Thursday, March 4, 2010

Return of the Demarest

The last time we saw Pat Demarest, she used the race card in an amateurish power play and publicly humiliated Revered Gattis of the St. Mark A.M.E. Zion Church. At the time, Zavorskas had resigned and both Demarest and Barbato declared they would not be seeking reelection. At her last board meeting, Demarest secretly invited Reverend Gattis to petition for the open seat. The non-Barza wing predictably objected to the surprise petition and insisted upon upholding the past practice of interviewing all interested candidates. Why Demarest would subject the reverend to such embarrassment or risk inflaming racial tensions is anybody’s guess.

Apparently, Demarest hasn’t learned anything because she’s playing racial politics again in a selfish bid to regain her spot on the Matawan-Aberdeen school board. Most employee grievance issues remain confidential and Demarest obviously relied upon that confidentiality in her latest gambit to win support from the African American community. Unfortunately for her, Demarest’s latest attacks against the school district have become public record.

Patricia Demarest has volunteered to testify against the school district in a grievance hearing involving the district’s senior African American, Wayne Spells. By stitching her affidavit to the school board minutes, it’s easy to see what happened and what she’s doing.

November 19th, 2007 - Shortly after Quinn’s departure, the school board voted unanimously to conduct a “Hearing and Investigation in the Terra Nova Test matter”. Every student in the district had “failed” the exam and the school board wanted to know what went wrong.

April 23rd, 2008 - Demarest is elected president of the school board at the re-organization meeting.

May 19th, 2008 – At Demarest’s first school board meeting since becoming president (i.e. her first opportunity to set the board agenda), the full board votes to “approve withholding of a salary increment for the following tenured staff member” – Employee 4496.

From Demarest’s affidavit, we now know that Employee 4496 was Wayne Spells, the Director of Special Programs, and that his increment withholding was “related to the administration of the 9th grade Terra Nova test in 2007”.

We also know that, as expected, the union filed a grievance on Mr. Spell’s behalf.

January 22nd, 2010 - I post an article about a “former school board member" who voted against Dr. O’Malley’s appointment and intended to run in the school board election.

January 29th, 2010 – One week after the blog post, Demarest files an affidavit on Mr. Spell’s behalf against the school district. Not only has she volunteered to testify against the school district, she also throws Dr. O’Malley under the bus by blaming him for failing “to inform [her] of the existence of relevant Board policies”.

So, let’s get this straight. Sitting at the table, we have a board president with five years experience on the school board, Mr. Gross, the board attorney for nearly a generation who probably wrote or reviewed every board policy, and Mr. Glastein, the former acting superintendent who’s been with the district for over 30 years, and Demarest blames O’Malley, who’s only been working full-time in the district for one month.

Are we to believe Demarest never questioned Mr. Gross or Mr. Glastein regarding procedures for withholding an increment? Maybe. After all, Demarest claimed, as board president, that she was not accountable for anything but her board votes.

Moreover, she’s a liar. As board president, Demarest was intimately familiar with Spell’s grievance filing, with his argument that the district did not comply with a particular policy, and the district’s position that that policy only applies to teachers, not administrators. Only now, over a year and a half later, after she’s decided to run for the school board, does Demarest claim she suddenly discovered this "obscure" policy and reversed position.

Does she really believe the public is so stupid to believe this? Yes, she does. That’s why she has such low expectations for our students.

So, to recap, Demarest votes against O’Malley’s appointment, then throws him under the bus when she volunteers to testify against the school district in her bid to regain African American support after she publicly humiliates Reverend Gattis. How ironic that Mr. Spell’s grievance only becomes exposed through Demarest’s efforts to undo the damage she inflicted upon herself the first time she played racial politics.

Demarest is still strongly linked to Barza. Her candidate’s petition has four signatures from the Barbato household and it will be interesting to see whether this linkage proves a boom or a bust for the Demarest campaign.

If only these were Demarest’s sole “indiscretions” but there’s more to come. Demarest has a history and she intends to make it our future.
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Anonymous said...

Honestly, as long as she runs a campaign that makes it clear she stands for everything you don't, she will have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Typically ignorant opinion above.

Anonymous #1 are you mad because your Sally of Bif may have their favorite do nothing class abolished? Too bad. Times are tught and the necessary decisions will be tough and will have to be made by tough people.

Funny how you overlooked the lawsuit testimony anonymous that candidate Dum(b-as-all the)rest of the barza clan is willing to give. That is all right though since it is just more tax money wasted by a barza clown that will go down the drain to defend a man like Wayne Spells. A man who should have been fired long ago.

Spells is not alone of course as the list is long and grows longer each day of people this district really does not need. I can hardly wait for Councilwoman Montone to open her big trap about her husband getting let go. She won't say anything about the Kauff corruption she is a part of you can be sure. Privatize the janitorial staff and watch out. Seems Margy may need an extra envelope from Normy to cover her bills real soon I am sure Vinny can school her on getting bills covered by Normy.

The list of candidates Demarest and Gattis also stinks of the corrupt hand of Kauff. Then again if the ladies lose they will be board members and then asscend to council. That is after all the norm-al procedure. Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

Yup times are tught! lol

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, In this economy programs like Most and English for foreign born ADULTS seems like a luxury. I too oppose those programs and would classify them as "bill my neighbor" and are not fundamental to the education of our children. One who would oppose these programs as I do, for financial reasons, is perfectly acceptable. Does that make one who opposes these programs a racist as you suggest Barbato is? One who would only oppose minority programs is an outrageous accusation and is a feeble attempt to cause a racial divide. We as a community don't need this type of race baiting to promote ones political ambitions for the board of education, a job most people don't want, as evidenced by four people running for three seats. It seems sir, that you are playing the race card to put people against one another and that is not in our best interest. John Barbato no longer serves on the board of education but still lives in the community with his family and should not be subject to ridiculous racial allegations.

Anonymous said...

Be serious people our kids don't even learn American History due to the liberal agenda. It is not some conspiracy that we are losing our history. The history we are getting nowadays will be history we will want to forget under our newly installed Washinton leadership. Healthcare that will not add to the national debt???? Revisionist history=???? I hope all of you that voted for change in Washington are happy with what you voted for?????????????????

Just Shoot Me!!!! said...

Anonymous above:

The "accusation" regarding Barza's not so secret racial "issues" is not outrageous it is true-- if you had your ear to the ground you would know that. Open hatered of Ms. Phillips, Officer Darryl, and YES-- Mr. SPELLS for MANY MANY years is no secret in this town! And as has been explained to Barbado TIME AND TIME again when he would object to ANY of the GRANT funded ESL adult education classes, this money is NOT taxpayer money, can't be used for ANYTHING other than ADULT ESL classes, the GRANT money is given by the US Department of education to ensure the parents of first generation AMERICAN students can participate in their child's education! So, please by all means keep your head under water and let Barza tell you what is good for our children and taxpayers while they line their own pockets and get their friends and family members jobs here! I just LOVE paying a premium tax rate for a fourth rate education like what we had 3 years ago with Quinn and Barza running things! I am sure my kids will be happy to forgo any hope of college so we can raise our taxes to the limit again for them to play with, it won't really matter anyway if Barza is calling the educational shots again anyway! Brilliant! Where is your MENSA application?

