Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Borrow Now, Borrow Later

It's local election season again and time for another Republican drumming. Should the Republicans choose to win an election rather than just run for the heck of it, here's a place they might try looking.

Aberdeen's Financial Statement to refinance its debt obligations.
  • From 2012 to 2016, the municipal tax rate increased 17% (Page A-6)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal spending increased 20% (Page A-7)
  • Municipal debt is $26.9 million, 144% of the annual budget (Page A-9)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal debt service increased 63% to $2.175 million per year and now accounts for 11.6% of the total budget (Page A-7)
Those numbers will worsen as interest rates increase. Now, you know why the township is so gung-ho on development. The money is already spent. 

Below is a letter I received that I'm re-printing with the author's permission.

N.J. "Oath of Office" or is it the "Oath of Abuse of Office"?

I _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the Authority of the people; and that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform al the duties of the office of ___ according to the best of my ability, and that I will not use my office to grant preferential treatment, nor to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available to the general public. (so help me God* opt).

Keywords: I swear, support, defend, Constitution of the United States, true faith, allegiance, faithfully, impartially, justly, best of my ability, not use my office to grant preferential treatment, not seek personal gain or advantage not available to the general public.

Are any of these "keywords" the truth of the decisions, votes, and spending of our taxpayer dollars to not have truly brought community wide beneficial actions by our elected Democrat only officials "Oath of Office" in Aberdeen? Many in Aberdeen say "absolutely not" from simply looking around our town you can see that the "Oath of Office" sworn to by our Democrat only leadership was more truthfully an "Oath of Abuse of Office" that betrayed the entire Aberdeen community.

Many stores in Aberdeen have been closing up operations (despite an Aberdeen Economic Business Council supposedly formed to help all of the towns businesses equally). Our neglected beach areas promised to be improved that campaigns labeled "The Jewel of Aberdeen". More truthfully our "Jewel" of a beachfront areas have been ignored (despite 2017 campaign year "promise of a new Water Park). Over 15 years of photo ops and failed political promises.

More proof of the past two decades of Democrat only “promises” to bring our town senior housing and "lower taxes through "smart development" with constant campaign promises that "this next building development will finally bring a Main Street to Aberdeen". That Main Street "promise'' of course never happened for decades. The current building surge no doubt will also be used in Democrat campaign 2017 literature as "progress" but it will be very costly "progress" under the equally questionable and manipulated PILOT Program that strips our Schools of much needed tax monies from such politically controlled and approved building projects.

In Aberdeen was the "Oath of Office" so often taken by our leaders been a citizen betraying "Oath of Abuse of Office? Was the "Oath just empty words for decades with politicized photo-ops and political lies and tricks to maintain corrupt political control? We in Aberdeen

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Anonymous said...

Avenge me Joey avenge me

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg what is it like to be a multiple municipality offender? Might want to update your resume there Greg. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...


and today I add



Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that Prince the entertainer is gone from all of us a year today. A man with that much talent and love for mankind, much less his quiet generosity passes on. And yet our own Councilweedman lives on for unknown reasons. How is it some dopers live to continue to be arrogant egotistical failures while the truly talented ones leave us far too soon? Right Bob, Janice, Jimmy. Jim, and of course The Greatest Drug Taker of All Time himself Elvis Aaron Presley. Maybe I'll put a picture of Coincilweedman on the property of Graceland, if I ever get there I mean. Can you imagine that our doper councilcrooks picture near The King? Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Shuffle Off to Buffalo using the shuffle technique

and then

Shuffle back to Aberdeen to using the shuffle technique

Be Alert and Aware

Anonymous said...

Are the democrat faithful getting two recycling cans? I was driving through the C Section and saw a house with two town provided recycling cans. And the neighbors all had one at their curbs, so don't say it was someone else's recycling can. Maybe a council person lives their cause knowing our pols that would make perfect sense, since they're all so special.

Anonymous said...

The current NJ State report on the per pupil cost is $20,225.00 per student in K-12. With our unscrupulous mayor and council in Aberdeen making their secretive *developer only insider only* deals combined with the highly questionable Developers only PILOT PROGRAM that takes all monies from developers into the municipal treasury while cutting out the school district totally. Under the PILOT PROGRAM we taxpayers have to ask ourselves only one question. Lube or no lube? Since we are getting screwed by our greedy self serving politicos. Of course they'll all too conveniently be the first to tell you what a great deal the PILOT PROGRAM is, except if you ask them if theyre going to use the PILOT PROGRAM monies to pay off the $26,000,000.00 in debt that their democrat only brethren gave indebted us into for decades. This is the truth of our democrat only mayor and council coupled with their puppet managers going back to Marc Corren. This is why voting out the democrats currently serving must all be voted out of office in November 2017-18-19...

Anonymous said...

Saw the photos of Aberdeen Township Easter Egg Hunt and want to comment that

How Infantile is Greg Cannon with his peace sign
Guessing that is his family with him and could have been a nice photo except for his
childish manuevur

Anonymous said...

Of course our arrogant council jerk moved that woman camera in violation of laws that allowed video taping of that council meetings procedures and actions. That lady Cannon was trying to protect illegally and unethically pays his salary so he's got to kiss her ass like that. The law means nothing unless you are one of the people who signs our council jerks check. Maybe Cannon has a problem with women? What do you think about that Miss Gayle Jackson?

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't have to be said after all of the recent posts and disclosures of Greg Cannons questionable conduct. So here it goes anyway. Greg Cannon is a politician and lawyer and he is a real asshole.

How long until he is a liability and starts costing the democrats critical votes will be the deciding factor. What should be the deciding factor is his reprehensible conduct and contempt for women that is showing up most recently. Although I guess when you think you walk on water it's kind of expected.

This years election doesn't include Greg Cannon so the others who sit beside him and allow his conduct should pay the price for allowing his attack dog tirades against the public that must be occurring. As one who works nights I've never gone to a town meeting. That changes this September when I finally retire. Let him try and move my video camera or try and shout me down. This veteran will teach him a thing or two about respectful conduct and service to the people.

Anonymous said...

DEP DATE MINER - Active Sites with Confirmed Contamination
Monmouth -

Aberdeen Twp
Site ID PI Number PI Name Address Home
597642 750992 1019 WOODMERE DRIVE 1019 WOODMERE DR Yes
85530 G000044818 18 CENTRAL AVE 18 CENTRAL AVE No
456477 575396 237 CHURCH STREET 237 CHURCH ST Yes
21652 032092 740 LLOYD ROAD 740 LLOYD RD No
442524 556279 766 CLIFFWOOD AVENUE 766 CLIFFWOOD AVE Yes
214753 280433 776 MALDAN DRIVE 776 MALDEN DR Yes
369886 457708 ABERDEEN 34 PROPERTIES LLC 1218 1226 RT 34 No
4384 008669 ABERDEEN EXXON 1300 RT 34 No
94238 032146 CITGO 1155 RT 34 No
69404 G000029781 CLIFFWOOD PLAZA 307 325 RT 35 No
26295 735955 HIDDEN VILLAGE @ ABERDEEN 1343 RT 34 No
40159 030669 KASTLE KREATIONS 657 LINE RD No
130248 001814 RACEWAY - ABERDEEN 1051 RT 34 No
63301 422523 RT 35 SECTION 4 ROADWAY 1300 RT 35 No
341630 422523 RT 35 SECTION 4 ROADWAY RT 35 No
4404 003479 SHELL SERVICE STATION 138420 1027 1037 RT 34 No
124861 164853 STOP & SHOP STORE #807 1121 RT 34 No
#2 30 NOBLE PL No

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's being recorded on video that bothers Councilweedman? What's he going to do when he gets arrested as part of the political crime family that is our mayor and town council here in Corrupterdeen and the authorities record him then? No corruption my ass.

Anonymous said...

It's only 26 million dollars so stop your whining.


Your immoral and self serving mayor and town council

I'm just wondering said...

I wonder if the woman Cannon abused in Red Bank called and filed a complaint with the Monmouth County Bar Association?

Anonymous said...

Violating a woman's rights in a public forum is no big deal to our Council-weed-man Greg Cannon because he knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Enough about this low life Cannon already. Its time to start on the candidates for elected office for the upcoming election this November.

Anonymous said...

Better put a muzzle on that rabid dog you got there Mayor Fred before he bites somebody. Woof

No truer words still hold true said...

"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

Mark Twain

Isn't it amazing that a man born in the 1800's had such honest and correct insight into our future?

It is time we clean our towns diapers of the do nothing democrats this coming election and the next election.

20 years of do nothing democrats and what do we have to show for it?

$26,900,000.00 in debt to our municipal taxpayers and nothing is all we have to show for it.

Anonymous said...

A tisket a tasket Cannon's putting himself in a basket
if he picks on the wrong person next stop a casket?

