Monday, November 2, 2015

The Democratic Slate

Ah, it’s that time of year again when Aberdeen Township gets to renew its fealty to the democratic party.

Harvey Brenner – Nice guy who’s reputed to have already accepted a job offer in upstate New York and has no intention of serving on the town council.

Gregory Cannon – Remembered for brow-beating a constituent whose home was likely flooded by a township project but refused to accept the town’s meager settlement offer.

Concetta Kelly – She operates a state funded school charity and regularly pockets a quarter of the proceeds. To date, she’s paid herself over $300,000 for her charity work.

Robert Swindle – He’s the guy who sat quietly as his attorney threatened to imprison locals demanding the right to speak at a township meeting on COAH housing.

These are the people Aberdeen will elect tomorrow. How exciting!!!
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No corruption my ass said...

So who is it that is looking into the towns highly questionable insider only while failing to follow civil service hiring practices? Good for them is all I can say because this is a perfect lead in to the ****major announcement**** coming just after the first of the year. I can't wait to see all of their faces when the announcement is made and their mouths drop to the floor. All they'll be able to do is blame themselves but they won't because politicians and especially democrats are never to blame. Don't they realize themselves they do absolutely nothing that benefits our community or its residents and businesses while costing us tens of millions of dollars? I got to figure they'll fire the town manager as a sacrificial lamb for what the mayor and council orchestrated that she do.

What's next someone looking into the single bidder lies the town uses to reward their big local donor? Maybe after that they'll look into the business group that doesn't help any businesses whatsoever? No corruption my ass is all I can say with these criminal democrats who don't do anything for way too much pay. That last line is as close to the unknown poets talent I can muster. I don't know who they are but they are great and very entertaining with their biting wit and humor. I am sure the democrats would love to know who that person is so they could sick their pets on them.

The unknown poet said...

No one working in town hall wants to be the first to squeal

About all the democrat only corruption that all they know how to do is steal

They get the likes of Martucci who was a teacher who also ran Maroon and Steel

When all he really did with that group was really pilfer and steal

Kelley's another one some say pilfered the leagues cash box

Year after year it happened they say when the league should have locked the money box

Swindle came out of nowhere and he filled in for Gumbs

And that is typical of our towns democrat bums

None of the above add anything to how the towns run

They all only deserve a good paddling by a mean old catholic nun

Neither our current mayor and council are any good

They deserve to be in prison for life if our cops were any good

Now we see Trump on television and that is really good

For one and only one reason politicians like our democrats are no fucking good

The unknown poet said...

I couldn't help myself

Just one more poem to piss of the democrats from this little elf

I'm gone for real this time

So no more time to rhyme

Anonymous said...

Harvey Brenner didn't do us any favors anywhere in town none of the current so called leadership does anything really. Good thing the mayor and council don't get paid by the word or on what they promise to do and never ever accomplish. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Another corruption filled democrats take care of only their cronies financially troubled keep the secret or die week in Aberdeen. Right Freddy boy?

interim poet has taken over said...

The unknown poet has gone away.
I say to them don't stay long away.
They justly irritate the democrats of that there is no doubt.
For like them I also want the democrats out.
None of the democrats do a thing but talk a good game.
Even though they know they are so lame.
The tax money they waste of ours is all a big waste.
Cause all they get from our big money unwisely spent is a little taste.
We read and hear town hall is a giant mess.
It is like a dysfunctional game of greedy self serving political chess.
It is one move left then one move back.
By their manager puppet who is just a hack.
She is not alone at doing nothing for big pay.
Cause others who do very little with too big salaries also need to go away.
I hope their day of judgement comes very soon.
For all of their do nothing lies makes them all just a true loon.
They spend millions with little to show.
It is long past the time the democrats must go.
All it seems they do is hide from prying eyes.
Well I for one think it is time to be under a close analyze.
The democrats never accomplish a thing.
Maybe it is time they end up in a prison like sing sing.
As you read this you may think me crass.
Well that is because every democrat can also kiss my ass.
Only coal I wish santa leaves every do nothing democrat.
Cause cheese in a stocking would please the democrat rat.
Rats like the mayor and others like my do nothing neighbor montone.
Should end up all doing time in the prison zone.
I have taken over irritating the democrats as a first time poet.
Cause the do nothing democrats hate the public knowing it.
I now officially name myself the interim poet.
That is until the much better return of the unknown poet.
This poetry thing is not that hard to do you see.
Cause the do nothing democrats need to see.
People are pissed at them unlike cannons empty words.
The public truth of their inactivity crimes deserve more than my words.

