Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Property Tax Blame Game

There’s an old story of two beggars plotting to pilfer apples from the king’s orchard. However, one beggar was lame and the other was blind. So, the blind man carried the lame person on his shoulders and, together, they were able to snatch apples off the king’s trees. When they were caught and brought before the king, each beggar blamed the other. The lame person said he is guiltless because, without the blind man’s help, he could never have reached the apples. The blind man professed innocence because, without the lame person, he could never have known where to go. So, the king placed the lame person on the blind man’s shoulders and charged them together.

Aberdeen township has the third highest equalized tax rate in Monmouth County. The municipality blames the school district, which spends most of the tax revenue. The school district blames the township for not developing more ratables to spread the tax burden. As a community, we need to hold them jointly accountable.

In the past decade, Aberdeen Township has not broken ground on a single major development except for the Avalon condos by the train station. The development generates $950,000 in PILOT payments, minus the education costs for children in the development and the additional COAH housing. Since the COAH units haven’t been built, yet, the development likely saves the average household a little over a $100 a year. Nice but not enough.

As for all the other developments – Anchor Glass, Aberdeen Forge, Church St. Senior Housing, Transit Village, Cliffwood Beach – we’ve got nothing. The transit village is particularly disturbing considering the newfound opportunities to garner federal funding. The township is continuing to work with Silver Oaks, a developer convicted of attempting to bribe an IRS agent who uncovered possible tax evasion. The same developer also used his son to sue Matawan for choosing another developer – a lawsuit the borough won but could ill afford. The township also passed a “pay-to-play” ordinance designed to allow the town council to continue doling jobs to their political patrons but blocks Matawan’s developer from working in Aberdeen.

Still, the township asks us for more time. Last week, Mayor Sobel told the Independent “I have found that over the years, that these kinds of projects have lives of their own. You learn to be patient.”

Amazing. Aberdeen Township has one of the most desirable locations in all of New Jersey – a major highway, the shore, close proximity to Manhattan, and a commuter train - yet we can’t attract any major developments? Not a single developer is interested in any commercial development? How about a healthcare complex that encompasses assorted medical offices and outpatient clinics? What happened to the retirement community in Freneau? Are people no longer getting older?

10 years and the mayor asks us to be patient. I think we’ve been patient enough. We need to attract developers and build projects that contribute to our community and ease our tax burden.

Last Monday, Dr. O’Malley made a presentation to the school board on the difficulties of restraining spending growth and tax hikes. The message was simple – we’ve made some progress but there’s very little to cut in a $63 million budget. Examples of progress were primarily reductions in transportation costs. Most of the budget growth is due to contractual obligations that our “capable” school board negotiated.

Well, let’s do some quick math. Assuming another 4% hike in the school budget, minus the haircut after it’s defeated for an eighth consecutive year at the polls, we’re looking at a $65 million school budget for 3,800 kids. Since we’re looking at short-term solutions, let’s lop off the approximately $7 million spent on out-placement and special services for special needs students. That still leaves a bit over $15,000 per student.

Some more math. The average class has about 20 students. That means we’re spending $300,000 per class. Lots of different subjects, so each class needs to share teachers and other resources, but $300,000 per class? And there’s no place to cut? Rather than ask the superintendent to cut costs, let’s first ask him to justify $300,000 per class. Would our school district self-destruct if we chose to only spend $275,000 per class?

At what point will our school board look at the budget and recognize it’s out of control? Who will be the first board member to reject any further tax increases?

Rather than allow each politico to point fingers at the other guys, we need to shackle them together and hold them jointly responsible for what they’ve done and failed to do. They are all responsible.
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Anonymous said...


Very well put. but we need to look at those involved with the total lack of progress in bringing ratables to Aberdeen. So let us look at all those involved and see what they have done to reduce the tax burden on all of us, the little people.

The Freneau development is stalled by developers as of late like Kara Homes Inc. which went belly up. So we should ask is the new owner under contract with another developer or will the economy and slow real estate market be the reason? Or is it a possibility that the owner has grown tired of the man in charge of all of the negotiations.

Do I really have to say his name?

For a full explanation on what is going on in Freneau and the lack of progress we all must look at the property owners (some of which are rumored to be shall we say politically connected and possibly those who control all of the approvals and more himself) and such ownership, if proven, could be a reason for conflict of interest and collusion charges being brought against some of the same people who are directly involved and whom in fact control the entire approval process.

Do I really have to say his name?

Senior Housing on the old South Rivers Metals project or lack of project movement, once again take your pick. Those same parties who are involved with repetitious studies going back years, having to do with the supposed ground contamination to the site merely makes money for the same contributing to political party coffers with no improvement or reduction in the taxes by what such a development could bring in.

We all remember the numerous fires that damaged the building and which former manager allowed the burned building to exist and be a blight on our community for twenty years. All that same blighted property has been is a boon to the politically connected firms who would gladly do expensive study after expensive study on the exact same property with nothing ever being done in a positive sense to move the development forward and help the taxpayers. Once again the rumors fly that those in charge and connected were not going to make any or enough money ensuring the necessary approvals so there it sat a danger and blight on the community for almost twenty years. That was until our former manager Stewart Brown came in and had the building torn down at no cost to Aberdeen, we were told. We were also told that a developer who shall we say walked away after shall we say ?being shook down? in a parking lot (not a rumor in any sense of the word) was brought back to the table and possible development by the same former manager Stewart Brown who is again, no longer here. But the building site with its advertising banner in full regalia remains on a vacant piece of property as though building is about to start. Is Aberdeen getting paid for the advertising sign sitting there for over a year? I also have no real answer for my mother when she asks me what is going on there when I come to visit. She had hoped to live there in her retiring years. She asks Councilman Vinci every time she sees him, but the answer is all too obvious to her as it always a shrug and a quick exit by Vinci. That is all she gets from her elected official. Once again I ask should we not question the man in charge?. And some of you might ask who that man would be?

