Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Borrow Now, Borrow Later

It's local election season again and time for another Republican drumming. Should the Republicans choose to win an election rather than just run for the heck of it, here's a place they might try looking.

Aberdeen's Financial Statement to refinance its debt obligations.
  • From 2012 to 2016, the municipal tax rate increased 17% (Page A-6)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal spending increased 20% (Page A-7)
  • Municipal debt is $26.9 million, 144% of the annual budget (Page A-9)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal debt service increased 63% to $2.175 million per year and now accounts for 11.6% of the total budget (Page A-7)
Those numbers will worsen as interest rates increase. Now, you know why the township is so gung-ho on development. The money is already spent. 

Below is a letter I received that I'm re-printing with the author's permission.

N.J. "Oath of Office" or is it the "Oath of Abuse of Office"?

I _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the Authority of the people; and that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform al the duties of the office of ___ according to the best of my ability, and that I will not use my office to grant preferential treatment, nor to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available to the general public. (so help me God* opt).

Keywords: I swear, support, defend, Constitution of the United States, true faith, allegiance, faithfully, impartially, justly, best of my ability, not use my office to grant preferential treatment, not seek personal gain or advantage not available to the general public.

Are any of these "keywords" the truth of the decisions, votes, and spending of our taxpayer dollars to not have truly brought community wide beneficial actions by our elected Democrat only officials "Oath of Office" in Aberdeen? Many in Aberdeen say "absolutely not" from simply looking around our town you can see that the "Oath of Office" sworn to by our Democrat only leadership was more truthfully an "Oath of Abuse of Office" that betrayed the entire Aberdeen community.

Many stores in Aberdeen have been closing up operations (despite an Aberdeen Economic Business Council supposedly formed to help all of the towns businesses equally). Our neglected beach areas promised to be improved that campaigns labeled "The Jewel of Aberdeen". More truthfully our "Jewel" of a beachfront areas have been ignored (despite 2017 campaign year "promise of a new Water Park). Over 15 years of photo ops and failed political promises.

More proof of the past two decades of Democrat only “promises” to bring our town senior housing and "lower taxes through "smart development" with constant campaign promises that "this next building development will finally bring a Main Street to Aberdeen". That Main Street "promise'' of course never happened for decades. The current building surge no doubt will also be used in Democrat campaign 2017 literature as "progress" but it will be very costly "progress" under the equally questionable and manipulated PILOT Program that strips our Schools of much needed tax monies from such politically controlled and approved building projects.

In Aberdeen was the "Oath of Office" so often taken by our leaders been a citizen betraying "Oath of Abuse of Office? Was the "Oath just empty words for decades with politicized photo-ops and political lies and tricks to maintain corrupt political control? We in Aberdeen

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Anonymous said...

Looked at the towns day pics and it is so fitting that Cannon is the last pic in the grouping since he is the ass end of the town anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another month of do nothing for us residents by the self serving cronie loving democrats killing Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Just home this morning and I'm reading the towns newsletter of lies. Only one word for it and that word is disgusting. It works well that and typical.

Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh at our asshole leadership and their screwups.

Anonymous said...

Election Day is coming andxafter looking at my current tax bill and reading about the PILOT program bullshit guess who I'm never going to vote for until they're all gone. Incumbent democrats is who. Nothing but thieves they are and we have to live with their decisions. I'm going to call them when I can't get out of my driveway to go to work. Two gave me their personal numbers and I'm going to use them.

Anonymous said...

Democrats said that Aberdeen day was a huge success. I believe that just as much as I believe they make all decisions on what is in our best interest.,sure they do 🙃😉😡 f them all.

Anonymous said...

Good Old Aberdeen

Aberdeen Day

Who takes all the photos?

160 plus photos of activities of the day

and of course the politicians had to be in at least 26 of them

Now Really do we need to see them acting as if they care

Be assured they are only looking for votes

Then you have photos of employees and

the manager and her Employee of Aberdeen daughter and her kids - Nepotism

But from what we could see NO crowds of people attending any of these events

Which shows that people are fed up with these clowns

Anonymous said...