Poetic Norm said...

I have some rhymes too

At the polls the R's get kicked.
After conceding, Norm's taint they lick.

Corruption over and over they bellow.
In between bouts of choking on Norm's Longfellow.

The interim poet brags about where he attends mass.
But only after he gets done licking Norm's ass.

They bitch about Norm, while they wish they had his mojo.
As they wash his DNA off their faces with rags and GoJo.

Anonymous said...

If our cops were any good? They are like the too long in power Aberdeen democrats and the business group all are the best at doing absolutely nothing. That is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth of most of our towns officials and workers. Want to know why that is? If you worked with and for the likes of a a do nothing mayor and council and a do nothing town manager you to would ask yourself why you should do anything if they didn't do anything. Right Freddy boy?

I sec said...

I certainly hope that St. Nick only leaves coal in the corruptocrats stockings.

Over and out 10-4 said...

To the people of Aberdeen you're welcome

Our town officials reality said...

They do worse than nothing they do nothing and they don't care

100% truth is said...

Squeal in town hall? Have you ever had a job like that? We pay them to do nothing just like the council and mayor do that they work under. I'd sit on my hands too if I got a check and those in office or paid to supervise did nothing also.

The 100% truth is said...

Post after post and not one named official, town manager, supervisor or employee has ever defended or even once proved anything written on here was wrong. Know why that is? It is simply because they can't because it is the 100% truth of the political corruption, mismanagement, cronyism, patronage hiring, and the outlandish financial misspending by the too long in power democrats who are killing our once fine community of Aberdeen because of their self serving greed, incompetence and criminality.

Absolute truth is said...

Does anyone know whether Aberdeen hires people that are not friends or related to current employees or elected officials?

This is Aberdeen fucking New Jersey where every law is broken by the democrat only town leadership for over 20 years now.

In other words there is no way you should ever think our local democrats would follow the law much less veterans preference.

Right Mayor Tag-liar-weenie?

Thatsafactjack said...

"When in doubt do nothing" is an old saying form my youth. In Aberdeen it is the leadership mantra of the democrats.

I sec said...

Even with this very thick fog we taxpayers in town can clearly see that the democrat leadership do nothing. How can people work under these officials and useless management and look in the mirror. If these people worked like we do in the private sector they would not last a month.

Taxpayers list said...

Here is my corrupterdeen taxpayer oppressed list for Santa


Losers they are said...

And the corruption continues you people keep saying. You also need to realize the cost of the corruption is insane with the democrats spending us into financial ruin. Right Freddy boy yu people say while I say Fuck You Freddy boy to that piece of shit mayor. Mayor of what doing nothing.

Over and out 10-4 said...

Active shooter training was in fact cancelled a couple of years ago we just add it to the list of the sloths many failures.



Anonymous business owner said...

I wonder what our do nothing mayor and council along with their elves of evil on the do nothing business council have planned to not do next year. We can all be sure it will be very expensive and keep all of their connected cronies busy doing nothing as well. To all of my fellow oppressed taxpayers and business owners I and my family wish you all well this holiday.

I sec said...

See you Aberdeen in a week you're on your own.

Peachtree holiday reality said...

