now I'm going to dump on him even though we were good friends. I have a lot of class, don't I. Also, I like to put dead rats on people's doorsteps just to be a douchebag. God, I suck!

Anonymous said...

I've read through these comments and see no one at all defending Coren or anything he has ever done. I see a few expressing disgust at the tone of smug triumph and glee expressed here over this disgusting news. I agree with them. What on earth is there about this to be so triumphant about? The celebration aspect is unseemly, low down in the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Joe do you really think its professional to call people out to meet you at the flagpole on the Twp's dime? Speaking as one who pays a small fraction of your salary in taxes, I don't.

Aberdeener said...

Are you suggesting government workers should not avail themselves to the public?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone watching the news and all the arrests in NJ?

Anonymous said...

more to come

Anonymous said...

I am a parent who checks the sex offender registry on a regular basis - all the zip codes in the area, as a sex offender can certainly get in a car and drive over to the next zip code.

I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who harms children.

That said, I believe posting this picture was more a political statement than a statement about watching out for the area children.

If you you had done a post about all the area sex offenders, and how we should watch out for them, I would have absolutely stood behind the post.

This however, spotlighted one offender, who is still in jail and not currently a threat to anyone.

It seems obviously more of a way to gleefully embarrass those he was associated with than anything else.

Anonymous said...

No I am not suggesting that government workerd not avail themselves to the public. I am suggesting that they shouldn't engage in tit for tat conversations with anonymous bloggers on a privately run web site while on the clock.
If this person is truly busy as he proudly claims to be then he should save that stuff for after he punches out and do what he's paid to do.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous blogger questioned an employee of the community and that employee offered the ability for the anonymous poster or posters an opportunity to be informed. They chose not to and that speaks volumes of the personal attacks like yours. If Joe waited for five minutes at work and then advised the rest of us that no one called so be it. It was time well spent.

The Aberdeener said...

The Aberdeener is a blog by, and for low-life scumbags, who can be put in the same category as pedophiles. The owner of this site has nothing better to do with his life than start trouble with a political party he disagrees with. He thinks he has power because some dems in the town leak info to him. Whoopedy doo! It's a town of a few thousand, and this desperate jerk-off is on a power trip. He doesn't give two craps about his town. He just holds a grudge because he's a failure at life. As much as he thinks he's cool that he gets info leaked to him, if stuff about him was posted, nobody would give a crap about this nobody. The Aberdeener is a graveyard for the irrelevants of Aberdeen. Get a life scumbags. BTW... I am not a Dem. I just hate people that cheer when someone on the other side goes down...while forgetting a child was at harm. Good job Aberdener... cheering for child endangerment. It's a new low-point...which I didn;t think was reachable.

Anonymous said...

I also worked for Mark Coren, and I can say, this is truly a good day for me. What comes around, goes around Mark. I can only dream that you become somebodies bitch in prison and they take advantage of you daily. You are a piece of shit and I hope you rot, you bastard!

FreaneauGustav said...

Please excuse the personal attacks by the children of the kauff on joey w. and joe m. they have done nothing but highlight the wrongs of those we elect and more. Good for them.

NsectionJoe said...

I take my break time now to respond. If that is not OK I apologize. many people myself included are questioned, highlighted and worse. it goes with the position. No one called me today after my invitation. I did not meet anyone at any flag pole and more that is placed upon here. I apologize for these juveniles.

I thank all of the rest of you for this moment to explain. Back to your regular programming.

Break time is over for those of you keeping track. It took all of three minutes. Just so you know I will not-not-respond when slandered or worse.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a shame. I was an outside contractor that did work for the township, and actually thought Marc ran the township very straight foward. One thing was you always knew where you stood with his view, at least i thought so. He actually told me about how he would retire to his boat in florida. I thought this guy really has his s-it together. Well if all this is true then what what a shame. I feel for the victim and the family. No one walks away from this unharmed.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to make a point about all the comments on the "anonymous" posters.

Almost everyone who posts on this blog, besides Mr. Warren, Ken, and Joe are anonymous, no matter what "name" you put on your post. Yelling about people being anonymous is just silly.

At the same time, no one on this blog is truly anonymous. If you think any blogger, in this day and age, does not have a program on their blog that keeps track of both IP addresses, along with which city the poster is from, you're fooling yourselves.

So before you go on, wishing ill on someone, or making threats, perhaps you might want to think about that. Anonymous? Not likely.

justsotiredoflngpols said...

Vacation days that rain suck. Vacation days when it rains let me look at the Aberdeener and WOW HOLY SHIT. Mark Coren a perv? Who knew? People knew? Makes you wonder if this is the first time something like this involved him.

Enough of that though as Coren is away for a long time to come. No pun intended. I did also take the time to look at the last council meeting information and lo and behold there is the Master of Aberdeen at work once again. N. Kauff is scheming once again.

The town council leadership or I should just say Norman kauff is trying to pull another fast one. It seems under the guise of COAH a new "stellar" committee is being formed to lead Aberdeen through its building future. The names listed are as follows-

Deputy Mayor Gumbs a realtor
Town Manager a political puppet
Bill Shenton Kauff mouthpiece
David Samuel owner-partner CME
Richard Copolla Town Planner
Not named to oversee all N. Kauff

This stellar group can only mean one thing. There is an awful lot of money to be made.

Who are they trying to kid?

Everyone of these people has an awful lot to gain and earn from controlling or directing all of the development in our town. COAH is just a convenient excuse to rob the taxpayers. While every other community is fighting this social mandate our communities true corrupt leader in the disguise of N. Kauff is using COAH to his full advantage. At taxpayer expense of course.

Taxpayers we must stop this now!
Pay attention Aberdeen!

In closing one final word to the candidates running on the "2009 keep Kauff in control Democratic ticket". RUN! Run as fast as you can. Just look at the news tonight and you will all see why you should run as fast as you can away from N. Kauff. N. Kauff and Co. are going to go down and they will take you with them. RUN! RUN NOW!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked in to whether Coren has had to forfieght his pension? Don't convicted felons have to lose the pension?

driver8 said...

Bill Shenton is also the Aberdeen Democratic Party Chairman.

Anonymous said...

Either he can lose his pension or he can’t collect his pension while he’s in jail

Anonymous said...

Mark still have that smug attitude ,
really put it to the tax payers when u padded ur salary and other emplyees as well before retiring

Anonymous said...

If the crime was committed after his retirement, he keeps it. But if something comes out that he did before he retired, they could, but more than likely wouldn't go after his pension.

Anonymous said...

Rats again. Who do you anonymously claim leaves rats on peoples door steps. I think you need mental help.
Good luck with your mental problems.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, maybe the rat guy is also the ont that started the shakedown rumor

driver8 said...

Did somebody say salaries? How about this one courtesy of Data Universe:

Salary at location* $141,905
Total all salaries* $145,905

I see the $4000 fire commisioner money is added to Aberdeen salary to equal total salary.

Anonymous said...

This blog is really getting discusting.... I really understand why the schools are the way they are in terms of test scores and safety issues- look at this real intelligent blogging back and forth between so called adults. All the name calling, backstabbing and bad language.... if this happens on a blog what are the houses filled with for the children to hear. Great job Aberdeen/ Matawan... I am a real proud resident.

Anonymous said...

All these arrests today and no Aberdeen officials, I guess all of you who talk about Sobel and Kauff can now shut up! I was tired of reading all the BS about how it was a matter of time, etc. NOW SHUT-UP, TRUTH, EGGHEADTED and ANSTHE10!


The blog is disgusting? Be real?

What is truly disgusting is that as justsotired has shown us in his or her post above mine is happening right here in Aberdeen. The exact same corrupt politicians rounded up today were all arrested doing exactly the same thing as Kauff and his gang of miscreants are doing in Aberdeen right now. Kauff and his gang may call it PAY TO PLAY but it is anything but legal, moral and ethical. It is corruption pure and simple.

Where are the republicans? Don't they see that people like Justsotired have added to a long list of examples on what they need to show the people of Aberdeen as they campaign around Aberdeen. Information and example of the absolute truth regarding the Kauff controlled leadership and the costs of the corruption associated with that exact same type of political hanky panky.

As for the democratic candidates they need to do some soul searching before election day. They need to decide to stick with Kauff for the long haul or have a very good group of attorneys on call 24/7/365. I suggest they also always wear a hat from now on to hide their faces when the FBI makes them do the perp walk.

Candidates need to know the Mayor of Hoboken was only in office for three weeks and now it looks like he is going to lose all pensions and much more due to political greed. In Aberdeen greed is spelled K A U F F. Stick with him and you are going D O W N.

Think about it before November. It is not too late to man up and tell the political bosses NO!

I agree with a previous post RUN!

RetPDWhoKnowsHowitis said...

If you do not think all of our local officials were not worried today, you are very wrong. Many of us who know Norman and the others have no doubt that they were all looking out their windows, up and down their streets and spent most of the day talking to each other on the phone. If you doubt that you are very much mistaken. My bet is on Owin D. turning states evidence first out of all of them when the knock comes on the door. Can't wait to see Owins mug shot. By the way the former manager of Aberdeen looked peaceful in his prison photo. Scared but peaceful.

Like the former officer from Aberdeen who said something about karma and laughing in Coren's face.

I add karma ain't it a bitch. Or at least karma can easily make you somebodies bitch.

I concur with answerthe10 the candidates need to run. Run as far and as fast as you can away from Norman Kauff. Save your family the heartache and embarassment. Mrs. Kauff does not have to worry though since Norman Kauff has no heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey RetPD, you are an IDIOT this has nothing to do with local officials. If they had something on any of the towns' officials don't you think they would have been brought down today like the other Mayors and congressmen. Christie had checked them out and found nothing, so get over it.

cantwaittoleaveaberdeen said...

