Friday, August 10, 2012

The Patch Interview

My thanks and appreciation to Chelsea Naso of the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch for her yeoman’s work and, on this occasion, for interviewing Mayor Fred Tagliarini and Town Manager Holly Reycraft. I happen to like Mayor Tagliarini and Ms. Reycraft. They’re both good people trying to do right by their community. However, I’m also opposed to many of the town council’s actions and feel compelled to respond to some of their answers.

Below are parts of the interview with my comments:

Q: In January 2009, the town council introduced a Pay-to-Play ordinance. Then the council never discussed or approved it. What happened and why won't the town council end the practice of awarding contracts to their largest campaign contributors? The most egregious example is the township engineer, CME, who contributes tens of thousands of dollars to the political campaigns and receives over a million dollars a year from the township. When was the last time the township had competitive bidding for a professional services contract? 
Fred: To the best of my knowledge, all candidates of all parties follow the guidelines set forth. 
Holly: We have a pay to play ordinance that is the same as the state requires. They [CME] get appointed each year. I appoint the engineer, based on recommendations from the council. They [CME] are mostly paid through escrow funds. Everything goes out to bid as per law. We don’t pick them based on their contributions. If you keep changing firms, there’s no continuity. 
Fred: A lot of engineering firms will contribute to both campaigns. Engineering firms donate, businesses donate. I don’t know an engineering firm that doesn’t make donations. I know engineering firms that will contribute to both campaigns.
The township does not request nor receive competing bids for “professional services” such as engineering, town planning, legal, or accounting. Engineering alone (CME) receives over a million dollars a year from the township. 

Furthermore, these professional service providers donated tens of thousands of dollars to the democratic town council’s campaigns and it’s been well documented on this blog using public records.

Neither the Republican Party nor the Aberdeen Greens have received any money from the township’s professional service providers.

The township’s 2007 pay-to-play ordinance has also been posted and discussed on this blog. It does nothing to impede the council from taking donations and then awarding the donor with hundreds of thousands of dollars in business. The 2009 proposal was intended to address the problem and was summarily dropped without discussion.
Q: Why would Aberdeen appoint William Bocra of Silver Oaks as its lead developer for the transit village after Bocra was convicted of attempted bribery of an IRS official and also cost Matawan hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees? 
Fred: We have no dealings with Mr. William Bocra, Senior. To the best of my knowledge, while I’ve been on council, that gentlemen has never been in this building, our council has not had any dealings with that man, and our attorney has never had any meetings with him. 
I’ll go back and say Joe Criscuolo, our former town manager who isn’t here to speak for himself, probably never met with him. 
Do we meet with his son and that corporation? We do. We’re very pleased with the relationship we have with them. They have brought in Chase Partners, and in fact at a meeting with Sen. Kyrillos, he said he couldn’t be more pleased with Chase Partners and the transit village.
Aberdeen stopped dealing directly with Bocra Sr. after I raised the issue with Mayor Sobel in 2008. Now the town just deals with Bocra’s company and his consigliore (Bocra’s son is the in-house attorney). Nor is the town bothered by Bocra’s baseless but costly lawsuit against Matawan.
Q: The town council has authorized substantial residential construction to satisfy COAH requirements. What is the projected impact on the school district? 
Holly: We’re not building just to satisfy COAH. The affordable housing would be built anyway. But each time you put a shovel in the ground, you have to make sure you are COAH compliant. 
It’s not like the town council has authorized construction to satisfy COAH. The construction happens because there is vacant land and people come to us and want to develop. 
The impact on the school district is anyone’s guess. There are requirements from COAH, including one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units. The only thing I can tell you here is the Board of Education is fully aware of these projects.
The township is building just to satisfy COAH. I, along with over a hundred other people, was at the town meeting that approved the construction. The meeting was covered in-depth by the blog and the local Independent and the township made it extremely clear that it was only approving the projects to satisfy COAH.

Moreover, had it not been for COAH, the plans would have never been approved. The development was reviewed in 2007, when I wrote the following:
This November 28th, Aberdeen’s Zoning Board will be hearing two variance requests from Centex Homes, LLC. The Zoning Board Engineer called both requests “intense” devlopments. The agency hired to review the submissions, characterized them as rezoning proposals under the guise of variance requests that would “substantially impair the intent and purpose of the zone plan and zoning ordinance.” The public opposes the plans because of traffic congestion and adversely affecting our school system and property taxes. Yet, despite the universal opposition to these developments, everyone is afraid they might garner town approval. Why? Because Aberdeen has a history of choosing private money over the public interest.
Meanwhile, the school district was never consulted, it has opposed the developments from the start, and the township doesn’t know the impact because it doesn’t want to know. The township has done traffic studies, environmental impact studies, town planning studies, etc. but never contacted any other municipality to inquire what would be the impact on the school district. Suffice to say, it won’t be positive.

I can understand why the town leadership is politic but sometimes you just crave for people to trust you enough to treat you like an adult and tell you the truth. >>> Read more!


Just more lies from politicians said...

As an American who is part American Indian my people have seen politicians speak like this before. Mayor T. speaks with forked tongue is so easily said. Mayor T. is just like those same same political types who promised my people treaty after treaty and then stole everything from us American indians. We were here first and like the joke says the only thing left after human beings die off will be cockroaches and politicians like Mayor T. and his puppeteer that they all know run things in town. Run it into the ground that is of course.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have to take time to digest this sanitized, vanilla, milquetoast (Google it Aber-morons) Patch interview, but first these two observations: (1) its called "Matawan-Aberdeen" Patch; why are we forever saddled with that adjacent town?; and (2) Mr. Warren, you find “Mayor Tagliarini and Ms. Reycraft. … both good people trying to do right by their community”? Ms. Reycraft, undeniable. TagLIARini? Come on. He switched parties after being a life-long Republican. He was handpicked by Norman Kauff to run for mayor. Why? Why would the self-annointed Democratic boss of Aberdeen pick Tags (he is not it) to run for mayor? Perhaps the weakest in the buffalo herd? Name a single thing that LIARini had done "right" by our community. Vinci park? Our recent higher tax bills? Cramming an unnecessary over-development (yes, its not redevelopment) at the train station with no consideration for the traffic or school-tax impact to the "community"? Oh, Mr. Warren, please say it isn't so. Please tell us you didn't the Kauff-aid. Please ...?

Corruption convention going on? said...

The post has been on for a few hours and not one Kauff disciple of corruption has said we don't know anything or say that no one reads this blog. Is there a corrupt political hack convention this weekend?

More lies from Fred said...

The Patch interview?

More like

The Patch LIes

Don't deal with Bocra Sr.

Lies all lies just more unethical contemptible lies

Does Fred even remember being honest before Kauff













Coach Fred said...

Coach Fred answered nothing zero nada zip zilch. Just more lies from an asshole who long ago sold his soul to the political devil of Aberdeen to satisfy his ego. So sad you are Coach Fred you are just so sad. You went from giving trophies to kids who didn't earn them to fleecing the Aberdeen residents while betraying the public trust to satisfy the corrupt contractors and hacks.

Anonymous said...

how about asking the mayor how come the engineers and planners conveniently change their initial opinions on developmental proposals for the number of residences to fit the plans and campaign finance needs of dictator norm.

Anonymous said...

just read the statement from the latest puppet manager in town. her words about how the engineer is selected were these. i appoint the engineer at the recommendation of the town council. this must have been a misprint by the patch rag. it is always at the orders of norman kauff that the engineers gets selected year after year. that is the real answer on how the same engineers and planners and lawyers are selected. the process is the same they pay kauff and they get reappointed year after year.

Warren Drive said...

Hack convention? I love that one. Creativity wins again.

farmingdale is kaufferdeen now said...

it seems that the entire town council in farmingdale has quit and there is only one man in charge of the governmental operations in that town. what's the big deal we here in kaufferdeen have only had one man running the entire government for over ten years now. just remember there is no corruption in kaufferdeen though. right norman kauff.

Can't defend the evil of Kauff said...

It's 16 years we have been getting kauffed (f'd).

Maybe we can trade our Kauffcouncil for the Farmingdale council that had enough with tyranny and stepped down in unison.

We could give Farmingdale Kauff and his puppets in an even trade.

It seems the Farmingdale council had some ethics unlike our Kauffassholes on our Kauffcouncil.

Right Kauff?

The joke Mayor fools no one said...

The property the town bought as a political payback by my place is also contaminated to boot. Another is another political corruption filled Kauff reward to a big Democratic donor that of course gets coupled with big unchecked fees to Kauff and his personal engineering firm. No surprises there of course and that old hag Montone thinks buying even more contaminated property for open space is a good idea as well. Open space that no one was ever really going to use anyway. The only real open space with these hack politicians is the towns funding surplus that Kauff gives away like nobodies business during campaigns. These idiots make me laugh hysterically in this patch blog answers. Laugh hysterically that is until my latest tax bill came the other day. Damn them to hell for the pain they inflicted on all of us with that little post delivery. Aberdeen is a real joke thanks to its supposed political leadership. You know how to spell political leadership in Aberdeen? It's spelled Justice Lane. Right Freddy Boy? You're a bad joke Mayor? A really really bad joke Mayor especially if you think anyone respects you as a Mayor much less as a man you should think again. I say think again Mayor as you are neither respected as a Mayor or as a man. You're a puppet nothing more Mayor puppet.