Twas the night before christmas in corrupterdeen and all through town hall
Not a creature was stirring not even a corrupt politician waiting for a favor needed call

The politically corrupt illegal payoff stockings were hung in council chambers with care
With not just guaranteed hopes that the illegal CME payoffs would soon without a doubt be there

I'm not the unknown poet since he is away
I'm just waiting for my sons to wake up to open there presents and play

This satyrical biting poem thing is not that hard to do
For I too hope these so called politically corrupt leaders will soon all be through

Even a blind man knows they're no good and accomplish nothing
And sadly despite spending millions of our dollars and as many promises they say they don't do a thing

Everyday and every night I see the old shell of that monstrous building
And despite years and years of political promises we see nothing

Have a happy holiday season I say to all of you
And unlike the unknown poet I won't sign off with an _ you

CBeach said...

Merry Christmas Aberdeen

He's baaaaack said...

Soon the holidays will be over and then...............? I can't wait to see their faces.

Anonymous said...

To the inquiry about a person looking for a job in this town all I can say to your question on the subject of if you have to be related to or friends with a current employee or official is yes and they'll ignore, violate, and politicize every position just because they're corrupt do nothing legal democrats. I hope this helps you and I'd suggest going to the next council meeting and asking why this is true since it violates the law. Not that the law means anything to the Aberdeen democrats since they twist it to fit their need in a daily basis. Right Freddy boy?

Larry said...

Hickory dickory dock Tag-liar-weenie can feel free to________________ (fill in as you see fit.

RUMORS said...

Has anyone heard the RUMOR that:

Mayor Fred Tagliarini is taking over as town manager just as Mayor Paul B. did in Matawan?

Aberdeen's so called management did not advertise anywhere for a new public works director and that they will appoint someone, we are guessing, who is a crony connected to Norm K or the Dems?

Time to keep eyes and ears open.

Anonymous said...

And the democrat do nothing but stuff thats politically corrupt and illegal continues. Right Freddy boy?

Oath of Office said...



HOPE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE SWORN IN READ THIS BEFORE THE MEETING AND REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS THEY ARE SWEARING TO ESPECIALLY "I will not use my office to grant preferential treatment" nor "to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available to the general public," (so help me, God*).

State of New Jersey
County of

I, ____________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the Authority of the people;

and that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform all the duties of the

office of ______________________________________________________________________

according to the best of my ability,

and that I will not use my office to grant preferential treatment,

nor to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available

to the general public, (so help me, God*).

Sworn and subscribed to before me ) ________________________________
this ________ day of____________________ ) P. O. Address___________________
____________________A.D. _________ ) ________________________________
_____________________________________ )

Brenner don't let the door said...

Harvey Brenner a nice guy? Sure he was a nice guy since he didn't do a fucking thing the entire time he was a councilman in town. As for possibly accepting a new job out of the area that's peachy for him. I'll imagine if he works with the same lack of enthusiasm as he did for our town he won't last long in his new post. As long as he don't come back here to ignore his constituency again that's fine with us. Like is said on here often he and his democrat cohorts don't do a fucking thing anyway.

Freneau said...

Vacancies at dpw is an understatement what our town really needs is vacancies in the manager and mayor and council office.

Anonymous said...

How long until the next council crook meeting?

Don't bogart that joint said...

New rumor about a marijuana bust involving a local politician and a town employee during a motor vehicle stop by the NJSP.

Can it be true?

We soon shall see won't we Mr. Warren?

Don't bogart that joint councilman said...

Oh this is getting good and it seems the democrats have some "spraining" to do as 3 names in the arrest article are to the man attached to the local democrats.

Anonymous said...

The do nothings continue to do nothing right Freddy boy?

Ghost of Ricky Ricardo said...

Spraining? It's splaining to do you idiot.

Freneau said...

Come on bogart give us more than that.

AnAnonymous business owner said...

What a calamity that an Aberdeen official and employee are purportedly to have been involved in a drug arrest. It makes all the democrat only political corruption and illegal graft taking that costs us tens of millions of dollars in Aberdeen not such a big illegal and completely immoral thing. So to review we've now got two or three council people purported to have pilfered intramural sports or high school treasuries a councilwoman in a no show job for children a boozer and the boy loser and never forget two perverts who are big cheeses in the local democrat party.

