Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning the Year with Gratitude

My deepest apologies for not thanking the firefighters who attend the Chanukah menorah lighting every year. The event could not happen without their supervision and I am most thankful for their service.

Before launching into more investigative and opinion pieces, I wish to thank numerous people who, over the past year, have been kind to me despite any personal reservations they may have.

After TD Bank purchased Commerce Bank, they discontinued Commerce’s long standing tradition of hosting large outdoor menorahs during Hanukkah. Despite the short notice, Aberdeen Township permitted the ceremonial lighting at Town Hall. Special thanks go to Town Manager Criscuolo, who attended, and the recreation department. Also in attendance were councilmen Drapkin and Tagliarini.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Criscuolo for including the Greater Aberdeen Garage Sale on the town calendar. I’ll be making a number of changes for the upcoming year to help everyone improve sales and I appreciate the added publicity through the town calendar. (One more request, though – Please bring back the old township website. The new design is honestly terrible.)

My thanks to Councilman Raymond. Though I disagree with his votes, I stand in admiration of his love for our community.

Though I’m sure Mayor Sobel would prefer my blog focus upon our neighborhood’s fine eating establishments, he has always been respectful, cordial, and responsive. My thanks go to him as well.

On the Board of Education, two members have been quite gracious towards me despite my attacks against them in this blog – John Barbato and Jan Rubino. To this day, Mr. Barbato greets me with a warm smile and freely answers any questions I may have. Though Jan Rubino and I have not been on speaking terms since I objected to awarding a work-study position to fellow BOE member Zavorskas’s daughter, I give Ms. Rubino great credit for reaching out to me following last April’s election. Nor do I hold it against her for taking umbrage at her friend’s treatment.

Michael Gross, the school district’s attorney, has my gratitude for taking the time to speak with me in private regarding certain legal positions the district has assumed. I now appreciate his role far more than I did previously. In private, Mr. Gross is a legal adviser to the district. In public, however, as the school district’s legal advocate, it is his responsibility to provide a vigorous legal defense of the district’s actions. This does not mean he necessarily agrees with his own positions nor that he supports the district’s policies. It only means he’s defending the district to the best of his ability.

I wish to extend thanks to the staff in Aberdeen Township and the school district administration that, almost without exception, have been consistently warm and helpful whenever I’ve turned to them for assistance.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my readership. Whether you agree with me or not, thank you for taking the time to read my articles. Thank you for your comments. And thank you for joining your voices with mine in seeking to improve our community.
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Anonymous said...

Although I don't always agree with your opinions, I would like to add that it was very kind of you to show such graciousness to those who often oppose you. Happy New Year! Let's hope 2009 brings better things for our community.

Husky Special Ed said...

And thank you for taking the time to dig up the truth about what's going on in our community. For sticking your neck out and taking on the role of advocate for the whole population. For backing up what you say with documentation. For giving everyone the chance to give their opinion, whether they agree or disagree with you.

Your ability to see both sides, admit when you are wrong, and see people as individuals (even when their job is one that doesn't seem to be working toward the "greater good") makes you a perfect advocate for our community.

Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate on Councilman Raymond's love for the community. How have you seen this?

Aberdeener said...

I'm sure Councilman Raymond is asking the same question. Sorry but I can't elaborate.

Anonymous said...

That sounds a little shady. Was the original comment meant to be sarcastic????

Aberdeener said...

No sarcasm intended. I'm aware of something he did for the community and simply wanted to express my gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Just take a moment and look around Cliffwood Beach and you will see what Councilman Raymond has done.

NOTHING is the view from the cheap seats. Don't get me wrong but as a Cliffwood Beach resident for over twenty seven years I cannot point to one real accomplishment that Councilman Raymond or our other former representative did to benefit our area of Aberdeen they were supposed to fight for. arly did nothing really as well.