Do I really have to say his name?

Anchor glass is another one under the same exact leadership that sat as a blight and a tax neutral property for many years during the same tenure of our former manager. That was until once again Stewart Brown came along and mandated some improvements be made and some hazardous areas secured, which then brought the property back to a tax paying ratable for Aberdeen. Couldn't the former manager and his legal partner in crime ?oops? have done the same thing many years before? As for the present development potential or lack thereof, one may look for the economy and real estate situation to play a part or did another parking lot meeting end that possibility? All of these questions along with those who are supposedly elected and in charge need to answer these questions and be accountable for the real lack of progress that has not occurred in Aberdeen. Those in charge of speaking to the potential developers of all of these sites are who? Who represents the Aberdeen taxpayers as a competent and experienced authority in such matters? What of the supposed ?professionals? involved all of these years? It is the same ?professionals? who also stood idle while nothing moved forward. Who is supposed to be working on the best interests of the residents and taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Once again I ask all of you.

Do I really have to say his name?

One man holds the daily operations of Aberdeen in his greedy, unethical, working both sides of every deal for himself. He controls all manners of approvals for density, profit, school costs and more. This mystery man to many.

Are we to trust this man who for so long has controlled and maligned our community with his evil ways? Are we to not question how one man, an unelected man at that, is allowed to have the final word on significant life altering decisions that have to date through a complete and total lack of progress has negatively effected every man, woman and child in Aberdeen. This man who supposedly speaks on our behalf with not one speck of accountability for his actions, decisions and questionable agreements?

The answers much like the man himself are a mystery as to his very existence, much less his dictatorship style, which he himself has developed and maintains using and abusing our tax dollars like his personal piggy bank.

Do I really have to say his name?


Aberdeen will soon know his name.

Right Norman Kauff. Oops!

Anonymous said...

What is funny is that Sobel, who rants against the high school taxes at every election, supports the unaccountable board members in their election - even going so far as to write partisan letters in what is supposed to be a non-partisan election.

That would only make sense if Sobel is a hypocrite. Oh, that's right, he is. Raymond rants quietly, does nothing. Drapkin rants, then his daughter gets a job, then he gets quiet. I don't know if it's finger-pointing, incompetence, one hand washing another, or just a general lack of a spine, like in Raymond's case. Vinny, he just wants a street named after him (well, it's a formality at this point - he already has the road).

What a great country we live in! For real. We just have to clean up the garbage that lingers in our little haven.

Anonymous said...

Try Mayor Sobel never talking about his two fellow elected officials whose family members work for the Bd. of Ed. and who cannot vote or get involved on any actions, discussions or budget reviews. So much for true representation by our elected idiots.

I guess it is just all about what our elected officials can get for themselves, family and friends. When did "screw the taxpayers every chance" I get make it into the oath of office?

Will the last person left in Aberdeen shut out the lights.

Before I forget the StemlerDrckgin person knows what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Sobel does exactly what Sobel is told to do. They all do exactly what they are told to do by

Do I really have to say his name?

How is it that men like Norcross, Lynch, Scudeiri and our Kauff can wield such power and have not one ounce of anything close to accountability?

Welcome to New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I haven't been reading this blog for all that long, but I've seen this particular rumor repeated on numerous occasions as being "fact" although I've never seen anyone give any real details.

StemlerDrckgin wrote:

"We were also told that a developer who shall we say walked away after shall we say ?being shook down? in a parking lot (not a rumor in any sense of the word) was brought back to the table and possible development by the same former manager Stewart Brown who is again, no longer here."

So let's clear things up and put everything out on the table:

Who was the developer involved? When did this shakedown happen? What led to the shakedown? And how does everyone on here know that it happened?

To those who think I'm doubting, I'm not. I'm not denying a shakedown, I am just trying to understand what you are all talking about. Please give specific details rather than writing in vague passages.

Rumors often become fact when they are repeated enough, even though people don't know what actually happened. So let's try some facts (meaning specifics) so we can all understand what happened.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's the only explanation as to why three of the Township's developers are represented by the same attorney. In all of those cases the developers do not use the attorney elsewhere, but for Aberdeen. But when Kauff tells you who to hire ... they listened.

Anonymous said...

You're stating that the only explanation why three developers would use the same local attorney is because someone was paid off for...what? Influence? I guess that is one possibility, but it is not in any way the only explanation. Nor is conjecture ever in any way proof of criminal activity. I have no dog in this fight. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Walks like a duck ...

Anonymous said...

Those of you who do not know or care how politics in NJ and Aberdeen work need to be fully aware.


Here is how it works in Aberdeen.

Norman Kauff was the Attorney for the Township of Aberdeen until he appointed a law firm for whom he is now listed as OF COUNSEL that is the same as PAY ME FOR ALL I GIVE YOU. Kauff gets a share of all work from the following municipalities in Monmouth County. Manalapan, Marlboro, Hazlet and our Aberdeen. Just think about this little industry Kauff has created for himself. Add to that the fact that yes he has pressured many developers and other interests and assorted professionals in the past.

Words like illegal, unethical and immoral mean nothing to the scum that is Norman Kauff.

In addition Kauff does in fact work both sides of numerous developmental deals in and around these towns. Norman knows as we do that he did in fact approach a developer in the Aberdeen municipal parking lot after a developers meeting and shall we say strongly suggest that his particular law firm would be hired and paid a very significant fee to handle all legal matters related to this specific developers agreement he would recommend after the shakedown was accepted. The shakedown was rebuffed and the exact words were "I have my own IN HOUSE COUNSEL" and I do not use outside firms.

As to what happened to this developer, it is obvious he was not the choice of the town I mean Norman Kauff. Gee hasn't that happened before with the Transit Station mess with Matawan.

Once again we all must ask ourselves why is this man allowed to have anything to do with the management and decision making within and without Aberdeen or any other town? The negative affects of his greed cost all of us plenty. It is time it stops and the authorities do something to stop this thief and his cohorts before Aberdeen becaomes unaffordable.

