Monday, May 30, 2016

Remembering Memorial Day

"Today is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It's a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in this cemetery and others. It's a day to be with the family and remember . . .

And we owe them something, those boys. We owe them first a promise: That just as they did not forget their missing comrades, neither, ever, will we. And there are other promises. We must always remember that peace is a fragile thing that needs constant vigilance. We owe them a promise to look at the world with a steady gaze and, perhaps, a resigned toughness, knowing that we have adversaries in the world and challenges and the only way to meet them and maintain the peace is by staying strong."

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God bless America said...

Thank you Mr. Warren for your inspirational subject on this special day when we should all need to honor our military services and service members all. While having served in the military myself I am so disappointed with our current leaders in our country who fail to know a strong fighting force is a requirement not a luxury.

Larry said...

Ronald Reagan now that was a true leader and those words should never be forgotten.

I sec said...

To all who served and on behalf of my entire family we thank you all for your honorable and brave service.

Kim said...

Just back from Avalon and jumped on here as we got home. Nice that we have a new subject and an update on the last one to boot. I applaud Mr. Warren for his choice of subject on this important day.

It's the democrat way said...

Make it stop somebody please

Stop these crooks on the council

Stop the AEBC while you're at it to

Not that they do anything

They just spend millions to look busy

While nothing they promise to do

Ever gets accomplished

It's the democrat way

Think about it said...

Amazing how Aberdeen can look so peaceful and serene yet have so many terrible secrets and official criminal conduct going on.

Anonymous said...

Alright an updated site and the pissing of of the corruptocrats continues.

Anonymous said...

Millions of our taxpayer dollars have to be spent on the towns so called professionals so the D's can get a paltry 50k kickback for their big campaign years. That's the democrat math corruption style in this town. Right Freddy boy?

I sec said...

Make sure you go back and look at the last 15 posts at least of the last subject. All I can say is they're priceless and gives a real glimpse of the bullshit excuses the town offers up. Excuses to criticisms from veterans to the towns politicians and others insulting our brave veterans. It seems to have been criticized for years by the town making Memorial Day ceremonies purely political by honoring emergency volunteers and police. Just like the civics lesson the mayor tied to give us it seems did not sit well with people. Good for them I say.

Train ride musings said...

Just read on the web that Long Branch is starting a transit village process now. And Matawan-Aberdeen is getting what for the transit village they promised us over 10 years ago?

Bullshit excuses said...

Bullshit excuses?

What do you think they pay these people for?

They are all liars pure and simple and the excuses are like a--holes.

We know there are plenty of those in that building especially on every other Tuesday night at the do nothing town council meetings.

Right Gorilla Joe?

Read on said...


Can you count how many errors are in this resolution?

RESOLUTION NO. 2016 - 86



Township of Aberdeen advertised for the receipt of bids for the 2014
Budget Year Road Program; and

the Municipal Clerk witnessed the receipt of three bids on May 19, 2016

and the lowest qualifying bid was submitted by Lucas Brothers Inc. of Morg
anville, NJ with a base bid of $2,588,612.08 for Items 1 through 113 inclusive; and
CME Associates, Engineers for this project and Legal Counsel have
reviewed the qualifications and bid submitted by Lucas Brothers Inc. and determined them responsive under the provisions of the Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A 40A:11 - et seq.)
and all other provisions of the revised statutes of the State of New Jersey; and
RESOLVED, that the bid submitted by Lucas Brothers Inc. is herebyaccepted.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Township Council of the Township of
Aberdeen does hereby authorize the Mayor to execute and Township Clerk to witness an agreement with Lucas Brothers Inc.

for the 2014 Budget Year Road Program, in the amount

of $2,588,612.08 for Items 1 through 113 inclusive, subject to approval by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Anonymous said...

Still no Pictures of the Memorial Day ceremony at VFW on Monday, May 30th.

None on website or facebook

Aberdeen administration Shame on you.

Ha ha you losers said...

What do you expect from do nothing democrats
After all they are nothing but do nothing rats

No matter what is on here they don't really care
They know you'll forget after awhile so they only have to fake that they care

They have their own little club of games ignoring us like plinking at cans
I hope they end up in the can with prisoners abusing their rear end cans

Anonymous said...

What will the corruptocrats not accomplish today that will cost us a great amount of money as they line their pockets?

Anonymous said...

Notice how Aberdeen is always the first town listed on the county registry and that's the only thing it has going for it.

Anonymous said...

I just found out who this Mayor a Roman is. That's the guy over by the plaza on 35 and has a business for basements. He's the number one donor I'm told and is A#1 for all the big money jobs in town. Last one he got I'm told he kicked back plenty off if a 400 thou deal with the powers that be in townhall. Must be a big donor to get the inside track.

Anonymous said...

The only things that get started in corrupterdeen is stuff that pays well. Illegally pays well of course to our corrupt and self serving politicians. Right Fred

Anonymous said...

Where's the Chicago update

Anonymous said...

I looked at the last posts and can't believe the excuses coming from god knows who. You know they don't even believe the excuses they give since they wouldn't identify themselves. Cowards all of them and their excuses are as laughable as their supposed dedicated service to us the people they are supposed to serve. I have no problem honoring volunteers except it should not be on a day set aside to honor the war dead of our nations military service who paid the ultimate sacrifice. .

Really said...

You'd think the current economy, war around the world or lies of politicians would be the lead story in the news. Nope it's about a Gorilla. That says all we need to know about our media that long ago gave up being investigative reporters. Now they just fill newscasts with useless fill rather than really looking into where the money goes out of the Clinton gangs bullshit foundation or Trumps womanizing history. No a gorilla in a safe space gets killed because some mom and dad can't keep an eye on their kid.

Anonymous said...

You gotta read matawan guys post about corrupterdeen money making ideas that got posted on 5/30. I'll give you a hint it's insultingly funny. I really laughed at the weedman t shirt stuff and I'd wear one in a minute. The part about playing gold and typing alot was good to read.

See Weedman lately said...

Anybody see Councilman "Weedman" Cannon lately. Rumor has it he's got big plans to head up to the Woodstock Reunion and make a killing with all of the rolling papers he's been hoarding. Big money in that lightweight rollable paper.

Anonymous said...

Just left town hall and found out Joe has been out for a couple months. Big mistake huge like my wife says off her favorite movie scene with Julia Roberts. You give that guy that much time to think and all I can say is look out. When I was there we all witnessed all kinds of things that no one would call even close to being legal. All that does is light the fuse to put him on ice jail cell or not.

Larry said...

I'll take a weedman shirt in xl.

Road program of lies said...

Lucas Brothers paving must be a good payer to the D's campaigns. I mean getting CME to approve Lucas is no big deal since they hardly do anything out of the 2.3m road of lies program and CME gets between 12-18 percent off the top. So let's do the D math Aberdeen style. 2.3m in taxpayer monies minus 250k to CME 25k to the towns lawyers and finally the envelopes to mayor and council and Lucas gets what's left. Just imagine if we had our own engineers and lawyers on the payroll we could pave four more streets easy.

Works for me said...

