Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Government For The People

"[T]hat we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." – Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Are we still resolved to have a government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Are we resolved to have a government of the people or single issue interest groups who sell their votes and support to the highest bidder? 

Are we resolved to have a government by the people or professional politicians and lifelong bureaucrats who shield themselves from the consequences of their decisions?

Are we resolved to have a government for the people?
  • Are rising taxes about investing in our future or bloat, incompetence, and greed?
  • Are our schools’ priority education for our children or job security and benefits for the staff? 
  • Are traffic and parking tickets primarily used for law enforcement and public safety or revenue?
  • Is the Veterans Administration hospital system dedicated to providing the best care for our most deserving or a corrupt organization cooking the books?
  • Are we a nation of laws or are some people more equal than others?
  • Does our government promote hard work and savings or dependency?
  • Do our public officials prefer the unpredictability of the free marketplace or the power to pick winners and losers?
  • Do we have a government that has earned our trust?
This election will test our resolve. This election is not about our two imperfect candidates, it’s about us. What kind of nation do we want? What kind of government do we want? And who will get us there? 

Are we resolved to vote for freedom, safety, and prosperity? Are we resolved to vote for competence and dedication to the public good? Are we resolved to vote that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth?
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Just Think said...

4 more days until the Presidential election

and then

the Aberdeen Bull s t will start for next year's election

Just think long and hard about what the mayor, deputy mayor and martucci have done for the taxpayers of Aberdeen before you vote for them

Absolutely NOTHING!

Higher Taxes
Over development
Pilot - payment in lieu of taxes
Tax abatement program
Senior Housing cut in half
More Traffic
Abandoned properties, houses falling in, fire damaged houses
Lack of enforcement on many issues
and the list goes on and on

and of course the things we don't know about

Trump or else evil rules said...

650,000 emals these people are evil.

Just asking said...

So what's the chance the weed tokers brother gets elected in Matawan?

Thinkaboutit said...

The US Constitution prohibits former President Clinton from soliciting foreign countries for personal gain. They have done that.
The lies and outright disregard for the law by the Clinton's is so pervasive how can anyone vote for her. If Hillary gets elected America will wallow in investigations, indictments and far more for most of her first four years, Is that what you want? What if Wikileaks continues to divulge the hidden truths of the illegal goings on in the Clinton Foundation what will you do?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on the adventure comic to be on here time to get it done. What are you a democrat that can't get anything done like our assholes on the town council.

Absolutely nothing said...

Even in the dark you can see how the democrats have done absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

And the contest for the town most ignored by its political leadership is underway. Don't worry though our town will win hands down just like the past 20 years under the self serving do nothing democrats. The contest as long as Aberdeen New Jersey is controlled by Incompetents never will not finish first.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else glad route 34 is back to normal? Damn pumpkin pickets clogging up 34 all October really sucks.

Anonymous said...

Take seven democrats

Add 20 years plus in power

Know what you get


Absolutely nothing

Anonymous said...

Up up and away

Goes the illegal tokers smoke

Anonymous said...

The dems want everybody to vote early. Of course they want us to vote early before more evidence is exposed of the criminal that is Hillary Clinton. Now the dems are filing bullshit lawsuits all over the country late Friday afternoon claiming that Trump and the republicans are trying to intimidate voters all over the nation. Such lies to scare the voting public when the one thing the voting public should be most afraid of is Hillary Clibton herself.

Anonymous said...

Mannequins on the council like Martucci, Hersch, Swindle, Kelly and Montone play it safe and by not asking any questions or commenting with a personal opinion is verboten under the Cannon---Tagliarini dictatorship.

As a matter of fact mannequins are insulted to be compared to the five council bodies who do nothing but betray us taxpayers. At least the insulted mannequins know they're just mindless wooden empty headed statues. Our mindless town council mannequins at least get to cash taxpayer pay checks for truly only being do nothing window dressing in town hall.

Anonymous said...

Hillary wins America loses

Anonymous said...

Comments comments everywhere
And still the guilty politicians don't care

They know they're guilty as guilty can be
because they take the illegal money

Only two really talk to hear themselves talk
the other five are puppets and never talk

One of them is Ivanhoe there is no doubt
they fear using their name to be seen as a lout

The wife says its Holly the mayors puppet
I said no way she only worries about her pet

Doggy day care I hear she's going to know
that's if it's not prison for never saying no

One time people liked her at the start
now most don't think she's that smart

A few pets and others she's leaned on for years
to keep things from the mayor that she fears

One lil Napoleon has protected her so far
but he backs her like she bought him a car

They say she's leaving and there's no doubt
all the dead wood goes for an election rout

Can't have any loose ends for anyone to see
as long as Cannon don't have to pee

Wouldn't that be funny if they tested him like us
he'd be out of here so fast that little cuss

Anonymous said...

I had a dream this afternoon that all was right with the world. Then I woke up and remembered where I live and everything went to shit. F the democrats ruining Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

And with Election Day tomorrow I can only hope for a Dewey Wins headline. Hillary should not ever be the next incompetent leader of our country. After all we've had eight years of failure and increased social programs that are bankrupting America. Vote Trump or shut the F up if she's elected. God help us is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Dep chief
Traffic cop
School cop

That ten cops doing what all day?

No wonder the chief says he needs more men

It screams for a manpower study some say

I say it screams millions wasted annually

I say it screams for a public in danger

I say it screams for a public ignored

I mean we complained about a man with a machete walking in our area and what did our police force do?

The minimum if that right chief?

This town truly is mismanaged top to bottom

We are not well served by many in power

It's time for accountability

Have you had enough yet?

I have

Anonymous said...

Just saw the pictures on Aberdeen Facebook from the Sept 11 commeration
and Art Hirsch looks like he has no clue what the day is about.
It was not a day for a public servant to be dreesed in shorts


Anonymous said...

Dark and divisive Hillary says about Trump

This from a woman whose Clinton foundation gave away 6m dollars but spent 12.5m dollars on expenses and travel even spending 32m dollars on salaries.

This the Clintons call a charity?

Anonymous said...

It's Election Day

GOD help us is all I can ask

Anonymous said...

Dewey wins? I'd prefer Trump wins big.

No doubt it's true said...

Tomorrow the nation and world changes yet we of the taxpayer oppressed Corrupterdeen are stuck with seven incompetent and thoroughly self serving democrats.

Anonymous said...


More Cannon stuff please said...

Unless Cannon has to pee kills me in the poem was just the best.

I sec said...

It is going to be a long night before we know the election results.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where do they get these poll workers I mean they're ancient. One at my place looked like she was sleeping at the other table.

