Friday, May 23, 2008

Teen Jobs in Matawan-Aberdeen

Apprenticeship, internship, training program, entry-level position, whatever you call it, I’m a fan. Jobs provide teenagers skills, experience, good work habits, and industry contacts. Jobs can also expand a teenager’s horizon, raise motivation, and teach the value of money earned.

With the Greater Aberdeen Garage Sale looking to become a minor hit (over 40 houses registered so far – great thanks to everyone who helped, I’ll be posting a special thank-you piece after the event), it’s time to initiate the next project – Teen Jobs.

Matawan-Aberdeen has some excellent companies from Altered Image to iVoice to PacificHealth Laboratories. We have a large population of bright, motivated teenagers. And we desperately need a skilled workforce. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

My company has been slowly developing an in-house project called Once you get past the name, it’s a pretty cool site that tracks and promotes the Life Science field. We’re hoping to have an “alpha” launch in two months to get some user feedback, go to “beta” a few months after that, and be live early next year.

My immediate need is for a graphic artist to give the site a clean, professional look. I’m interested in hiring a couple of freelancers who are skilled in Photoshop. These are short-term positions that could be leveraged into long-term assignments. Compensation will often be project based but, in the beginning, freelancers should expect $15 per hour. This is a “virtual” position, so freelancers will be responsible for having a computer and internet connection.

I would also like to start a student-produced newspaper that operates independently of the school district. The newspaper, published monthly, would work in tandem with a Matawan-Aberdeen profile on MySpace and Facebook. This project should be financially self-sustaining. Any profits would be distributed among the newspaper staff.

Ideally, the school board would take notice and actively work with the Chamber of Commerce to encourage other local businesses to offer internships. In the meantime, it’s my way to make a small contribution to our community. Additionally, if any other businesses would like to post an internship position, please contact me. If there’s enough interest, I can launch a separate jobs posting site.

If anyone is interested in any of the above, please email me at I can’t take everybody but I will try to respond to all inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you.
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KrisMrsBBradley said...

What a great idea for the teen jobs!

I hope it catches on. I'd love to see more than just the usual fair for the teens in the area -- bagging groceries or fast food. It would be great if some of the local businesses opened up opportunities for the kids to really learn.

Every job is an opportunity for grown and learning, but finding something that you are truly interested in is really exciting.

I also like the idea of the independent student newspaper. Do you have an idea of what positions you want to have?

Aberdeener said...

The newspaper would need the following positions - Business Manager, Copy Editor, Layout Editor, Reporters, and Photographers. We would also need a graphic artist for the initial design. The business manager may need to retain additional people to handle sales and circulation.

Separately, the business manager may need to have a web developer to handle the MySpace/Facebook side of the business.

Since profits are being divided among the workers, it's in the business manager's interest to weigh the benefits of more people against a reduced share of the profits.

Anonymous said...

I just read with some interest of the new hires for administrative positions. It seems that that new super has some innovative ideas-kudos! Now if you he really wants to get creative he will give the new principal some real assistance by giving her some building administrators that have the ability to contribute to the academic atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of teen jobs, we also must make sure that when a teen gets a job that they get paid what they deserve, according to the law.

My daughter worked at the Starthmore pool club some years ago, as a counselor. When she got her first pay check it was far less then it should have been. Needless to say I immediately found her a job where the teens were not being taken advantaged of.

My husband at the time, now my ex husband, filed a complaint with the wage and hour board of NJ and an investigation was conducted by those officials. I understand fines were levied against the pool club. I also understand people had to be repaid significant sums, which they were owed going back years.

Its no wonder we have read a good number of news reports of problems with that same club lately and now they have gone under and will not open. Also apparently bond holders are questioning the leadership who mismanaged the whole thing who may be mishandling the sale of the club. What I found most interesting is that the people who manage the pool club and its board of directors favorite answer to questions from reporters has been to say I cannot comment on that, over and over again.

A nice lesson for my daughter to learn from those pool club directors. A simple lesson that adults cannot be trusted sometimes.

So be careful and check with the state offices to make sure your teen gets what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly consult on the social media aspect of the endeavors. Let me know if you need help with that. :)

Aberdeener said...