I guess no one plans on selling their houses anytime soon. Who would want to move to a community filled with this type of drama? The values of our houses have gone down because of the economy, and thanks to Joey Warren he's brought the value down even more. Do you really think people want to raise their children in this horrid community. Let's grow up. This blog should not be about putting people down. If you want a blog it should be about town information. Quit the bashing. Thanks Warren now I'll NEVER sell my house.


You deserve better then to fall on the sword for these political low lifes. Run Jimmy Run!

Anonymous said...

No arrests in Aberdeen, give it up MeatheadTED and IAManIDIOT10!


Anyone that thinks clearly has to say is WHERE ARE THE DENIALS?

You are an idiot if you think that sheep like the people that Kauff surrounds himself with do not really know how corrupt he is. Sheep are not stupid animals they are just easily led. Gov. Corzine thought Doria was honest. People trusted their Rabbi to be honest and a man of God. People even voted for Hoboken Mayor Cammerano recently while he was a liar and taking corrupt money all along the way. And some on here think Kauff is honest and that politicians that Kauff controls can be trusted. You can't be that stupid.

The best example on the aberdeener website today was the disclosure that a blue ribbon committee with Norman Kauff at the helm is being formed. That still makes some idiots on here blame Joey Warren for the reason they cannot sell their house. You are sick, twisted people who follow and support Kauff and need to turn over the rock you left your brain under.

Maybe the smartest one of all was Bill Axlerod. He left Kauff and Aberdeen in the dust. He may be the smart one? You can bet he is laughing about Coren still. They did not get along unless Kauff gave them each an equal share.

Warren Buttfuckit said...

Hey could have just ended the post with "it happened in Fla, not in NJ" and people should have shut their fucking dumb traps, printed fliers, left dead rats on people's doorsteps. You know how many other ex town officials, police officers, first aid members,teachers, and firefighters have done reprehensible things after they left their job? TONS OF THEM. This isn't a special case. It's just a case of some no-life having asses that want to somehow connect Coren to his ex co-workers. You and I know it's nothing more than that, plus some desperate political hacks that can't win on issues, so they celebrate when terrible things like this happen. God damn (sorry Jesus) I'm awesome at this shit! I should become a politician.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Jesus. All Warren is doing is hurting Aberdeen. It was a nice town before he got here,now evryone hates each other. The scum on this blog just make up things about everyone, they do not care who they hurt. If they had the truth on the issues they would not believe it , because then they would have nothing to bitch about. Your right that the officals do not get on the blog to give their opinion, because no one would want to hear what they had to say.Any of you pick up a phone and call them and ask them including you Joey, or go talk to them at a coucil meeting, I doubt it. You just hide behind this stupid blog. Joey I hope you are proud of yourself, it must make you happy to ruin a nice place to live.


Hey Norman were you watching the news conference tonight that encapsulated today's news conference regarding the latest corrupt political official roundup in New Jersey? I hope you were.

I also hope Norman that you were paying attention when the Chief of the FBI said the following

"it is up to the honest officials and the citizens of New Jersey to stand up to the corruption that pervades the political structure in New Jersey". It wase also stated that New Jersey is the worst state in the nation for political corruption" "the names change but the political corruption mechanism goes on" and finally they said "if you are conducting yourself in this manner we will get you". That means you Norman Kauff Esq. you are going down. You scumbag.

As for the idiot low life casting himself as Christ. You are blasphemous and should burn in hell. Right next to Kauff.

Much of the arrests today had to do with the corrupt mechanism that provides zoning, planning and building approvals. Lucky for you Norman Kauff you have nothing to do with any of that. Right Norman?

Your time is coming Norman!

Anonymous said...

To all of you that think Kauff and the council is corrupt I say put up or shut up. No more hearsay. Write the facts or give it up. Everything here is all crap and no proof. Write all you want, but everyone is not niave as you think. You say you have the write the facts, but when checked out its all nonsense.

Anonymous said...

To answer the ten questions: where were you when brains were handed out. They been saying this garbage for 11/2 years and Norm is still here, so I guess they have nothing on him, unless you know more than Christie. And I agree wioth Jesus

PythonFan1 said...

Looks like the Kauffkins are at their computers ready to strike or at least erase all of the corrupt programming in their computers that connects them to Kauff.

I fart in your general direction!
(Python reference for those of you in Rio Linda) Ala Rush Limbaugh

Anonymous said...

I guess Kauff is now smarter than Cristie and the FED's. Give it up idiots!

Mr. Hand said...


Answerthe10 belongs to the same n.a.m.b.l.a. chapter as coren

The truth is the bastard love child of kauff and kimsmom

Edgeviewted and pinehurstdon engage in beastiality acts at the home of njoe.

see how easy it is to start a rumor? Grow the hell up. Norm is not going to prison.

Stop being mad because you can't win an election.

F N K said...

I am willing to bet that since it is now 9:00 it is lights out on the prison cell block for Mark Coren. Do you think Mark sleeps on his stomach or his back?

He was a low-life, treated people like shit and deserves all he is getting. You too Normy.

Goodnight Kauffkins. Keep looking down the street. Operation BID RIG isn't over like they said today. Today was phase 3. Right Norm?

allkauffallthetime said...

This just in...pythonfan and fnk also join coren and justanswerthe10 on "vacations" in 3rd world countries known to cater to perverts out trolling for little boys....stay tuned to allkauffallthetime for more details

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for proof of your allegations about Aberdeen officials. To say people deserve anything bwd is. Fucked up. For that, I hope you drow an inoperable tumor in your ball bag

F the Kauffkins said...

Allkauff and anonymous you can't hold a candle to the people you try to embarrass. Ask yourself one question. Did they arrange all of those people so beholding and instrumental to the Kauff corruption to be on the blue ribbon committee for COAH?

I can hear the crickets from within your brain cavity as you try to figure out your next lie top protect Kauff & Company.

So you know the true answer is...

Soon to be investigated by the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office, FBI, IRS and more. If you don't think so just wait we have nothing but time, just like Mark Coren does. Keep pissing off the Aberdeener and others and when so when they walk into Prosecutor Valentin's office in Freehold you will not be laughing then. You and all the other Kauffkins will be too busy looking for attorneys to keep you out of a 6X9 cell like Coren.

You Kauffkins need to know one important thing. We know we are on the taxpayers side no matter what stupid thing you throw at us. Right is right and Kauff is all wrong. Yes it is just that simple.

Speaking of throwing do you think Coren gets to pitch or catch?

Squeal louder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aberdeener said...

Let's keep it civil, please. I don't like vulgarity.

Joey Warrantless ...and gutless said...

OM MY FUCKING GOD THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!! You're mighty clever. Too bad the county is being investigated by the Feds, you idiot. There is NOTHING going on in the tiny township of Aberdeen. Get over it. Your desperate attempts at trying to connect some fucker that was arrested in Florida this Spring with anyone that's currently working for the town is sad. Here's an idea... run a campaign with ideas that win the town over. Oh..... it's been failing time and time and time again. Sorry losers. ..and stop with the "I heard that....." YOU DIDN'T HEAR SHIT YOU LYING SACKS OF SHIT. Why don't you go play catch with your kids or something...or watch a movie with your family. Get off this dumb shit you good for nothing bitter losers. You talk so tough on the internet.... does anyone here have the balls to say some of this stuff to people's faces? pshhhhh So knock it off you fake tough guys.

Party's Over Aberdeener said...

Your site is now being monitored by the state of Florida, and you've been reported to Google(owner of Blogger)

Maybe you should be a good boy, and take this section down. Sorry...but rules are rules. Too bad you have no morals....but here's your chance to try.

CAUTION! No private or commercial enterprise has been authorized to provide links to this site on the enterprise’s web page. FDLE is not responsible for any banners or other material that such providers may add to what you see on your computer screen while trying to view our site via a link provided by an outside enterprise. If you are accessing this site by reason of such a third party’s link, your use of this site could be monitored by the third party. You can directly access this page and avoid potential monitoring of your use of this site by a private or commercial enterprise or other third party provider by going to:

Good night!

Aberdeener said...

Wow, so one more person is trying to shut me down. Get on line.

As for the other prior comment, I requested you speak civilly. If you wish to continue posting, you'll abide by my rules.

Aberdeener said...

Oh, here's Blogger's content policy.

Sweet dreams :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeener, this post really brought out the worst in everyone. Time to access your approach. Do you really think this posting will "deter" a sexual predator. I don't that predators are capable of using this information to calculate consequences. A stronger more evil force motivates them. This posting has done nothing positive. Prove that you don't have a political motivation and remove it.

Aberdeener said...

This post has brought out the worst in everyone. Unfortunately, I've seen it before as well.

The crime took place in Florida but I strongly doubt he was caught committing his first and only offense.

The post has achieved three things -
1) Our elected and appointed officials know the public is vigilant
2) Sexual predators may think twice about moving to a neighborhood with a highly visible local blog
3) Coren will probably be too ashamed to return

I agree the post has achieved its purpose. Worse, it has distracted us from other pressing issues.

I'm leaning towards leaving the post up over the weekend and then removing it. At that point, I don't think there will be any additional advantage to keeping it.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener -- Why take the post down after the weekend? You've never taken a post down before. Why not just remove the link to the Florida site (it comes up first on a Google of "Mark Coren") and redact the vulgarities.

Although this topic has brought out the worst in some people; it also serves a public purpose. You would think that the risk of ending up on "To Catch a Predator" would be enough of a cliche to stop most people. Mark Coren is not a dumb person -- he is a very smart person with what is now a very obvious dark side that deserves public humiliation.