I asked a friend of mine who was set up at Aberdeen day how it was for her and her husband. She replied sternly never again. We were ignored on the asphalt that day and most people came only for the autographs then left immediately after that.

Anonymous said...


D Divisive
E Egotistical
M Malingerer
O Obnoxious
R Repugnant
A Arrogant
T Tiresome

Please vote to stop the current democrats self serving free spending ways

Vote Mike Canberg, Gus Toomey and Bill Sullivan on Election Day

Look at your tax bill and then ask yourself why do we pay this much for nothing really but cronyism. patronage and corruption

That is our true Aberdeen and that has been our Aberdeen under two decades of democrat only trickery, deceit and thievery

Look around and ask yourself what have the democrats done to improve our community in the last twenty years

Development and PILOT Programs are not progress they are sweet deals for those in power on our tax money

Our taxes will be going up by a great amount despite the lies of the democrats who tell you how much they've done

What have they really done to help you and your family much less our community in over two decades

The answer is clear as they have only helped their cronies, political bosses, county political cronies and more on our money

Save what is left of our once fine community destroyed and indebted by the democrats the past twenty years

Norm said...

I know I usually pick on Republicans, but after reading Greg Cannon's comments in the Cliffwood Beach pages, I have to strike one of my own. Who the hell does this arrogant little punk think he is? Me? He's not a pimple on my taint. Make no mistake about it, ego boy. If the dem candidates lose this year, it's on you, stupid.

Anonymous said...

I need a rat trap big enough to catch seven big taxpayer betraying rats. Rats of course that are our self serving cheese eating democrat-rats.

Anonymous said...

What has seven members and still isn't worth a shit? The Aberdeen mayor and council of course. Fun is coming so get ready.

Anonymous said...

T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i

M _ _ _ _ _ e

M_ _ _ _ _ _ i

The vowels have it

Or so they think

Right C _ _ _ _ _ e?

Anonymous said...

Almost-Extinct Words You Should Start Using Right Away


Definition: A shrewd, selfish person, especially a politician.

Usage: This November, voters might elect a snollygoster

R's want to thank GC for all the votes he's getting us said...

It seems like Greg just can't stop himself from injecting himself into all the Facebook groups and exposing himself for the obnoxious asshole that he is. What's the matter Greg? It seems as if you are over sensitive lately. Did you pick the wrong week to quit toking?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is please pray

Tired of getting ripped off said...


Anonymous said...

One word describes todays tragedy and that word is shocking.

100 guaranteed no doubt said...

Satisfy CME you should know your politicians even overpay for the engineers at CME when they screw up and they screw up a lot.

Political Platform said...

Missing in Aberdeen

A political party platform or platform is a formal set of principal goals which are supported by a political party or individual candidate, in order to appeal to the general public, for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public's support and votes about complicated topics or issues.

Republicans say - "YES WE CAN"
but what CAN they is missing

Democrats say - "Aberdeen Forward"
but How will they move forward is missing
they have damaged our town enough

We want to know what the two groups have planned


democrats have a hard time trying to put a spin on something new to screw us

republicans need to remember there is more to Aberdeen than just Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach if they want to get votes

Time is starting to run out Election Day is very close

Anonymous said...

And the lies continue from candidate Tag-liar must be an election year. F the 3 dem candidates and the rest of them next to be thrown out of office next election.

Anonymous said...

What happens when you have democrat only leadership for over 20 years?

Absolutely nothing

Right Fred?

Anonymous said...












Anonymous said...

Tag-liar-weenie says all the building and development this year has stabilized our tax rate. Liar!

How Many said...

Main Streets are we going to have in Aberdeen?

Tagliarini on Patch article about the Glassworks project on Cliffwood Ave.

