Monday, November 2, 2015

The Democratic Slate

Ah, it’s that time of year again when Aberdeen Township gets to renew its fealty to the democratic party.

Harvey Brenner – Nice guy who’s reputed to have already accepted a job offer in upstate New York and has no intention of serving on the town council.

Gregory Cannon – Remembered for brow-beating a constituent whose home was likely flooded by a township project but refused to accept the town’s meager settlement offer.

Concetta Kelly – She operates a state funded school charity and regularly pockets a quarter of the proceeds. To date, she’s paid herself over $300,000 for her charity work.

Robert Swindle – He’s the guy who sat quietly as his attorney threatened to imprison locals demanding the right to speak at a township meeting on COAH housing.

These are the people Aberdeen will elect tomorrow. How exciting!!!
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100% Truth said...






Anonymous said...

Sucking it up you say or is that job security despite a plethora of screw ups and totally ineffective and way too costly mismanagement? In other words and according to the posting she too is a democrat. That explains everything then to any clear thinking taxpayer in Aberdeen that suffer under the present so called political structure that promises the world and delivers nothing. Miss Reycraft will fit in well if she don't get fired just after the votes are tallied. Right Freddy boy?

100% Truth said...

Does anyone out there know if MISS MISMANGEMENT made a donation to the Aberdeen Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Only 3 hours 15 minutes until the polls close

Here's hoping we can celebrate the Republicans

and say Good Riddance to the Dems

Anonymous said...

Vote for a change. Give someone else a chance. Can they do any worse then what we already have.

Anonymous said...

We are Confused!

Why is Brenner listed on here as a candidate when someone named Hirsch was on the voting machine?

We heard that Brenner is no longer around and does not attend any council meetings BUT still is collecting a council person's salary paid by us the taxpayers.

More double talking from the DEms in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

In the morning we will all know if our town is doomed to repeat the same do nothing democrats only history that will be leading us quickly to financial ruin. Right Freddy boy?

Norm said...


Larry said...




We are doomed

So SAD said...

Boo Hoo

Anonymous said...

Now can all of the candidates please remove their shi*** signs from all over town! Please, I beg of all of you.

BTW, suggestion for the Republicans next election cycle. It may help if you can actually put a sign in front of a house as opposed to just dropping them all around town on common areas. Also, probably a good idea to get your propaganda mail pieces in the mail and delivered before election day. I came home and found one in my mailbox on election day.

Anonymous said...

Haha losers. All you cry babies on here. Clean sweep!!

Anonymous said...

4 more years if do nothing but promise and never deliver anything but unchecked for validity CME engineering bills is the reality for all if us democrat or not. First thing will be the victory dance by he's a legend in his own mind Greg Cannon who'll fancy himself some sort of power broker since Bucci lost except he didn't do that really. Then they'll be the political lies surrounding the 2016 budget process for us Aberdeen taxpayers who are about to really get screed over royally. Then they'll be the stalled developments whose signs will fade and tatter this winter with nothing being built but the engineers and town attorneys bottom lines. You see Our Mayor of all things corrupt and deceitful The dishonorable man about town Fred Tag-liar-weenie will be running so like the saying goes 'the early bird catches the worm' needs to fill his campaign coffers. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

How stupid have over 1300 voters have to be to vote to continue the D corruption?

Anonymous said...

It can't be true that these criminals got reflected again they've done nothing ever.

Anonymous said...

"Oh the humanity" was said at another New Jersey disaster far less tragic than what happened in our town late Tuesday night. In that historic tragedy lives were lost on Tuesday night an entire community was lost. What part of "they do nothing" did some residents not understand? What part of financial ruin did they not comprehend? What art of cronyism did they not understand? What part of patronage hiring did they not understand? What part of ineffective puppet management did they not understand? What part of political corruption being the driving force behind everything the Democrats fail to accomplish despite wasting tens of millions of tax dollars negatively affecting every resident, student, business and taxpayer did they not understand? Seven self serving people are destroying our community and despite signs that say coming soon and Aberdeen is moving forward the truth is it's all a Democrat lie.

Anonymous said...

We are do screwed with another 4 years of the dems. As in dem bums of course as in democrat bums. Or as in Aberdeen the do nothing dem bums. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Screwed us not the word right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Of course the democrats won you morons. How could they not win? They've got a whole public works team to do every favor and according to this site have hired a large number of family members it seems specifically to be the do gooders with seniors and the challenged. The media person hired for who knows why takes way too many pictures of the connected scores points. The business cooperative shook people down for big donations under the supposed lie of helping businesses then does nothing for any business other than the commission. They replace one do nothing candidate with another keeping the temple vote intact. They buy the household votes as stared on here. Political cronie media hire and Norms old neighbor still gets paid and no one knows why unless it's campaign time. Police probably stop writing tickets to townies. This year you had walks and giveaways in one specific area and like manhattan island sold by the Indians those votes go cheap. This is how the democrats win and the corruption goes on yet again. Insert sad face here :( because we have another term of self serving do nothing democrats catering to the engineer machine that really is the democrats to priority. If you think or they tell you the democrats work for you they're liars.

Anonymous said...

The democrats didn't win the election last Tuesday pure evil won the election.

Anonymous said...

Our tax money is safe until Monday morning from Freddy boy and his criminals on the council.

IVANHOE said...

Once again the residents of our town, Aberdeen, have rejected the Repblicans in other words by unprecedented historic margins! Next time save yourselves the tubule and not run anybody at all and make it unanimous by acclimation.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Another single bidder contract awarded to Fred's buddy? No corruption my ass. Where are the FEDS to investigate the criminals posing as our towns political leadership. Cannon needs to realize he wouldn't last even two minutes in the joint. Actually he'd be somebody's boy toy in holding for sure.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon?

What is coming soon?

What is coming soon under the democrats?

A whole lot of NOTHING just like the past two decades under the do nothing democrats.

Nothing will change under the do nothing democrats except more money for their cronies and benefactors at CME.

And don't look for the idiot puppet manager to go anywhere either.

Know why?

Answer is it's hard to find mindless do nothing's like her and the police chief and the sloth to make so much money and be so allegiant to the daily corruption inside town hall who don't say a word or call the authorities that they are supposed to.

Man I'm so glad I got out when I did.

Good luck Aberdeen taxpayers the big bill for official incompetence and deceit is being tallied and not even Miss Angela can fix it this year.

Then again that's what tax increases are for.

Doom and Gloom said...

Weather here in Aberdeen reflects the way many feel since Tuesday

Doom and Gloom

Reality bites said...

The people have voted?

No truthfully the uninformed people have voted.

It's not a mandate?

It's political corruption plain and simple that has hidden the corruption and deceitful political back room deals so hurtful to this community and its finances.

Know how I know?

You'll see when your taxes go through the roof in 2016.

Matawan guy said...

Well I guess both of are towns are screwed after Election Day. How long until the scourge of Aberdeen's town engineers become the engineers from hell draining the finances of my Matawan?











IVANHOE said...

Once again Mr. Aberdeener Warren waits a week to monerate the comments in other words it's over.No wonder your party lost by historic margins, no intrest. You didn't even realize Hartvey Brenner was not running and it's Art Hirsch. Councilman elect Hirsch to you. Realize that the party is over in other words the Republican Party is over. Next election please don't even post any republican candidates and let's make it unanimous by acclamation!
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

I sec said...