Golden State will win the championship

Trump will win the presidency

Hillary and Bill Clinton will be indicted off their charity scam

Cannon will get arrested "yes he likes the weed"

Tag Tags will be embarrassed again by his buddy Carmine

Prosecutors office will finally investigate Aberdeen's criminal politics

The sloth will finally do something

Then all is right with the world

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May 2016 is gone and the D's did nothing. Talk about the definition of insanity which is in part doing the same thing over and over with the same result. In our town insanity is spelled


Anonymous said...

Not long now is all we can hope for that the bums will get there due.

Anonymous said...

Shabatt Shalom Mr. Warren and thank you for keeping this site up and helping in exposing the illegal corruption of our politicians.

Anonymous said...

And the democrat only political corruption rolls on and on and

No doubt said...

Excuses from inside the muni building are like that old famous comedian who used to say about his jokes 'I got a million of them'. Except the towns manager and politicians when it comes to excuses they got a million of them. Those excuses are all at our expense and we deserved better.

Leslie said...

I attended the tribute and building naming for Mr. Sigismondi a couple of weeks ago. It was nice that the town honored him for his service to the community and as an employee serving our community as a police officer. Such dedication is rare in society today unfortunately and it was nice that the town did this for him. I'm no big fan of our towns management in all its forms. As a fan of this site the examples of corruption and worse by the management and others are many. On this one honoring of this dedicated man the town did the right thing finally and should be commended.

Anonymous said...


It is so hard for this puppet business group to comprehend how that small gesture would help our community so much.

Just like the mayor and council they too are useless and violate their mission to all.

Charles street said...

Did anybody see the machine the town bought it don't use

Fuggedaboutit said...

Imagine how great this town could be? You elect do nothing democrats over and over and you expect results from them?Fuggedaboutit is all I can say to that and the proof is everywhere you look in town. Why do you think they never respond to anything put on here for years? Why do you think the beach area never gets improved when every other town near us treasures their natural areas like Keyport and Union Beach? Why do you think the promises over decades of a Main Street never happen? The answer is very simple and easily corrected.

You idiots keep electing do nothing but promise and never deliver democrats so you deserve what you don't get or just vote them out it is that simple. All they've done for years is the big money road projects and anything like that in order to line their own pockets and their buddies on our tax money. So guess what you need to do?

Either stop complaining that the democrats don't do anything or kick them down the road. As for that gumbo Tagliarini and his other meatball buddies it's just a club for them where they get to walk around telling everyone how great the town will be someday. Only problem is someday will never happen with these democrats. At least the one who is said to be a pot smoker is in a daze so he don't care about anything more than the munchies.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Donald Trump is such a bad man, candidate and political candidate while Hillary Rodham Clinton is the savior of our country. Just tell me one thing she's done that wasn't a total mistake from the start. What happened to our America?

Anonymous said...

Look up in the sky

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No it's Super Weed Man

dem bums said...

You people don't get it the dems are proud of doing nothing. Sure the mayor marries some folks and the rest of them go to meetings twice a month with hardly anyone there to see what they do. They show up to things they think they can get a couple votes at and thats pretty much all they do. That and engineer everything they can get an illegal payoff off of. Pretty much thats all they do and anything else they do is geared to get another vote.

Anonymous said...

It's goombah Tagliarini not gumbo.

John law said...

Finally do something you must not know the sloth. Doing something don'y happen with him and that do nothing history goes way beyond him. As long as he stays up the managers ass and does what he's told he's golden.

Anonymous said...

Engineer everything for payoffs you have no idea. Millions over the yearend what does our town have to show for it. Take a quick ride around and it is all corruptly visible. Right Fed

Sunday Paper said...

Prosecutor’s Office detective: Ocean County is corrupt.

Now, only if there was the same story about Aberdeen.

It would certainly take more than ¼ page to list the things known about Corruption in Aberdeen.

For example, nepotism, hiring favoritism, lack of transparency and accountability and so much more.

But, you can see on the Asbury Park Press FACEBOOK the entire story and replies/comments on June 3rd at 6:00am.

Wishful thinking, maybe, wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Look how time flies with another week for the D's to fail us while costing us a boatload of money.

DPW said...

Does Aberdeen Township have a new Public Works Director yet?
We heard that the last one left in mid December and there was a temp in the spot but never heard a name or if there is a new one.
Anyone know what is happening?

Anonymous said...

What did not get down today in corrupterdeen because of your selfishness no good stinking democrat politicians?

Anonymous said...

And the corruption rolls on and on and oh forget it they're democrats they do nothing anyway. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the patch this morning and corrupterdeen is in the top 1/3 of highest school taxes paid in the entire state. At least though with the schools we see kids graduating and those are actual results. Imagine if we had results from our do nothing politicians and their do nothing business group. Oh that's right their dems as in dems be do nothing bums.

Low income said...

More low income might be coming to county road but not many if even one in strathmore. Keep voting for the people who keep you in a bad way they are called democrats. .

finally said...

Yesterday was June 6th.
last Monday was was May 30th Memorial Day
Is the person who took the photos of VFW ceremony really that slow that it took
7 days to put them on Facebook.
They are not on the Official town website. Why Not?
Kept looking on website but nothing there
got a call from a friend who does Facebook to say they were on it.

YOu people have no respect!

Anonymous said...

Does Aberdeen still recycle cardboard?

Today while going to vote I saw so much cardboard out with garbage and it makes me wonder maybe I should not recycle cardboard anymore.

I saw big and small boxes not folded up next to pails with some stuffed into the garbage pails.

Taxpayer said...

Aberdeen's township (all areas/departments) sounds like it needs its own drug and alcohol treatment center and fidelity (faithfulness to a spouse or partner)

Camera Shy said...

Are members of Aberdeen Township
Planning board
Zoning Board
Camera Shy?

towns around us have their meetings taped and televised BUT Not Aberdeen.


Comments from residents in anohter town:
If everything is on the up and up there shouldn't be a problem. We should all be for a transparent government. What is it that they are hiding from?

Many of the votes are done long before the meetings behind closed doors.

Makes you Wonder.

No Doubt said...

You all have heard Rain, Rain go away
well here's a better version

Rain, Rain go away and take the dems with you

come again, another day and bring us good, honest, caring people

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the D's can lie to themselves to keep telling anyone who'll listen how much they do when as soon as the people walk away they realize they've been lied to. We've been lied to by the D's for decades. Time they get gone and that's the truth.

Anonymous said...




Hillary NEVER

She's a liar

She's an opportunist

She's despicable

Bullshit excuses said...

is what the Aberdeen Economic Business Council has plenty of.

Why are they doing a Job Fair?
Why are they not working to find business for the Aberdeen businesses that are no longer in existence and left vacant properties?
A&P, Aberdeen Auto, KFC, Dante Plaza, Adult Day Care are just some of the empty places.
How many of Aberdeen's businesses were in attendance at Job fair looking to hire people?
How much money was spent for this evening?
How much was paid to PR firm whose leader is also part of the business council?
What benefit does this give to our town and business owners?
Why do we always have to see the puppets/council of Mayor Fred in photos?
Does this give Carmine a big charge?

Anonymous said...

Dem bums is dead wrong that our politicians don't do anything but get votes at arranged events that get the typical 'look how much we care' pictures in the paper. I care little about that I care how much money off ours they wasre and steal. Either way they are bums.