There will be no denial from Norman Kauff or his co-conspirators as they know it is 100% true and that Norman Kauff is as guilty as the day is long. He just unfortunately flies under the radar or has influential friends that protect him and the likes of Vic Scudeiri.

Thus is politics Aberdeen style.

Now you now THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the lack of rateables in this area. Yes, we do have an enormous amount of space, and the location is pretty strategic on many fronts.

That factory on county road is the biggest waste of space - but it has been closed for years and NOTHING or NO OFFERS to fill it or knock down and build something?

How does our leadership see our neighboring towns with all of their businesses - Hazlet, Holmdel, Old Bridge, and Middletown - and the amnount of tax money they bring in ----- How does our mayor and council not think this to be down right wrong?? Would not bringing in some businesses like this be something to brag about in election time?

Secondly, would it be more cost effective to have our own school for out of district placements? We used to have something like it years ago.... vocational and other students - would it be worth it to hire teachers and develop a program to keep these kids in district? You would definately save on bussing and wouldn't it be less than 7 million dollars a year?

Anonymous said...

While this topic and postings are no less important I would hope we would all take a moment and remember the man for whom today is marked a holiday, The Reverend martin Luther King Jr.

The mere fact that this man gave his life for what he truly believed in but one whose tireless efforts have allowed many to take their rightful place in our society as true equals. Similarly the lives lost in wars going back hundreds of years to preserve our freedoms deserve our thoughts and prayers as well, like the man whose life we celebrate today.

The lives of many men and women have been given in the struggles of life throughout our history. My thoughts today go out to all of those who also marched along side Martin Luther King Jr. as well as those who still fight in his name.

I also ask you to remember our service men and women who serve all over the world to ensure our lives and our very way of life are protected.

We owe all above a debt none of us could ever begin to repay.

I thank you in advance for taking a moment to remember all who have sacrificed so much for all of us in our nations service, as well as Dr. M.L. King Jr. on this the day before Inauguration Day 2009.

Anonymous said...

Nice posting Nsectionjoe. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very well put once again. I will remember all you exemplify as well as those who are repressed today all over the world.

Anonymous said...

I concur with NSectionJoe's comments.

Moving back to my original question however, I have to express shock at the complete lack of specifics over the so called "shakedown" incident in the parking lot of Township Hall.

The reason I read the Aberdeener is because he backs up most of his comments with facts. However, this shakedown story, which has been repeated on this blog more than any other and has taken on a life of its own, has never been accompanied with any factual basis.

In the spirit of the Aberdeener, I asked for the specifics about this shakedown after StemlerDrckgin led off the commentary above with his statement:

"We were also told that a developer who shall we say walked away after shall we say ?being shook down? in a parking lot (not a rumor in any sense of the word) was brought back to the table and possible development by the same former manager Stewart Brown who is again, no longer here."

Since I am new to this blog, I assumed everyone on here knew the specifics of this encounter so I asked what I thought would be four simple questions. I expected them to be answered very quickly due to StemlerDrckgin's indication his comments were "not a rumor in any sense of the word".

My questions were:

"Who was the developer involved? When did this shakedown happen? What led to the shakedown? And how does everyone on here know that it happened?"

Instead of being given a specific answer, I have instead been told a shakedown is obvious since three of the township's developers are represented by the same attorney.

Is this even true? - Again, who are the developers, who is the attorney and - as someone else noted - how is a choice of attorney
evidence of a shakedown in a parking lot?

The next, and completely different answer, came from someone calling themselves "The Truth About Kauff" who after stating two definite factual statements (Norman Kauff was Township Attorney and now is "of counsel" to the new Township Attorney's firm) then goes on to avoid fact and instead offer very vague insinuations.

He says:

"In addition Kauff does in fact work both sides of numerous developmental deals in and around these towns. Norman knows as we do that he did in fact approach a developer in the Aberdeen municipal parking lot after a developers meeting and shall we say strongly suggest that his particular law firm would be hired and paid a very significant fee to handle all legal matters related to this specific developers agreement he would recommend after the shakedown was accepted. The shakedown was rebuffed and the exact words were "I have my own IN HOUSE COUNSEL" and I do not use outside firms."

So,once again I say, on such a serious allegation as this, I would like to see some specifics.

To this entire blog, I ask: "Who are the "we" which both StemlerDrckgin and TruthAboutKauff refer to? Were any of you there during this shakedown? If not, how are you able to quote "exact words" of what happened, let alone know the incident even actually took place?

Also - I repeat my original simple questions:

"Who was the developer involved? When did this shakedown happen? What led to the shakedown? And how does everyone on here know that it happened?"

For an incident which is such an accepted truth on this blog, I would expect someone to have some details! If none are provided, I have no choice but to assume this so called "fact" is nothing more than "myth".

The Aberdeener almost always backs up his allegations with factual support. That is the reason I read this page. I would hope others are not using this page to spread misinformation. If this is the case, I would ask the Aberdeener to please indicate, whenever such unsupported information is given, that he does not support the comments.

As I've previously said in another blog, if something is written here and the Aberdeener doesn't discount it, I have come to believe he supports those statements.

So let me turn this message to the Aberdeener himself --- do you support allegations of this shakedown? And if so:

"Who was the developer involved? When did this shakedown happen? What led to the shakedown? And how does everyone on here know that it happened?"

I just want to learn what is going on in my Township. Long ago in life I discovered "rumor" can become "fact" if it is repeated enough. We shouldn't allow that to happen here on this blog as this page serves an important purpose and anytime "rumor" is allowed to become something more, it discredits everything else which is said here.

Just my opinion.

Hoping to see some intelligent responses with some specifics.

Thank you.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding the shakedown, I need to preface my remarks with the following - These are only allegations. I have never asked the former town manager, Stuart Brown, about this nor have I ever seen any evidence this ever occurred. It's all hearsay.