So is the town going to implode now that the D's have won? I'd be happy if just an investigation of the police stats was to occur. I still can't believe the numbers these cops make with little to show for it. I forgot if I lived in Cliffhood I would have gotten a free backpack and an escort for a walk on the streets. This town truly is a joke as in one very expensive joke.

Anonymous said...

13 hours and our tax money is in jeopardy under the dems as in dese bums.

100% truth is said...

Take 1 egotistical mayor

Add 6 corruption driven council members

Add 1 corrupt engineering group

Add 1 corruption guiding legal firm

And what do you get?

A town that pays millions for nothing beneficial to the towns residents and businesses.

Reality bites said...

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. Wait I live in Aberdeen NJ well so much for that beautiful day with these D's it sucks here and its sucked here for decades under the same do nothing D's.

Union proud said...

Does anyone of the politicians know how bad it is working here.

Anonymous said...

Did the do nothing democrats signs get taken down fast or what? Not even a thank you banner from these inconsiderate scum. Oh yeah that's right they're democrats so a big we are going to screw you banner would have been more appropriate here in Corrupterdeen. Right Mayor Cannon?

I knew him when said...

11,084 registered voters in Aberdeen. Around 2,400 at mist voted on election Day. And somehow Greg Cannon thinks that's a mandate and that the people think they're doing something right. Doing something right? They don't do anything and it shows all over town. Didn't Cannon go to Notre Dame somebody said on here? More like Notre Dumbass it looks like to me from his recent appearance. When 1/4 of voters vote and 3/4 don't vote that is not a mandate in any town so I guess Cannon carries the big numbers over a few spots. As for Councilwoman elect Kelley's picture on that picture is as vocal as she isn't at council meetings. None of them do a thing except cash taxpayer funded paychecks that they know they do not deserve.

Unknown reasoning said...

Looks like Councilman elect Cannon is a powerbroker in politics? At least he is in his own mind. How is it in Matawan with a big building with apartments and stores is half complete Buccelato gets put out of office when the Aberdeen politicians can't get a shovel in the ground on five different projects and they stay in office.

Man in blue (Ret) said...

The sloth is so true since he never really did anything ever.

Anonymous business owner said...

!1k voters and less than 1k voted for the republicans is a sad state of affairs. What's worst of all 9,700 voters not voting in this small town has enslaved us to more taxes to cover the financial mismanagement that is not the hidden little secret any longer. One other thing I know for sure is if I operated my business like this town operates its finances I would be out of business in a year.

100% truth is said...

They blame the blog host like he is the one who failed to do his job rather than pointing the finger at the do nothing democrats. Mr. Warren has allowed many of us over the years to publicize and highlight the so very costly political corruption and typical democrat backroom dealings that reward the feat the great expense of the many.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Democratic faithful of Aberdeen. You have made the right choice for our future. Simply put, the opposition, I am being very kind here, failed to convince the jury of their case and we won in a sweeping majority across the entire town. Now it is time to come together as a town and build on what we have previously achieved through our hard work. Aberdeen has much to be proud of. As mentioned previously by Ivanhoe, we invite you to help us make Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

council crook meeting tonight and more of our money going to the do nothing democrats insiders. Can they bankrupt our town by Christmas? I think so since all of these sweetheart deals seem to be insiders only. I guess a fair bidding process that is in the best interest of the public is out of the democrats wheel house.

Man in blue (Ret) said...

They don't care how bad it is working in town hall believe me. I'm just glad I got out when I did although I hear they miss Mark C.

Semper Fidelis said...

Thank God for our Veterans is all that needs to be said not just today but every day. I ask that you pray for all of them and never forget those who paid the ultimate price through injury and ultimately those who gave their very lives to keep us free.

Without a doubt said...

Millions of our hard earned tax money was misused by the democrats last night at the town council meeting.

Anonymous said...

Asked two town workers just now what it's like to work for the town and they wouldn't answer me. They weren't rude just told me all I needed to know without saying a word.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video highlighted in the topicbofbthis post. Swindle and the idiot mayor just let that lawyer run that meeting. Did we elect that old guy who threatened to call the police because people wanted to ask questions to be king? Pompous ass is all lawyers are and the guy should have been fired on the spot. I doubt he was though in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

A fair bidding process in the best interest of the public? Where do you think we live? This is Corrupterdeen and best interest of the public has long ago been forgotten by the Corruptocrats in control now for 20 years with nothing to show for it but promises that are nothing but political lies. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Democrat faithful you asshole? Right choice? Failed to convince the jury? Sweeping majority where 75% of voters didn't vote? Come together as a town? Build on what was previously achieved? Hard work? Aberdeen has much to be proud of? Ivanhoe? Come on we all know Ivanhoe and this post wreak of Councilwaste Greg Cannons handy work. He had to gloat even if it was only anonymously on here to try and convince himself he accomplished anything during his first term. So Ivanhoe and obviously Councilwaste Greg Cannon are one and the same that shows that perhaps he needs to even convince himself that signs of proposed development just being changed is not an accomplishment it is just more lies by the Corruptocrats used at campaign time that like the different signs I've seen before on the same properties on my way to the train for years now. All the Corruptocrats can do is change the signs on the properties they've said they're going to develop for years just before election day. If I could ask Councilwaste Greg Cannon one question it would be why the Corruptocrats bought property to be preserved and want to build on property that's contaminated. Answer that Ivanhoe or more truthfully answer that Councilwaste Greg Cannon. Right Freddy boy?

Reality bites said...

Shop local campaign must be the hardest thing to do for the business council. They're as useless as the mayor and council is. And these idiots think they're doing their jobs. They aren't and they know it and worst of all they're getting paid way too much.

Anonymous said...

You keep blaming the democrats don't you know they do nothing so how can you blame them when they do nothing?

Anonymous said...

So were the town workers working when you asked them how it was to work for town hall?? Town hall was closed on the 11th for Veterans day...just saying

Anonymous said...

I grabbing your sweeping majority right here you egotistical fool.

I sec said...

I've been giving this manager getting ousted some thought and I'm split. First off she's been the democrats excuse when things go wrong from what's on here. Then I go back to the meeting after the big storm where she looked so uncomfortable when the mayor tried to give us his civics lesson and he was roundly criticized and laughed at. Either way she needs to go and if she don't she's the smoking gun on what the democrats do wrong while she's in the chair. Either way where I work she could not clean the office.

CBeach said...

These assholes called the dems don't care about any one of us no matter what they say.

Why said...

are there no council meeting minutes on the town website since the August 18 meeting?

Is this the council playing their hide and seek games?

Isn't there a law about minutes being made public and being put on website for taxpayers to see what is going on?

Thanks Mr. Warren said...

Mr. Warren a big thanks for trying to get the word out about the crooks running our town keeping this blog site up as a thorn in the democrats side. Isn't it ironic Mr. Warren that organized crime is pursued and punished when our government leaders at every level is far worse than any organized crime syndicate ever.

Think about it said...

Is ISIS still the JV team?

You who ignorantly voted for Obama in reality you elected idiot last time.

Will you now elect a pathological liar named Hillary Clinton?

Questions to consider said...