Thx, Exit117A - I'll be sure to contact you for help.

KimsMom, if we do start posting jobs, I'll do my best to screen the employers but I'm afraid there are no guarantees. As for the pool club, I believe most of their problems can be traced to "absentee owners". My understanding is that only a small number of bondholders are actively involved.

I hope the pool club can be saved but I wouldn't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

As far as the pool club and all that is in the paper, the pool club is to be sold on June 19th or so. There was a plan by the new owner to open this season but alas there were major problems only discovered after he started negotiations according to my neighbor. Apparently the new owner does his homework and is very professional.

As for the pool clubs absentee owners they were not involved as bondholders as from what was printed in the paper the board of directors was obviously severely deficient in their responsibilities going back years. Statements from disgruntled bondholders stated that they had contacted Ms. Lori Gleason and that she failed to respond, repeatedly to various requests for bonds to be paid off and much more which has ruined the pool club. Don't get me wrong I think Gleason and many others are responsible for this failure. My family have been members of Holmdel for years as we did not fit in with the management and their selected groups.

It is obvious their sense of self importance has brought the pool club to the point of being shut and sold.

Too bad Aberdeen could not have worked something out and perhaps put together a joint venture. I say it once again, without question that something was very wrong with the people directing the pool club, for many years. Clubs like that do not have people from all directions pointing blame without a central figure being the reason things went bad. The most telling thing for me is the lack of any intelligent response from within the pool club.

I and my family are sorry to see it go. It would have been nice to see it become a part of the Aberdeen recreation facilities for all of the money we pay in taxes.

much like other things that have made sense in the past Aberdeen failed to act in the best interest of its residents.

That central figure seems to be the woman I met a long time ago when Kim had gotten her first job at the pool club. The feeling i got was of a club with too many chiefs and not enough indians to do the work of keeping the place together.

Sorry I took up so much time but this one really bothers me.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the pool was going to go under some construction because it is in bad shape, and that it is scheduled to re-open next year?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the pool club was going to try and open with the new owner in charge for this year. That was until as I understand it, there were so many major deficiencies that the new owner did not feel the pool would be safe to use, much less be ready in time due to the continual discovery of problem after problem.

I am only finding this out from my next door neighbor who has firsthand knowledge, and who is owed money from the pool club, from work performed last year.

The fact that the new owner feels that major repairs and more needed to be done, may not be what he was initially promised by the same board of directors, who it seems ran the place into the ground.

I find it very sad that is all I can say. I do not think it is the last we will hear about the club, as it is far from a done deal. Several bond holders may be taking legal action having been ignored and perhaps purposely overlooked.

Just too many questions for the board of directors to not comment on.

The pool club saga continues.

Aberdeener said...

KennyCB is correct. I give the deal a 50% chance of falling apart. Frank Ward, the prospective buyer, is conducting due diligence and, at some point, may simply walk away. Meanwhile, several bondholders are angry that, not only were they not given notice of the sale, but the management did not seek any competitive bidding.

Meanwhile, if the facility is not sold, there are no revenues to cover debt payments, property taxes, municipal fines, vendor obligations, or repairs.

If Frank Ward does buy the club and tries to upgrade the facilities, he may have to deal with Norman Kauff to get all the requisite permits.

This is a story that's not about to end.

Anonymous said...

Norman Kauff once again I ask. WHO ELECTED HIM to run or ruin Aberdeen?

I would not know this man if I steeped on him. But to say the least he is the man behind the scenes, which needs to be brought to the forefront of a criminal investigation.

Have a nice day everyone and remember our fallen heroes and those who serve to keep us free in the past and present.

Anonymous said...

I was at the town council meeting when they discussed the goings on with the swim club. There was a leak in the pool and many other issues that needed to be addressed. The people who were supposed to buy the swim club were previously members and grew up in this town and said they were going to keep it as a swim club. I think there is too much work that needs to be done and they couldn't get everything accomplished before the season begins. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they keep it a swim club and not try to fight the property clause that says the property has to be used for recreational purposes and not try to sell it off to developers. Lets see what happens with this story. On a seperate issue the county I believe withdrew some $68,000 for the Sea Wall project, now the town wants to see if we can come up with that money to go forward with the project.