The reason you see so many references to it among the comments is that it's a way of signaling to those in-the-know that the commenter has the inside scoop.

Back in March, I accused the township of offering Brown a very generous severance package to buy his silence. The unanswered question was what did he have on the township that they would need to make such a deal. The assumption was that they were afraid he would badmouth the council over the pay-to-play. However, according to "legend", there was something more.

If you believe the tale, Mr. Kauff approached the developer for the Church St. Senior Housing in the township's parking lot and "offered" to provide legal assistance for $50,000. When the developer protested that he only uses in-house counsel, Kauff strongly suggested the developer may encounter difficulties working with the township without Kauff's help.

The developer promptly sent Brown a letter objecting to the "shakedown" and withdrew from the project. Brown then pursued the developer, provided personal guarantees of municipal cooperation, and ultimately persuaded the developer to return to the project.

According to legend, Brown still possesses that letter.

Once again, this is all hearsay. I have absolutely no evidence, nor have I ever seen any, to substantiate any of this.

Anonymous said...

To be fair - sounds like folklore, and since nobody is talking, we'll never really know the truth. Not that I wouldn't believe it.

I've heard similar unsubstantiated rumors about ownership of Freneau and other tidbits - but either it's all rumor or Kauff is good at covering his tracks.

Probably a bit of both.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a giant leap to me as well. I like to deal in facts, not rumor, myth or legend. Until some evidence can be provided, I think we should retire this particular rumor from our daily prayers.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Please allow me to vent for a moment.

At dinner tonight I asked my youngest daughter a junior at the high school what she thought of the inauguration today?. Her response shocked me. She said dad we could only have watched it in the auditorium if a teacher brought us down there. None of my teachers brought anyone down there. I wanted to watch it during lunch but there was no teacher to take me there. Once again our school leadership has failed us all.

She also stated that the auditorium presentation did not last long as it must have broke down, then they allowed only a few classes to watch it in the Media room.

The fact that I am a history buff and have a strong interest in politics I am and will be very upset that my daughter was not able to watch this most eventful moment inside her school where such instruction and learning of such historic events should be foremost on a day like today.

The fact that my daughter should have seen , discussed or witnessed history first hand today did not happen. I am pissed and our school leadership will know how pissed I am at the next school board meeting. Have your excuses ready. Start with how all of the money dumped into this school district could not have allowed a live feed into the auditorium, gymnasium or any other large room for all of our students to witness history unfold before there own eyes today.

What do we have to do on such historic occasions? Should we have to take our kids out of school and to our homes to ensure they do not miss such a monumental and historically significant event?

History in school books as of late, which is rarely taught far beyond George Washington and then skips along missing many significant moments and the personalities, those who shaped our lives and ensured our freedoms to live in the greatest nation in the world.

I am very upset that my daughter missed this opportunity in this overpriced school district. My wife on the other hand watched along with all of her fellow teachers had a live feed into the computer in each classroom and also had an attached projector to put it up on the wall in a large enough size to allow all of her students to witness the event firsthand.

Not in our school district. Somebody better have a really good explanation. I am pissed off and disappointed. Where does all the money go? $54,000,000.00 this year.

Anonymous said...

Council meeting last night anyone have an update?

I imagine if anyone is looking for the farm they need not bother as last night was supposed to be the reappointing of our supposed professionals.

So if you are looking for the farm
Norman Kauff gave it away again.

Does anyone think Kauff will listen to our new presidents call to change the way leaders lead and the way politics and politicians continually fail those they are sworn to represent?

Yeah right?

Anonymous said...

I have a sophmore at the HS as well. She didn't get to see the inauguration either. I too was supprised that on such a historic day, a school district that claims to want to include all, didn't see the historic importance of President Obama's inauguration, and make viewing this event available to all. And by the way, I thought the school budget this year was $63,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Is the Aberdeen Township Council following the lead of the Democratic County Freeholder?

From the Courier:

Freeholders take 10-percent salary cut
Melissa L. Gaffney, Senior Staff Writer

“Whoever thought trying to do something good could be so complicated,” said Freeholder Director Barbara J. McMorrow.

Despite conceived setbacks, the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders voted to take a 10-percent reduction in their yearly salaries on Thursday, Jan. 8.

Anonymous said...


Seldom do I agree with your views, however it appears that we have found common ground. I am astounded by the alleged disregard to have our children witness "History". If this is true I can't immagine that techonology is to blame-but rather educators and an administration that failed our kids. Please Joe-say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the person upset at school leadership.
With todays technology and the Obama mania media witnessing history in real time is not essential. Just google Obamas Inauguration speech and 2,250,000 results come up. The first the text of the speech, the second you tube. Every election is historic and the Inaugural Inoculation was on cable tv 24/7 this week. To take the kids out of school is absurd when you can get it all at anytime. I for one would rather watch it with my children instead of the indoctrination you get with it in public schools. In this school district finding things to be critical about is easy, this may not be one.

Anonymous said...

Joe, You should have taped it, cause im sure you were unable to watch it. After all this would have been on company time! And the people that own that company that you work for are tax payers too!! Not that they should be pissed or anything like that!!

Anonymous said...

Given the timing, anyone that wanted to witness this piece of history, regardless of employer, would have taken lunch for that hour. We all have the patriotic right to share that moment in history. People have to stop being so bitter.

Anonymous said...

When did you watch it, JOE? If it was alright for you to not see it when it was happening (like most of us who work) it should be okay for your daughter. As Eddie said, technology provides many ways to be part of the experience.

Anonymous said...


Start you own blog with your long winded comments that ruin my reading on this site - instead of Aberdeener - call it "make me sleep-er".


