Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lucky Ciaglia's Luck Runs Out

Special Note: Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia Landscape Design, LLC. has requested I post the following:

Please make the appropriate corrections to your verbiage. I am the owner of Ciaglia Landscape Design LLC. I have nothing to do at all with any variances, subdivisions and or tax breaks. I work 70 hours a week so that I can do for my children what my father (Anthony Ciaglia the Mason) has done for us. I am not a board member and quite frankly have never attended a board meeting in my life. I am not saying that I do not care about the town, but I spend most of my time trying to grow my business so I can afford to stay here in Aberdeen. Please know that I am not a builder nor am I affiliated with any type of new construction of homes in this town. Should you have any questions regarding my personal or business life, please contact me at anytime. I would be more than happy to interview.

Aberdeen’s been good to the Ciaglia family. There’s Joe Ciaglia of VRI Realtors, Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia Landscapers, and Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia Builders. All of them have built successful careers through hard work and their fair share of good fortune. But John Ciaglia of Ciaglia Builders has been the luckiest one of all. He has an unbroken streak of winning variances, building on subdivided lots, and garnering tax breaks in Aberdeen Township. Sadly, it seems John’s luck is about to run out.

Again and again, John Ciaglia has won the right to subdivide land and build on lots that are too small to accommodate his houses. In 2000, he won the right to subdivide two lots on Church St. into 5 properties, even though each lot would only be 75 feet wide instead of the 100 foot zoning minimum. That same year, the zoning board allowed him to construct five homes on a tract formerly owned by the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church. In 2003, he was allowed to subdivide a property on Atlantic Avenue and build a second house on a 6,250 square foot lot. Then there’s the 7,500 square foot lot on Dolan Avenue. He’s now looking for a variance to convert the corner mother/daughter house on Church St. and Atlantic Ave. into a legal two residence.

To assist with any zoning requests, the town council obligingly appointed Joe Ciaglia (I believe of landscaping) to sit on the Zoning Board.

At each turn, the public has opposed Ciaglia’s expansion plans on grounds that over-developing the land would detract from the neighborhood and the added tax revenue would be lost to the costs of schooling for incoming families. After all, why have zoning regulations if they constantly get waived for developers.

The most egregious zoning exemptions were granted for 75 Cambridge Dr., a house that is only a few feet from the street on three sides and nearly bumps into the retaining wall on the backside. (There is a jutting strip of land that constitutes much of the 8,390 sq. ft. of land.)

By granting the zoning requests, Aberdeen Township enabled John Ciaglia to buy land on the cheap, subdivide the properties, and build as much as he could. But then the township went one step further. In a town that has the third highest tax rate in Monmouth County, where the locals howl against over-development, where our school district is being overwhelmed by nearly 4,000 students, Aberdeen Township declared all of Ciaglia’s development properties as “vacant land” rendering them almost tax-free.

Before continuing, I need to explain a couple of items regarding property taxes. Real estate consists of the land itself, including everything above and below it, and any “improvements” on the land (i.e. houses, buildings, swimming pools, etc.). To determine market value, an appraiser first determines “best use” of the property and then evaluates the property through one of three methods – comparables, income, and cost to build.

The township then assesses the property based upon presumed market value. To keep the bookkeeping simple, rather than change a property’s assessed value with each fluctuation in the marketplace, the township maintains a constant assessment but uses an “equalization factor” to determine the ratio between the assessed value and market value. Market value times equalization factor equals assessment. For example, in 2008, Aberdeen Township’s equalization factor is 37.94 percent. A house with a market value of $400,000 would be assessed $151,760.

When assessing a developer’s property, we need to first assess the best use of the property and then the improvements. So, let’s say a developer purchases farmland and then applies for the land to be rezoned for residential. The land would be initially assessed as farmland but then assessed as residential property after the zoning change.

Regarding improvements, the legal standard is that every developer is assessed full market value once the improvement is “substantially complete”. What’s the definition of “substantially complete”? If a person could live or work in the structure, it’s substantially complete. No need to wait for final touches.

Now, let’s look at Ciaglia’s properties. As mentioned, the township allowed him to subdivide two lots on Church St. into five. Have a look at the tax table for the Ciaglia properties on Block 55, Lots 9.04, 9.05, 9.06, 9.07, and 9.08. Notice how they’re all assessed as vacant land in 2002. Flip through the pages and you’ll see that whichever properties are owned by Ciaglia remain assessed as vacant land. There is one exception – block 55, lot 9.07 in 2004. That’s because the property was sold in 2003 but not recorded until 2004.

Of course, that’s not proof that anything is amiss. It’s possible that Ciaglia sold the homes as soon as he finished them. (The township doesn’t track when properties become “substantially complete”.)

Nor is it proof that it happened again on Oakshades Avenue on block 275, lots 10.01 and 10.02. Or that it also happened on Shadynook Street, block 315, lot 3.

But Cambridge Park, that’s proof.

Ciaglia purchased land from the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in 2002 for $250,000. Although he initially intended to build six homes, part of the property was declared a wetland, reducing the project to five houses. Have a look at the tax tables for block 68, lots 16.02, 16.03, 16.04, 16.05, and 16.06. The properties are only assessed at $1660 each. Using the 2003 equalization factor of 67.67%, the township valued all five properties together for $12,265, less than 5% of the purchase price.

Basically, the township assessed the properties as if they were still zoned for a place of worship. Even when all the zoning variances had been approved, the Ciaglia lots were assessed for a pittance of the purchase price. Even when all the permits were issued. Even when construction began. And even when construction was “substantially complete”.

In 2006, I received the following MLS listing - 10105935, 75 CAMBRIDGE DR, ABERDEEN, NJ - $649,900.00. The listing has since expired but it described 75 Cambridge Dr. as being built in 2005. Then take a look at the tax record. In 2006, it was still being assessed $1660 (a market value of $3670). In 2007, it was assessed as residential property with zero improvements. Only in 2008, has it finally been assessed full value.

In 2006, Ciaglia paid $440.95 in taxes for properties worth over $3,000,000.

The game plan was a simple one. Ciaglia’s properties were only re-assessed at the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. But builders don’t apply for the certificate until they’re about to sell the properties. Why Aberdeen Township chose to play this game, I don’t know.

But then John Ciaglia’s luck ran out. Of the five properties, he’s only been able to sell one; the lots are too small to warrant such high prices in this neighborhood. Then came the housing slump and the credit crunch. Then came Holly Reycraft, Aberdeen’s new tax assessor.

Unfortunately for Ciaglia, Reycraft neither knew of, nor was interested in, any “understanding” Ciaglia had with the township. Her only concern was doing her job as defined by law. The New Jersey State Constitution demands that “All real property . . . shall be assessed according to the same standard of value.” (Article VIII, Section 1(a)) There are no exceptions for developers, even in Aberdeen Township.

So, one day, Reycraft just happened to be driving down Cambridge Drive when she noticed all the new houses. Back at the township, she discovered an “oversight” in the tax rolls and immediately adjusted the property assessments for Cambridge Park to reflect full market value.

