Friday, May 2, 2008

A Poor Incentive for the Superintendent

My granddaddy only raised cows and chickens but even he knew the old saw that a pig in a dress was still a pig. It’s amazing how government can take an excellent idea, grind it through committee, dilute the original concept until it’s barely recognizable, immunize all the participants against any stigma of failure, and then proclaim that any shortcoming is either due to a lack of resources or that the idea itself was flawed. A primo example of this buffoonery is our superintendent’s employment contract.

One of the reason’s I’m a fan of Dr. O’Malley is that he fully appreciates his dual mandate to improve our students’ education and to do so without utilizing more resources than necessary. While those two mandates are often in conflict, it’s a challenge that every parent in Matawan-Aberdeen confronts each day.

The Board of Education, unbound by any union constraints, provides the superintendent a financial incentive to perform his duties to the best of his ability or, in the common parlance, merit pay.

As a capitalist society, we’re firm believers that people try harder when they have a self-interest to do so. Offering merit pay to the superintendent is a fantastic idea. At least it was until the school board got hold of it.

In order for merit pay to work, the employee must have a firm grasp of expectations and rewards. In sports, that means filling seats and winning games. In business, that means making money. In schools, that means improving education and controlling costs.

Most businesses have a difficult time measuring performance and determining rewards. For the superintendent’s position, it’s relatively easy. We measure three things – 1) Student test scores, 2) People’s desire to send their children to our schools, and 3) Spending and tax increases (including asset depletion) compared to inflation and wage growth. The devil’s in the details but we can certainly get a rough estimate.

The next step would be to define specific benchmarks and their corresponding rewards. For example, the contract’s introduction reads “Whereas, the Board seeks a Superintendent to meet the District’s objectives to raise student performance in order to place in the top 25% in state testing within the District Factor Group . . .”

The school board takes this simple formula and replaces it with a beauty contest. Page 6 – “Additional annual increases beyond the minimum increase set forth above may be provided based upon the Superintendent’s performance at the sole discretion of the Board.”

Keep in mind, the school board is now controlled by the Barza wing, a majority of whom voted against Dr. O’Malley’s appointment. No matter how hard he tries or how much he achieves, Dr. O’Malley can’t reasonably expect any significant bonus. Hence, the entire reason for offering a bonus has now vanished.

As if that weren’t enough, the school board then makes a mockery of performance pay by utilizing an evaluation form that reads like a kindergartner’s report card.

The first part is a section detailing the superintendent’s objectives and his ability to meet them. Unfortunately, even the objectives are deemed a “personnel” matter and rendered unavailable to public viewing.

The evaluation form then measures the following:

  • Ability to Lead
  • Ability to Manage
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Personnel Administration
  • Financial Management
  • School Community Relations
  • Board/Superintendent Relationship
This is followed by the “Oprah” list that includes such things as:
  • Ability to Make Decisions
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Responsiveness to Others
  • Creativity
  • Ability to Maintain an Effective Educational Climate
  • General Knowledge
While the list sounds impressive, in truth it’s no more than the grownup version of “plays well with others”. Chief executive officers are not measured by effort. They’re measured by results.

We don’t ask if a superintendent works well with staff and faculty. We track how well he retains the good ones and loses the others.

We don’t ask if a superintendent is good with money. We track spending, taxes, and assets.

We don’t ask if a superintendent is good with students. We track how students are performing and how much parents want their kids in our district.

Furthermore, we grade a superintendent through objective criteria, not by how much the current board members like him.

I don’t know which is worse – that the school board uses such a form or that they took it from the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), an organization whose primary mission is to indoctrinate board members into viewing the school district from the teachers union’s perspective. To that end, last year the state passed the School District Accountability Act, which requires all first-term board members to attend NJSBA “training” seminars each year and all other board members to attend at least one each term. (Can anyone name any other elected representative that’s required by law to attend a “training” seminar each term?) Despite all the programs offered by the NJSBA, they don’t sponsor a single course on improving education or reducing taxes.