Aberdeen had a pedophile running the township for over 12 years. Pedophilia is a compulsive behavior that is known for being repetitive and Coren obviously hid this sick illegal gross behavior from those closest to him. It is probable that people may come out in our local area to report abuses by Coren. This is not about wishing ill on Coren -- but about protecting individuals and seeking justice for those who he violated.

If we had a retired teacher that was CONVICTED in another state for pedophilia and a registered sex offender in the national database, we would rightfully be worried that wrongs occurred when the person was teaching in Aberdeen. Aberdeen employs children in its recreation program, Coren lived in the community (occasionally), and had access to the internet as a township employee. It is not wrong for people to be concerned: Did Mark Coren, a convicted sexual predator, act on his repulsive impulses during the time period in which he worked for the township.

This is a single man with no family in town and now we know that he is a sexual predator. This is about protecting our children.


Did I miss something?

Did the Aberdeener need to get permission to put what he wants on his website? Is this not AMERICA?

Did the caveman mentality types who criticize many of us on here get offended by the Kauffkins comments? Are they just like the GEICO guys? Do they seek to wrongly embarrass the aberdeener and the vast majority of us that find the banter, subject matter and more to be informative, entertaing and fun? Is this not AMERICA? O'h you Kauffkins!

To the Kauffkins just do me one favor. Just answer one simple "even a caveman can do it" question. NOT A plug for GEICO INSURANCE by the way. Relax the Aberdeener has not taken on sponsors.

QUESTION- How can you Kauffkins have NO PROBLEM with the list posted above of those people handpicked by Norman Kauff and put in place to control, legislate and set the standard for any and all development in Aberdeen, when these exact same people will make huge sums of TAXPAYER DOLLARS being on the supposed NORMAN KAUFF blue ribbon committee and who will set the rules, practices and more that will impact the community, taxpayers and our quality of life for many years to come?

As for the Mark Coren situation every angle has been covered and the fact that Mr. Warren put it on the website did a service to 99% of the residents in town and perhaps far beyond Aberdeen. The taxpayers paid his salary, lived near him and deserved the right to be informed, warned and far more. He still owns property here, he interacted here and may have left his perverted mark here. Far too often victims of such predators do not come forward, sometimes for years. But you criticize us for ripping him a new one or for some who did not like him and may have had suspicions in his regard who were a little happy that he got his just desserts. You people would have been the same types of people who said- no Adolf Hitler is just a short man with a funny mustache he could not hurt a fly". Go bury your head in the sand. To those who defend Norman Kauff or will wrongly suggest he was wrongly prosecuted you are just mad as you were supposed to be his friends, co-workers and more really did not know the man at all. Norman Kauff must be beside himself with embarrassment. Good! The writing is on the wall Norman Kauff. Read it!

As for yesterday and the sweep of corrupt low life politicians and the leeches they surround themselves with, I say it was a very good day for the taxpayers of New Jersey. Many of us also have no doubts that the Kauffkins phones were ringing off of the walls as they waited for the big blue federal corrections bus to come down their street. You can be sure that Justice Lane and the offices at CM&E were on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Right Norman Kauff?

So Kauffkins keep defending Norman Kauff and all of the others. All of the others arrested yesterday all who had their followers, supporters, congregants, families and more. Those would be the same people who are now upset, embarrassed, angry and much worse. When Kauff and all of the rest finally do the "handcuffed perp walk" you should know that we will all need a fireman posted next to our computers all over town as our computers will be ablaze with joy. Better yet I ask, what will all the Kauffkins do when the giant banner is hung over route 34 and 35 to spread the word that we Aberdeen is "ABERDEEN IS CORRUPTION (KAUFF) FREE". What do you think of that sign saying? CORRUPTION IN ABERDEEN IS SPELLED KAUFF. Good riddance to him and all that associate with him.

Did you Kauffkins call Norman Kauff for the answer to my one question yet? If you call him and you hear a beep in the earpiece, you might want to hang up very quickly. You never know who might be listening. Right Norman?


Aberdeener said...

You're right that I've never taken down a piece based upon the nature of its content. Nor do I believe there's anything inappropriate with the post. The question, however, is whether the community will be better off if I leave it up or take it down.

After posting the link, the site reached all-time highs for single-day traffic. Yet, at the same time, I also published a piece on college graduation rates and what we can do to improve our kids' chances of earning degrees. Only fifty people read that article.

By the end of this weekend, the vast majority of people who frequent the blog will have seen the link. This is not something that people easily forget or allow to be forgotten. And we can always revisit the issue in two years.

The benefits of maintaining the post would have to outweigh the costs and I don't think they do.

Anonymous said...

Hey about a picture or two of your friends from Deal and Brooklyn with their nice bracelets?

Aberdeener said...

Ah, an anti-semitic comment from an anonymous poster. How precious.

Anonymous said...

The anti-semites will all go to hell.

What I will find interesting are the stares around the table at the next council meeting.

For whom the bell tolls....

Anonymous said...

Well, Joey, now you know who your real friends are and its not who you think. Open your eyes and smell the coffee or in your case the ones that you are tied into

Anonymous said...

I think the anti-semetic comments are disgusting, too. However, I am disappointed that you made no comment when someone posted blasphemous comments as Jesus Christ.

Aberdeener said...

You're right. I saw it as satire but I should've recognized it was also highly offensive.

I'll review the comments policy. Some comments are simply out of bounds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I agree some content gets a little out of hand. Then again when facts are presented time after time like the supposed BLUE RIBBON DEVELOPMENTAL COMMITTEE that will soon be robbing the taxpayers I can understand how people could get frustrated. I will watch my P's and Q's.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see stares around the town council table try showing up! Next meeting is August 4th at 7:00pm. If you have a question don't be afraid to ask it either.

Anonymous said...

Questions of the Mayor and council will be completely and full answered with lies of course.While there you can also ask any question you want of the manager on anything to do with anything and everything having to do with Aberdeen. However, iIf you ask for a legal opinion or some type engineering question you will be waiting for a very long time. You see the longer they take to answer the more they get paid. Just so you know these supposed experts don't take checks. They just take the taxpayers to the cleaners for the flawed services that they provide here in Kauffville. Sorry, I mean Aberdeen.

The truth hurts don't it Norman?

Anonymous said...

Since the traffic on this site is up and Aberdeener refuses to delete this post, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Aberdeener along with other members of the Board of Education recently voted 9.3 and 6.7% increases to the central office administration bringing their salaries to $130,000 and $185,000. All financed with your tax dollars. How much was your last raise?

driver8 said...

Did somebody say salaries again?

Salary at location* $141,905
Total all salaries* $145,905

Mr. Hand said...

Anon at 10:59.
You speak about "facts" being presented, such as the "supposed" blue ribbon committee.

which is it? fact? supposed? Thats the problem with alot of the people here, you dont have "facts" you only have the same old tired bullshit rumors.

Before you reply with your usual, tired Kauffkin reference, I already stopped at Kauffs and claimed my rewqard.....homo.

Anonymous said...

N section Joe. First I would like to say that you do a great job for the township. SOmething bothers me though. You said in one of your comments that you were on break when you made the comment on this site. What I would like to know is if went home to use your computer or did you use a township computer to post your comment. If so does that not go against township policy to use a computer for peronal reasons, and if this true will you reprimanded for this?

Star Spangled Honesty said...

Did you the great and all seeing "so brave yet so anonymous" AKA "doubter of all things against Kauff" happen to look at the Aberdeen website or look on the public posting cabinet inside town hall? You see the information you doubt and throw in our faces was in fact placed out on the court room tables for the public to read, placed out in advance of the council meeting. It was also placed in the display cabinet in town hall and was even to be discussed at the council meeting in regards to the Kauff controlled resolution to appoint a Mediation Team, all orchestrated by your supposed leadership.

Mediation Team my ass. This is nothing more than another ruse to make people think that we have to do this COAH declaration just to help out the so connected Ciffelli family. WE DO NOT HAVE TO DO COAH.

Additionally from your idiotic post we are left to assume, actually and more poignantly be absolutely positive, that statements ensure as to what an "ass-u-are". This is certain as you repeatedly cast doubt upon all of us due to your being bought and paid for, ignorance included or by your intentionally motivated Kauff cover up techniques from the classes held in the basement of 7 Justice Lane. Those classes must be in overdrive today since the latest roundup of Kauff types yesterday.

Unfortunately you are not alone in your ignorance. This is proven as of late from the several similarly ignorant postings from Christ and others, which bordered on blasphemy.

Do you not have a problem as a resident and taxpayer that this "Mediation Team" comprises all the key personnel whose allegiance and involvement is bought and paid for by the Aberdeen political boss. A team who stands to gain greatly financially from something they will directly control?

If it was not done in a municipal building it would be classified as a RICO crime type organization. Kauff and his crime syndicate will devastate our communities future if this resolution passes. That is right I said RICO type crime organization, write it down so you remember it, as that is exactly what Kauff is running.

Politics be damned Norman Kauff esq. masterminds an illegal criminal enterprise that is no different from the black hand, Japanese Yakuza or the Russian mafia type organizations operating in America today. Kauff merely runs his criminal enterprise under the guise of the worst crime of all, that which is POLITICAL PAY TO PLAY. That is the crime of political corruption perpetrated by those we elect and employee, who are in fact supposed to do the peoples business" not to merely take our pay and to wrongly serve there own selfish self serving interests. Politics and politicians be damned. To HELL!

Keep up the ignorance. You are very good at it. Your Mother would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

First COAH is mandated by the state, the municipality had to give a list of open space and the state then mandates what their requirements are. Second , stop spreading rumors about secret meeting unless you know they are true. Third, the stae mandated the mediation committee not the township. Fourth, ask Gartley who the Cifellis supported, he supported the republicans not the democrats. Fifth, stop the garbage and write some facts.