Well, John Ciaglia was not pleased at all. He challenged the assessments at the county level and was rebuffed. Now, he’s waiting to make his case before the Tax Court of New Jersey, docket number 000134-2008. Unfortunately for him, the case isn’t scheduled until September.

Including his two houses on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Church St., John Ciaglia is sitting on about $2 million in debt and spending over $250,000 a year in interest payments, property taxes, and upkeep, while watching his properties lose value.

Then again, this is Aberdeen. Let’s see if John Ciaglia’s luck turns around. As for Holly Reycraft, pray she doesn’t meet the same fate as former town manager, Stuart Brown.
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matawan advocate said...

Why hasn't any of this been investigated by Aberdeen? What is being covered up?

Anonymous said...

Some trivia, not relevant, but interesting none the less:
1) The Cifelli family and the Ciaglia family are related by marriage.
2) The original Foutain Casino on rt 35 in Cliffwood was built by Anthony Spaliero, sold to the Cifelli family and finally sold to some "friends" from landfill island.
3) Ever notice all the Cifelli containers around town? (good pricing)
4) Take a look at the election donations.(Was it worth it?)
5) Remember where the old DMV office was? Cifelli plaza on 34.
6) Dora Lane off of Line Road named after Dora Cifelli-Ciaglia.
7) Typical Italian family, someone is always fighting.
8) Cifelli also builds in town but uses a different LLC to stay under the radar (smart).
9) Generally nice people. I don't understand why they don't sell Norman and the crew up the river.
10) Unfortunately Cambridge Drive is gonna really hurt. It must have "cost" alot to get that project through.
11) When will the builders see that the cost of dealing with "Norm" and crew really affects their bottom line and it is just not worth it?

The Great Cornudo

Anonymous said...

Come on Matawan Advocate you know the answer to your own question.

The answer is very simple.

The answer is KAUFF, VINCI, SCUDEIRI, KOREN, SOBEL who by the way as many of us objected to the two houses built on the undersized Atlantic Avenue lot by Ciaglia Builders was " We should approve these two houses as we would'nt want to take food out of his childrens mouths". I nearly choked that night.

Then again their is Drapkin and all of the other fools who follow Kauffs instructions to the letter.

Sobel proved it in not so many words that it is OK for Ciaglia to build houses as he wants and not pay taxes in appropriate levels, but obviously Sobel forgot about all of the taxpayers who he is supposed to represent who it seems all too clearly have paid Kauff and his crew to subsidize the Ciaglia empire.

But of course who should profit from all of these failed tax office accountings and building approvals? Of course no one but the democratic committee of Aberdeen, in political donations from the Ciaglias.

Perhaps the ABERDEENER needs to look up the political donation records for the years when Ciaglia made the largest political contributions and got his in kind and without any difficulty, questionable building approvals.

Perhaps there is a direct connection and another question. Who is their lawyer or legal adviser inside town hall protecting the Ciaglai interests?

Anybody seen Norman Kauff lately? I here all you have to do is look under any Ciaglia's ass, he is right there, as usual, ready to sell out the taxpayers once again.

So sad ! So Sad !

But that is business as usual in Aberdeen. And I also ask where are the newspapers and Prosecutor Valentine to look into all of this?

On behalf of my neighbors on 7th street I hope for changes or at least indictments.

Anonymous said...

Remember -- Ciaglia's business grew when Coren was Manager and Kauff was the Township Attorney. Need I ask .. for whom the bell tolls ...

Anonymous said...

I am on this site every so often updating my husband who is in Kuwait on whats going on in Matawan.

Unfortunately Aberdeen seems much more interesting. I have a suggestion for the Aberdeener. Why not let the newspapers do a story on you and the others in the area who put themselves out their and inform the public.

It is quite obvious you are telling the truth as there have been no plausible denials or lawsuits from the elected officials you inform us about.

If my husband was home here and we lived in Aberdeen he would not be silent or anonymous. When people use ANONYMOUS on this site they hide from those who are robbing them blind. Complacency by the electorate and the failure to get involved, my Dad always says allows the elected officials of any community to feel untouchable.

They are not untouchable!

On behalf of my husband I tell Aberdeen "do not be so complacent, get involved.

Please say a prayer for my brave husband fighting to unfortunately allow your elected officials to rob you blind.

Kim S. Matawan

Aberdeener said...


Please email me your husband's address in Kuwait - don't need a name, we'll just address it to Kim's Husband from Matawan.

We're going to send him a care package so he knows he's in our prayers.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

There is a word for all of this
in- breeding and inter-marrying coupled with the obvious illegal activity of elected officials and scumbag lawyers.

What is that word?

I got it!


Sleep well all you elected officials I hear they have been watching all of you.

A little bird who used to be a big bird in the county told me so.

Enjoy your freedom and remember get a good lawyer and make the deal first.

The best show ever on television The Sopranos has nothing on Aberdeen. My old neighborhood was never this bad.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Organized crime.

Here is one for you.

What do you get if you are greedy and over price your houses by $100,000.00


All that money diverted to the Kauff and Koren retirement accounts cannot be that untraceable.

Just check their purchases of major items. Something like maybe, I don't know a $750,000.00 sailboat.

I hear Koren named the boat


Thats funny I don't care who you are.

Anonymous said...

Talk about conflicts of interest. Sobel, Vinci, Ciaglai, and others all handpicked by Norman Kauff to sit on Normans Planning and Zoning boards. All of them directly involved with the towns progress or lack there of, as well as the necessary approval processes from which Norman will get his share.

All are selected and positioned to assure that all of Norman Kauffs people get everything they bribe (oops) I mean pay him for.

Ciaglai gets his, C.M.E. gets theirs, Koren we now hear got a sailboat, Vinci got his land, and only God knows what else the rest of them sold their souls to the Aberdeen Devil (Norman Kauff) for.

And finally there is the reality that Norman Kauff the "Capo De Tutti Capo" gets to write it all off on the expenses of the stupid and bewildered taxpayers. It is so obvious by all the Aberdeener has shown us, the mere fact that Norman Kauff is in fact the "Godfather" of the Aberdeen Democratic Party Crime Syndicate.

Perhaps we could entice Bob Engle author of "New Jersey The Soprano State" to write a sequel with a title like "Aberdeen New Jersey it isn't Mayberry" or perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Aberdeen New Jersey where out in the open, corrupt political practices flourish and thrive undeterred".

Perhaps Bob Engle might be able to get Norman kauff to write the Forward of the book.

Who else would have more experience and direct personal involvement than the man himself, Norman Kauff or as my wife and I refer to him, "The Thief of Aberdeen"? Hopefully by the time such a book could be published Norman Kauff and all of the rest of them will have orange jumpsuits to wear each and everyday where the word CONVICTED FELON would then replace their names. I am certain it would make all of their families so proud.

