Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fare Well, Mr. Lloyd

In 1947, the Communists seized power in Poland and Hungary. Edwin Land introduced the first Polaroid instant camera. Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Saab produced its first car. The United Nations voted to partition Palestine. Harry Truman created the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States Air Force. Pakistan and India gained independence. And Howard Lloyd began working in the Matawan-Aberdeen school district.

Prior to teaching, Mr. Lloyd served with distinction in the Engineering Corps during World War II under generals Patton and Clark.

As a teacher, he focused on the students' futures, teaching character, language, and history. He believed the students’ needs always took priority and objected to shortcuts that would shortchange a child.

Over time, Mr. Lloyd instructed thousands of students. I don’t know how many remember what he taught but I doubt many forgot how he taught. Through the decades, Mr. Lloyd saw many teaching fads but maintained a simple approach – master the material, love the student, and see greatness in your pupil.

After 61 years, Mr. Lloyd announced his retirement when he was unable to attend a high school graduation.

Mr. Lloyd, thank you and best wishes.
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NsectionJoe said...

Mr. Lloyd I say thank you for your dedication and more all of these years. Your selfless dedication to the education of our children is something to be admired, respected and is truly historic in regards to your years of dedicated service. All the best from my family.

The McAleer's

Anonymous said...

I so wish Mr. Lloyd would have done one more year! My in-laws had Mr. Lloyd in school, and so did my husband. Next year, my son would be a senior at the high school, and we were hoping he would have Mr. Lloyd as well!

Happy retirement, Mr. Lloyd!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he is a great teacher and person, what a way to be pushed into retirement. After so many dedicated years teaching and mentoring youger teachers at the High School he was told he was being moved to Matawan Avenue Middle School.
Mr. Lloyd the Board of Education does not realize what they had. God Bless you and thank you for all of your advice and direction.

Irene Rogalski-Shuster said...

Mr. Lloyd was not only a great teacher but like family to me. He taught me about character and caring. Mr. Lloyd led by example. He cared about me as a student and as an individual. Knowing I was estranged from my parents in high school, Mr. Lloyd encouraged me to be strong, do well and aspire to always be learning and growing in every circumstance. He came by to see me at Trenton State College while visiting his grandson to make sure I was well and making progress in my studies. He said to do crosswords every day to keep my brain sharp. Mr. Lloyd created them in his classes to make learning new words and their definitions fun. Up until his retirement, Mr. Lloyd would mail me a copy every year (since I graduated in 1986) of the Christmas crosswords he created for his classes. He became friends with my Godfather who lives near him (they actually met 50 years ago when the Lloyd family saught refuge at my Godfather's family ranch from a snow blizzard). Mr. Lloyd still keeps in touch and mentors me as I am now a teacher. Mr. Lloyd is like the grandfather I never amazing man. God bless him :).

Anonymous said...

He was not a great teacher. He was racist and should have retired 20 years earlier.