We’re spending over $63 million this upcoming school year to provide our students a below average education. If Dr. O’Malley can get us into the top quartile of our District Factor Group, I say give him a $50,000 bonus. It will be money well spent and he shouldn’t have to rely upon the kindness of certain board members to get it.

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Anonymous said...

When I was introduced to the new Superintendent of Schools Dr. O'Malley I told him the same thing I told Bruce Quinn. Keep "them" out of your office and out of the inner workings of the school, or keep your resume current.

The Zavorskas & Barbato crew who loathe accountability are to be watched closely. Those unfortunately restored to power recently, ruined this district with their power struggles and deceit, coupled with their job giveaways,free spending and failure to properly oversee a $38.5 million dollar reconstruction project, which crushed the taxpayers of this district. Don't even get me started on the athletic field debacle, kept from a public referendum when test scores were in the basement and computers were not working district wide. People should have been indicted for that BS.

Here is just another example. Look at our supposed security adviser at the high school. A man who is supposed to be a good friend of Barbato, among others, and a man who now it seems, has forgotten what he was hired to do. It seems security needs in this district are somehow second on his priority list due to his athletic coaching and other questionable duties and assignments in the area of the gym and athletic office area.

Someone needs to remind this districts leadership that security and the safety of the students are to be the priority in that job description. Safety and security are to be in his performance review, not coaching athletics. If he wants to coach sports replace him with someone whose priority is back on safety and security so needed in our schools.

I did not meet with Bruce Quinn for hours and hours and repeatedly emphasize to him the urgent need to have our children be safe in their classrooms and hallways.

Dr. O'Malley needs to seriously look at the history of violence and assorted other serious problems in this district. He needs to analyze each and every school and grade level, to bring about a reinvigorated effort to ensure our children's safety and security.

This districts focus is seriously slanted where presentation and appearances seem to rule over substance and accountability. Our district needs to be brought back to the center where the students education and safety are the priority.

With all of the assistant principals and overlapping administration in this district, perhaps we need to clean house and start from scratch.

It is rumored that cuts soon to be made will negatively effect those who actually do the work on a daily basis. Perhaps if our district cut some of the top level hangers on with their varied, questionable duties, and costly salaries with similarly questionable stipends and incentives for positions, which seems to merely keep them on the payroll. Perhaps then our district would get the test scores our students and taxpayers deserve.

From reports our new School Superintendents future will be decided by those who did not even want him brought into this district. Then again Dr. O'Malley will never get such an incentive raise if he listens to me and keeps "them out of his office". You see they think they run the show. They did not too long ago and look what it got us. Out of control spending, low test scores and consistently low statewide school ratings in a district that spends $12,000.00+ per student annually.

The taxpayers and most importantly the parents of students in this district need to apply pressure and force accountability from all of them.

We shall see !

Anonymous said...

Why are the Maroon and "Steal" club and almost all of the PTOs not registered with the state?

I heard the district took a hit by the auditor about it and Quinn did nothing.

Maroon and "Steal" is running an unauthorized business at the High School. Anyone know how much money the Doghouse store makes or spends?

Ask Zavorskas, she is constantly in the High School running that doghouse store anyway.

Anonymous said...

Maroon and steel has been operating illegally for years. No accountability, yet no one questions. O'Malley won't touch it either as that atheletic dept does what it wants. Security at High school is comprimised by close connection to athletic dept. What about the police officer at the high school? There are so many things he could be doing, yet does nothing all day. Drugs, gangs, bullying, among other things security wise, its just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the resource officer at the high school is a very important position, it is his assignments and positioning which I brought up at the last School Board
which I question.

I did advise all present at that meeting that such an officer who has had a very good rapport with students in the past has been "placed" one could say, directly outside the High School Principals office. This I can assure you is not good for securing our students and faculty.

As I told the school board two weeks ago such a position needs to be mobile and interactive with the students. Such a position is a preventative measure not strictly to keep an administrator protected from their fears. An officer such as this stuck behind a desk in one hallway may go a long way to protect fearful administrators, but it does nothing for preventative measures and a possible advanced warning of potential problems.