Maybe if I hurry up and fall asleep I can dream a little dream of Norman Kauff cowering in a corner of a jail cell with his new cellmate Leon standing over him.

You see in my dream Leon likes little old white men a lot ! I mean he really likes you Norman in the same way you treated Aberdeen. By screwing the citizens, every which way you could. We hope Leon treats you the exact same way.

Remember Norman we paid your bill in full and you and your firm still screwed us over. Payback is a bitch.

Just remember Norman everything has a way of coming back to the center. Speaking of center Norman, Bubba will like your center, a hole(whole) lot.

Gotta Go Mrs. Middlesex is calling.

Anonymous said...

"Lucky Ciaglia" tile hides the obvious.

While I respect your use and gentle suggestion by such a title, leaves the content and proofs an easy map to follow the money trail all the way to the one, the only, NORMAN KAUFF.

A man seldom seen, little known but a man with an obvious penchant for M-O-N-E-Y !

The fact that many of us do not know him and would probably walk right past him in a store should not stop us from storming town hall and asking Mayor Soble about his supposed "close personal friend".

Norman Kauff only has one friend. It is made of paper and is
approximately 3inches by 6 inches, it has different denominations and value. Sometimes its faded and sometimes it is written, on but Norman spends it and shares it with all of his "close personal friends" I have no doubt.

I hope all of his close personal friends have really started to look for lawyers.

By the way Aberdeen it was Christmas morning at the Aberdeen Town Council meeting last night. Norman and his crew dressed up as Santa and gave all of their gifts to C.M.E. it must be a down payment on next year campaign donations. Big presents with more of our tax dollars given with no regard.

Just sit there all of you.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the song title "where have you gone Tom Powers".

For many of you who would be unaware, there used to be a man who unfortunately has long since moved away. He gave his heart to Aberdeen. His name was Tom Powers a former politician who helped my wife and I through some tough times many years ago for which we owe a debt we cannot pay.

This man would be up in arms about the obvious almost criminal goings on in Tom's Aberdeen.

While we too are ready to move on and out of Aberdeen we are sad to see what has become of our Matawan Township. For some the name change to Aberdeen gave us some form of separation and sense of self. Obviously the bad side of the equation may have done is to have given us were people like this Kauff character that is so highlighted.

Adios Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post before that started "Lucky Ciaglia" tile hides the obvious.

We as residents just sit here, no one was at the town council meeting yet I read this blog daily and everyone whines and complains about everything. It's fine to sit at your computer and vent your fustrations but don't act like you are doing anything when you DON'T!

I will repeat what I always say, if you have a problem show up and make your point instead of sitting at home at 7:00pm and typing on this blog site.

Brian from Aberdeen

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, You are correct, we know the answer. Matawan is experiencing the costly results of Scuderi and the Democratic majority. Matawan will be paying back Scudieri for his financial support of $8500. to Mary Aufseeser's attempted re-election. Wonder how much the County Dems will be contributing to the Nov. council election.
Afterall, we are still paying for Cannon's replacing Bunyon on the ballot. Can't wait to see what the legal firm who represented Dems and were appointed Redevelopment Attorney for Matawan Borough last year have charged us for the lack of Redevelopment!

Anonymous said...

Of all the contributors to the aberdeener does anyone else find it strange that nsectionjoe fails to put himself out there on the Cailgia topic. While I keep quiet and enjoy this site his absence on this and other subjects involving town hall say a lot to me.

So much for his point of view.

Anonymous said...

Kevin-K Gardens threw me under the bus for some reason, so I will respond.

I work in town hall and enjoy my job and the service I provide. However, having been involved and critical of town business in the past, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on the Board of Education where 65% of my tax dollars are spent, for now. Don't get me wrong I am concerned as to some topics I read about of course. But you can understand that a person such as myself or other employees in the town offices or schools should be impartial.

While I have met the Aberdeener on one occasion I find he provides an important service, but all my efforts need to be concentrated on the school board especially under the new majority control.

Other people for good or bad are involved in other efforts and numerous topics. Unfortunately some of their opinions and information are a bit harmful. That conduct is up to them.

On the subject of the Ciaglias as a PRIVATE CITIZEN, I find it very troubling and all too telling of the past practices of Aberdeen, which hopefully will be questioned going forward. Questions of course of every building application submitted needs to be done. We cannot afford the children that come out of such building approvals. For instance when a 50 house development goes up and the builder walks away with a $10,000,000.00 profit the taxpayers foot the bill annually at $12,000.00 (+ -) per student. A 50 house development could produce 50 children easily. That is an additional $600,000.00 bill to the taxpayers and that builder contributes nothing going forward after he leaves Aberdeen.

Builders like Ciaglia and others may not be Hovnanian types but the damage they can also do to a school district needs to be reviewed and perhaps restricted.

Presently builders like the Ciaglia's and many other builders big and small, are victims of the economy and in some cases their own greed.

So Ken just relax and pick your fights carefully, I do.

Time for change said...

Speaking of Atlantic Avenue:

On the corner of Church and South Atlantic, right next to Town Hall, there is a beige house with red shutters. It had three for sale signs along South Atlantic Ave. Rumor has it that the old gentleman that lived there passed away and it was sold, so that it could be subdivided and three houses could be built. One for sale sign remains. Do you know the name and phone # on the sign? It is Ciaglia and the phone # is 732-259-7232.

Further down Atlantic Ave, a few hundred feet from the Train Station, on the corner of Atlantic and Harrison, stood one house. Now there are two newer houses. The first, on the corner of Atlantic and Harrison was built and occupied immediately. The second, on Atlantic, remained a vacant lot for a few years, and about 2 years ago, a house was built on the property and remains for sale, almost 2 years later. Do you know the name and phone # on the sign? No name, but yes, the same Ciaglia phone # 732-259-7232.

Does Ciaglia has a thing for Atlantic Ave?

Now, around the corner, a few feet down from the intersection of Atlantic and Lower Main, a house is being built, wedged in on a postage stamp size piece of land, and it is still under construction and for sale. Whose name is on the sign? Vincent Aquilino of the same realty company that employs Ciaglia. My guess is that Ciaglia is so busy trying to sell his new houses that don't sell that he is sharing the wealth with his fellow agents.

Keep up the great work Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

N section Joe has a point. We should leave him alone. He deserves his privacy. After all he is not one of Norman Kauff's close personal friends.

The other point he makes that makes a whole lot of sense is that the Board of education is responsible for far more tax dollars and needs to be kept in check.

Go get them N section Joe.

Night Shift CB

Anonymous said...

By land on the cheap would be an understatement.

Ciaglia was to have paid our church $250,000.00 when we went into contract with him to sell him the land. Our church like every other religious group had dwindling membership and a fire, which the sale of the property would help us to recover and rebuild our fund reserves to help us operate.

So how does this saint and purported pillar of the community Joe Ciaglia finally stand up as a man, he threatens our church. He and his family fail to pay our church for over two years.