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee, hee

Was it worth it Mayor Tagliarini? said...

Yet again the weak responses to our biting and truthful posts is unmatched with no substantive response from the Kauff Klan to our truth about Farmingdale's leadership also being singularly controlled. It eerily matches the unfortunate dictatorial Kauff control here in Kaufferdeen. But don't forget there is no political corruption in Kaufferdeen? Right Mayor Tagliarini?

Such a disappointment you are Mayor Tagliarini. Was the title of Mayor of Aberdeen worth the price to betray an entire community? You'll soon get a lot of time to ponder that question as you await trialfor betraying the public trust. We know it's never going to happen? Just like all the promised senior development and tax relief the democrats have promised and lied to us every campaign season. Is that why my taxes went up $900.00 this year Mayor Tagliarini? I say it again Mayor Tagliarini was it worth the price to betray an entire community? I can assure you Norman Kauff is not worth the cost.

7:00 train said...

Holly Reycraft got it right. Corruptly right that is. She answered corruptly and that she manages corruptly is also evident. Ms. Reycraft's response to competitive bidding was these little diddies

"we have a pay to play ordinance that is the same as the state requires"

"they *CME* get appointed each year"

"I appoint the engineer, based on recommendations from the council"

"they are mostly paid through escrow funds"

"everything goes out to bid as per law"

"we don't pick them based on their contributions"

"if you keep changing firms, there's no continuity"

Dear Ms' Reycraft, Just so you know Governor Christie says that corruption starts at the municipal level. Your statements above from the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch proves that point. I have to ask you if you really think any reader of the article in The Patch believe for a second you are telling the truth?

I am sure as a person who has run for political office and know politics to be a dirty business so I sympathize with your mandated responses and that you have to tow the party line. I am sure you have much disdain and inner turmoil on a daily basis working in the Norman Kauff controlled town hall building.

I have to point out the ludicrous responses to the question is the reason that Governor Christie is exactly right. The pay to play in Aberdeen is a joke.
CME gets appointed every year by Norman Kauff through his corruptly controlled council that only does what they are told to do. You do appoint the engineer every year as you are told to do on recommended to do by the council. You say CME are not reappointed based on contributions. I do have to say that you are exactly right on one statement. Your statement that there would be no continuity if CME was not reported in that you are exactly right. That you reappoint CME does allow for continuity. That would be the continuity of the Norman Kauff and CME corruption that you allow as the latest Norman Kauff controlled town manager. Good luck with your choice. Be glad you don't have to pay an escrow as a resident or business owner in town.

While your words were interpreted by me in this post you have joined the leadership that epitomizes the root cause of Governor Christie's exacting statement that corruption does in fact start at the Municipal government level. You and the Mayor obviously chose your words carefully and methodically. Too bad Ms. Reycraft that your words weren't truthful in regards to the highly questionable and often unnecessary services of the overly expensive CME.

Personally I wish you all the best and hope you change your mind and take the steps to protect the community rather than the corruption that is so pervasive in Aberdeen. I apologize for this tome and can only hope you take it to heart. Politics is a dirty business and your hands are soiled now also. I apologize for my honesty regarding your words.

Anonymous said...

Just back from vacation and I just saw the Aberdeen Day signs. You've got to be kidding me? Is every business highlighted on that sign? If not why not? The other question is where is the code officer on these signs? He's quick enough to tell me to take my signs down when I am trying to keep my business alive and feeding my family so where is he on these signs? I am sponsoring Aberdeen Day and would have loved to be on the sign I just saw by my bank. Looks like the Aberdeen business council took care of themselves? Who paid for those signs to advertise a few select businesses only? Better have not been any of this businessmans money unless my business is on the sign or they won't get my money next year.

Anonymous said...

There's a corrupt political hack convention everyday in town. It's held on Justice Lane or better yet Injustice Lane at the diabolical corruption hackcave of that corrupt political creature we taxpayers fear like no other. Normie has got nothing on Dracula, Wolfman or even the feared Alien creature that comes screaming out of your chest after eating all of your insides. Now that I think of it Normie is our very own Alien creature that eats our taxpayer wallets and pocketbooks from the inside out. There's nothing left Normie you've got it all.

RIGHT NORM? said...




Anonymous said...

the only thing that has any continuity in the town you now manage miss reycraft is the kauff corruption. that is the real continuity you and the idiot mayor speak of. are you working on the sewers we need over here like you are working on the trench by my sisters house off van brackle. what does that trench cost us tax payers.

Funniest joke ever is said...

The funniest joke everis that

Norman Kauff does not completely control Aberdeen

That's the funniest joke ever except for us taxpayers.

Warren Drive said...

What trench?

No to Freneau! said...

Stand firm Maggie! Don't give into the Freneau Food Stamper, and give him sewers. When is enough going to be enough? Stop the government hand outs to those that put themselves into bad situations. Freneau Food Stamper bought a lemon, so let him make lemonade.

All Kauff all of the time said...

Freneau food stamper?

You are an asshole!

These people have been lied to time and time again by town management and the Norman Kauff controlled elected officials.

That is the real reason they didn't get helped?

I say that Norman Kauff and his costly and corrupt demands for illegal payoffs is the reason those fellow residents did not get the help they still need.

I am sure that is just fine with you though.

Just so you know you missed a spot as you clean your lord and master Norman Kauff's boots this morning with your tongue.

john of the I section said...

Banks.... I liked when they answered why there are so many banks - they are good for the community? Come on... 18 of them in Mat-Ab... 18... seriously? what about some rateables? Holmdel, Hazlet, Middletown all have tax payer relief through businesses that will bring in tax reneue... NOT US - WE GET A TAX INCREASE!!! and PNC bank

ANd the transit village is such a political scheme. IN theory great. Not going to happen if it hasnt already. 13 years in the making and those eye sore factories are still there... BS...

I am sick and tired of this town thinking who we are... How much tax revenue will all these new town houses bring in? any? how many more times will my taxes go up before i see relief? we pay colts neck taxes for crap and we cant move out because our house have lost value.

But keep building banks for all of this imaginary $$ to go ... sickening

My tax bill poem said...

Where oh where has my tax money gone

Where oh where can it be

I just opened my tax bill and i let out a shrill

This much taxes must be a joke cause someone is certainly stealing from the til

Just once someone needs to tell me

Where my money really needs to be spent to benefit me

It really must stop going needlessly to CME

To the fat cats like Kauff they say on here it goes

Well this better stop cause taxpayers aren't their hos

Anonymous said...

Ratables? Not unless Norm gets his cut. Right Fred?

All Kauff 24*7*365 said...

Give me more Kauff!

I need my Kauff corruption fix!

How much did he giveaway of our tax dollars today?

All Kauff all of the time!

Go Kauff!

Anonymous said...

You got to know those businesses on the towns festival signs made contributions to the dictator. With him you either pay up or your kicked to the curb. This town is a joke a really bad corrupt joke.

Anonymous said...

an energy audit was done on town hall the mayor says on the patch. one guess for all of us on here as to what company did the energy audit. anybody willing to bet the state of nj would have done an energy audit for free rather then paying for an energy audit. so i called trenton and asked a couple people and was told there were companies who did free energy audits all over the state. did any of the so called town leaders try and get it done for free. here is a hint in case your wondering i'll bet the company that did the energy audit was done by none other then cme. deny that one i say to the boot licker soldiers of kauff. boot licker i loved that post cause it's so true. just ask our joke of a mayor.

Sewer Rat said...

When are we getting our sewers Maggie? We have been waiting for years! How much longer will we be forced to endure the pain of not having them? Maggie, please, I am begging you! For the love of Pete! BTW - is it true that the recently preserved open space in Aberdeen is heavily polluted? Many of us over here have heard many rumors.

Net Tax Payer said...

Does anyone have a copy of the "Pay to Play" ordinance that the township is following? I know we have been waiting for the Kauffcil to put a stronger one in place, but nothing has been brought to the table. At this rate (tax rate that is), we are all Kauffed!

Aberdeener said...

You can get the town's pay-to-play ordinance at Republicans Not Welcome.

Piece of shit Kauff said...

Polluted just enough for Kauff and CME to make money.

After all that is the Kaufferdeen way.

But wait a corrupt Kauffkin minute.

That asshole Tagliarini wants to buy 250 acres?

But don't give people relief from failed septics.

But don't have our elected officials push out Kauff.

The sad thing is they believe the Kauffkins are doing the peoples business.

Damn them all to hell for betraying us taxpayers.

But don't forget there is no corruption in Aberdeen.

Pay to play ordinance?

Look up piece of shit our elected officials laugh at.

Right Norm.

Tag"liar"weenie said...

"The Patch Propaganda" is more like it. Mayor "Liar"

Be warned Sewer Rat said...

Sewer Rat you better be careful down in those sewers. The biggest rat of all is our Norman Kauffrat and it is said Kauffrat only frequents dark hidden spaces that keep Kauffrat out of the public view since the Aberdeener started up. Dark stinky places like our sewers in Aberdeen have been his home since.

Now that I think of it Kauffrat has not been seen around town hall in Kaufferdeen for some time now due to the lack of Kauffrat sightings posted on here lately. Sadly Kauffrat has been making his allegiant Kauffcouncilrats do his corrupt work every other Tuesday night at the Kauffratcouncil meetings.

Now that I think about it Kauffrat staying out of the public view in Aberdeen is not a good thing. Where can Kauffrat be hiding?