Sadly we all know the past has shown us that what often occurs in our districts classrooms and hallways does not always make it into the public domain, as well as to the D.O.E. filings with the state.

I would urge Dr. O'Malley to take a serious look at all of this before next September. To say it has been poorly handled up to this point would be an understatement.

I will be at the next school board meeting looking for an update as to my bringing this problem to the school boards attention two weeks ago. And in case Dr. O'Malley does not look at the Aberdeener I will be suggesting he start keeping check as the information abounds which may not be so freely given from within our schools from employees and others fearing retribution.

Join me at the next school board meeting and everyone there after. I will be exercising my rights as a parent, taxpayer and alumni of the district. I would also warn the school board members whom have made calls to my employers on prior occasions, not to. Unless of course they want to test the legal system as I have been advised if such calls continue, to file "criminal charges" against such public officials.


I would suggest they all look up the U.S. Constitution and the words FREE SPEECH. I will be exercising mine from now on as LOUDLY as may become necessary. My concern is for the children and tax dollars that go into our schools. I care little for the inner struggles and egos that are so easily bruised of the school board.

Anonymous said...

you may be dismayed with the placement of the township office. However, it is better than where he has spent most of his time in the past. If one wanted to find Officer Daryl he could be found in the cafeteria or the library. If a fight should break out the security cameras would document him avoiding the altercation.

Anonymous said...

Better than on the streets wher his incompetence could be documented. The Chief of Police is a smart man- better to keep Officer Daryl off the streets where he can cause real harm.

Anonymous said...

Apparently our school resource officer has some haters. Typical comments from another who may hide from active enforcement duties and is not man enough to be public.

Back into your hole snake.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! It looks as if nsectionjoe has some serious problems with our new administration. We would not want to be on the end of that vocal and involved person. He certainly puts himself out there along with the ABERDEENER.

Perhaps the groundswell that has started with this site will help all of the taxpayers and residents to realize who really runs the show in our area.

My partner and I are getting more involved thanks to the ABERDEENER.
We feel at home in Aberdeen and feel very welcome in spite of all of its problems and ethically challenged leaders of the council and school system.

While we hope to adopt soon we intend to be very involved in the school situation prior to our needing the school system.

Terri and Jan Barrington Gardens

Anonymous said...

T & J
Wait until those ethically challenged leaders on the school board start to affect the education of the children you wish to adopt. You might feel differently about them then. Or you might do as so many before you. Vote for them just for their own kids to get special treatment. Don't you know the motto of that crew "You're either with us or against us"!

They only care about their own egos, oh and of course, their children getting college scholarships.

Anonymous said...

i do not think it is right for people to leave messages on here that are clearly biased. i do not agree with ALL of Aberdeener, i do like the fact that he points out injustices in local government and when asked to investigate a manner, he does a pretty good job. But, nsectionjoe, i made a few phones calls and got really easy answers to some of your points - you should try the same. the security guy supposedly does a great job and has saved tax payers a lump sum of money through parts of his daily duties. you do not know what his rules are. why do you care where his office is located in the HS or what he does after hours? would you be mad if he worked at ice cream palace too? my daughter says she has gone through a number of safety drills and procedures over the past 3 years, run by that man. the police officer, i am not too sure of, but i think if you cjheck his job description as DARE officer, it does not say he must arrest students. and i do not know what severe violence you speak of, mrhs is cogruent with many of the schools in our area when it comes to the occasional fight or teenage problem. SOUNDS LIKE AN AGENDA TO ME - you may pick on elected officials in my opinion, but to go after people whose job descriptions or set rules you know nothing about is wrong. and BY THE WAY - i believe the maroon and steal are audited yearly - and ALL MRHS student athletes share the benefit of this parent fund raising committee -who at the end of each year give the senior athletes an awards dinner to commemorate their atheltic carreers at the HS. talk about SOUR GRAPES..........

Anonymous said...

No agenda just fact !