Cliffwood Matters said...

One year until the local democrats lose three seats GUARANTEED

Stupid voters in Matawan said...

The tokers brother the pretendacop might have won.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap its close

Anonymous said...

Looks like being a liar and pretending to be an officer during a road rage incident where you threaten a woman isn't a thing that keeps you from being a politician in Matawan. What am I saying being a drug user like his brother next door hasn't stopped him either. Whats that? Yeah that is true they kept it from the voters so no one knew. What's that? Your right that's not happening in 2017 next door. That you can be sure of Greg.

Unbelievable said...

I hate everything he has done and everything he has said but Michael Moore was dead on about the possibility that Donald Trump becoming President of the United States of America.

Volunteer said...

Maybe Councilman Hirsch thought he was at The Concord Hotel in the borscht belt instead of showing respect. I mean the FD and PD was there and we were in full uniform in the heat on that day. As far as respect for Hirsch or any of them there is very little.

Anonymous said...

It can happen and if Trump wins what will the liberal media do then?

Anonymous said...

Against all odds and despite the pundits it's now President Trump

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is looking for a job today and our America is looking forward. So to Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Miley Cyrus and many others who thought their celebrity would sway people you were all wrong and you are no different than the liberal media that are simply put true failures.

America has spoken and America with less social programs and debt related to those social giveaways has ended. There is a new America coming forth from this arduous campaign season and it will not be a liberal giveaway program implemented to garner or ensure votes going forward.

I have never been prouder to be an American than I am now. My name is American citizen and our voice will be heard now. One more thing Batrack Hussein Obama pack your bags as the votes tonight were as much against you as they were against Hillary Rodham Clinton and the crime syndicate that surrounds her.

President elect Donald J Trump has the keys to the car now and liberalism is not in the drivers seat any longer.

God Bless America

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow can kiss my ass it's President Trump and she gets to say it over and over and over and over...How's it taste?

Get over it democrats said...

It's President Trump

Anonymous said...

No 💩 He won

Anonymous said...

I hope you notice the civility of those in attendance at the Hilton hotel last night as Donald Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton by name. There were no boos or cat calling that normally occurs in such instances. It was a great speech and I can't wait to watch Hillary and her family if they are to show up when she speaks. Now one more thing to look for is how the African American community will blame 'racist white people only' for electing Trump. I'll expect the bobblehead and their media masters to likewise scratch their heads on the Trump win rather than look in the mirror at their role in the failure of the democrat party to lead our nation while in truth they contributed to the divide. Black Lives Matter and other such organizations need to also look inward to place responsibility not blame. No matter what the Clinton and democrat machine tried to pull out of their bag of tricks America has spoken.

This the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God

Excuses have started said...

The racist labeling of not only our new President of the United States Donald J. Trump has unfortunately started. Worse yet will be the blaming and labeling of everyone who voted for him. Van Jones who is a news commentator and former Obama administration official has last night labeled the Trump win as a WHITE-LASH. A WHITE-LASH really? So the man who was never called a racist before deciding to run for political office for the first time in his life is now the one to blame for this supposed cause celeb of a WHITE-LASH? Once again Van Jones and others yet to be given their marching orders on racism to be used as the Clinton failure excuse will still rather blame Donald J. Trump rather than honestly blaming the black on black crime that has been killing the urban community and the black family structure for generations. I can't wait to hear what Al Sharpton will say about President Trump.




Business group is a joke said...

Aberdeen First is really filthy selfish democrats first. Right Carmino?

Free at last said...

Free at last

Free at last

Thank God almighty we are free at last

Free from what?

Free from Democrats

With of course the exception of the ignorant do nothing and totally self serving democrats ruining our once fine community.

100% truth is said...

No matter what happened last night this was a big Fyou to Barrack Hussein Obama for his failure to lead and his abysmal wrongly prioritizing more welfare programs and the now soon to be dismantled Obamacare while ignoring his own black people who suffer greatly under Obama. It goes far beyond the black on black crime in the urban environments that are out of control and worsening.

Anonymous said...

It's the ability to appoint Supreme Court justices that is important too

Anonymous said...

The concession speech is over now get off the stage you crooked woman.

To our Matawan Neighbors said...


You are going to feel the pain as we do here in Aberdeen now that you have Cannon as the newly elected councilman.

Between Aberdeen Gregory Cannon and Matawan Brett Cannon things will only get Worse!

Brothers Cannon cannot get the power in our towns.

Unbelievable said...

Road rage?

That's nothing compared to the joke that is

What happens when three lawyers in a speeding car get caught using pot and having the illegal drug ecstasy in their car?

Absolutely nothing is the answer and that is no joke

I guess a road rage and incident while impersonating a police officer is no big deal then?

100% truth said...

Supreme court is very important and liberals know they blew it.

Frank Drebin said...

I can't wait to go out and buy a cap gun and a fake badge, so one day I can have my own bogus traffic stop and one day be a Maywan councilman too.

Kim said...

Former Aberdeen Police Officer Harry Stark has sadly passed away. He was gravely injured at his home in Matawan months ago and unfortunately he never recovered. Please keep this former Police Officer who kept us all safe in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

President Trump get used to it people

Anonymous said...

Do nothing window dressing they don't even do that. Go to a council meeting and see who does all of the talking. It's mostly Cannon doing the talking and still nothing gets done really. It's all just empty promises and fake concern.

Think about it said...

If it hasn't sunk in yet that Donald Trump defeated evil personified in the body politic that is Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clinton machine it is alright you'll be alright soon. You see you've just been so use to eight years of do nothing Obama democrats who only act to service their oppressed constituency and politically ignorant voting base. Those will be the generational welfare recipients and families kept oppressed by the democratic party for over a hundred years who are merely kept lazy voting puppets of the democrats. These will also be the recent uptick in groups like Black Lives Matter that allow and actually foster hate and violence while ignoring the minority based killings of a large numbers of minorities and who wrongly fear that is fostered within that same community. It will be those whose ignoring of the family structure and replacement with the preverbal Big Daddy Government paychecks and the litany of free handouts and social programs that came to a pinnacle with the largest corporate welfare program called the Obama Stimulus Program. Another failed government program that likewise was a failure of monumental proportions. Now let me end on a high note. The first thing President Trump and his all republican house and senate will do is repeal Obamacare. This will not be done to hurt those who need it as it will be done and will be replaced with a system that will actually work. If you recall Speaker Nancy Pelosi who in regards to Obamacare at the start and despite numerous objections and advisories that Obamacare would be a disaster said "we have to pass it to know what is in it" that is what is wrong with our government. Protests will soon start that will protest President trump being elected by self centered millennials and by what I refer to as "the takers" who have far to much time to protest but who should be reading and honestly looking into their democrat party history of oppressions as they not Trump and the republican party are not their oppressors to blame for generations. That is the democratic America they question while blaming the republicans.