Anonymous said...

and we all know about Gartley. If something is going on in Kauff's home, sit infront, take a video camera of Vinci, Sobel, Drapkin, etc. enetring and having this so called meeting. It must happen nightly the way you make it sound.

MotherTheresainthehouse said...

July 24th 2009 at 2:33 pm is a momentous day for the Aberdeener website blog. Why? The answer is simple. Our little site has it seems been visited by Mother Theresa. Only kidding of course.

First some bipolar disorder of a poster compliments NJoe on a job well done, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Then in less then a second or two the bipolar Mother Theresa questions him on possibly using his computer at work to respond to criticism that he is somehow not worthy of the position he holds and more. NJoe does his job. If that is not true and all you have to do is look at other communities as you ride around. Nevertheless NJoe stands up for himself, Jimmy Lauro and many others the bipolar community criticizes and I applaud him for doing so. NJoe is a stand up guy and puts himself out there far more then anyone else. If you have lived here more then a week you would know that. Then again with all the recent move outs due to the high taxes many people don't know him or the history. Don't get me wrong every job has its share of malingerers. NJoe is not one of them. He even gave his critics the opportunity to call him and have his position explained to them. No guts no glory. Just another big mouth looking to embarrass a hard worker and guy who stands up for his community, neighbors and friends. I mean come on he even told you how he was going to vote and it was for those of us who remember not all for the party his critics wrongly claim gave him his job.

But now it seems under the subject notification of our former town manager being convicted as a sexual predator, some posters on the Aberdeener waste our time and wrongly criticize NJoe. All I can say is grow up.

My apologies to anyone who may be bipolar or have any individual with such a disorder. It was meant to show the two faced nature of the poster now and forever to be known as Mother Theresa. Bless me Father for I have sinned.

sweatwilleffecttheglueonyourhead said...

July 24, 2009 3:55 pm

Owen you need to relax.

Still no denials or answer to the ten said...

The FBI just stated the folowing:

"New Jersey has a culture of political corruption" also stated "New Jersey is the worst state for political corruption"

Aberdeen taxpayers should all be so proud that Norman Kauff keeps up his end and Norman Kauff needs to be the poster boy (front and side views of course) as our local proof for statements such as those. He makes us proud every single day. Way to go Normy!

Yet some defend him? Some say innocent until proven guilty. I say Norman Kauff is guilty until proven innocent. Attack away.


Hey nice posts. I hear that the guy in the parking lot shakedown was named Bob by the way. Still checking on the rest. By the way any of the guys arrested yesterday involved with Somerset Anchor and that big payday Mr. Kauff is planning on. Wait till they try and pass the deals for county road and the old anchor site. The public against that will fill the high school gym. Be ready all of you really be ready.

Anonymous said...

By the way the classes do not have to include Vinci, Drapkin or Gumbs any longer since they have been payed off long ago. They run and follow instructions for fear that they will be exposed for the past payoffs. Remember the Gumbs land deal. The run you own re-election campaign that Vinci cashed in on. And Drapkin is like the ever ready bunny. He just keeps going and going and going as long as Kauff and Lesniak send him campaign literature and sign business.

The Justice Lane classes are now only being held for the latest Kauff electioneers. That is unless yesterdays corruption sweep taught them a lesson or two. It should have scared the crap out of all of them. If they are anything close to smart they will quit and tell Normy to come out of his Coren closet and run for elected office himself. Not likely that will happen though since the old vampire hates the sun. I hear he only comes out when there is money involved. Then again the parking lot shakedown with the newly discovered Bob, that was in the dark. Right Normy?

DaBankStreetBoyz said...

"Anonymous said...
Hey RetPD, you are an IDIOT this has nothing to do with local officials. If they had something on any of the towns' officials don't you think they would have been brought down today like the other Mayors and congressmen. Christie had checked them out and found nothing, so get over it."

Christie may have checked them out, it's true, but we don't know for a fact whether he found nothing. Oftentimes law enforcement agencies will look into offenders, then back off and give them just enough rope. The recent case which brought down 44 perps, for example, took ten years. Norman and the boys cover their tracks well. The best way to stop them is to remove them from power at the ballot box.

As to Coren, I believe it is appropriate for Joey to post this. Whether the case he's doing time for took place in Florida is irrelevant. He worked here off and on since 1983, with interludes at Howell, Mahwah and Clinton Townships. The concern here is whether he perpetrated his sick acts here, on or off township time. I know he used a personal e-mail address for communication as township manager. This would theoretically give him the freedom to do personal e-mails while at his desk, as well as township business. It may be appropriate at this time to investigate whether any evidence remains on the township's servers and hard drives.
It may also be appropriate for the Police Department to check their files and see if there are any unsolved cases that may fit Coren's MO. I do know he hated cops.

As to Anonymous' allegations about N Section Joe's breaktime. Come on. Joe didn't have to go home or use the township computer. He could have used laptop, a Blackberry or even a cell phone to post here, so stop the hair splitting pettiness. Grow up, Anonymous.

IvyhillREPUBLICAN said...

I agree to criticize Joe for first off responding, rather politely I may add, to more serious allegations and criticisms was justified. He offered his anonymous critics a fair chance to be informed and they were not interested in his side. They were and continue to hide in the anonymous region still. Joe more than anyone else puts himself out there for all of us. And by the way he did not get the job just because of his long friendship with Councilman Perry either. He has told us before he was offered the job three times before he took it. Look around at your street and look to see if there are houses that you think need attention. That job maintains our resale values and in light of these economic conditions that job is very important. Can any of us really imagine doing that job. You have to know there is little support when taxpayers complain and even less when they thank you. It is give and take in the least, probably mostly take. I know he took care of a problem with an elderly lady who was a packrat that lingered long before he started here. It was terrible. If you are going to criticize Joe or Jimmy Louro be up front and ID yourself. When you are offered a chance to talk to him take him up on it or shut up.

CTYRDAINTHAPPY (still) said...

If these democratic candidates want our votes they better put some people on that commitee from Cliffwood and beach. Puttin Sister Gumbs ain't enough for most of us to trust them. We know what they are trying to pull down the end of county road and it will be a good fight. Times have changed Mr.K. So they better put some people from the town on the commitee or else they can vote us out in november. Dont even think of sending that old town cop over here either to get us to vote for him.

Cliffwstan said...

That is a very good idea about having people from the community a part of the mediation committee. Make damn sure they are not some friends of Kauff though. It is time to take our town back. This thing about the old manager is scary to me. Who do you think knew around here and said nothing? The arrest information had it over a year ago. Damn sure Kauff knew and probably Vinci. Maybe they all knew and kept it under wraps to not be embarrassed? We will see? Last thing Hi Rocky in Fla. Still riding the bike? Helmet free I hope.

LisaSFe said...

The last ten posts have one thing in common. They make sense and point out the problems in this town. I like the idea about community members being on the team to keep an eye on the others. Taxation without representation after all.

Letthewordringoutfromthistimeandplace said...

Manasquan here I come. Before I put on the sunblock I agree that people from the community should be a part of any committee. It seems that the deck is always stacked against us and favors the expensive insiders. We are not the simple folks you think we are. Get involved is an understatement. Get out there today tomorrow it rains.

Anonymous said...

Mediation committee is already formed. Gumbs is the leader, just what we need!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

O.K. Enough is Enough. Stop! What will any more accomplish on this Coren story?

Does anyone know about something amusing or a good deed someone has done for someone else to report?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen asks state to get tough regarding Tier 3 sex offenders

JOE PIKE. Asbury Park Press. Asbury Park, N.J.: Sep 15, 2005. pg. 9

Copyright 2005 - Asbury Park Press NJ - All Rights Reverved

ABERDEEN Township recently became the first Monmouth County municipality to adopt a resolution asking for stricter punishment for Tier 3 sex offenders, said Township Manager Mark Coren.

According to the resolution, the Township Council is asking that all municipalities in New Jersey pass a similar resolution, which is called the Resolution to Protect Our Children.

The resolution asks that the state's Megan's Law be made stricter by calling for life imprisonment for certain offenders by unanimous consent.

According to the resolution, "Whereas, the registration and notification procedures implemented by Megan's Law have not completely abated the threats to our citizens and the children of this state from repeat sexual offenders who have been convicted and classified as Tier 3 offenders. ..."

The resolution asks the state Legislature to review the guidelines surrounding the sentencing of convicted Tier 3 sexual offenders, or those deemed most likely to commit sex crimes again, and sentence these offenders to life in prison.

"My personal opinion is not important on this subject," Coren said. "The opinions that matter are those of the Legislature. If they see it fit to give certain offenders life in prison, then so be it."

Anonymous said...

To the anaon poster who has lived here for 48 years and says it is safe. How about the stabbing on the Sea Wall just recently? Three men tried to rob a guy fishing at 8:30, it was in the news paper. Cliffwood Beach is not the safest place to be, day or night and I am a resident!

Anonymous said...

New Jersey law stipulates that a retired member is
not eligible to collect retirement benefits if the
retiree is confined in a penal institution as a result of
a conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.
[State of New Jersey Public Employees’
Retirement System Member Handbook, page 31]

Anonymous said...

Pertaining to Cliffwood Beach: The collpase of the real estate market, our property tax increase, and general unemployment has hit this area hard. We can't let our beautiful neighborhood go to the dogs! Please, we need a visible police presence. How about a car or two patrolling the Beach on a continuous basis? Why not? We should see something for our money!

Anonymous said...

anonymous july 25 2009 7:39pm

You have the right to your opinion. i also know Joe and find many of the attacks on him to be childish and without merit. that said anyone like Joe or Mr. Coren have to know that they are open to public ridicule and worse. Joe responded politely and his offer was refused. The refusal was most likely due to the critic just being a scared person who ridicules from the dark and likes it that way. Too bad. Keep it up Joe and if they ever come after you I think you know what to do.
Your position from speaking to an Aberdeen Officer says most like himself and you get thrown to the wolves rather than be recognized. That is also too bad.