Our church was even offered more money for the same property, considerably more money. When our church elders approached Joe Ciaglia and advised him of our needs and new ability to get even more money for the same property he got very upset. The same property that Joe Ciaglia and his family still owed our church payment for. We were now advised by Joe Ciaglia that he would take us take legal action against the church and take us to court which would cost the church a lot of money if they dare tried to sell the property to anyone else.

This is the type of people our illustrious mayor has stood up for.

Thanks for nothing on behalf of The Cross of Glory Church community to Aberdeen Mayor Soble, and all of the rest who gave the Ciaglia family every thing they ever asked for and sold us out with no problem.

Forget the fact that the Twon Engineers still have failed to address and oversee problems and damage caused during the construction process to our churches property and grounds. More courtesies from Aberdeen to the Ciaglia family and those who were paid to ensure ciaglia's building processes. The damage to the church property and grounds is still not been repaired and they should not be allowed to sell even one house until the Ciaglia's make the required repairs.

Good Luck to all who may ever have to deal with the Ciaglia Construction Company.

Check for your wallet when you walk away from them.

Anonymous said...

The church makes an unintended point -- CME Engineering is the only entity that has made money on those houses so far, not including Norm and buddies whose payment was "under the table."

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeener.....while I am neither a fan nor an adversary of Ciaglia(s) and their way of doing business, why are YOU not jumping up and down telling people to 'lay off' the 'bashing' like you insisted people 'lay off' 'picking on" NSectionJoe? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander!

Anonymous said...

#12 anonymous I am left very confused.

Firstly nsection does not run the town or enable the taxpayers to be robbed at every turn by those elected to serve the people of Aberdeen not themselves first. It is obvious you rather spend time protecting them and attack those who stand up and allow themselves to be counted. Often I do not agree with nsection but at least he does not hide like you ANONYMOUS #12.

Bashing of the politicos ruining Aberdeen is what we need. You spending time on nsection takes the light off of the real problems and topics.

So if I read you correctly you are upset that the bashing is upon each other, rather than those who are breaking the law as our supposed leaders.

Your allegiances are quite obvious to those you are fronting for.
Hurry up I hear your phone ringing with more instructions from your good friend Norman Kauff.

Don't waste our time. Back into your hole.

Anonymous said...

Don't pick on the Ciaglias?! Are you serious? They have profited off the plate of taxpayers who paid property taxes while they were given a free ride by Sobel, Vinci, Kauff, and the others. The Ciaglias even took advantage of a church, with Kauff's blessing.

Frankly, I still don't understand why the Ciaglias were given a tax holiday for so long. Are they also "good friends" of Mayor Sobel? Is there no shame?!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blog,

The topics and input on this site does not deserve to be interrupted because of my input or anyone else.

I respectfully ask that you stay on topic, if you find my comments disturbing or would like to discuss same I am in the book. The misuse of the site whether it be done to criticize me or anyone else is defeating the purpose and advisory itself.

The subjects of the Ciaglia's and others should be responded to in a manner that does not put one against the other as we did not provide the Ciaglia's with all of their approvals. Similarly those with clearly firsthand knowledge and opinions should be believed as they had nothing to do with that which caused the topic and its possible proofs.

My opinion is just that and I feel that time wasted criticizing me or others is time wasted. It is the topic and tax dollars that matter most.

I thank you for your time in this regard.

Anonymous said...

The Soparano's have nothing on the soap opera that is the crime syndicate that purports itself to be the Aberdeen Zoning Board, Planning Board and Town Council. Norman Kauff is our Tony Soprano.

Forget all of the vowels at the end of most of the players names. It is not their ethnicity, religion, national heritage or family ties that have caused the RICO violations at play in Aberdeen. The fact is that it is the political practice of PAY TO PLAY that steals from the taxpayers. Politicians and Power Brokers wrote the PAY TO PLAY rules and they always control the games outcome, at taxpayer expense.

Simply put NORMAN KAUFF owns the gambling casino that is Aberdeen Town Hall so if you want to play in at any of his slot machines or gaming tables, you have to pay his exorbitant membership fee.

But do not worry as high as his legal fees and his membership fee to enter the game of approvals you will always get your moneys worth. You see Norman Kauff controls the slot machine that is ABERDEEN. Simply put Aberdeen is Norman Kauff's own personal ATM machine.

If you doubt that just look at the approval records of most every application for land use the Ciaglia's, Cifelli's or the fronted companies they hide behind, ever submitted. With only one exception in all of these years and with all of the houses built only one time did the Ciaglia's and others not get what they wanted.

That is why they all come to Norman's Kauff's Casino to play as it is always worth a roll of the dice to play at Kauff's tables, where all you are dealt are aces. Aces for APPROVALS guaranteed! Guaranteed approvals that is ala Norman Kauff's power and control over his Zoning Board, his Planning Board and his Town Council. Now the rumor is that he is coming to my town. I am sure he has been there or given guidance to those like him.

Where are the authorities ? I already called and left Valentin a message as well as my former Mayor (?) Bobby Clifton, I remember him when he was a kid now look at him hiding from all of this. Such a waste! Maybe I should call Chris Christy and see what he could do next as he seems to prosecute all of the political scum without fail or political interference.

Sadly for all of us it really does not matter what party is in control in Freehold, Matawan or Aberdeen, they all play the same game and stealing from the taxpayers is their game. They have all of the cards stacked against us. They always win and the taxpayers always lose.

I apologize for all of the card game lingo as it is my night to host the game. Off to DeMarco's, to feed the boys.

If you can find our game tonight, bring cash, no IOU's accepted.

Anonymous said...

This Aberdeener has some set of balls. Take on all of these topics and the Cialia and Cifelli crime cartels.

Don't worry the Cialia family patriarch is all bark and no bite. As for his heir apparent offspring he is a burden I am sure.

You all should know their website is laughable. Cialia Design Group or something like that where it is stated that the elder Cialia passed on all of his forty years of construction experience to his son. Their obviously must be an illegitimate heir to the illegally attained Cialia fortune.

I looked on the Monmouth County area real estate websites and laughed for a couple of minutes straight when I saw what they were asking for the houses they still cannot sell, for over a year now.

$688,000.00 for a house with no land and no ability to even put a shed much less a pool.
I price everything I build as the market can take, no more no less.

So here is a hint junior, build what people can afford to buy next time. You won't be left on the balls of your ass like now.

Anonymous said...

I am here visiting my mother-in law for the weekend and she repeatedly mentions this site, which has raised my interest. Mom goes to temple and says people are talking of this site and its content.

So I thought while mom was napping I would jump on and see what she is so upset about. Well after forty five minutes and much reading it is easy to see that Aberdeen has its share of problems. The topics and responses are both intense and alarming as it is obvious that your community is being short changed by those you have elected. Of course I should not talk as we live in New York State and we have recently had our share of political problems. However, the amount of fervor and opinion on your leadership here is disturbing as it involves the same cast of people who seem to be elected officials.

