Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MARSD, We Have a Problem

Legal issues often turn on a single question. I had asked Dr. Higgins, the Director of the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Licensure and Credentials, two questions - Does a Director of technology need to be certified? (No) Can a supervisor of special education oversee all child study teams throughout the district? (Yes) As several readers noted, the story was missing a critical piece – Why would former Superintendent Quinn go to all the trouble of fabricating a change in title for Ms. Rappaport if the two titles were virtually identical? I was prompted to ask Dr. Higgins one more question.

If the district was to change a person's title, but not his job description, from supervisor of special education to director of special education, would a supervisor's certificate still suffice?

Dr. Higgins answered “A director’s title, directly supervising certificated staff, requires that one hold a school administrator’s certificate, or a standard principal’s certificate.”

Though I’m still searching for supporting documentation, in the words of Adrian Monk, here’s what happened.

In 1999, the state issued a letter to the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District stating Ms. Rappaport lacked certification to be a Director of Special Education. Then, probably in the fall of 2003, the county issued a letter to Quinn demanding that both Rappaport and Pond be reassigned to positions for which they were certified since both of them lacked certification to be a director.

So began the charade. In December, 2003, the school board (two-thirds of whom are still board members) conspired with Quinn to “change” Rappaport’s and Pond’s positions to supervisors. Quinn promptly informed the county of the changes and updated the matrix report. Of course, as was previously demonstrated, their positions were never changed.

Quinn, whether out of laziness or arrogance, didn’t even bother to conceal what he did.

  • The former superintendent never demanded Rappaport and Pond obtain proper certification
  • He never updated the job descriptions for director of special education or director of testing. Both list a supervisor’s certificate as qualification and are therefore non-compliant with state law
  • He never wrote job descriptions for the newly titled positions
And the board played along. Nobody on the board objected to Rappaport and Pond retaining their director titles. Nobody objected to Rappaport testifying as a director of special education. Nobody objected to Quinn defying a board vote or maintaining people in positions for which they were not legally qualified. Nobody objected to Quinn submitting false statements to the state and county. Nobody objected to having job descriptions (special ed, testing) that were in non-compliance or assigning people to positions for which no job description existed. Nobody objected to a supervisor receiving a director’s salary.

Every current school board member who has ever been an officer of the board was at that December, 2003, board meeting and voted to reassign Rappaport and Pond. What are they going to say now? Oops, I forgot?

At last night’s school board meeting, I asked what Ms. Rappaport’s title was during the 07-08 academic year. Between the board members, the administration, and the attorney, there’s over 100 years of combined experience in Matawan-Aberdeen sitting at that table, yet not one person could tell me the title of the 4th highest salaried employee in the district.

As for Cholewa, it was perfectly legal for the board to appoint Quinn’s former secretary, a high school graduate, to director of technology. Ethical or responsible? No. But certainly legal.

By the way, I only quoted the first half of Dr. Higgins’s email. The second half reads as follows – “As I do not want to get into a dispute in this indirect fashion, I will forward our emails to the Executive County superintendent of Monmouth County for her consideration.”

Before the authorities begin knocking on doors, I have one final question for Quinn and Co. - Do you regret what you did or do you only regret getting caught? >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Now maybe there will be some real answers given. I only hope that the Executive County superintendent of Monmouth County follows through and investigates what's happened.

Anonymous said...

The way to ensure that an investigation undertaken is to take all of the information, documentation and contacts previously made to anyone in the district or in the chain of command all the way to Trenton. Include everyone you talked to in your attempting to get answers on this situation and send it all to the State DOE and to any and all oversight offices involved with education standards or governmental fraud.

Simply put tell everyone you can.

Do not count on the people who are supposed to check each other all along the chain. All they will do then is pass the buck.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how the great legal mind that is supposed to be School Board Attorney Gross talks his way out of this one. You can be damn sure him and Glastien were consulted by Quinn on these two crimes of fraud that they and others perpetrated against the taxpayers of Matawan and Aberdeen.