Anonymous said...

Get it right it's super weed man councilman :)))

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to our asshole mayors gateway to Aberdeen? Just more lies from professional political liars who don't care and don't do anything.

Anonymous said...

Route 35 study hahahahaha more money for nothing to cronies. Right Fred

REALLY said...

Aberdeen Town Officials are missing once again.
Very Serious stuff going on with JCP&L and new power lines they want to run starting here in our town close to homes.
Do any of them know that where the substation is in Aberdeen?
Do any of them know or care that area is listed as contaminated on NJDEP website
Site remediation?
Are any of them out there speaking up for residents of Aberdeen who live close to the tracks and substation?
Have any of them gone to the meetings this week to listen to JCP&L?
Have any of them found out about health risks?
I could continue but I think you get the message.
Aberdeen officials SUCK!

If Only said...

it said Aberdeen Township

UPDATE: Howell official under criminal investigation

Ha Ha you losers said...

Town hall closed at 4:30pm

you know what that means

Our Money is safe from them

until Monday 8:30am

and then it all starts again

Anonymous said...

And like is said so often on here the do nothing democrats are proud of doing nothing because they don't care about any of us.

It's the Democrats Way said...

Not surprising that Aberdeen has done it again. The manager, mayor and council just keep on embarrassing themselves with their own stupidity.
1. The Township of Aberdeen hereby adopts as its policy the Statement of Purpose and General Rules and Regulations governing the Use and Operation of the Fiorendo Sigismondi Community Center.


The Fiorendo Sigismondi Community Center ("Center") has beenacquired/constructed by the Township of Aberdeen, Monmouth County. N.J. ("Township "), solely with funds generated by taxation of the citizens and taxpayers of the Township, to be used and operated, solely for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of the Township.

Close to 150 members of the Aberdeen Township community gathered on May 15th to celebrate the grand opening of the Cliffwood Community Center. (This statement was put out by town’s taxpayer paid Public Relations firm)

“The Cliffwood Community Center is something that Aberdeen has needed for a long time,” said Mayor Fred Tagliarini.

Daddy Daughter Dance at the Fiorendo Sigismondi Cliffwood Beach Community Center.

Family members of the late Fiorendo Sigismondi, a dedicated patrolman with the Aberdeen Police Department, and a charter and life member of Aberdeen First Aid, for whom the building was dedicated.

Name of building should have been Fiorendo Sigismondi Aberdeen Township Community Center or Fiorendo Sigismondi Township of Aberdeen Community Center.

As a member of the Aberdeen First Aid and the Aberdeen Police Department the name of the dedicated building in his honor should have reflected the town which he lived and worked in not just one section.

Township of Aberdeen, Fiorendo Sigismondi Community Center, Cliffwood Community Center, Fiorendo Sigismondi Cliffwood Beach Community Center.

So, which one is it?



Anonymous said...

Muhammad Ali will be buried today after much public regalia for the man who truly was The Greeatest of All Time.

Anonymous said...





All of the above a worker in the inside is exposing to the public about Ocean County.

If only Aberdeen had someone who would expose the same thing in Aberdeen?

Wait a minute didn't they just fire _ _ _?

I hope and pray he spills all he knows.

Anonymous said...

super weed man councilman

have you been looking around town and seeing all the weeds?

Anonymous said...

I'm so fast I could turn off the lights and be in bed before it got dark

Muhammad Ali

Anonymous said...

Yeah we know your money is safe until Monday except the way your democrats are spending on bullshit projects and work for their buddies your town will be broke soon enough. Keep electing democrats if you want to know what municipal bankruptcy is like.

Thatsafactjack said...

If their buddy donor wasn't getting that contract and playing santa with illegal payoffs they wouldn't have put one dime into that building. They don't care about them in Cliffwood or in the beach. They just want votes and big payoffs by violating bid openings. Come on this big donor gets all the good deals and they say he's the low or only bidder. How many times can they tell that lie. Don't forget one of the top people in town hall has a wife working for the big donor so how does he get the bids. It's that easy all you have to do is give jobs to people that don't do much. Sounds familiar like our do little media hire. .

2 Home Break-ins This Week in Aberdeen said...

Two homes in the township were broken into Tuesday, police report.

A Lincoln Avenue home was burglarized sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 7. The perpetrator used a decorative brick to smash a rear sliding glass door to gain entry, and cash was taken from inside.

On that same afternoon, someone unsuccessfully attempted to enter a Warren Drive residence through a rear window by removing a screen.

Anonymous said...

Saturday in the park

Same old park equipment with graffiti on it

Saturday in the park

Guess it'll be a big campaign year before they do anything more in the parks for us

Everything is for votes

Like last year when they painted the b ball courts in late October just before winter

And wait for it

Just before the election happened

I'm sitting down here in my car at the beach park


Nothing new here for years




Anonymous said...

Political corruption in corrupterdeen is at an all time high. What do you expect they're corruptocrats. Emphasis on rats of course. Right said Fred

I sec said...

Our money is never safe from Fred 'civics lesson' Tagliarini and his band of self serving thieves.

Anonymous said...

Towns never go bankrupt since all the inept leadership has to do is raise taxes. In our town they'll also raise water and sewer fees to buy macadam for the overpriced road paving. Keep electing do nothing democrats.

Poetry in motion said...

Here I sit broken hearted

Tried to figure out how the D's are so heartless

They have no pride i our town we all can see

As all they do is lie, cheat and steal

In the end we hope they all get theirs

When they all end up in prison only to squeal in pain

Anonymous said...

Is the pool club across town ever going to finish? I'll bet the towns engineers are making big money off that place. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Who's the cops working when the break in robberies happened? Can't protect and serve if they are hiding way out in the back of the catering hall watching movies. $4m for what is what we need to know.

Anonymous said...

Millions wasted to the D's are accomplishments

Outsider looking in said...

They don't care about your community and it shows. It shows when the only things getting done are development and favored projects that only bring big unchecked costs into the towns treasury. In turn the monies go out to the connected few. While corrupt at the source and secretive in where the money goes and to who it is not illegal it's politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for Aberdeen to be delivered from the evil that are our present mayor and council today at church.

Kim said...

Please pray for the victims in the Orlando shooting rampage that occurred this morning.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people

Assholes with guns kill people

This man took a gun and killed and injured many people today and that is a tragedy. Don't blame society or gun owners blame this man whose beliefs or prejudices caused this senseless tragedy. God bless all involved.

Anonymous said...

Omar Mateen killed 50 people in Orlando Florida today

Omar Mateen wounded 53 people in Orlando Florida today

Give us your tired your poor yearning to be free

To kill us

We cannot afford to allow undocumented, unchecked and unknown people to enter Our America

Think about it

Why? said...

Another senseless shooting by an individual known to our governments law enforcement agencies who should have been stopped long before this occurrence today. Are you pissed off enough yet my fellow Americans? Our government has failed us historically and there is no accountability. Why?

Useless said...

Mayor Freddy has a problem. He talks so much to hear himself that he doesn't know what he has said.

Sad part of it all is that he continues to show his disregard and disrespect for the
taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Here's 2 recent examples of his mouth running:

“The Cliffwood Community Center is something that Aberdeen has needed for a long time,” said Mayor Fred Tagliarini.