Let me think for a second.

I got it!

I know where Kauffrat is spending his time.


Sewer Rat be warned.

Sewer Rat you might want to steer clear of the sewers around the offices of CME Engineering in Sayreville. That is where I think the much despised Kauffrat may now be seen most often. We taxpayers can bet there is a whole bunch of cheese eaters in the sewer that is the offices of CME Engineering.

Right Kauffratfred?

No to Freneau! said...

To All Kauff All of the Time, Sewer Rat, and Maggie:
Come to your senses! NO SEWERS for Freneau. Why should the rest of the town pay for that? If I purchased a house in that section of town, the section without sewers, why would I then whine and complain about not having sewers?!? Didn't you know that area had no sewers, or are you from Brook-a-line or Staten Dieland, and anything was better than those dumps and you just jumped on the first house you saw? Seriously, lets get to the bottom of this. All Kauff All the Time, here is the thing, sewers = more money for CME and the Demon-crats. So, you must be one of them disguising as a Kauff hater. To the Sewer Rat, discharge your gray water into the streets like some of the folks do over there in Staten Dieland, where you are originally from. Finally to Maggie, stand firm Maggie, and don't bail out the Freneau Food Stampers with another government hand out.

Anonymous said...

Kauff rat warning post was the best and most creative post ever on the aberdeener. I really like the kauffratfred sign off.

Sewer Rat said...

Maybe I am from the i-land, so what. Don't I subsidize repairs to your sewers? Especially when they are backed up from the kauffrats. Maggie, please! The election is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Cheese eaters that's funny and so darn true especially that rat Cannon. Norte dame my ass he's a crook like Norman Kauff is. Mom and Dad spent all that money for their boy to become a hack politician. Kauff put him on our library board like he's going to do something to help.

Matawan Kenneth

Aberdeen Maryland said...

Disgraceful is what I have read on here as I live very close to Aberdeen Maryland myself. I found this site by accident and was intrigued. In a short read I must say that I feel very bad for the residents of such a thoroughly corrupt community. I feel confidant is saying that just from the little I have read on this blog site. If only half of what I have read on here is true regarding the trickery and political deceit I am truly glad I live where I do. Good luck to my fellow Aberdeen residents is all I can say. Rise up and revolt against your corrupt leadership.

Kenneth Hartston Jr.

It's Greeeeaaaaattttt said...

Where do they come up with this stuff?

Embarrassing Normie has been elevated to an 2012 Olympic level on here.

It's Greeeeeeaaaaaatttt.

And still not one named denial from our Normie corrupted so called political leadership.

The Aberdeen Grand Canyon said...

I went over yesterday and saw the work off of Van Brackle discussed on here recently. Whomever said it was a trench is way off the mark. What the hell are they doing over there? It looks like a giant gorge is being created through that area. What the hell is going on there and how much is it really costing us taxpayers? I am willing to bet that Sewer Rat and his neighbors could have gotten some relief septic system instead of what looks like a very few houses getting this trench like thing at taxpayers expense.

So many? = so much corruption said...

Competitive bidding? You've got to be kidding? Do you know how much corruption costs to maintain here in Kaufferdeen? Do you know how expensive corrupt democratic campaigns cost to run here in Kaufferdeen? In Kaufferdeen corruption costs big money. Did you see your latest tax bill? Read that little gem and you'll know how costly political corruption is in Kaufferdeen under Norman Kauff and his corrupt whores. Right Mayorwhore? Such a disappointment Mayorwhore is.

Anonymous said...

with a budget for our police reported to be over 4m you would think our police force would have done something to recognize the national neighborhood night out a week or so ago. maybe we got left out over here in the slums off 516 right margaret. 4m for what i ask again margaret. maybe our police force was busy still trying to solve the home robbery of the man who lost a bunch of jewelry last year or the year before and posted on here. 4m really. sewers margaret remember margaret for those of us afraid to flush.

The Patch should ask said...

I walked my dog over to the gorge discussed on here recently off Van Brackle. I am no engineer or construction guy but I think that giant hole in the ground has to cost at least a million dollars. it is gigantic go take a look for yourself. Maybe that is the next question The Patch reporter needs to *Ask the Mayor? * How much did that hole cost taxpayers?


The Patch needs to be corrected for its content.

Ask the Mayor was not as advertised to be *Ask the Mayor and the Town Manager* when The Patch had to ask its readers not once but twice to get questions submitted to *Ask the Mayor* from The Patch answered idiotically. Did you read the answers given by The Mayor and Town Manager? They made no sense to me at all.


Change that from idiotically answered to answered with a bunch of typical bullshit political lies that were spoon fed to the Mayor and Town Manager by Dictator Kauff to ensure the typical Democratic political bullshit lies. Lies given as directed to perpetuate the lie that our political leadership is spending our money efficiently. I am willing to bet CME is making a bundle off of that hole in the ground over here.

Did you hear that? said...

Did you hear that man screaming? I heard someone yelling over and over again how do they find these things out? That's what I heard tonight anyway. Those exact words were screamed tonight I think by Norman Kauff if he read the post warning sewer rat that Kauff's office is reached though the sewers right under the CME offices. The exact same CME offices where Kauff controls everything that gets considered, approved, built. But be sure of one thing we taxpayers can be sure that Kauff gets his big piece of the politically corrupt corruption pie.

Commuter Man said...

Do the police have any problems with those ugly signs for aberdeen day. They should since they are in bad spots for drivers I think. On another topic I agree the few businesses on the signs have to be big donors to be just selected to be just a few businesses on the couple big signs I saw today. Must be a typical pay to play thing or better yet pay to get your business on the big ugly sign. So much corruption leaves so many questions with such ugly signs in bad locations. How many businesses got asked to be on the sign. I think that question needs to be answered. Maybe they are they just the favorites of the ruing class.

Anonymous said...

any word on the BOE elections? No one from Matawan?

Any info on those 5 running for Aberdeen? How is the 1 year seat filled?

My start of vacation poem for Kauff said...

He wanted to be the mayor so bad

He cares little if so many call him a cad

To those who knew him before he sold out

He satisfied his ego rather than throwing Kauff out

Millions of our dollars he and the others control

They never can honestly deny the one corrupt man illegally in control

Us taxpayers continue to pay and pay

While they lie that there are rules under Pay to Play

The town engineers are the priority

Despite their unchecked and repetitive fee

This year there's no election of lies for them to tell

All we taxpayers have is their corruption to smell

Honest government is all this site seeks

But all we get is corrupted by the Kauff government puppet geeks

They lie to us like its the truth

But they all long ago forgot about telling us the truth

They scoff at our hopes for arrests and convictions

But they keep careful watch in all directions

The black unmarked cars they fear

With warrants for their arrests and big public smear

It cannot happen soon enough for many

For when it happens it will truly be uncanny

They will each cry, whimper and wail

All the way on that long handcuffed ride to jail

No pity we will ever have

Cause they will all need lots of butt salve

Bent over the sink they'll be

With a shirt over their heads so they can't see

Deservedly so of course most will say

For making all of us corruptly pay and pay

Enjoy your vacation poet said...

Enjoy your vacation *vacation poet* as your poem highlighting the Kauff gang left us all laughing. Of course the scum that are Norman Kauff and all of his corrupt miscreants attached at Kauff's taxpayer illegally filled wallet. They are unfortunately laughing at our expense for just a little while longer. Of that we can all be sure. Right Fast Freddy? Such a disappointment your are Fast Freddy. You know that Fast Freddy.

Anonymous said...

Poems while funny and entertaining still can't hide the corruption that is killing our community. Other than spending millions to help their politically connected cronies and paving roads with highly questionable engineering fees what has this democratic leadership really done? They placate us taxpayers with a few park improvements and even recent posts show the deceit and crookedness in that when property way out on the edge of town that only a handful of taxpayers would ever use much less drive by. It always looks good when presented or published in a newspaper article even though the grandiose plans and political fodder never happens.
The list of proposed municipality changes and similarly promised tax relief from development has never ever materialized. Promised and promised again and promised yet again senior housing has seen nothing more than a decayed building on the sight torn down and it is said often that the town manager who was in charge was put out of office again for problems never divulged but suspected to be involving the town engineers fees for services.
Come on people the writing is on the wall. Hell people all of the signs are staring us all in the face. We all know politicians are crooked and ours serve at the bequest of a hidden man who no one ever sees. I would not know Norman Kauff if I stepped on him yet he clearly pulls the strings on our puppet leadership. So I ask the politicians who only come on here for fear of what illegal act they are involved in next would get printed on here to list just 5 accomplishments in this community that did not involve payments to the town engineers, lawyers or political hacks that obvious bill this town questionably. Again list only real accomplishments that benefited the entire community. My wife and I are leaving to visit our kids and will be back in a week so take your time to respond. Remember not involving the town engineers or politically favored hangers on. The park you just put in our neighborhood for Vinnie Vinci don't count because we all laugh about since it went in. Another political recognition for another supposed man of the people. Everyone knows about him and who he worked for. Only himself is that reality. See you in a week. Remember take your time and list 5 real accomplishments not involving the engineers.

Anonymous said...

Priorities people priorities. If you sit home whil men like Normie illegally run things you deserve what you get soaked in the wallet for. When you have flashy fire trucks that look good in parades and hardly get used you pay for that. When your police force has men and women that you mostly see parked in shopping centers or playing road patrol for revenue you pay for that. The man who claims his house was robbed and never solved may not be alone and you pay for that. When you cannot advertise businesses to compete and businesses close you pay for that. In years to come you'll ask yourself what happened to our America. You who sit idly by and let it just happen are the factor in the decline of our America.