It should also be considered that an official reporting of Attorney Gross's behavior and involvement in said fraud be investigated by an official Lawyer review board. While you are on the phone reporting Gross it might be a good time to tell them about the one the only Norman Kauff Esq., and his shenanigans.

Use one call and report them both.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it read O'Malley has a problem?

It is in his court now and if he ignores it it will speak volumes. There needs to be a serious review of this entire situation. Did anyone get the feeling that he is concerned or interested in ferreting out the truth? For some it would not be ferreting out the truth it would be ratting out the truth. All it takes is one to fall and the rest will scurry like the rats they know they are.

Right BARZA?

Anonymous said...

Okay. She shouldn't have had the title Director, but she did. But I have to ask--wasn't it established that she would have had the same salary -- aren't the salary guides for Supervisor and Director the same?

Regardless, I’m not sure where all this going. What will this discussion of titles and credentials change? We are not getting our money back. Is it that you want the state to reprimand the district? Doesn’t that then take O’Malley’s attention away from the job at hand, which is fixing the problems he inherited? It would seem that the time to have the state come in was before O’Malley arrived; now it seems too late to matter. I am sure he is aware of these mammoth issues and problems, and he seems to be trying to right the ship.

I am not in disagreement that what has gone on under Quinn and others is a disgrace. I am just trying to understand what this vein of discussion will achieve. There will be no way to get rid of anyone else, Glastein, etc. that I can see, unless it is under the umbrella of gross failure to achieve the objectives in job description. Or if they retire.

Isn’t the bigger problem at hand that Rappaport is likely filing a complaint and or law suit? What is the status of that? Does anyone know? If a grievance is filed and it goes before an ALJ, or the Commissioner, should we be concerned that the change will not be upheld? I thought I read that the Commissioner does not agree with Dr. Higgins- can someone clarify- on which point?
I think the nightmare scenario is that she comes back. Not to mention the continued cost to the district in legal fees.
Also, does anyone know anything about the interim sp services person they found? Where is he from? Why only until April? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter.

Is ACCOUNTABILITY and being responsible for ones self a thing of the past.

Come on people like these and other supposed pillars of the elected community who screw us all each and every day with a laughable contempt, when people like anonymous here say WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL.

They perpetrated a fraud and spent tax dollars that could have went elsewhere. How Many more Rapaports are there out there?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very true Eted.

When does it stop though?

When they replace all the windows in a school system many of which did not have to be changed, costing several million dollars on a district wide basis. Is that OK? When they replace lighting in the high school which was only in place for sixth months and wasted $600,000.00. Should no one answer for that? When a badly designed high school parking lot costs $130,000.00 but does not serve an improved purpose. Is that OK as well? Sadly there are many more examples in just this district of devastatingly costly fraud, waste and abuse of the taxpayers with of course complete and total lack of anything close to oversight and taxpayer accountability.

Anonymous just let me know when my examples bore you and that those DON'T MATTER either.

Aberdeener said...

Though the article is a bit dated, I'm told this story is representative of Michael Lake.

As for the prior comment as to why pursue this story, I have to stress the deterrence factor. Don't assume that O'Malley will be here forever or that he has the political support to do whatever is necessary. Six of nine board members were involved. We have to ensure this never happens again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



March 2, 2009 – 4 p.m. deadline for candidates to file nominating petitions

March 8, 2009 - Last day to amend a defective petition. (March 8, 2009 is a Sunday; therefore all submissions should be filed by March 6, 2009)

March 23, 2009 – Last day to file the first campaign contribution reporting form

March 23, 2009 – 7:00 p.m. County school boards associations Candidate Briefing

April 8, 2009 – Any contribution in excess of $1,000 from any one source received between April 8, 2009 and April 21, 2009 must be reported within 48 hours of receipt and certain expenditures of more than $1,000 made in this time frame must be reported

April 10, 2009 – Last day to file second campaign contribution reporting form

April 21, 2009 – Annual School election

April 26-May 9, 2009 – Newly elected board members are sworn in at annual board organizational meetings

April 30, 2009 – Last day to file Personal-Relative and Financial Disclosure forms with Executive County Superintendent and Board Secretary

Anonymous said...