“The Cliffwood Beach Community Center is something that Aberdeen has needed for a long time,” said Mayor Fred Tagliarini. “

Shouldn't it be Aberdeen Township has needed a Community Center for a long time.

He does not even know the name of building.

Ignorance running amok.

Are you f'n kidding me said...

Obama said in a news conference today that the Orlando shooting was and I quote "A tragedy to the LGBT community". He still don't get it after almost 8 years in office. So all you liberal democrats who want to give everybody everything without working or deserving it along with you millennials who think the world owes you everything go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Vote for Hillary Clinton if you want incompetent government to continue for another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Another expensive week of democrat spending to line their own pockets while nothing is accomplished to benefit our community. In other words keep electing democrats cause that's all you get with that political party. Right said Fred

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Sandy happened over 44 months ago and still we live with a burnt out two story mess. You might ask haven't we complained about it and how it should have been dealt with long ago. A neighbor calls and calls and the town does nothing a while back.

I'm disgusted with this and just hope I live long enough to try and sell my house after it finally gets taken care of if ever. I see the criticisms of our supposed town leaders and all I can say is they don't lead they burrow holes and only come out just before the elections with a new bag of lies.

Anonymous said...

Come on nobody will dime out the D's

Union proud said...

I hope they save your eye Joe the town needs you back its looking bad.

It's that simple said...

You all need to get over this stuff and just realize there do nothing democrats.



Chicago violence update said...

Chicago shooting totals 2015

Shot and wounded 2551
Shot and killed 445
Total shot 2996
Total homicides 507

Chicago shooting totals since 1/1/16 until today so far in 2016

Shot and wounded 1429
Shot and killed 255
Total shot 1684
Total homicides 286

Violence the week of 6/5-6/11 2016 in Chicago

Shot and wounded 71
Shot and killed 10
Total homicides 11

This is our American reality in Obama's Chicago

I sec said...

Useless is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

What's this Meinzer project pissing people off over in Cliffwood? Let me guess another project for the town to overcharge people for? These D's are so selfish right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Councilman Cannon I have a question for you. You promised a more transparent government and what have you done to ensure that transparent government is in fact transparent? I ask that question since you and yours in local leadership don't ensure that official agendas, minutes, and much more are not transparent in any way, shape or form. Another question is what are you and yours hiding Councilman Cannon?

Anonymous said...

What are they hiding is illegal payoffs in their mattresses. They do nothing unless it's a payday for themselves or their buddies.

Cannon's a liar said...

Transparent government are just two words that democrat Cannon has said he would make happen amongst many other lies he told as a democrat candidate politician. Cannon is no different than all of the other a hole democrats in this town who lie to get elected and then immediately forget all they promised to do if elected.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman democrat Bill Clinton liar in chief

It depend on what the definition of is is democrat Bill Clinton liar in chief

So of course Cannon is a liar just look at who he idolizes asa democrat

And like the song says that truly defines Greg "Weedman" Cannon

He's a smoker

He's a toker

He's a midnight joker

Anonymous said...

Transparent the D's in this town have never been transparent. Why do you think when most every town respectfully broadcasts their official meeting the Aberdeen D's don't. They fear transparency and they fear accountability. Well I think accountability has a new name and it's spelled J-o-e-y M-a-c and many of his coworkers support him.

It's Corrupterdeen after all said...

Meinzer Scmeinzer as long as the builders payoff the dems they'll get approval to build.

As long as they prostrate themselves and pay the towns thieving engineers they'll get approval to build.

Know why?

The residents opinions don't matter to this democrat only mayor and council since the builders will be glad to pay them off to get the building approvals.

In Corrupterdeen it's the well known cost of doing business with the democrats that if you pay them off you get the approvals to build.

I'd hold off on building myself because then the county will give you money to not build under green acres.

Of course the property owners will have to contribute to the dems for decades but it pays off in the end with taxpayer dollars.

Coming Soon said...

All the lack many to list now

All the waste of our money

and so much more

will be exposed for all to know

Anonymous said...

I'm in a store in Holmdel just now and as I hit to my car I had to post this. So anyway I'm in the store and the owner sees that I live in Aberdeen. He says oh you have a great mayor in that town. I went off on the guy and told him he should move to Aberdeen and he'd see for himself really quick how nothing ever gets accomplished in Aberdeen with his good mayor. Like my neighbor used to tell me politicians talk a good game and are professionals at bullshitting people into thinking they actually do things that benefit us. Tag-liar-weenie is proof of that without a doubt. Anyone know a good dry cleaner where the owner isn't easily fooled?

Democrat recipe for failure said...

What do you get when you take one puppet town manager ever fearful of losing her job then add an egotistical mayor while mixing in an arrogant pot smoking angry at the world elitist cracking in two thieves and a child advocate that pays herself big money on our tax money then sprinkle in a drunk and a dusting of a newer a section idiot loser that just like the useless man before him does absolutely nothing while baking this mess at 350 for 60 minutes serving when it's cool to the touch. Know what you get? A recipe for disastrous one party leadership that is killing Aberdeen in the name of self serving democrat only political corruption. Right Norman

Anonymous said...

All any investigative agency has to do to catch these crooks is to follow the money. Right Freddy boy?

Just asking said...

Does the town still have a street sweeper. I have to ask since it has been 3 months since our street has been cleaned at least.

Anonymous said...

Google Hillary Clinton making a speech in an Armani outfit whose jacket cost over 12k. Woman of the people my ass.

To Aberdeen Dems said...

Open government is a cornerstone of democracy that enables advocates, activists and the press to monitor government performance and expose corruption.

Without transparency in government activities, the American people are vulnerable to deception and abuse by our leaders.

Anonymous said...

On the way home I read on Twitter that Hillary and Ovama are criticizing Donald Trump as a possible inviter of the type of violence that tragically occurred in Orlando. Even worse Hillary says that it matters not what we say it is what we do to address terrorism. Really Hillary has the nerve after Bhengazi and so many other politically motivated disasters and betrayals under her watch to blame Trump. Much less the coward that is Obama who has put this nation and our military in jeopardy with his politically motivated and vote getting publicized decisions is beyond ignorant. Politics and politicians like Obama and Hillary have jeopardized the world much less the entire Middle East. Trump is not the problem he is pointing out the obvious lackluster politicians whose decisions are not decisive and assuredly not protecting our America first.

Anonymous said...

Big opposition from the Italian section of Cliffwood over the latest development proposal appearing on my FB account just now. Seems at least one very vocal resident in opposition may have to watch his back from the local members of the black hand on the town council and the Meyer Lansky crew running the permit approval mafia in town. I'm sure though the child molesters on the approving boards will do exactly what they're told like they always do. I'll tell you if you've got a piece of property and don't mind making illegal payoffs you could get almost anything approved under these criminals. Pulling in got to go.

Land of LZ said...

Hahaha! It sure seems like a few of the chosen over in Levittown are upset about the name on the new town building in the beach.

Peachtree said...

Looks like this Meinzer proposal needs an awful lot of changes to be allowed. Isn't that a problem for our leadership it should be. Aren't allowances like that detrimental to the area residents. Don't the towns politicians care or are they that easily bought.