Likewise it does not take much to recognize this Norman Kauff so often spoken of has such a devoted and opinionated following, who hold him out to be Lazarus like. If older women at temple are disturbed and talking, it should only be a matter of time until people of authority step in and review all of these assertions and alarming activities. This as the same names are involved over and over again.
It is obvious this community has a major problem and needs an intervention of honesty.

I ask you to please excuse my long winded input. As I am an instructor by profession, I have often been told by some of my students that I can go on a bit too long.

Ben Frankle

Anonymous said...

Shame on all of us.

The last sign on and input from Mr. Frankle was very insightful especially from a man who does not even live here, but it shows us all that perhaps all of our time on this site venting and publicly discussing our troubled leadership, has people talking and concerned. Like the man said older ladies in temple are concerned and discussing the aberdeener.

Now if we can only get the word out to a few hundred more people in Matawan and Aberdeen, we may have a chance of ridding ourselves of the
Kauff cast of characters.

I myself want to see them all sweat it out and have their faces and reputations smeared all over the newspapers just like the rest of the politically corrupt and recently incarcerated scum.

Make them sweat.

Anonymous said...


1. shut up
2. get in your car and go fine someone whose grass is too high and give them a fine.

3. you have some nerve to criticize people when i drive around town and see the parts of YOUR JOB NOT BEING ENFORCED - i.e. high grass, garbage on lawns, and broken down cars in driveways -

let he who has done his job to he fullest,cast the first stone.

and if you did not want a trash talking session, no pun intended, do not use your name on here like an idiot b/c i am sure you have peeved off a few people before and i heard it is worse now!!!!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

At least Joe has the guts to post his name here and take it like a man, unlike the anonymous bashers.

It doesn't make him an idiot, it makes him a man.

If you'd like anyone to take your posts seriously, I suggest stopping the personal attacks/name calling, and possibly invest in a spell check program of some sort. It's hard to take a post seriously when it has glaring punctuation/capitalization errors. Just a suggestion.

Aberdeener said...

I concur with MrsB's latest comment.

I previously stated I was relieved to hear that some staff had already complained our new superintendent, Dr. O'Malley, was being overly aggressive. I took that as a positive sign he was doing his job.

Joe McAleer is the town's Code Enforcement Officer, not some beauty pageant contestant. I see these complaints as a badge of honor for him.

Anonymous said...

I want you to go over to your window.

Open it up as far as it will go.

Lean out and scream as loud as you can


Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Because that will get things done? How about show up to the Town Council meetings and say that instead, no that's right everyone would rather type on a blog about how unfair everything is. I am tired of all the whining from everyone, does anyone do anything? Call the press, call the Monmouth County Prosecutors office, call the State Attorney Generals office, show up to Town Council meetings? At the last meeting two people sat and listened to the meeting and after it was opened to the public not one person stood up to complain about Ciaglia, Sobel, Vinci, Kauff, etc..

Just keep complaining to each other on this blog, I am sure a lot will get done!

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

As for the rat that goes and continues to berate those of us who make our selves known, this as we do not hide behind the title anonymous like you do. It is obvious to all that you have a specific problem with nsection and have now advised us who he is and claimed he does not do his job. I question your true motives.
You remain a person who hides in the shadows.

Time to be a man.You are obviously have a personal agenda.

One final point is that as often as nsection comes on the site it is as a person involved, not as an employee in his town. Where do you work and how was your last review for all of us to analyze. Your examples are stupid and show your true problems are your own.

Middlesex Jim

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Brian, did you stand up and say anything?

Anonymous said...

I just had a question about the sea wall at the last meeting, but I go to keep informed. When everyone had a problem with Stuart Brown getting fired I showed up and stated my displeasure. I called the press and spoke to the Asbury Park reporter, so if I have a beef I do say something. Sometimes I show up and just listen, but I stay informed. If I have a problem I do something about it, I don't just talk on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add I think this site is great, I just get tired of reading everyone complaining and yet do nothing. I read all of these comments about how "there going to get there's" and "we are going to get them", but every town council meeting just a few show up and there they all sit and answer everyone's questions. If we have a problem show up and say something to them, that's all I am saying, it is a great forum.


Anonymous said...

Once again I apologize for the time and space taken up by a few who would rather attack me than analyze and get involved with the real problems effecting our town.

The fact that I am an employee in Aberdeen is not something i hide from nor something I am ashamed of, as I do my job very well. While I do often encounter people who would be of the type who would attack and criticize me anonymously I can assure the rest of you that if anyone ever receives a summons and has to appear in court they have ignored numerous opportunities to do the right thing.

I am unfortunately chastised by a few who would rather fight with me than take care of their own responsibilities. This I truly do not understand and it is not something I will back down on. I work for all of the people of Aberdeen and the fact that the only ones who step up to criticize me are anonymous shows their lack of credibility and backbone.

To Mr. of Mrs. Anonymous who complain about the trash and debris and unregistered vehicles, which according to our ordinances every property in Aberdeen is allowed to have one such vehicle on their property. I welcome your to call me at 8:30 any morning from now until 5/16/08 as I will wait by my desk until 8:45, your call will be unable to be identified I can assure you. I will answer any complaint or criticism you have with my performance and explain in detail the processes and limitations I work under as stated and adopted by law.

Have a good night Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Bravo ! To nsectionjoe.

While I have had to stand up to criticisms in my position in the private sector.I have never stated my case to a person as as you have just now. You have responded to someone who has criticized you informatively and effectively. I learned from you today, and I thank you.

Now be prepared if your phone does not ring and do not blame yourself, as it is a person who criticizes but fails to identify themselves that lacks a back bone and self confidence and honest identity of self.

nsectionjoe just so you know I am the one who thanked you at the last school board meeting for always standing up for our kids. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I agree a coward dies a thousand deaths the brave only one.

Keep it up nsectionjoe.

Anonymous said...

listen. i like this site. let us get some things straight.

1. n section joe brought all this on himself by starting a wild fire very inflamatory comments that, themselves, cannot be proven and attacked people who ALSO work for our town. bottom line. you cannot expect people to take getting maybe worngfully criticized and not face the back lash.

2. who cares who writes what with out a name. we are all educated enough to know who has facts and opinions to add and which ones can be tossed aside. some people do not want a back lash against them by what they write and would rather add to this forum with out a name. this is a small town and word travels - so does revenge. so i do not think it makes anyone less of a man to not write a name or make anyone more of a "man" as mrsb wrote - to give a name.

3. i will agree with one thing - GO TO MEETINGS - there is no public presence and you let the people YOU VOTED IN to create problems. There SHOULD be an investigation as to why there are so MANY banks and what RED TAPE is keeping a transit village from being built or why our CLIFFWOOD BEACH waterfront pales in comparison to union beach and keyport.

lastly - mrsb, challenging someone's intelligence because they do not use a spell check ON A BLOG or write in ALL LOWER CASE - is not too bright on your part. spell check is not on a blog and it is common for people to write in all lowers in emails and blogs = FYI. i think the person who challenged nsectionjoe may have had a problem with him in the past as i hear he can come off as a "loud mouth" and a "meddler" - let us be fair - just what i have heard - not saying it is law...

looking for to the aberdeener to investigate into some of the queries i wrote above -

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous attack on nsectionjoe. While I do not know him I checked with a long time resident last night who said he was, is and is glad that he has been involved.