The truth is said...

And the business group does what exactly? And the town council does what exactly? And the police department does what exactly? Not much that benefits any of us or our businesses is the answer. Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Improve route 35 isn't that about a half mile out of the entire town. Must be big engineering fees to overcharge ya taxpayers for to do that. After all got to finance the campaign of corruption next year to get the druggie to be mayor. Got to figure Tagliarini will be working for the new builders by then for helping get the approvals rushed through. After all what's a few contaminated properties amongst politicians. Contaminated properties that have been hurting the areas residents for years of course.

Charles street said...

Went over to the beachfront now that the kids were off from school and I was running out of things to do with them. We went over and saw the Justice for Billy memorial. Luckily a man nearby told us it was for a man murdered on that exact spot. Well to quote my favorite Saturday Night Live performer Isn't that special? We walked the beach the walked by the Osprey nest. The ids thought that was very cool especially my sons friend Brian who loves wildlife. Then. My boy walked up the skate ramp and we shot some baskets after that. Pretty much we used everything our town had to offer at the beach.

Then we proceeded across the little bridge and used the state of the art playground equipment and sat under the metal roofed cover area. All I can say is Old Bridge has a very nice beachfront area and ours it abysmal. Let me guess we will soon hear the D's promise that a major improvement will be coming to our beachfront.

If you need to wonder why I used the word promise concerning beachfront improvements is because next year is a big campaign year so campaign promises to improve our worn out beachfront will certainly be included. Another big bonus for my family will be the promise of sewers finally being made available for us. Those promises come like clockwork during every campaign year. Just as they have come every election year since 1990.

Anonymous said...

If I heard the word LANDSLIDE once weeks before Election Day I heard it 100,000 times. So I ask the ignorant democrats what happened to the LANDSIDE?

Even with every dirty trick and a liberal media in the bag for Hillary SHE LOST

In case you've been asleep since TRUMP WON

Anonymous said...

I forgot F the Democrats

Cannon's political calendar said...

Tic Toc Tic Toc

Can you hear your political career coming to a close Greg?

You've got 363 days left to do absolutely nothing for the community of Aberdeen aka Corrupterdeen.

Oh hell yeah said...

Who won in Matawan?

What's that again?

No way Matawan voters cannot be that stupid

What's that?

Yeah you're right Aberdeen voters did elect his pot smoking brother twice

What's that?

Yeah you're right the democrats did hide his arrest from the towns voters

What's that?

Yeah I know that is very typical of our corrupt and immoral democrats

What did you mean by that?

Oh alright I agree things will change for the next election for the pot smoker

Justice on the way said...

Clinton's out of power means investigation of The Clinton Foundation is on in a really big way.

Bus rider said...

So nice to not see the pool club any longer on my ride to work since it is still not finished.

Bye Bye said...

Cliffwood Matters said...

One year until the local democrats lose three seats GUARANTEED

November 8, 2016 at 7:00 PM

These are the 3 seats that will be up 12/31/17

Fred Tagliarini - Mayor
Margaret Montone
Joseph Martucci

SO, start NOW spreading the word to VOTE THEM OUT on November 7, 2017

Anonymous said...

To all of our Veterans I can only say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO AMERICA

Please explain said...

We have a skate park in the beach?

Anonymous said...

Shabbatt Shalom all my Jewish Aberdeeners

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy Pelosi what are you going to do now. Here's a hint you can shut up you old divisive cow.

Think about it said...

Here's a hint for the idiots running the town into the ground.

I read the post about the 1-30 post on on Nov 10 and took a ride over to see if the town did in fact do something for the towns youth by getting a skateboard ramp.

What I saw was not a professional device or even close.

It looks like somebodies dad built it to me.

So if the town did not buy it or build it and like I think someone put it there it might be a major liability to me as a taxpayer.

Someone needs to look into this and not allow what looks like an unsafe ramp stay where it's been without approval.

If it stays can I bring my old pool over there and set it up or a lawn darts set that was too dangerous to sell to the public years ago.

I don't want to pay for someone getting hurt and our town being sued for this thing.

Stop the insanity you idiots.

Anonymous said...


Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump

The Donald

However you want to have said it in the past it is

President Elect Donald Trump from now on

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how on a beautiful day like today there is continually a dark cloud over our town hall? That is the dark cloud of political corruption and do nothing self serving democrats. Right Freddy boy?

Reality bites said...

All these college kids protesting Trump who've experienced nothing with half that probably didn't even vote should shut the F up.

Anyone who voted for Clinton and the liberal media scum who did all they could while violating being anything close to being impartial or fair should shut the F up.

Donna Brazille and the DNC who threw Bernie Sanders under the bus should shut the F up.

Know why?

Because Hillary Clinton lost.

Think about it said...

How is it if you didn't vote for Obama you were a racist but if you voted for Trump you were a racist sexist homophobe? Once again the liberal left and their media still don't get it. On the other hand 5.7 million voters that voted for Obama did not vote for Hilary Clinton on Election Day. She was not honest and she abused her power to profit for herself and her cronies illegally. If you don't think that is happening due to a groundswell of significant dissatisfaction with our political leadership than you need to watch what happens in the next four years. I myself think it will be a very positive first four years for America. As you watch the demonstrators on television look at their ages and think to yourself did they vote at all.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is wrong with the towns leadership unless you count the corruption, patronage and greed. Right Fred

Anonymous said...

359 days left for Councilweedman

No doubt about it said...

And on the eighth day democrats were created and the world went to shit.

Thatsafactjack said...

Pool club is a shame but it is far less of a shame on our community than our thoroughly disgusting do nothing democrats.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody else is a big doper besides Councilweedman. Somebodies thinking that Cannon is looking to run for office again in 2017. A post a few back says it's Tag-liar-weenie, Montone and Gorilla Joe up for reelection.

Huh? said...

I thought Fred wanted out of politics? Didn't he want to go to work for his buddy over in Cliffwood the basement guy?

Think about it said...

13% of African American men voted for Trump

5.7m less people did not vote for Hillary that voted for Obama in the last election

When all the votes get counted Trump will have won the popular vote as well

How is that a problem?

Anonymous said...

once again there's a Easy Wider shortage

FACT said...