How will Obama and the democrats blame the republicans when ISIS attacks America? After all ISIS was labeled the JV Team of world wide terrorism. I guess it will be George Bush's fault despite the fact that Obama's been the president for almost eight years.

Kim said...

Pray for the people of Paris today and then pray it doesn't happen here.

CBeach said...

I read today that Aberdeen is looking for bids on a trailer they need that has a bunch of requirements in order to just submit a bid. I guess the guy who got the deal to rebuild the first aid building and who the council agenda got a continuation to plow the train station in town don't sell trailers. It seems that being a big political donor for this last campaign season has immediate rewards. How about that for political corruption Ivanhoe.

100% truth said...

Liberalism is dangerous

Anonymous said...

The tpwn council don't care about this town one bit and it shows all over town. Right Freddy boy?

100% truth is said...

A candidate in the Matawan election was quoted as saying "we can't keep electing the same people expecting the same result" that unfortunately is the exact unfortunate situation here in Aberdeen under 20 suffering years of tax increases at the hands of our do nothing democrats. Sounds like that Matawan candidate should have run for office in Aberdeen where electing the same people has ruined Aberdeen. Maybe the candidate used to live in Aberdeen? As for the invitation from Ivanhoe to join with the democrats on the council "to make Aberdeen a better place" to that I can only say FUCK YOU to all the do nothing democrats and the idiots who voted for them resulting in the total enslavement of 18,650 residents and the towns businesses for the coming years.

? said...

If only the corruptocrats would own up to their fiscal mismanagement and deceitful ways. Sure they won the election but at what cost to the residents?

Anonymous business owner said...

Has the manager made donations to the town democrats? She's given them the biggest illegal campaign donations ever without a doubt. I mean all these useless projects talked about for years that have never moved forward have cost us taxpayers and business owners like me millions of dollars. Campaign donations in the hundreds of thousands must have been funneled to the local democrats campaigns for years. If I ran my business like the democrats run our town I'd be jailed for embezzlement and to say the least tax evasion for not declaring the monies slid across the table to all of them.

Reality bites said...

JV team is the description President Obama gave of the terror organization we know as ISIS

JV team was where President Obama came from since he was a community activist who became a senator from Illinois who missed most of the meetings during his short time as a senator

Don't worry though because millions of hashtags will go out from the feel so privileged you owe me everything I desire millennials

What happened to our America

Man in blue (Ret) said...

Workers not responding to questions is nothing new in Aberdeen No one will squeal on how fucked up the town is since Mark Coren left.

100% reality is said...

Give us your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free

To come to America and kill us

And what does Barrack Obama have to say about this reality?


He doesn't want to offend muslims

Do me a favor and close your eyes after you read this one line below

Think about what the World Trade Center looked like burning and collapsing killing over 3,500 people

And Obama doesn't want to offend Muslims?

What happened to our America?

Democrats and liberalism happened to our America and we are once again a laughing stock in front of the world.

That is the Obama America I don't want to live in

Anonymous said...

George Washington is turning over in his grave at the disgrace that is Barack Hussein Obama.

The unknown poet said...

Where oh where has all our tax money gone?

Where oh where can it be?

In the bank accounts of the taxpayer nemesis that is CME

And our criminal democrats make sure that will always be

Nothing will ever get done despite the democrats promises and lies

And they know we know it and they don't care we know it's all lies

Councilman Cannon hopes to corruptly rule as though it's a mandate

I hope when he gets to prison for his political corruption he has many man-dates

Millions wasted with nothing to show from the do nothing democrats

I can't wait until they all go to prison since they are nothing but lying rats

Anonymous said...

Fair bidding process? Hahaha

In This town? Hahaha

You moron this is Corrupterdeen where nothing happens without approval from The D's.

Anonymous said...

There's a surprise my new screwed over by the democrats tax bill has arrived in my mail box just after the election. No corruption in town my ass.

Anonymous said...

Governor christie has said our state will not take in any Syrian refugees. The mayor of New York City has now criticized our Governor. Imagine that a liberal leaning socialist democrat criticizing a Republican.

Think about it said...

Would Islamic country take in christians?

WTF Barack said...

Hey Barack Obama

What don't you understand?


Wake the fuck up and finally man up and lead


The American people

Aberdeen Wake up said...

This is what needs to happen in Aberdeen

Letter to Editor from a resident
See letter below

Residents can have their voices heard

As I sat at last night’s (Nov. 10) Township Committee meeting in Manalapan, I was reminded of just how important public participation can be in shaping decisions made by our elected officials.

The packed meeting room eagerly awaited an answer as to why at the last minute the public hearing scheduled on the proposed ordinance approving Manalapan Crossing was pulled from the meeting agenda.

After a late start the committee members voted to table the ordinance to the end of the year, effectively eliminating it from further consideration.

The committee members did not appear to be happy with their decision, but acquiesced to the demands made by the public, particularly the group Manalapan Strong, which rallied a tremendous amount of community support against the committee’s endorsement of Manalapan Crossing in a very short period of time and also significantly influenced the outcome of this year’s municipal election.

Kudos to the founders and supporters of Manalapan Strong, who spent countless hours organizing opposition and demonstrating a strong commitment to the community as a whole, and in so doing keeping Manalapan a great place to live. When people pull together for a common cause anything is possible

See Story link below

Good Job Manalapan Strong

What happened to America said...

Leadership and a responsive America military is foreign to Obama and Hillary will be worse.

Peachtree said...

Lying rats some of you say are the democrat only leadership in the town. I see them all as delusional rats who erroneously think they are doing their best on our behalf. They are not doing their best on our behalf and everything the democrats do is only to benefit themselves and their democrat party faithful year after corruption filled years. They are building low income housing down the street from me in large numbers while across town only a few are snuck into quietly politically connected and secretly arranged approvals. We are not the dumping ground for trouble and our area of town here is paying an extreme price yet to be calculated that is so closely associated with low income housing projects and residents that are often troubling. I won't bother trying to speak to my local councilman since he is useless and befuddled while insulated by his inactivity bought off no doubt by developers and business people seeking favor.

Anonymous said...

Same do nothing democrats win again this year so guess what that means? Nothing absolutely nothing will change. Same old democrat corruption means same patronage and cronyism and highly questionable no bid contracts awarded to friends of the democratically corrupt. Right Freddy boy?





Anonymous said...

Nothing changes but more democrat corruption in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Economic Business Council?

Know what they do?

Nothing unless it's for themselves.

Know why?

They get their marching orders from the democrats not the businesses they are supposed to work for.


Know what AEBC really stands for?


I sec said...

I love the unknown poet and the way he rips into these scum politicians. I wish he had a poem for Martucci for since he promised to look for savings if elected. I got some savings for the town get rid of the council and especially Martucci and save the salaries they don't deserve to get.

Anonymous said...

The democrats do one thing well. They spend our money like it's endless. If you got your tax bill in the mail like I did today you'll see the democrats have a cure for spending all our tax money. They just raise our taxes over and over and over and................... No corruption my ass.

Without a doubt said...

My taxes just went through the roof if only I ran for public office where I get paid handsomely and never have to say or do anything. That would mean that I wouldn't have to go into my hidden box to remove all the illegal money I got illegal kickbacks for buying millions in athletic equipment before I retired.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Aberdeen

Drive fast through this town or else

Or else you'll be shook down by a democrat

Corruption filled political campaigns to maintain the illegal payoffs and cronyism don't come cheap.