Cannon loves to hear himself talk according to minutes
so wrongly it takes months for delayed published minutes

It is all on the up and up mayor Fred will tell all of us
he too loves to hear himself talk not as much as lil cuss

You know it is super easy to be a politician in Aberdeen
the democrats we have are the farthest thing from clean

With questionable meetings held in secret and out of town
leaves us taxpayers getting screwed by each council clown

Maybe our council should be dressed up in clown makeup
for every council meeting since seats is all they take up

Five of them hardly ever say a word which is good I guess
police checking lets them deny their part in the democrat mess

Twenty years they've been in charged and nothing to show
like i've said before I hope they all end up being a prison ho

Now a waterpark they're wasting money big money on
2.5 million to improve an often flooding area of our town

What will happen when the flooding or teens destroy it
its happened before with us residents losing the use of it

Police will be required to keep an eye on it from the sky
live feed video they better install and they all know why

Better put up signs warning residents to report park abuse
so the live feed video doesn't get recorded over for re-use

I will wait and see unlike others worried about the parking
better than idiot managers idea of dogs shitting or barking

A dog park she expressed a couple of years ago to laughter
should've been a big hint she'd be a do nothing mad hatter

A puppet for the mayor and council the next one will be
probably handpicked by the taxpayer nemesis at CME

Nothing gets done without CME the Sayreville evil doers
after all we know they are the states biggest political whores

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 the democrat only thievery begins anew. How do I know that? They're holding off the publication of the budget for us to read so that is the first of many things that should be investigated and soon. Of course delayed budgets sounds all too familiar under our democrats especially if you've ever looked to see what is coming up in our council sessions, much less the aftermath session minutes that are purposely hidden from us.

How do I know they hide it from us? When our democrats and their puppet manager and staff only often publish the agenda most often on the same day as the meeting occurs or they typically publish session minutes long after the meeting has occurred. It's not political hankie pankie it's criminal. Isn't that right Councilman Greg Cannon? I ask Councilman Greg Cannon because we heard he's been arrested for drugs. Right Miss Gayle Jackson?

Honorable Greg Cannon ha!

Anonymous said...

Just had to put up another one about mayor Fred
he's one that also should be taken out to the wood shed

First he's a republican here and there as they need
then he becomes Norman Kauff' lil democrat steed

I say that because he plays both sides of the fence
better save those illegal bribes for a big legal defense

He and the others think that will never happen you see
i'd say they better not count on Samuels from CME

They've plowed us all asunder with tens of millions in debt
that financial crime alone a court action will happen i'd bet

Think not our idiot low life democrats are to each one thinking
can't acknowledge their boat of corruption is truly sinking

With Captain Fred and his little buddy Greg on board
along with all of their corrupt democrat horde

No life preservers on board I truly hope they'll see
for all of our millions they too easily have given to CME

Peachtree said...

With a police force costing us a whole lot of money and as a taxpayer I must ask why are we under fire and almost hostages in our area of Aberdeen. Recent conversations with several of my neighbors down the road at church has many people feeling uneasy about the goings on at the Mason Temple down from me and mine on County Road. While there was a serious shooting recently, the almost every day party atmosphere at the temple is getting to be way too much. One area resident recently hit the web with the following message on at least one website.

BW of Cliffwood writes

What's going on here? Shootings, partying after all the bars close, you can't even drive down the block with cars parked on both sides and then the double and triple parkers. Then there are groups in front smoking something and it's surely not cigarettes. Then they have events that clog up the block with fights and all kinds of nonsense. Somebody needs to clean up that mess before more people get hurt.

So as a fellow Cliffwood resident I add the following to BW, with sadly my home up For Sale, I wish BW and others unknown well. Between this monstrosity being built across the way, at the former glass factory, that looks to be a thousand condos being built that will soon increase traffic and make our entire area much less safe. Our one lane road being Cliffwood Avenue was well overused and scary before the construction even began, with complaints to town hall officials for years unanswered. That travesty coupled with the betrayal by the same people, our politicians whom I would unashamedly tell anyone have been too long in office, way too long actually, much less their complete and total failures to truly do anything positive in our area for many years.

The time has come for all of them and their political party faithful need to go. With my home sale pending I won't be here to cast my vote to oust these fools so I would hope the areas residents join forces and put these fools or so called public officials out onto the street. As for the goings on at the temple this must be addressed to safeguard our area, but again I say our police force costs all of us a lot of money and this situation too long ignored needs to stop now and their needs to be action not just a move along enforcement. Good luck I say to all as I soon will be leaving Aberdeen and Cliffwood as my family and I leave a town we loved that truthfully did not love us one bit by ignoring us except at election time.

Union proud said...

We of the public works are again on your block doing our jobs.

Anonymous said...

24/7/365 no truer words have been spoken with neither of those named doing what they're supposed to do for the community and all of its residents and businesses. The purported AEBC is only a PAC *political Action Committee for our local democrat. As far as our supposed so called leadership those two are void of anything close to leadership, much less accountability. Right Fred and Carmine?

Anonymous said...

If at first your lies are not believable keep lying

Mayor Fred Tagliarini

If at first you can't shout people down keep shouting at them

Councilman Greg Cannon

I have nothing to add or say

Councilman Martucci
Councilwoman Kelly
Councilwoman Montone
Councilman Swindle
Councilman _ _ _ _ ?

Bus rider said...

Looks like the long awaited and long ridiculed pool club might actually open.

Anonymous said...

Do nothing mad hatter?

Come on you know Carmine and Fred run the whole show.

Run it into the ground for sure those two idiots.

Anonymous said...

That's not questionable conduct or arrogance that is detailed on here about Councilweedman that's elitist conduct.

Think about it said...

The info on democrat only corruption, mistakes, self service, insider only taxpayer betraying deals, and more that is our so called political leadership is great. Can you imagine how pissed off they are to read that everything they do is analyzed and justly exposed here? The most telling thing is that they continue to hide behind their incompetence and contempt for all of us who monitor their actions. Just like Jack Nicholson said in a famous movie "you (our Aberdeen politicians) can't handle the truth". The truth is that they are failures continually denying they are failures while betraying all of us each and every day.

Think about it said...

Germany took in a great number of refugees last year and guess what happened. Crime by migrants in Germany has increased 52%.

Hot Topic "Greg Cannon" said...

Our own despicably abusive Councilman Cannon was listed on Red Bank Green a website for Red Bank NJ today in the following manner.

By John T Ward

Red Bank 's borough attorney apologized Wednesday night for a bizarre episode last month in which he redirected a video camera belonging to former Councilwoman Cindy Burnham.

Attorney Greg Cannon offered the mea culpa after being pressed for it by Locust Avenue resident Ben Forest.

Posted April 13, 2017 - 11:00 am

Nice to see our loser of a do nothing Councilman is distinguishing himself all over Monmouth County in a publicly negative light.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Joey Mac they may be holding the cards but you are the dealer. Make them pay is what you need to do by telling all you know.

Anonymous said...

I just read that woman in Red Bank that Greg Cannon abused called him a bully in local news releases. Like Greg Cannon hasn't been called a bully numerous times in his political career. I'd suggest the mayor and council cut their losses in Red Bank and hire a new lawyer for their town affairs. Speaking of town affairs how's the affairs in our police department? I hear the divorce rate in the police department is rising dramatically. Don't forget ten years that your man is in uniform ladies and you're entitled to half of his pension for life. I wonder if the same goes for attorneys justly called bullies?

Anonymous said...

Water park is a big waste of money since I was told today new equipment is needed for the road crews. Where did 26 million go to mayor Fred cause backstops don't cost that much even if they were solid gold. Who's running this insane asylum into the ground it's you mayor Fred.

Anonymous said...

The is that you Dave-Greg post was very funny. To say I love that movie and anything by Cheech and Chong is an understatement. Keep it up please keep us laughing at these idiot politicians. Is that you Gorilla Joe would be good too since he's still looking for all the savings in town hall. Those would be the savings he promised to find when he wanted to be elected and never even looked for. Right OJ

Anonymous said...

Sorry wifeceent to Parx Casino and I'm bored.

Anonymous said...

Still no 2017 budget from these crooks for us to see?

What are they hiding or afraid of us seeing?

It is always nothing but secrets and lies under these same do nothing democrats.

Time for major changes come Election Day

Vote for




Save this once fine and proud community now $26,900,000.00 in debt from the democrats that caused this massive debt.

Do you see where our democrats spent $26,900,000.00 to improve our community over the past 23 years putting us in debt?

Where is the lower taxes the democrats have promised every corrupt campaign for over two decades?

There are so many more costly mistakes we are paying for that shows the incompetence of our present political leadership.

Just these two questions should be a reason to vote these crooks and their do nothing self serving candidates out of office.

Save our community from more years of democrat only leadership frought with millions in self serving mistakes on our dime.

Anonymous said...

It's Hirsch, Councilman Hirsch he's the missing council person listed by Anonymous 4-24-2017 at 11:35 am. Like his predecessor Mr. Brenner who did nothing even in our own section where he lived. Hirsch is another empty suit that ignores his neighbors as well. The speed bumps did get done though except not many of us like them.

Anonymous said...

If you advertise for a politically corrupt and equally way too costly to our already struggling and underrepresented local Aberdeen businesses in order to fund Aberdeen day, movie nights, trolley rides and you get no responses from said businesses what is a thoroughly corrupt and self serving mayor and council to do?

If you fail in your shaking down said local businesses by selfishly seeking that the businesses contribute to what is obviously only a politically engineered "fleecing of us business owners" for maximum candidate exposure of course corruptly funding of said town events and if no one pays what is our Mayor and Council to do?