FACT said...






Agenda - RESOLUTION NO. 2015-91

BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Council that it hereby
awards a contract for ADA Improvements to First Aid Building.

WHEREAS, pursuant to provisions of the Local Public contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq. Specifications and bid proposals were prepared and duly advertised by the Township of Aberdeen for ADA Improvements to First Aid Building ; and WHEREAS, bids were received by the Township Manager on July 16 , 2015 for the aforesaid project; and WHEREAS, Quality 1st Contracting, Cliffwood, NJ was the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, per the attached summary of bids
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Council of the Township of Aberdeen that the ADA Improvements to First Aid Building contract be awarded to Quality 1st Contracting.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution is subject to the Township Manager’s certification of availability of Township of Aberdeen funds

A resident asked what the ADA Improvements cost is.

Holly Reycraft stated the bids came in for $436,000. We have a grant for $150,000 to improve the old first aid building and use it for a community center and home for the H.A.M. Program, our disabled residents

Obama's an asshole said...

You've got to google Obama v/s Reagen on How to handle a terrorist

Man in blue said...

Cannon transparent are you kidding me he's screwing all of you over and smiling as he does it. He's self important and that is a fact. He's also not as popular as he thinks he is town hall and his decisions to support screw ups and his favored few on our side are going to bite him in his ass. Maybe he will support Mcaleer when they finally finish screwing him over. It is funny how Cannon seems to push to rehire drug addicts and then is betrayed by them quickly.

Anonymous said...

Come on this is corrupterdeen people where spending over 500,000.00 to keep your daughter employed is politically correct and allowed by our corrupt, immoral and uncaring mayor and council.

I guess we taxpayers should assume since the building was built for HAM allowing the other towns to kick in for the big build.

Sure they did right Ms. Reycraft.

I mean you're not the type of person Ms. Reycraft to allow taxpayers money to be wasted on self serving pet projects.

I mean you helped all those people rebuild there homes after hurricane sandy right Ms. Reycraft.

Well at least you helped one dog lover around the corner anyway right Ms. Reycraft.

I guess the others weren't deserved of your help since they weren't dog owners.

I mean come on Ms. Reycraft you wouldn't questionably allow easy bid access to big political donors so they could in turn provide illegal kickbacks to the D's.

You're too honest for that right Ms. Reycraft.

You work real hard for our town right Ms. Reycraft.

You're proud of your leadership skills as a manager right Ms. Reycraft.

You have the full support of all your employees right Ms. Reycraft.

All the towns employees and town volunteers respect you right Ms. Reycraft.

Your conscience is clear right Ms. Reycraft.

You've done your job to the best of your ability right Ms. Reycraft.

Anonymous said...

Easily bought you say peachtree are our politicians?

The historically corrupt self serving moral single party leadership in this town for decades answer is?

A resounding illegal bribe taking secretive f the people we represent answer is yes.

Notice though the great majority of these negative to us builds are not in Strathmore.

Never in Strathmore where the majority of the politicians live.

No put it in Cliffwood they won't say anything.

Right Mayor Tag-liar-weenie.

More-Fact said...


"The new community center will make a nice addition to the borough and will provide a lot for residents," Reycraft said previously.








Matawan guy said...

Lots of goings on in my neighboring town it looks like as of late. Too bad it's all a Mulligan and nothing good will come from it for the residents and taxpayers.

Thatsafactjack said...

Wow look at how the anti Trump bandwagon has grown. Now it's got Hillary and Bill, Obama and most of the media and still people are getting killed by the countless and equally monumental democrats failures. Let's see theirs unemployment at historic levels despite the lies and media ignoring the real numbers. Then there were all the military failures that cost peoples lives and going back in to take back the same towns we left after they were secured. Military decisions not made prudently now made politically. Media burying the truth about Clintons global initiative. And the list goes on and on and on. I guess the idiot dems we have are stellar compared to Washington.

Anonymous said...

It'll be really sad if the D's still think this site is still only just a couple of rabble-rousers. Much like everything else these D's do they underestimate and overreport. I laugh when I look at the Facebook pics of these supposed "well attended events like the pancake breakfast.

I walked by the pancake event and the parking lot had lots of room halfway through. If it wasn't for the always so hungry faithful, the kiss asses that work for the town and the D hangers on that the D's put the feedbag on for these things would be empty. Not as reported though of course since reporting the truth don't get votes and that is all these things are held and over publicized for.

By the way what is the Sunshine Law rules on far too many politicians attending events under the rules. Isn't it no more than three members of a sitting leadership may attend such things or it violates the rules. Rules? Rules? What am I saying this is Aberdeen and rules on such things don't apply to our D's. Right Mayor Fred? Just like political contribution reporting. Right Mr. Kauff?

Anonymous said...

ed failla is out as republican chairman of aberdeen and he is pissed. cursing and screaming. he only got 20%of the votes. bye bye eddie

Anonymous said...

So you people think things in town will never change? Stay tuned is all I can say.

The democrat way said...

Lies Lies all Lies

Anonymous said...

This Meinzner thing do they pay property taxes?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anyone else get an e-mail fro Granny Pallone. Is that old fart bag up,for election again this year? We are doomed, doomed, doomed.

Aberdeen leadership is said...

A corrupt self serving democrat nightmare that you cannot wake up from

Union proud said...

Theres a lot of stuff coming out about the town and not much of its good. Now you know what its working for the town. Time to get to work keep it coming.

Democrat fix is in said...

The builder will get all the towns approvals
The politicians will get paid off illegally
The property in question will not pay taxes
The towns engineers and lawyers will cash in big time
More properties will be treated the same by officials costing us all dearly as long as they pay
It's the democratic way corrupterdeen style
Right Tag-liar-weenie

Creativity rules said...

That recipe thing about the mayor is crazy funny and true.

Think about it said...

A total onslaught against one man 'Trump" who is not politically correct by those in power who've failed us over and over again.

Fmr Emp said...

Come on you people got to know they're democrats so just give up on anything beneficial getting done for you. As for Joe he's just another notch on their belt just like George who was another who wouldn't drink the kool aid. I got to figure Joe won't go away without a big fight. Only time will tell we can assume because the town delays everything just to wear you down in more ways then you can imagine. I got to figure Joe at some point will be next on the chopping block so they can put his head on a plaque next to the Jimmy and Butch plaque I just heard about. Got to figure the sloth made that happen for his brother that we used to drive home all of the time. So glad I don't live there anymore with this being the things your taxes are spent on.

Part 2-It's the Democrats Way said...

To Land of LZ – June 15, 2016 – 8:03am

Hahaha! It sure seems like a few of the chosen over in Levittown are upset about the name on the new town building in the beach.

Your comment is ridiculous.

Always thought Levittown was on Long Island in New York.

No one is upset just pointing out the building is being paid solely by taxpayers money of Aberdeen Township from the residents of Aberdeen not just the Cliffwood Beach taxpayers.

Read On and learn something or see first thing posted on here on June 10, 2016


1. The Township of Aberdeen hereby adopts as its policy the Statement of Purpose and General Rules and Regulations governing the Use and Operation of the Fiorendo Sigismondi Community Center.