Anonymous said...

Our hacks have been covering for Kauff so long he calls them his little blankets. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Norman Kauff must be a comedian since Aberdeen is the laughing stock of Monmouth County.





No corruption my ass! said...

Trying to do right by the community?

My ass!

What's next Norman Kauff is just an old man living on a pension?

My ass!

You may as well as try and convince me that there is no corruption in Aberdeen and that Norman Kauff does not control our so laughable elected leadership.

Anonymous said...

Laughable more like assable cause they screw us all over every Kauff corrupted taxpayer robbing day.

6:00 train said...

Laughable elected leadership? With our elected officials no one is laughing unless you laugh at their complete and total lack of effective, honest and financially prudent leadership. After all we residents of Aberdeen are part of the highest taxed state of New Jersey. In Aberdeen the clear and present corruption makes us deservedly the national joke. I do also agree with the prior post that Norman Kauff makes us the joke of Monmouth County.

Aberdeen is a joke said...

Financailly prudent leadership? You've got to be kidding? Not as long as Daddy Kauff Taxbucks is feeding off the carcass of us over taxed taxpayers. Not until then will our towns leaders stop buying useless political payback crony properties that are contaminated to boot.

Leaders which is just a nominally descriptive term since our council idiots who could not lead a riot if their lives depended on it. You could bet your last taxpayer stolen by Kauff dollar that Kauff and his engineers would submit exorbitant bills for overseeing the riot to boot. Our town is a joke and the ones laughing heartily are Kauff and his engineers.

Peachtree said...

Contaminated just like the factory by us. Just never forget there is no corruption in Aberdeen. Just big taxpayer funded engineering fees to build? NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

didn't they just have an article in my driveway freebie paper that said that factory by the parkway was going to have houses built on it. wait i forgot the newspapers are norms favorite propaganda tool. false promises from political and corrupt leadership to the stupid taxpayers is almost as laughable as more development is really coming to aberdeen. really coming to our town? sure it is just like the senior housing so often promised for the last ten years. and they call themselves leaders. hypocrites is the true definition of what the puppet council really are.

Getting closer Norm said...

Governor Christie is in Asbury Park today Norm!

Getting closer Norm he is getting closer Norm!

Warren Drive said...

That factory isn't contaminated town hall is. Contaminated that is with corrupt public officials who are nothing more than slaves to a political demagog. They all know it and don't care. They know we know it and don't care. So guess what my fellow taxpayers? All we can hope for is that Norm goes room temperature really soon. Never forget though there is no corruption in Aberdeen. No corruption unless you count

Senior housing that never materializes

Political paybacks for contaminated properties

Norman Kauff doing no work and getting kickbacks

Favored engineering firms who control everything

Officials and appointees kicking back to Kauff also

Developers being approached for smooth over=$$$

Perverts in the inner Kauff circle being protected

Developmental czars appointed=quickly dumped

Former manager arrested imprisoned for child luring

Former manager mysteriously forced out=$$$

Councilwoman forced out for ?engineers? bills$$$

Wasteful spending on useless parks for known crook

Mysterious meetings said to be held with no public

Got to go pick up my wife off the bus i'll be back

The unknown taxpayer said...

Meetings involving Kauff are not that secret? They are just hidden and said to have been held out of town so Norm can be in charge and make all the illegal politically corrupt decisions. I checked way back in the Aberdeeners history log and it was said the meetings used to be held in some hard to find breakfast place out of town. So much for open public meetings and public records much less an informed public. It was said that the meetings were said to be some bullshit political club meeting excuse to not violate the NJ sunset laws. Liars all of them and i'll bet the taxpayers got billed for our Kauff controlled puppet pigs to eat breakfast at the taxpayer funded trough. Always remember there is no corruption in Aberdeen. Right Mayor Kauffspig?

Anonymous said...

Kauffspig I love it much better then trohymayor. Mayor Tags giving trophies to kids that did not earn the he's a loser jerk. Speaking of losers how come I saw some signs tonight on the highway by shop rite. The sign gestapo not working today to stop businesses from trying to earn a living. This town is a joke with fools like them doing the peoples business.

Anonymous said...

Aren't meetings involving public monies and other important things involving town business or elected officials mandated to involve the publics availability to be present if they want?

God will forgive you not Normie said...

Good morning Kauffkins!

Can't stay away can you?

You have to see what will be printed about you.

That's what inner guilt does to you.

Repent and admit your political corruption and sins.

You're hurting your family and friends for Normie.

Save yourself and your very soul.

God will forgive you even if Normie won't.

Let God judge Normie for hurting so many.

Let Normie stand alone before the Lord our God.

Save yourself!

Kauff is a disease said...

No continuity means CME will rape all of us till Kauff dies. Too bad for us taxpayers is an understatement. Here's a hint to the idiot Kauff council puppets. How about they hire an engineer for town business that
works for the town and not the biggest democratic donor in the whole state that is CME. Wait I forgot corruption rules the day and we business owners pay.

Corruption process simplified said...



Kauff don't want anyone from the public to attend any meetings.

That's what happens when Kauff runs the whole show.

It really is a very simple process.

I'll explain.

First you attach the strings to your elected puppets.

Second you tell them what to do and how to vote.

Third you hold meetings in violation of the SUNSHINE LAW not sunset law as previously posted in restaurants and your engineers office in secret.

Fourth you make sure your puppets don't respond to anything.

That my fellow business owners is how to run the thoroughly corrupt town government by an unelected and unaccountable man in his Kaufferdeen.

So to my fellow business owners I say that the next time anyone from the town looks for a donation or money from us for the Kauff controlled puppets tell them to get Kauff to pay. Tell them to tell Kauff to open up his corruption filled mattress bank and stop gouging us and the resident homeowners.

Anonymous said...

what about the aberdeen business meetings posted about on here lately. how can any business owners complain in the perfect business world that is kaufferdeen. did you not make it onto the sign by the diner. did you not get asked to go to the business meetings. you got to make a bigger corrupt donation next year to kauff if you want to go. thats the real pay to play in kaufferdeen. sewers maggie don't forget the sewers weve been promised forever.

Anonymous said...

The sign gestapo will be back tomorrow. Mac took a couple days off.

Anonymous said...

Was at bageltime a couple of weeks ago eating outside. drapkin came up and started talking to guy. the guy seemed to know alot about the town. he asked how norman was getting along with cannon. drapkin said that cannon and mayor tag had cut norman out and that norman said the coming election should be interesting. can't find norman on any town contracts anywhere. drove by airport plaza - norman no longer has a law office there or anywwhere that i can see on line, just what I heard and saw. anybody know if drapkin was telling the truth about norman

Anonymous said...

Politician or former politician like Drapwig=liars. Never believe for one minute that Kauff is not in charge. No one crosses Kauff so Taggy Tags and Cannon are politically useless puppets controlled by Kauff. Norm is like the George Washington of Aberdeen corruption. If there was a mountain for corruption our dictator Norman Kauff Esquire would be all the corrupt faces on the mountain. Cannon and Tags taking out Norman is about as believable as CME being honest and forthright. Never gonna be a change in the control of corruption and fleecing of the taxpayers in Aberdeen until Kauff dies. What's next Taggy Tags becoming a republican again? Been there done that right trophy boy?

Anonymous said...

That was no interview Ms. Nasso it was just a typical fluff piece to keep people in the area thinking that the political leadership is doing something on their behalf. They are doing something all right. It's called political corruption plain and simple but not on behalf of the taxpayers. You know who benefits. I cannot even use his name. As for supposedly forcing him off his throne and taking over. Same corruption just different faces. faces. That would be the continuity highlighted in the article you wrote Ms. Nasso. Try writing and not just what you're hand fed by the corrupt puppets.

Anonymous said...

Recently in the news there have been reports about attorneys and other contracted professionals that are on the state's pension plans funded by municipalities. Does anyone know if Norman Kauff is on Aberdeen's pension plan or its health plan? What does it cost us? And if he is on pension/health plan, why?

Anonymous said...

The soap opera that is Kaufferdeen continues? Too bad!

The sky is falling said...

He was

He may be

Forget Kauff he's on the way out they say


Kauff rules

Right up until you read he's gets arrested

Him and the other Kauffscum better lawyer up

MOVIE TIME said...








Anonymous said...

trophy boy i love it. sewers maggie its so simple to do.

Signs I see more signs! Why? said...

Signs more signs I see so many more signs all over town. So where is the sign gestapo? He was right there telling me I needed to get signs approval from that town hall witch. Are those signs for Aberdeen Day any different than my stores signs? Did the town hall witch approve those signs like mine? Did they have to pay a sign fee like I do? So many questions with so much political corruption cannot be said enough.

Anonymous said...

Data Universe on the website shows Boss Kauff gets an Aberdeen funded pension of over $52,000.00 a year and you can be sure Boss Kauff gets medical benefits for life on us business owners and taxpayers here in Kaufferdeen. Nice work if you are heartless enough to control all of the political corruption in Kaufferdeen. Right Boss Kauff?

Lawman said...

Christies on 101.5 radio tonight. I hope they read my question. This is the question I submitted to Eric Scott who I was told interviews the Governor for the radio station.