Your defense of this man is possibly based on your friendship and that is honorable. As far as the level of problems in the high school and other buildings in the district the problems and examples are significant and need to be the main concern for such a position. The fact that he may be coaching should not be his priority. At present sighting personal opinion and observations coupled with information provided to me I question his duties and more.

Defending one such as he should be based on facts rather than friendship.

What goes on in the school district has been kept from the public and police for many years. My insistence of a position of School Safety Adviser is not the reason I question his credentials it is his extra activities which may deviate from his main purpose.

Respectfully you sound a bit confused and have touched on topics that go afar. This district has serious security problems which need to be his priority. The fact that he has additional duties within the athletic department is a very serious concern as that should not be his main concern. I think it is and needs to be looked into.

As far as your opinion that some input into this site are biased. I think you need to look up the definition of the word as well as the fact that this site includes many opinions, it is opinion merely opinion.

It is up to the new Superintendent of School to investigate my concerns and perhaps prove me wrong. As far as the answers you received from the school district it seems you believe what you were told. Good luck with that. I require proof!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous attacking nsection you obviously need to back up and rethink your entire situation.

I read with interest your input and find the following statements by you all too telling.

Maroon and Steel are, have been and will continue to be a problem as they are solely for the football parents and the Martucci fund that seems to take all of the money.

Your statement that all students share the benefit of maroon and steel is another point, as previously suggested, you may believe, but may not be the truth.

There is a reason people refer to it as maroon ans STEAL. I suggest you step back and really question your own reasons for logging on as well as the fact that you believe what they tell you. When I was a softball parent I was apart of a small group who built the dugouts with our own money and sweat.

Where was maroon and steel and their money then?

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Town Council meeting tonight at 7:00pm, if anyone has a problem or concern go and voice it there. Writing it in a blog is one thing going to the meeting and saying something outloud is another. People need to show up and question these people.

Anonymous said...

nsectionjoe is right to question the district's Security adviser's activities in the High School. If in fact, he is doing ANYTHING other than concentrating on security, then someone should be addressing that. Why would this district need yet another coach? There are already 9-10 P.E. teachers/coaches in that building, a couple have been there way too long and only teach one or two classes. As for the "Doghouse" at the High school, everyone knows who is running that little enterprise. Over the past year, I have heard BOE members raise concern about that and a couple of the other PTOs not having their "papers in order", apparently this was a "finding" on an audit but Quinn never wanted to do anything about correcting it. He should have suspended their fundraising activities until they were up to date. I guess he didn't want to upset the fragile CZ. What is she doing running the "Maroon and Steal" Doghouse on a daily basis anyway? She is not supposed to in the Schools in that capacity. Wouldn't be better to have students working it so they can gain marketable skills? When I was in High school (not here), the school store was tied to our economics class and working it was part of our grade. Perhaps CZ would not be able to meddle in personnel issues, as she has done for years, if she was prevented from overstepping by being at the Doghouse daily. There is something wrong when a sitting BOE member spends the lunch hour for their "real" job, working in a fundraising "store" rather than allowing the students to gain experience that they can put on a job application. Just my there, sour grapes! How do you know so much anyway? Sounds like you have Board experience...

Anonymous said...

Another interesting read today. I am amazed at those who attack those of you who point out irregularities, conflict of interest, ethical misdeeds, interference and overly involved school board members, divisive and egotistical control freaks and all of the rest that hurts the students and most importantly the tax payers.

I have no children and will never have children but I pay for all of yours. The least that can be said is that all of us deserve to voice our opinion. And more importantly whether that opinion be right, wrong or indifferent, it is our own.

NJGMANDProud Matawan NJ

Anonymous said...