100% truth is said...

And the democrat only political corruption continues

Think about it said...

When will Obama wake up ISIS is not the JV team of terrorism they are our most dangerous enemy on earth. Maybe I'm wrong and Barrack Obama is America's most dangerous enemy.

Anonymous said...

If you think that Hillary Clinton will be any better a president than Obama you'll be disappointed. These liberals are killing America and enbarassing us in front if the world and worst of all our enemies within Islam and ISIS.

The unknown poet said...

Hickery dickery dock

Aberdeen's democrats can turn back the clock

Nothing will happen and nothing will change

Since the keep electing the do nothing democrats that never change

It's all about CME and their donors and political friends they meet

Since they don't see the pissed off taxpayers who can't make ends meet

So more money in taxes is the typical democrat answer to us taxpayers

To solve their financial giveaway practice so damaging to us taxpayers

After all what's 500k to fix up a building no one will use

Or to clean up a dirty site for 2.6m seniors are supposed to use

1330 voters casting votes for the do nothing democrats cost us all big time

And I and many others pray every night the do nothing democrats soon get jail big time

Now on the subject of the do nothing business group doing something for local businesses

Can't the business group just put up a sign that says Shop Local to remind people to shop our local Aberdeen businesses

Is it that hard to do to pay for a few signs to bring business to our town

Or is it a big political donation that is needed for our mayor the clown

Some might say it is all about the democrats and nothing else matters

Maybe that's why they put Carmine in charge because he's as mad as a hatter

This town is a joke from its mayor and council to it's do nothing police force

Now if only a thorough investigation of all offices could begin in force

Lots of explains the do nothing democrats would have to do

On where all the millions and millions of tax dollars did not do

So 1330 voters screwed us over big time

I just pray the do nothing democrats end up doing prison time

To the do nothing democrats I say your time is long over due

And to each and everyone of you do nothing democrats I say Fuck You

Anonymous said...

Terrorist are here and Obama is allowing more terrorist to enter our once fine country. Know why? Terrorist vote for democrats.

He's not my president said...

America and Freedom is seriously at risk due to our own government and its embarrassment of a president.

Anonymous said...

The manager in corrupterdeen isn't hoing anywhere anytime soon. The do nothing democrat only town council needs her to sign off on all the illegal development deals and big corruption filled for kickback checks to CME and all the other connected cronies we call scum. That is our democrat only leadership here in corrupterdeen.

Matawan guy said...

Posts have been placed on here for some time saying that we have no idea about what really goes on inside the town hall offices in Aberdeen. I heard from someone in power recently talking in Matawan that the topic of corrupt acts occurring for years in Aberdeen is about to be very widely known. It seems that a democratic wrench was supposed to have been thrown into our election from within Aberdeen's town hall and as they say paybacks are coming. I hope it is soon and very publicly exposed. I certainly hope it happens before I head south after the holidays.

No democrat corruption my ass said...

Connie Kelley? Charity work? Is charity using the league credit card and funds she is said to have stolen for years? Same for others on the council involved in big money athletics? Our so called leaders have such stellar reputations don't they?

Commuter Ken said...

Thank God It's Friday

Anonymous said...

These idiots can't run the town I say and the proof just arrived in my mailbox as I got home from a business trip. Just keep raising taxes because of financial mismanagement you low lifes.

Anonymous said...

The democrats are far worse than rats because you can legally exterminate rats to get rid of them. In corrupterdeen we have to blame about 400 ignorant and totally uninformed voters. I don't count the household votes bought by the democrats for years. I don't count the religious school that marches down our street in a big group. I blame the uninformed who fail to realize the democrats do nothing and have done nothing for decades. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

The last person left in Aberdeen turn off the lights. The wait a few seconds and turn in the light again. Know why? When you turn the lights back on you'll see the cockroaches that scurry around in the dark. Those cockroaches you'll see along with the political cockroaches that are our so called political lesdrrship.

Anonymous said...

When there is no alternative to vote for, the public has proven they will both stay home as evidenced by the horrendous turnout, or choose to maintain the status quo. I never saw the Republicans ONCE. Period. Although I vaguely know one or two of them, I have no idea what it is exactly they would do. Opportunity lost. Although I did vote R, it was more a vote against the abysmal administration we have now. People need to see who they are going to vote for. YOU HAVE TO WALK AND KNOCK ON DOORS. Whoever the hell is running the Aberdeen republicans, failed miserably by losing the election by the largest margin seen in years. Yet, we did see other incumbents removed from office. As a matter of fact, right next door in Matawan. So, again, opportunity lost. Now the Aberdeen taxpayer will be forced to deal with another two years of not having a voice to oppose the existing administration. What does that mean? Expect all votes to be unanimous with little, if any discussion at all. Expect the same crew of professionals to be put right back into power and expect absolutely zero transparency as far as exactly who is funding these very democrats that are running and ruining Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

When there is no alternative to vote for, the public has proven they will both stay home as evidenced by the horrendous turnout, or choose to maintain the status quo. I never saw the Republicans ONCE. Period. Although I vaguely know one or two of them, I have no idea what it is exactly they would do. Opportunity lost. Although I did vote R, it was more a vote against the abysmal administration we have now. People need to see who they are going to vote for. YOU HAVE TO WALK AND KNOCK ON DOORS. Whoever the hell is running the Aberdeen republicans, failed miserably by losing the election by the largest margin seen in years. Yet, we did see other incumbents removed from office. As a matter of fact, right next door in Matawan. So, again, opportunity lost. Now the Aberdeen taxpayer will be forced to deal with another two years of not having a voice to oppose the existing administration. What does that mean? Expect all votes to be unanimous with little, if any discussion at all. Expect the same crew of professionals to be put right back into power and expect absolutely zero transparency as far as exactly who is funding these very democrats that are running and ruining Aberdeen.

Charles St said...

And the democrats won and nothing will change but the amount of money in their illegal payoff envelopes. They get to approve plan and everything and you know they all got their hands out to give the ok. These greedy democrat fuckers are killing this town. I hate democrats and their criminal leadership style where they don't work for us they work for themselves at our expense..

Anonymous said...

Website says that town hall is a drop off spot for food for the needy for thanksgiving. Posted date shows a November 12 as the announcement to donate. There's our proof that town hall was a giant election machine for the D's. Mandate my as you pompous moronic asses. I guess the needy aren't a big demographic for votes so over a week after the election results are in the democrats remembered the needy. Here's a hint you D morons Christmas and Chanukah are coming up next. No corruption my ass.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon the sign for senior housing says. Just more lies to get votes for the do nothing democrats killing this town.

Anonymous said...

TAX ABUSE: the new postcards with the 2016 assessments were issued this week after the elections in typical Aberdeen fashion. The Tax assessor Scott it appears was ordered by The Machine to retaliate against people who filled tax appeals in the past that have successfully had there taxes reduced to "knock out" there appeals and add it back on the 2016 assessments. This RETALITORY action was demonstrated by the fact that individuals who never filled an appeal and accepted the excessive assessments of the past had there 2016 reduced while every successfull appellants had there assessments increased by the exact amount of there previously reduced appeal. Folks, it looks like the fascists are sending a message that forget your rights as a citizen to the ever appeal again because we will throw out any future appeals and make your assessment even higher then the overtaxed citizens who do not defy the Aberdeen Macine.