Can it get any worse for us taxpayers in Aberdeen? I do read we may *soon all see according to the *he's back posting on here a week or so ago. I guess like the illegal and well calculated *to cover the corruption lack of minutes published according to the law since August we too shall see. What could they be covering up by not publishing council meeting minutes? What am I saying this is Aberdeen and under these democrats it can not be anything good for us taxpayers without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Ruh roh shaggy maybe this druggy politician thing is why the manager still has a job.

Norm said...

When will you people stop with all your lies because my puppets work hard to look hones, caringt and hard working political puppets that do everything me and my CME says. Now you dare to say that one of my puppets was arrested for drugs. How dare you even suggest that one of my puppets would use marijuana. Didn't you ever hear the "I smoked but I never inhaled" defense fostered by our democratic king President Bill Clinton.

Oath of office is a joke said...

Will not use my office to grant preferential treatment?

Seek personal gain?


Or advantage not available to the public?


They're democrats so none of the above is avoided by our democrat thieves despite swearing an oath on the bible to God.

Union proud said...

Don't bogart that joint councilman could maybe for a legit medical reason. Maybe it's leadership by example so can we light up now and toke some smoke if town council party. We had supervisors who came to work drunk and nothing happened to them either so smoke em if you got em I guess. .

Anonymous said...

Who is the ganga fan?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years Eve to Aberdeen. It seems that some of our politicians will be having a Bob Marley style New Years Eve from recent suggestions on here. By the way before I forget the don't bogart that joint Councilman quip was fucking hilarious. Love the creativity against the do nothing democrats on here constantly coupled with the do nothing democrats silence is all the proof i need.

Happy New Year said...

Thank you Joey Warren for another do nothing democrat politically corrupt and totally ethically challenged exposing year. This last little joint yes pun is intended about the possibility that a local political hack may soon be exposed as a drug user makes my year. I can't wait to see what 2016 will expose of the corrupterdeen do nothing democrat hacks do nothing but promise the world while delivering nothing exploits.

Who's the drug user said...

Give me a M
Give me a A
Give me a R
Give me a I
Give me a J
Give me a U
Give me a A
Give me a N
Give me a A

I hope we get to know the name of the hypocrite politician said to have been arrested for illegal drug use.

Anonymous said...

Secrets in corrupter seen? Not for much longer.

Shame on You FT said...


Dear Aberdeen Township Residents,

On behalf of the Town Council and everyone at Town Hall, I would like to send my warmest wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. As you spend time with family and friends, I hope that you take pleasure in all the joys of this holiday season.

As we approach 2016, I want you to know that your Council and Administration are committed to bring you the best quality of life we can. Every department is ready to help and protect you 365 days a year. Our Manager's office; Police, Fire, Public Works, and Building Departments; as well as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) are always ready and willing to help you.

To assure the best level of service, the Council welcomes your comments and urges you to call us when you need us. We take our oath of office very seriously. We are here to make Aberdeen a great place to live and own a business. It is an honor to serve you.
Mayor Fred Tagliarini












Anonymous said...

Another year of empty promises and nothing accomplished by our do nothing democrats has come to an end. Tomorrow begins another year of empty promises and nothing accomplished by our do nothing democrats. Just like the last two decades of do nothing democrats.

My NYE resolution is said...

To piss everybody off

Anonymous said...

Not to seek personal gain or favor? Our democrats? Are you kidding me? They're democrats that do nothing but seek personal gain and favor at our expense. Right Freddy boy?

No Surprise said...

From Smoothie King Facebook October 17, 2015

The Grand Opening of Smoothie King in Aberdeen/Matawan is almost here! We will officially be open for business on Monday, October 19 at 7 am—conveniently located in the Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping center on State Route 34. See you Monday!