I work for marsd at the highschool, and i would like to address some false information out there regarding security issues. yes, there was some turmoil at the h.s. a few years ago, that is why the security director, and 5 security people were hired. the school was cleaned up, rules then became enforced more vigorously than ever before, new cameras were installed for student safety, and many other measures were taken.
things are much different at the high school now. we have mostly good kids at this school, and as for the violence, there is no serious violence problem in this school. there are issues, issues that every other school has. perhaps you are speaking of many many moons ago, but not now. as for the security director, he does exactly what he is supposed to do, and he does a damned good job. I am not his friend. so this is an unbiased opinion. he is required to be everywhere, not just at the highschool. his office is by the athletic office because that was the only available area to place him. offices are hard to come by at the high school, in case you don't know that. oh, but you wouldn't know that unless you work there now, would you? as for his involvment in sports and coaching, those are after school activities. and I am not really sure how you would know anything about the security director's job unless you were to follow him on a daily basis. unless you are here and you see for yourself, your opinion is simply, hearsay, which renders it, nothing but third party gossip. I can only speak to what i know, and i know that the children have fallen in line, the halls are clearer, fights and violence are down considerably, and that is thanks to the security team at the high school who do a great job and are NEVER recognized for their efforts, and the security director/advisor. they are the ones in the halls, they are the ones enforcing the rules, they are the ones, but for the teachers, who deal with the majority of kids on a daily basis. not the board, not the parents, and not you. instead of trying to crucify the security measures at the school, that you know nothing about, you should be commending these people for putting their asses on the line everyday. I am in the "trenches" on a daily basis.
I SEE IT, AND I KNOW. I am all for freedom of speech, and everyone has an opinion. that's cool, but remember, just because you say it, doesn't make it true. I am all for speaking up to get corrupt board members, public officials, and employees out, but you really must know ALL of the facts before you can do that. there are definitely changes and improvements that can and should be made, but perhaps, someone should ask the people who are really doing the jobs for their input. they would know better than anyone else, don't you think?? perhaps the opinions of the low men
on the totem pole should be more valued. perhaps instead of having part time security staff, there
should be full time security staff. and more security staff placed in other schools. you do have some valid points and maybe there are other issues that should be looked into, i won't comment on that, because I don't have all of the facts!! you all have a great day now!!;) OH! I almost forgot, the security director has a child in the h.s., and he knows most of these kids, yes, from sports! plus he lives here. that, in my humble opinion, gives him more reason to do a good job, because he has a personal investment in keeping things safe.

Anonymous said...

seriously, why are there soooo many gym teachers at the high school????? never seen anything like it!! maybe you are right about the athletic dept running things there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 after tilly said: attacking my opinions from anonymous who now has supposedly firsthand personal knowledge and is it seems very defensive. Good for you. While I am certain some measures and steps have been taken, my interest is in proof rather than defensive posturing. I do not attack the safety officers for their job my concern is they do their jobs and are not limited or misused. An officer behind a desk all day in one location secures a very limited square footage. Why pay a police officer to sit behind a desk when a school safety officer could monitor the same area.

It should be noted that my personal observations of that officers misuse of his experience on several occasions while picking up my daughter, leaves me with concerns which brought me to the last school board meeting.

There are problems in our schools and they are significant. The recent input states a fact that the number of athletic coaches and stipends may need to be reviewed and has been out of control for years. Much like other holy grails and programs which are funded for specific purposes or are pet projects and similarly protected by school board members. Is that the next thing I will be told never happens.

Come at me and criticize but start with facts. I have paid the OPRA costs ($279.00) the last time, to know how many times police and ambulances have responded to each and every school in the years past. I have known of serious incidents that even the Superintendent of Schools did not know had occurred. So don't come at me with defensive statements unless you can tell me you have read every report and seen every response provided to our schools.

I know that of which I speak, do those who defend and criticize those of us who as they say do not drink the kool-aid.

Safety and security in every school is my concern. School Security Officers who fear getting involved or are limited in their scope of duties may be something worth looking into, which is my only request. Prove to me it is working and those assigned and paid are not being misused. As one parent who called after my questions at the last school board meeting said, perhaps the security director was swallowed up and became part of the world of the great and powerful OZ. As in OZ needs all the money for football.

How about an accounting for monies spent on everything athletic and where it all goes, and how much that REALLY IS out of the budget.

Everyone needs to remember it is about education and safety of the children that is my concern.

All criticisms of my opinions and concerns need to address that first. I would love someone to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Worker:

Here is what the state website has on Matawan for 2006-2007.