One last thing Joe. What ever happened to Mickey Hauser, Sam Fedele and some of the other guys? Let me know.

Alan M.

Investigation warranted on Coren actions said...

Whomever found the old statements made by Coren in regards to possible local action on sexual predators many years ago all I can say is thank you. I also wonder if our police have spoken to any of the neighbors where Coren used to live to see if he was a problem here. This is not something that develops over night. Our police need to investigate this and put the local residents at ease. People are finding out about this and they are very concerned.

DaBankStreetBoyz said...

Many people involved in our township believed Mark Coren to be the be all end all in the world of municipal management, and some may feel that they have egg on their faces now. Some have been vocal and nasty on this blog as a result. Relax, guys, I'm pretty sure he kept you in the dark as to his extracurricular activity. In the event that he didn't, then you should have come forward at the time.
But let's look at this from a different standpoint, using an analogy. Let's pretend that he's the Rev. Coren, and that Aberdeen is, let's see, St. Norman's Parish. Well, the congregation finds out that after the Rev. Coren left St. Norman's and went to St. Lucie's, he was caught molesting a minor. It is entirely logical, indeed commendable, that the St. Norman's congregation would then be concerned whether the Rev. Coren had molested any of their kids, and look into finding out. It is also logical and commendable to determine whether anyone knew about it and covered for the Rev. Coren. It is also logical and commendable to ensure that he never comes back to St. Norman's.
(The analogy is used only to illustrate a point, and is not intended to besmirch any religious denomination.)
Aberdeen is not a church, it's a community, and unless it was sold recently, Mark Coren still owns property here. It makes sense to determine whether or not he engaged in any illegal activity here, whether or not he used township computers in so doing, and whether or not anybody covered for him. It also makes sense to ensure that he never returns to Aberdeen upon his release from jail.

KoreaVetC'WoodBeach said...

People like the Aberdeener and Joe MCaleer are outsiders because they speak their minds. Their are many of us who do just that but are ignored by most in society too busy with their own lives. The Aberdeener website and Joe and his telephone pole advisories in years past did many of us a great service. Sure some seek to embarrass these people and have ill will against them and try to embarrass them at every turn. Do they run and hide from such criticisms? No as they are spurred on by it. Leadership especially controlled and corrupt leadership despise such involved and vocal people. Ppeople like the two of them and for those of us who chastise and highlight the corrupt and the easily led in our society do not look for praise and a pat on the back. We know what we do bothers them by informing a too busy public. Many doubt the power of the internet and Joes telephone pole advisories of old. Ask the former Mayor of Aberdeen Brian Murphy and his associates what the power of one man or a few others can do. Ask the one term former Mayor of Aberdeen. Murphy and others went after Joe MCaleer in ways many of us would cringe at. What Joe did was right in highlighting the wrongs at that time. Some would wonder why Joe has been so silent. Some think Joe and the Aberdeener are wasting their time? The proof is that Joe and the Aberdeener are not going away. Here ends the lesson. They are not going away. I for one am very glad.

NJ is a JOKE said...

It is so hot today I thought I would log on. Same stuff except that I agree with KorVet. It is like part of an actors line in the Howard Stern movie "Private Parts".

"most say they hate him but listen just to hear what he will say next'

If you do not like what is on the aberdeener get the hell off of it and stay off of it. If you do not add to the give and take you just seek to embarrass those who do and who sincerely seek a better Aberdeen. An Aberdeen free of the grip of Kauff.

Do you think our council people seek a better Aberdeen? Give us five things they have done this year to better Aberdeen? Road programs, Vinci traffic intersections, CME projects that wasted money and time and anything else Kauff controlled do not count. Take your time. Like Mark Coren we have nothing but time. The candidates though do not have much time left. Tick tock, tick tock. That is if Kauff has any candidates left after the latest corruption sweep Wednesday.

Question for all of us to ponder.

Q. Do you really think that Governor Corzine was going to select some 74 year old woman, before the sweep through Hudson County, Lakewood and the rest of New Jersey. The Lt. Governor post was a joke before he made his selection and now it is just a really OLD JOKE now that he has made his selection. The possible first ever Lt. Governor stated that "she would look for corruption as the Lt. Governor of New Jersey".

Somebody get that woman a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Get that woman a mirror first and then a map of Trenton. Better yet a map of the entire State of New Jersey with a big arrow pointing to Justice Lane. Right Norm.

Anonymous said...

MORAL TURPITUDE MORAL TURPITUDE Kauff don't want any of his people to have any MORAL TURPITUDE.

"We don't need no stinking MORAL TURPITUDE". NK

Right Normy?

Where are the Kauffkins this weekend? Is there a corrupt political hack convention? Has some patriotic American gone up in a crop duster and sprayed the Aberdeen area with an anti corruption/Kauff insecticide? We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Like Bank St. says the Coren thing needs to be looked into as well as the possibility that officials or town employees may have covered for up possible wrongdoings that Mark Coren may have done while he was in the position as the Aberdeen Township Manager? A very interesting thought.

That is one that will wake up the local supporters of all things Kauff.

Doo do doo do doo do doo do dum de dee dum dum dum dum dum...
Jeopardy theme all rights reserved

Anonymous said...

Dumb is a 60+ year old man soliciting children on the interent, losing his pension, friends, and far more. then again Coren was an arrogant, egotistical SOB. Like Pcky said. He will laugh in his face and walk away. We all should wish Rocky that tell say to Coren "I represent myself and all the people of Aberdeen you lied to".

Anonymous said...

Looks like someones blackberry needs a tune up. Wait to get home to post.

LisaSFe said...

If the newspapers do not print a story about this Coren thing. If the police do not investigate his possible presence in our town the next step should be a citizens informational campaign. Does anyone know where he lived?

Anonymous said...

All I think someone has to do is see the tax person at boro hall. They list by name and more each property owner.

Play ball said...

Good morning all. Todays Asbury Park Press has a letter to the editor from Matawan resident Bob Cassagrande on the subject of the supposed unfair coverage of local politics and especially the "bored" of education and its membership.

Did I miss something? Did our school system not just give raises far in excess of anything close to fair. Did it not seem to most of us that this was just another "Dan Skelton" backroom deal that we taxpayers paid for.

It seems that Mr. Cassagrande is OK with the mess that has been the governing of our school system for many years/ This while he stands up, some would say almost alone, in support of the raises and minimal improvements in our overpriced school district, that these rewards were given for.

It is time school leadership talk to the non-leadership "workers" and see what is the "real deal" and "goings on" within the walls and leadership of our school system. Far too often those who wield the power are the cause of the lack of improvement, out of control spending and more while the workers witness the causes for the failures out of the public eye.

I realize this post is not on the subject of the pervert that is, was Mark Coren. That I agree requires an investigation by the Aberdeen leadership on the subject of Mark Coren. Who knew what, when and for how long is of course secondary to the assurances the community needs that he did not hurt or contact anyone locally. Someone in an official capacity needs to assure his neighbors and the rest of us that no children that he may have tried to contact, or did in fact contact around here were hurt or affected. In addition an assurance needs to be given that while Coren was here in an official capacity or as a resident that he did not do the same thing.
When that is known then it will be time for another subject posting.

I would suggest the upcoming campaign candidates be interviewed. Perhaps with the number of weeks remaining before election day that the Aberdeener could post interviews with the candidates and their "own words and thoughts" on the subject of what "they will do for Aberdeen" if elected.

Anonymous said...

Well said by Play Ball. I agree that Coren's conduct should be looked into. He was in an official capacity and paid by the taxpayers. Even though he has been gone for some time his possible victims if any may start to come forward. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

If someone was affected by Coren they should come forward, do we need to start an investigation? I am glad he was caught and hope he get's his justice in the cell.

Anonymous said...

Bob Casagrande has to be supportive of the Board and Ed. and their excessive salary increases because he is a local commercial realtor and has solicited business from the board. And that is fact not biased reporting!

Anonymous said...

No investigation is requested. It must be an important election year.

Anonymous said...

Coren owns a condo at 268 GLOUCESTER COURT that is rented out

He receives an annual pension of $82,138.32

New Jersey law stipulates that a retired member is not eligible to collect retirement benefits if the
retiree is confined in a penal institution as a result of a conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude. [State of New Jersey Public Employees’
Retirement System Member Handbook, page 31] [2.5 years in prison equals ~ $200,000]

Search for Mark Coren on, priceless.

Pwr2thepepl2009 said...

Speaking of priceless. How much do you think Norman Kauff will be spending on this years election? Last time it was an important campaign like this one it was for the Sobel for Mayor campaign a few years back. Kauff spent $50,000.00 on that mess.

Where do you think the Democrats get such amounts of money? Thats right the answer of course is the Aberdeen taxpayer ATM. You see it is so simple. All Kauff has to do is allow CME, Coppola and Coppola, Town Attorneys and other assorted low lifes attached to Kauff, all who give big to the Kauff coffers each and every year to profit off of the taxpayers with more supposed work and expensive time on the clock hour submissions.

This year now that Councilwoman Gallo has thrown a wrench into the Kauff campaign which has caused four seats to be up for grabs this election not three like Kauff planned on. You can bet Norman Kauff will have to spend considerably more that the last time just because of Gallo asking questions about CME bills. Kauff is working very hard to drum up that campaign money and seems to be having some success by just implementing a few easy steps like the latest changes, unnecessary changes that is, in local ordinances, increased CME fees for the Kauff road program and much more. That now allows all of these cockroaches to overcharge the taxpayers through pay to play, and of course Kauff gets to accept supposedly legitimate campaign donations from each and every sector of municipal professional services. Then of course their are all of the developers seeking developmental approvals for projects like Rt. 34, County Rd., Anchor Glass and anywhere else that Kauff can think of who will gladly give their share.