From Matawan-Aberdeen Patch on December 28, 2015 BUT Ribbon cutting actually took place on December 16, 2015 – submitted by an employee of local PR firm ONCE AGAIN NOT THE PIO OF ABERDEEN - With photo of those listed below.

Smoothie King recently celebrated the grand opening of its newest location on Route 34 in Aberdeen with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by owner David Diamant and Aberdeen Township officials.

On hand to welcome Smoothie King to Aberdeen were Mayor Fred Tagliarini, Deputy Mayor Harvey Brenner, and Economic Business Council Members Carmine Visone, Eugene Demarco, Bill Parness and Maxine Rescorl.


August 2015

It gives me great pleasure to share with you a few items of accomplishment by your Board of Trustees and various committees. First and foremost, we have successfully negotiated a contract with Harvey Brenner to become our new Executive Director. Th¬is is the result of months of hard work by the Search Committee and negotiating team. After publicizing our need and interviewing three serious candidates, the Committee felt overwhelmingly, that Harvey has the best qualifications to serve our needs. Harvey comes with PLENTY of experience, specifically being an executive director of synagogues prior to ours.

Harvey is planning his move to Amherst as I am writing this article, and I am excited to have him join our community; and in particular our temple family. I thank our Search Committee members and especially our chair, Judith Brownstein, for its dedicated and superb efforts. In addition, I thank Jon Dandes and Harvey Sanders for successfully negotiating a contract between Harvey and our shul.

From LinkedIn – Experience
Temple Beth Tzedek
August 2015 – Present (5 months)
Senior staff member responsible for most business related functions including, but not limited to, human relations, health and medical insurance plan administration, facilities management, financial and investment oversight, vendor and contract negotiations, communications and marketing, fundraising, volunteer coordination and board development.

Liaison to both Jewish and Secular communities as a representative of the synagogue.

Contact person to local government and law enforcement agencies.

Responsible for both in-reach and out-reach communications coordination.

I sec said...

Say it ain't so if it is true as it will be just more typical elitist political scum who live a life of do what I say not as I do.

Larry said...

I'm so anxious to read who are the tokers

No corruption my ass said...

That idiot Brenner never did anything for us anyway so what's a few months being illegally paid and living out of state where you couldn't tend to your sworn official duties. I'll bet not showing up like he was supposed to be officially present at council meetings according to some law somewhere that the democrat mayor and puppet manager ignored.

Norm said...


Fact or Fiction said...

Rumor has it that Aberdeen Township ran out of money.

Is it true?

Could explain why we have not gotten the town calendar for 2016.

Somebodies going to get spanked said...

He's a joker

He's a smoker

He's a midnight toker

I found out who it is

I'll bet his mommies and daddy are some upset with their lil boy

Egotistical lil shit that he is

Keith said...

If you didn't see the mayor of Asserdeens new years message it is just more do nothing bullshit so save the time and don't even look to read it. They are the opposite and function the same way all counter to the lies they put in the message. First is they know it is all lies. Any word yet on the pot smokers?

Deny and then deny some more said...

You'd figure those two would know better than anyone that smoking marijuana in a speeding vehicle is not only stupid since it is against the law. And what will the democrats do when this news breaks with their names and official titles exposed to all of us?

The unknown poet said...

So they say some have been busted for smoking the weed

One they say it is one who was elected to lead

Some can't wait to see who it is

Don't expect too much I think cause accountability is no big biz

They'll do nothing to the law breaker cause that's what democrats do

What do you expect the democrats to end another career that they'll do

No way that'll happen for one simple reason

Our democrats break the law the whole political season

Whomever it is we will find out very soon

Just expect nothing to be done to the one that illegally gets higher than the moon

The unknown poet again said...