Tired of the Race Card said...

Face facts. Daryl is an idiot. Spells is useless, and Philips is affirmative action at its worst.

I too agree with poster #1. Anyone against Joey Warren has my support.

Aberdeener said...

I have never suggested Mr. Barbato is a racist nor do I believe he is. I have merely pointed to the fact that Ms. Demarest is trying to woo the minority vote while simultaneously aligning herself with someone opposed to minority programs.

Given Mr. Barbato's long history of supporting every big budget item to hit the school district, it would be silly to suggest he opposed federally funded programs to reduce spending.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is being intellectually honest you would not be defending the three names that were mentioned. Anyone who has children in this district knows the story on those three and it has nothing to do with hatred. That's three hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer money not well spent. Is that racist or just factual. Since when is grant money not taxpayer money?

Just Shoot Me! said...

Perhaps the "point" of my comment was lost to the various anonymouses
If one is aligning one's self with a person of color after spending years and years following the directions of a person is is not too subtley anti-minority anything, particularly one's running mate's minority group... and then professes to be a friend and champiagn of that person's community but has the signature on her petition from the known anti-minority individual and his familiy..that should make you say "HMMMM?"
Bottom line, same crap, same self serving games to get elected to a NON-PAYING position. WHY??? What is in it for them? It certainly can't be argued (with a straight face) that it is for love of kids, community, selfless devotion to service! Low life scheming antics are not needed to ensure success if one's motives are pure. Surely this community can't be that deaf, dumb and blind? or are you all just sheep?

Anonymous said...

Again, enough with the race card bullshit. This is NOT Alabama, 1960. That bullshit has NO merit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Misrepresenting facts again, Aberdeener. Read the minutes, Barbato wasn't even at the meeting when the MOST program was voted on. You jack ass. It is Donaghue who left early. How many of your other facts/opinions are incorrect today?

Maybe it is you, who doesn't want a minority on the board?

Aberdeener said...

You're right. The minutes could be read that one or both left the meeting so I checked the first page and Barbato was absent the night the MOST program was voted upon.

I've removed the reference from the post.

Anonymous said...

So following your logic Donaghue is the one who opposes minority programs because he left the meeting early to not vote on the MOST program.

Aberdeener said...

No, because one instance doesn't make a trend, particularly when the inference can be easily rebutted by numerous other facts.

Donaghue never voted against a minority program.

Tell you what. If anyone can produce the minutes for a minority program that Barbato supported, I'll remove the entire paragraph.

Anonymous said...

You mention two instances and that makes a trend? The ESL Adult evening school vote was also at the Oct 20, 2008 meeting. Barbato was absent and Donaghue left early. So he didn't vote against that either. When does the trend start now, if one instance doesn't make a trend?

Anonymous said...

You say Donaghue never voted against a minority program. I say Barbato never voted against a minority program. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Let's put it this way.

If there were 3 candidates, Louis Farrakhan, the KKK guy from Howard Stern, and Joey Warren, Warren would still be my last choice.

Anonymous said...

What time does the hobby shop close-7:30?

Aberdeener said...

Fair enough. I had been relying upon interviews with several people but I've removed the paragraph unless I can document the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Thank god that tired of the race card said his/her piece. It has been long known that the three fold spoken about deserve the credit for being incompetent. Why do you think they keep Daryl as a dare officer=answer, better than having him on the street.

Jim Crow is dead said...

A man I knew once said. Many different people of many different races, colors and religions came to this country. Ask yourself which ones still claim their color keeps them from independence and success?

Wake up people this is 2010 and Jim Crow is long dead. Problems come in every color. Bad teachers and administrators too.

People need to be accountable for what they do not kept around just because of a possible lawsuit.

I find Demarest old news. Gattis is a Norman Kauff plant and the only color that many of us care about is green. Green as in money.

Anonymous said...

So much running in circles.... guess Barza has been very busy posting today! Not one real comment has been made about how in the world taking a step back to a Barza-buddy candidate is good for this tow and our district! So easly figured out by the racing around the real issues and attacking the "race card". Give it a rest and start defending your true agenda, Barza! If you are so deperate to get a seat back on the Board that you would strong arm Demerest to do your dirty work, just stand up and tell the truth! State your case, what's the platform? How are any of you, especially Demerest, going to benefit our children and taxpayers? Have you suddenly been reformed? Do you have some new scheme to dismantle the progress that is undeniable? Sure it is not fixed yet but then again you took a decade to f-- it up, so it might take a while to fix it back to something other than your personal playground. Please, enlighten the public as to what amazing plans you have to fix our problems! If you and your lap dog redo-candidate can't do that, then at least have the self respect to fade into the sunset and leave the young folks alone to clean up your mess. Circle talking, blaming Mr. Warren and stirring up race tensions while ignoring real issues that will have a life time effect on our young children who have many years left in this system is cowardly and evil. Shame on you all.

Connect the dots to Kauff $$$ said...

Bayshore newspaper today.


Named individuals on the fifth extension granted to the Ciffeli family construction group for their perpetrating a fraud and lining the pockets of local leadership against the taxpayers and citizens of Aberdeen with low income housing plans that Norman Kauff wants to dump on us.

Zoning Board run by Kauff
Sen. Lesniak $$$ friend of NK $$$
Gov. Christie changing COAH NK = :(
Bruno lawyer Ciffeli friend of NK
Mark Lechstein town lawyer = NK :(
Lechstein says negotiating = lies
Harvey Brenner = NK puppet $$$$
Brenner agrees with Lechstein NK :)
Moureen Camillary vote made NK :(
Cliffwood Homeowners Assoc. :( NK
Bruno says CHA suggestions :( = - $

Norman Kauff and his cohorts need the Ciffeli payday and that is how you connect the dots to Kauff $$$.

County Rd. won't be :) happy until

Norman Kauff and his greed go bye.

R.I.C.O. investigation ??? said...

Isn't Lezniak involved with the promised factory development in Cliffwood. Is he the lawyer for the developer on that thing. It is amazing the people around Mr. K. and yet nothing gets built but the bills for C.M.E. and Mr. K.
It is like the mafia. How about a R.I.C.O. investigation into Mr. K. and the senator. The post above says Lezniak wants C.O.A.H. changed that can only mean mo money mo money. for them all.

CtyRdAin'thappystill said...