Anonymous said...

Look at the closed up businesses all over town. Wait I forgot we've got a business group. HAHAHAHAHA business group my ass just like the town council do nothing morons the business group don't do a fucking thing either. Right Freddy boy?

My wish list for Santa said...

1. Investigation of all of town hall offices, bidding procedures and all office operations

2. Analysis of police force manpower need and last five years police action, summonses, arrests and convictions

3. Totally independent analysis of entire finance department

4. Review of labor and manpower needs for road crew workers

5. Review of court actions and revenues generated by court proceedings

6. Review of all engineering and legal bills for the past 10 years

7. Review of all housing approvals granted for the past ten years

8. Review of all boards and committees in town hall staffed by volunteer appointments

9. Review of all actions of train parking enforcement

10. Review of any and all meetings, actions and expenditures of AEBC

TAKE NOTE said...


“Rewarding failure only breeds more failure”

100% truth said...

Only 4 days the democrats will bleed us dry with the holidays. Thank goodness for holidays keeping the do nothing but spend every dime of our taxpayers money democrats.

Anonymous said...

And the democrat only town hall corruption continues. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton sings parody

Find it

It's hilarious

Thatsafactjack said...

Man date in prison once again creativity wins and the democrats silence proves their corruption. If they won't defend themselves from what gets on here they are guilty.



Anonymous said...

500k to fix up an old building? I got to figure that works out to 400k for the engineers and 50k for workers and 50k for the corruptocrats. That's corruption math democrat style.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving on a jet plane

So fuck you to the mayor and council idiots

Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Do nothing in Aberdeen? You've got to be more specific then that. Let's see mayor does nothing? Check! Council does nothing? Check! Manager is useless and nothing but a marionette puppet? Check! Police do nothing for way too much money? Check!
Tax office rapes people? Check! Utility office overcharges people? Check! Approves of sheds and fences don't need to overcharge people? Check! This is our Aberdeen? Check!

Heard around the halls said...

I hear there's trouble inside the dems. It seems somebody is getting to big for his lil boy pants and Carmine is not happy with him.

Heard around the halls said...

I hear there's trouble inside the dems. It seems somebody is getting too big for his lil boy pants and Carmin's not happy.

The secret's getting out said...

Another day with no rain forecasted in Aberdeen. No rain that is coming naturally from the natural weather systems that is. Unfortunately the rain or better yet reign of political corruption and financial mismanagement is flooding our mailboxes with tax increases to cover for the do nothing democrats. Prior posts hinted at tax increases and utility increases to be spread around due to this singular democrats control and mismanagement.The democrats selfish priorities and cronyism that of course do not include us taxpayers in their decisions. Us taxpayers who are of course paying the bills for the obvious circus atmosphere in town hall that is not the secret the democrats think it is.

Democrat disaster recipe said...

Democrat recipe for success and profit

Take one corrupt mayor and council that do nothing


One politically controlling engineering firm


Incompetent expensive legal counsel


Towns employees used improperly to prop up the democrat leadership


Tax money used improperly to benefit the connected and indebted

Bake on slow do nothing heat for two decades

Cool at do nothing room temperature

Serve the same do nothing democrat cake like the dreaded fruitcake given as a gift

That is our towns recipe for democrats do nothing financial disaster

Anonymous said...

No corruption my ass right Freddy boy?

Matawan guy said...

Heading south tonight so I wish my hometown well and to Aberdeen's residents I wish you survivability. More years of democrats in control there can't be much less that they haven's already stolen. Just tread water is all I can tell you and happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

F the do nothing democrats

100% truth is said...

Happy Thanksgivng Aberdeen hopefully our town will be around next year because the way the D's are spending our money the town won't last much longer. Don't worry the mayor and council will be just fine we can all be sure on our dollars they stole.

D's cannot defend since they're guilty said...

Great and true posts as usual. So where are the democrats named to stand up and defend themselves? They're guilty and it's that simple as to why they cannot come on here by name or title to defend their historical political corruption and mismanagement..

Typical democrats said...

I hear the Aberdeen Democratic Party is hosting a Thanksgiving day dinner for the poor. Wait a minute what's that you say? What? The dinner you heard had to be cancelled because the town hall workers hired only to prop up the do nothing democrats and make the do nothing democrats look good screwed up and forgot to put out the donation box and hit up local businesses. What's that you heard no one remembered to start the Thanksgiving Day Food Drive for the needy of Aberdeen that occurs annually inside town hall until a week after the election results were in? What do you call that? Yes that's right ignoring the very public you are supposed to serve and look out for. What's that you say maybe the democrats were planning the next free book bag give away only in one very specific section of town to get votes and forgot that people need to eat?

Anonymous business owner said...

On the way to the parade and want to wish all of my fellow do nothing democrat oppressed taxpayers in Aberdeen a happy thanksgiving. To the do nothing democrats and their coconspirators employed in town hall I wish them nothing as that is what they truly deserve absolutely nothing for betraying their employers in Aberdeen us taxpayers.

Black Friday Norm said...

Yawn.... Still tired after feasting on the bloated carcass of the Aberdeen republicans last night.

100% truth is said...

Town hall is closed for the holiday and while the employees get the well deserved holiday on us taxpayers the fact that our tax dollars are safe from the evil mayor and council makes me very happy. How about all of you?

Where's the ABEC said...

Thought the Aberdeen Economic Business Council was supposed to promote our local

Saturday,November 28th is "Shop Small Business' and nothing out from Chairman Visone to encourage people to shop in Aberdeen.

No listing of any of the local businesses so people could become familiar with what we have in Aberdeen to shop at. Nothing on website. Why Not?

Why does Aberdeen have a Public Information Officer who should be releasing information such as this?

100% sad truth is said...

16 hours and the democrat do nothing abuse of our tax money continues :(

Anonymous said...

Not Mayor Tagliarini his assessment in his Strathmore hOme went down to $287,00ock: 100 Prop
& DONNA A Square Ft: 1809 Lot: 19 District: 1301 ABERDEEN
Street: 19 FAITH
LANE Year Built: 1961 Qual: Class: 2 City
07747 Style: 4 Additional
Information Prior
Block: Acct Num: Addl Lots: EPL Code: 0 0
0 Prior Lot: Mtg Acct: Land Desc: 73X
122 Statute: Prior Qual: Bank Code: 0 Bldg
Desc: 1SANB Initial: 000000 Further: 000000 Updated: 12/26/14
Tax Codes: F01
G01 Class4Cd: 0
Desc: Zone: PC Map
Page: 16 Acreage: 0 Taxes: 7591.18 /
7995.85 Sale
Information Sale Date: 12/06/84 Book: 4527 Page: 260 Price: 92000 NU#: 0 Sr1a Date Book Page Price NU# Ratio Grantee
TAX-LIST-HISTORY Year Owner Information Land/Imp/Tot Exemption Assessed Property
A 172300 0 287800 2 19 FAITH
07747 287800 2015TAGLIARINI FRED & DONNA
A 179000 0 291500 2 19 FAITH
07747 291500 2014TAGLIARINI FRED & DONNA
A 170400 0 282200 2

Union proud said...