1. The auditorium was set aside the other day for the inauguration of your apparent candidate - are not all inaugurations important??? I digress -

The big screen was down and the intention was to hook it up to the INTERNET and get a live feed. SINCE HALF OF THE WORLD wanted to watch it - several sites froze (documented on the news) - and MANY were unable to watch it live. You see, when hundreds of millions of people want to access a site, more times than not it freezes. It happened to several sites thus causing the problem at the HS.

2. The library had a cable hook up and SEVERAL classes went down WITH A TEACHER to view it. The library can only hold so many kids at once for safety (we know how you are all about codes and laws and what not)so if the library was full - than no one else could get it.

3. NO, students cannot leave lunch unsupervised to go find a TV somewhere - it is against BOE policy and an insurance risk.

4. Some teachers had a cable hook up in their classes and many WERE able to see it live.

5. I would think that with all of the HUB BUB about education time and testing - you would want teachers to teach ESPECIALLY WITH MID TERMS NEXT WEEK !!! Does preparation and review mean anything?

6. You wanted to put 1000 kids in a gym? I am sure that would go over just splendid. Bad idea.

7. History is not taught much past Washington? Maybe you slept through your days at school or do not check your kid's homework, because that is simply an untrue statement.

Heck, maybe we should investigate like the Aberdeener to see if you were watching during work hours instead of driving around to see whose trees need to be cut, which front door is not to code, or whose fence is an inch above the legal limit. I DEMAND AN INQUIRY!!!!

Stop trying to find a story. In this day and age, you can see the inauguration at home with parents at any hour of the day from several sources. The school tried and TECHNOLOGY FAILED THEM- not the other way around.

NO I AM NOT BARZA..... just a resident who knows the real story - much like the "sources" you use on this site as pieces for conversation.

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" above:
CLASSIC!!! I, too, am sick of reading Joe's chest-thumping comments on this board. I am equally sick of reading his "anonymous" praises. I lived in CB near Joe for many years and knowing the man as I do, I would not be surprised if he didn't write these comments himself. Also, it made me ILL to read his comments about Rev. King. Since the Aberdeener is so proficient at doing research, why doesn't he research Joe's history of talking smack against the African-American portion of our community? This being the case (as I believe it to be)quoting or referring Rev. King to further your own agenda is disgusting. I heard about you from people you work with. Folks say you're two-faced. Is that true? Trust me, people, when I tell you that Joe is not the man you think he is. All you people who will now write in and say, "Stop being so mean to Joe" will know the truth soon enough. Oh, and Joe, are you writing your next entry that begins, "Again, people malign me!" WOE IS ME!!! You CRACK me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again people attack Njoe for some obvious personal reason. The man raised very good points and the excuses and attacks from obvious school employees or officials upon him screams ignorance. I too have a son who did not watch this momentous event and I am angry. Schools that have had all this money spent should have been able to see this in every room. i doubt many were given the opportunity. The most ignorant statement as to where Njoe watched it took the cake. He was concerned that his daughter starting out in life missed an opportunity such as this not himself. It is apparent that many missed the chance and the excuses and attacks on this man wreaks of self protection.

Having lived here a long time I can assure you Njoe stands for what he believes in. Anyone remember the Bill Murphy years. Njoe and a few others stood up were accountable. Those who attack Njoe need to know that a man with that tenacity is one whom if you go after him you better be ready. I would feel sorry for anyone he put his sights on like he did on our former mayor. Ask yourself if you would put yourself out there like he did. He is no saint. Are any of us? The couple ignorant comments and questioning of his use of this site is just an attempt to embarass him and stop him from showing his opinions on the school system he keeps a close eye on. As for the chest thumping comment your stupid and juvenile.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above-poster on one point: Joe is vindictive. Other than that, he is far from being the great citizen you think he is. As far as the mishap at the HS with the media equipment, be a parent and teach your own children about such historical events and stop bitching when an unavoidable internet glitch side tracks the endeavor. I am far from being a big fan of the MARSD, but, I give them props for making an attempt. If a website freezes up due to millions of people attempting to access it, you are wrong for putting the blame on the district. You may be understandably disappointed that your kids weren't able to witness this event in real time, but, as previous posters pointed out, it may be viewed via the internet over and over and over and over again. Also, I am certain this election was discussed ad nauseum in the weeks preceding the inauguaration. I am sure this historical moment wasn't lost on the kids or the staff. Stop relying on strangers (teachers) to teach your children about historical events. As the parent, you are the teachers of your children. I kept my daughter home that day and we watched and discussed what was happening. Perhaps the problem with this district is the fact that EVERYONE is of the belief that our parenting responsibilities stop when we shove our children out the door in the morning. You talk a good game when discussing the responsibilities of the district, but, it seems to me that you rely entirely way too much on others to impart knowledge to your children.

Anonymous said...

As I was brushing my teeth I could hear the phone message machine pick up. From the message machine I understand that I have been the subject of a couple postings that I will read after work. So on my way out the door I can only tell you that I am not perfect, I am a sinner, I have lived and interesting life and I love doing working for the people of Aberdeen.

I have in fact been very involved in my community since 1983 and have lived in the Matawan and Aberdeen area since 1963.

I have been threatened, maligned and had past politicians and school board members seek my dismissal from job for speaking out. I have the same rights as all of you who read and contribute to this blog. Has this ever happened to you. If it did would you do what I did? Think about it as I am ready anytime to protect my family and my opinions.

Those who have come after my job and threatened my family have paid the price and their time in politics was short lived.

So to those who attack me I say attack away. Just do not spend so much time on me that you miss what is going on in your own community. My criticism and concern for this school system is my number one priority and is my right granted me as a taxpayer chest thumping is optional.

To those who defend me I thank you. To those who criticize me I thank you.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Once again you lie. You say you will read the messages after work, yet you knew enough to comment on the chest thumping. Why are you so phony? More people may be apt to view you more honorably if you weren't so transparent. Your martydom is ridiculous. With all the crap you spew forth, I, for one, am glad to read that you brush your teeth. For the record, I will have a GREAT day!