Anonymous said... November 12, 2016

359 days left for Councilweedman

Local government
On November 3, 1964, the citizens of Aberdeen Township voted to change from the Township Committee form of government, in force since 1857, to the Council-Manager form, under the Faulkner Act. In this Council-Manager form, all policy making power is concentrated in the council. The Mayor is a member of the Council and presides over its meetings. The Manager, appointed by the council and fully accountable to it, is the municipal chief executive and administrative official. Aberdeen Township is one of over forty municipalities in New Jersey with this form of government.

A seven-member Township Council is elected at large for staggered, four-year terms of office in partisan elections held in November.

So, Cannon, Hirsch, Kelley and Swindle got elected in November 2015 with the term to start on January, 2016 which means that they serve 4 years until 12/31/2019.

Tagliarini, Montone and Martucci terms end 12/31/17

So, tell everyone you know VOTE THEM OUT in November 2017.



Never mind said...

Did any of you geniuses think that just maybe the three lawyers in the BMW speeding recklessly on 78 that day all had Medical Marijuana Scrips and that's why the only one person who was a non-lawyer in the car that day was convicted of Marijuana possession while the three lawyers all got off saving their law licenses? Come on it could have happened that way couldn't it? I mean after all this is Corrupterdeen and just like that imaginary place named Disney World it is the Happiest Place on earth where nothing is really as it seems to be. You know like operated honestly or financially prudent or ethically managed or.......... hell with it we are so screwed.

Thinkaboutit said...

Disenfranchised people? In reality everyone is a disenfranchised person under politicians that think we work for them not the way it is supposed to be where they are supposed to work on our behalf. When are certain peoples going to stop using such divisive labels like disenfranchised people and stop taking handouts from a government that purposely keeps them oppressed? Such statements are their priority rather than getting off their asses and working much less stopping the crime, violence and senseless and historic deaths in their own communities. It is not just a white thing or a black thing it is a people thing.

Union proud said...

Here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Why is it we republicans have to be nice to the democrats when we win? When in reality Obama ignored us republicans for his entire eight years in office? Then again he ignored his own people for his eight years in office but that seems easily forgotten. So will that be a left wing conspiracy then we republicans caused now in a right wing conspiracy? Get over it democrats we republicans won the presidency, the house and even the senate so get used to progress and prudent financial spending.

Anonymous said...

So Trump won And people are outraged? We in Aberdeen have a drug user politician along with his buddy who is now the towns public defender. But people are outraged at Trump? Wake up people and business people of Aberdeen. Let's save what's left of our town that the democrats like Cannon have not sold yet to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Who are the two women that vacation together in town hall.

It's long overdue said...

Hillary who?

Bill who?

Chelsea who?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Economic Business Council has done what since its inception?

Name 1 business it helped?

Name 1 business owner it helped?

Name 1 thing it's done to help our town?

We're waiting Carmine Vissone for your answer

Come on Carmine Fred won't get mad at you

Anonymous said...

And the democrats do nothing political corruption rolls on and on.

Anonymous said...

F the D's it really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Seems that the town is getting a 2.5 million dollar improvement to its beachfront. So let's see how that really breaks down.

1. Promised today finished on or about ------
2. Single bid awarded corruptly to -------
3. CME Engineering fees for years 1m dollars+
4. Corrupting campaign funding by CME $$$
5. Corrupting single bidder campaign funding $$
6. Years of campaign lies project is coming 6+
7. CME enviro-studies every year for big $$$
8. CME reviews of park equipment for big $$$
9. Illegal payoffs from equipment companies

Got to go to work add as you want to

Anonymous said...

Can somebody do something about all the campaign signs. We know Freds ahole buddy Arnone if the corrupt building approvals rushed through won reelection. While they're at it they can take down all of the expired weeks ago open house signs for Mater Dei too. Does anybody in power care about our town until next election year. Idiots and losers all of them.

Count on it said...

Two weeks until the zoning meeting unless the politicians stall it again. We aren't going anywhere and if they let it happen despite our wishes they'll pay with very angry voters next November.

Anonymous said...

And now with just six days really as the President of the United Stares the pundits, democrats, liberals and the liberal democrat controlled liberal media and worse yet their bobbleheads on the news desk are attacking Trump. Not because they lost it seems it is because they hate him. I instead intend to watch the democrats very closely as they choose their obstructionist leadership. I do hope they probably replace Pelosi. She like Hillary is not good for our country going forward.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous or they'll come after you no doubt is the truth just like the council cowards who won't deny their crimes of political corruption. Toke them if you got them 😀

Anonymous said...

Negative development? Not to the corruptocrats robbing us blind. Like they say the only bad developer is one who won't pay the illegal payoff. Right Arnone?

Anonymous said...

The democrats must be put out of office over the next two elections. They are not leaders and they are sinking our once fine ship called Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get some of those Councilman Cannon buds?

Anonymous said...

Pool club?

Beach improvements?

Stuff that never gets finished

Anonymous said...





Nothing gets done in Aberdeen cause our democrats are so dumb

Johnny Law said...

Report from the Officer Harry Stark funeral has Joe Mac still out.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen will NEVER elect a republican again. Accept it and move on. As evidence of my claim, I can tell you that in one of the biggest upsets in American politics, Aberdeen actually voted for Hillary Rotten Clinton over Trump. Aberdeen was one of 3 (I think) towns in Monmouth County to go for HRC over DJT. The Republican Party is DEAD in Aberdeen. Flat line. Finished. Caput. It's over Johnny!

If any of the prospective Republicans were smart, they would change their affiliation to Democrat, enter the Primary against the Dems and hope for the best.

Beyond that, We will forever be a BLUE town. Deep Dark Blue.

Anonymous said...

Cannon buds is very funny and similarly sadly true. Right Doper?

Anonymous said...

F Robert Deniro and all those like him who think themselves above all of us. If you didn't vote because a celebrity told you knot to you're an asshole just like Deniro, Cher, Madonna, Miley, and all the rest that are way too ignorant besides or because of their celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Zoning meeting I heard it's a done deal and the dems are just going through the charade to save votes.

Exit 118-GSP said...

Thank you to John Shea for his Facebook page Cliffwood & Cliffwood Beach.

Thanks for putting town information which is never on Aberdeen Township website.

Saw the picture you put on about the Garden State Parkway changing the number of exit 117A to exit 118.

I think the town should hire you as the Public Information Officer so that residents get the information they need and should have.

It is disturbing to know that the town claims to have a media person that gets paid a good salary and appears to do not much.

The town should have sent out news about the GSP change especially over this holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Shabbat Shalom to the Warren family.

Next election will be surprising said...

Another week of corrupt politicians accepting bribes from developers. Development is not progress I say to you assholes on the council. You're assholes all of you when you screw over the schools and taxpayers while lining your own pockets. Right Arnone?