Governor Christie I am a retired transit cop living in Aberdeen NJ and can't keep up with the political shenanigans and democratic corruption surrounding the town council. My taxes just went up $1100.00 with only my second tax bill. My neighbor says our leadership is really controlled by an unelected and unaccountable politician that even used to be the town lawyer. What can be done to stop this man and a if true a wrongly controlled town leadership corruptly serving such a man?

Warren Drive said...

Is it true?

Tell me it's true I beg you.

Please tell me it's true.

Tell me there's a chance Aberdeen can survive.

Anonymous said...

Does this blog allow photos, videos or audio? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

There are few common themes throughout all of the topics Mr. Warren posts. One I'd like to address. Most that post here express their disappointment with Mayor Fred, saying he changed, he sold his soul, etc. For us that suffered under his involvement in baseball, he is the same now as he was in baseball. Mayor Fred did nothing for the good of the baseball league and from I have observed, he does nothing for the good of the community. Perhaps his conduct does not rise to the level of criminal acts, but every time I see him in church, I step aside. I do not want to be near him when the lightening bolt strikes him down for all of his hypocrisy, lies and deceit. Change? No, Mayor Fred has not changed. Aberdeen is only seeing him now for what he truly is -- a do nothing mouthpiece that simply wants people to adore him as the lovable Fred who is always there for you. He is not that person. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Gospel of Matthew 7:15, King James Version). Beware Aberdeen. Beware.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren, my husband and I like to post comments every now and then, but your new requirement for us to prove we're not robots before you'll post our comment is too much for our tired old eyes. The missus and I have to keep updating the text and picture sometimes 10 or 20 times before we are able to read one and then sometimes we are not sure coz some of our posts never make it. Do you really think robots are posting to your site (of course, excluding the Kauff-bots). Please change this. Please.

Coach Fred and the trophies said...

But the kids played hard and they deserve a trophy?

Only if your kid plays on the losing team.

Right Coach Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Coach fred!

Aberdeener said...

Anonymous 6:48,

My deep apologies for now requiring verification prior to posting.

I was being spammed by robots. And my site was once under attack in response to a post against the teachers' union.

However, the site isn't as heavily trafficked these days so I'll remove the verification and let's see what happens. I can always put it back.

He sold his soul to the devil said...

To Anonymous at 6:42 August 23, 2012 all I can say is you know Fred better than he used to know himself. That of course was before he sold his soul to the Devil of Aberdeen the much despised Norman Kauff. Thank you for your insight and honesty. Imagine that honesty in Aberdeen. Honesty is certainly is not within the halls of town hall or its council chamber.

Church of the Anti-Christ said...



Coach Fred going to a church?

I think not!

Not unless Norm is holding devil worshipping at 7 Justice Lane in his personal coven of political corruption.

That is the only church Coach Fred goes to since drinking the politically corruption inducing Kauff Kool-aid.

Louse selling his house? said...

Once upon a time there was a louse

A louse who might be selling his house

The louse who lives in the house

Has a conscience the size of a mouse

So I hear the louse that lives in the house

Might soon be selling his house

I just hope the louse don't sell his house

To another depraved corrupt political louse

Maybe the louse should properly market the house

The louse should list all of the numerous corrupt money hiding places he has had built into his house

The louse who has hiding places built into the house

Places built into the house for when the police come to remove and take into custody the louse of the house

The louse of the house with the conscience of a mouse might be selling his house

The louse of the house should tell of the tunnels he had installed to sneak out the louse of the house

So if the louse of the house is quietly selling his house

No sign you will see for the house being sold by the louse who may be selling his house

So if the louse with the conscience the size of a mouse

Is in fact really selling his house

All we can hope is that the louse who may be selling his house

The louse with with the conscience the size of the mouse should instead I hope die in that house

Harsh words it will no doubt be said of the louse

Who I wish should die in the house

That is what I feel is deserved for the louse

The louse who may be selling his house

I am not a poet who writes about the louse

And now you all may know he may be selling his house

I still hope the louse rots in his house

And I and many others hope he never sells his house

That changes nothing for the louse selling the house

He shoulfd rot and decay in the house of the louse

Is it really worth it Kauffkins? said...

I am truly amazed that the Kauffkins still try and tell us there is only one or two people posting on here and exposing the corruption of Norman Kauff. Now people are posting on here that they're disgusted by the mayor in his own church. Is it really worth it Kauffkins? It will never stop as long as you put Kauff and his CME ahead of us business owners and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

church lady hit the corrupt politician on the head.

Disappointed taxpayer said...

I live on the street where what some posters on here have called the Aberdeen Gorge. We here iving with thie traffic and noise laughingly call it the Big Dig. It's just so laughable as it is just so massive. This was a small creek that negatively affected a few properties for many years across the way. Management and our politicians will no doubt pat themselves on the back when it's done as usual.

Nonetheless I took a walk by the other day and spoke to two workers having lunch. I simply asked two questions and the answers came freely. I asked when it would be completed and how much it cost. I was amazed at the answer to both. One worker says to me we don't know when we will be done and the other without skipping a beat says I think it's $2 mil. $2 million dollars can't be. This if true needs to be looked into and a complete investigation needs to start.

I'll say it again it was a small creek that affected a few homes. The town could have bought the houses for less than that. This I feel is just another example of wasteful spending by our community leaders yet again. I hope Mr. Warren looks into this as I am still laughing at the lack of investigative reporting by Ms. Naso or any of the printed press.

GRIP 2012 said...

While I will be the first to admit that Norman Kauff is corrupt and costs the taxpayers plenty. Why is the school monies less important? Just a thought. Vote for anybody but Obama if you want to save what is left of America.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren, my wife and I thank you. Hopefully your wonderful blog will not get attacked again by robots.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Residents -- "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."Matthew 7:15–23. Mayor Fred and the town council bear nothing but bad fruit in the form of corruption, high taxes and over development. The Anchor Glass redevelopment will transform from a pleasant, quiet community to a 500+ overcrowded school system and overburdened tax system that will cause our infrastucture and local roads to fail. Does anyone on the town council have the courage to say NO? The owner of this project told the council it would generate revenue in excess of one million dollars. What's let over Mr. Owner after we the taxpayers pay for all the kids that will go to our schools? Again, anyone on the town council, please explain to us why Aberdeen needs this overdeveopment? Anyone? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

hey, just drove by town hall and i learned aberdeen is going green. really, i thought it went green years ago ... as in all the green backs paid to N-O-R-M-A-N. that's the only color he understands with a picture of benjamin franklin. right, N-O-R-M-A-N?













Anonymous said...

I went down off of Vanbrackle today and looked for the taxpayers trench posted on here a while back. I ended up meeting two residents who told me this thing is something they have needed for many years. The lady pointed to the house of a man who slowed the installation by years. The one other person said he brought it to the town leaders for years and was ignored repeatedly. Just like sewers across town I guess. So I guess you should complain for years and like the taxpayer trench your area of town might get what you need after years of being ignored. It seems thats the Aberdeen way.







F the Mayor said...

I see the grand jury is soon to convene on Birdsall Engineering and the highly questionable billing improprieties, corruption and political influence peddling. I certainly hope that investigation by the State AG puts the microscope on our taxpayers nemesis of CME and the other scum attached to the Kauff and CME taxpayer gouging tit. To say politics is a dirty thing is an understatement. To say politics in Aberdeen is a dirty business is the biggest understatement in history. If you think such a statement is an overreaction I would tell you to look at your latest tax bill. It no longer is the schools fault when just one proposed development at the old factory by the parkway could easily put 500 more kids in our already overcrowded schools. Forget the projects soon to be started across town. That is probably good for another 100 or more kids. Like the previous poster reported the developer says the project will add $1.5m in taxes. Only problem is 500 students will cost the rest of us over $7m+ I call that Kauff math carry the corruption point. Thanks for nothing you jokers on the Kauff council puppet team. Give yourself a trophy Coach Fred. Like the one your kid got for being on the losing team. You don't deserve a trophy either. You're a joke Coach Fred. But you know that already. Ask the Mayor? How about F the Mayor?

Warren Drive said...

The poet is PRICELESS

Sale price is? said...

Asking price is $550,000.00 for Casa De Corruption
aka 7 Justice Lane or even more precisely the political corruption planning residence of Norman Kauff.

So my fellow business owners, taxpayers and residents If things go in the normal corrupt Kaufferdeen way the taxpayers will be buying Casa De Kauff and turning it into Open Space like they did out on the edge of Kaufferdeen off New Brunswick Avenue. The town council will then have CME do an overly expensive Energy Audit to continue with the Green Team propaganda and typical taxpayer gouging. A corruptly approved and overly expensive Energy Audit that of course CME it is said has no experience in doing routinely. Of course no experience has never stopped the Kauff council from corruptly paying CME for doing such studies before even when such studies were available to our town free of charge from the state. Don't worry though the fact that CME have repeatedly done Energy Audits in Kaufferdeen and for big fees is just a normal part of the corruption taxpayer gouging processes in Kaufferdeen. Planned of course ar Casa De Corruption.

Then according to the typical corruption laden Kauff controlled plan Coppola and Coppola will be allowed to do another overly expensive study on the potential uses of Casa De Corruption. In a short time frame the findings of the Coppola and Coppola study will be submitted and then quickly changed 180 degrees to whatever Kauff needs for maximum corruption dollars. That of course is corruptly typical with all of the Coppola and Copolla Kauff controlled Planners studies and of course the typical taxpayer gouging continues yet again.