Apparently you:

Invite all local businesses and managers of said businesses operating here in Aberdeen to Town Hall on Monday May 15, 2017 where our mayor and EBC will give you the opportunity for business owners or managers to 1) air concerns about their operations to members of the EBC as well as Mayor Fred Tagliarini, Township Manager Holly Reycraft and other municipal officials.

Sure that's what I want to do is spend my night after closing my store to sit and listen to a political blowhard like Mayor Tagliarini and his puppet Town Manager, "whom I was told in the past the Mayor has wanted to fire often" Ms. Reycraft, along with his Mayoral ass kissing stooge Carmine, Carmine who will no doubt speak way too long and say nothing really, just like his mentor the Mayor. These people and the EBC did nothing, do nothing and will do nothing in the future to help any of us. Know how I know?

They cannot even put signs out like most every other community that in part or whole simply read


But Mayor Fred Tagliarini I have a question for you. Are you going to explain the massive tax increases our businesses will be getting from your PILOT PROGRAM thievery of the four new major rental and condominium communities you intend to highlight? That lie you will tell will cost all of us plenty in new taxes from the "fleecing" of all monies up front from developers under the PILOT PROGRAM?

The most telling statement is the once again a written pronouncement of Mayor Fred Tagliarini herein that states "The EBC is an important part of our town government. We meet once a month. This gives me a direct link with business owners. A strong business community makes Aberdeen a great place to live".

What bullshit?

But I then have to ask myself were have I read the words "makes Aberdeen a great place to live"?

I got it!

It is the ever-present ending of the mysterious but possibly now identified enslaven to the local Democrat pontificating "Ivanhoe" on here occasionally.

So I must ask my fellow posters on here is Mayor Fred Tagliarini really Ivanhoe?

At the end of the occasional mindless patronizing rants of "Ivanhoe" in their post they always ends with "help us in making Aberdeen a great place to live" And the Mayor just added that "the EBC makes Aberdeen a great place to live" in the meeting advisory.

While you consider that I ask my fellow readers of this site to consider the following.

What has the EBC ever done that has helped any of our businesses since its handpicked inception?

Who truly represents us in the business community at these meetings other than the hand picked stooges on the EBC board?

If we are to count on Mayor Fred Tagliarini getting a "direct link" to us of the business community things must change as he is truly only getting input from his handpicked stooges of which there only only a "very few" and that from reports in our complex that they are no less serious on doing anything for the larger pie of businesses. Just like our Mayor and Town Council who only serve themselves and their contributors.

This I say to all of my fellow business owners in Aberdeen is the sad reality of our flawed political leadership in Aberdeen along with the laughable sadly at our expense Aberdeen EBC.

Anonymous said...

Trump tax cuts coming today and I cannot wait. Maybe those tax cuts will help us in Aberdeen with the tax increase screwing we are about to get from our Corruptocrats inside town hall.

Cliffwood Matters said...

Enough about our rotten politicians already. Don't get me wring they deserve all you've given them and more without a doubt. I think it is time for issues to be raised by the republican candidates who are seeking to replace several serving on the council now.
I ask for all of you to consider this.

Anonymous said...

With the monumentally bad for us taxpayers and in line with the postings being labeled under anonymous as often as possible I would ask that any future references to the new buildings going please ferer to them as projects as that's what they are. Unless you want to label them taxpayer funded projects since under the councils PILOT ripoff that's what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Since the township does not see fit to advertise this on the official town website
but yet once again outside pr firm is being paid to put on Matawan Patch.
The information posted below was copies from Cliffwood and Cliffwood Facebook and we wonder where they got it from because as you can see May 15 is the date to be held and
information can be had by October 1st. REALLy
So who put this stuff together, usually it would be the township with errors but two different places have it so tell us Who Did It

The Aberdeen Economic Business Council (EBC) will host an open forum for the township’s business community at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 15th at Aberdeen Town Hall.
Owners and managers of Aberdeen businesses of all types will have the opportunity to air concerns about issues impacting their operations to members of the EBC as well as Mayor Fred Tagliarini, Township Manager Holly Reycraft and other municipal officials.

“Additionally, attendees will be able to learn about new initiatives we’re working on to help our businesses market to new residents, including those who will occupy the four major new rental and condominium communities currently under development in different parts of the town,” said EBC Chairman Carmine Visone.

Tagliarini will provide an update on the status of the four projects, a new tax abatement program designed to encourage new development and improvements to existing commercial buildings along the township’s portion of the Route 35 corridor, as well as efforts by the township and EBC to partner with businesses on special events held throughout the year, including the planned July 1 grand opening of the new Veterans Park at the Cliffwood Beach beachfront and the annual Aberdeen Day celebration in September.

The open forum will be held in the courtroom of Town Hall, which is located on Church St., just off of South Atlantic Ave. Refreshments will be served.
For more information, contact Maxine Rescorl, Aberdeen Township, at (732) 583-4200, ext. 101 by October 13.

Fred Tagliarini: The EBC is an important part of of our Town government. We meet once a month. This gives me a direct link with business owners. A strong business community makes Aberdeen a great place to live.


Anonymous said...

Help all of the towns business equally Hahahahahahaha

I sec said...

Last night at the gym I hear a guy who talks about this site say to his wife that the content is always negative on here. She turns off the machine and he repeats that statement. She listens and then she says then tell me where is the positives for all we pay in taxes.

Anonymous said...

No corruption my ass some say on here. Well we just learned about twenty six million acts of political corruption. All perpetrated by the same political party too long in power. Time to show them all the door no matter how long it takes.

Anonymous said...

Have the rules changed in Aberdeen Township regarding Grand Opening banners?
Today while riding on Route 34 I saw banners of businesses that have been opened for quite sometime. (Cash for Gold and Tutoring Center)
A friend that opened a business was talking how they only had a sort time frame to have the banner up by their business so is it preferential treatment or no enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some big legal protecting steps are being enacted inside our town hall. Maybe the investigation warnings on here have been recognized or maybe our weed smoking councilcrook is afraid of finally being held accountable. God forbid a politician is held accountable right councilcrook cannon. .

Anonymous said...

United Airlines reached a financial settlement with a man maltreated on one of their flights. I wonder how much us taxpayers could get for the maltreatment at the hands of the democrats financial mismanagement?

Anonymous said...

Our mayor they say is a real pompous ass
i think he is much much more and very crass

He's one of those every one gets a trophy guys
even though they didn't all work hard for the prize

Mannerisms full of smiles hiding the secrets and lies
soon I hope he ends up in prison serving french fries

He claims among his friends politicians and big donors
what'll he do when he gets arrested and they close doors

I figure his mattress is getting full of all the illegal bribes
maybe he'll get what he deserves from prison tribes

Dares to want to be our mayor I hear again this election
I hear he's weak and cannot even get an e_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Anonymous said...

Does the group that owns the pool club know that summer is almost here? Could it be another year of us driving by this white elephant? I still think the town is holding this thing hostage for campaign donations. Come on people Normie used to walk developers out the door and shake them down for big dollars and forcing them to use a senators law firm only. I know I know Normie is gone. Is he really gone though? How about it Milk Man is Normie really gone?

Anonymous said...

That old factory project is way too big and is going to make the roads around there a nightmare. How'd that thing get approved with so many buildings? Does anyone review the road use in that area before giving the OK?

Anonymous said...

Sleep tight Fred and don't let the FEDS bite. They're coming for all of you miscreants. Come on Fred did you really think no one would go to the authorities with all those mysteryous bills from CME. You've got to know it will be bigger than Birdsall for sure, right Fred?

Anonymous said...

Just when you think the democrats ruining this once fine town with their self serving selfishness I'm not disappointed once again. This morning I see nothing more than free advertising for a man who is nothing more than a glorified ass kisser.

This freebie ignorantly and insultingly and ignorantly on our town website. Such advertisement for the mayors butt buddy Carmine Vissone is also no less an insult to us business owners whom the Mayor and Vissone and his laughable business council.

The truth is this handpicked for ignorance group of our disgraceful fellow business owners are little more than selfish business owners or reps that since the inception of the AEBC have done absolutely nothing for us or our businesses and community. So just when you think these idiot democrats and their lackeys can't sink any lower something like this is permitted. What's next for these low lifes? I better keep my vomit bag close by I guess.

Free advertising on Aberdeen Township website - EBC said...

Is this Abuse of taxpayers dollars?

Mayor Tagliarini's good friend and VOLUNTEER chairman of Aberdeen Economic Business Council (EBC)has a bio of himself on our website with his local business information.
No other members have this and should not.
We have many VOLUNTEERS involved in township activities for years and have never had a write up about themselves many much more impressive than Visone.

Anonymous said...

While looking at various sites for Aberdeen we see that Tagliarini, Cannon, Montone and Swindle each have the same GRAY SWEATSHIRT with ABERDEEN in RED across the chest area. Have not seen the other 3 council people but we are guessing that they have them also. Plus jackets and t-shirts.
If so, WHY?

Anonymous said...

When in doubt kick the democrats out
of that there is absolutely no doubt

Many look constantly here for what they've done
nothing is found even under the burning sun

Recent pictures of McDonalds ground breaking
Ronald McDonald was there with the owners

Other than those three there were other clowns
Mayor Fred and hangers on type cronie clowns

Giant burger flipper with the Mayor holding tight
no doubt political campaign donations not lite

Corporate donations are the root of corruption
there's nothing but Fred's political gumption

The pictures were laughable and far worse
shows a few politicians we constantly curse

Carmine others unknown grinning ear to ear
never done anything but others they will smear

Final picture of that group was very sad to see
policemen expressing what are we doing here?