NJ Violence & Vandalism Reports

50 incidents, including 7 for drugs! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see 2007-2008

Maybe you can give Zavorskas a club and whistle, so she can help you.



Annual District Report of Violence and Vandalism
(The Annual District Report of Violence and Vandalism that is presented locally at a public hearing in October following the end of the school year)
Section A: Count of Incidents by Reporting Category
Violence 33
Vandalism 9
Weapons 1
Substance Abuse 7
Unduplicated Total 50

Cliffy the Clown

Aberdeener said...

Quick mention - at last night's board meeting, they announced that Kim Honnick's position had been eliminated. Rumors of her being fired have been verified.

Anonymous said...

wow, no ones's attacking you nsectionjoe!! that is amazing that you notice all of these things going on, just from picking up your daughter!! I read the reports and they are greatly exaggerated. certain administration and teachers afraid of their own shadows sometimes make huge issue of small instances. mostly just covering their own butts.
but whatever!! it seems you know everything.
I am definitely aware of many issues that should be dealt with at the school, but those issues are with the board and administration, not with the security people or sro officers who are just doing their jobs. they do what they are told to do by the powers that be, and are given no incentive for doing so. I have witnessed administration using up radio time asking security to go and fetch them things like dogs. I laugh when I hear it, but it really isn't funny, nor is it in their job description to do so. as far as being defensive, not really, just angry with people who read reports, and think they know it all. I hold no animosity toward you and as I said you have made some good points, so CHILL!

Anonymous said...

#10 Anonymous who told me to CHILL:

I express my concern that you are very confused. Your obvious allegiance or direct involvement with this topic and the security in the schools is understandable.

Should parents not be concerned or question the statistics or lack thereof which are filed or not filed ? Should we not be concerned that many incidents or situations fail to be logged in properly ? If you believe this district and every person in it feels like you and doubts my concern and opinions merely from reading reports or by as seeing an experienced police officer penned up and selectively placed where his usefulness and involvement appears to be curtailed, prove me wrong.

Tell me why such a decision to pigeon hole such an officer has been allowed and not been checked into by the board itself.

The past history of violence in our district is detailed and in fact was for years hidden in the past. History repeats itself, always will.

The Security Director a few have defended still needs to be accountable and his priority remains the safety of the children.

While changes have been made and cameras have been installed the administrators "kid glove treatment of offenders" does unfortunately exist, which does not go along way to curtailing the violent or threatening behavior. Reports I have analyzed as you state do not make up all the proof. But kids going out of schools in ambulances, while administrators tell injured students parents that "the offender has a troubled home life", or "he is just acting out" does little to make me less concerned for my own daughter, as well as every other student in the district.

That is the reality I know exists and not from merely reading reports.

I thank you for your concern, but Dr. O'Malley is the one who has to prove me wrong !

To all the rest of you I will not, NOT defend what I know to exist. I apologize for taking up the blog.

Anonymous said...

O'Malley will not be able to prove you wrong, but I can't wait for his response. The Resource officer was meant to do so much more, yet Quinns response was always that he works for the township, not us. Yet the school district pays for him. Anonymous #10, how about letting us in on the many issues that should be dealt with. After all it is our children we are talking about.

Anonymous said...

FYI - the next BOE Meeting date is Mon. May 19th 8:00 PM.

Also just a side comment -

I've noticed that meeting agenda's and minutes have not been posted on the website.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe Kim Honnick was forced out. What about RTI? I thought when I voted for the board members on the postcard I got, that we would have a new board leadership that did not bully the administrators? People came to my house asking me to vote, and promised me it would change. Why didn't they try to save her?

Here we go again. I was told old board leadership forced out Mr. Quinn, Ravine drive and HS principals? Or did they?

If the new board leadership has already gotten rid of Honnick, how long before they start trying to micromanage Dr. O'Malley ?

Who is next? Mr.Gladsteen? Then who will the teachers go to? I am concerned for our children.

I can't believe this is still going on!