It may seem legal but it is just barely that. Gee who made pay to play so legal? That is right low life lawyers like Kauff and the politicians they control did. It is sadly called your local government. Government that is at its worse of course.

But there is some sad news on the campaign fund front because Coren will not be contributing to his benefactor Norman Kauff's coffers this year just like years past, when Coren who is of course so beholding to Kauff, so when Kauff demanded Coren to endorse his corporate check out of the hidden and so secret holding company of properties that they have hidden out there in Freneau as part of the redevelopment zone. The holding company that Kauff, Coren and a few others have is to say the least, well hidden. Right Norm?

Illegal does not even begin to describe that little Kauff and Coren venture. Right prisoner # 00000001 of the Gulf Correctional Institution in Wewahitchka Florida?

By the way please send any and all care packages to the former Township of Aberdeen Manager Prisoner Mark Coren at the above location. Do not send Christmas catalogs with children around Santa, youthful back to school catalogs and stuff like that though.

To all of you so beholding to Kauff and who are next to have to be fitted for prison fatigues, all I can say is to enjoy the good times while they last. You can bet the bathroom on Mark Coren's $800,000.00 yacht was bigger than the cell he will be living in for the next 2 years and five months.

By the way parole and early release is not an option for convicted sex crime prisoners in Florida.

Run candidates run.

Ihave? said...

B E A U T I F U L is all I can say.

Kauff will be looking for power2 you can be certain. Hey Norm why not look inside your own party faithful. They may not be so faithful.

Just to let all of you know THE TRUTH had an emergency medical procedure and is on the mend. He is scheduled to be released from medical rehab in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Did they put a brain in THE TRUTH's head? Who needs that idiot.







I really think when you look at politics in New Jersey and Aberdeen that this election will be Kauff's last hoorah. The recent corruption arrests and the outrage from us in Cliffwood over the development plans for projects has scared the likes of Kauff and those he hand feeds. We do expect Kauff to hold the development applications for our area off until after the election. It will not work. If he is counting on Ms. Gumbs to work her magic this year that ship has sailed. The recent disclosures regarding her land deal and other things has diminished her power and they know it.

County Road may be a plan for Kauff and others but for us it is something we will fight till the end. No projects will be built in Cliffwood. They have not had a meeting with us lately and that tells us much. We are not to be ignored Mr. K.

They will see our faces very soon as we cast our votes at the polls this November. It will be very hard for many of us to not vote as we have in the past. Time is changing and just voting the party line is a thing of the past when that party ignores your area. That is until just before election day comes. We are not children. You want our votes just shut the projects down. Shut the projects down.

Anonymous said...

Has the idiot THE TRUTH shown one bit of evidence? He is a mental patient.

Anonymous said...

Coren is Dept. of Corrections #C03366 and is prisoner #262 on the prison population list. Care packages can be sent to him at:
500 Ike Steele Road
Wewahitchka, Florida

All letters will be read and packages inspected for contraband.

# How do I write to an inmate?

1. All correspondence addressed to inmates must be sent by U.S. Postal Service mail. Correspondence sent by other courier or delivery services will be refused.

2. Inmates shall not be permitted to receive routine mail in boxes, padded envelopes, plastic bags, multi-layer packaging, envelopes that include metal parts, or any package containing bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

3. Always use the inmate's committed name, DC number, and institutional address when addressing your letters.

4. Use the Facility Profiles to locate the address for major institutions. Use the printable directory to locate Work and Forestry Camps, Road Prisons, Work Release Centers, and Administrative Service Center addresses.

5. Address the envelope as follows:

Inmate's last name, first name, DC#
Institution name
Mailing address
City, State Zip Code

Doe, John DC# 012456
Some Correctional Institution
1212 South Street
Any Town, Florida 11111

FUTRUTH said...

I head the truth had to get some hamsters removed. I'm praying for his

Anonymous said...

To answer the previous question, we have been asking the Truth for evidence on any of his allegations since he first posted here. Unfortunately he has never been able to produce a single shred of evidence or fact. Everything he has ever written is purely rumor and innuendo.

The majority of us have just learned to laugh at the Truth's messages. No one takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

to the 5:10 anonymous post -

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, the bell tolls for thee

The prosecutor will have all the evidence that's needed when the time is right.


THE TRUTH it is said to have proven nothing. Yet not one of his critics have ever proven him or her wrong.

Try this one on for size as you criticize and mock THE TRUTH.

The development on County Rd. was initially presented to the neighbors as townhomes with a clubhouse by Centex. Then something mysterious happened when the report from the town planner said that the plan "was not conducive to the area". So all of a sudden Centex walked away. Some say ran away. Many say the price of the costly 100% Kauff approvals for the Centex project was too high, so Centex just walked away.

Then the true owner of the property, the much connected Cifelli family came back with an application and actually showed themselves, for once. You see they most often have other people front their projects for them to keep their names and obvious connections very well hidden. Then the supposed Centex idea of townhomes and a clubhouse project became market rate apartments when Cifelli came in with his own application. We got wind of this and started to question it at public meetings. All of a sudden words like section 8 and affordable housing started to come into the picture also. Most of us said that there must be more money for Kauff and his friends with that type of project. You should have seen their faces when we showed up in large numbers at their meetings.

We are not that stupid Mr. Kauff. We know you would not want this project in any area where you, Mayor Soble or any of the others who are part of this decision making process reside. Isn't that right Mayor "put the antenna in Cliffwood then" Soble? We are not your dumping ground soon to be former Mayor Soble. We have not gone away. And if you think the Anchor Glass thing is not on our radar you will be surprised. See all of you real soon.

Respond to this example with facts not insults. We already know there will not be any real substantive denials. We are used to that from our leadership. Right Mayor Soble?

FUTRUTH said...

Soble is a scumbag, but what the hell does this have to do with that anonymous moron THE TRUTH?

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog are out of control. The profanity that is used and Mr. Warren our elected BOE member allows it. That says a lot about him.
Before all of you Cliffwood residents jump on the band wagon, you should read some of the previous comments how the otherside feels about your section of town.
I agree this blog could be such a good tool for a better community working together for change.
Instead it has become a blog of hate, rumors, lies. If all you say on this blog is true instead of hiding behind this blog, show up at the next council meeeting. Our elected officials has the right to face you and get it on the record...cowards

EdgeviewTed07 said...

Hate, Rumors and lies it says is what has become of this website. I find it ironic that no one is supposed to be upset about the obvious corruption and example after example of that corruption. Yet one lone voice is allowed to somehow claim that the website is just so bad and is the cause of all the problems in Aberdeen.

Is not the fact that one man controls all the goings on with the town leadership, housing numbers, development applications, building permit and variance applications, bribe soliciting in parking lots with developers named Bob, secret land deals and payoffs of elected officials some to even run their own campaigns, and worse. Somehow an anonymous voice pleads, chastises and criticizes the rest of us. Get serious? We are not going away and before election day the voters will know all about Kauff and his corruption. Coren is merely a blip on our radar and we are looking at his actions here and in Howell and since for us to know who knew what and when. Was the public in danger? Were his misdeeds covered up? How does a man that is awarded the Manager of the year in Howell then get fired not long after only to be brought back into the Kauff fold and get his old job back after being fired?

Prove to us by answering Peaches questions or the numerous examples of Kauff and Co. corruption. You won't do that because you know you can't. Norman Kauff and all the rest are crooks and worse yet they violate the public trust and the oaths they placed their hands on the bible to take swearing an oath to God Almighty. But you have a problem with a few tawdry words.

I ask all you Kauffkins to get serious. Kauff's time is almost up. One man, the right man will take them all down. Kauff's time is coming to an end and all of them know it.

Bet your ass they all know it. That is why they hide from THE TRUTH and all of the rest of us. In court they will only be able to say "I do not recall that" or invoke the 5th amendment right so many times. Juries are not stupid.

I hear the train a coming... said...

Well said Ted. That is an understatement to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Thanks egg head ted, you and Truth are perfect together. The two of you and peachtree throw out some allegations and because no one responds to your non-sense they are guilty? Grow up, didn't your parents ever teach you to ignore people that say stupid things? There is no need to respond to the rantings of 3 or 4 anonymous posters. GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

Ignore this one anonymous.

44 politicians and the politically connected arrested in corruption sweep throughout New Jersey.

Only 43 remain as of this morning.

Two Jersey City political operatives were arrested in the sweep. One of them committed suicide yesterday in the wake of his arrest.

Mayor Healey named in the investigation as politician #4 has yet to respond. Perhaps he is relieved?

Anonymous said...

Who am I?

I am such a tool. I rant and rave about stuff I know nothing about. I tell tales of Coren, despite the fact that I only know of him second hand because I didn't even live in town, and knew nothing of him when he was here.

I also speak of Kauff, who I also don't know, but other anonymous people say things about him on the computer, so it MUST be true
I defend my life mate THE TRUTH because he too, has the same mental illness that I do.

Who am I?

I'm Edgeviewted, that's who I am

Anonymous said...

Poster from 7:32am, has anyone from Aberdeen been arrested?

NO! Innocent until proven quilty, there hasn't even been any charges against them. Get a LIFE.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted at 10:32am - maybe if people paid more attention to what's happening in other towns, we could rid NJ of the culture of corruption that exists in Aberdeen,as well as many of the other 566 municipalities. Even our Governor Corzine says the corruption is not limited to the 44 people arrested last week.

The day will come for Kauff, Sobel, and Drapkin; but Aberdeen should stand of against their cronyism now and bid them a fond farewell. Regardless of whether they are arrested, they are not good for Aberdeen.