So we taxpayers can soon expect to see our towns leadership posing for pictures in front of Casa De Kauff and really promising anything to generate bills. There will then be laughable press releases promising either that developers will bring significant tax reduction from developing Casa De Kauff or the council could just roll out that senior housing could also be a strong possibility of course and that neither will ever happen either.

In other words us business owners, taxpayers and residents will pay and pay and pay. In other words it is going to be just another corruption filled day in Kaufferdeen. For Now that is.

Never forget though there supposedly no corruption here in Kaufferdee. Despite so many questions with so much corruption of course. I'll believe that when my businesses on Sept.22 on the much publicized and similarly laughable Aberdeen Day attendance will make their businesses year end go black.

All Patched in: Aberdeen Day said...

Aberdeen Day has been expanded and it will still suck.

There will even be a softball game this year and Mayor Tagliarini will no doubt give everyone a trophy. Right down to whichever team loses the game.

Mayor Tagliarini likes losers you see.

After all to thy own self be true.

Right Mayor Tagliarini?

Have our prayers been answered? said...

Is he really selling? If he is all I can say is Amen. Thank you Jesus!

Another bail out?!? said...

Can somebody please explain this Van Brankle situation? Specifics please. A few houses, creeks, this lady said one, the guy said another thing... These stories are too vague.

Aberdeen trench to nowhere said...

The Kauff faithful would tell you to go to a council meeting and ask about the trench to nowhere. They will of course lie to you in the typical political responses that are mandated by Norm. I inquired myself with two workers and hear it cost almost 2 million dollars. I also hear from a man in a white pickup truck that it was a screw up from years ago for work in the area for storms. We can all be sure all of the typical players in the corruption game here in Aberdeen made plenty of money on this. That is the normal way things go with our tax money. Sorry change that to that is not the normal way it is the Norm way.

So many ??? so much corruption said...



Everything with our corrupted leadership is vague?

Vague answers?

Vague accounting?

Vague responsibilities?

Vague billing practices?

Vague accountability?

Vague info on illegal meeting locations?

Vague info on shakedowns to *smooth things over*?

Vague answers to any arranged questions on Patch?




That's what you get with political corruption!

Right Fast Freddy?

7:00 train said...

Kauff wants 550k for his house. Sounds good to me after all he must have a bank sized safe built into that house for all the taxpayers money that he's stolen all these years. Safes aren't cheap you know. Its a good bargain with what safes cost. That's it another bank could open on Injustice Lane.

Anonymous said...

Smoothing things over is just a typical Norm move. That's the Aberdeen reality of Norms political pay to play.

Anonymous said...

But remember Normie never shook down the developer for senior housing in the parking lot after a meeting. Or did he? Only the Kauff liars know for sure. But didn't someone say there is a letter?

Anonymous said...

Fast Freddy? Not when he gets to prison. That moniker will be changed to Sweet Freddy. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

More on the letter about the shakedown happening please. So much corruption leaves so many questions.

Anonymous said...

I just read anonymous aug 23 2012. That''s money as in RIGHT ON THE MONEY.




















Ewing meeting today went well said...

Kauff's not getting any younger

Axlerod's not getting any younger

Robinson's not getting any younger

The two Kauff molesters aren't getting any younger

Dave Samuels is not getting any younger

Fallon and Fallon aren't getting any younger

Copolla and Capolla aren't getting any younger

Coren's not getting any younger

Kauff council puppets aren't getting any younger

Kauff puppet lawyers aren't getting any younger

Kauff Zoning Board puppets aren't getting younger

Kauff's Planning Board puppets aren't getting any younger

Kauff's kickback paying Judges aren't getting any younger

Kauff's kickback paying Prosecutors aren't getting any younger

Kauff's partners in his illegal Freneau property owners group aren't getting any younger

Those who attended the Spalliero fire truck shakedown meeting aren't getting any younger

The developer Kauff shook down in the municipal parking lot is not getting any younger

That is the list I gave to the investigators today inside the NJSP Ewing offices. I told them to move more quickly since I am not getting any younger either.

By the way due to the Obama economy my favorite deli the State Troopers broght lunch from closed business while I was back home. I had a ham sandwich in your honor today Kauff you pig. I must say that the Kosher pickles at the new lunch place the State Troopers are using were great though.

I'll be back in early October they tell me. I sure hope I get a few hours in AC next time before my flight back home.

Live to Ride

Ride to live

Anonymous said...

anything happen while i was away Margaret. i got home and guess what Maggie. no sewers for you or your neighbors. thanks for nothing mag.

Two Problems, one solution said...

If we're going to spend a cool 2 million, why not run the Van Brackle trench all the way to the Freneau cess pools and kill two birds with one stone?

Anonymous said...

Lets be real clear.
First of all this so called investigation has taken years. Why so long? all of you claim to have the information needed for arrest.

You claim you are working with the NJSP is this correct? any meeting you have should have been confidential.

School Board Elections are in November can we please talk about that. The school district budget is over 60 million dollars and you want to spend time with nursery rhymes.

All of us pay said...

When your road needs paving or repair all of us pay.

When sewers were installed or repaired all of us pay.

When the ball fields and park equipment ned repair or replacement all of us pay.

When corrupt public officials make sweetheart deals for themselves, their political party and cronies we all pay.

Sewers in that part of town is fair to those who also pay for all of the above. Forget the fact that our fellow residents were lied to for years and years.

Who is paying for the Van Brackle trench?

All of us pay!

Sewers now for those residents who pay for you.

NOT! said...

Every politician in New Jersey is under investigation everyday thats a fact. I sure hope that those who've posted on here and said they met with the police did in fact meet with investigators. Do you really think with posts about letters sent to Governor Christie and the Attorney General about Kauff and the rest that no one is looking closely at Kauff and his soldiers of corruption in Ewing and Trenton or even Freehold? I sure hope the person who posted yesterday did in fact go to Ewing and tell it all. By the way Ewing is the area that many State Police offices are. I looked it up and there are several offices down that way. I also hope the person down there yesterday gets his or her time in Atlantic City in October. It's no picnic living with these corrupt politicians here in Kaufferdeen where every single day is a gamble for taxpayers. Kauff spins the taxpayer funded wheel of corruption everyday and they all know it. They'll start shaking in their boots when all the employees in this town start getting sworn in to tell what they know or did for Kauff all these years. Some employees who have been kept like pets under Kauff and Marc Coren will take the 5th no doubt. Many will not and they will tell what they know and have seen or done under these jokers. But I keep forgetting we don't know anything according to the Kauff clones? We also are only one or two people posting on here the Kauff clones say? And never forget there is no corruption in Kaufferdeen according to the Kauff clones? NOT!

God forgives all they say said...

Norm must be kidding?

If he is in fact selling his palace of corruption across town he must want more for his house then the way overpriced houses rotting by my church that is on Cambridge Drive.

If those houses couldn't sell after all this time they will have to be way lower priced.

I hope those houses never sell for what they tell me the owners put my church through years ago.

Norm better rethink this sale.

Perhaps Norm could turn his house into a hospital for the criminally corrupt.

Of course there would be a really long waiting list just from the politicians and hacks in Aberdeen alone.

Right Fast Freddy?

I forgot.

I mean Sweet Freddy.

Repent and be saved all of you.

Anonymous said...

What the owners put your church thru. Your church needed money and the builder purhased the property.
The builder was greedy and that is the reason they are not selling.

I cannot tell truth or fiction on this blog.

I challenge just one person to attend a council meeting and address the issues, you will not because you are all cowards.

As far as the sewers I do not have any information, but if you move or purchased a house with no sewers why should we pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Matawan Regional High School ranks fourth out of public high schools in Monmouth County, according to a list released by New Jersey Monthly.

Wow not one person commented on this article...

Upload Photos and Videos




Upload Photos and Videos

Matawan Regional High School ranks fourth out of public high schools in Monmouth County, according to a list released by New Jersey Monthly.

Anonymous said...

i just watch governor christie's speech. a true primer in leadership. a stark contrast in our leadership in aberdeen, particularly mayor fred. you sicken me and my family. what have you done for aberdeen? what? solar panels at town hall. a park for vinnie. over development at anchor glass. an all too influential business council. did i mention you sicken me. i look at what you have planned and schemed for aberdeen's future and it sickens me. my parents came here when levitt built. i remember fondly growing up here and how fortunate they talked about being able to live here. and now, now, you piece of scumbag scum seem all to eager to destroy our little town. why? why mayor fred.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment to another post, but the last one really hit home. My husband and I are new residents to Aberdeen. We liked the hometown community of Aberdeen (actually turned off by the apparent decay of downtown Matawan)and now, now that the so-called vision of Aberdeen Mayor and Council have for our community we are really starting to regret our decision to move here. Does the Mayor and the Council ever respond to the issues raised in this blog? Or are they as talked about here forever beholden to this mysterious Mr. Kauf and why do they think that over 500 residential units, a movie theater, retail stores and restaurant at Anchor Glass benefits our community. My husband and I and our neighbors agree -- this will negatively change our little bedroom community. Why Mr. Mayor? Why not a park (you gave one to this former Councilman Vincent) for Aberdeen? A recreational park with soccer fields and baseball/softball fields. Or how about a football field for a up and upcoming football players. A stadium that other towns want to come to play and make Aberdeen proud like the one on Route 79. Why not? We are so upset over what we are learning about this town. Mr. Mayor and town council, where are your priorities?