Tagliarini, Montone, Brenner, Kelly, Martucci, Swindle and Cannon are the names to consider

To know which one smokes the bowl or the doozie to a cinder

We should not wait for them to expose themselves we can all be sure

Of that we can wait until hell freezes over on the jersey shore

A politician who is one of four arrested should've done the right thing

Or will they like the idiot Hillary blame the convenient conspiratorial right wing

I know it's funny these words and rhymes I put forth to embarrass the louse

cause whoever they are they should be kicked out for being a louse

Myself I vote for the law breaker being swindle

With a name like that his joint holding fingers are nimble

If the mayor and council should have taken action to oust whoever so why didn't they do it

Who am I kidding our democrats they don't do shit

Rumbling said...

Did anyone hear the rumbling today here in Aberdeen?

First thought was a earthquake I checked and it was not.

So, then started to think of things happening in town and realized it about the time

that the Aberdeen Re-organization meeting was taking place and the Oath of Office was

being given to 4 people and they finished with" So Help Me God".

God is not too happy with the 4 and I am almost certain that was the cause of the


God Help Us!

Kim said...

They are hypocrital democrats and will do nothing if the marijuana arrests thing is true.

Charles street said...

No wonder nothing gets done with drunks and pot heads running the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised not one bit they are all no good.

Geography said...

Always thought Greenwich was in Connecticut but found one in New Jersey also.

Just like Aberdeen is in many states.

Anonymous said...

Does this towns officials do anything legally?

Poetry fan said...

"Should've been kicked out for keeping his or her arrest as quiet as a mouse". That should have been the 8th line of the poem above from the poem above on 1-3-2016. Just a though of course given freely to the unknown poet who keeps me in stitches by the way. If he or she could post one about Hillary and Bill Clinton I for one would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should bring the state truck to the council meetings and piss test the mayor and council?

Scooby Doo knows said...

Ruh Ro Scooby it looks like Velma is still worried about keeping her job

But Shaggy what if the drug thing on here is the managers ace in the hole

Anonymous said...


Asbury Park Press Governor's Report Card

Report Card on Christie: All F's
Overall Grade
Environment and Energy
Economy, Job Creation
Taxes, State Budget
Education, Sandy Recovery

Excerpts from a survey of readers were great and so many could be applied to the Aberdeen Township Mayor and Council. Of course, there would be changes in categories
but Transparency and Leadership are tops on the list for this town.

Suggestions for other categories welcome. Send some in here and we can start a movement to Make Aberdeen Great Again.

So, remember it does not matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican they are the same in that they only care about themselves.

Our taxpayer reality said...

This is corrupterdeen people so in regards o the probable drug arrests of a council person and employee that means one and only one thing. The mayor knew about it and did nothing along with the town council.

Union proud said...

Christmas trees at the curb here we come.

Anonymous said...

Pot bust, really?

So we are seeing Marijuana legalized all over the country and some troll is attempting to make a big deal out of an alleged pot bust involving a local politician? This type of smear tactic is disgusting. Personally, I am all for decriminalizing pot. It is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money.

Lastly, those who live in glass houses should be very careful of where they choose to throw stones.

No corruption my ass said...

Please tell me it's Tag-liar-weenie or Cannon that are the potheads

100% truth is said...

Drug users
Self serving

In other words Aberdeen democrats

Right Coach Fred

100% truth is said...

Obama teared up (pussy) today right on cue saying "guns are killing our children". No shit you moron I say to Obama so now what I want Obama to do is tell us why he blames Republicans when almost every major city with out of control gun shootings are major urban cities controlled for decades solely by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Does the Oath of Office include:




Upright citizen



Law Abiding



Anonymous said...

All of a sudden the former manager who trolled for under aged girls on the Internet and served time is a choir boy.









Matawan guy see you soon I hope said...

I'm on my way down south today at 10 o'clock after a small medical procedure delayed my normal winter departure. Before I head down 95 I want to leave my neighbors in the so corrupted town of Aberdeen one final snowbirds thought. Many posts have been submitted here on the subject of the lack of recycling in your town. On this recycling topic I feel all of those who chimed in are very wrong. Your depraved political leaders are the best at recycling that this 67 year old has ever seen. Not the best at the recycling that helps save the environment however I must point out. Your politicians are world class recyclers of supposed development proposals that they have recycled for decades with billing processes and the outright theft of developers and builders accounts in a manner that is criminally systematic.