Will Anyone Step Up,
Or will it be boycotted by the BAZARA wing as was done last April's election?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what an "aspergen" is ?

Anonymous said...

Aspersion - From Merriam Webster Online - a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation.

Probably just a typo by the person who posted, but let's nit pick, because that is what we do best!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Givemeabreak is correct, I failed to use my spellcheck....so, sorry that all you can comment on is a typo.

There are real issues that are important to those of us who have children under the Special Ed umbrella and taxpayers who don't appreciate being robbed by arrogant district employees..which are being discussed here. Of course, it is very likely you are one of those employees, so what else can you say.

Anonymous said...

Kimsmomshusband - please check your facts on some of your points:

The windows in the district in most every school were old as can be - drafty - outdated - and falling apart and needed to be replaced.

Your lighitng point is totally off base because there were several stories for what they did - I do not know enough NOR DO YOU - to get pissy about why they were replaced.


The parking lot was redone FOR THE RECREATION SOCCER FIELD as well as special events - and now since youth soccer, youth football, and youth baseball all use the HS in the spring and summer seasons - the extra lot was needed.

AND I do have the same questions as one of the annonymous - What do we hope to gain from harping on the CERTIFICATE issue - report it - see who to blame - but we are not getting our money back. It is status quo for this town to bitch about things after they happen. We all complain about the BOE - and rightfully so - but lets see who follows the protocol listed above to file for running for the BOE this year. If there are at least 3 or 4 running then I will say that change is on the way...

Anonymous said...

Many posters throw out the "instead of complaining, why don't you run for the BOE yourself" card.

We don't have to be politicians (and that's what the BOE amounts to) to want those who run and win to just do the job they were elected to do, and do it honestly.

Hopefully there will be a selection of people who run, but not everyone is cut out for the position.

Seeing how people on the BOE who try to make a difference get treated (mocked by other members, protests on their lawns), it's easy to see why many people would not want to put themselves in that position.

Anonymous said...

I was approached to run but wouldn't - I've seen enough vitriol in this district and no way would I subject my kids that sort of trauma. There are plenty of decent people in this town that would love to make a difference, but not if it means having their family subjected to the nastiness. Ironic how the purpose of this is to ensure the kids get the very best, yet in the end it is reduced to bickering adults whose actions are detrimental to the very children they supposedly are looking out for.

Anonymous said...

OK Lloyd Rd Steve 8:56 (Marty) and the rest of you anonymous(s)-- Facilities was Quinn's favorite hobby and he couldn't even do that well or honestly--BTW, Bruce-Thanx for the extra added expenses you left us with by F-ing up your budget before you left. Perhaps the BOE should have given in to your heart felt desire to have the new field named after you--Bruce Quinn Memorial....--we will all remember it as a symbol of your greed at our expense anyway.

As for "harping" on PROPERLY CERTIFIED STAFF we may not successfully collect repayment, although it has been done in other districts, did anyone ever consider that these people will be collecting a FAT pension on us? Unless they are smacked by Davy and have their pensions revoked..so we could get justice in some form.

It is about exposing corruption wherever it may be and ending it when possible. Not because we can get money back but because it is what is right and maybe it will make others think twice before they try the same thing.

Folks..this ain't Kansas and we ain't wearing ruby slippers. We are living in the land of OZ and the wicked witch along with her flying monkeys have been ruling way too long. No more "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

I think everyone should call or write the State officials and hound them until they pay attention!

Don't keep drinking the Kool-aide!

Anonymous said...