Worried PTO Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Worried PTO Mom,


The ones on the postcard are ONLY there to duplicate the vote of the ones that HAVE BEEN on the board forever, Barbato and Zavorkos. Check the website, Barbato has been on that board now for 17 years, and Zavorskas has been there since 1998. Barbato & Zavorskas are the ones that have been in control all along. Rubino has been on the board since 2002. Only when Kenny (3yrs), Aitkens(3ys) and Gambino(1yr) got on the board was there ANY CHANCE FOR CHANGE. Gambino's election gave the voice to those who want quality academics for every student, accountability of administrators and responsible spending. But now that opportunity is gone! You voted Aitkens off, (the majority running the board is now back to B& Z.)

Aitkens was the one who pushed to have RTI. Aitkens was the one who fought for the Public's Right to Know what is going on, he fought for full tranparency. Now the "Originals" have the control back! Now we're back in the dark!

As for those principals and Quinn who were forced out, THEY HAD TENURE! It's impossible to get rid of someone with tenure.

Maybe you should have questioned why they came to your door, and spoke to you "privately". Rather than show up at the "Meet the Candidates Night", which was to be a PUBLIC DEBATE, moderated by the League of Women Voters, on April 1,2008 at the HS.
Aitkens was there and so was Kenny. The Moderator, and the Time Keeper from the League of Women Voters were there.

Rubino didn't show, Rupreht didn't show. This was their chance to say publicly what THEY stood for. The high school students who supposedly organized the event didn't show, the newspapers didn't show, and from the sitting school board members, the only ones NOT to show were Barbato and Zavorskas. Tell me do you think all of that is coincidence?

You should research things a bit more before you believe what people tell you privately on your doorstep, where no one else is there to challenge it.

FYI, Demerest is another mouthpiece for B &Z. She has been there since 2003.

And by the way, just because Marty Ruprecht is new to the board, his wife Krista has been controlling multiple PTO's for years.

Just check out Aberdeener's blogs for April, and before, you'll get an education. But don't let that be your only education. Please start, and tell you fellow PTO mothers to start to research for themselves.

But hurry up, you never know how long this info on the school website will be available for our viewing. The BOE Minutes are supposed to be posted on the school site also, but as noted above from another commenter, the minnutes are not there yet. Coincidence?

The meeting are telivised on Ch.15. The long standing problem of not being able to hear the meeting was fixed for all of last year. (All new equiptment was purschsed.) However, as soon as the election was over and the "new" (ha-ha), board regained control, the televised BOE meeting can't be heard again, (no matter how high you adjust the volume). Coincidence?

Every other televised school event, plays, "Mr. Matawan" contest, "Annie Get your Gun" HS musical, fashon shows, graduations etc, the volume is fine. By the way, MAMS and HS graduation take place outdoors on the HS field. (Wind and all; you hear it fine.) Coincidence?

One other bit of info, Barbato, Zavorskas and Demerest were the 3 votes against hiring O'Mally. Do you really think they want him to succeed? It will be nothing but an upward battle for him, under their attempts to control him.

Another Worried Mother

P.S. Don't feel too bad, they're very convincing with their dramatic stories. Many well intended and concerned parents are fooled. It takes awhile to get what they are really about, (excuses). Sad for our kids though, this is their chance for an education. Too bad they're wasted years.

Aberdeener said...

My understanding is that Dr. O'Malley decided to eliminate Kim Honnick's position and shift responsibility for curriculum elsewhere.

RTI has been fully funded this year but I believe the program itself will be under review. I suspect Dr. O'Malley is more supportive of the strategy than the methodology.

Rumor is Dr. O'Malley has already received numerous complaints from staff for overstepping his bounds. For me, that's the best sign he's doing his job. I wish him the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous posters who put the blame on Honnicks firing, shame on you for not having your facts on who got rid of her. You need to get over your loss in the election and move on for whats right for our children. If O'Malley got rid of her he did a good thing, but there are still plenty of other places to look. Let him do his job, stop the hatred, and the blame game.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Above,

You must have misread. I never mentioned Honnicks name. I was simply responding to commenter "Worried PTO Mother" and her mention of who she voted for. I was simply letting her know WHO the old board members really are. She had commented she wanted a change from the old board leadership.
You have to know who the Old board leadership really is, if you want change. I'm not spreading hate, I'm simply referring her to information that she can read for herself. Facts are facts.