That is why the guy screaming loudest for massive changes to coah is Senator Lesniak. He will make money hand over fist. Like was said more money and more money for political hacks like him and our scumbag Kauff and his forty thieves. No shame among the whole buch of bananas.
Sounds like time for us to start showing up at the meetings before Kauff tries an end around. Not so fast Kauff. We have a few trick plays for you.

Anonymous said...

Demerest on BOE= corruption
County Round project= corruption
Kauff= corruption
Is Gattis being led to the slaughter or is her presense after being MIA for a year=corruption too?
When are we done letting crooks run our town?

New guidelines for our leadership ??? said...


TRENTON: State Comptroller Matt Boxer has issued contracting guidelines to all state and local government agencies to help them guard against favoritism and waste.

The guidelines, which went out Thursday to 1500 government entities, include suggestions to award contracts only after proposals have been submitted and reviewed by a comitee and to draw from the largest possible pool of contractors.


All the kings horses and all the kings men won't be able to put Normy together again. Good I say.

Hate new laptop keys so small said...

I hate these new mini laptops my company bought. I need to put my fingers on a diet. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Joey started this race cars bullshit.

Joey has to go.

Jim said...

I'm sorry. When did campaigning for next term become more important than figuring out where to find $6 mil?

I appreciate that there may or may not be funky business going on, but I find it difficult to care while the current budget issue remains unresolved.

Anonymous said...

I cannot attest to the racial bias or lack thereof of Mr. Barbato. However, I recognize that parents' views are often passed on to their offspring.

I have children in the district. Their friends are of varying colors and ethnicities. They are in the same age groups as a Barbato child or two and have born witness to outbursts of bias directed at them personally.

Is that just teenager sh*t or is it a pattern? I don't know. I do know I don't like it.

Aberdeener said...


Like the budget, we can't afford to see the board shift back to Barza.

Welcome Back Barza!!!!! said...






Anonymous said...


Aberdeener said...

Her address is on the petition. When you send her the donation, please be sure to mention my name. :)

Anonymous said...

You know, this public "race card" charge is sticky territory. The Aberdeener, just by accusing Demarest of using race for advantage, is definitely playing the race card
himself! I mean, what's ethically wrong with cultivating a demographic constuency? Isn't that just ordinary meat and potatoes politics?

Aberdeener said...

Lying in a sworn affidavit and placing your own district in legal jeopardy to win a few votes is not "just ordinary meat and potatoes politics".

JennE said...

I'm just so so tired of all the politics. My son is in kindergarten in Aberdeen -- I want him to learn to read, write, and do math. That is what school is for. I don't think the school is doing a great job of that so far.

I want to put people on the Board of Ed whose primary focus is education -- not politics/infighting/etc. FOCUS ON THE KIDS.

The NJ taxpayers can no longer continue to support a bloated public school system. I think Aberdeener's proposed cuts are fair. This sense of entitlement from the public ("but we have to keep ceramics free!!") as well as from administrators/teacher unions needs to end. NOW.

WhatsJoeysNextCard? said...

Joey when are you gonna play the J card?

Its obvious that your attempt at playing the race card isn't gonna work out so well for you.

Easy to read next move by Pat D said...

The obvious slant against Joey W. will soon be replaced with literature against all the men on the school board. Right barza clones? You are so easy to read. All of us BIG BAD MEN are the easy tagrgets? Idiots you are if you think that will work. Zavorskas woe is me volume 1. Good luck!

Deb said...

In case any of you Demmy fans missed it, electing that barely articulate drone back to the Board won't have ANY effect on Joey's seat! HE IS NOT UP FOR RE-ELECTION FOE 2 MORE YEARS.DUH??!!!! So your moronic points are....?

New Nana Too said...


Saw the sweet picture of your daughter and granddaughter on Facebook! As a brand new Nana myself, after reading all these hateful things, I have to wonder why on earth you would want to spend a single free minute away from that sweet baby for all the drama of politics? These are such precious moments in our grand baby's lives, why waste it on people who will never give you half the joy?

Horror movie coming attractions said...

"Return of the Demarest" will be the worst horror movie this town will ever see. SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMMM !

I do agree though that they will make it us against the men. Those bad bad men. Those men with degrees of course. Soocer Moms unite will be their battle cry.

Anonymous said...

I will take a room full of soccer Moms anyday over some know it all jerkoff from New York.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that the Aberdeener has supporters in this BOE smear battle. But how can they not realize, (maybe they don't care)that many of their comments of support have such a crass vulgar tone and are very distasteful. They are doing him no favor at all. Trust me. People always assume birds of a feather flock together.

Carrie said...

Mr. Aberdeener,

Can you answer a couple questions for me?

A) I noticed when looking at the application Mrs. Demerest submited, that there is a line about 3/4 of the way down the page that refers to the inability of a member of a Board of Education to be indirectly or directly involved in a contract with or claim against the Board. How then is Mrs. eligible to be a candidate for the Board again if she is testifying in a case against the Board? Would she have to withdraw from the case if she were elected again?

B) Some time about a year or so ago, I recall hearing that Mrs. Demerest was facing an ethics charge related to voting and signing a check payable to herself from the District as compensation for being a worker at the polls, was this true? If so what details are you able varify regarding that issue? If not, what were the facts?

3) Is it true that Mrs. Demerest indeed staged an "ambush" style attempt to have the Board appoint Rev. Gattis without any prior discussion on the matter? I have been unable to find minutes or any record of that meeting. If that did indeed take place, what reasons did Mrs. Demerest give for her actions?

Anonymous said...

Know this blog is mostly about Aberdeen, but just read the Asbury Park Press article about Matawan Police Chief James Alston being reviewed by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office. Do you have any info on this matter? I have heard rumours about his actions but wrote them off as rumours. Now I'm wondering what the Prosecutor's office is doing.

You people amaze me said...

Crass and vulgar tone? You elitist idiots. What did you call the conduct and castigations of the BARZA regime? It was far more repulsive.

So just to set the record straight, Demarest and Barbato brought Gattis to the meeting last year and it did not work. Gattis has not attended one board meeting but now wants to run for a leadership role. And you are calling us vulgar and crass.

You people, YES I said YOU PEOPLE, F'n amaze me.

Buford T Justice said...

Is Alston the cop with the Rick James haircut?

can't believe my eyes said...

I just read the article about Alston, and saw the picture of him. Is that for real? Does he really look like that? Who the hell is in charge in the borough? That dude looks like an extra from a Superfly movie! They made that mess chief? He doesn't even look like he should be a cop!

Anonymous said...

Be careful the last time the boro went after Chief Alston, you lost a very nasty lawsuit. I would keep queit until the facts come out.

Anonymous said...

F Alston. If he doesn't want people to comment about his rediculous look. Then he shouldn't push the envelope. He's supposed to be the chief of police. How about taking a little pride, and looking like one? The pimp look doesn't reflect well on the department, and I'm sure a lot of the cops in Matawan feel the same way.