Mismanagement is an under statement down here and no one cares.

Joke on us taxpayers said...

The joke that is the do nothing democrats in this town is the longest running joke in history. The history of the very real political corruption that has the democrats laughing at us taxpayers that is.

On our dime said...

The D's do nothing on purpose and if you think about it it is true genius. If they don't do anything they can't be blamed for doing nothing. I have the problem is that they waste millions of our tax dollars doing nothing while rewarding their connected cronies.

Unknown poet said...

Where oh where has all of our money gone

Where oh where can our money be

It's all sadly all gone gone gone

It's all n the clutches of the evil CME

Why can't just one of our so called leaders really check the CME bills

They know they'll end up like Jen Gallo being sent off the council to the hills

That is the real deal on the political corruption in town

As long as the democrats wear the deciding crown

They'll keep the puppet manager they push around as long as they can

Cause if she squeals they'll all end up doing time in the can

Many of us on here pray for that to be true

Cause the manager must have some dirt on all or at least a few

That keeps her employed and doing very little

Maybe she's got a picture of somebodies willy that's very little

Could it be they keep her to not expose the christmas party ride home

Or is it all that may have been done before the unnamed driver returned home

There's so much they try to keep secret but they're not that good

I hope the driver gets exposed soon since he too is no darn good

Maybe the democrats should just once work on our behalf for once

What am I saying they'll think I'm just a dunce

To all of them I hope they all get their due

Until then all I can add is a big F you to the democrats until they get their due

100% truth is said...

Rewarding failure? That's this towns do nothing democrat mantra and we are paying the cost of it while nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

The D's spend millions to get nothing accomplished and idiots reelect them. In Matawan they have accomplishments and their leaders are voted out. Voters are idiots when that kind of thing happens. In Aberdeen it's all lies to the people and doing nothing with this latest D's is the worst. Two years and bye bye.

Former officer said...

The laughing stock and big morale problems I've heard about for some time continue in my old workplace under the self appointed prince of police. I can't be the only one embarrassed at what is the current state of affairs going on. Now an old friend sends me the news link about a prisoner overflowing the toilet and flooding the cell area after dismantling the cell camera. Who was not checking on the prisoner is the least of the current departments overall situation.

I sec said...

Wait until you see the new Hillary Clinton political ad exploiting children.

The Clinton's are evil and feel privileged while the liberal media always gives them a pass.

Anonymous said...

Come in they are D's ripping people off and doing nothing is in their blood.

Larry said...

They dems do nothing but promise and their promises are not cheap. Just look at your latest mailer to pay for their financial mismanagement. It's not the lie they think it is.

HOPING WE said...



Over and out 10-4 said...

Who will have to explain why the active shooter training that was planned to be held years ago never happened if it happens here?

Kim said...

Please pray for the victims of yesterdays violence in California.

I sec said...

Is our town prepared if yesterdays violence in Cali happened here?

100% factual said...

Dear Taxpayers of Aberdeen,

You mean you really expect us to be responsible and financially prudent on your behalf?

Yeah that's not going to happen.

Sincerely (not your representatives),

Mayor Fred Tagliarini

Town Council of Aberdeen

Town Manager

Town Engineers

Town Attorney

Anonymous said...

Nooks and crannies my ass Martucci's a liar just like all the rest of the democrat scum who pretend to lead our community. They lead alright they lead our town into financial ruin. I agree the do very little and it shows everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

Something in town hall really smells

We taxpayers need to wake up to the democrat collusion that goes far beyond the patronage hiring, cronyism and reported bid rigging. The only thing we know for sure is that the purported democrat only leadership of our community does nothing and that nothing is very expensive to those of us paying the bills for the democrats financial misconduct and purposeful deceit. Their political crimes against us needs to be far more publicized to inform all of our community.

Anonymous business owner said...

I can't wait to see all the hundreds of pictures of the backstabbing do nothing politicians. Pics taken of them and their family members taken by the one councilman family member given a do nothing job on our money. Maybe this year the towns school kids will sing and not Mayor Carmino's school kids all from other towns. These people are useless and they all think they're doing something that benefits us tax payers and they aren't doing anything that benefits anyone in the community they are supposed to serve.

Matawan guy said...

It's almost over? What's almost over you ask? Another week of pretend to care politicians in corrupterdeen filling their own pockets at your expense. Their day is coming and sooner than they think. I know it's been said before except this time they pissed off the wrong person. Actually and more precisely Cannon pissed off the wrong person. He should have kept his pompous ass involved in his Aberdeen election and not ours.

Kim said...

Great turn out at the tree lighting. We enjoyed seeing Mr. Lauro especially and he knows he is missed from the attention he was getting. Typical useless pandering politicians were present taking things down a bit from the joyous event of course. On another subject I hear major changes are coming from a comment in regards to recently announced departures. Funny where I work we always have back ups to continue activities and controls. I guess in town hall that's not the case and some inside don't seem worried. Amazing what you can hear at just a simple tree lighting isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Why does Aberdeen have a public information officer? They don't have a public information officer. They do have a political inept obstructionist and that's the PIO. That's the truth the whole truth and the democrat only politically corrupt truth. Right Freddy boy?

Peachtree said...

Mr. Jim Lauro led when he was here and my few interactions with him were followed up in short time frames from my interactions. That cannot be said of anything from what I've read on here from his replacement and others in town hall offices as posted on here time and again. These people in power since Mr. Jim Lauro retired merely follow the mayor and council and likewise are not serving us well. It is far from obvious that the current administration for far too long have merely served corrupting special interests and big money developers that is costing far too much in our town finances and time. Signs around fenced off development areas promised to be a benefit to our community for decades are merely a politically corrupt black hole for our tax dollars to be put into with no results or benefits but to the special interests and our politicians on the back end. Change must come from within or a major investigation is needed of our entire administration and especially how our towns finances has been used and more precisely wasted. I can be sure without hesitation that the ends do not meet the means.

Anonymous said...

The democrats won another election means we are doomed.

Think About It said...

From Aberdeen Township Council Meeting Minutes of July 21, 2015

A resident asked why we need a close circuit cameras and what
the costs is.

Holly Reycraft stated it costs $46,000 for cameras in the lobby, halls, jail and outside.

We have had threats on employees. It is a surveillance that will help us.

Councilman Cannon stated there was a lawsuit with the police and we need to protect our officers. It is mostly for the police department.

Who watches the officers?

Are we only watching officers not prisoners?

Is anyone at the police department watching the jail cells with people in them?

Did the town waste our tax dollars AGAIN?

Is the resident going to pay for the damages and camera?

An Aberdeen man held in the township jail over the holiday weekend intentionally clogged the cell’s toilet and sink, and flooded the jail cell with water.

An Aberdeen resident, was being held in jail on Nov. 28 on disorderly conduct charges after an incident at Tree Haven III apartments, according to Aberdeen Police Chief John Powers.

While in the cell, the resident used toilet paper to stop up the cell’s sink and toilet. He then turned the water on, causing the cell to become flooded with water, Powers said.

He was also able to dismantle the jail cell’s surveillance camera, so police didn’t realize what he had done until the holding cell was filled with water.

Anonymous said...