Husky Special Ed said...

I doubt that there is a person alive (or posting on this blog) who hasn't done or said something "wrong" in their life. To those who cast stones at Joe, maybe you need to think about what's in your past that could be thrown in your face if you were brave enough to make your name known on the blog.
I don't know whether the accusations about Joe are true or not, but I'm sure there are many, many people in this community who would like to smear his name and discredit him.

Isn't this blog to discuss the issues going on in our towns and school district? Joe has as much right as anyone else does to be here and post. I'd rather read his comments that stick to the topic of the community and/or school district than a comment that only has the intention of badmouthing someone who openly shares their opinion on a subject.

I've personally witnessed him stand at many a BOE meeting and state his concerns. That's more than many citizens in this community do. Right or wrong, at least he stands up and tries to make a difference.

My son was one of the kids in the HS to get to see the inauguration, and I was very glad he had the chance to see it live and with his classmates. Yes, we did discuss it at home, and I actually viewed it with all my children together, so we could discuss it as a family.

I do think, however, that the kids who missed seeing it (for whatever reason) missed an opportunity for great discussion with their friends and other adults. I'm sure at this point in their lives, they know their own family's view on politics, President Obama, and what his election means for this country. This was an opportunity for hearing what others think and what our new president means to them.

Every inauguration should be viewed and discussed. Each one is an important step for our country and will be a piece of history.

Anonymous said...

These personal attacks on Joe are the reason some disregard this blog. I read several comments above stating their children didn't see the inauguration live. My son didn't get to see it either. He was told by his teacher that they were too busy. Well I'm the first to say teaching should be first priority. But I also think being part of a historic event, as this is, is more impotrant. And, yes, this election is more important, giving the American history of slavery in this country. Yes, we could all see it taped, however, experiencing it live was just that, an experience. I'm glad I got to experience it, I'm sorry my son didn't.

Anonymous said...

I apologize as today apparently I am a racist, a liar, vindictive, transparent,a chest thumper, ridiculous, a malingerer and I should not have wanted my daughter or others in her school to witness one of the most momentous events in the 20th century.

I am wrong that a school system with its (now that I have been corrected) $64,000,000.00 annual budget, should have been excused for not setting up such a thing to be viewed by all students in advance. I guess I am wrong once again and deserve to be criticized that over the years with all of the tens of millions of dollars invested in the school system, that the ability for every class to be able to view such a thing was too much to ask for. Maybe it is just me?

Wow, I did not realize that I am such a bad man. Obviously I do not deserve to walk the earth freely and express my opinions. I should just let that which disgusts me and hurts many in my community, happen. Otherwise I risk being criticized and attacked for standing up against such problems. The low test scores, unethical behavior, financial incompetence and more should just happen and not be questioned? Let me think on that one for a minute. Go ahead criticize and attack me all you want if that would make all of those problems just go away. It will not but you two are well within your right to criticize and expose incompetence of those elected or employed in our community, whose job it is to teach or act responsibly, ethically and in our best interest on our behalf.

Just remember I am not responsible for multi-million dollar budgets nor am I elected to serve the people of Aberdeen on its school boards or otherwise. I am merely a very concerned and outspoken resident, taxpayer and employee of the town I live in, and I work hard to improve Aberdeen through that position every day. If you are somehow angry with me and need to vent, so be it.

The one or two people who chose to attack me today in fact do not know me and are well within their rights to do so, all be it from their anonymous identity. That is America.

Those who chose to make me the whipping boy for the day please continue as long as that when tomorrow comes you take out your tax bill and seek accountability for that which hurts you more than your anger towards me could ever do to me.

I am certain I do not know you, and you are obviously venting for some unknown reason. But, as long as it makes you feel better and puts you back on track seeking accountability tomorrow, go ahead attack away.

Tomorrow it is back to the test score probelm, inflated budgets, patronage jobs, mis-spent millions and all of the rest that needs your full attention, more than I do. So when the sun rises on Friday these major problems that face our communities will still be there and still cost us all greatly.

PS Any chest thumping was unintentional. Any gaffes or mis-spellings was unintentional.

Have good night.

Anonymous said...

Joe Says:

"I apologize as today apparently I am a racist, a liar, vindictive, transparent, a chest thumper, ridiculous, a malingerer...."

I've been reading these posts back and forth since I came home from work this afternoon, and I decided to finally comment since I seem to agree with Joe. He is DEFINITELY all those things he admits to! Glad to see he is finally facing reality!

Everyone talks about "the truth that is coming." Well, people, you don't know what you're in for! I am not making empty threats that will not be backed up. Give me some time. It is coming. I promise. When I do, you will ALL feel foolish because you will realize how you've been played by YET another Aberdeen "official." Don't say I didn't try to warn you. I wish all the Joe supporters would wake up and realize how he lies and attempts to cover his tracks. I speak the truth, people. I speak the truth. He is more of a liability and a hinderance to our township than a help. I only hope the so-called "leaders" would realize this and cut our losses. We have other "issues" in this town and don't need some arrogant hot-head running around creating more problems within the walls of Town Hall.

As far as Joe being the knight in shining armor at the BOE meetings, please listen to his grandstanding and consider the fact that his intentions may be other than honorable. Consider the fact that everything he does is laying groundwork for something to benefit him directly...not necessarily that of our children. Think hard and consider all I have to say. You'll be glad you did.

I urge ALL district parents to fight for your their own children. I ask ALL of you to stop hiding behind Joe and speak up at the BOE meetings yourselves! If you don't, your anger regarding all the "wrongs" in this district are misdirected at the Board. Anger stemming towards lack of progress should be directed at yourselves if you don't speak up and only hide behind Joe. Your trust is misplaced and your children are too important to sell out. Think about it. I swear to God the Father Almighty I am telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Standing up and talking to the BOE generally brings about rude comments, eye rolling and board stares.