Developers and probably even homeowners and business people have been raped for years by corrupted zoning and planning boards stacked purposefully with family related associations to politicians in Aberdeen where the word political puppets is an understatement. Those highly flawed approvals coupled with the outright illegal and way too comfortable relationship process within the approvers to only benefit the towns engineers and eventually the towns democrat party in many ways. That is the recycling that your outright disgusting political leadership that is ruining your communities finances, reputation and community pride. It is time the entire community is awaken to this disgusting and costly corrupted reality. I hope your community survives the winter I'll see you in the spring. Good luck to my neighbors in Aberdeen I say because with your democrats you're going to need it.

Charles street said...

Drunks and potheads yeah I said it.

Anonymous said...

They do nothing and it is killing our town and what's worse they don't care. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm covers it all here in Corrupterdeen as in hmmm the democrats really suck

Anonymous said...

Kelley pockets a quarter of the proceeds and you gotta problem with that? Don't you know she's a democrat? That should explain it all to any clear thinking person. It's not like she promised to look under every nook and cranny for savings inside town hall like Martucci lied to get elected. Right Freddy boy?

Let's hope so said...

Miss Mismanagement is on the chopping block I heard today.

Over and out 10-4 said...

You're welcome citizens of Aberdeen.

100% truth is said...

Shootings in Chicago for 2015 2,986 that averages 8+ shootings per day

Shootings so far in the first 7 days of 2016 in Chicago is 29

It's not the police officers fault in Chicago or Los Angeles or Miami or every major democrat led city in America

It's liberalism and the way democrats maintain control by blaming police to maintain ignorant voters allegiance

One vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against America

Anonymous said...

"Man, don't answer the phone even if it's me calling."

It goes like this said...

It is a famous Cheech and Chong comedy skit from years ago and it goes like this

Phone rings with dirty hippie answering the phone

Hey is that you Dave

Dave is that you man

Is it you Dave

Hey Dave did you get the stuff man?

Yeah it's me man it's Dave

No no no man it's not me I'm not Dave man it's

Hey Dave everybody's here man did you get the stuff man?

Dave man everybody thinks you ripped them off man

You better get here soon man everybody is waiting man

OK man yeah it's me man listen

Hey man don't answer the phone man

Even if you think it's me man don't answer the phone

I agree the council is filled with criminals and a drug user is the least of our worries.

CBeach said...

The old administrator was on line looking for young boys as I remember it the filthy loser.

Keith said...

I found it and holy shit this one is outrageous. The worst thing is nothing will happen to the one name we all know well since he's an up and coming star of the dems. As for the purported employee arrested as well in the same car reported on here I'll bet it's one of the girls on the side out of town hall.

Our reality said...

Raping residents? That's what democrats do haven't you seen what's going on in Trenton and DC? in Corrupterdeen

Over and out 10-4 said...

You got to know somebody made a call and got the pot smoking councilman off.

Fill in the blank said...

It looks like the do nothing democrats are _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Union proud said...

Another one bites the dust we hear so whose going to do the work.

Anonymous said...

January 8, 2016


No calendar from the "Great" town of Aberdeen.


Miss Mismanagement Still does nothing and gets away with it.

WHY we want to know?

Stop the INSANITY said...

Who is running this insane asylum?

Anonymous said...

The democratic slate more like the democratic scum. They do nothing and know it. It's got to stop is all I can say.

Instructions soon to follow said...

If you've been convicted of a drug offense in the court of corrupterdeen in the past year you can appeal and win.

Anonymous said...

It can't be true I'd say for one reason. The councilman would've had to resigned if it was true.

Go West Young Man said...