Anonymous said...

So it seems our blog oh wait please excuse me our ignorantly suggested '4 person blog' is getting things done around town by listing things that need to be done on the Aberdeener that is obviously monitored by town workers since things get done from what we post on here. Recent postings by the ?4? of us has suggested the cleaning of the old chicken store property on 34 be done and it was done. Then the campaign signs all over town were removed from the looks of things on my way home from work crossing 34 by Shop Rite. And now the police blotter has reared its insulting head being on the Matawan Patch. I say insulting because to count cars pulled over and tickets issued to the drivers of tthose cars it seems as is listed as separate incidents. Can anyone say piling on? And while I'm at it why is a town of 18,000 people employing a media person that doesn't do media releases or update the towns lame ass website as our lying mayor said would also be part of the media job. And all of the press releases that should come from
our media hire but isn't. Why is that? Well it seems that the politically connected Parness and Ass-occates or as we know them to be Friends of Norm get paid do all of the work that our media hire should be doing. So our media hire does what really? That's right I forgot she takes hundreds of pictures on occasion of the politically connected cronies and the same connected others whom we see in the pictures of the political events that are carefully orchestrated for maximum vote possibilities. Right Fred

Anonymous said...

Is your hero sitting out the entire pregnant commuter hunting season?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think our democrats are thinking that no candidates could come out next Election Day and WIN.

I got one word for our democrats TRUMP

Anonymous said...

Saturday in corrupterdeen
nothing going on but political corruption

You've got to know they don't give a shit
cause they think they never get hit

Soon we hear they'll get spanked a bit
cannin won't feel it cause he's always lit

Anonymous said...

The town idiots are to be giving another bid out next week so if things go illegally as planned by the dems guess who gets the bid? Can you say the same big donor that the dems use like an ATM machine.

EBC is useless said...

Carmine win't respond cause he like the council idiots knows he's a liar too.

100% truth is said...

Beachfront improvements in Aberdeen will really only improve the illegal bank accounts of those who have failed us for over two decades. We call them democrats and their hangers on and the the taxpayers nemesis engineering group called CME.

Anonymous said...

Joey Mac won't be back
cause he wouldn't be a slack

Many he worked with know the real deal
even those who helped the dems steal

So like others before him he got the heave ho
sends a message to the remaining they could also go

It tells the remaining to look the other way
or end up like Joey Mac or George had no say

So the stealing gets worse under the dems no doubt
because no ones left who would finally speak out

If the voters are smart next time they vote
they'll send them a big F you note

Anonymous said...

Councilman Cannon

He's a joker

He's a Toker

He's a midnight joker

He's an asshole

Anonymous said...

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck while walking like a duck it's a duck. In corrupterdeen if our politicians are accused of being corrupt with many examples put forth showing actions they take that are corrupt and they never defend themselves for being corrupt then they're corrupt.

Anonymous said...

9 days and counting until our next zoning get together. Make sure you get the word out so we can fill the building again. Less people they will see as less concern. We will also soon be discussing next years election of these people on the council.

Just wondering said...

Anyone know if they've used or sold off that asphalt machine talked about on here occasionally. That was reported months ago as a monumental waste of money.approved by our so called leadership. Just like the firetruck we taxpayers bought twice that I hear is rusting away since they bought it as a favor to that firehouse. Anyone know about either of these let us know.



Anonymous said...

Aberdeen's EBC is said to be an example for the county? What a ration of shut that is. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Have the corruptocrats changed the zoning meeting again yet.

100% truth is said...

How many Aberdeen democrats does it take to take a bribe?


That's because each and everyone of them is that F'n greedy

Anonymous said...

Closing in on yet another month of local democrat corruption. My how time flies when us taxpayers are being fleeced by those who are supposed to work diligently and honestly on our behalf. Yeah like that's going to happen under these crooks. Liars and thieves each and everyone of them and nothing more.

100% truth is said...

Trump is telling the press what the press fails to realize even after getting it all wrong while bending over totally for the Clinton's.

Anonymous said...

Fred who?

Anonymous said...

These democrat crooks don't care about anyone but themselves.
Of that there is no doubt

All we voters and do next year
Is vote these low lifes out

They're useless each and every one
Of that there is no doubt

They think their silence is enough
When in truth we need to kick them out

Anonymous said...

All of you people keep calling them democrats when they're crooks plain and simple that happen to be democrats. Right Freddy boy?

Union Proud said...

Have a nie holiday no matter what Joey Mack..

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in our Aberdeen
there was a town fading away

The so called leaders didn't give a shit
cause the leaders were each a dip shit

No matter what they say it's all just a lie
cause that's all they can do is lie lie lie

So what the town to do to save itself
vote to put the democrats on the shelf

They do not ever deserve to lead again
especially the one on weed again and again

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the sloth is pulling the pin and retiring. That way he can stay at home and get paid to do absolutely nothing just like he's done at town hall for almost his while dismal career. Got to figure Powers is not giving up his cushy do nothing slot anytime soon so why stay around if you're the sloth and can't be the chief of doing nothing anytime soon.

Larry said...

Heading to the mountains in the morning so Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow posters. That is of course all 4 of us according to the idiots that are too afraid to prove us wrong or identify themselves. That is another example of the proof of the political corruption killing this once fine community under the do nothing democrats.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Cannon being a leader is a joke
since all he ever does it toke and smoke

Mayor Fred he runs only on his ego
since his Sandy civics lessons was a no go

Montone pays herself for doing something with kids
and it seems like a sham with no real help to any kids

Kelly they say was the leagues money raker
except some say she was more of a money taker

Same goes for Martucci on illegal uniform payoffs
now there's illegal payoffs like the other council jerkoffs

Swindle the say really likes the bottle
who cares as long as he stays off the cars throttle

The newest council loser Hirsch is another A section sleeper
another see hear speak no evil so he's not a keeper

If the town stands a chance to survive
we oust the dems and their business council five

Like the idiots on the council the EBC don't do a thing
they all need to go to prison and wear a cellies ring

The democrats in 20 never really did that much
unless you count the illegal payoffs and such

The wasted money given out on a illegal single bidder
is just a way to grease the dems campaign on twitter

They stole the first aid building by hook and by crooks
what's a few unneeded items the dems cook the books

They say the community center cost over 535 grand to fix
that's just bullshit when it was a big donor illegal bid to fix

I wonder where the money went because it's not that grand
like anything else the democrats do they each took ten grand

Next election the democrats got to go
work hard now on to give them the heave ho

Union Proud said...

Almost done for the week unless it snows and then its overtime for us.