Apparently he used to question and criticize many topics all which had to do with bettering the town or his area Cliffwood Beach.

His involvement had to with police staffing problems many years ago where the police were undermanned and nsection came out very vocally and with proof to restore the number of police we needed in town to be safe and to keep the police safe also.

On that one topic if he was right let him be a loud mouth and meddle. The rest of us did not know or were to busy with our lives to care.

Maybe he deserves criticism but obviously he is criticised for putting himself out there for his town. Have any of you done that?

gack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KrisMrsBBradley said...

To respond, there are many programs that will let you spell check wherever you type. I have mine on right now, through Fire Fox.

On another note, I did not mean to imply that the person typing in all lower case was of low intelligence. Only that people will take your writing more seriously and give more credence if you writing looks more intelligent -- and typing in lower case with no punctuation give s the impression that you are not.

I have to say that I rarely see emails or blogs that are typed without capitalization or punctuation. Well, except when I'm helping my daughter navigate the Jonas Brothers blog.

So before you insult my intelligence, maybe you should take a look at some of the posts here. Which do you want to read and take more seriously? The insulting ones with bad grammar, or the well written ones who stick to the matter at hand?

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Let's get past the grammar issue and move on to the real problems. If someone misspells something is it the end of the world, we are being a little nitpicky, no? I think we can all understand what the people are trying to say, let's move on.

Anonymous said...

When will Vinci's taxes be adjusted?

Anonymous said...

He is likely to be indicted before that happens you can be sure. O'h wait he should be indicted for the land grab conflicts of interest and favoritism shown to the Cialias and others as he sat on local leadership boards alone. On that subject Vinci was not alone as we remember Sobel and others who were hand picked to sit on Normans boards and did his bidding.

When we fought them on the Atlantic Avenue houses alone we were denied our rights and Cialai got his way again alone. For that alone they should all be indicted. That was a true crime and just another example of the Kauff-Cialia $$$ connection.

The other thing that needs to be questioned or put into place is that Vinci or anyone else cannot profit or make money on land sold to them for $1.00.

O'h wait that would jeopardize the Vinci retirement plan wouldn't it?

You cannot make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I took so long getting back to the site but I have been very busy.

I would also like to thank the Aberdeener for his concern and well wishes.

My Marine is well taken care of and fortunately we get to talk every 72 hours. Unfortunately with the time difference it is sometimes very early or late that we get to talk. Jimmy is in an area where they want for nothing or so he says. If anyone wants they could contact the Marine Reserve Unit in Red Bank for lists of units that need things. I am sure they would appreciate it.

My last call with him had us laughing when he recalled meeting Vinci one time when they were walking in our neighborhood. Jimmy recalls when he asked Vinci some pointed questions he turned white as a ghost. So much for independent though he would say after that encounter. Vinci just came out with a handout and the usual party line which means squat Jimmy always says.

Got to go now. Once again thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers.

Aberdeener said...

Special Note: Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia Landscape Design, LLC. has requested I post the following:

Please make the appropriate corrections to your verbiage. I am the owner of Ciaglia Landscape Design LLC. I have nothing to do at all with any variances, subdivisions and or tax breaks. I work 70 hours a week so that I can do for my children what my father (Anthony Ciaglia the Mason) has done for us. I am not a board member and quite frankly have never attended a board meeting in my life. I am not saying that I do not care about the town, but I spend most of my time trying to grow my business so I can afford to stay here in Aberdeen. Please know that I am not a builder nor am I affiliated with any type of new construction of homes in this town. Should you have any questions regarding my personal or business life, please contact me at anytime. I would be more than happy to interview.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that people can make such false accusations and are not aware that they can be sued for Libel and making false claims against one's character and heritage. The problem in this state is that people talk but do not know all the facts. Also, you all vote these politicians in and then it is too late. Know the facts before you vote and make accusations.

Aberdeener said...

Someone libeled Joe ciaglia of landscaping? Here's what I wrote:

"All of them have built successful careers through hard work and their fair share of good fortune."

The only correction is that he's not the Joe Ciaglia who sits on the zoning board (of which I said I wasn't sure).

Anonymous said...

I want to make it very clear that the Joe Ciaglia that sits on the zoning board has nothing to do with builders or construction. He is a professional accountant and his family has never been in any construction business or real estate ventures. He is a respected father and professional in his field and always helps out the residents in Aberdeen. Also, he has no business deals and never had any business deals in Aberdeen. There are 4 Joe Ciaglias and there is no reason why false accusations should be made against the one on the zoning board, since he is an up right citizen and has always been.

Anonymous said...

But the true reality is that all the Ciaglias in town are related. I don't know about anybody here but I ussually try to help out my family. Let's not forget who does all the mason work for Ciaglia the builder, "Custom Masonry By Tony", right, Landscape Joey's dad.

Anonymous said...

Again comments are being posted without concrete information. HAving lived in this town for over 30 years here is a bit of trivia. John Ciaglia, Mike Ciaglia and Tony Ciaglia are all brothers who each have a son named Joe.

John Ciaglia is the patriarch of Ciaglia Builders, his son Joe is the builder/ realtor. Mike Ciaglia has worked for the Matawan School system for 30 plus years and his son Joe sits on the zoning board. Tony Ciaglia is a mason for 50 plus years and his son is Joe the landscaper. Neither Mike nor Tony has any involvement with Ciaglia Builders as this was an empire John and his son Joe built on their own.

Tony Ciaglia has done work for me over the years and I have to tell you I have never met a more hardworking honest man. Having spoken to Joe Ciaglia since he has been in business there could be know way either Joe or Tony have ever done any work for Ciaglia builders properties. (families don't always work for nothing for other family members) We need to make sure we get the facts straight before we start commenting.

Anonymous said...

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives!!! Just because people are some what related does not mean they have any thing to do with any bodies business deals. Every one is independent and conduct their own affairs and should not be criticized for being related to some one else. Remember what Jesus said, he who is without sin, cast the first stone.... I do not see anybody throwing any rocks....

Anonymous said...

The person who is making these false accusations about the Ciaglia's should be arrested. The Ciaglia family is a hard working and honest family. They are not all builders or real-estate agents and they are not people who would involve themselves with idiot politicians of any kind. Giuseppe Ciaglia who serves on the zoning board was appointed in 2006 and never had any dealings or voted on any real estate ventures involving Ciaglia Builders. He helped many residents in Aberdeen by listenting to their legitament requests for fences and sheds, and basically that is all he as a zoning board member ever could vote on. The Planning Board members get to vote on all the major building that goes on in town, not the zonining board. Also, the person making these idiotic accusations should know all the facts before he commits Libel against someone's character.