I guess some of the hangers on will do anything
I mean I guess it really actually beats working

Nothing but props is all they looked like to me
I wonder how much McDonalds had to pay

I mean they get a piece of everything in town
especially since Mayor Fred put on his crown

Picture of a groundbreaking under a big sky
I just wonder where was the basement guy

I hear today him and Carmine don't get along
and from my two new sources I am not wrong

Egos of Mayor Fred and Carmine don't share
only if big checks need writing then he is there

You see the basement guy writes the checks
that's how single bidders write the big checks

A kids bouncy house or a trolley or two he gets
write off for him no doubt so there's no regrets

Source says the Mayor worked for him too
guess that's the inside track costing me and you

Heading to the Carolinas to look at a few homes
back very soon I know they'll all miss my poems

Not those I point out though I can be very sure
hope they end up in prison and all are ass sore

See all of you soon so all of you take care
I can be no doubt sure nothing will happen here

Anonymous said...

Seems the Union Beach Police Chief is under investigation for having officers while on duty and putting in for side work pay while simultaneously being on duty while being paid by the local residents also. It's labeled double dipping and is highly inappropriate of course. This is something that is quite disturbing if it is true. Why do these people risk their careers like this. This is something we need to pay attention to as it seems the apple is too often rotten from the top on down. In this case an officer who was ordered to put in for the off duty pay while being on duty which he rebelled against doing it. Then he was supposedly ordered to put in with the local pub for payment, despite already being on duty. Who can we trust if such things are going on at what seems every level of government.

Anonymous said...

On Township website main page under Latest News there was an legal piece about Fair Share Housing and COAH this morning and now it's GONE. I went on to continue to read it
and wonder why it has been removed. Residents have a right to know about these things and hope it is put back on website. Or is it been hidden from us?

Anonymous said...

There were 2,920 days in the Barrack Hussein Obama presidency where a monumental number of things were not done. Ambassadors and others far more braver than Obama died because of Obama and Hilary Clinton' flawed leadership.

9 trillion in additional debt was amassed under Obama. Wall Street fat cats were bailed out under Obama. The Middle East got 10x worse while Obama ignored our greatest ally Israel. And none of us should ever regret the line in the sand Obama drew against Assad and then ignored the line that has caused one of the largest refugee criseses in history. All these failures and so many more eminating from the Obama presidency leaves me with one question.

Where were all the selfish feathering their own corrupt political bed politicians in those 2,920 days. They are the ones who have failed to honestly lead our country for decades, and who are so specifically divisive against President Trump in just his first 100 days?

Anonymous said...

All our democrats do is swear an oath to Vic and Norm to rob us blind. No corruption my ass.

Anonymous said...

Awhile back someone on here asked Why the change of meeting days and no one answered or announced the reason. After looking, reading, listening and asking we found what we think is the reason. See for yourselves Below.

The topic of this section on Aberdeener is N.J. "Oath of Office" or is it the "Oath of Abuse of Office?”

In Aberdeen we wonder how Greg Cannon could have so much influence over the mayor and council people to get them to change the days of council meetings without them realizing that as elected officials they are to represent the people of Aberdeen and not some lawyer and his work schedule.

We vote “Oath of Abuse of Office” for ALL.

Aberdeen Mayor and Council – Meeting first and third Thursdays of each month (changed January 2017 from the first and third Tuesday of each month which historically was the meeting date)

Belmar Mayor & Council, which typically meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Council meeting room.

Allentown Mayor and Council – Meeting 2nd and 4th Tuesday with change of days as noted by 2017 days on agenda

Red Bank Mayor and Council - Meeting second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in Council Chambers.

Cannon's schedule

Aberdeen 1st and 3rd Thursday - Elected

Allentown 2nd and 4th Tuesday – Town Attorney

Belmar 1st and 3rd Tuesday -Town Attorney

Red Bank 2nd and 4th Wednesday -Town Attorney

After seeing this makes us wonder how efficiently he is representing us here in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Come back anonymous poem person

Anonymous said...

To Bus Rider

The pool club is not opening yet again from a very recent posting on their site. I wonder if this guy hasn't greased the democrats and that's the real reason. Either that or he turned down being on the AEBC board of puppets. Right Carmino?

I'm just asking said...

So if there's not enough parking to properly utilize the new rec area at the beach who's to blame? I ask this since it looks sparsely able to hold 40 cars no less boats trailered to the area and parked for a boat launch.

Anonymous said...

$2.175 million dollars a year in debt service only garners one response for our idiot town leadership. That response is WTF? Criminals is all they are with $26.9 million dollars in debt on our backs because of their cronyism and nepotism and oh yeah their complete financial incompetence. Who is the towns financial team Manny Mo and Jack from Pep Boys?

Johnny law said...

They're going after McAleer still? Are they really that suicidal? They are going to regret doing this thing and of all people Fred you should have known better. You know Fred you're protecting the wrong people you will end up being A#1 on his hit parade of states evidence. I for one can't wait for it to hit the fan and I will be ringside in court for the perp walk and you erroneous pleadings. Speaking of erroneous pleadings Fred you better start practicing yelling GUARD as loud as you can.

Ultimate hypocrite doper said...

More on doper Cannon please I need more Cannon stuff now.

Anonymous said...

Here we are on the eve of May 1 and still no word when the Township Manager is leaving.
We heard it was May 2017 so we have 31 days to wait to say Don't come back no more,
no more.
We also heard it might have changed but the big question is will it be on or about May 31, on or about June 30 or on or about July 31.
But the bigger question is how long to get a new manager. Hope it doesn't take as long as it did to get a public works manager. While looking at past agendas for 2016 on
4 different dates in the executive session discussion was Personnel- Town Manager.
Could be they already picked a person to replace current one.
Have not heard of any party taking place might be cause the only ones who would go might be the favorites, relatives, close friends, asskissers, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Seems the marijuana growers in Colorado are having big problems safely and securely storing all of the money from their pot growing businesses. The growers have had to set up massive security operations to secure billions in annual profits and it seems they need guidance on securing the monies from thieves and investigators. I think we could possibly solve all of our 26M debt that was caused solely by our self serving democrats over decades of disservice.

We could solve our massive debt with financial help from the marijuana growers you see. Here's my idea to solve two problems caused by our self serving councilcrooks. We oppressed by self serving democrat only taxpayers send our idiot mayor and council, along with the mayors handpicked self serving fools of the AEBC out to Colorado as expert do nothing advisors. The marijuana growers get all of their collective thoroughly selfish knowledge on funneling monies to political causes, along with the political expertise on the hiding of illegal bribes from any prying eyes. In return the marijuana growers pay off the towns debt that's been immorally placed upon us by decades of do nothing democrat only so called political leadership.

One strong possibility though is that one of our councilcrooks that we would send out to Colorado may never return from Colorado once he explores that toking and smoking world. Once there you see he may stay on as a pot smoking know it all law advisor for the marijuana growers. I envision an all you can smoke no money just pot contract, backed up by a legal advising munchie side business as an overwhelming incentive to stay in Colorado. That just might be too much of an incentive to turn down for a law breaking, oath of office defying political deviant to just return to our little town of Corrupterdeen. Just think our pot smoking law breaking councilcrook could be the Snoop Dog of Colorado legal advisors. Roll em or smoke em if you got em Greg.

Think about it said...

Above posts on 4/25/17@9:17 AM states

"The truth is that they are failures continually denying they are failures while betraying all of us each and every day"

I myself would add

"because they are nothing more than failures themselves"

Anonymous said...

Oh say can you see

Nothing getting done that costs us all millions

Welcome to the Township of Aberdeen NJ

Anonymous said...

Someone just told us about this on facebook

Aberdeen Township Police Department
April 25 at 1:00pm ·

**Press Release**Please share**

New Jersey Department of Transportation will be hosting a Public Information Meeting on May 2nd, 2017 between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

The meeting will be to inform local officals, residents and the business community about the State Highway 34 North/Southbound Pavement Reconstruction Concept Development Study in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. The NJDOT is encourgaing residents to actively participate by providing comments at the meeting, by mail, or email.

The meeting will be held at the Aberdeen Township Community Center (Fiorendo Sigismondi Cliffwood Beach Community Center) 651 Prospect Avenue in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey 07735.

At the meeting you will have the opportunity to review exhibits illustrating the proposed changes and improvements, ask questions and discuss issues with the NJDOT project team. This project will affect residents, commuters and business owners in Aberdeen Township as the project will cover both North/Southbound over the entire section of Hwy 34. Construction should begin in the fall of 2020

Improvements include: Structural, Drainage and Intersection. ADA compliant curb ramps and sidewalk connectivity.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Raymond S. Tomczak of NJDOT
Office of Community Relations
1035 Parkway Avenue P.O Box 600
Trenton, Nj 08625-0600

Sgt. Matthew Lloyd of the Aberdeen Township Police Department Traffic Safety Division will be attending and will post future updates to this page


Anonymous said...