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...







N-O-R-M-A-N K-A-U-F-F.


Anonymous said...

About the pool club property, if I'm not mistaken, there was also a move afoot to purchase the property and put a community center there.

That was scrapped when the sale was publicized.

Anonymous said...

Community Center may have been a possibility? Skate Park would have been a good idea. Mix up the property for various community services, would have been nice as well. But no.

As my husband commented yesterday to a group of our neighbors at a get together it would not be community uses that Norman Kauff and his group would make money or fees off of. So no Aberdeen involvement would be allowed, unless Norman and the others filled their pockets of course.

Yes there is that name again.

Norman Kauff the end all to a dead end for Aberdeen.

Corruption watch is still on. Back to the garden.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to put Middlesex Jim's wife when i signed off. Jim went off on a fishing trip today.

I do not want to be corrected for forgetting the wife part from the blog critics.

Middlesex Jim's wife

Anonymous said...

At my kids school they were passing a petition around to get a community - activity center going. The person handing it out didn't have much info on the topic.

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

It is called putting the horse before the cart. The fact that the pool management only was interested in selling the club to one individual is fishy. While it is my understanding the purchaser is an honorable man, who by the way is successful in numerous ventures and acquisitions in our area proves something. However the mere fact that this is Aberdeen has me very, worried but on many levels. We should have us awake and watchful.

Why ? Because skulking around in the dark lower regions of the underworld of Aberdeen, is non other than Norman "what is in it for me" Kauff, and his assorted vampires who are all too willing to suck the blood out of the citizenry, to further their money grab.

Those two words "Norman Kauff" should cause anyone to fear and question this entire situation. His greedy, filthy and strangling hands are choking the life's blood out of Aberdeen. We should be there every time he leaves his house, he should be tracked by corruption watch operatives all day long. I will take the first shift.

By the way fishing was great. Now I hope to catch a really big fish in Aberdeen. Or in Norman Kauff's case a land shark that devours everything in its way to further his political corruption. Keep it up Norman so you can take them all with you when you get indicted. I am certain that Norman would rat everyone out in a minute. Just like Sammy The Bull Gravano.

Middlesex Jim

KrisMrsBBradley said...

A community activity center would be a great thing to get going for the community. Even if it started small, to see what kind of interest there was for it, and then hopefully expanded.

There are so many great things that could be organized for the kids besides just sports and scouts, which seem to be a big part of what's offered for kids around here (not that there is anything wrong with either -- just that they don't always fit each kid's interests).

It would be great to get the local kids, of all ages, more involved in the community.

Anonymous said...

Most town swim clubs offer discounts to residents to encourage communty strength. I was told that a majority of the club members were from out of town (mostly Staten island residents).
Our township should have purchased this or with a joint venture as a courtesy or thank you to the families of Aberdeen. The ones that would benefit the most would be our children who would get to meet and play with other kids. Since our parks are in terrible shape ( Ghetto parks are maintained better ) the swim club could have been an awesome retreat for us residents.

Why are our elected polictians running Aberdeen into the ground???

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I have to assume that money for the park upkeep is probably one of the first things to go when the township and/or borough starts cutting money for budget cuts.

What both communities could use is more involvement, and a great place to gather people and work up some community pride are the parks.

I think there also needs to be a better way to advertise what does go on in the community. I found out after the fact that Aberdeen had an environmental day at the beach not that long ago -- something I would have definitely taken my family to...but I had no idea that it was going to happen.

Of course, given some of the information here, I guess the last thing that would be wanted is to get more people involved in the day to day running of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

As for the opinion that our parks are maintained as you state like (ghetto parks). It is quite obvious you are not looking at the parks in Aberdeen.

The parks in Aberdeen are maintained very well and for the most part are up to date and very well used. An occasional problem develops after a big game sometimes with trash but other than that our recreation staff and our DPW crews do an outstanding job, except in your eyes that is.

Look a little closer next time.