Roger and out said...

Early out today from work so from the train here it goes.

I try not to think people could be so corrupt and yet the D's in town still tear and cut

I'm not a poet and from this few words you'll know it

I'm just a taxpayer who reads this blog site who thinks the leadership should go fly a kite

I am making a new years resolution to go to council meetings or at least a few seatings

To see why they can't come on here and deny if what's on here is lies to be ignored

I see the fodder about the business council being a success yet I see we don't push shop local for businesses to be a success

I've lived here a while and it's plain to see our leadership does not go the extra mile

They've told us this and they've told us that and all we see is an empty hat

It's not hard to lead when no one is watching so I'm going to be a new one steadily watching

From now on I think I'll question and suggest what I'd like to see that they won't like I guarantee

So join me my neighbors and those i don't know because these do very little politicians need to go

Union Proud said...

How pissed will Joey Mack be when he sees the blue line by town hall the guys painted. He knows what I mean for sure.

? said...







Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Aberdeeners. A big F you to the democrat scum killing this once fine community through their selfish greed and do nothing political corruption. That goes for you to you also Mr. Arnone because we are watching you also. .

Anonymous said...

If the mayor was smart he'd let Cannonnopen a head shop inside town hall 🌱

Over and out 10-4 said...

Have a nice holiday and know we are out there for you always.

Kim said...

Happy turkey day to all.

Town worker said...

The mayor might want to stop Mr. Vissone from bad mouthing Joe when he's not around to defend himself. It is not fair at all for him to do that to say the least. Keep the faith Joe you deserve better than you are getting and hurtful words are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Town hall is closed Friday so the thieving D's can't touch our tax money.

Thinkaboutitlogically said...

Do you really expect anything different from the democrats in Aberdeen than laziness and lies?

More 100% true Aberdeen realities said...

Here we are today on Black Friday

What has Carmine and his Aberdeen Economic Business Council ever done?

Black Friday is a day that is said to be the biggest shopping day of the year.

So I ask a few questions for al of you to consider of the failure that is Carmine and his EBC.

I ask you what has Carmine and his EBC done to promote our local businesses today?

Is there a SHOP LOCAL event in Aberdeen to have locals and visitors shop locally?

Is there a SHOP SMALL event like in other towns near us in Aberdeen today?

The answer of course to the two questions above is no and do you know why?

Because Carmine and his EBC members only care about themselves at the expense of the many other businesses in town.

Does this sound familiar my fellow Aberdeeners?

Does it sound like another group of selfish do nothings that don't do anything beneficial for anyone other than themselves?

Does it sound like our towns do nothing Mayor Tagliarini?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Deputy Mayor Montone?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Councilman Swindle?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Councilwoman Kelley?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Councilman Cannon?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Councilman Hirsch?
Does it sound like our towns do nothing Councilman Martucci?

Two signs on Route 34/35 N/S as you enter the town that read PLEASE SHOP, DINE, LIVE, ENJOY LOCAL IN OUR ABERDEEN

It's not that hard to do Carmine or is it?

Isn't it what you are supposed to do Carmine?

NEWS ALERT: Recently it was reported that other officials and business owners from the area supposedly attended the annual AEBC dinner with Carmine saying that these same attendees came to see and learn from the positives of the Aberdeen EBC.

What are the accomplishments of Carmine or the AEBC?

Is the empty for two years KFC an accomplishment Carmine?
Is the empty for two years A&P an accomplishment Carmine?
Are the empty banks in town an accomplishment Carmine?
Are the empty stores in town an accomplishment Carmine?

What have you and your EBC ever done for our businesses or our town Carmine?

Just sayin said...

Do these people spending our money politically that we are tired of them wasting our money to get votes?

Anonymous said...




Encourages people to support small, local businesses.


Town hall reality said...

Druggies and thieves even drunk drivers in town hall get overlooked. Worst yet management covered for costly incompetence like it was no big deal. It says a lot to the employees left behind without a doubt. Screw up move up is the reality in the municipal toy box. I say toy box since it seems like it's playtime most days for the kiddies in charge.

Think about it said...

With the demise of Fidel Castro today is a good day for the Cuban people who have lived under an oppressive dictatorship where nothing gets accomplished that benefits the people of Cuba. Sound familiar my fellow Aberdeen residents?

Failed leadership said...

Question: It is National Shop Small Day today so what is Aberdeen doing for its Small Businesses?

Answer: Absolutely nothing just like our Mayor and Town Council have not done anything for decades for us the citizenry.


Why is failure the norm in our towns leadership?

Immoral list for Santa said...

It's time for our corruptocrats to make their lists for Santa. We can all be sure they'll be some really expensive items on their lists this year. I mean come on with all this unchecked development money flowing through town you know the mayor and councils hands are filthy in illegal payoffs. So you gotta know it's going to be a good holiday season for the corruptocrats. With this much money taxpayer hurting money flowing here are some of the corruptocrats possible wishes

New cars
College loans paid
New pool for the yard
Septic system for our neighbor Margaret
Huge addition on house
Vinyl siding
Rehab trip for the tower councilman *without billing his employer for it

Been there done that said...

Joey Mac I bet your so glad you went to bat for Holly to get the managers job right about now.

Anonymous said...

X Councilman Nick I say is the big poster on here because he once was a D and now he's an R and he hates the D's now.

Peachtree said...

A shop small commercial just came on TV and my wife asked why I was laughing at it. I said because our town did nothing for shop small despite having a business group for that purpose. So she say why wouldn't our town snot do something. I said because small businesses mean small bribes so small businesses don't count.

Anonymous said...

If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning

Hell with it if I had a hammer I'd build a jail for our scum politicians to rot in until they're dust

That is all they deserve for their decades of failure, mismanagement, financial improprieties, and political corruption that has ruined this once fine community.

F'ng democrats suck said...

Took the kids over to Keyports tree lighting tonight and it was very nice. Must be nice to have a Main street and business section like that. Tree lit up with lighted snowflakes on the streets. Just like Aberde....... oh that's right we've been promised a Main street for decades every time the democrats looked to have a development proposal conveniently around election time only to get votes. Just like fixing the beachfront and improving the parks and lowering taxes it was all lies. These F'ng democrats have done nothing for so long they're not even embarrassed to be asshole politicians any longer. Right Tag-liar-weenie? You too wheelman you're an asshole too except you're a Magna Cum Laude asshole and a scumbag lawyer to boot. Do you two even know the contempt and disgust people have for you? Wheelman you'll know that up close and very personal come next election. That is without a doubt you can be sure.

Anonymous said...