And our assofamayor Tagliarini and councilwaste Montone and councilwaste Martucci think they deserve reelection because? Please respond Ivanasshole and convince us all as to just one reason why they should be put back into the responsible positions to lead this community, a community they and their fellow democrats have ruined and placed in a unforgivable level of debt. $2,175,000.00 dollars a year of our tax money goes just to paying the debt service on the $26,900,000.00 of their politically contrived for political benefit debt. We are waiting Ivanasshole so don't disappoint us. We will understand if you need to call Norm or whomever else you have to call to get another ignorant Ivanasshole type response to post. And also just to save you some time Ivanasshole we will not be joining you or your asshole democrats in making Aberdeen a better place to live. Right Ivanfred?

Anonymous said...

That pool club is still not opening that's unbelievable. Maybe the person who is building it gets his water from the same place as our never accomplish anything democrats?

Anonymous said...

Another month of democrat only corruption has come to an end for April. I don't know about you but I cannot wait to see what our self serving taxpayer betraying democrats won't do to benefit our residents, students, commuters, businesses and business owners in May.

One thing for sure is we overtaxed residents and business owners can expect is that the crooked developers, insider only single bidders and all of the political cronies will continue to be best served by our politicians corruptly. That truthful pain caused by our democrat only politicians, who use our money to benefit this type of individuals ensures that their continued questionable contributing. These illegal and immoral kickbacks to the democrats sadly continue their reign of continual mismanagement and failure by using our tax dollars questionably awarded to get "campaign donations".

It's our money given out illegally in insider only and secret deals that gets returned by the same developers special deals from our politicians. Our politicians betray us every day with this type of leadership for decades that has amounted to the massive debt we taxpayers now owe because of the democrat only mayor and council for over the last two decades plus. $26 million dollars is a boatload of failure my fellow voters and we must oust these crooked politicians once and for all.

I urge you all to vote for

and Toomey
on Election Day 2017

Bus rider said...

I can only laugh about the pool club news and wonder what the real reason is they are not opening.

Anonymous said...

And the silence that is the democrats guilt in never responding to any of the reality and truths on here speaks volumes.

Opposition said...

"Ivanhoe" is either misinformed or lying when he/she/it states that there are no Republicans running in Aberdeen this year. The local GOP has filed a full slate of candidates for mayor & council.
It's up to them now to run a strong, issues-based campaign and bring their message to the people of our Township. They need to actually try and win this thing. The people of our community deserve better than they've been getting from Tagliarini, Cannon and the rest.
It's also up to those who post here to get involved. Talk to your neighbors and friends, not just on this blog, but in person too. Go to council meetings. Planning board, zoning board meetings too. Put a Republican sign on your lawn, make calls, hand out flyers. Get involved.
"Ivanhoe" keeps talking about making Aberdeen a better place to live. That's impossible with the people that he shills for. The only way to make that happen is regime change.

Anonymous said...

One party rules=financial lies, secrets and deceit in other words do nothing democrats

Redbankgreen.com a must read said...

Google Redbankgreen.com searching under Attorney Greg Cannon apologizes. Read the article and make sure you don't miss the comments section. Almost all of them are critical of the ever arrogant and annoying Greg Cannon. One of the comments even suggests background checks and drug testing in replacing such positions and others before critical hires are replaced. One comment said he was a day late dollar and a dollar short. That since Cannon was said to have to have been pressured to apologize. God forbid that asshole mans ups and does the right thing for doing the wrong thing. much less abusing a woman and her given rights to videotape a public council meeting. It sounds like those Red Bank citizens already know what we know of our Councilman Cannabis Cannon's arrogance. Maybe his arrest for drug possession of marijuana and ecstasy is known by them as well?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love driving thru Marlboro and almost every house I pass has large amounts of trash out front after people cleaned out their junk or their yards. Imagine that a communities leadership making it easy for its residents to clean up and keep nice. But I forgot our mayor and council care about recycling according to our ass of a mayor so trash would have to be a dream I guess.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances we put our mayor and council in those green recycling buckets and then we put them out at the curb would they all get recycled by the trash guys? Care about recycling my ass. Worst of all they know they don't care about recycling except it's the PC thing to say. PC as in Politically Corrupt. Right Fred?

Anonymous said...

F the D's

Anonymous said...

If we taxpayers lie to the government it's a felony, but if the government lies to us it's politics. Right Freddy boy?

Aberdeen is $26,900,000.00 in debt and it is a crime.

Our mayor and council need to be investigated, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for just the one reason.

Mark my words said...

Everyone knows one thing in Aberdeen without a doubt. That is it is time for the democrats to be voted out of office. And next election the abuser of women drug abuser goes too. They do nothing and it's costing us millions a year and also millions a year in debt service for nothing to be done to benefit our community for decades.

My last hint at the next puppet manager the democrats are conspiring to hire was an H. I now add an A to the name of the next idiot the democrats will appoint to be manager. That appointment, despite his record of failure to do anything before for our community but sit blindly, deafly and without one word of dissent while he unashamedly cash checks.

Many more questions on honest processes said...

Fair Share Housing and COAH in Aberdeen?


The words Fair Share Housing and COAH leave much to be considered in Aberdeen under these democrats.

Think not?

Try these few tidbits on for truth, justice and the democrat way of doing things in Aberdeen.

Is COAH what people are supposed to *truly* be qualified for in order to be selected?

Is Fair Share Housing a screening process within town hall, Freehold or Trenton in order to qualify?

Is that what Mayor Tagliarini is said to have wanted to or did in fact use illegally for one for his *friends* in Freehold?

Was that what the democrats *biggest local donor* used for his key employee to get a COAH housing unit?

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet these scummy democrats biggest spendings of our tax dollars was for campaign years?

Cause Cannon gets high? said...


Because I Got High is a song by a performer named Afroman from back in the day. It was a song that was typical of dopers, stoners and tokers conduct from being so enthralled with marijuana that they do nothing but get high. The following is a play on words that might explain the disservice and highly questionable conduct of our local political stoner Councilman Greg Cannon.

I say might explain as there is a significant number and types of actions, outbursts, drug arrest and far more related to this purported leader of our community, much less his over involvement in the democrat party here in Aberdeen, Monmouth County and beyond that leaves many wondering what he will do next. I myself feel there needs to be in intervention before he acts out yet again or perhaps escalates his highly troubling conduct exemplified by his most recent abuse of his official actions noted on Redbankgree.com and elsewhere involving his illegal and unethical actions involving his official duties as the new Red Bank attorney.

There seems to be a no less of an acceptance of this mans highly questionable conduct by his fellow council leadership, democrats and others at many levels also. That is no less troubling and perhaps is all too telling of the political allowances and cover ups that seem to be permitted or perhaps engineered to protect the arrogance and questionable know it all conduct of this flawed public service and his troubled and questionable conduct against us taxpayers in Monmouth County communities.

Here it goes I hope you enjoy this humorous attempt to explain the joke that is Councilman Greg Cannon our political toker.

Because I Got High by Afroman

I was gonna be responsible politician but I got high
I was gonna be a leader but I got high
My town is still messed up and I know why
Cause I got high

I was gonna go to town hall and work hard but I got high
I coulda brought positive change but I got high
I coulda stopped the disservice and corruption and I know why
Cause I got high
Because I got high
Because I got high

I was gonna go to work and keep my campaign promises but I got high
I got another politically connected job and I knowingly abused a woman
Cause I got high
Cause I got high
Cause I got high

I was not going to apologize to her but I was told to
I said the words but didn't mean them
Cause I got high
Cause I got high
Because I got high

I don't care about what stupid or hurtful thing I'll do next
I really don't care about who I offend, defame or abuse
Cause I got high
Cause I got high
Because I'm Greg Cannon damnit and I can get high

I offered up the following as a humorous attempt to expose the many possible reasons for Councilman Greg Cannon' conduct.

Anonymous said...

Just walked past the beach area and the construction and I wonder if it will be ready for this summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm back from a recent trip late yesterday
certain nothing happened while I was away

I say there once was a man from Aberdeen
a politician, a real bullshitter who was not clean

He promised the world but really only lied
while the taxpayers he bamboozled only cried

He picked his best friend and cronies to do his will
and like him they too did nothing acting as his shill

Promises kept and his promises denied said he
while all the while he costly catered only to CME

Millions wasted by him and his band of mindless idiots
most merely acting as mannequins and mindless robots

We deserve better I say to all of you come November
vote them all out on Election Day and please remember

Anonymous said...

And in this corner the Blowhard of Aberdeen Greg Cannon aka known as the pot smoking political fool that gets arrested by the New Jersey State Police and hides it from voters

And in this corner newcomer to the Aberdeen political circus liars announcing for the first time anywhere presenting Gayle Jackson known for calling Greg out for the low life scum that he is

We are going to have a clean fight except for Greg Cannon who ignores the rules of law due to ego, arrogance and self promoting adulation

Now go to your corners and come out fighting

Gayle Jackson for Mayor of Aberdeen cause she don't take no shit from lying politicians. Right Greg?

Anonymous said...

Sewers hahahahahaha every election they tell us we are getting sewers. Just liars is all they are and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

And the democrat only corruption rolls on 😭

Anonymous said...

If my neighbors have cardboard out and the curb like they do right now and the garbage man takes it in the mornings trash pick up who is not doing their job?

I am sure the list is long, distinguished and expensively disappointing to us taxpayers.

Don't forget though we did get new green recycling cans.