Petey Wheatstraw said...

Perhaps they will make a movie qbout this someday.


starring Ron O'Neal

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren how are you aloud to serve on the BOE and then make comments as a private citizen concerning BOE issues?
Why not have and open Meeting with the residents of the Cliffwood section of town at St Mark's Church. So you can hear how the residence feel about what is going on with the BOE. And invite all of your bloggers to voice concerns.

Anonymous said...

Because he doesn't like you. He sees you as beneath him. Kind of like the janitors.

Aberdeener said...


Ms Demarest is only a witness, not a party, to the grievance issue. I don't believe the grievance issue would block her election.

There is a rumor that someone filed an ethics charge against Ms. Demarest for voting to set the salary for a job she took and then voting to pay herself. Since she left the board immediately after that filing, the charge may need to be re-filed if she's elected.

Here's the Independent article regarding Demarest's attempts to circumvent the board's past practices and seat Gattis.

You can also check the blog in March, 2009; Mr. Aitken (who was present) and I both wrote pieces on the matter.

Anon - If any community group invites me to meet with them, I'd be honored and happy to attend.

Anonymous said...

I reviewed the agenda for the upcoming board meeting tomorrow night. O'Malleys contract is up for renewal. Isn't this a bit soon. This is an outrage during the fical times.

Anonymous said...

Actually not premature if you know about contracts. Board has to give 18 month's notice to the Superintendent as to whether he will be renewed. There is just slightly more than that amount of time left on the current contract. If you are a Barza you would have done it three years early and in the middle of the night when no one from the public was present! I don't see any details about the new proposed contract listed in the agenda, perhaps if you are concerned about possible raises etc. you should come to the meeting and listen to the details presented. It is also important to remember that one type of contract is different from another and a district must have a superintendent regardless. If you go on Data Universe, I think you would be surprised to see that potentially having to replace a super now could be extremely costly given the outrageous salaries many are receiving statewide.

Anonymous said...

I just read the posted agenda and on page 9 of 37, it lists all the benefits and salary increases.

I agree with the comment above about it being an outrage during these fiscal times to give such a raise and benefits when the district budget is cutting staff.

Anonymous said...

It would be irresponsible of this board to extend the superintendents contract at this time. It is being done at the committee of the whole meeting instead of the regular board meeting to slip it in when no one is watching. More time should be given to see more progress and more gains before deciding. Test scores have shown an uneven improvement. How about the idea of accountability when a superintendent has a long term contract. We are going to have a financial debacle with layoffs and a diminished reserve fund. A criteria that has never been truly assessed is financial management, student achievement, and community achievement(stakeholder satisfaction). Why wouldn't we want to wait for a true assessment of those criteria before considering an extension? His contract runs through 2012 as written. A person who is truly confident about their value to an organization would not be so concerned about a contract extension. But it doesn't matter. Board president Kenny would not bring this for a vote unless he knows he already has enough votes to pass it. He gets this passed first and in three months piles on with more money. Very clever way to get him everything he wants with no real tangible results.

Anonymous said...

Where is Joey on this?

Anonymous said...

Has the superintendent had a FORMAL review IN WRITING ON PAPER NOT ON THIS BLOG since his last outrageous salary increase less than a year ago?

Anonymous said...

The only possible excuse the district can give to extend the contract is the risk of losing him. If the consideration to extend his contract would be to reduce the risk of losing him then the new deal should have something to protect the district from losing him early to accept another position and should include a penalty clause. The penalty for early termination with less then six months notice should be one-third of one years salary. This way he would have to be offered significantly more money in order to make the prospect of leaving seem attractive from a financial point of view and the district is not left looking for a replacement in 90 days.

Anonymous said...

This decision by the board continues a pattern of fiscal irresponsibility, especially with this superintendent. The goals in this contract read more like a job description than anything else. What measurable goals has he reached to be rewarded in such a generous manner. Anyone who has seen the extensive list of cuts the board is preparing because of our financial problems should be outraged by this attempt to get the superintendent another raise. A contract extension in March, a generous raise in June. No consideration for the economic times we are in.

Anonymous said...

Will Gerry Donaghue, the board member whose wife just went full time in the district, be allowed to vote on the superintendent's contract? Now there would be a real ethical violation!

Anonymous said...

Gerry Donahue voted yes on O'Malleys last huge raise, how do you think his wife got the job you silly goose you......

Carrie said...

Mr. Warren,

Thank you for answering my questions earlier. I do now have a few more. Would you mind answering what you can about the following?

1) I understand your answer about the petition in part, but, I am still wondering about the fact that the language on the petition states "indirect or direct" involvement in a claim against the board. I am clear that a direct involvement would be as a party in such a claim but a witness on behalf of the agrieved party against the district could be construded to be an indirect involvement, could it not?

2) Can you tell me what involvement either Mrs. Demerest have had with attending board meetings or district sponsored events that concern school or district improvement in the last year?

Carrie said...

Mr. Warren one more question..

2)I have included an part from the Independent article you referenced in your answer; Did it appear the Rev. was indeed duped into being there that evening? and has anyone ever varified whether Rev. Gattis's claims that she was not able to properly submit a candidate packet were true?
" Board member John Barbato made a motion to appoint Gattis and Martin Ruprecht seconded the motion.

O'Connell said that the board should follow a fair and open process and properly advertise, interview and then vote to appoint a new board member.

According to the district, the policy calls for a vacated seat to be filled within 65 days of the board member's resignation or the Monmouth County office of the N.J. Department of Education will appoint someone.

"We did advertise this, Larry," Demarest fired back. " The Rev. Gattis came to us because she read about it in the paper and the seat is open."

Board member Gerald Donaghue said he did not like being called "divided."

"A divided board, I have heard that, but the kids have always come first for me," he told Demarest. "Whatever decisions that were political were adult games. I don't want to be drawn into any decisions. I have no problem
supporting the Rev. Gattis, she is very qualified, but in the email ..." "If you wait until after elections and 65 days, it will be more politics and business as usual," Demarest interrupted. Donaghue, who is running unopposed for re-election to his seat further questioned Demarest. "Is this right?" he asked the board. "Isn't there a process we are required to follow? Is it fair to other taxpayers
in the towns? Is there anyone else out there who wants this?"
Demarest stated that after elections the board would be a very different one.

According to district officials, the deadline to file for a Board of Education candidacy was extended to March 4 by Gov. Jon Corzine because of the snowstorm on the original deadline date, March 2.

Gattis said that she had filled out an application for one of the seats but it was rejected.

"When I brought it back to the central office I was told that it could not be accepted because it was 12 minutes late," she said after the meeting. "I saw that there was a vacant seat open for a one-year term, and I am offering myself for that seat."

