Sunday, August 21, 2016

Questions for Hillary

Election Day approaches and Hillary is the strong favorite in Aberdeen. She's been stumbling on the campaign trail so let's help her with some easy questions.

  1. How would you protect female interns from Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner?
  2. How much would you charge for the Lincoln Bedroom and should checks be made to cash or the Clinton Foundation?
  3. Which bathroom would you use to store your personal email server and will it be open to transgenders?
  4. On radio, you bragged of using a technicality to get a child rapist a reduced sentence and you accused the 12-year old victim of being the aggressor. Why brag?
  5. In Whitewater, you designed the sales agreements to strip the buyer of all home equity if he missed a single payment for any reason. The contract was legal in Arkansas but illegal in most other states. As president, would you seek to make it legal nationwide?
  6. You wish to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming to our country by 500%. Do you believe that will make us safer?
  7. Simon & Schuster paid you $14 million for a book that only sold 200,000 copies. Ebay paid you $315,000 for a 20-minute speech. Cisco paid you $325,000 just to sit on a stage with the CEO. Do you think these companies got their money’s worth?
  8. Can you name a bill you sponsored as senator?
  9. You have promised to create millions of jobs through infrastructure projects? In today’s age of technology, do you see road builder as a job of the future?
  10. The last 8 years has seen the most anemic economic growth in American history. What would you have done differently?
  11. What was your greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State?
  12. How is your health?

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Anonymous said...

Overpriced milling machine get used yet hahahahahahahahahaha

Sell the fire truck taxpayers bought 2 times hahahahahahahahahaha

Don't you know how many people voted for the democrats thinking the town was spending our money wisely on things the town really needed hahahahahshahahshaha

After all it's only your money they're wasting hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

And the what goes on and on? How can you think the democrats are doing nothing? They're taking every dollar illegally offered from the developers that are swarming like ants all over our town. Down the road it'll cost us plenty but for now they're happy breaking the law and betraying us residents, students, taxpayers, and businesses.

Anonymous said...

Come on its just a coincidence that we used to have to make damn sure we got multiple bids not just one big like they do now. Sounds like things have really changed since Chester the molester retired.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Councilman Canabisecstasyabuser

Anonymous said...

And still nothing that benefits the community. I mean come on after 20 years and nothing. Keep electing scummy democrats.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any grand openings by the business group being used politically by the dems lately. Maybe it's time to do business closing like our a and p.

Anonymous said...

Everything that went on at the debate last night and the only thing the liberal media can highlight is Donald Trump saying he would not divulge if he would accept the voting results immediately and concede. Democrats have repeatedly questioned voting results like the Flotida chads. Really that is all that can come outbid the debates? If you're smart you'll watch Fox News all day because 90 percent of the media is in the bag for the evil that is Hillary Clinton. America is doomed if she's elected.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last unindicted Christmas I say to the mayor and council of Corrupterdeen. I hear Santas bringing a big stocking full of interesting town documents to the states attorney general just before he takes flight to deliver gifts to good boys and girls. Don't worry though cause Norm and Vic will bail all of you out right away. You see that's how organized crime operations work. Be careful though after you get sprung because Norm has been watching the Goodfellas movie over and over and over in his retirement. In other words be careful when anybody sits in the back seat of the car right behind you. That goes for you too Carmine and Tom cause you'll be lucky to not end up hanging on a meat hook in a reefer trailer because Norm knows you've not been giving him his tribute. And before I forget rel ax Cannon because it's not that kind of reefer since it is a tractor trailer refrigerated unit towed behind a tractor. So relax Cannon it's not a reefer van like in the drug themed Cheech and Chong movie entitled Up in Smoke. F you to all you do. Itching democrat scum. Florida here I come.

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