Just like was suggested on this site some time back a big recycling center is going up across town and by newly built townhouses. How'd you like to have bought a $300,000.00 home only to have a loud noisy processing facility be allowed right across the street from your home? Got to be great for resale values you can bet. Anyway you've got to feel for those people either way because they are getting a royal screwing by this towns decision makers who must obviously be getting paid off to approve such cokimamy things. Must be in an area with no politicians living there for sure since if they lived there they'd never allow sich a thing to affect their quality of life. This town gets worse every year under these crooked people. Vote these crooks out next November on Election Day please.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful morning
oh what a beautiful day

Oh what a wonderful feeling
everything going my is

Oh shit I still live in Corrupterdeen

Never mind

F the democrats

Allowed violence under the democrats said...

Chicago update on senseless violence under democratic only control for decades

Shot and killed 447
Shot and wounded 2559
Total shot 2996
Total homicides 509

November 2016 to today
Shot and killed 67
Shot and wounded 281
Total shot 348
Total homicides 71

2016 Year to today
Shot and killed 650
Shot and wounded 3,381
Total shot 4031
Total homicides 725

With 37 days until the end of the year how much more violence will the democrats allow?

Keep electing democrats since failure to lead much less protect the people is obviously not the democrats priority

Cliffwood Proud said...

Please join us on Nov. 30 at the Cliffwood Beach Community Center to fight the evil crime of overdevelopment in our town. While some say ours is a lost cause the fight to oust these immoral leaders has just begun. We will be sure to oust these selfish people who don't care about us at all.

Town worker said...

Media person you mean the one who said that she couldn't believe that the town paid her to do nothing all day. She actually said as I was there and nothing has changed for her since She's in the clique so she's untouchable like the others that don't do much.

Nothing but the truth said...

Don't care about you? The Dems in town don't care now and have never cared about Cliffwood or Cliffwood Beach ever. The supposed beach park improvements of over two million dollars will really be used by who? They know people won't go over there from over here so who's going to benefit really?

Union proud said...

She don't care about anyone that works here. There's also a long line of those she betrayed to stay on top.

Cliffwood no matter what said...

Just heard that the zoning meeting scheduled for this week has been cancelled. We are not going away you louses. We will show up no matter how long you put it off. I hope they keep postponing it right up until next summer so we can make it a huge campaign issue. If only these people would remember that they work for us not us for them.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Moving Forward...

We received our town newsletter in the mail the other day and like usual it was full of informative news and happenings around town. The transit village is well on its way to becoming a major area which all residents will be able to enjoy and also be proud off. Our Mayor and Council have worked long and hard on bringing this project to fruition. It is an absolute joy to finally see the renderings on paper come to life right before our eyes. Here is another surprise - the Beach can now look forward to some much needed improvements as well. The pictures contained in the newsletter are very impressive to say the least. Our continued investment in the road reconstruction program was also highlighted. As someone who has seen firsthand the benefits of this program, it is a pleasure to see it progressing along. Mayor Tagliarinni can never be accused of standing still when it comes to improving the town. A man with a vision for the longer term is a rarity in politics. We should all be very thankful that we have him as well as the Council too. Experienced, competent, caring, concerned and dedicated. All words I use to describe the Mayor and Council that I know from Aberdeen. Come and join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Carmine bad mouthing Big Joe yea good luck with that Carmino.

Anonymous said...

You gotta read the article about Freeholder Arnone in the Asbury Park Press today. Talk about what is truly wrong with politics and politicians when you read the entire article you'll see what I mean. These people like our local political crooks and this Arnone guy have not one spec of respect for any of us. It's all about their self serving interests only. You can see why this is one of our mayors buddies that he is said to have pushed the building approvals for over by town hall or the highway over there.

Anonymous said...

Just drove by a Shop Marlboro sign on 79. Imagine that a town actually advertising its businesses. What's next a town like Matawan that has all of its businesses listed prominently on their website where it's also very easy to find. This town is truly a joke right Freddy boy.






Anonymous said...

Well it seems that councilweedman is testing the waters of being an obnoxious asshole on the Cliffwood and Cliffwood beach Facebook page now. Ignorance is truly sublime it seems.

Internet ego or guilt said...

Am I the only one amazed at the liberal left and its liberal medias constant attacks on Donald Trump for what he might do as a political leader once taking office? Why doesn't the media analyze truthfully what politicians say they'll do that never ever gets accomplished? Am I the only one amazed at the egotistical arrogance of our own Councilman Greg Cannon's and his continual monumental failures to lead and improve his own community? Why does this man feel that it so important to put himself out there on various internet sites to explain the true PILOT thievery of his and his fellow so called political leaders in Aberdeen? Does Councilman Greg Cannon not realize his political 15 minutes of fame is almost over? Is Councilman Cannon racked with guilt? Please know Councilman Cannon that I await your response as Councilman Cannon. Will you respond Councilman Cannon? Or will you respond as your ignorant alter-ego Ivanhoe once again Councilman Cannon?

Matawan guy said...

Cliffwood Proud=Cliffwood Screwed by your Do Nothing Democrats

Matawan guy said...

All about Matawan on FB is an insult to every taxpayer, business and business owner, resident, senior citizen and most importantly student in our area. The arrogance and ego that fuels your Counciman Cannon is truly disturbing. What does anyone know of this man we need to know. It is quite obvious this man has serious mental issues that are bubbling just beneath the surface. It also seems that Counciman Cannon now has time to abuse people in neighboring communities who question his illicit involvement, some say improper control of our unfortunate new idiot Mayor in Matawan. I guess when you're doing nothing in your own community like Councilman Cannon and his democrat horde on the Aberdeen Town Council to truly benefit their own citizens of Aberdeen you have lots of extra time.

Should Councilman Cannon somehow be a benefit to the town he serves as an elected official? He has time to spread his venom on others seeking to improve their own community in his laughable and flawed defense of his own malfeasance and official misconduct.

So despite the failed political egomaniac that is Councilman Cannon and his fellow politicians in Aberdeen who do nothing but serve themselves in an all democrat power structure that is sadly ruining Aberdeen and spending frivolously the towns entire financial future in patronage awards and hiring. I've also heard that the property tax reassessment numbers and increases in property taxes is soon to bring a very vocal and hopefully remember in November voting block to be an election factor to oust Councilman Cannon and the other failures up for reelection in Aberdeen.

Matawan guy said...

Just got off the phone with an old friend in Aberdeen who reminded me that maybe Councilman Cannon should be explaining how he and his fellow leaders bought a very expensive road machine two years ago. I'm told that the machine has yet to be used even once ad is quite the laughed at purchase in town offices. Then maybe just maybe Councilman Cannon could explain the used fire machine the Aberdeen Town Council bought that is likewise hidden from public view and unused. I also understand but cannot confirm that the the combined costs for these two machines to you taxpayers in Aberdeen was well over $350,000.00.