The Fiorendo Sigismondi Community Center ("Center") has been
acquired/constructed by the Township of Aberdeen, Monmouth County. N.J. ("Township "), solely with funds generated by taxation of the citizens and taxpayers of the Township, to be used and operated, solely for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of the Township.

So, stop your belly aching and and read the stuff about this center that has multiple names from our elected officials who don't know what the hell they are doing or saying. Don't you think they should be accountable to us and honest?

I sec said...

I can't watch this game no more time to find out about where all our tax monies go. I know it's down a democratic rat hole but I will still take a look. Like the actor said show me the money.

Union proud said...

Cliffwood matters is a new group forming to fight a builders plans. Don't they know the areas that matter most to this towns management or the mayor and council. We are proof of that everyday from where we get sent most it is not the Cliffwood side of town.

Cliffwoods "Magical Mystery Tour" said...

Scooby Doo says-Ruh Roh Shaggy it looks like Velma and her puppet master ghouls are in for it now over this Meinzer property thing.

Daphne says-Come on you know everybody living in Corrupterdeen knows these politicians don't care it's all about illegal payoffs and feathering their cronies nests.

Freddie says-You know this would never be allowed across town but it's Cliffwood so it's allowed

Scooby Doo says-Ruh Roh you people from Cliffwood Matters have to come out in big numbers and shout the politicians down when the town lawyer threatens to call the police. They've done it before over negative to Cliffwood issues when residents objected loudly. Don't let the lawyer run the meeting make your elected officials respond each and everyone of them. Make each of them answer because most of them sit silent collecting big checks to do and say nothing but what they're told to say.

Velma says-Leave me out of this you Cliffwood Matters people I just want to have people help me to get the managers job so I could screw them all over. Then I'll increase my pension by allowing the mayor and council members to walk all over me while allowing me to raise my assistants salary by 20k in only 4 years putting morale of my other workers in the trash bin. Of course I mistreated all my other assistants and many other employees who I didn't like. You see I could do that and the mayor didn't say I couldn't cause you know I do as I'm told and only as I'm told all to pad my pension.

Shaggy says-Come on Velma you know you don't do anything unless it's people you likes or if it involves a relative or doggie.

Freddie-You didn't go there Shaggy did you cause you know Velma can't stand the truth.

Scooby Doo-Ruh Roh Freddie you might not get invited to the next political picture taking event to give the media hire something to do to stay in the councils good graces.

Freddie says-But at least they always feed attendees since the town has a big budget for food.

Scooby Doo-But it looks like the Dems are figuring it out that these events are the same people who already vote as their told.

Shaggy says-And they say we are on a "Magical Mystery Tour"right Scooby Doo because these Dems are just spending millions of taxpayer dollars on pet projects while lining their self serving pockets with illegal payoffs. It's all because they're all politically corrupt and don't care about Cliffwood or the people of Cliffwood Matters". The only thing that matters is that the dormitory isn't built on property past the high school.

What beachfront? said...

All these comments about the dems and major moneys spent and nothing done for decades to improve the beach area.

Anonymous said...

Who's watching who in Aberdeen as these democrats destroy this once fine communities finances? I know they're democrats and ruining stuff is what they do best while filling their own wallets. Maybe just one of them will get a conscience and turn states evidence. Sure they will right Superweedmancouncilmancannon?

Anonymous said...

Superweedmancouncilmancannon that one is just so funny it needs to be his official title.

I sec said...

Home early for the weekend and I drove off exit 120 and by that glass plant they're supposed to develop forever. Lots of for sale signs out front is the first thing you see. I guess those owners held out too long or water a fair price since those properties would be good for the larger project accesses areas for sure. It's a big property to say the least but who wants to hear those trains 24/7/365?

Anonymous said...

Another week for the D's to accomplish nothing positive for any of us. Right Freddy boy?

Union proud said...

Get it right before you link Joey Mac to the loser drug users rehired and then let go for doing drugs again. His case is not for drugs at all and it says a lot that Joe is not working and it shows everywhere we go.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Fred

What happened to your "Meet the Mayor" nights?

It's always a done dirty deal said...

Whatever this property thing in Cliffwood is it's too late as it's a done deal under the crooked D's ruining Aberdeen.

I see on Facebook there's a groundswell of people against the build and that's nice but it's a done deal.

It's way too late to oppose this big illegal money insider only benefiting deal because under these crooks the deal is done.

That it looks like it needs an almost a complete and total turn over from what is approved in the area it's a corruptly done deal.

That the height is too tall for the buildings according to a existing rule don't matter cause it's a done deal.

The area residents don't want it for many reasons well within their right to be heard don't matter since it''s a done deal.

And one most important thing has this a done deal because the politicians and their controlled boards betrayed the residents.

The D's know just like the Center Street school students and staff will vote for the D's every election so it's a done deal.

If you think the towns so called leadership would ever act on our behalf first forget cause it it's a done deal.

The area residents will come out at first and complain but they;ll get worn down with lies and delays cause it's a done deal.

The approval meetings will be cancelled mysteriously until mid August when people go on vacation cause it's a done deal.

The town council will lie and say they can't do anything since it's the zoning or planning boards decision cause it's a done deal.

The towns lawyer will run the meetings and probably threaten to call cops on all outspoken people cause it's a done deal.

So keep electing the same corrupt, immoral, self serving democrats cause they are killing this town cause it's a done deal.

Anything and everything these criminal politicians do is hurt Aberdeen by taking illegal payoffs for every done dirty deal.

After all it's the democrat only leadership way in Aberdeen so keep electing the same screw the residents democrats.

Thatsafactjack said...

What a beautiful day in Aberdeen. Beautiful that is except for that constant dark cloud over our municipal building. Just so you know that is not a meteorological affect it's from the political corruption, deceit and self serving democrats that cause that dark cloud over our towns reputation. In other words two decades of politics unusual and overly expensive political spending for votes and cronyism is our communities darkest cloud.

Never mind said...

Out for a bike ride this morning and there's still nothing I can say the D's did that stands out in the last 20 years. They should be so proud of their taxpayer betraying selves since they've accomplished nothing. Wait there was the business group formed to help businesses in town oh that's right that was a joke as well. Never mind.

Politicians suck here's wh said...

Do yourself a great favor and Google Burt Scott Scaggs America

Anonymous said...

Politicians only tell you what they're going to do for you knowing you'll forget and the D's here are the best at doing that. That and spending millions without much more than asphalt to show for it and even that they can't do honestly. Right Mayor Fred

Warren said...

Beachfront is all that's been on here and more. You all must mean rockfront (sic) cause I took my dogs over there and its all a hard to walk on rock filled shoreline. Looks like they tore down everything else but the b-ball courts and that's all they left for kids in the area. This town is really in a sad state of affairs if that area has been neglected and it is obvious the word neglect would be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Leaving for vacation tomorrow so if the dems get arrested while I am away I will be pissed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ventured nothing accomplished. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

It's f'n hot out warning to all my fellow oppressed Aberdeener fans. I give this warning to all except of course to the heartless soulless democrats who are soon to be in hell for selling their hearts and souls to the devil that is CME. Right Norm

Anonymous said...