I guess that's something?

Is it Mayor Tagliarini?
Is it Deputy Mayor Montone?
Is it Councilman Martucci?
Is it Councilwoman Kelley?
Is it Councilman Cannon?
Is it Councilman Hirsch?
Is it Councilman Swindle?
Is it Town Manager Reycraft?

Anonymous said...

Another council meeting of secrets, lies and misspending of millions of our tax dollars. In other words another taxpayer nightmare council meeting under the democrat only do nothings. Why do they even bother having council meetings? They ought to just put Cannon and Tag-liar-weenie in a closet and let them bore each other with their equally political stupidity until one of them stops talking. Then again with those two assholes neither of them would ever stop talking. Right Carmine?

Anonymous said...

If nobody else says it *cause I got high about councilcrook Cannon* is f'ng hilarious. It's the best thing I've read on here in years.

Anonymous said...

Here's a hint on who the next town manager will be based on the present puppets stellar record of doing absolutely nothing but what the democrats tell her.

Next town manager resume better include thevfillowong qualifications.

Qualification #1 🙈

Qualification #2 🙉

Qualification #3 🙊

Anonymous said...

Building building everywhere in this democrat only town
developer giveaways higher taxes cause us all to drown

Big smiles on the sneaky faces of our politicians you bet
they know the secret deals that will put us all into debt

Kickbacks and side deals will be very well hidden no doubt
special price condo deals soon to follow for those with clout

Norman and Mark did it and Steve and even old man Nick
come on it's all about the approvals and density big trick

More units for the developers means much more money
what's a condo or two to a greedy politician with lil money

The not so funny thing is the projects going up in Cliffwood
all the affordable projects are stuck in Cliffwood and thats not good

These liars and thieves are boring all of us with their obvious lies
this while all of the residents, seniors, students and businesses cry

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I just saw a cameraman and reporter leaving Joey Macs house. I gotta ask is that a good thing or a really good thing for those of us still working under these people.

Anonymous said...

I love Cannon when he misfires the bald lil cuss.

Anonymous said...



He's everywhere

Problem is

He's an ass everywhere

Anonymous said...

Is the county prosecutor looking into Cannon' Red Bank thing? Apologies for political hacks like him are useless cause they think they're untouchable. Let him try that crap with my wife is all I can say. Typical scumbag liar politician is all he is.

Anonymous said...

How much of our tax money did the dems waste this week?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Republican candidates listed on this site attened the council meeting on May 4, 2017?

Anonymous said...

F the D's better yet F the Do nothing D's

Anonymous said...

And the losers are still us taxpayers. Vote them out on Election Day and save what is left of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Mac isn't the kind of guy to seek revenge for the screwing the towns giving him. Don't count on that not one bit. Right Chris and George

Anonymous said...

If a politician is at a podium speaking does anyone care? They're all liars anyway. Right Greg?

Anonymous said...

It's derby day and after the most exciting two minutes in sports ends we here in Corrupterdeen are left with the same old do nothing self serving democrat nags that deserve a one way trip to the glue factory.

Anonymous said...

F Tag-liar-ini

Anonymous said...

I hear there was a demonstration in NYC. Today by the legalize marijuana contingent and the protesters carried a 100ft marijuana joint throughout the streets of

We break into this blog with a breaking news alert






Anonymous said...

Great weather today so it's a motorcycle ride
won't be thinking of our local idiots who hide

Hide that is from responsibility to do right by us all line up at the taxpayer $$$ trough no fuss

They'll gladly tell us all they're going to do
those lies are unfortunately nothing ever new

Their answers are lies they give coming to door
they hate answering our ??? to them we bore

Toothy grins is all we get with circulating words
never ever answering ??? these political lords

So on Election Day we do only the right thing
we all send the do nothing democrats packing

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very beautiful day today. It's just too bad their is this constant cloud of democrat only political corruption and thievery over our town. Vote these people out they don't deserve reelection and haven't for a long time. It is truly time for real change to take hold. Please vote for Canberg, Sullivan and Toomey in November. Let us all try to stem the tide of self serving cronyism and patronage before the democrats put us further into debt. $26M for what?

I sec said...

I need another civics lesson speach Mayor or at least I need to relive you throwing your workers to the wolves. You remember Mayor just like you did at the Hurricane Sandy meeting years ago.

Anonymous said...

I need to ask Mayor Fred a question. Do you even remember the last honest thing you did?

Anonymous said...

Will people from Old Bridge be able to use the water park? Will their be a person to check identifications to make sure its town residents only? There's a ton of questions that still have no answers I fear. We shall see what we shall see soon enough I guess. God forbid we are informed of what's going on.

Anonymous said...

14:24 and counting down until the idiots we call the midmanagement of our town start screwing up for another week.

Think about it said...

These crooks don't take an oath of office they take an oath to screw everyone they come in contact with over. They don't even trust each other so how can we trust them. Time for a change from these crooks and the alternative is starting to campaign.

Anonymous said...

Well it's been over a week and there have been no new reports of Greg Canon abusing anyone or even violating anyones constitutional rights. That's a good boy you keep up the good work Greg. Gayle Jackson for Mayor of Aberdeen.

Sorry Mom said...

Don't you understand that it takes time and great amounts of money to get things done politically in this town yet? Look a the past two decades of flawed if not laughable democrat only promises for the reality of costs to actually bring those promises to fruition finally and very recently.

Myself and up until a couple of years ago my family hoped to have our mother move into the long promised senior housing here in Aberdeen to keep her close. Didn't happen for us despite repeated political promises by campaigning democrat politicians. Worse yet expenditures of our tax dollars to look into the possibility and analysis of the only property that was to be the location for said senior housing occurred like clockwork every campaign for suggested campaign treasury kickbacks. Try and find the hundreds of thousands spent politically to promise senior housing campaign after campaign to you I say good luck. Same goes for the train area promises and the way too costly in a similar listing of analysis and politically favored costs for professional services and friends of politicians. To not have anything built in the train station area for years was also due to the division between our politicians and power brokers and Matawan' whose choices for developers did not meet our politicians checklist of rumored greed.

This campaign season our campaigning incumbents will have to be tethered to the ground as they will be patting themselves on the back so much they'd be in danger of going airborne. Problem is the costs to finally bring the building boom that is going on has cost us millions and I say millions politicized to garner favors and kickbacks for long promised projects. The reality will also soon be upon us to pay much more in taxes for students in this district whose tax money should be coming from these builds but will not due to political legislated thievery called payment in lieu of taxes. I call it politically engineered theft to balance budgets thick with hidden layers of waste and favor doing for campaign contributions.

Sorry Mom that we couldn't keep you close in a senior complex despite campaign after campaign with promises of senior housing that was coming to the town you loved, raised your family in and wanted to pass away in. I'm sure our mother and her family were not alone in the political waiting game of senior housing under the democrats in Aberdeen. I urge you to think of our plight and how long promised campaign after campaign promises were only lies with big money questionably spent politically.

Please consider voting Canberg, Sullivan and Toomey this coming Election Day as our incumbent political party has failed us.

Anonymous said...

Debt in this town is 11.6% of the annual budget?

Man am I glad our idiot dems aren't blaming Putin and the Russians like all the DC politicians who've failed us for decades.

I guess here in this town there's something to say for our idiots just keeping it a secret.

Right up until Joe Warren spilled the beans on this blog.

Anonymous said...

What's another word to describe our mayor and council is very simple the word is DISAPPOINTING.

Anonymous said...

Joe M I gotta tell you with friends like her I guess you don't need enemies.

The sad truth in Aberdeen said...

Q. What's 26.9M in municipal tax payer debt amongst corrupt Aberdeen politicians?

A. A good start for campaign kickbacks and illegal bribes to retire on

Anonymous said...

I cannot go to McD's for my favorite cup of joe
how long construction will last I don't really know

I read there's big changes coming upon reopening
wonder if the AEBC will have another grand reopening

Pictures with the big spatula and the political baffoons
all of them looked like bored clowns without the balloons

The owners looked to be saying why am I even here
staged political pics for upcoming election is clear

Anything done in this town is just trying to get D votes
long as no one records who said what or takes any notes

Anything our local politicians do in town is circumspect
hopefully soon they'll all soon be investigations suspect

Those in attendance wanted to be anywhere 'm sure
even for the owners who'd rather be under real torture

Political pawns is all the pictures are publicized for
to be used by the candidates the true political whore

Soon enough i'll get back to my morning routine again
until then 7-11 is my new morning spot McD opens again

Anonymous said...

Anyone up for a road trip to the next Red Bank town meeting to see our arrogant Greg Cannon in action? If we're lucky his head will explode if anyone disagrees with him.

Anonymous said...

They can't take any notes cause that would be against the democrat criminal code of conduct. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Love the Cannon stuff keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'll try a one liner as I am not as creative as the anonymous poet that I find very funny. Here it goes

The do nothing democrats have incumbent candidates

When in truth they should more precisely really be inmates

That's all I got for you.

Anonymous said...

Benefit the community?

You dare to question our towns democrat only politicians leadership and spending habits?

Don't you understand they are the political elite of the political elite?

Don't you understand it's the democratic way?

What do you want honest hard working politicians who spend our tax monies prudently here in the Township of Aberdeen?

That's not ever going to happen so just bend over and get ready to get screwed again by the same do nothing democrats.