“After years of planning and intense negotiations, the factory is coming down to make way for a beautiful mixed-used community that will give Aberdeen the ‘Main Street’ our residents have long desired and make this dormant property an economically beneficial asset for our town once again,” he said in a statement earlier this year.

WHAT residents have long desired a "Main Street".


Councilwoman Montone stated we envision this development as our Main Street. We are
very excited about this.

So, as usual these people talk out of both sides of their mouths and show they don;t really know what is going on in our town or what their fellow council people are saying.
They just like to hear themselves talk.

BS is the name of the game for these two!

Anonymous said...

By the way our dishonest to the extreme Mayor Fred Tagliarini says that the new project over at the old factory across town will be completed in four to five years.

I've got two questions for our pompous ass of a mayor.

Question 1 is when are they building the hotel and movie theatre?

Question 2 is which politically connected law firm gets the $1,000.00 shakedown per unit that Norm negotiated back whenn this thing started and when Norm put the pedophile of a former manager in the mix to safeguard the democrats illegal cuts as the Development Czar?

So many questions with so much corruption

Right Candidate Tagliarini?
Right Candidate Montone?
Right Candidate Martucci?

Anonymous said...

Stupid democrat decisions. Governor Florio putting the USS New Jersey in Camden and our idiot mayor and council putting a $2.5m waterpark in a swamp without a full dune or seawall to protect it. Sure they deserve reelection? Not!

Canberg, Toomey and Sullivan on Election Day 2017 or else the town gets further into debt under these do nothing but spend our tax money democrats.

Anonymous said...

Well they've started renting the Cliffwood apartments by the parkway and it is not cheap. I just read a woman from Cliffwood say who can afford over 1400 for a one bedroom. That is a high number but with all the illegal bribes handed out by the developer for the shoe in approvals and more of course the rents have to be astronomical. After all Aberdeen is a pay to play town. More precisely it's a really pay or you don't play town under these democrat crooks. The guy who sold me my place on County road said it cost him a million dollars extra to build in this town. Far more than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Look behind you Mayor Tagliarini cause it's the law coming after you and your gang of thieves.

$haft said...

No doubt that Norm is gonna bitch slap that bald big mouth bitch of his for speaking out of turn.
Norm's a bad motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

And still more information comes forth from source
more businesses leaving Aberdeens 35 road course

Another store closing now in the 35 Business Zone
on that store closing we will not hear a word not one

Source says new auto sales group is looking to open
now of course an expensive approval is needed to open

Business friendly this town is supposed to be
only it seems if new business owner pays CME

Everything goes through this crooked company CME
that funnels big money back to our politicians you see

Aberdeen's processes corruptly work you see
despite the fact our town is really run by CME

Our political fools have spent way too much
crooked approvals made up CME work and such

That is what you and I pay for under the democrats
imagine trying to open a business under these rats

Off to the links to hit the little white ball right now
stay here thinking about the corruption i'll have a cow

Anonymous said...


It's just that simple to kick the corruptocrats out

They've done nothing but enrich themselves and their politically connected cronies

Vote them out

Canberg for mayor

Sullivan and Toomey for Council

Anonymous said...

Borrow borrow borrow is all the corruptocrats do

And they think they deserve to be elected again

They most certainly do not not ever again

They are failures and we are paying the price

On Election Day

Please vote for change and for a fair voice

Vote Canberg, Sullivan and Toomey

Yes we can

Anonymous said...

When your liberal friends start telling you how republicans won't do anything about guns just remind them that Obama and the democrats were in total control for 80% of Obamas term and they did nothing about gun control. Hypocrite liberal democrats is all they are. Guns don't kill people guns can more often than not save people.

Anonymous said...

Did Brett Cannon really get arrested in a road rage incident with a woman resulting in his being arrested in Aberdeen of all places?

Isn't he a teacher in North Jersey?

Come on is it really true?

Seriously if that is true shouldn't they have had to move that case to another court where his brothers political and judicial connections were not in play?

What am I saying it is Aberdeen and that type of corruption,immora and illegal acts is a daily occurrence from what we all read on here.