Well, it looks like Kauff Incorporated is spreading West. And I don't mean Marlboro. Check out this list of professional appointments and see if you recognize a name.

Kauff Incorporated Moving West

Larry said...

Wow can the politicians be any more corrupt?

Peachtree said...

My neighbor stops by this morning with donuts and the asbury newspaper. In the back section of the paper he shows me that the town is having a meeting soon regarding the factory across the street. Poor neighbor he doesn't know that all those words means nothing. He moved in a bout a year ago and he's been told the old factory is coming down. We've heard those lies for years and he should not bet any money on that happening without the mayor and his other crooks making big money one way or the other both of course being illegal. The lies continue and all we get is truck traffic and liar politicians pulling the wool over our eyes. My neighbor has so much to learn the poor fool.

Our taxpayer reality is said...

Tic toc

Tic toc

Gotta figure time is running out of the potheads job status if the town really thinks about it.

What am I saying?

This is Corrupterdeen where nothing is done legally so NEVER MIND.

100% true said...

These so called leaders in town are nothing more than political criminals that made the gang that couldn't shoot straight look like geniuses. Just so you know you youngins can google the gang that couldn't shoot straight to see what political bafoonery is all about. Just know politicians for hundreds of years have been self serving manipulators that all at the end of the day do nothing. Our criminal politicians likewise do absolutely nothing and worse yet they think they are doing their jobs. Just look around and tell me what they've done because I don't see anything they've done.

Anonymous business owner said...

I figured out all of Aberdeens problems today while driving through Keyport. People keep saying how Aberdeens government has still not been caught by the FBI and why that has not happened yet. Well I figured it out why today while driving through Keyport as I saw the recent changes and unlike my business being able to advertise like they do in Keyport I see the same well known corrupt and criminal players in politics rule the roost in Keyport and it shows everywhere.

Certain businesses advertise everywhere in Keyport that are all related to the political power brokers of Merla and Burlew and while it stinks to high heaven at least Keyport has a main street and business atmosphere that works albeit corruptly. So while you can see the evidence of preferential treatment and far worse in Aberdeen with no main street or real business accomplishments that all too clearly show the corruption in Aberdeen as you can almost smell the corruption in Aberdeen. It's corruptly simple actually because you can smell it in the dormancy of leadership and total lack of beneficial activity or real progress town wide progress despite millions wasted annually on all those politically connected pigs so freely feeding at the trough of political corruption under the two decade long democrat selfishness and insider only deals. Inactivity and insider only politically criminal deals that are truly financially crippling our Aberdeen's progress and likewise community respect and pride.

Sadly like politicians and political corruption in America nobody cares in the public much less my business community the politicians know we are all too busy just trying to survive and pay our taxes and bills. Something's got to happen to change our plight in Aberdeen I pray nightly for something r anything to rescue us from the do nothing democrats and their criminal corruption that hurts so many whether they realize it or not.

Korean War Vet said...

Three things I remember from my time in service to this great country. Kim Chi is very good and leaders just because they have the rank don't make them leaders.

Just more democrat corruption said...

How can the prosecutor prosecute? How can the lawyer still be a lawyer? So many questions with so much corruption happening every single corrupt political day here in Aberdeen. It boggles the mind doesn't it?

Liberalism is killing AMERICA said...

Shooting's in Obama and Rohm Emanuels liberal city of Chicago since January 1 2016 till today is 88. What will Obama and the liberals political grandstanding do to stop that?

Anonymous said...

Look around many of you say I say why bother there is nothing to see. Right Freddy boy?

Reality bites said...

What will the democrats not do for us taxpayers this week? Whatever it is we know it will be very illegal and very costly with nothing to really show for all the tax dollars improperly spent. In other words just another democrat only day in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Freddy boy what happened to you? Why did you sell us out? Why did you lie to our kids about teamwork and working hard?

Think about it said...

Did anyone think that in order to find out which council person got arrested for smoking pot all you have to do is see which one has the big bag of doritos sitting next to them at the council meetings.

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