If a town is corruptly run and under investigation but nobody in power knows it. Is there still an investigation into the political corruption costing us taxpayers millions of dollars every year? Not according to our criminally complicit democrat politicians. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

The democrats do nothing and it's costing us millions.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the corruptocrats do nothing? They work very hard spending millions of dollars to bring doing nothing to a monumentally and politically corrupt level of doing nothing. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

You peope in Aberdeen have no idea how improperly your town is being mismanaged. Good luck cause I'm heading south so Bon Voyage to all.

Formerly of the W section from 1970

Aberdeen corruption olympics said...

If doing nothing beneficial for us taxpayers was an olympic event our towns democrat only political leaders would take the gold in every corruption based event. Our towns puppet manager that does nothing while violating her oath would take the silver. And finally the bronze would go to the democrats connected do nothing for big money cronies.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that the corruptocrats traded one do nothing democrat asshole in the a section for another do nothing asshole in the a section.

Peachtree said...

What will the people of Aberdeen say when their politicians get arrested for political corruption? It's long overdue will be the honest answer. These politicians only pretend to lead while wasting our money on frivolous plans that never come to fruition.

Short timer said...

Kim from her post about the holiday event has pointed out what many of us have known for some time. Management of our community is merely amateur hour sin Jim Laura left. It is sad what has been and seems to be continuing to our towns operations that are going down the toilet under the current misfits.

Anonymous business owner said...

Our incompetent and criminally corrupt mayor and his coconspirators on the town council know no bounds to their corrupt practices. I got home last night and found the latest proof of the political corrupt practices of our towns management in my mailbox. While the card this latest corruption filled advisory is written on is a soft pale blue color it should have been an advisory written on blood red paper stock for its advisory is another political wound to us the taxpayers, residents, and businesses of Aberdeen. Why would I say that you might wonder? It is because despite the calls by competent officials at various county levels of governance along with several mayors of local municipalities who are all calling for a thorough investigations of Realty Data Systems and the immediate suspension of this assessment program our thoroughly corrupt politicians not so surprisingly are silent on the entire situation.

I myself fear this situation is rooted in our not so secret any longer serious financial mismanagement that has so seriously damaged our towns finances that our politicians need this assessment program to raise taxes on all of us to continue to fund their criminal financial incompetence. Perhaps they hope this assessment program will disguise the oft reported mismanagement of every aspect of our towns offices, personnel, and critical services.

My most recent conversation with a former employee has given me several examples of mismanagement to look into quite soon and I will not be doing it alone. I will check with another source before too long in hopes of getting attention brought on what is I fear our towns well hidden dire financial and managerial situation singularly caused by the too long in power democrats.

Anonymous said...

And the corruption rolls on and on and on and on right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

They do nothing and even worse their doing nothing costs us millions. Right Greddy boy? Freddy boy are you there Freddy boy? Are you listening Freddy boy? Do you have any idea Freddy boy what's coming your way? Prison for a guy like you Freddy boy is not a good experience. Think about it Freddy boy.

100% truth is said...

Worse than doing nothing they have no idea what they are supposed to do for us.

Aberdeen reality is said...

Day after day more idiotic decisions and wasting of our tax monies at the hands of the self serving democrats and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

Who's next to go through the revolving door exiting townhall? These people think they're smarter than everybody else in town. If they're so smart why does nothing get accomplished that they promise to bring to town? So many questions with so much corruption is the reality for Anerdeen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like some new legislation at the state level bringing more oversight on municipal governments and all I can say to that is thank God, Buddha or whomever other deity I could plead with to investigate, indict and send our local corruptocrats to prison where they've deserved to go for over 20 years. They do nothing and worse than doing nothing they think they are doing the peoples work and they aren't doing the peoples work unless people is spelled c-r-o-n-i-e-s right Freddy boy?



Anonymous said...

The days of crooked deals and no bid contracts given to the dem cronies is coming to an end I hear. No thanks to any of the dems actually taking their oath of office or advisories on the role s and responsibilities of elected officials of course. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Tree lighting? Is it like the halloween thing where mostly town employees and Carminos kids come like they're the anointed ones? This town is so screwed up and improperly run and that goes for you too Greggy poo.

The unknown poet said...





Hey you do nothing democrats we aren't that dumb

You think you know it all

But all you don't know makes us numb

Numb is the word since you're the ones so truly dumb

You spend so much time and money leaving us nary a crumb

It's long past the time you all were investigated cause your leadership's a bust

For all your violations and deceit of our public trust

You all spend so much time and truly get nothing done

While wasting all of our money while getting nothing done

Coming soon signs put up showing more lies you arrange to have erected just prior to the upcoming election

When all the signs prove is they're just more democrat development lies for votes for the election

Development benefits that never happen you all promise so easily you losers

Thinking like you all do that idiotic signs makes all of you really just lying schmoozers

Cannon says election win shows the people think you're doing a great job

When only 1/5 of registered voters came out to vote so Cannon's words are just a snow job

Cannon like all of you is little more than an itchy hemorrhoid

That we taxpayers all need to wipe our asses better in order to avoid

You all are nothing more than a festering sore on all of our asses

You and that other group you handpick that doing nothing for local businesses

So get all the illegal payoffs you can and get it hidden quick

For very soon all of you will be brought into defending your corruption so thick

None of you are any fucking good

And all of you need to go to prison for good

So dismiss this poem for all it as just insulting all of you for what you fail to do

For very soon you'll all wish you had gotten out like Drapwig did back a few

Dismiss this as if you think it's a jokey

You'll have much time to think back and regret your law breaking ways no jokey

Think about it said...

Once upon a time in a land far away there wasn't any political corruption. One thing for sure it wasn't a town run by those filthy low life democrats that are killing our nation and our once great Aberdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Absolute truth is said...

Back to political corruption and financial mismanagement tomorrow morning courtesy of our idiot democrats and their puppets.

Sad truth is said...

Another costly to us tax payers week of the do nothing democrats DOING NOTHING

Lacking said...

While looking at the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch we keep seeing pieces from the
Town of Aberdeen and thought it was from our town.

Click on them and find they are from Aberdeen, North Carolina.

They do a good job advertising their events not like our Aberdeen.

Someone recently told us that our town has a public information person whose job is to release information and is in charge of the town website. What a joke!

We want to know if that is true? Is this person part time or full time? At what salary and benefits?

In our opinion both are Lacking and not done properly.

We need HELP in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

Ret. ATPD said...

So what's Norm and his crooks been up to lately?

Question from us taxpayers said...

When will the political corruption and incompetent management by the democrats in Aberdeen finally stop?

The unknown poet said...