Anonymous said...

Why are the bathrooms closed all the time now. Come on the town spends all that money and they can't keep the bathrooms unlocked for people to use. Another genius move is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

How sad is it that Hilary and the democrats can't accept the fact that she was a horrible candidate who lost?

Anonymous said...

I got a call from a republican candidate of old today
Cannon is pitching a bitch about illegal signs some say

So I looked and on Facebook there it is in ignorant glory
a statement from Cannon about illegal signs now a story

Seems Cannon through Mr. Shea's site put it out there
from the lil council cuss that has it seems very little hair

Something about the signs being illegal sounds shady
of all people to shine the light on anything illegal is crazy

Then again Cannon knows a great deal about illegal things
it is the hope of many that Cannon ends up in prison rings

Being somebodies girlfriend would be his just reward for sure
after all he's failed to for us here to get Cliffwood a food store

Anonymous said...

It's official Aberdeens community day sucked. Even one of the corruptocrats said so yesterday. Not that just looking at the pictures wasn't enough already for anyone except the idiots seeking votes at every event. I mean why do you think Mrs. Montone had her picture taken with the few kids who came out to the fishing contest down the way. The whole thing much like all the other movies and such things are not well attended ever. RM

Anonymous said...

And Obama did what about gun control?


Democrat liberals are hypocrite

Do you think the police can really protect us?

I don't I protect my family first and foremost

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MannAberdeen day must have been really bad. The driveway paper has had nothing not even a toothy grinning Fred and his a hole buddy in one pic. If you put all these events together and take out the kiss asses and hangers on and the politicians and their families you eouldnt have 2000 residents for the movies and other stuff.

Anonymous said...


Normally means

F'd up beyond all recognition

In Aberdeen it means

F Fred
U Underestimates
B Being
A Abused by the
R Republicans on Election Day

Anonymous said...

These dems can waste money on stupid projects like nobodies business. Wait it's our business they're wasting money it's our money taking care of their crony donors. Vote these dems out. Canberg, Toomey and Sullivan Yes We Can get rid of these Dems.

Anonymous said...

Saturday in the park and the bathrooms locked

Anonymous said...

Mike Canberg for Mayor
Gus Toomey for Council
Bill Sullivan for Council

Anonymous said...

Politically connected law firm gets a grand per apartment for what. Really is this true because like everything attached to our pols isn't good.

Anonymous said...

A T an M designer did the waterpark I was told today. Did the corruptocrats finally get rid of those scummy engineers from hell.

@realCouncilmanCannon said...

Just wanted to drop in and wish the Aberdeener a very happy 10th birthday!

It has now been an entire decade that you fucktards have been typing to no one and having no effect on anything.

2007 = 4 GOP candidates lost
2009 = 4 GOP candidates lost
2011 = 4 GOP candidates lost
2013 = 3 GOP candidates lost
2015 = 4 GOP candidates lost

Great work by our Aberdeener warriors!

Ten years and a record of 0-15 and soon to be 0-18 on November 7th...

Please keep going. Without you, Norm and I would have had far fewer laughs over the last decade. So, really, thank you. Thank you for all that you brave souls do.


Anonymous said...

If the people who own the pool club across town they'd fill the pools and open it up for ice skating and hockey.

Aberdeen's SOS said...

Sweeping Of Streets
Same Old Shit

Has anyone in town administration bother to tell the DPW Director to look at Garbage and Recycling schedules to see what Sections 1 and 2 days are for collection before sending out truck?

As usual the Street Sweeper was in Section 2 today and many areas still have garbage pails in street so the truck does not clean the streets just keep driving around the pails.

Time for a change and really get our streets CLEAN.

Manpower, Gas and Money being wasted doing this half-assed.

Anonymous said...