Anonymous said...

Who ever created this blog should know the facts before making crazy and fraudelent accusations about people and their families. It is obvious that the person making these silly accusations is a political idiot who believes he can make a difference with his false words. There are good quality people out there like Giuseppe Ciaglia who cares about his town and fights for the tax payers and believes in keeping Aberdeen clean and looking good. The Ciaglia's maintain their properties very well and make the neighborhood look great. That is because they believe in hard work and repsect their properties and the Town. Long Live Aberdeen and may all these idiots making these false accusations be sued and arrested.

Aberdeener said...

I'm afraid the last comment is not true in regards to conflicts of interest on the zoning board.

Please look at the recent minutes of the zoning board. The Ciaglias (builders) have applied to the zoning board to convert a mother/daughter house into a legal two family home.

There is an obvious conflict of interest when appointing a local developer's close relative to the zoning board.

Anonymous said...

The Aberdeener is correct, this is a clear conflict.

Anonymous said...

No Conflict, because the Ciaglia on the zoning board has to step down and recuse himself and would never be able to vote on that application, which is very obvious to an educated person. Therefore, no conflicts of interest. This is the procedure. Again,the facts need to be known before accusations fly.

Anonymous said...

If the Aberdeener has a bone to pick, then he better make sure he is picking it with the correct person. There is no reason why the Aberdeener should make such false and idiotic comments. There is no conflict of interest because in that case, a person has to recuse himself and not be able to vote on a relative's application, that is the law. Therefore, no conflicts of interests because no vote is being casted.

Anonymous said...

But I am sure the other board members feel no "loyalty" to another board member. I know the procedure, but the board usually passes these thing through because they don't want any future problem, ie if they need something done.

Anonymous said...

Enough about the Ciaglia's....Dont you have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with picking on Ciagla Builders? And the overpriced houses they have built on the back of Aberdeen residents.

As far as the Zoning Board, the real conflict is Kauff and his control of appointments. Conflicts go beyond Ciaglia. Cifelli/Edgewood Properties who is attempting to overburden the town with hundreds of townhomes on both Route 34 and on County Road (they own land under contract to Centex) is owned by another relation of the Ciaglia family.

Let's stop with the staged indignation and start paying attention to the conflict ridden, ethically challenged, morally bankrupt soup given to us by Kauff,Sobel,Drapkin,Vinci, Gumbs, and Raymond!

It's not our job to know what started the fire - but we know that there is a stink coming out of Airport Plaza and it starts in Kauff's office.

Anonymous said...

I want to comment on what the Aberdeener wrote regarding Minutes from the zoning board meeting...I was at those meetings when Ciaglia's application was proposed for the two family and this application is not one for Ciaglia builders. That property was purchased in 1979, (according to the meeting) house built in the 80's, well before Ciaglia builders was in existence. (and we can probably assume that Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia builders was probably still going through puberty at this time) Important to know based on the fact that the Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia builders spearheaded Ciaglia Builders and any alleged illegal doings...this case is completely separate from Ciaglia Builders...Furthermore, this property was always operated as a two family home (again from meeting) since it was built..and the town officials, ie inspectors, always new that as there has always been separate utilities etc. (and this was way before all your alleged corrupt politicians of today) And why wouldn't a two family here be acceptable? Since there have always been two families living here and overcrowding the schools is a non issue...Also, wouldn't a two family be better than an oversized frat house or boarding house for illegals. Since that's what you would get if rented all to one person (since there are 6 plus bedrooms etc.) this smells like trouble to me...

Lastly, How was this property ever approved for a final inspection? Are we to assume the people in charge back then were also corrupt??? then why all the talk about this now? Will the town ever be ran legitimately? I guess only if you appoint Pope Benedict as the new mayor. This is getting ridiculous!!! And again, get the facts straight!!

Anonymous said...

Very well put!!!

Anonymous said...

This last entry says it all

Aberdeener said...

Why do you say "this case is completely separate from Ciaglia Builders"?

The property is owned by John Ciaglia. Here's the tax record.

Anonymous said...

Hi im Joes son. All you people have to do is stay on the computer and write the blog. Why dont you say this to the town. Fuck you all Jelous ass bithes. You fuckan people have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Last poster, if you are really Joe's son. He did not wash your mouth out with soap enough when you were a boy.
I hope you are more polite with your customers.

Did you pass English in High School?

Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding this last message from Joe's son...first of all Joe from the landscape has two daughters...and Joe from the builders and the zoning have one son each barely old enough to write something like this...I am appalled that people can post things like this just in a lame attempt to make the Cialia' family look even more ignorant. Let's try and remember that people will write just about anything under an anonymous name....let's remember the facts...

Anonymous said...

Enough of this. After reading all these blogs I can only say one thing. If you ask me the only "man" in the Ciaglia family is the landscaper. He had the nerve to set the record straight and stand up for himself and his family with nothing but class. This Ciaglia father raised him right. The only thing wrong with him is that his parents named him Joe when there was another idiot with the same name running around. And I've met the Joe from the builders and he couldn't be a pimple on Joe scaper's behind.

Hats off to you landscape Joe. You're a real man!

Anonymous said...

and Why would anyone be jealous of Joe Ciaglia of Ciaglia Builders -- I haven't seen more unsold houses when everything around them is selling. For the inflated price he is asking, he doesn't even landscape the houses. I've never seen a new house with absolutely no landscaping -- not even the token evergreens. Joe "Builder" Ciaglia is a loser that gives his cousins a bad name by association. I hate looking at those houses everyday when I get my paper in the morning.

Anonymous said...

to fellow builder in area. if you think I am all bark and no bite. please have the courage to identify yourself and i will show you my bite. COWARD !

joseph ciaglia the builder

Anonymous said...

regarding the church property. the reason they had to sell the land because the church faced bankruptcy. it was due to congregations incompetence, lack of church members, and not proper insurance coverage. the price paid was market value at the time. it took time to remove deed restrictions and get approvals. when in contract you can't sell to nobody else. I know the ciaglia's cut the grass for FREE, for those two years. the church provided a financial hardship letter to the township to remove the deed restrictions.the church would not exist today, if was not for aberdeen township or ciaglia builders.

Anonymous said...

when you pickup your paper everyday. please check the lotto section. maybe one day you could afford one of those fine homes with no landscaping. idiot !

Anonymous said...

Regarding the zoning application for the two family, the owners are currently john, anthony, and carmela Ciaglia. A deed was transferred from Josephine to john ciaglia 6/1997 due to estate planning. The tax record you referenced for john Ciaglia on the web displays records only back till 1996. The property was purchased in 1979 by john, josephine, carmela and anthony Ciaglia. See the following book and pages. Book 4211, page 130, book 4329, page 694. You can view at deed room in freehold. Get your facts straight. This is just another bad example of misrepresentations, lies and false accusations about the Ciaglia family. They are all hardworking honest people. The have been in the matawan/aberdeen area for over 50 years with a great reputation. Someone sees a family business grow and become successful and it bothers a few neighbors and or relatives. They are far from being bankrupt or out of business. Go ask KARA HOMES OR SOLOMON DWEK.