For 20 years the democrats have lied to us

And all us taxpayers can do is cuss

The democrats campaign after campaign promised big developments and much more they would do

And just like typical democrat corruption based clockwork just after all the elections all the deals fell through

Why would so many developers just mysteriously walk away

Because with the democrats and their evil engineers corruption every developer would have to pay and pay

Just look at this past elections developments coming soon signs that just days before the election went up

While just after the election was over only our taxes were the thing that went up up up

The same do nothing lying democrats won election again and us taxpayers lose lose lose

What do you expect when the democrats do nothing but lie as all they can do is schmooze

If you questioned the democrats on what they actually accomplish

All they could point to was the lame ass community day and the ten people who went out to fish

The handpicked democrats business group also live in the world of democrats that do nothing

And that leaves our towns businesses not able to sell a thing

Promises democrat lies and promises is all you ever hear

For the sounds of us struggling taxpayers crying these criminal democrats never hear

Their puppet manager by name only they toy with like a kitten

For the rumor is one of her constant defenders may be quite smitten

We read of the managers ineffectiveness time and time again on here

And all you have to consider is that all under her also know is they should do nothing is clear

That's got to be the reason this mess of a manager is still here

For effective and decisive management she don't know we read on here for well over a year

It's time they all go to prison for costing us tens of millions while doing nothing for sure

While we taxpayers could recover and maybe finally restore our part of the jersey shore

If the democrats continue on their 20 plus year of doing nothing path

I say fuck you to the do nothing democrats and hope they soon feel a federal prosecutors wrath

For 20 years the democrats have done nothing but lie lie lie

It's time they all end up convicted and in prison doing nothing but cry

Another distinguished idiot said...

Another athlete showing himself for what he is and ending up in the news for stupid actions. A Heisman trophy nominee fell off a tall wall while being highly inebriated and under the influence of drugs. These coddled athletes feel untouchable except that this genius was very touchable when he hit the ground face first and was seriously injured.

Over and out 10-4 said...

Former officer I say brother you have no idea how bad things are. I love that you also called him the prince of police.

Anonymous said...

And the losers in Corrupterdeen are us taxpayers. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Just talked to a former councilman and things sound really bad in the town offices. He said that supervisors are leaving in large numbers and he said he is very worried on the towns upcoming managerial direction. This to me does not sound good and I am very happy I'm selling and moving west this upcoming springtime when I retire next June.

Over and out 10-4 said...

The entire Los Angeles school district schools are now closed because of an as labeled credible threat of violence. Good thing we taxpayers in Aberdeen and Matawan have a quick to respond police forces who are well trained and ready to respond to an active shooter scenario and protect our children. What is that you say? The training for an active shooter drill was cancelled years ago and never rescheduled. Well isn't that special?

Anonymous said...

Is tonight another no show payday for my neighborhoods do nothing councilcrook Harvey Brenner. Man of the people my ass is what he can kiss.

Larry said...

The unknown poet is very funny

Anonymous said...

Bid rigging? In Aberdeen? That would be illegal wouldn't it Freddy boy? Hahahahahahahahaha

The unknown poet said...

Why oh why would you vote for Hillary Clinton

Why oh why when she should be in prison

She and her husband are no damn good

And the two them should have to go without any food

They've never told the truth in her whole damn lives

And let us not forget when he slept with other mens wives

Hillary will preach the republicans hate women

When she ignored her husbands philandering with hundreds of women

I wouldn't vote for her if my life depended on it

She's never done anything that wasn't on the government tit

She's pompous and egotistical bitch and she don't care about anyone but herself

To her all of us are just elves on a shelf

Why is Trump so popular with so many people all over the nation

It's simple we are just so tired of self serving politicians and we need separation

The idiot in the white house we've had for seven years is almost done

Let's send the entrenched political establishment a message and elect Trump for some fun

We here in Aberdeen are no better off with our do nothing elected officials

With Mayor Fred and the council who need to sleep nightly while being watched by prison officials

This statement is the unfortunate truth said...

ISIS is the JV Team of terrorists so says Barrack Obama

There's no corruption or illegal payoffs to any of us so says Aberdeen mayor and council say

Aberdeen taxpayers continue to suffer under do nothing democrats taxpayers say

Aberdeen Economic Business Council helps all businesses equally in Aberdeen says business owners

Business council my ass said...

It's not rocket science it's SHOP LOCAL you fucking morons

Charles street tries poetry said...

The democrats ruining this town really suck.
Because none of them really give a fuck.
They front with a puppet manager who only wants to cash in.
With her still in charge after so many screw ups it is a cardinal sin.
They tell us what they're going to do for us all the time.
Then they get elected and forget all about us and deserve to do time.
They spend millions on wasteful engineering that does nothing.
That is why they all get illegal kickbacks without doing a thing.
So keep electing do nothing democrats.
Even they know they're nothing but smelly little rats.
I to say fuck you to the do nothing democrats.
Especially to my councilwoman neighbor who needs to start wearing hats.

The unknown poet said...

If the puppet manager stays employed after the next swearing in

Then we can all be sure the democrats take over is soon to begin

Typical politicians think they know it all and what do we really know

When in truth these idiots calling themselves leaders all need to go

They surround themselves with expensive so called professionals that are a waste

For really big money they all get illegal corruption filled kickbacks post haste

These deceitful criminals calling themselves leaders are a joke

When where they deserve to be is in prison getting a daily cellmate poke

If you think these satyrical poems are funny they are not

On the other hand what these politicians never do what they say is not

They promise and promise and nothing ever really do they do

It is long past the time their corruption based political careers are through

The mayor his council and manager do nothing without a doubt

We can only blame ourselves for not voting them out

Cannon so ego driven needs to tell the truth for once

Because his excuses and constant lies show he's just a big dunce

Cannon's recent actions he thinks will solidify his political future

When really his corruption filled and illegal political activities he should repent or sure

Cannon will tell you being a politician is not an easy job

When all his words and his years of inactions are just a verbal snow job

Martucci and Kelley even Montone say nary a word in regards to this town

While Swindle I read in the minutes also sits silent like a boozed up clown

You can see it all in the council minutes if you wait months and months

When in reality these corrupt politicians hide their misconduct in statute violating months

If only they took their oath of office and to God they swore an oath to seriously

What am I saying it is politics Aberdeen style I am just being so silly

The towns downward spiral continues under these do nothing democrats

For their contrived political inaction and wasteful spending their nothing but rats

We keep hearing the mayor and council know everything

When in reality the mayor and his council and their puppet manager don't do a thing

We can only hope investigators are watching to save our town from these inept leaders

All the proof is there if investigators are just good readers

Connected reviews by a connected few will sometime in 2016 certainly begin

Right after the latest version of handpicked do nothing democrat only get sworn in

The worst thing with our crooked politicians is not hard to see

They don't care one bit since they are just slaves to the powers we never see

We hear so much of what the democrats are going to do

The problem with these do nothing democrats they carry nothing through

To say democrats running a town takes many with nothing to show is the truth

With nothing ever to show us taxpayers a true benefit is the corrupt do nothing democrats truth

I go to St. Clements Church every Sunday and pray for forgiveness of sins I may have committed

And before I leave the building I pray our politicians get investigated and to prison they get committed

Deep down inside the democrats cold dead hearts they know they're no damn good

When in truth just one of them should stand up and turn states evidence for good

The smartest one would turn states evidence and save themselves

Rather than ending up in a prison christmas play as one of the prison santa's elves

I'm going to visit my grandchildren for the holidays soon so I won't be on here for a bit

I know one thing while I am away the corrupt and immoral local democrats won't do shit

So like santa as I go up up and away I say to all of you

So I leave a present for the do nothing democrats wrapped with a big fuck you

Keep electing democrats said...

Isis is just the JV team says the asshole in chief Barrack Obama and if you think Hillary will be any different is deadly wrong

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether Aberdeen hires people that are not friends of or related to current employees or elected officials? My son is looking for employment and a friend of his mentioned that there were vacancies at Aberdeen's DPW but he can't find any info. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...


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