And I swear on Frey, the Goddess, All mighty.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to chip in and buy Joe, his very own engraved soap-box?

Anonymous said...

HEY! Are you that WITCH in town that everyone is talking about?

Anonymous said...

The so called anonymous person who swears to God is right. NJoe is if nothing else honest and tells it like it is, so I must do the same.

NJoe is truly a terrible man and here is the proof. I too swear to God like the holier than though anonymous poster two posts before me who obviously has no personal agenda against Njoe and only throws God and religion around like it is to be belittled and is disposable like the cold hearted ignorant F they obviously are. Right Lucy?


On my way home from work I saw Njoe push a black, jewish, half American Indian little person with only one eye who could not hear or speak who was in a wheel chair with no leg straps into the front of an eighteen wheeler tractor trailer while NJoe was wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood emblazoned with a Nazi Swastika on the back of the robe while holding an American Flag upside down in distress while he set it on fire all the while Njoe stood there bent over with a smiley face on his left ass cheek exposed mooning 100 school bus loads of nuns and young school children on their way home from trips to visit handicapped jewish war veterans with cookies and candy that was not kosher.

I swear to God it happened.

Anonymous get a life you idiot. Accept your ignorance and bigotry.
At least Njoe does not hide like you and your kind of ignorant low lifes. He puts himself out there for all to see good or bad, right or wrong.

One more thing answer me one question since you supposedly know everything about Njoe. What did Njoe ever get for himself from standing up for more police, educational standards and accountability from elected and employed officials who are ethically challenged and who are in charge of tens of millions of our tax dollars every year?

Check with your God OK.

Anonymous said...

A job.

Anonymous said...

I am out of here until the holy roller stops hiding behind being anonymous. If you are so brave who are you. I will say one more thing about Njoe and then that is it. When we tried to get sewers in our area of town he fought hard for all of us. The sewers did not happen but at least he stood up for us and he did not even live in Freneau. Where were you holy roller?

Good night all.

Anonymous said...


I dont know about the rest of what has been written - all I was replying to was the fact that you said that you were pissed, disgusted, and upset - several times-

I got from my "sources" the 3 or 4 points that I made in my reply to you. THE INTERNET SITES OUT THERE PRETTY MUCH FROZE BECAUSE OF ALL THE MASS INQUIRIES.... it had nothing to do with the schools NOT WANTING or not caring enough to show the inauguration. THIS WEEK STUDENTS ARE ALSO PREPARING FOR MIDTERMS and finishing the second marking period - it is my understanding that when the auditorium idea with the internet failed, teachers went back to matters at hand and not scour the building for a room with cable - though some had cable including the library.

i responded to your vehement posting THAT YOU BROUGHT UP. The "woe is me" is getting old. I was just explaining to you what REALLY happened before you go yelling at a board meeting.

This inauguration was a time for ALL families to discuss with their children the importance of this inuguration and all inaugurations and elections.

You brought the topic up and I responded - it has nothing to do with taxes or anything else you wrote in your later reposnse - I will say it again - you started the conversation and people did not agree with you. You cannot expect to have an opinion on everything and have all of the anonymous and regular posters ALWAYS agree -and you are right, that's what makes this America.

I will say that I am sorry if later posters got out of hand.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by this person who repeatedly swears that they know everything and that they are going to tell all of us the truth while using Gods name. I am also disgusted that they hide behind anonymous. God will judge you for using his name like that. Repent now. I applaud Joe for his last response and the his
nsectionjoeapology. He outclasses the attacks on him with his responses and also subtly ridicules his attackers. They just are not smart enough yet to slink away defeated. Keep it up Joe I am behind you and I am glad you work for the town. Joe I will introduce myself to you at the next school board meeting. See you then.

Anonymous said...

I will buy the soapbox if Joe is allowed to speak on behalf of those of us who fear retribution for speaking out. I work in the school system and I know what he brings to light is true. At least with him you know what you get up front unlike those that have destroyed this school district. He like so many others does not hide. I find the attacks on him childish and distracting from the real problems that affect us all. Keep it up Joe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe it is just like they say

You cant please all of the people all of the time.

Its a no win situation for you and a few like those who attacked you yesterday are just bitter angry people who need to spew there hatred. It was your day at the plate of hate. As though you are the reason our taxes are so high and our elected officials cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

If they come after you rip there hearts out.

Anonymous said...

As i sit here and read all of these comments i am repulsed. Joe is one of the most truthful people in this town. He lays it all on the line and doesnt care about the consequences. He stands up for what he believes in and thats that. I was a neighbor of his years back and can say first hand he would have given the shirt off his back to help a friend in need. Joe in case you are wondering who this is i will give you a hint. How about some Judicke donuts. Keep up the good work and dont let these idiots with nothing better to do get you down. All they will ever do is sit here and complain on this blog. You will never see them stand up at a meeting, sacraficing a nights sleep to fight a fire, or respond to help an injured citizen. They think somehow sitting here on this blog they are magically helping this town. If these people want to really help this town they should get there butts up out of their chairs and volunteer. We all know this town could use the help especially on the fire and first aid departments. Keep up the good work Joe and you too Mr. Warren. Hope everyone has a great day.

Anonymous said...

Come on people back to the subjects that matter. We can be sure Njoe would not want us to waste our attention on him. It is not like he is going anywhere. He has like the last post said put himself out there when many sat on their asses.

As for the job post you are right. It was offered to him three times and the first time he would have had to stop going to council meetings and making the council people at that time accountable. I for one am glad he finally said yes.

Enough of bashing Njoe back to the millions of our tax dollars and our decision makers whose decisions are to say the least to be reviewed and questioned.

Anonymous said...

I agree back to our lowly political evil doers on the board of Ed and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

HEY! Are you that WITCH in town that everyone is talking about?

Just because I have to ask - what witch? I haven't heard about this one.

Anonymous said...