O'Connell called Demarest's actions "business as usual."

"What you are doing here tonight is business as usual," he said. "I proposed a fair and open process that we advertise and interview and select a candidate... "

Kenny went on to say that he felt that the Board of Education needs to move forward in a positive way

"I want to get away from the bluster because it's a new day, and we have a new superintendent and we have an opportunity to make a difference now," he said.

Barbato countered saying that he too wanted what was best for the district — the Rev. Gattis.

"I want to see what's best for the board and I applaud the two people running and the Rev. Gattis, and she completes the mosaic of who is represented on this board," he said. "I think we need representation from that part of town."

Board member Thomas Gambino interrupted Barbato, asking, "What do you mean, 'that part of town'? What does it matter where we live?"

Bucci behind Alston BS said...

Chief Alston is the Chief of Police. The comments of his appearance and worse is racist pure and simple, and one more thing you racist pigs deserve this leadership snafu by Bucci. Alston was embroiled in lawsuits with prior chiefs and town leadership years ago. All it did was cost the taxpayers a lot of money for lawyers and the town lost all of their actions against Alston. Leadership did not then and does not now like Alston. Much like the C-Town Market ownership and workers and if Bucci don't like the people or person they go after you and drive you out. Right Bucci?

I knew this was coming a few weeks ago when Bucci restructured the leadership with some Police Management consortium strategy.
Let it play out and save your commenst on the man when the info comes out, not scuttlebutt. Know one thing for sure. Bucci is behind it with his ego and your tax dollars will be spent for some revenge bullshit more then likely.

Aberdeener said...


Technically, I don't believe Demarest has an indirect claim against the district because she doesn't benefit in any way from the outcome.

Ms. Demarest has not attended any board meetings since her departure. I've not seen her at other school events though I'm certain she attends those activities that involve her children.

According to the newspaper article, Rev. Gattis said she tried to submit her petition but it was twelve minutes late. I have asked the administration about this but they have not been able to verify what happened.

Regarding Dr. O'Malley's contract, it appears people are reading the new one without referencing the old one.

We have not increased his compensation package. Aside from minor modifications, this is primarily a contract extension for another two years.

The contract extension provides two benefits. It shows Dr. O'Malley isn't going to just cut the budget and run and it's a protection against Barza trying to oust him.

The board has not had any discussions about giving Dr. O'Malley another raise in June. Nor do I believe that to be likely.

SI Goomba said...

I don't undastan wat all da arguin is about. Im gonna givya my fiff-d cents OK. Da people indis towwn are to dam sensative. Who da hell is Barza and Dumarest? Sombody wuz talkin to me and said dey usta be in wit some guy named Quinn? My dawta told me dat da system was lowzy when dey was in charge. Whas wiz da people on here callin da Aberdeener a raseist.Ill tell ya da longer I live here da more I believe that da peoples runnin dis town are bunch of self important jamokes. Im gonna tell ya sumpthin, Ill be wachin my mailbox to see who da teachers union iz behind and vote against doze jerks. Im outta money for taxes,so instead of complanin to the Aberdeena, do sumpthin bout it.

Whadaya gunna do aboudit?

Jerry curls look fly on cops said...

Ron O'Neal just agreed to play the lead in Chief Superfly...coming soon to a theatre near you

bird on a wire said...

Psst.....Barza, over here!

Have you seen the front page of the papers lately? The articles about people being indicted for wrong doing in school districts after long investigations?

A little birdie, who flys around the Monmouth County Procecutor's Investigative officer's unit, told me that you all might want to follow your friend Zavorskas's know? like go way undergound and not draw attention to yourselves. Detective Wilbert(yes, that's her real name) down there might start being a lot more interested in you than Quinn, if you come slinking back around the board again.
So, if your name is linked to Barza (Barbato, Demerest,Rubino,Zavorskas or Williams) I would be living a nice quiet life from now on and pray that Detective Wilbert isn't knocking on your door soon.
Do any of you think Quinn will protect you if he is under investigation for fraud and other criminal activities? I wouldn't bet on it. Besides,he is working on his 3rd big fat pention, $198,000.00 a year for this one, the stakes are just too high.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article about an extension for the developer of low income housing in town. Why all of these extensions? Is it like people say a big fat chance for the politicians to cash in once again. If these people who want to develop the property can't get the applications in on time to bad.

That goes for you to Mrs. Gattis since you had a whole year to apply to run for the seat and if the time limit expired so to did your chance to run. Rules are rules.

I have to ask once again why all of these extensions and protecting the developer? How about protecting the taxpayers? I also commend Mrs. Cammilari for voting no on this. The changes to coah as was listed as one reason for the extension is just an excuse for the politicians to hold on to the donations that come from such things. Who really owns the property since it may not really be the names on the filing like has been said about the frenau area and any development possibilities? There are supposed to be hidden interests in properties and self centered approvals according to a former town employee who lives out there.

If their is not some pay off going on to allow this then ill eat my hat. It is obvious someone is getting something out of all of this. You can bet it will not benefit the taxpayers.

BARZAic coming for you Joey! said...

Nice try, but I'm not worried about the prosecutors office. Should you be?
Besides, they already have their hands full with Shaft, over in Matawan.

Just my thoughts said...

I am sure that Mrs. Gattis is a nice woman and well intended. The fact that she did not file the proper paperwork on time is troubling to me. The fact that Mrs. Demarest did not attend a school board meeting since leaving office is similarly troubling and shows a strong leaning for hidden interests or pressure being behind her run. I was hoping former school board member Bill Marinella would run since he always has good questions and has stayed involed.

The board and its makeup of people from varying walks of life is an important equation in leadership. Mrs. Rubino with a serious cloud over her and the specificallty targeted hatred against Mr. Warren by school staff is all too obvious. It is likewise targeted at him for reasons that are questionable at best. Does he not answer questions and give his true feelings on here and at meetings. He helps support a group of people who deserve to be heard from. Too often only parents with children in the system feel they deserve attention and to be listened to only. That is wrong. Mr. Warren speaks for many who pay a disproportinate share for our students costs. It is not like a tax for police and fire response, garbage collection and more. Many of our neighbors, friends and family pay a lot of money and draw little benefit. It needs to be looked into seriously.

Anonymous said...

Typical Barza arrogance, " I can do whatever I want and no one can touch me"

So basically, Demerest just has a personal agenda against Joey? That is the entire reason for subjecting the rest of us to your presense again?

Why haven't you had the guts to come to meetings and bug him if you hate him that much? I believe he said you haven't been to one meeting this year! Way to go! You obviously care SO much! STAY HOME!

Anonymous said...

Since Joey is doing all the talking, it appears as if Joey has the personal agenda against Demarset not that she has one against him.

Anonymous said...