Come on you impersonator of asshole democrat scum if you're going to use Cannons ID to impersonate him use the correct one


As for Norm all I can say is FUCK YOU NORM

Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

If Cannon wants to know who lost since the dems took over the answer is the residents of Aberdeen. That is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us god. Hey us god to get rid of the dem stranglehold killing our town through patronage, corruption and the dem cronyism.

Anonymous said...

That's not Cannon no way. He'd get bitchslapped by Tagliarini for sure if he came out. Speaking of coming out and a Cannon 🙄

Anonymous said...

If that's the real Greg Cannon I'm Norman Kauff then. Either way he's an asshole big mouth loser. He's a legend in his own mind and I'm never voting for anyone attached to him.

Norm said...

I have no doubt that I will bag my limit of Aberdeen Republicans, just like I do every season. But I have to admit, I think Cannon is a narcissistic asshole, and I wouldn't mind seeing some of his arrogance beaten out of him, by way of a landslide loss next time he's up for reelection.

Anonymous said...

F Norm and as for Greg Cannon he's an asshole same for his bro to.

Anonymous said...

I took a look back in time at the corruptly controlled zoning and planning boards and it's no wonder nothing got questioned in regards to these developments choking our roads and schools. The boards were like a phone companies friends and family plan. Too often close friends, neighbors and family members are or were the easily manipulated puppets on the obvious subverted for honest government zoning and planning boards. Next I'm going to look at the business group to see who that is according to the friends and family democrat only plan. Let the fun begin.

Anonymous said...

I've just started looking at John Shea's little site over in Cliffwood. I can tell right away he's all in for the democrats. It's all fluff and no stuff when he only wants puts in activities as if this debt thing isn't important. He did come up with a part for such discussions but his priority needs to be more substance. Bus pulling in got to go now.

Anonymous said...

You've got to love liberals when Hollywood actresses come out years later for being sexually abused by this Weinstein slug. The same women and Hollywood liberal elite that praise Bill Clinton and Hilary. Democrat liberals and their media put them on a pedestal despite the Clinton's crucifying all of the women who came out against Bill so many years ago for sexual depravity and rape. Got to love democrats for playing both sides against everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you read the Parness and Ass. next publicity for votes about how great the new Sewers are going to be when completed in a year. What they won't tell you is how outrageous all of our new sewer bills are going to be to pay for it. Just so Democrat is right.

Anonymous said...

No matter the outcome of this next election start working on ousting Cannon that arrogant Lil shit.

Anonymous said...

Let the campaign of corruption begin someone said to me today. I laughed and told her the campaign of corruption never stops under Fred and Carmine. Right Dave Samuelson?

Anonymous said...

34.3m for what is the main topic now being publicized by the republicans and rightly so. Guess what? I agree? I agree in total and I am voting for them just for that topic. The democrats did respond in one lil way when their bald lil guy was proclaiming the debt was for an old road program. Not unless that road was paved with 18k gold you lil cuss.

Anonymous said...

Game 5 tonight GO YANKEES

Anonymous said...

I think Councilweedmantokersmoker Cannon wants the republicans to win so he can oust Tagliarini and his asshole buddies and be mayor. Think about it cause why else run his mouth and piss of the residents of Cliffwood.

Anonymous said...

There it is Joey Mac you asked if Aberdeen was going to raise money or seek donations for the victims in Texas, Florida or Puertrico. As is typical of the management and leadership in Aberdeen they will now do something weeks after the hurricane. All I can say is better late then never, although never is a long long time. Maybe they'll be smart and take the money raised and donate it to Walmart since they have a program where for every dollar Walmart will donate two dollars.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that Tagliarini and the other two dare to think they are working on our behalf and deserve reelection. You know they really only work for CME.

Anonymous said...


Or as I refer to them


Anonymous said...

There is a skating park in town already. I read that the new waterpark surface over in the beach is as slippery as ice when it gets wet.

Anonymous said...

Is there a councilloser meeting tonight?

Anonymous said...

Hazlet adopted a ruling on cleaning up dirty properties. Imagine that Joey Mac. Avenge us Joey Mac.