Anonymous said...

Are any of those properties available? I just found a crisp dollar bill in my desk! Long live the king!

Anonymous said...

So, to paraphrase the sob story of how the Ciaglias and the Norm's people at the Township saved the church -- While Kauff was Township Attorney and Coren was Manager, they conspired with John and Joe Ciaglia to take advantage of the church, which was in a desperate situation.

It's all perspective. From where I stand, as a taxpayer of this town, Kauff, who was representing the Township, did a real solid for a developer, who he was not representing.

Familiarity brings contempt, and this branch of the Ciaglia family tree has conspired with certain Township officials to warp the Zoning Code and overbuild, take advantage of a church (even if they are mismanaged, and devalue the price of nearby properties by building psuedo-mcmansions that are an eyesore.

Kauff and his cronies have no shame.

Anonymous said...

no one told the church to sell the land. they did not complain after they got the cash. mcmansions! ha ! ha !. you must live in a tent ! west virgina is calling for you. you dam hillbilly !

Anonymous said...

They are pseudo-mcmansions because they are overpriced eyesores that are slapped together with no regard to the character of the neighborhood. In other words, for the less than intelligent person posing as Joe (builder) Ciaglia they are just overpriced houses that lack character. [See definition below].

1. not actually but having the appearance of; pretended; false or spurious; sham.
2. almost, approaching, or trying to be.
[Origin: 1940–45; independent use of pseudo-]
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)

Anonymous said...

if you were intelligent and had any courage. you would identify yourself. i hope your happy in your tee-pee. YOU COULD NEVER BUY A NEW HOME.

Anonymous said...

Joe Ciaglia again proves his own ignorance. He's the one sitting on 4 - count them, 4, homes he cannot sell. What an arrogant SOB.

Anonymous said...

at least i own many homes and properties which are paid for. how long will it take to pay off your shack. asshole !

Anonymous said...

Aren't we a little bit touchy. Obviously this topic has hit a raw nerve. Everyone else is selling homes - just not you. Don't blame everyone else for your bad judgment. You are the loser cousin and everyone knows it. Your cousins didn't jump on the blog to defend you -- they only sought to distance themselves from the loser cousin and make sure that everyone recognized that they weren't you. You, sir, are the loser. The truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHA! 4 houses!

Anonymous said...

Those houses will sell rather quickly because they have large backyards- HAHAHAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

Those houses are so close that you could hear your neighbor's fart. Good luck "Joe the Builder"

Anonymous said...

Any Ciaglia's out there looking to get a name change???? Any takers??

Anonymous said...

Does anyone need the definition of bankruptcy???

Aberdeener said...

I respectfully ask my readers to stop attacking the Ciaglia family. The information is out there for everyone to review and reach his own conclusion.

Even those who feel the Ciaglia builders deserve punishment should recognize there's a fine line between justice and cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Aberdeener,

With all due respect, while as a resident of Aberdeen, I am concerned about my taxes and the effects this type of corruption has on them.

However, I feel that you may want to devote some attention on the train station debacle.

As a NYC commuter and lifelong resident of Matawan-Aberdeen, I pay 1000 yearly to park in the parking lot of someone's home, quite a walk away from the station, while I am nearly stampeded upon each and every night watching folks from Marlboro, Manalapan, Holmdel and other surrounding towns race to where they park their shiney new Mercedes Benz and BMW's in the convenient public parking lots so they can be the first one's out of the lot.

I know of people who just move into town who are put to the top of the list simply because they know someone while I was told to wait 10 YEARS! I may be retired by then!

This is a long standing problem in Aberdeen and Matawan that I believe is much more significant than the Ciaglia family affairs that have been beaten to death on this blog.

Concerned Aberdeen Resident.

Aberdeener said...

The current waiting list for a parking spot is 14 years. My understanding is that the public parking lots are owned by the transit authority; the municipalities are forbidden from offering preference to local residents.

Meanwhile, there's been no progress on the Transit Village and the municipalities aren't considering any alternatives.

I have heard suggestions of running a van service up and down the main streets during peak hours but I don't know if there is sufficient interest. There's no reason we couldn't initiate a pilot program.

Unless the municipalities decide to abandon the Transit Village project (which I would applaud), I don't have any other ideas.

I'm very sorry I can't be of more help.

Disgusted Senior said...

I am disgusted with this state and especially with this corrupt town.
In my opinion we live in the second most corrupt state(2nd to Lousiana)in the USA. And now we find it even in our local government. I pay 22% of my fixed income for taxes for this town. That comes out to $25 every single day!...Yes $175 a week. Why does Aberdeen and its Sister Matawan have two police chiefs?....I think every expense should be review. From: how often do we buy towns cars, buses and please dont give me that unsafe routine. What are the benefits of all town employees?....What do we pay to replace a car of a couch? I dont trust a single person in office. Why did the people of Aberdeen elect these crooks in office?....If you did...be quiet...if you didnt yell! Why did the democrats threaten a church when they were going to allow the republican party hold a meeting at it...(rented). Why did the democrats issue a letter four days before the last election...stating that "Republicans support Democrats"...but they forget to say that "those" republican had changed parties years before. Where was the Mayor the night before the election? He was on a Phone Bank to get democrat votes....when he should have been conducting the Council Meeting. Isn't that what he was elected to????? Wake up....Aberdeen...or start handling your entire pay check in for taxes!!!!

Anonymous said...

So is the landscaper on the zoning board ? If not are they related ?
Has anyone thought of selling this
script to Hollywood ? Who would play N Section Joe, I picture Middlesex Jim in a cowboy hat...Mrs. B is also a fascinating character. Sorry I could not help myself. Great job Aberdeener !

Aberdeener said...

The Joe Ciaglia on the zoning board is not the landscaper. They are all related. No, Hollywood would not be interested. Even fiction needs to be believable.

Anonymous said...

While I last looked at this site and the Ciaglia topic at about 46 inputs or comments. I was amazed to find out today in court that this blog topic has been to say the least, very active.

While I do not have the time to read all of these inputs I am very glad that the topic has brought about fair and balanced conversations and opinions. While the personal attacks and name calling were a bit much, it was good to see the back and forth.

I am certain that people are more informed and perhaps concerned as to the costs of Builders like the Ciaglia family and how they can effect the tax base, as well as a school district costs at $12,000.00 + - per student. They are not alone though. Builders and developments being built or considered need to be watched very closely. There is too much money for developers among others involved in the process, both big and small, that can make people an awful lot of money. With the unfortunate truth being that after the building is completed the builders are gone into the wind, and the taxpayers are left to foot the bill.

A change must come, and we need to check the checkers, as well as the approval processes for all who seek to build, profit and then flee.