Personal agendas against eachother are playground politics and have no use or benefit for our children's education! If Demerest really believed the things she said in that article posted earlier, she would not be running for the BOE again just because she hates Warren. Our kids and Taxpayers don't need more than that crap.

Anonymous said...

opps! should have read" taxpayers don't need more of that crap" and By the way, most KIDS out grow playground politics by 3rd grade! Shouldn't the adults?

Anonymous said...

the article is a year old. Joey is the only one this playing politics anymore. I don't hear anyone else talking crap except him.

Anonymous said...

In this case actions are speaking louder than words... running again, by her own addmission because she hates Warren... Way to go Pat! More of the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Lets get this straight. You and this board are giving O'Malley a contract extension so that future boards, that the public votes in, will have no say in who is the superintendent for the next four years. All this to safeguard against your political enemies or a specific group you call Barza. If thats who the public wants, or anyone for that matter, this act seems elitist and childish and is not in the taxpayers best interest. To your other point you run the risk of him not cutting the budget at all because of job security and a guaranteed income of $200,000. You take away the incentive to do more with less.

Mrs. C from Cliffwood said...

Personally, I plan to vote for The Rev. Gattis, even if some people think she has a shakey past, I have seen her work with children in our community and try to teach them morals. I also plan to vote for that gentleman, Denaley , is it?, who has been on the board this year. He impressed me when he had the guts to vote no on paying teacher's extra money to do what they should be doin' anyway. I don't know too much about him but he seems to know a lot. One thing I do know, I am sure not voting for anyone like Ms. Demerest or her pack of rabid dogs again! They do nothing but come around when it's election time making promises and then you never see them again. Our community needs to have more of a mind and support people who have shown that they care what happens to the children when it is not election time. We ought to be smarter than to listen to empty promises made by people who won't ever come around again until the next time they need our votes.

Aberdeener said...


To answer your first question - Yes, I'm voting to extend O'Malley's contract by two years to ensure people like Barza don't send him packing.

To answer your second question, O'Malley still has an incentive clause in the contract. Do well and the board might give you a raise or a bonus.

Alston, Buccellato and... said...

Chief Alston politics as usual since politicians may feel that they can tell a man with so many years of experience what to do. They can't and when Alston may have possibly done. IGNORES THEM this kind of thing happens. You can be sure Buccellato has his idiot hands in this one for sure. By the way what is up with his attached at the hip thing with the Mayor of Aberdeen. Are they attached at the hip? Or are they attached at the Kauff?

It is our right to speak out ???? said...

Latest rumor has Kauff wanting local police to search out who is posting on this site.

What ever happened to the first ammendment?

Norm said...

That's right. I've ordered the local police to conduct wiretaps on Joey Warren and this blog. Not only did my Council-puppets find the budget money to invest in high-tech wiretaps and CIA-style undercover work, but I'm also able to order local police officers to conduct investigations using my patent-pending mind-control devices!

Better be careful Anon 12:52 pm, I can also order involuntary commitments to mental institutions for paranoid delusional citizens like yourself!

Hahahaha... All part of my plan to take over the world! HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

MIGHT get a raise or bonus? According to the contract he gets a raise or bonus no matter what he does. Raises or bonus should not be guaranteed, they should be tied to measurable goals and not who is having a love fest with him at the time.

Aberdeener said...

$3,000 a year is a 1.6% increase, basically a cost of living adjustment and less than half the annual increases we give to the unionized staff.

Carrie said...

Mr. Warren,

I am on my lunch break and had a couple more questions, would mind indulging me?

1) Putting aside the issue of direct or indirect invovlement in a claim, As I am reading the points you have outlined in your post, is it true that Mrs. Demerest was a) part of the board at the time it was decided that an investigation into the Terra Nova scores should be done? b) That she then voted to withhold the increment from Mr. Spells based on the "findings" of that investigation?
If so, do you know if she ever express disagreement with the investigation at the time? or if she ever expressed regret or disagreement with the decision to withhold the imcrement before voting yes to do so?
Can you clarify who was Superintendent when the alleged Terra Nova problem occured? and who was superintendent when the investigation was undertaken?

If in fact, Mrs. Demerest has now done an about face and offered to testify on Mr. Spells behalf, is that not contrary to her actions at the time? Is her only "defense" for her actions at the time that Dr. O'Malley did not tell her about a policy? What baring would that have on her potential personal liability in a discrimination suit? Isn't every board member required to keep a district policy manual? and finally, are there any other former board members testifying for Mr. Spells, that you know of?

....Oh, and one more thing, what is the potential cost of litigation in this case to the district, if you know?

Aberdeener said...


Ms. Demarest voted to conduct the investigation into the Terra Nova matter. Later, as board president, she decided to place Mr. Spells' increment withholding on the agenda and she voted for that as well.

During a grievance hearing, there are multiple opportunities to settle or withdraw. Had Ms. Demarest ever pushed for either, she had the votes to settle the case.

Mr. Quinn was superintendent when the test was given. Dr. O'Malley oversaw the investigation.

I don't believe Ms. Demarest has any defense. She never expected her testimony to become public record and thought she could score some political points at no cost. The board receives regular updates of all legal matters, she knew what the issues were, and she only gave testimony after deciding to run for a board seat.

If she really supported Mr. Spells' position, she could have ended this long ago.

Legal fees will run thousands of dollars but I'm confident they'll be under ten thousand.

Carrie said...

Thank you, Mr. Warren.

I now have more questions swimming around in my brain but will only ask this one because my lunch break is nearly over.

To clarify, you are saying, Mrs. Demerest did not offer to testify in Mr. Spells' case until after she decided to run for another term on the board, so she is now intentionally involved in costing this district legal fees of potentially $10,000 when we are in a severe budget crunch?

Aberdeener said...

Ah, I'm afraid my response may have been misconstrued.

Ms. Demarest only testified after considering to run. That part is fact.

However, I don't think her testimony has added much to the legal cost of the case. The real cost is if we lose the case because of her.

Proud Strathmore Mom said...

So I am picking my kid up at the school today and a Barza-buddy tells me that Demerest wants back on because she has promised to get her "people" to put Spells into Olsen's job at MAMS!! You got to be joking! I don't see how that would be a good thing for anyone. He is a nice guy but a principal at MAMS? I told Barza-buddy that Demerest should stop making promises she can't keep and give some new people a chance on the board. This is just crazy!

shaft said...

Damn those dash board mounted cameras.
I hope they believe its Bucci's fault.

It ain't that crazy said...

It is not crazy. It is what happens when we all have allowed moms and dads to be in charge of 56-70% of our tax dollars in the past. Lately the more educated individuals on the board have been beaten up for their close and just analysis and more on many subjects and decisions that were political ploys in the past.

So, go ahead let Ms. Demarest back on the school board and all you get is another run at the same old same old of the past. Change and more that has come is well timed all be it that the financial reward that will be given at a bad economic time.