Fred Tagliarini changed his vote to please them while on the Planning Board, as did his running mates. I understand that the Cannon team doesn't even live in Aberdeen. Kauff and his people think that we are fools that can be tricked with glossy mailings financing by pay-to-play. Kauff is the fool, an old fool who has to look over his shoulder as the sirens move closer to Justice Lane.

Anonymous said...

There once was a man call Kauff

He lurked in dark corners they say

While his man Coren lurked on myspace with young girls and boys

Kauff waved his hands for Sobel and Drapkin to do his bidding and paid Vinny to be Vinny, oh man

Gumbs did her thing on old County Road and boy was she loyal to the man

Poor man Raymond ... well, he sold his sole for a job at the DMV and that Kauff man just couldn't control that Perry guy

Then along came a man called Tagliarini who some say had no weenie, and he said "Mr. Kauff -- I'll be whatever you want me to be" and on that day he became a D

The Feds came a knockin on others' doors and Kauff said, "See, it's not me" as he darted off to see the folks at CME

But one day they'll come knockin, you'll see

Anonymous said...

There once was a man named ted.

Who said,TRUTH says for Kuaff are coming the feds.

But the feds never came

And THE TRUTH he did blame.

So then he went home and blew off his head.

Anonymous said...

Egg head Ted and the TRUTH do you think everyone is guilty? What if we knew your identiy and where you worked and spread rumors? We said you cheated on your taxes and were having an affair? No proof just that, we told your friends and loved ones. I think spreading rumors isn't a good thing to do, PROOF is what is needed. If theses guys are guilty, I hope they get caught. If you have some evidence call the Monmouth County prosecuytors office, email Christie, whoever you need too. Until then jsut drop it, show up to a town council meeting. Look them in the eye and tell them what you know. GROW A SET!

Anonymous said...

or just keep your head buried in the sand.

Anonymous said...

The proof of the rampant corruption in Aberdeen falls firmly on the Kauff doorstep and the offices of CM&E. How else do you explain that each and every year CM&E is paid over $1.4M for their services. Answer that one before you call us liars. Don't even try to say it is legal under pay to play. All that means to me and my family is that we pay and the politicians play.

Anonymous said...

Duh, we haven't been caught yet so we didn't break the law. That's what Coren used to say.

Anonymous said...




Aberdeener said...

Actually, I did respond to the APP editorial, as did Kenny, the board president.

By your logic, that would prove you can't read.

Anonymous said...

By your logic,whatever, this proves you have no sense of humor,unless it's some guy claiming to be Jesus. Get over yourself, this is a parody of THE TRUTH

Semper Fi ooorah said...

The truth and many others have given what many would call circumstantial evidence. In some cases that has convicted a great deal of people of wrongdoing. So if example after example is given and some doubt it, so be it. If some say to just look at the insane numbers paid to the Mr. K's handpicked professionals that needs to be looked at closely. Maybe it is just that Mr. K thinks he is untouchable. Many of the 44 caught last week thought that all the way up until the handcuffs clicked tightly around their wrists. Many know all the secrets of Mr. K and some will let the world know very soon. By the way Big Joe watch your back.

Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

To the people who equate serving in a elected or appointed office in service to the public with working at a private place of employment: your logic is warped.

Sobel and company chose to run for public office. Kauff retired from public service. They work for the public, even if they forgot that. Unfortunately these pay-to-play maggots think that they won some type of lottery that allows them to enrich their cronies at the expense of the public good.

It is not the general public's job to prosecute what many people see as violation of the public trust. It is our responsibility to expose what we think are misdeeds and misuse of the public trust.

Their day will come. They'll all get their prison haircuts.

Anonymous said...

NJDOC does not make inmates cut their hair. This state is far too liberal for that, USBOP doesn't do it either.

The budget is here! said...

The budget is here!

The budget is here!

The budget is here!

Township of Aberdeen
County of Monmouith
Summary or Synopsis
of audit for publication.

Notice is directed to the fact that a summary or synopsis of the audit report, together with the recommendations, is the minimum required to be published pursuant to N.J.S. 40A:5-7.

Summary or synopsis of 2008 Audit Report of the Township Of Aberdeen, County of Monmouth as required by N.J.S. 40A 5-7.

Then is listed the budget.

I ask the Aberdeener to take a look at Page D10 in the Asbury Park Press of July, 30 2009 and give us his opinion on this budget.

As a novice I am troubled by the phrasing as printed above along with the words "minimum required to be published". Am I alone in my questioning of this type of wording in the long overdue presentation of the budget to the citizenry? I mean it is an election year after all. I am also very troubled with the phrasing on the bottom of the publication that is listed under "Recomendations". I am of course troubled by the fact that the same Fallon and Larsen as has been listed as Municipal Accountant has done this service for a very long time. Actually that company has done the budget and accounting services since Kauff took over Aberdeen. Fallon and Larsen after Fallon and Fallon has been providing that service year after year after year...Didn't they use to be in the same office building as Kauff and the Monmouth County Democratic Party Offices, Senator Pallone's offices and many more so closely attached to Kauff and the boys.

I am sure I am overreacting and their is no problem or conflict of interest there? Right? I await the Aberdeener and his response and analysis of this budget publication. It is almost August after all. I am sure that Kauff and his candidates would have rather have waited until after the election. No that would constitute a conspiracy. That never happens in Aberdeen. Does it Norman?

I thought there was some edict not too long ago from Trenton? Trenton questioned the repetitive use of the "same professional services" being provided along with the questioning of what was termed "too cozy" and "questionable relationships with little if any criticism" being brought about or caused by these "comfortable relationships". Another "conspiracy nut" must be living in Trenton from such statements or questions being brought forth.

Who knows? Norman knows!

I hope this makes it off of the train. Technology it changes daily.
It is hard to keep up.

Greenwood at the beach said...

I myself have always wondered why Aberdeen does not print the entire budget, minutes of any and all meetings(Zoning,Planning,Recreation, environmental) that are held within the municipal building, and finally the bi-monthly council meetings themselves should be televised. Is there something to they are trying to hide by not printing the entire budget? What are all of the recommendations? Too many questions for this much in taxes. Do you hear me Fred and Jimmy. Don't drink the Kauff kool aid guys.

We certainly pay enough in taxes to be able to see our leadership and other assorted processes in action. Do not waste my time and tell me that all I have to do is come to these meetings. Many of us have to work two jobs just to keep up with these ever increasing taxes. There never seems to be an end. Our taxes go up and the roller blade park near my house gets closed. The engineers and the very expensive road program gets more money especially during election season and what do we get in the beach a volleyball court. Get real? The people around the so called jewel of Aberdeen and its beachfront are tired of getting the crumbs, while Starthmore gets everything.

THE TRUTH may be recovering and I for one hope he comes back even stronger. I love when he highlights Norman Kauff. He has never been elected to anything and he will have to answer more than a few questions if I ever see him.

Get well to THE TRUTH we need you.

Anonymous said...

THTE TRUTH is an idiot and knows NOTHING! Hope that brain they implanted this time works.

Maybe I do not get it? said...

It is once again amazing that THE TRUTH is criticized and mocked by a very small number when THE TRUTH gives so many examples of Kauffisms that are to say the least are very detrimental to the residents finances and quality of life.

Maybe I do not get it? said...

Anonymous criticizing the truth at 4:59 do me a favor and take a minute and read the post by Greenwood. Then respond to some of the items they bring to light. Leave THE TRUTH out of it. Unless of course you think Greenwood is THE TRUTH or THE ABERDEENER or LISA or NSECJOE or any of the rest of us that question or highlight the wrongs whether they be perceived, historical, factual or rumored within the school leadership or town council. Take your time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will never get it, perfect name for you. I have an idea for Greenwood, since you live so close to Memorial Park, take a ride overhere now and ask Vinci or Lauro. They are both playing softball. Strathmore gets everything, it sounds like "woe is me" syndrome. So you work two jobs and can never get to a meeting? Get off the computer and show up, there is one scheduled for Tuesday this week. If Aberdeen is so important to you make the time, send your spouse ask a friend to show up for you and pose the question, ask a fellow blogger to ask it, maybe Mr.Warren. The TRUTH is an idiot who knows nothing, puts it out there like it is the law and all the "haters" jump on board. Do something, anything for the town but cry and complain!

Anonymous said...

PS - the roller blade park is closed because there are several cracks and they feel it is unsafe to use. The township is getting bids for the resurfacing of the rink and looking to "maybe" start a leagur there. The volleyball net cost nothing basically. Sorry you didn't know this stuff but you are never at a town council meeting and get all your bad info from the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

The truth is certainly an ass, as are most of his friends, but fact is fact. Strathmore gets a hell of a lot more from the town coffers than CB does.

Anonymous said...

the Truth is he knows nothing, all hearsay.

osectiongrampa said...

Hearsay is what started the DWEK corruption arrests. So if you trust and support any POLITICIAN I have some swamp land to sell you. When November comes and the election results get tallied then all you so brave anonymous posters and supporters of all things Kauff, you will see the power of the Aberdeener and all the rest of us that you continually say KNOW NOTHING. If we KNOW NOTHING why do you get so angry. Maybe because you know it is THE TRUTH? It is THE TRUTH all you have to do is ask Bob the parking lot bribe guy. Let me guess you are going to attack the states case because they used a felon to catch corrupt politicians. I don't care if they were to use, I don't know lets say a convicted SEXUAL PREDATOR. I would trust Mark Coren with all we recently learned of him lately before I would let Norman Kauff even mow my lawn. Kauff and all the rest better keep looking behind themselves. Remember all of you soon of the soon to depart political offices in Aberdeen that the statute of limitations takes years to expire for public corruption cases. Sorry neighbor and soon to be former Mayor Dave, that means you too.