Beach front hasn't been approved yet? But didn't Senator Kyrillios and Assemblyman Thompson and our local D's promise to make major improvements in our area and especially at the beach area years ago? Didn't the D's have a bunch of pictures in campaign literature promising big changes to the entire area? Didn't the manager say something about a dog park? Can't they even get a dog park done over here for dogs to shit on us like the D's have done for years? They don't do anything especially in Cliffwood Beach or Cliffwood of course also.

Kim said...

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there.

Anonymous said...

Here it is Father's Day and wouldn't our nations founding fathers be so disappointed with today's national politicians? As far as the dismal excuse for political leadership here in corrupterdeen the word disappointed would not even be close to describing our sorry excuse for the Aberdeen' political leadership.

Let's see how about descriptive and true terms like hypocritical or abysmal or leachate us or treacherous or self serving then? Then there's the ones you residents know all too well like corrupt, self serving patronage hiring crony beholding scum that youve historically called the single party democratic self serving bastards that are the Aberdeen Democratic Party. That is the absolute truth of course and no truer words have ever been posted on this fine blog site. Te best thing is that they are all on here looking at your truths of their decades of failures and they hate you all. They fear you and your truths and they especially hate Mr. Joey Warren whom cares more for his former community than any democrat corruptly in power for the last 20 years.

This is true as he highlights on the World Wide Web to see and be out in the inter web forever. I mean just google any of their names and add the Word Aberdeener to it and enjoy.

To the failures eroniously and pompously entitled the mayor and town council of Aberdeen you disgust this former employee but I thank you for the monthly check. Unlike you I earned my money every shift. The day of your comeuppance is I delight close upon you as you've messed with one too many employees this time. I'll be watching with my Jack over ice on the outcome of your latest personal vendetta against another town employee is one you all will I'm certain regret very soon. I got to figure your running out of legal fees having gone after Maisano again. Time and money will soon tell the story.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight you expect our politicians to actually accomplish stuff

Hahahahahahahahaha you fools don't you know with these dems it's all about the 💵💰 🔫 Without a gun they get it too since it's all political criminal behavior void of accountability of course

Fix up the damn beach you criminals

I sec said...

Happy fathers day to all.

Donna and Phyllis said...

To all of our police, fire fighters and ambulance workers standing by or working on our behalf on this fathers day. Me and my family thank you for taking time away from your family in service to our towns residents and businesses.

Anonymous said...

13 hours until the democrat thievery begins anew. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Another Father's Day - who's your Daddy Freddie boy - carmine and the give you the business council?

Anonymous said...

Arrested? Far worse should happen to them for al their sins against us business owners and taxpayers. As for nothing ventured post on 6/18@8:55 your four words of nothing ventured noting accomplished is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so please help us god.

Anonymous said...

They do get fisherman that use the beach area don't forget so there are a couple votes for dem bums.

Think about it said...

14 hours and the politically corrupt democrat only stealing begins without one of our council saying

"enough is enough it's not our money it's the peoples money".

Right Mayor Tagliarini
Right Councilwoman Montone
Right Councilman Swindle
Right Councilwoman Kelly
Right Councilman Cannon
Right Councilman Hersch
Right Councilman Martucci

Right Carmino said...

Give you the business is all they do they give businesses in this town NOTHING as in NOTHING to be help the succeed EVER.

Man in blue said...

Union proud don't you know Joe's case is not about what they say he did right or wrong. It's only about what they need to do to get him out. We know nothing gets done unless its a political favor for somebodies friend or family. From what I know that might be what's going on here he might have got under a donors skin and that job is rife for that. From being on the inside we know and saw the favoritism and prejudices with how only the few that get brought up on charges is if they don't go along with the Chief or Mayor's ways of doing nothing but what they want done. Look at how they hung out the guys awhile back. Frank had almost thirty years in and got cut out like a dog. I talk to some in the building who can't wait to retire and know the deal but they need their jobs. That's how that thing type of thing rolls and you can't blame them with the history in town hall. As for those of us no longer there Joe will be an island in that sea of nothingness when it's all done. I'm also hearing others are being targeted or pressured so he is just the latest in their sights or maybe it's being done to give the rest a warning to shut up or you're out. It isn't about right or wrong ever with them and like other writings I'll add the following names of Frank, Craig, Mike, Hank and Edgar.

Anonymous said...

Meet the mayor nights hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Tag-liar-weenie will start that up again just in time for the next election. Right Coach Fred

Absolute truth is said...

The deal is done if you know anything about the D's the deal was done after the first meeting when they got told that CME engineers were in charge of the towns operations. You fools in town think the Mayor and Council run things and they don't it's the engineers that pull the strings.

Cliffwood Matters 1 said...

All I can say is thank you to K C for alerting us to this new discussion board. From a quick look it appears that our fight to stop this builder pales in comparison to what has been talked about for a long time on here. My retirement just found some new reading material it seems and I'm a ferocious reader.

Anonymous said...

Much like all of the stuff the town runs the meet the mayor thing was not well attended either. I wonder when they'll figure out nobody wants to attend the events the town runs. Maybe they'll just start paying people to attend so that the pictures aren't the same. Picture after picture it's the same people with the same fake forced smiles. By the way is it just me or is the mayors head just so huge.

Anonymous said...

They should be careful, you never know when some retired guy with nothing to lose will jump in a cab and go to headquarters and....oh wait, never mind. Already happened. Did the king come out from under his desk yet, or is he still hiding?

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean voracious reader? Although ferocious would describe the bribe taking skills of our politicians for sure. You see they've never met a bribe offer they wouldn't accept to screw over us taxpayers. Right Mr. Kauff

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Township Facebook

Friday, June 24th from 12 noon to 3pm at the Township Municipal Building.
Again this year, Aberdeen Township is participating in the National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue will be here with some adoptable pets - Don't Shop - Adopt!








Union proud said...

Man in blue I heard about those officers back then and you know its every man for himself when they target you. Down here its even worse sometimes. I stay below the radar and do what I am told only cause it is the only way. Down here its alright never mind in the fishbowl town hall where they eye everything and everybody.

Norm said...


Cliffwood Matters 1 said...

I cannot believe what I am reading on here of what has gone on without knowing until now. It seems our thing here is more of the same and I only have just begun to read of it. I see some snarky comments but the more I read it I will see if they are deserved. I also read on past entries some from a peach tree resident up the way by the parkway. They are in the same way about the building here but far worse up that way. My main fear is the traffic around here near my grandkids school because so many more cars will be passing around here. It's already bad over here most of the day and all this building will make it very risky. I hope people like me start reading what i have so far. One word comes to mind so far and that is the word crooked.

MUst Read Aberdeen Residents said...

Aberdeen Township Zoning Board, Planning Board, Town Council prove each and every day that they Really DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE RESIDENTS OF ABERDEEN.

Tonight's Town Council meeting Agenda - See Resolution 2016-88

18 Buildings, 200 multi family 1&2 bedroom units, clubhouse with poll, 425 parking spaces


Meinzer St Cliffwood Zoning Board

develop subject property as a private religious educational academy of learning, with four separate structures, a synagogue/educational center/cafeteria,
gymnasium/recreational center,a 160 bed dormitory, and a 42 unit married students
apartment building and their families

145 units - 75 Senior and 70 affordable family

241 Cliffwood Ave (Bruno's)
6 buildings - 60 units

Glassworks Cliffwood Ave (Anchor Glass)
500 units Number of buildings unknown,110 room Hotel, Movie theater, 75,000 sq.ft retail

5 PROJECTS = 1187 rental or buy units

Does Aberdeen Really have to this much development?