Don't forget though we gave the last three school supers money for screwing us over and over again and wasting money without one test score or graduation rate improvement. O'Malley has proven himself in spite of all that will be said tonight.

Right Barza fans?

Anonymous said...

Hey Marty, Sports Authority is having a sale on balls.

Get real said...

Spells = T R O U B L E that is all Demarest would mean if she wormed her way back onto the board. Many other administrators were pushed out of this district by the B.A.R.Z.A. gang and somehow Spells and a few others, who were to say the least lackluster in their need in this district, are still here. That is the legacy of the B.A.R.Z.A. gang.

Post results last nights meeting said...

Please update me on last nights b of e meeting. Plane was delayed and did not get home until 1:00.

Anonymous said...

Everything went according to plan. O'Malley got his contract extension and in July he will get his big raise.

informed said...

Actually, O'Malley's original contract was extended by two years, there would normally be a $3,000.00 raise each year -- as ALL superintendents are entitled to by NJ law. More offensive to the parents and taxpayers of this community should be the fact that Union President Carl Kozmena urged the board to change the 2% tax levy cap to the maxinum 4% by law "to let voters decide what they are willing to pay and save jobs or programs". Mind you he did this after hanging the custodians out to dry and without offering ANYTHING in the way off consessions on the union's part. He would just like to have take payers pay more, instead of bringing the option of not taking a raise this year to his membership. Add the clear Barza influence in the room , it was just more of the same old games. Hope voters in this town are not dumb enough to let Demerest back on or it will just keep on going on and on.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Carl Kozmena who "teaches" three periods a day according to the contract he negotiated for himself. Same old union line of let the taxpayers suck it up like they have in the past. Keep talking Carl, as more and more people find out what you thugs are really about.

NSectionJoe said...

Can anyone list for me three (REAL) reasons that Superintendent O'Malley should not get a contract extension and / or a raise? Please only present factual and
legitimate reasons, backed by facts and not merely from those venting angrily over the present economic conditions we all are facing, that I agree is not well timed to give any of the above.

It has been said that test scores went up, costs went down, graduation rates improved and more since Dr. O'Malley took over the district from Superintendent Quinn. Show me that is wrong.

If we can honestly list the accomplishments and cost savings between the Quinn and O'malley leadership, I think that would be all the proof we would need to see that despite the pain and sacrifice we all will face, that their has been significant educational progress and finally some long overdue financial accountability, allbeit muddled in budgets too complicated for most of us to really understand.

Many years ago I asked a learned man who worked extensively with municipal budgets one simple question. How much fat is hidden in our districts school budget? At the time the school budget for our school district was only $42,000,000.00. Without a second passing he immediately said he could cut $2,000,000.00 easily.

I strongly feel that in spite of our district now having a $64,000,000.00 budget coupled with all the scrutiny and the very dire financial circumstances we are facing at every turn, and at every level of government, that the same question could not be so easily answered due to the changing scrutiny by state auditors under Governor Christie.

The long needed analysis of all school budgets and other varying and questionably supervised authorities and political kingdoms in our state, which are wrongly controlled or wrongly used to service the politically connected and supposedly poltically powerful. That too seems to be coming to a new dose of reality, close scrutiny and finally accountability at every level of government in New Jersey.

In closing I hope that the janitorial service staff who have served our students and community well, all of these years knows they were truly appreciated. I thank all of you sincerely and hope all of you find employment either with the private company that may be hired to service our district or elsewhere without much difficulty. Thank you all once again for your dedicated service.

To the typical anonymous accusers please save me the typical BARZA excuses, as the majority of us who know the truth of their egotistical, arrogant and manipulative leadership style, a disruptive leadership style that was far too costly and that without a doubt divided and interrupted our school leadership with a devistating cost to taxpayers, students and the educational system of our school district, during their reign.

I thank you in advance to those who may respond for doing so by presenting real substantive facts.

Anonymous said...

Joe, check out the slide presentation from last night! You can see the tax increases over the past years!

Anonymous said...

Were Demerest and Gattis at the boe meeting?

Anonymous said...

So Joe you are ok with the raises and 78 people losing their jobs? This year no raises should be given at all everyone included. You should not spend money you do not have. To save jobs with my company we agreed no raises for 2009 and 2010. Will you feel the same when the township completes their budget, or when the school budget is defeated and I am sure it will. We still have the teachers contracts to deal with.

Anonymous said...

NO!!!! Demerest and Gattis were NO WHERE to be seen! Guess it was not important enough for them to show up for budget discussions or is it that there were no cameras to play to?

Carrie said...

Mr. Warren,

I am back with a couple more questions related to those I asked yesterday,

1) When you say that the real cost to the district due to Mrs. Demerest's involvement in Mr. Spell's case could be if you lose,
I am assuming you are referring to a judgement against the district? Do you have a guess as to what that could potentially be in terms of monetary outcome? Would the district have to pay Mr. Spell's legal costs should he prevail?

2) In one of my first posts, I asked about the ethics issues that Mrs.Demerest was rumored to be facing when her term was ending last year. In your answer, you stated that it was unclear if any charges were ever formally filed. Do you know how one would go about determining that now? Do you know if a member of a board of education has to still be on the board when charges are filed? Or is it something that can potentially be filed even after the person is no longer a sitting member?

Aberdeener said...


If Mr. Spells wins, the likely outcome is the court will demand the board reinstate his increment retroactively.

As for Ms. Demarest, I don't have the answers but I can try to check next week. This week, the administration is heavily preoccupied.

Standup Union Guy said...


You're a bigshot with other people's money. How can you make a comment like that when you don't even live in this town? Go raise taxes in your own town,mutt!

Carrie said...

Thank You for indulging all these questions Mr. Warren.

When you say retroactively, does that mean that Mr. Spells has not received any increment since the one in question was withheld? Or that just the one amount was withheld and would need to be paid?

As to the Ethics issues, I can understand the preoccupation give budget issues, etc.

One more thing, do you know if it is true Mrs. Demerest home schooled her children while sitting as a board member? Doyou know if any of her children attended MARSD schools? Also, I have heard that two of her children were awarded spots in the county high schools that limit one student per district to be recommended, do you know if that is true?

I bare no ill will toward the children, but, am somewhat bothered by the notion that there may have been some sort of favoritism shown due to Mrs. Demerest's position.

Anonymous said...

The county vocational high schools do not limit the sending districts to 1 student each. The vocational high schools allow 2 students from any sending district to attend. Then depending on how many students from a district apply more are taken. I believe the Communications High School alone, one year, took about 8 students from MARSD. No student can get in unless they pass an entrance exam, write an essay and have teacher recommendation from the sending district. I doubt that preferential treatment was given to the Demarest children. I bet they are just smart. Principal Janover's children went to the specialized high schools too- and she was "just a teacher" when they were accepted. The kids have to be smart and motivated- they don't care who your parents are. That's the beauty of the schools- poor kids and rich kids of all ethnic backgrounds wanting to learn together.