Anonymous said...

Political buffoons is an understatement when attached to Tag-liar-weenie and his council thieves.

Anonymous said...

Trump firing Comey is the right thing to do as Obama and Clinton caused the whole thing. That is not what the liberals and their media will work hard to hide the truth of Obama and Clinton unmasking and worse.

$26,900,000.00 on what said...

With that much money wasted by our self serving do nothing democrats there's a whole bunch of mattresses filled with far more than cotton batting. Right Carmino?

Cliffwood matters to all said...

So disappointed in all the low income projects all being stuck in Cliffwood, it is very unfair.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you saw the ch 12 news piece of backed up sewers in the beach last night. Wife and I walk in turn on the tv to warm up and I hear the announcer say the word Aberdeen. There it is a story about backed up sewers into a mans house and it is flowing like niagara falls. It wasn't pretty and I feel for them since we had to dig up our front lawn years ago for tree roots blocking the flow . I wish the man well with that problem I can only imagine the smell.

Anonymous said...

The wife just said it was a woman who owned the house with the sewer problem.

Anonymous said...

Big convo this morning before work about solar panels. I said to a guy near me in the diner that our town hall has solar panels on it and the mayor said they'll pay for themselves. One guy paid his bill and left the diner still laughing at what I said.

100% truth is said...

Do you know what our democrat only do nothing politicians favorite game is?

It is obviously Hide and Seek

HIDE and SEEK is the tragic answer for us taxpayers here in Corrupterdeen

The democrats HIDE the council agendas so people don't know what we are doing to keep screwing them over and over.

Then we wait months for someone to publish the meeting results taxpayers then SEEK information months after the fact.

That is the HIDE and SEEK game of political corruption and dishonesty that allows us democrats to take care of our political cronies and our campaigns biggest donors that keep us in power all so we can continue to screw the residents, businesses, students and taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Cannon childish and immature? Of course he after all is very special. In fact he's so very special and to prove that completely all you have to is one thing. All you have to do is ask Greg Cannon himself and he will tell you how special he is. In fact if you know him he's the legal equivalent to Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman all wrapped up in one body. Wonder Woman you ponder?Come on a guy like Greg Cannon has to have a feminine side. Right Mark Corren?

Anonymous said...

Who is Chis and George anonymous posted 5-6@1:30

Anonymous said...

Leaving again today to look at houses far from here
many of us older folks taxes can't pay to stay living here

Everything under the democrats is great in our town
that's only according to our mayor and each council clown

If you don't count the tens of millions democrat only debt
not anything good or fair for us taxpayers that we can bet

Campaigning some say has started going door to door
imagine the democrat tall tales from each lying whore

Political whores all our democrat officials are no doubt
it is long past the time that we need to vote them all out

The democrats here hide everything that points to guilt
proof is all the back room only deals for housing being built

All the low income pushed over to Cliffwood areas exclusively
that area has been democrat ignored for decades absolutely

Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach should be outraged for sure
since the democrats have neglected even the beachfront allure

The proof of them not caring for that area comes late you see
this water park waste of money only benefits the pigs@CME

Two point five million could have done so much more you see
source tells me cops do get all but other areas in town never see

Sure a waterpark seems like a real positive benefit but to who
weather permitting and security concerns will protect for a few

I know this area had recreation structures before all got destroyed
hope long overdue use and questionable waterpark is protected

If not the short lived votes the democrats hope to get out of it
will be like everything else the democrats do and will turn to shit

Anybody remember the Boy Scout garden adjacent to town hall
no flower or vegetable came forth only weeds is the truth of it all

Time and again such projects are only a campaign flash in the pan
forgotten like sewer promises never completed again and again

Sure my little biting political poems are entertaining and fun to read
but a true change in political town wide leadership is what we need

Soon the dog park idea floating town manager is said to be gone
the next puppet the democrats will push around for us won't be fun

Source says the potential candidate is a known useless political hack
if the name it could possibly be a known to us a real idiot brought back

As they old saying goes we shall all soon see what we shall soon see
one thing us taxpayers know it is all about protecting cronies and CME

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't succeed as a politician, just get reelected and you'll never have to succeed. Right Freddy boy?

Union proud said...

Do they ever check the mayor and town council for drugs as town employees like they check all of us.

Cliffwood Matters and Cliffwood Proud said...

It's not about the religious school that wants approval to build that we should be most concerned about. It is the political stealing under the PILOT Program, a program that robs us taxpayers blind. People on both sides will have their say on the religious school but it is the approval process that leaves so many questions on honest processes. Take for example the 200 apartments being built over on 34 that have no low income apartments mandatorily included. I'm told not even one apartment has been mandated by the democrats like over here. We here in Cliffwood are saturated with these projects and low income applicants.

The name of a Freeholder or better yet Freeloader whose last name is Arnone has been rumored to have given the political grease to keep low income out of those apartments. There is also a rumored association with our Mayor and if you know our Mayor that cannot be good news if true. Now where did I put that number for the Attorney Generals Office? Seems they want to be informed about local politics and political corruption and there's plenty to investigate here without a doubt? Pease vote these crooked people out of their too long in power cushy political positions next Election Day. Please consider voting for Canberg, Sullivan and Toomey.

Check it out said...

Gayle Jackson *aka Cannon's nemesis and a man named Smith Jr. have put up new info on the Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach blog.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh there's that voice on my answering machine again sucking up for votes.

When is enough enough for this asshole calling our phones about some senior meeting about phone scams.

Actually is it not ironic that Mayor Tagliarini is himself perpetrating a phone scam.

After all he routinely and improperly uses the emergency call lists to only suck up for votes targeting the seniors he's lied to.

You know the mayor and his council don't give a damn about seniors unless they will vote.

If the mayor cares for seniors let him show us how many millions got spent for the last 20 years of the senior housing lies.

Campaign lies that the democrats were bringing us senior housing campaign after campaign, that didn't happen until 2016.

While he's at it let him show us how many seniors already affected by phone scams residing in our town have been investigated.

Let the mayor show us how many cases were actually solved by our police force against seniors.

Anonymous said...

Confucious say

When you buy a pool club and can't get it open after ten years of construction

How f'd up can you be

Anonymous said...

For Immediate Release:
May 9, 2017

Office of The Attorney General - Christopher S. Porrino, Attorney General
Division of Criminal Justice - Elie Honig, Director
Media Inquiries- Peter Aseltine 609-292-4791
Citizen Inquiries- 609-984-5828

Attorney General Announces Two New Initiatives to Fight Corruption, Including Reward Program Offering $25,000 for Tips From Public

New Jersey has tough anti-corruption laws that provide mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment and parole ineligibility for people who commit crimes that touch upon their public office or employment. The Attorney General’s Office has utilized these laws in recent years to prosecute major cases involving elected officials, government employees and companies receiving public funds. A critical challenge, however, is securing the initial leads that allow such crimes to be uncovered and prosecuted. The new programs are designed to encourage those with information on corruption to come forward.

“It’s a troubling reality that along with the many public officials and employees who carry out their duties with integrity, there are some who abuse their authority and corruptly exploit their positions for personal gain,” said Attorney General Porrino. “We know these bad actors are out there, and we’re casting a wide net to catch them with these two new programs. For members of the public who have personal knowledge of corruption and are fed up with it, we’re offering an added motivation for them to turn their anger into action.”

Anonymous said...

F Fng
R Republicans
E Every
D Day

T Tenscious
A Arrogant
G Gutless
L Leachorous
I Ignorant
A Assinine
R Repugnant
I Incompetent
N Neurotic
I Idiot

Anonymous said...

Good morning Aberdeen unfortunately it's just another politically corrupt democrat only self serving day. F the democrats!

Shameful or Shameless said...

How can democrats spend 26 million dollars and have nothing to show for it in over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

You people keep saying your democrats are useless. Your democrats are really worthless unless of course you're their buddy, crony or a crooked developer who's willing to pay the democrats their outlandish price to get their approvals to build. Right Norm? Right Mark? Right Steve? Right Milkman? Right Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Come back poetry person

Please come back

Anonymous said...

Didn’t Aberdeen Township start a community calendar so all groups/organizations could have their events entered so others could see what is going on a certain date and avoid conflicts of events being scheduled on the same date.
Case in Point: VFW Post 4745 – 699 Cliffwood Ave. –May 21st Buffet Style Breakfast 8am-12noon EVERY THIRD SUNDAY
You would think that the management at town hall would have checked around to see what else was happening before scheduling a Pink Pancake Breakfast for the same day at the Community Center which is so close to VFW.
Guessing none of council people have gone to VFW for breakfast since they seem to make an appearances at different things and would have known the details of the VFW event each month. Could be they do not go because no one there is taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the truly loving, responsible and caring Mothers of Aberdeen

To the Mother _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on our town council who are uncaring, self serving and politically corrupt Mothers you fail us all

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Greg Cannon!

Come on you people from Aberdeen got to know someone in his life calls him a "mother" everyday of his arrogant, despicable, scumbag of a lawyer life.

Anonymous said...

15.5 hours until the democrat only political thievery begins anew. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Over twenty six million in debt and the dems think they deserve reelection? To do what? Just put us further in debt while doing nothing but taking care of their friends and families. F them all.

No corruption my ass said...