Anonymous said...

i me mine. Beatles (or Aberdeen Demon-crats).

Wny do the Aberdeen Demon-crats hate us?

Why does Mayor Fred put Aberdeen businesses over Aberdeen residents.

What is Mayor Fred's relationship with this Norman Kauff person that is so talked about on this blog (and apparently, Aberdeen residents are funding his retirement pension, but no one seems to know who he is)?

Why does the townhall sign never say "Council Meeting Tonight"? Or "Planning Board Meeting Tonight"? Or "Secret Business Council Meeting Tonight"?

Instead, we get to learn about what is going on at the out-dated, time-to-go library or if you can read the sign, there's free eye-screening test.

But I digress, why do the Aberdeen Demon-crats hate us?

Whether this Norman Kauff character is real or ficticious, we know that the Mayor and the Council exist, but yet not a single response or answer. Why or who is instructing them not to address a single issue raised by this blog. Isn't there any sense of obligation or decency of the Mayor or Council to address or respond to issues discussed here?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I was walking in the Vincent Park the other day and stepped in a big old pile of Kauff. At least I think it was Kauff because it sure smelled like Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that park of dead grass and dead trees is a joke. I've noticed the Krapp there also. Who is responsible for cleaning up the Krapp? Oh, silly me, that's the Feds. There coming for you Normie, just like your pal Coren came trolling for young males.

KAUFF LIVES? said...









Anonymous said...

The township does not request nor receive competing bids for “professional services” such as engineering, town planning, legal, or accounting. Engineering alone (CME) receives over a million dollars a year from the township.
Mr Warren let me make a correction on the above statement.
I personally attend the reorganitional meeting and it was stated not one Eng Firm placed a bid for Aberdeen. Maybe you should check the minutes from that meeting.

Anonymous said...

That's because CME has the Kauffmonompoly. Mr. Warren save your time the minutes of any meeting in Kaufferdeen is not substantive or really as discussed amongst the Kauffcorrupted. Same goes for council meetings, budget meetings and more.

Anonymous said...

So true and I think those tapes or written copies are supposed to be publicly available in some timed way from posts of the past. Not in that town hall building I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

That is out corrupt Political leadership at it's best. All CME all of the time. Right Freddy Boy?

Anonymous said...

NJFOG will be hosting a statewide workshop for all New Jersey residents to learn about a citizen’s right to attend public meetings and access public records. The event will be held on Saturday, September 22nd from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Raritan Valley Community College located at 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, New Jersey 08876

Signs signs everywhere are the ugly signs said...

Notice how no response from the sign gestapo on those ugly signs for a few businesses about the towns day. Bought and paid for is the sign gestapo. Right Normie?

515 train said...

Who stated that no other engineering firm sent a bid? Let me guess a Kauff council puppet said that? And anonymous @8/29/12 @7:25 AM believed that corruption filled statement? No other engineering firm would bother bidding because they all know Aberdeen is all Kauffed up.

Politicians especially Kauffed up Aberdeen politicians are liars people it's plain and simple. If our politicians told you they were honest politicians and worked on your behalf to the best of their ability would you believe them? They are liars people.

Honest is a word in any sentence joined with the word politicians is never to be believed. Just like using the word honest and car salesman. At least with the car salesman though most times you'll get a junker for your money. All we get with our politicians lies is corruption bought and paid for junker politicians.

Anonymous said...

Love the posts on here.

Aberdeen Md.








Anonymous said...

Are you a new to Aberdeen.

Here is your first lesson. When the other party was in the Eng Firm of choice was TNT I could be wrong on the name.
2. Every town is allowed to hire an inhouse Eng firm but first they must adv in the paper. Aberdeen followd that procedure.
3. I personally attended the meeting in the start of 2012, I am sure the Twp Clerk has the minutes.
Funny when you are given the correct information you still have a problem with it. I am a firm beliver attend meetings if you diaagree. Ok there you have it, call the Twp Clerk.

Anonymous said...

I wish I may I wish I might

We know when it comes to all the Norm corruption we are in the right

They try to deny that which we no is true

That Norm and the rest are corrupt through and through

Our millions they spend

And we know they'll all get it good in the end

Despite all we know is true about them

Not one will use their name to publicly defend them

They tell us whe know nothing of their illegal acts

And deep deep down inside they're just nothing more than political hacks

The little heartless man that runs the whole show

When he gets to prison will be just another old prison ho

Regrets all of them will have

When they don' t have enough money for butt salve

Yes I went there again and they won't like it

And for that all I can say is they can all suck it

The reality of their corrupt acts costs us all plenty

And when they get to jail they'll all soil their panty

To Ocean City this weekend I and my family now go

I will not think of Kauff and his corruptly fed ego

Not Coach Fred nor Cannon or even Vinci Park

That the town spent our money to leave a corrupt mark

When norm dies they'll be no monument or park

Because Kauff operates in shadows of the dark

These poems they all despise and of that I am down

I just love to do this against those who think they where a corruptly and too costly illegally anointed crown

So kiss my ass I say to all of the corrupt

Since they all know they' re just a corrupt puppet

So it's off to fun in the sun for an inexpensive sum

While Norm and his puppets will steel a tidy sum

The corruption hating I section poet

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Residents attend meetings please get involved in your community. When will you stop making excuses and attend meetings.
Planning, Zoning and Council meetings.
Aberdeen is a wonderful town to raise a fanily, school system 4th in the county, and no major crime.

If you want to know the true facts get off this blog and make a difference..School Board Elections are just around the corner over 60 million dollars spent and not one person has anything to say.

Anonymous said...

I love the poets and now you all know it.

The true we all say while all they can do is pray

To not have to hear that knock on their door

To prison they deserve to go to sleep on the floor

They will deny deny deny all the way to the end

All their fellow prisoners will have them do is bend

Bend over and over again and again I hope

Until they get tired and hang in the cell from a rope

B section neighbor of the wig master I am to you

For I and many others are tired of the political screw

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah clerk has the minutes

Blah blah blah attend the meetings

That's what I want to let these scum politicians know who I am so the can send their rabid dog macaleer and the $4,000,000.00 police force to look for me eveyytime we leave the driveway or don't cut my grass or put up a sign for my businesses.

Meetings are just the name for giving developers and problems in the town approvals as long as they put up big escrows for Kauff and his CME to drain at will with no explanation. CME has never met an escrow they could not loot. Kauff too that spawn he would steal the last pencil from a blind mans cup.

Anonymous said...

The creativity is heartening. The corruption is very expensive. The denials by those named, corrupted and involved are non existent. Not that it would change anything if they tried to deny their guilt. They know we know the truth of their corruption and excessive costs to all of us as they keep paying Kauff to ruin our town. Show me one thing they've done positively for all of us that did not make all of them and their criminal associates money.i won't hold my breat waiting for Gregory cannon to respond. He's still in kauff's woodshed from the last time he was on here. I mean first and last time he was on here.

Anonymous said...

so many people hate the norm puppets. i mean residents and taxpayers and employees and business owners all know of the corruption and costs from the kickbacks that taxpayers pay for these criminals that call themselves our elected officials. they serve a different master and its called political corruption at the hands of kauff. deny that you puppets.

Anonymous said...

I am confused about the Kaufpuppets. Are the mayor and council marionette puppets or does he shove his hand up their a** and control them that way? Most likely marionette puppets for two reasons. First by definition marionette's puppeteer is called a manipulator. Second, I believe it would be a physical impossibility for Kaufateer to shove his hand up their a** as the same time they have their head up their own a**es. Aberdeen, your thoughts?

Warren Dr. said...

Guess who's businesses are on the Aberdeen Day signs? The secret business council board of misdirection that I found out today from a former puppet gone rogue says the signs list only the business council members. I'll bet the town paid big money for those signs to selfishly advertise just a few connected or paying off Kauff businesses. The signs don't tell you where things are even being held on the day. That would be the bottom of the sign where the board of misdirection have their businesses selfishly highlighted. Highlighted instead of being a more informative sign.

Look at the news articles for instance most advertise some singing contest but don't say anything else. Let me guess one of Kauff's neighbors is doing the towns press releases again says the rogue democrat. I heard a while back this thing will be a mess from start to finish. Now they say the extra monies raised will go to the fire department. Don't they get enough money or is it for another set of benches that nobody sits in. Priorities people priorities.

See you at Aberdeen Day. I'll be the one laughing at the dems and crying at the money wasted to make the business board of misdirection look good. We can be sure they will pat themselves on the back for a job well done. The only job they will do is the snow job trying to convince us residents they do anything to benefit us little people.

WHAT?!?!?! said...

School District 4th in the County?!?

Save Aberdeen from the Kauff corruption said...

Aberdeen is much like Obama's America

Run by a man no one really knows

Spending our tax money wastefully and corruptly

The elected officials who surround the man that no one really knows do only what they are told to do

Too bad they forgot that they work for us

Nameless posts tell us we are wrong and that there is no corruption in our community

They tell us to go to meetings and face the corrupted official controlled by the man no one really knows or sees

Millions spent on a police force we do in fact need and when we ask to see what they do for those millions we hear nothing from our leadership

Solar energy is installed but at what cost and to the connected the costs are a mystery too often

Road paving they think is the most important thing

Again at what real cost to the corruptly connected

If you go to a meeting and ask the tough questions

You to will hear the sounds of corrupted silence

That is the corrupted leadership that hate this blog

The site that tells the corrupt truth about the puppets that call themselves elected officials

They are failures and their time has come to go

Anonymous said...