Anonymous said...


Being a Joey plant, you should know better than to ask questions about where board member's kids go to school. Do you know where Joey's kids go? Here's a hint...NOT MATAWAN

NAACP V/S SEN. LESNIAK ??? said...






Aberdeener said...


Since Mr. Spells' increment was withheld, he is always one "step" behind where he should be. If he was supposed to earn a $2,000 increment, then his salary will always be $2,000 less that it would have been otherwise.

All of Ms. Demarest's children attended MARSD schools. I know at least one of her children attended a county high school and I'm happy for her - the county schools are very good.

As my critics love to point out, my five-year old attends kindergarten at a Hebrew day school.

NSectionJoe said...

I thought I was pretty clear in my questions and statements in my post. An anonymous response seemed confused, so I will clarify my points once again.

1. I think the proof of O'Malley and his leadership style is far different and more succesful on many fronts then the two prior superintendents and the board leadership control.

2. I am not OK with the janitorial staff being let go and would question what the teachers union would do to help them out in regards to dollars that could be offset in their own unions salary negotiations to save those jobs. Would the teachers union step up to the plate? We shall see. I did thank the janitorial staff for their service and hoped they would find employement without difficulty. If that was somehow deemed to be approving of the lay offs I can assure you that was not the case.

As for our own situation and what I would be willing to do with the municipal offices, as suggested I would in fact forego a salary increase to save jobs and continue the same level of services to the community. Having been on both sides as a concerned citizen and employee over these past seven years, I can assure you unlike many other municipalities in our area, our offices are not frought with excess employees sitting idle. I can say that proudly and without hesitation.

As for the teachers contract the writing is on the wall. The contracts of years past will probably not see that light again. The NJEA and negoitiations and past threats as a powerful voting block showed little success this past election season against a more involved voting public suffering in this economic climate.

Finally it was said money should not be spent that we do not have. I find this to be very true and only wished it was listened to a few years ago when computers and learning were not the priority, but when school construction and more was where vast amounts of money was spent, that as was suggested we did not have.

Spending monies that school districts and governments do not have has been an accepted practice to assure voting blocks and much more to solidify the political power base. That too I think is changing for the better in a similar manner and will be far more beneficial to the taxpayers and residents across the board.

Reality bites said...

Reality botes says: Match up the names of your local school board members and other prominent or other varied officials names. Then you will see who gets their kids into the special schools around here. Much like many other backroom deals the name is the thing. Then there is who made the call to who. Then again there is cash that always works. Otherwise known as who made what generous donation to who. My boys tried to get in and that was a no go so I know first hand. Like they say that is politics.

Train time got to go.

Anonymous said...

And the truth will set you free! The negative comments re Chief Alston's appearance is only detracting from the real issues. The Monmouth County Prosecutor's office has him under review. Every resident in Matawan knows the Chief has problems that need to be addressed. Why try to make this into a "political" matter? I can only hope Chief Alston gets the help he so desperately needs and that the Prosecutor's office has the backbone to address the situation. Matawan residents deserve to be protected and served by competent people.

Three Real Reasons said...

First the Facts: Test scores in some areas improved and not in others. Money was spent to teach to the test, which will always show improvement. Besides they were so low to begin with.
Graduation rates did not improve and will tend to fluctuate from year to year. SAT scores are not impressive year after year and not much has changed here. They are the true indicator of the education a student has received from this system.
Now the three reasons:
1)Last years budget was easy after years of bloated budgets. No real cuts to any programs or staff proves it. Lets see what happens to the district after this years budget and how well he does with less money. His choices on where to cut may prove detrimental. He may prove worthy, but minimum raise until.
2)When he was hired he asked that the board settle with the union so he could start with no controversy. That is now coming back to haunt all with the rising benefits and salaries. Let him first show how he handles the next contract and the controversy that comes with it. If the board negotiates in our best interest and he backs them, he should then earn more compensation for his efforts.
3)He came to the district with very little experience for a district this size and after last year was put on par, salary wise, with similar sized districts. He got his security with a contract extension and is being paid fairly in comparison to others in his position. That argument has now been alleviated.
He may prove himself worthy of more compensation, but only time will tell.
Need more?

Anonymous said...

Carl Kozmena put his two periods of not teaching to good use and asked the board to tax the public to the maximum to fund his monopoly. Come on Carl, all that free time on the taxpayers dime and that is all you can come up with? How about some real concessions that can save some of your own and do whats right for a change. Teaching three periods a day may be a bit much, why not ask for two and you can come up with a better plan to screw us since that one may not work.

Carrie said...

Thank you Mr. Warren for the answers. My apologies to any who were offended by the questions about which schools Mrs. Demerest's children attended. Although I do find the reaction to that question and not others to be interesting. Also, I am not, as someone suggested, as "joey plant" whatever that is. I am mearly a parent, taxpayer and voter, who has not been all that informed about the various "players" before now. It is rather sad when asking questions, in order to become better informed as a voter, is ridiculed by apparently narrow minded individules. All the more reason I question the benefit that Mrs. Demerest would bring to the board, since apparently her followers are many of the same.

Anonymous said...

No one finds it interesting that two avid supporters of O'Malley, Gambino and O'Connell voted against his contract extension. Donaghue was absent again but probably couldn't vote anyway since his family is on the payroll. Maybe they know something we don't.

Anonymous said...

Maybe O'Malley told them to hit the road, like he told the former Barza board members.

Anonymous said...

I can do one better. Why does no one find it odd that the board voted to extend the contract at a workshop meeting that wasn't taped rather than at the regular monthly taped action meeting. Yeah, really transparent Mr. Kenny. Hope he was worth it.

They are trying Big Joe said...

Does O'Malley teach in every classroom? The answer of course is no. You would think from the prior posts that the teachers have absolutely nothing to do with the indifferent test scores, graduation rates and oh yes the high taxes we pay. Those answers to Big Joes points did little for those trying to answer the questions or proving the points Big Joe brought up. Did someone forget that the teachers teach the students.

barza is gone thank god said...

O'malley telling the barza members to hit the road was worth every single dime we pay O'malley. They are still wallowing in their tears. I say good riddance to those idiots and they should never see the light of day on any leadership board or town council.

Anonymous said...

Triple Crown Productions presents

A P Ditty production

Directed by Spike Lee

Musical score by Curtis Mayfield





The prince of the borough.

Coming Soon To a News Station near you.

Anonymous said...

Is "Carrie" that moron "N Section Joe"? Inquiring minds want to know.

NsecJoe said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
you got me, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

The above is a typically childish response for a fact filled post with serious subject and important information on a serious issue. So BLAH BLAH this.