1-One councilman is arrested for drugs along with his three friends by the NJSP

2-One of the friends takes the fall so the other three can keep their law licenses

3-One runs for reelection while keeping his arrest from voters and is questionably reelected

4-One of the councilman friends in the car is questionably appointed to be the towns municipal prosecutor

5-Three of those arrested were directly connected to the democrat mayor and council in Aberdeen

So guess which one of those arrested wasn't connected to the local democrats?

The guy who took the fall is the answer.

So if you know our mayor and town council he'll be taken care of no doubt

Know what most people would say if they knew of these highly questionable things occurring under our corrupt democrats?

No political corruption in Aberdeen my ass!

That's what any clear thinking would think for certain

Anonymous said...

They do nothing vote them out

Anonymous said...

What won't get done this week under the dems. I'm sure the list is long and undistinguished if you've lived here over ten years. How long until the shoe drops on taxes hitting the fan is what I worry about.

Anonymous said...


D Democrats
I Incompetent
S Secretive
A Arrogant
P Political
P Pervasive
O Obstinant
I Ignorant
N Nincompoops
T Treacherous
I Introverted
N Neanderthals
G Gregarious

In other words Democrats

Anonymous said...

Debt service increase over 63% between 2012 and 2016?


Did we all get 14k gold toilets?

It's $26.9 million dollars people.

Wake the F up and vote these miscreants out of office on election day.

Please help us save what the democrats have not destroyed or spent us into such a horrible level of debt.

Please vote for Canberra, Sullivan and Toomey for a chance to stop the democrat only leaderships financial bleeding.

Anonymous said...

I called a builder to add on to my house today and two of the companies I called will not work in this town. I need to look into this further. Anyone ever experience anything like that before?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Aberdeen please excuse our political corruption

Welcome to Aberdeen we are so screwed over by our crooked politicians

Welcome to Aberdeen if you're related to a politician you're AOK

Anonymous said...

Think about how outraged the liberals and their media would be if Hilary was President of the United States and everything she said or did was so overexamined and ovepublicized like the abuse President Trump has endured since Election Day? Make America Great Again will happen whether the democrat liberals and their media likes it or not.

Anonymous said...

Fake News is right the liberal media and democrats are scum.

Anonymous said...

Fake news rules the day but why?

An "anonymous source" once again says Trump disclosed classified information to the Russians in a meeting.

Everyone present in the room denied it saying it never happened.

Now the liberal news media will spend days on this non-story story trying to undermine Trump.

What happened to our America?

Anonymous said...

Waterpark this the D's think is what this town needs? Idiots all!




Anonymous said...

I think the democrats are missing out on a great opportunity.

I think they need to advertise their political services on Craigslist.

Here is one ad we all know would best describe our democrats.

For Sale:

Township of Aberdeen Monmouth County New Jersey it can't get any simpler than that since our town is in fact For sale.

For Sale that is to the highest bidder.

For Sale to convicted felons.

For Sale to unscrupulous developers.

For Sale to business owners who betray their fellow business owners.

For Sale to so called professional service contract providers.

For Sale to campaign contributors who illegally kickback to politicians.

For Sale to single bidders who hire connected family members and politicians.

This is the absolute truth of our democrat only political leadership that has failed to lead and spend wisely for decades.

Anonymous said...

If you've got nothing worthwhile to say just sit there and look dumb.

Right Councilwoman Kelly?
Right Councilman Swindle?
Right councilwoman Montone?
Right Councilman Hersch?
Right Councilman Martucci?

I would include Councilman Cannon but he always has a dumb look on his face.

Anonymous said...

Democrats=useless for decades

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obama ignored and weakened our military

Obama ignored Benghazi and people died

Obama ignored our veterans care

Obama ignored Wall Street

Obama doubled the national debt to 19 trillion

Obama ignored Congress

Obama ignored crime in America

Obama ignored the Middle East and its worse

Obama ignored North Korea and it got worse

Obama called ISIS the JV team and they grew

Obama was a joke

And now it's a full court press against Donald Trump who's is trying to fix the Obama messes

The democrats are killing America politically

Anonymous said...

Millions upon millions spent corruptly=Nothing but unchecked spending that only benefits our self serving corrupt democrats

Anonymous said...

Millions upon millions spent corruptly=Nothing but unchecked spending that only benefits our self serving corrupt democrats

Anonymous said...

Just one thing show me one thing the D's did that did. It involve patronage, single bidders, CME or political corruption. I'm waiting Ivanwhore for your laughable response.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in Aberdeen
where politics is not ever clean

The democrats took hold of things
taxpayers made to jump thru rings

Promises made promises not kept
every campaign season D's crept

Like snakes in the grass all of them
bad taste in mouths just like phlegm

Another election we face this year
with more lies for certain nothing clear

They'll tell us how good they've done for us
if you don't question Fred or that little cuss

They're all just professional liars that's all
I myself can't wait until they politically fall

Taxpayer robbing development they'll push
more lies with us taxpayers taking it in the tush

Sweetheart backroom deals is the truth of it all
what we need to do is build a town hall wall

Keep the crooked politicians out of there
them and the thieving cronieswho don't care

The oath of office they take they quickly betray
just like anyone who questions never get a say

From on high they sit saying plenty not really
it is all just smoke and mirrors all just so silly

Anonymous said...

Where oh where did the 26.9 million go

Down the democrat and CME rat hole fo sho

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Aberdeen NJ aka Corrupterdeen

Drive really fast or our politicians will steal your rims and tires

Anonymous said...

Your towns so called leadership is not just borrowing they are betraying all of you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Aberdeen BEND OVER

Anonymous said...

How can you people keep doubting our dems. I mean come on look at all they've done. Right Stevie Wonder 😎

Anonymous said...

Just read tonight's democrats fng us taxpayers big time. Amendments to the budget. Who're the budget was even probably publicized. Just another politically corrupt day in Corrupterdeen. right mayor Carmino. This town is a fng joke.

Anonymous said...

From a too talkative former Town Councilman who says McAleer will not give up and the Mayor knows it. We shall see what we shall see I guess.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Washington DC by the too deeply entrenched democrats and some republicans is nothing short of treason. Clinton and Obama and even Hilary are guilty of far more agregious acts. Where was the outrage? Hypocritical bastards embarsssing the United States of America in from of the world in rumors and anonymous sources. Really Schumer, Pelosi and Maxine Waters Are able to point fingers and make accusations. Give me a break is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

What's going on at town hall tonight there's cars everywhere? Should I hope against hope it's a big confession session for our money laundering do nothing democrat only politicos?

Anonymous said...

Poems and songs about the corruptocrats rules. Right Ivanasshole?

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful morning even here in Aberdeen
where it's know our politicians are all unclean

From the top on down they all have something
all that is hidden while they go for the brass ring

Brass ring that is of illegal bribes and favors too
you see bribing politicians here is the thing to do

Whether it be at backroom meetings out of town
or illegal breakfast meetings called by Kauff the clown

They all know such things are or were breaking the law
this if known by many more could get closer look by law

The illegal shakedowns were commonplace under Norm
cohorts Mark and Steve and Milkman allegiant to Norm

Cost us plenty back in the day no less under present creep
wonder how any of them get a good nights sleep

Deny they all will do or take out the ones who know the truth
right up until someone stands up and swings like Babe Ruth

My source hears Joe M is the one some hope will swing away
they still work in a situation they no is bad but cannot say

So time will tell as to who or what will eventually happen
I hope whatever happens it'll have our politicians crappin

I know not my best work :) hard to rhyme the word happen

Anonymous said...

So another of Al's kids got promoted last night. The other one deserved it except now they need to promote Hank back to where he belongs. Morale still sucks here and no one gives a shit about the line.

Anonymous said...

Marathon of bullshit and self adulation last night at the swearing in. So many politicians sucking up all with those fake smiles like the Joker in the Batman movies. Finally we had to leave or throw up from all the fakery. Congrats to Mike and Brian though and to the new officers I say be careful and watch your back from the top on down.

Anonymous said...

You really expect Greg Cannon to be anything but an elitist low life scumbag. I mean he gets arrested for drugs with his friends and one falls for all in court and one becomes the Aberdeen legal eagle prosecutor. Such absurdity could not even work in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

You gotta know our mayor and council sit in their rooms and laugh at all they spend while they accomplishing nothing.

Anonymous said...

What is occurring in Washington DC in regards to Fake News and the forces of evil in the democrats and their liberal media is why nothing is getting done to Make America Great Again. Unnamed sources are just liars pure and simple. There's nothing there there people and the democrats can't get over the fact that they had a shit President and a worthless candidate that the liberal media invested everything in and they lost all credibility. So now it's not reporting the news any longer it's make up the news. It is always late day announcements from supposed insiders or people close to the administration that are lies. That's the truth about our politicians killing America.

Anonymous said...

Just got a fortune cooki fortune reading that said

Question: What is the difference between a town that has a business alliance that constantly has events that benefit the entire business and residential community and our Aberdeen New Jersey that doesn't?

The answer is: Handpicked political hacks that betray their fellow business owners and the community they are supposed to benefit.

Cliffwood Proud and Cliffwood Matters said...

This development on Cliffwood avenue would have never been allowed in Strathmore. The traffic is going to be a nightmare over here. Thanks for nothing Mayor Tagliarini and council.

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