Anonymous said...

nsection joe, take a ride down to the cliffwood beach area and look at Ross Park or to the beach park, they just repainted the roller hockey rink after a year because of all the graffiti and no one uses it, unless its to let their dog run wild inside and make a mess! The town does a good job cleaning the parks not a great job by any means. Maybe your park over on Noble Place looks nice but try looking at Cliffwood and see those parks. I know I live here.

Anonymous said...

Ok Joe.. Let's go over the parks and we see what you determine to be up-to-date and maintained.

I'll tell you what I know. Storyland, Overlook, Cambridge, Oakshades Park are pathetic.
I know I live in the area.

One pathetic Tot lot in each of these parks. I had to buy my own jungle gym so my kids good play in a decent environment. The last time I went to the park with my kids, I saw empty drug bags on the mulch in the play area. Have you ever been to a ghetto park Joe?

1. ANDOVER - Andover Lane
Basketball Court, Tot Lot, Swings, Vollyball
2. CLIFFWOOD BEACH - Lakeshore Drive/Beach Front 2 Basketball Courts, Swings, Beach, In Line Hockey Rink
3. CAMBRIDGE - Lloyd Rd. & Cambridge Drive
Tot Lot, Swings, Basketball Court, Baseball Field
4. DEERFIELD - Deerfield Lane
Tot Lot
5. FORDHAM - Fordham Drive
Basketball Court, Tot Lot, Swings
6. GUISTI - Myrtle Street, Archie & Maxwell Streets
Football, Tot Lot, 2 Baseball Fields, Swings, Basketball Court
7. HARRISON - Harrison Avenue
Half-Basketball Court, Swings
8. IVYHILL PARK - Ivyhill & Idlebrook Lanes
Tot Lot
9. MIDLAND - Marjorie Street & Jersey Avenue
2 Basketball Courts, Tot Lot, Softball Field
10. NORTHLAND - Northland Lane
Tot Lot, Swings, Basketball Court
11. OAKSHADES - Lloyd Road
Lighted Softball Field, Tot Lot, Basketball Court
12. OVERLOOK PARK - Overlook Circle & Prospect
Tot Lot, Swings
13. ROSS FIELD - Cliffwood Avenue & Lenox Road
2 Softball Fields, Soccer Field, Tot Lot, Swings, Basketball Court
14. STORYLAND - Woodman Place
Tot Lot, Swings, Basketball Court, Softball Field

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I have to say, Ross field is usually quite a mess.

It is a very busy park and gets a lot of older kids and young adults on the basketball court. It probably could use a clean up more often.

It would help, also, if those using the park would take some responsibility for actually getting their trash in a can. We need, as a community, to try and instill some community spirit and pride into the kids who use the public areas.

That's not an answer for everything, by any means, but I think it has to be a bit of a partnership of both the township and the community as far as keeping things clean.

A lot of the parks could use an upgrade as far as equipment or adding things for the 6-10 year old kids to use. Tot lots just don't cut it for all ages.

Anonymous said...

I live on Lenox Rd and the park is a messy after softball games and the basketball courts are not great either. The town does do a great job of cutting the grass and "dragging" the infields of the softball fields. Trash is certainly an issue, I have on some occasions just walked across the street to pick up broken glass and debris. The town only has a small staff to clean up the many parks and I do give them credit for their efforts, but by no means is that a great park. The one on the water doesn't even get used, the roller hockey rink is a mess (just painted boards), but inside is always a mess and it never gets used, I know people in town who don't even know that it exists. I think as a community we also need to help out more, as far as the beach goes, no one (barely anyone) goes to the "beach clean up day" and there is a lot of trash there all the time.

Brian in Aberdeen

KrisMrsBBradley said...

It would be great if there could be an organized "adopt a park" program. Get people in the community to do clean ups at local parks or the beach area on a regular basis. After you've helped clean up a park a time or two, you start thinking twice about throwing your trash down on the ground.

There are plenty of Scout groups, kids doing community service for religious reasons or to add to college applications. I'm sure there are many adults who would volunteer to come out if something was advertised as well.