The one improvement was the parks and that was done because all the parks were done. Did councilman Raymond do anything to improve our beachfront. Just look at Old Bridge only one small bridge away if you want to see what political action, drive and determination can do for a community. In Old Bridge there is a magnificent beachfront, walkways, and many activity areas for the citizens.
A skating rink that gets spray painted with graffiti and can be unsafe at times due to its lack of security during the day and at night is not a positive for Aberdeen. I am sure all of us can remember the political literature over the years put out by both parties wherein the Jewel of Aberdeen is shown. This supposed jewel is our beachfront. That would be the same rock and stone beach that gets ignored unless it is election time and some political party wants our vote.
Sometime back Sen. Kyrillos was down there and there was some to do about improving the waterfront and since then NOTHING. So Councilman Raymond I ask you to list ten things you have done better yet make it five things that you can point to that you made happen for your Cliffwood Beach. You like the others have been sitting on your asses and other than your fellow councilman Vinny Vinci getting his own intersection, free land and two street signs to make sure no one dares to block KING VINCI'S intersection the rest of you have done NOTHING. I give you one word of advise spending money on roads is not what will win this election for you. The people of New Jersey and Aberdeen are tired of politicians who do nothing or like Councilman Vinci who only do for themselves. So Councilman Raymond take your time and list just five things you have really done for the area you are supposed to represent. And do not count the Fire Department as my husband served with you and that did not garner political involvement.

Anonymous said...

To add fuel to the fire of justsotrd the two signs that warn people to not block Vinny Vincis intersection are the only two signs like that in all of Aberdeen. One would think that with all the school crosswalks and other far more dangerous walkways or intersection in our town that signs like that could be used in many more locations in town.

But our own selfless??? Councilman Vinci needs not just one sign, our Councilman Vinci needs two signs, the only two signs to warn people to not block his intersection. The only two signs in the entire town placed at any location as though he is some superhero that needs to get somewhere in a hurry to save a damsel in distress.

Talk about selfish. Vinci takes the cake and from the looks of things on this website he also takes everything else that is not nailed down and also gets paid to run for council by the democratic party. If I run how much do I get?

I can't wait until election season.

Anonymous said...

Much like Kimshusband I cannot wait for this years political season to start. What people need to do is to ask an awful lot of pointed questions when our local elected officials start walking door to door seeking our votes.

I will start my questioning off with why Aberdeen did not buy the pool club for our residents? Other towns have made such purchases and it has benefited the community greatly. Maybe there was no fee or engineering study to be done for the connected professionals to gouge the taxpayers on with such a thing. As has been mentioned by the woman from the beach area yesterday our streets being paved have been our local dems claim to fame. All that does is make bigger payoffs to the connected. What has been passing for leadership in our area of the county is a joke and I am not laughing. I will be laughing loudly when these same elected officials cannot answer my questions at my front door or when I question them at the 2009 Aberdeen Day. I will say the 2008 event was well attended and Jim Collabelli did a great job. Thank you Jim.

Anonymous said...

Sobel's request to delay the delay implementing new property tax assessments was denied by the county. Big surprise! Get ready to pay!

Anonymous said...

It is Slob-el as previously posted.

From Washington to Trenton to Aberdeen get ready to bend over and grab your ankles.

The unfortunate thing is Norman gets to raise taxes and fees this year and blame everyone all the way back to the Oval office.

Winners will be: Norman Kauff, CME, Various council people, supposed professionals related to town business, Vic S. and more.

Losers: All of us

Anonymous said...

One thought here. Those of us who have been over-assessed for years are finally getting a break in our property taxes, albeit everything is relative. I personally am glad Mayor Sobel's request was denied by the county. Don't know if it's true but I heard the result of the re-evaluation was 50% affected upward and 50% affected downward. Much different from the 33%/33%/33% originally predicted.

MrFF said...

Thought you might want to mention who else was in you local fire company supplying the lights, as they have always in the past.

Aberdeener said...

Yikes! You're right. The firefighters have been there every single year.

I'll post a correction.

- Thanks