Having been there for the Murphy years I can assure you Joe knows what to do if anyone comes after his family. He does his job and that is all I need to know. The rest that is thrown at him is anonymous bull from people stupid little people who hide in the dark.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that what Joe did during the Muphman years deserved a medal. Anyone remember the telephone pole signs? The best ones were when Murphman missed a number of meetings and Joe erected missing person signs all over town showing Murphs face emblazoned with big words stating that the Mayor was missing and that no reward would be offered. It was shear genius and I miss those days. Those numerous letters to the papers along with the signs got the democrats in for good or bad. Yes Joe helped the democrats and if you think they gave him that job for doing so it was five or so years after the dems took over before Joe started his job. So relax all you haters. Keep it up Joe.

Anonymous said...

Like Joe asks of others in government jobs, what were his qualifications? What was he doing before this? How many people interviewed for the job? Was it posted for all to apply? How many people applied for the job? Where his qualifications and experience in government better than others who applied? Was it the democtrats or republicans who gave him the job? Maybe he just deserved the job and chooses not to comment as he once did. Maybe if we knew these answers it would stop the accusations. It is hard to believe someone so involved with the politics of the town at one time has no opinion now. Makes you think.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous attack on someone who has stood up for what he believes in. Those who criticize him seem petty and one sided. As a mater of fact most of which he stood up for did not even benefit him one bit. What have all those who target him stand for other than throwing stones from their glass houses. So few people have that level of tenacity he has shown all of these years. Time for the anonymous haters to choose another target as there criticism is undeserved and trivial.

Anonymous said...

I think that was the very point of what started the direction of this blog. He is always throwing stones, but he forgets that his house is made of glass too.

Anonymous said...

I will come back to the Aberdeener when the ignorance of the anonymous posters stops. I find it very ignorant that those who hide their identities can so easily attack a man who stands up and says her I am and here is what I stand up for. I would ask the anonymous idiots where and how did they get their jobs. Maybe Njoe got his job for fighting to bring positive change to where he lived. Maybe he proved himself worthy to get and hold that job. Anyone know how long he has been employed by the town. It was said by someone who put their name out there and was not anonymous that he helped the democratic party years before to defeat a former mayor and council. If that was the case why would the people he helped get elected wait years to give him a job as some type of reward or payoff as suggested. Ppayoffs happen but maybe Njoe deserves and does his job. Enough already leave the man alone or put in an a request for info from the town to prove your point. Wait you would not be able to hide your secret identitie then would you anonymous. Far more people have been supportive of Njoe and the one or two who attack him have been outclassed by Njoe and his responses and honesty. Move on or get the info from his employer to prove your alegations.

Anonymous said...

Running people off the blog so that they will not be able to read the truth about what is going on is exactly what these people want. If they are obnoxious enough, they can get everyone to leave. On the web, they are usually called "trolls".

The best way to deal with them is usually to ignore them. If their obnoxiousness does not get paid off by making people upset, they usually just go away. A common term: "Don't feed the trolls".

It's one thing to give a differing opinion and take part in a conversation. It's another to just try to stir crap up to be annoying.

Anonymous said...

So true. Not being active on this or any other blog allows those who attack all of us who do care and who do stand for our beliefs, lets them think they won. If you are not heard you do not exist. That is what they want and that is the one thing that helps them the most. Stand up. Be heard. Piss them off.

KrisMrsBBradley said...
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Anonymous said...

I just do not get the witch thing. If it some inside joke it bombed.

Have a Kauff day. That is who is wasting your tax dollars on all of his so called friends. It will only get worse with the cuts from Trenton materialize. If any town leader says they are waiting on discretionary aid I can save you some time. It is not coming. So it is the hope of all clear thinking and financially prudent people in Aberdeen and beyond that hope our political leaders, for lack of a more toxic term, watch every penny. The C.M.E. and other Kauff hangers on must stop riding the taxpayer gravy train. It has to stop. We cannot afford the Kauff politics as usual any longer.

Anonymous said...

No truer words especially about Mr. Kauff Esq. have ever been spoken. He and his (what was it Mayor Sobel said) "close personal friends" have profited long enough. Just like Peter Finney said in a movie titled Network "We're mad as hell and we are not going to take it any longer". That phrase along with a favored Sherlock Holmes line "There is a game afoot" will both play out very soon.

The serious game of "who will really tell the truth to the taxpayers" will begin very soon. We will see who wins this time around Mr. Kauff. We know you will have the money thing covered Mr. Kauff from your CM&E account, but we plan on a grass roots campaign using only truth and numbers. If I were a betting man Mr. Kauff I would bet on the residents and taxpayers tossing all of the incumbents to the curb. That of course may be with the exception of the newest council member who took Janice's place. Think about the info on just the CM&E bills and mistakes, Stu Brown and Janice Gallo getting the boot and so much more is an awful lot to explain away when campaigners knock on peoples doors.

Here is a hint Mr. Kauff, the league parents also pay taxes and they may not be too forgiving on what their money has really been used for instead of what they may have needed or wanted for the kids. Gee something like, I don't know, a parking lot across the street from the Oakshades field. Oh yes that no longer exists except in the billing office of town hall. Anyone wonder what did the new manager ever do with that bill from CME? I am willing to bet that one got paid and buried in the CM&E draw under screw ups we got paid for. You could be damn sure Stu would have thrown that one out just like the lighting bill CM&E submitted under false pretenses for lighting the Oakshades field. Did anyone on council ask about that one or did they already know Mr. Kauff put the kabash on making CM&E anything close to accountable for that F up and the falsified bill they submitted for stuff they never did? Like that has never happened before, right Mr. Kauff. That one along with all of their other mistakes over the years, which guess what, they get paid to fix those as well. What a wonderful place America is. Right Mr. Kauff?

Play ball!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the point of an inside joke that only those on the "inside" get it? If someone doesn't get it, they probably aren't on the "inside".

Don't feel bad, I didn't get it, either.

I thought HR was the "witch" in this district.