Anonymous said...

Know what P O S stands for in Corrupterdeen




aka Aberdeen D's who do nothing

Anonymous said...

Cannonism is defined as


Thatsafactjack said...

Lost cause? You're damn right it's a lost cause fighting developments under these crooked self serving democrats. Where do you think you live Honestville? These democrats and all the idiots before them don't care about any of us. Vote them out of office or shut the f up.

? said...

Senseless violence? How about senseless leadership? How about useless political leadership that is hurting our once fine community?

Dems are doing something said...

You people are so wrong bout the towns politicians. They are in fact doing things despite what most of you post on here. I mean sure they've promised many things that never happened for decades. And sure they lied to the people over there that they were going to get sewers time and time again never delivering sewers. But the dems are doing something this time by stealing all the tax money from our schools through these crooked pilot deals or better yet steals that will fund or repair their financial mismanagement that is so well hidden. So don't keep saying the dems aren't doing something ever again. After all they're robbing us blind.

Oh yeah said...

Planned on going to the zoning meeting but it got cancelled again. Of course our town is saying it was because the developer wanted it cancelled. Sure I believe that? No way that's true not under these democrats where everything is opposite of what is in their mirror.

Dear Carmino said...

Carmino you say publicly that people attended your economic business council dinner to learn from your stellar example of what your business council does here in Aberdeen to benefit our local businesses. What exactly have you and your business council done that has benefited any one business other than those on your do nothing handpicked for stupidity council board? Does that mean you instructed the dinner attendees on how to totally ignore the entire local business community of Aberdeen while only being a kiss ass lackey for your butt buddy mayor Fred. You Carmine just like your buddies on the town council are losers one and all that fail in your elected or appointed responsibilities while politicizing only for your own selfish personal gain while using the exact same business community that you totally ignore. Congratulations Carmine you're an asshole. I type that just in case you forgot that you Carmine are truly an asshole.

100% truth is said...

Overdevelopment is not in fact a crime here in Corrupterdeen. It is however a huge and highly illegal and profitable for a select few opportunity for politicians to demand, accept and illegally take payoffs from developers and many others involved in the approval processes. Here we call it democrat only crooked politics as usual under the laughably insulting rules of governmental Pay to Play. Although here in Corrupterdeen it is politically corrupt Pay or you do not Play governmental business as usual for unfortunately over two decades now.

Think about it said...

And today another month has come to a close. So here in town we taxpayers are left with nothing done to truly benefit our community. This is what we get at the hands of the do nothing self serving democrats too long in power.

F the D's said...

You really expect these democrats to lead? Hahahahahahahaha you're a loser

Anonymous said...

How can these people sleep at night for allowing our town to be their personal ATM as they profit off of their misuse of our tax monies for their illegal personal gain. That is why they never come on here and defend themselves. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

If a crooked to the core politician from Corrupterdeen accepts a bribe across the table from a developer or corruptly awarded single bidder and know one knows it is it still illegal?

Costly riddles and secrets said...

A newspaper website recently had two Jersey police chiefs disciplined prominently in the headlines for official misconduct. What is it with people in authority who can't keep it in their pants or stop themselves from harassing or pressuring women sexually in the workplace. Another can't stop himself from profiting illegally through his official position by having work done on his personal car by a town worker. Or was it work done by a connected local auto repair contractor that the chief gives a lot of work from his department vehicles needing servicing. Is it me or is it some giant riddle after all that we taxpayers are kept from knowing about until the lawsuits are settled. One in Perth Amboy recently cost the towns taxpayers 150k. So why does it always seem to be a strange concocted riddle kept from us taxpayers. A riddle we don't understand but pay for in higher taxes to pay for misconduct by our employees. This should not be a secret when we pay the bills for such official misconduct.

Town worker said...

I read the topic about the signs coming down and other things taken care of once put upon here. The guy who took over for Joe is not all he should be by far. I guess he's got a friend covering for him like the others that do so little.

Anonymous said...

Who is the sloth?

Mo funny shit said...

Joke of the day

Two honest politicians walk into a bar

Yeah that's not happening in Aberdeen


Over and out 10-4 said...

It seems many Chicago residents were not just eating turkey on thanksgiving day. Websites show a big shoot em up holiday weekend. 8 people were murdered and 62 shot between Thursday and Sunday night. If you're sleeping safe in this town you're thanks go to the hard working men and women who wear the badge.

Thinkaboutit said...

President Donald Trump

I cannot wait until the democrats see what true honest leadership with real positive and cost saving reform is all about under President Donald Trump.

From reversing the placating Obamacare nightmare of unethical costs and the jump through hoops reality to seek out qualified medical personnel all the way to revamping and simplifying the hurtful tax code.

Finally and most important the top to bottom reform of the welfare system and the gravy train of governmental freebies that are bankrupting our America solely implemented just for the democrats to maintain their voting base.

The democrats implementation of such programs for that kept beholding voting base who are far too comfortable to only seek to be taken care of by the government all at the extreme costs to us who struggle to survive daily in the middle class.

Make America Great Again may have been the campaign slogan but my hopeful reality is repairing the liberal democrat agenda that has increased the national debt by nine trillion dollars under Obama.

Cannon-ism funnies said...

Cannon-ism is bullshit is true but
soon he'll be a passed around prison slut

He thinks he's smarter than all the rest
and thinks he'll be mayor and that's a big jest

Now his road rage brother is a politician too
pretending to be a cop some say he did too

He might be a teacher up north somewhere
wonder if his principal knows women he will scare

Got away with crimes with help from his bro no doubt
cause his bro has some corruption based prosecutor clout

Is it me or is the older bald bro a very busy man
maybe he will slow down when he gets put in the can

Better yet maybe he will lay in the sun and get a tan
might want to darken up like those who'll pound his naked can

Absolutely said...

Envelopes slid across the table in Corrupterdeen?






Anonymous said...

Read on the web just now where Belmar is continuing their small business week promotion through this weekend. See how our corruptocrats are ahead of the curve when it comes to small busjbessee. If you ignore 99% of your small businesses in Corrupterdeen you don't have to continue your towns small business promotion when you never started one in the first place. Right Freddy boy?

Think about it said...

Country singer and true superstar Luke Bryan slapped a heckler in his audience last night who was interrupting a concert in front of thousands of fans. How long will it take the Clinton machine and their scumbags in the media to blame President Elect Trump?

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