I'm in full support of Dr. O'Malley. I wish him nothing but success. I'm counting on him to improve the schools for my children. I agree with Aberdeener's comment above, if Dr. O'Mally is receiving complaints from staff, it simply means he's doing his job.

And I'm sure there are probably many other places to look to improve the schools, but that is Dr. O'Malley's job, not mine.

The point of my comment is for parents to be properly informed, and for transparency of informatin. I'm simply a supporter of the actual facts.

Another Worried (but hopeful) Mother

Anonymous said...

Would be interested in your take on the teachers contract now that both sides have ratified and the real terms and conditions are out. How about a blog with a link to that. Thanks.

Aberdeener said...

My apologies. Had been meaning to get over to the school but was very busy this week. Finally got their today but they must have closed early.

I should be able to have everything by late next week.

Anonymous said...

Zavorskas running the Dog House is just another example of a major conflict of interest. But wait, conflict of interest doesn't exist in Zavorskas & Barbato's world.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't we want 9-10 gym teachers in the high school. That might not even be enough. Remember this is Matawan Aberdeen where we pride ourselves on athletics not on academics.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid this would happen. Ms. Honnick was one of the few people in this district with any clue as to current best instructional practice. It figures she would be one of the first to go. Why would MARSD get rid of the incompetent, overpaid administrators when they can fire someone who actually attempted to bring our stagnant curriculum, archaic instructional practices, and most importantly, our teachers into the 21st century. Honestly, I am not surprised, but frustrated.
Ms. Honnick was over qualified for our district, and we were lucky to get her in the first place. We're only supposed to hire people with NO CLUE who collect a pay check and are out the door at 3:40 PM, everyday!! I mean, to heck with a writing curriculum, who needs science in the elementary schools anyway? Why bother with differentiated instruction, when you can just keep on teaching to the middle!!
I don't know who decided to get rid of her, but it is a loss for this district. There is very little chance we'll get anyone willing to take on the curriculum mess here in MARSD. The best people will take one look at it, and if they have any sense, will turn and run far away.
Signed, Mom and teacher who doesn't care one bit about Huskievision or football fields, but would just like my children to get a half way decent education.

Father of ARTIST said...

Just How many Gym Teachers are there?and why not get rid of Glad"stien?
is he still Pulling 2 pay checks anyway? or is it Just one? One for Asistant Superintendant and then One for Acting Superintendent
when O'Malley isnt in? Or is O'Malley full time now? Who cares any way...seem like people care about stuff that is not Important,Like OLD NEWS?
speaking of Old NEWS What is on that Agenda? HOW can I get on the Agenda? I asked and never got a response? WHO allows those Transportation Costs for special Ed to be so High w/o any one asking which POT is it from? Transportation, or Special NEEDS or is this Misc? or prehapps simply ALL? PLEASE CAN SOME ONE ANMSWER THIS QUESTION??? I cant figure it out.I have read the Minnutes that confirm the cost from the AUdit. It is Like this:

140 students (aprox)Special Needs
to and from school for
180 days

2-4 kids at a time and 2 contracts say" 20 at a time"

and all for a mere $$700.000$$

I understand that this is a constant change as kids go here and there BUT I would like to believe that at some time during this year,some one trys to consolidate the kids,and or offer a insentive for parents to car pool and drive the kid their self!

If the Law says they cant do thios "it out to be rewritten"

another thing I would like to see what those contracts say,and who is driving these kids??is it teachers? is it who??

I'll drive them,I drive my girl anyway so what is a couple more!
I'll put a rider on my veichel,I get proper bonding... for a extra 20k 40k a year!

I am serious here how do I see whos'WHO on thses contracts for transpoting special needs kkids!

is this comming out of which POT??