Anonymous said...

Election day for an in trouble Aberdeen is almost here
the democrats through incompetence have much fear

They know they screwed up hurting folks in Cliffwood
and I for one hope they are outed all if them for good

They've ignored them and the folks in the beach for years
hopefully on election night they'll be the ones in tears

They are to the person failures in regards to true leadership
it has been decades only democrats have steered this ship

And now due to this site and others the set numbers are out
I hope it makes residents and voters finally scream and shout

they don't deserve re-election as with them it's money first

For way too long the incumbents have forgotten all of us
it 's just too bad this years election don't include that lil cuss

Off to hit the little white ball for me and my buddies with lunch
I can only hope it is the beginning of the end as it's just my hunch

Anonymous said...

@realcouncilmancannon my ass he's a pussy that hides behind his elected office except achange is comin

Anonymous said...

Are they really going to tear down the AnP and put up apartments? We need a food store and our politicians have done nothing but lie to us since the store closed. I'm and mine are voting for new faces and new party as the ones we have now really suck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Confucius say

When you sweep the streets in garbage day

You wasting time and money

And the street still looks like shit

How fucking stupid are these people we pay?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the current leadership wants the town to financially implode. That can be the only reason that our politicians just keep spending massive amounts of money to stay in office in order to be able to keep spending massive amounts of more money. I just logged on and as we are leaving the station I see that just in time for maximum politicization and vote potential issued by Miss Lisa Kreda of the corrupt to the core Bill Parness company that is politically connected and similarly indebted media firm, a firm that in truth we don't need to use or pay since we are for some reason paying a political relative media person that works for the town.

Wait that's right why pay one person to do media when you can pay two. Anyway the most recent issue of Corrupt Spending in Aberdeen 2017 continues with an article on Park Improvements in all of the parks to the tune of 500k on top of the 2.5m these geniuses wasted on the often flooding water park in the beach. Of course the one good thing is that the town will start wth the park closest to my family thanks to Miss Gumbs leaning on the mayor. Not that Swindle would say anything of course since he's out of it unless you include walking around shaking hands.

Anonymous said...

Mo Money

Mo Money

Mo Money

The well must be close to dry by now under the Corruptocrats here in Corrupterdeen.

Anonymous said...

Canberg and Toomey and Sullivan

If for no other reason than to drive that pot smoking law breaking elitist scumbag Greg Cannon crazy.

Anonymous said...

Just caught u with McAleer and even that I've known him for 20 years he's not talking about the town. I can't wait until he does start talking.

Anonymous said...

Went to Matawan Day today and it was great
unlike Aberdeen Day with 7 politicians I hate

I didn't see Greg Cannon or his brother for sure
neither of them is anything but white snow pure

Egomaniacs they both are for sure is no doubt
can't wait until both of those losers are voted out

Did get a close up look at that monster building
the one by Walgreens and it's a very big thing

Back to Matawan Day and walking around
it was nice to not have to hear 1 political sound

Aberdeen Day first thing you see are democrats
I'd rather have been put in a box with 100 rats

Anonymous said...

What can we do to stop the corruptocrats from spending so much of our money on their cronies?

Vote on Election Day


Canberg, Toomey and Sullivan to stop the corruptocrats

Anonymous said...

I'm giving ten to one odds the corruptocrats put out another Aberdeen Update just in time for the election. An update mailer using our tax money merely for campaign self promotion to get votes just before the election of course. After all they waited eighty five days into the last quarter of the year to put out their last self promoting piece of shit. An update that was full of lies to try and make voters think they've done anything for them except line their own pockets and help their cronies. F the democrat scum killing our town.

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for our administrations debt much less the arrogance of Greg Cannons lies. Canberg for Mayor and Sullivan and Toomey for Councilmen will give us taxpayers at least a chance to have opinions other than the lock step democrats who have had corrupt control for over twenty years. VOTE OR ELSE

Anonymous said...