Elected official? More like selected Officials? Kauff selects everybody on council or those boards and committees he uses to soak us taxpayers and feed the corrupt democratic machine. I'll bet the rogue politician is Toomey or Minutulo. Both were and still are useless no different then Tags and the other assholes kissing Kauffs ring every day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Don't hold back anything when it comes to Kauff and his football team of corruption. No cheerleaders needed though because they only play with themselves. Guess their Grandma didn't tell them it would make them cross eyed I guess.

Levi L. said...

Shabbat Shalom Mr. Warren you truly are a Mitzvah. You and your website were sent to all of us to embarrass Norman Kauff and all of the rest of them. You were sent from heaven on high to out their corrupt, illegal and immoral acts of political corruption. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

If anybody sees a CME vehicle anywhere close to Casa De Corruption ride through Aberdeen like Paul Revere And sing out More Corruption is Coming More Corruption is Coming. If CME is near the Casa De Corruption that can only mean that our hard earned tax dollars are being corruptly, illegally and immorally spent by Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Keep what Up.
I do not understand some of the posters on this blog will not attend meetings. What is the problem?
Everything is on the record. You want denials or the truth.
Councilman Cannon posted on this blog and everyone attacked him even when the information he provided was the truth.
You say Corruption
Cme problems
Overpaid Policeforce
Kauf controls council.
Senior housing
Anchor Glass project
Train Station project
Mr Warren can not answer the questions only the Council, Planning and Zoning Boards.

Attend meetings stop making excuses.

Please do not post I am a kaufkin, no I am a resident of Aberdeen for 52 years and would not live anywhere else.This town has come a long way for all of you newbies. I for one enjoy the fact we have a safe town and hard working men and woman and true Aberdeen Residents.

Anonymous said...

God will get them my Israelite brother. I pray daily that Aberdeen is saved from the locust plague that is Kauffie. Amen to that I say.

Anonymous said...

No sign still on Injustice Lane if Norm is really selling his house. I'm in for a thousand if a group wants to but it and turn it into a home for the criminally corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Where's the sign police today? Signs everywhere on 34 every shopping center and corner. Looks like crap today driving thru. Let me guess no money for overtime with Kauff and CME robbing the town hall bank accounts? So typical Coach Fred move. It's all about what people see not the inner workings that matter. Useless he is our joke of a mayor.

I'll give poetry a try said...

In Aberdeen they say there is a man named Norm

When it comest being corrupt he is far from the norm

Many deny that he even exists or that he runs the whole democratically corrupt Aberdeen show

Despite what is the absolute truth that is posted on here that Aberdeen is corruptly controlled by this one man show

No names they will use to defend their lord and master

For they all know he would make things for them a democratically corruption disaster

So despite all we know is corrupt, illegal, immoral and true

The Norm faithful on here are now a dwindling few

So we wait and wait for the arrests to come

Of the politically connected dragged from their home

Then the legal maneuvering and ratting out of Norm will start to come forth

When the Norm faithful seek to cut all their prison terms by a forth

Some say the first to turn rat will be Drapwig or Vinci

I say it will be Tagliarini and Cannon who will maneuver to be #1 and #2 to seek clemency

No matter what will come forth after I submit this

The truth remains that on themselves they'll soon piss

When that inevitable knock comes in the early morning light

Finally they'll all get arrested for never doing one thing for the taxpayers that was true and forthright

We love embarrassing these assholes time and time again

For soon we all hope they'll soon be in the can

In the end they'll all get theirs either from God or from Bubba or another prison queen

And we will all rejoice for Norm and all of his soldiers of corruption who were the opposite of clean

Cheer we will all do when we read the news on The Patch or on TV of their arrests and incarceration

For then all of them will be they'll get used to being the newest prison life of debauchery fun and their not so pleasingly forced homosexual prison cell decoration

The End

Anonymous said...

Nice try for a newbie I say

For when they get to prison like Coren they will turn gay

They think what they're doing is honest and true

But all they give us taxpayers is the Kauff screw

I care little for this Aberdeen Day

Even they know it will be corrupt politicians at play

They want us to think they lead us and care

When the truth is that they only work to give CME and Kauff the biggest share

So on September 22 they really don't care if anybody shows

Because they know that we know they're all Kauffs ho's

Is it really worth it Kauffkins? said...

Love the poetry posted lately. Then again I also think Kauff is the devil of this town. His handpicked followers are no less guilty as they are all the tools of the costly political corruption that is hurting all of us.

Anonymous said...

Storms coming through aberdeennright now. Much different than the storm of corruption that is Kauff. F all of them I say.

Anonymous said...

So many questions with so much Kauff corruption.

Anonymous said...

Any bites on the house norm? Here's one BITE ME!

Anonymous said...

bite me i think the kauff faithful cannot stay away and hate that type of thing. to bad i say to that. they deserve anything for betraying us to please kauff.

Anonymous said...

Town hall is closed today so our tax money is safe from CME and Kauff. Unfortunately the building is open tomorrow so our money is in danger and at risk for another hair brained Kauff scam. Maybe a new site for senior housing to spend our money to never build. Maybe that new property nobody is going to use off 516 will be another target of some wasteful CME analysis? So many questions with so much Kauff and CME corruption. Right Coach Fred?

Anonymous said...

Nice try but Normie has all the keys to town hall. I hear he can shrink down and slide through the night deposit box on the building. No tax monies are ever safe from Normie?

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach Fred wipe off your nose you've got Kauff all over it from kissing his ass. F all of you. Such a disappointment Coach Fred.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Resident for 52 years

I remember when the Council Meetings were standing room only. Residents were not afraid to voice their concerns. What happen?

Joe M had no problem asking the Mayor and Council before a full house anything he thought should be address. Group called the Concern Citizens wanted more police patrol in their area, held meeting with then Chief Kelly and things changed.

What happen folks? This blog is an opinion of Mr Warren, everything else is facts, mixed in with fiction, and child like statements.

So Mr Warrwn I ask you to write about the upcoming school board election and the lack of involvement of the residenta of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

All the keys too? He holds the puppet strings on the council and managers illegally, immorally and forget about anything close to ethical leadership.

Fpr Sale sign not for SuperKauff said...

Don't look for a For Sale sign on Justice Lane. After all it's owned by SuperKauff and he is special. I hope when SuperKauff gets arrested and is sent to prison that Bubba makes SuperKauff feel special every single day. Ouch!

Warren Drive said...

I love the childlike statements myself. The resident of Aberdeen for 52 years knows that the corruption is real. They know millions are funneled to the politically corrupt like CME, Norman Kauff and his democrats. They know the roads and other small projects are only put forth to make the taxpayers think our laughable leadership is doing something, anything for the residents and taxpayers all the while knowing nothing gets done without unchecked millions going to Kauff and his corrupt brood.

I moved in ten years ago and have heard of the meetings of the pas. I am really amazed how with all the technology the council meetings and other meetings involving our community are not available to all of us on the town website or even a scheduled airing weekly. Then again that would also certainly make CME and Kauff even more money in another corruption filled way for sure.

Remember though there is no corruption in Aberdeen? Whether it be a resident of 52 years or a resident of 52 hours politicians are the lowest of the low and none of them can be trusted anywhere in America. The corrupt political leadership puppets we have here and their puppet master Kauff are the proof in Aberdeen. Proof that wastes millions of our tax dollars. No expensive CME fact finding analysis is needed for that to be known. Just look at your latest tax bill if you're looking for the proof.

People get ready for Democratic TVB said...

People get ready the Democrat bullshit convention is coming to your television set this week. Former President Clinton or as I prefer to call him the President of Fornication who can't stand Obama who will pretend he does just for the good of the party. Watch the media and commentators this week fawn all over Obama and his ventriloquist doll Joe Biden. Biden who could not lead a kindergarten class in a salute to the flag is a mannequin really. Corey Booker, Mrs. Obama and others will speak sometime this week to continue the joke that is Hope and Change. Here is my Hope and Change for Barrack Hussein Obama. I hope Barrack Obama goes back to being a private citizen and that what once was America before Obama took over and embarrassed America across the planet is sent packing and that a positive Change is elected to lead not divide and destroy America. I do hope all of the Aberdeen politicians and hacks go to the convention and stop stealing from us little people for just a few days.

Best leadership money can buy said...

They bought a 950k contaminated property.

They did that just to payback a big dem contributor.

They do everything to involve the town engineers.

They allow Norm Kauff to run secret unrecorded meetings that violate public sunshine laws.

They vote the way they are told to vote.

They only say what they are told to say.

They are thoroughly corrupted by Norm Kauff Esq.

That is our Aberdeen that they allow to crumble.

7:30 train said...

HOPE and CHANGE my ass. I only HOPE that a CHANGE can come to Aberdeen really soon. I HOPE that Norman Kauff and the Kauffkins get arrested and jailed. And I HOPE that it happens soon so that there is more than just CHANGE that is left in the towns finances.

Anonymous said...

is there a kauff controlled town council puppet show tonight. my television broke yesterday and i need some brainless entertainment tonight. figure ill go and watch the kauff reruns on the corruption channel at aberdeen town hall tonight. sewers maggie still waiting for our sewers.