I've been to the Cliffwood Beach clean ups (and Brian is right, barely anyone comes) as well as the Matawan Earth Day clean ups. I really believe if there was some way to get the word out better than they have been doing, there would be a much better turn out.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't take too young of a child to participate in the beach cleanups. My son found a used hypodermic needle there the first year we went.

Anonymous said...

Ivy Hill Park only has a tot lot, which is very messy. I don't even see young children there. The entire top area in never used, and covered in broken glass. I hear rumors that kids go up there and smoke pot. Maybe if it was better kept, more families would use it and discourage the kids from participating in inappropriate behavior at the park. There needs to be more for older kids and teens to do. The only other time you see kids at Ivy Hill Park is for sleding in the snow. It's a shame I have to go to Holmdel or Dorbrook for my kids to go to the park.

Anonymous said...

So I'm not alone... Thank you..

I too have to drag my family to parks in Holmdel(Holmdel Park), Middletown (Tatum Park), and Colts Neck(Dorbrook).

Out of the 14 parks that are listed most of them are useless.

There should be an allocation towards age groups. Such as;

3 of the parks are strictly for 1-5 yr olds.

3 Parks for ages of 4 - 10

2 parks for ages of 2 - 10

6 parks for entire family (basketball, baseball, etc)

If your going to have a park do it right so the community uses it!

Anonymous said...

Stay on the board of education like you said you would. When you defend people on the same payroll it hurts your credibility especially when they prove you wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kids ages 13 thru 18 need more things to do rather than just walk around the streets. There is no place for them to go. They go behind the shops to skate board, that shouldn't be. This town needs to give them some place to go.

And what aboout the adults, there is nothing for us. The town doesn't even have a tennis court.

Anonymous said...

That would be nice. A park with a few tennis courts and possibly a skateboard park, Keep the kids out of the parking lots.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

A skate park would be a huge boon to this community. Not only would it get a lot of the kids off the streets and save a few curb repairs, it could bring in new businesses to whatever area it was placed.

Getting the kids involved in anything else isn't just a matter of having facilities (which I admit are needed), but also getting them involved. We can have all the tennis courts and roller hockey rinks in the world, but we still need to get them engaged.

It's just like the roller hockey rink in Cliffwood Beach. Great idea, but it wasn't going to get kids in there organizing their own games. Someone needed to take charge of it and get the kids involved.

As much as we need updated and age appropriate parks, we also need a recreation department that comes up with ideas (besides just sports) that the kids can participate in and are not cost prohibitive to families who'd like to participate.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about tennis courts for the adults. I pay $9,000 in taxes and there is nothng for the adults, especially the women. I know the men can join the HS gym one night a week, and have mens soccer games, but there is not one thing offered for the women. I have both teenage kid and younger kid, I'd play tennis with them, as a family!

Anonymous said...

I think they have 3 on 3 soccer for men, women and children, but I see your point.

Anonymous said...

Only the young kids participate in the 3 vs 3 soccer, I know, my husband coached it one year. I know it is open to adults, but I'm not sure if any play. I'm not necessarily looking for an organized sport, I'd like a place to go with my family, or friends.

Anonymous said...

Joe, You blew it...Andover Park is crummy,(except for basketball court). The playground is old faded and dirty, grass is mostly weeds, Most of the A section is a swamp with horrible drainage problems, including the park, I too have found the drug baggies, I can't believe we are scheduled to get new roads in the year 2089, has anyone who makes these decisions driven around the A section. Oh yaah only Lauro in the I section gets his street done, the whole side of 34 towards 79 appears to have been redone, oh yeah the Mayor lives over in that direction, of the roads that have not been done over there, I have never seen any as bad as those in the A Section, every other week we have water main breaks, twice on my own property. Sorry I am disgruntled, we work hard to maintain our home, why can't this town fix the street, water and drainage problems or at least acknowledge they exist. The guys who maintain the park, can't make the playground new. The volleyball pit, is just that. I saw unsupevised kids throwing sand in each others eyes last time I walked my dog there. My kids stay in my fenced yard, where I can throw my own sand in there eyes.

Aberdeener said...

For the record, I have not received a single inquiry regarding any of the positions.