Seriously these idiots built a multimillion dollar park with exposed flood waters known in the area just shows they need to go

Anonymous said...


Democrats and incumbents out

Anonymous said...

There was a violent road rage incident in North Jersey today. Anyone see Brett lately? We can be sure his bro is ready to illegally intervene.

Anonymous said...

Another picture of the do nothing mayor and his cohorts standing in front of a codtruction machine looking for votes since they've announced another half a mil there're going to spend on parks. Of course Midland Park is first for the big spend. Need those votes right Freddy boy? What are you giving the Center Street boys Freddie? The corruption is so transparent right Mr. Shea if only you looked at it realistically. Sure they put the new park on our side Mr. Shea but it's got big problems even with the big engineering bill.

IVANHOE said...

I was happy to ride to the other side of town and see all the Democratic signs for Mayor Tagliarini on Cliffwood ave in other words you repulicans are in for another loss again!
You can't stop progress. Don't stand in the way of progress. Residents are content over there and they know that Mayor Tagliarini and his town council have the best interests at heart. They accept the development of the Cliffwood section as something good for the community.A handful of disgruntled residents have an ax to grind and so they stir the pot and make trouble but your Democratic team will win.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

IVANHOE said...

I was happy to ride to the other side of town and see all the Democratic signs for Mayor Tagliarini on Cliffwood ave in other words you repulicans are in for another loss again!
You can't stop progress. Don't stand in the way of progress. Residents are content over there and they know that Mayor Tagliarini and his town council have the best interests at heart. They accept the development of the Cliffwood section as something good for the community.A handful of disgruntled residents have an ax to grind and so they stir the pot and make trouble but your Democratic team will win.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Just announced in my office that the Judge hearing the Menendez political corruption case has refused to dismiss the most serious charges. You democrats ruining and robbing Aberdeen better be paying close attention. Especially the one with a law license better be really pay attention. Especially the last house on the right on Marshall Concourse house closing lawyer?

Anonymous said...

In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.

George Orwell

Anonymous said...

What's another $500k for park improvements in Aberdeen really for?

Votes for the in power corrupt and self serving democrats.

That is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Right $34.3m in debt?

Anonymous said...

When I see Senator Melendez on television I instantly know he's a crook only out for himself and his cronies.

Sound like any politicians you know in Aberdeen?

I can think of 7 right away how about you?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton broke her foot I just heard. I can only hope she broke it kicking her husband in the ass.

Anonymous said...

It is well know that for decades during election in Chicago the dead voted quite often. That is so ironic since in Aberdeen the dead serve on our council never saying anything or ever asking a question. Right Martucci, Swindle, Kelley and Hirsch? Wake up Aberdeen get rid of the democrats who are killing this town in the name of political corruption.

Anonymous said...

Look at the amount of money these pols spend around election time cause almost everything requires an engineering report. Like McAleer said when we worked with him that's why CME stands for cash means everything. That's why he's gone now cause he knew the real deal.

Jim said...

I'm back for a visit this week visiting my sister and her family. Today while everyone was out I took a ride around town and have only two words and there holy cow. The old radiator shop I worked in as a kid through high school is closed up. Looks like it recently was selling tires with the building now for sale or lease. 84 Lumber is gone and changed business and the AP is gone to. My old house has an addition on it and the one next door looks abandoned. The area does not look good though for sure. From the signs for the election same houses on County even though the area is not much improved much since I was a kid. It is still the area no one comes to unless it is time to kiss up for votes except I see condos close to the highway. One thing shocked me was the old glass plant and that is one thing that is going to screw things up bad for a long time. I drive past the old store a ways down Cliffwood av and something stated and stopped from my quick look. A new quick check by my old haunt the madison looks really busy. I did see an old friend who looks really old since his wife died a couple back. Overall not much has improved and that I can see most paces and that's a sin. Time for my sister to finally think about moving down to my neck of the woods I think.

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't succeed

Pick on older women who call you out

Life according to The Cannon boys

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