Anonymous said...

My question to all of you who have such great knowledge of what is wrong with Aberdeen and Kauff is "Why has no one been accused"? The mayor's from surronding town's (Keyport), Seacacus, Hoboken, Ridgefield, congressmen, etc. No one from here? The other thing is if everything is so bad, why not move. Don't you care for your family?

KoreaVetC'WoodBeach said...

Make sure all of you look at your Asbury Park Press this morning in the local section. You will find a picture and informative article of Norman Kauff's Development Czar Mark Coren being jailed for being a convicted sexual predator.

I only hope that the Bayshore Independent puts it in that paper next week. While we lowly taxpayers in the beach do not get it delivered to our driveway I will buy a copy and frame that article and hang it on my wall. Coren and his arrogant and abusive way is finally starting to get his due.

Right Rocky? Live Free and die riding a Harley.

Aberdeener said...

I wonder if the APP will be subjected to the same criticism I received.

Anonymous said...


July 30, 2009

Former Aberdeen manager serving jail time in Florida


Former Aberdeen Township Manager Mark Coren is serving a 2 1/2-year sentence in Florida following his conviction on two counts of acting as a sexual predator, corrections officials there said.

Coren, who retired from his job as Aberdeen's top administrator roughly three years ago, is serving his sentence at that state's Gulf Correctional Institution in Wewahitchka, Fla. He was convicted April 29 this year in a Port St. Lucie court, according to Jo-Ellyn Rackleff, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections Office of Public Affairs.

Coren, 59, who left office in January 2006, began serving his prison term May 27. His release date is Oct. 11, 2011.

Coren, who lived in Aberdeen for 22 years, was arrested in St. Lucie County on June 3, 2008, and charged with one count of intentionally exposing himself in a "lewd or lascivious manner" to a male minor under 16 years old; and one count of using the Internet to seduce or lure a child to commit an illegal sex act.

Before working in Aberdeen, Coren served as an administrator in Howell and Mahwah in Bergen County. He started his municipal career in Pennsylvania.

How will Drapkin defend his best buddy now????? Who will Kauff plot his escapades with? How fast will Sobel distance himself? You can't get sicker than this.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why people are so happy about this unfortunate event...It would be more satisfying if he was scooped up in the corruption investigation...This is disgusting and what about the victims, because we all know a 60 year old man doesn't just wake up one morning and decide to do this...I think anyone who would take joy in this news and frame the Asbury Park Press article is just sick, children are involved, what is wrong with all of you???!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whether a few of you like it or not we are celebrating that an arrogant, egotistical man that helped Kauff and others fleece the town taxpayers, which is still being done now by the way, is getting it in the end. No pun intended. But if you enjoyed the pun so be it. Many of those on here do not know the true cost of Coren and Kauff and all of the rest have had on our lives. Many who defend them or criticize those of us who find this to be just a little bit of justice and who are very glad someone is getting it for the crimes against Aberdeen all these years. Just like Mike Tyson many knew it may have been a set up that sent him to prison. Many also knew he deserved to go to prison for all the other crimes he did in his life that he never got caught for. Coren and Kauff and all the rest are going to go down. PERIOD. Maybe not today or tomorrow but they will hear that early morning walk. PERIOD!

Aberdeener said...

"When the wicked perish, there is jubilation" (Proverb 11,10)

I don't believe Mark was evil in the sense that he intended to cause injury to others but I won't attack those who feel otherwise.

Anonymous said...

How is children being abused a piece of justice?...There is no winner in this...I am not defending the man, but to celebrate the abuse of a child because the offender is someone we all dislike or even hated is just morally wrong...Why does a child have to pay for the justice you so desperately long for?...All I see are a bunch of selfish people...

Anonymous said...

I agree, a lot of people on this site are sick. I am not reading this site anymore, I have had enough. I will continue to be involved in the community, read the local papers, got to BOE meetings and town council meetings. People like edgeviewted, the truth and others have completely ruined this site. Good luck to you Mr.Warren.

Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

Show me one post you "anonymous genius" that celebrated a child being injured or abused. You cannot be that stupid? Or are you?

It did not happen! For those of you in Rio Lynda Mark Coren was not a nice man, he helped and facilitated others to lie, cheat and steal from the residents and taxpayers in Aberdeen. He did not go to prison for that but he is in prison nonetheless. I for one am very glad as well.

I am unsure of the other communities he worked in and I am elated that the APP has allowed them know of Coren's latest accomplishment.

So just relax and get back to reading I'm an idiot volume 1 and shut up. You are attacking the wrong people and do not fully understand and have knowledge of what you are trying to stir up.

Much like Kauff and the rest of them, Mark Coren deserves more than he has gotten. The rest of the Kauff associates are just waiting for the knock on the door that they all know is coming.

Governor Corzine said it again today "we must end the corruption of home rule". In a Aberdeen it is called Kauff Rule "For just a little while longer" that is. Right Norman? You see even Kauff knows that the circle is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. The writing is also on the walls for the Kauff handpicked candidates also. If they don't read it and run in any direction away from Norman Kauff then they all deserve what they will most certainly be getting in the not so distant future.

Save your time Kauffkins it is coming to an end. Even Norman knows that his time is up? Sure he is looking to cash in on every development and Vinci will try and squeeze out every vote before November 3, 2009, that is a given.

So to is the knock on the door in the early morning followed by these words " F.B.I. open up we have an arrest warrant". Right Norman? Damn right Norman!

Time for my second job now. Thanks to Norman and all of his other criminal associates raping us all.

Anonymous said...

What is sick is to say that to share the news of the capture, prosecution, and imprisonment of a pedophile with a celebration of the sick man's perversions. Mark Coren is a sicko pervert. Pedophiles are not usually caught on their first offense. Aberdeen employed this pervert for 15 years. This pervert showed no respect for residents or employees. This pervert is now in jail, where he belongs.

I don't wish the pervert more harm but am happy that he is in prison where he can't hurt more children. He is a registered pedophile to prevent him from ever working near children and is likely to be supervised after he gets out of prison to avoid a repeat performance.

This awful man exposed himself (or that may be a reduced charge that he plead to) to a young boy under the age of 16. This is sad. It is sad that Kauff and Sobel supported this man to manage this town for 15 years.

Nobody is celebrating. People are shocked. You would think that the reaction of the township would be to conduct an internal investigation to see if this perverted behavior was covered up by township employees or elected officials while he was employed here. Instead it seems like Sobel, Drapkin, and Tagliarini would rather blame the justice system for taking out the trash.

What's next -- the police will stop prosecuting rapists because we'll have to talk about someone being raped? I ask this because that was clearly Coren's intention. Coren made a date on the internet with a boy younger than the age of 16 and then met the boy and exposed himself. What would have happened if he wasn't arrested?

What is there to defend? The man is a sicko pervert (prosecuted and convicted).

Anonymous said...

I would have also rather seen him get arrested for corruption and that can still happen. Just remember that Capone went to jail for tax evasion.

Kauff prison song is great said...

This must be read and as you read it be humming the music from the great song to yourself by Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues".

First verse:

Kauff hears the Feds a comin'

their rolling toward Aberdeen

Once they slap the cuffs on Kauff he'll know it is the end

then Kauff won't see the sunshine until he won't know when


Kauff is stuck in a federal prison and time just keeps draggin' on

(repeat chorus if you want)

Second verse:

But the Feds they keep a comin' to Washington Street they shall go and more

to visit Vinny Vinci and the others the Feds will want to know

you see the Feds are all so eager to get a hand on all the others

the others who deserve to go

then we all will get to say
that we told you so

so all you of you will get to see and all the Kauffkins who will see

we told you they all would go
and its all because we told
we told Chris Christys investigators

and they all told us so

it may take a little time to visit but then they all will go

we hope that Kauff's (close friends)will soon get to be
some big old nasty prisoners
latest HO

Kauff is stuck in Federal prison and time keeps draggin' on

Third verse:

To all of Kauffs supposed "good friends" be sure we wish you well
a nice dank uncomfy prison cell
that is where we hope you go

yes we know they all should go
for a long long time you see

so long a stretch of time you see that we forgot you see

when they went and who had to go

and sure their loved ones will be missing them for a short short time we know

but don't you worry about your man
because you see

they all will be very busy entertaining their new friends like Big Bubba and long long Joe

that is for all we hope just some that of the people that they'll get to know

so they too will feel what they have been doing to us so long ago


Kauff is stuck in Federal prison and time keeps draggin' on

Kauff and the others are going to Federal prison and that we all do gladly know

Kauff is going to federal prison and now we get to say

to all the doubters and Kauff supporters

that we can always proudly say

you see we all told you so

and now their all somebodies HO

New Chorus:

Kauff and all the rest they are a going

to a Federal jail cell they say

and for that we hope and
we want all of you to know

that now we have one wish we could all just send some dough

to Bubba and Long Joe

so to all who await their arrival in the Federal pennitentiary system on the go

we ask that you feel free to
please make them all your HO's

Fourth verse:

When kauff was just a young boy his parents told him so
always be a good boy,
don't ever takes what isn't yours

But Kauff soon forgot that lesson and he has been stealin ever since

from the taxpaying people
like us

that he don't even know

And since that time and on and on for that he deserves to go

down the federal Court building steps

he and all of his others should surely have to go

we are for sure they will all be crying when they thiunk they'll have to go

and you can all be really sure
that of them will be

all to ready to throw their corrupt buddies to the Feds

just so that they can say that they don't have to go

Chorus change:

To that nasty Federal Prison like Mark Coren had to go

Kauff and all of the others
they all deserve to go

to a nasty Federal Prison
for a long long time we know.

Scroll down for a special greeting for the man Aberdeen will soon love to hate.

F U Norman Kauff you low life!

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