How many of these will generate taxes?

How many will the town make a deal for the PILOT (Payment in lieu of Taxes)?

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy the powers in office now are going to be swimming in illegal payoffs. F you Norm

100% truth is said...







self serving

bribe taking

spouse cheating

patronage hiring




oath defying





























Follow the money said...

So much corruption in order to approve this development. I guess we know for sure without a doubt that Norm Kauff is alive and well and still legally shaking down developers under those useless solar lights that we paid way too much for in our municipal parking lot. Where's the cost savings for those lights Mayor Tagliarini? Like they say history repeats itself in Aberdeen especially when it comes to our underhanded and thoroughly deceitful democrats.

As for the so shady and so politically enacted thievery called the PILOT program that money we can all be sure will more than cover the illegal payoffs the Mayor and Council have or will be getting off of these listed developments. I also selfishly wonder if that means my neighbor Joe Martucci will have to build out behind his house now with these latest bribes. Got to figure that much money needs to be used or hidden right away. I guess after retiring as the schools athletic director the payoffs stop from athletic equipment payoffs. I also guess the natural thing to do then is to betray your neighbors and even your own family by becoming a political bottom feeding Democrat just to keep the illegal money flowing.

Like they say education is expensive but with politics we can be sure Joe Martucci has found it to be far more profitable and it takes up far less time to hide. All you have to do I guess is add on to your house with the money. My house will be dwarfed even more by that monstrosity that he has built already if he adds on. I along with many others hope his new house comes with a window with metal bars on them.

Bill said...

All I can say is unbelievable at what I have read on here so far. I'll spread the word about this blog at the meeting tonight for sure. I'm expecting it to be cancelled from one of the writers descriptions of the tricks politicians usually use. Only going to the meeting and being turned away I guess will be the validation of those words. Thank you Kiersten for alerting us all.

Anonymous said...

A dog day inside town hall is fitting since our town is going to the dogs under the D's.

MUst Read Aberdeen Residents 2 said...


Make that 6 Projects

Aberdeen Train Station Development

more residential units and retail

Anonymous said...

For all you people heading over to the council meeting tonight at the new community center i suggest you wear rubber boots because you'll be walking knee deep in bullshit tonight with these crooks. Reminds me of an old spiritual song titled "People get ready for the lies they be a coming". I guess it's better than sitting home thinking about how much money the democrats are stealing from us by approving such ill advised projects that do nothing but illegally line the wallets and pocket books of our self serving politicians all of course at our expense.

Speechless said...

Spouse cheating is true and I hear they even work side by side. But the town is having a doggie day so all is right with the world. These people are a F'n joke with crap like a doggie day. Build anything you want as long as we have a doggie day.

Norm said...


Anonymous said...

And still as we pass the humungous pool club facility it's yet another year of construction. What is this year six if I am correct of this ridiculous building process.

Anonymous said...

Transparent government my ass Greg Cannon you liar. Say 3 Hail Mary's and 3 Our Fathers and wash your mouth out with soap for lying to the people you are supposed t represent. Never mind just keep the bar of soap in your mouth forever since you're a politician and even worse a democrat.

Cliffwood Matters 1 said...

At my first town council meeting since an award was given to my grandson years ago I can sum up in a few ways. The first thing is that the mayor likes his own voice way too much. Pompous is the word I have for him so far and others said similar things in the audience. The second thing would be the word delay as that was what he put forth from his descriptions of how the meeting progresses. One of these things discussed was about the seawall and that means little to most of the town really with nothing else but a view. Another topic was the area up on route 35. Truly unless it was about a grocery store coming back to our area I don't care what they want to see up there. I will keep going with the others about the building and can only hope the mayor lets other people speak or give an opinion next time. That is unless like they all looked last night only sitting silent like dummies like mannequin dummies. That was my description for most of them looking so bored.

Anonymous said...

Like my gramps used to say they are politicians and they're allergic to telling the truth. All I heard last night from our supposed representatives was double talk. It is sad what they think they're doing is of any benefit. I liked the number of people who were there though and that needs to continue to stop them from this building surge. We don't need more traffic or school children we need businesses paying taxes.

F you Norm said...

Mental illness that's a funny one. What's next for you Norm pushing people over that walk with canes or have to use wheelchairs. Know another word for democrat Norm. D-e-s-p-i-c-a-b-l-e comes to my mind immediately.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a mental illness I'm koo koo for Cocoa Puffs koo koo for Cocoa Puffs 😜😝😡😩😖😳😮😤🤑 so forget you Norm or Greg or Fred or Holly or the sloth or Joey Mac or Mike or Bob or George or Pat or any of you on here too scared to use your names.

Anonymous said...

And the democrat only corruption continues with millions spent to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Medical diagnosis could be said...

Cliffwood Matters 1 welcome to our 24/7/365 party that we of the aberdeener call it the *outing of the do nothing for way too much money single party self serving bribe taking Aberdeen democrat exposing truth sayers*. It seems though one of our posters is being said to now have mental issues. What am I saying there's really only one person on here anyway right. Of course one of the possibilities is that the individual that put that out there against one of us may in fact be the one with the mental issues. Perhaps they have a problem with the truth being put out for all to read of the louses we call the democrats. Maybe they don't like being exposed for their monu-mental failures. In that case I would suggest they suffer from something serious that has to do with not wanting the sweetheart deals that the democrats make for themselves at our expense exposed to the world. If that is the case I think they need to be treated for wedontgiveashitwhattheythink.

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting Tuesday night to see how many people would show up. Looks like this new group from Cliffwood matters got an eyeful and an earful from our so crooked D's. One lady was even recording it and that we can be sure will be the next thing the D's will look to stop. I'll be looking for the council to immediately enact a rule to not allow recording of any public meetings ever again here. The fact that most every other town around our town broadcast most if not all public meetings and official actions involving taxpayers monies says a lot that our town does not right D's. What are you afraid of D's maybe that little word accountability.

Town worker said...

For my fellow employee not working as he should be I put these words out to you and want you to know you are missed. You know you are still one of the few good guys despite what is going on.

"When people accuse you of doing something wrong, it's usually because they're the ones doing wrong".

"When toxic people can no longer control you, they will try and control how others see you. The misinformation put upon you will seem unfair but stay above it and trust that others will eventually see the truth".

Finally to make you smile.

"There should be a margarita truck that drives around playing mariachi music in the evenings so we can run out with our money like an ice cream truck going through our neighborhood just after dinner time".

CBeach said...

Looks like Cliffwood Matters is waking up to the dems ignoring of their Cliffwood and my Cliffwood Beach. Good for them I say and welcome to realizing we are both the most ignored parts of town.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your last dollar that the mayor and council wouldn't want any building on any of their homes streets. It is just us they want to burden with their projects cause we won't say anything. Not this time are we gonna let that happen and we all know we are up against sneaky people.

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