Time you learned something that you seem to not want to acknowledge, which would be the truth. Here we go:


The lighting at the High School had only been replaced at a cost of $6000,000.00 less than a year before the $36,000,000.00 building mess got under way and indebted us for a long time.

To make it easy for you Steve the brand new lighting was ripped out because it was different than the lighting mandated by a design firm out of Pennsylvania, which was another mess Quinn and others allowed to happen. Our district was not alone in the wasting of funding and wasted building etc...the SCC wasted $8.5 BILLION DOLLARS, which should have been investiagted. But NOOOOOOOO there were too many politically connected people to be held ACCOUNTABLE. This is after all NJ.

The parking lot redesign made entering the area by the tennis courts and student drop off worse. That cost us $130,000.00 to not be improved and allow better entry and exit. Steve go by the High School any morning between 7:05 and 7:20 and see the back ups all over Atlantic Ave./Chrurch Street back past the little Bridge/Atlantic Ave. and the numbered streets that are a race course for people trying to get away from the whole mess.

The windows was the best Steve as it has been reported by a man who asked the construction superintendent one simple question. Where was the biggest waste of money at just the High School?

The answer as reported previously came without hesitation. THE WINDOWS "I replaced windows I did not have to, I used windows I did not have to use and I could have used not such an expensive name brand window (PELLA) with the same requirements and standards that was just as good, for much less". The next question on windows was the best. "How much did you overpay for the windows just at the High School alone". Once again without hesitation the answer came so easily, $1,000,000.00.

Steve just so you know every school in this district got new windows and you think we are wasting our time.

Welcome to reality. Welcome to the truth concerning those who are supposed to lead but who really only bleed, the taxpayers dry.

Anonymous said...

Correction it was $600,000.00 for the lighting. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Tony if you are so smart and all of these allegations you and your buddies here see are so true then why are they not investigated. Oh wait I know why because it is all false. While I do believe New Jersey's government is corrupt and far from perfect if they missed all the errors and theft that you all accuse the MARSD of then the entire state is in a lot worse trouble. Could it be that you are Aberdeeener are overreacting. Oh wait it could in fact be true. But I doubt you would consider that because I am sure you are way to intelligent to ever overreact.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Earlier in this blog KimsMomsHusband openly accused School Board Attorney Gross of unethical conduct and participation in criminal fraud.

Although you have since commented on another item in the blog (your comment about Michael Lake) you have not made any reference to what has been the most serious personal allegation made here, that the Board Attorney is engaged in criminal and unethical conduct.

As host of this blog, I take your silence as an agreement Attorney Gross has engaged in such behavior.

I ask you, straight out, do you in fact endorse this comment by KimsMomsHusband or not? Have you in fact concluded unethical and criminal conduct has been perpetrated upon the citizens of Aberdeen and Matawan by the school board's attorney?

Anonymous said...

MARSD had never been investigated, because we've never had anyone acting as a "watchdog" before. We've been content to assume that the people spending our tax dollars and teaching our children are doing their best to represent us and do what's right. Oh, how wrong we've been!

No one is going to investigate a district unless people are complaining and have proof that something is going on. We now have both here. I'm sure there will be investigations if we keep reporting things and gathering the proof.

All the info has to go out, to all the appropriate people. NJ is a corrupt state, full of corrupt, pass-the-buck officials. Eventually the info will get to one of the people who actually represents the people, not their own profit, and the district will finally have to answer for all the ways they have failed the children and the taxpayers.

Husky Special Ed said...

Am I correct in thinking that not all the board members run each year?

Who is up for reelection this year?

Aberdeener said...

Mr. Gross, as the school board attorney, is the legal advocate for our school district and his public statements are made in that capacity.

I do not know why he allowed Ms. Rappaport to testify as a director but I have never accused him of professional misconduct. Nor, do I know what his legal responsibilities were in this instance.

Let's say Quinn never reassigned Ms. Rappaport, as he was instructed to do, and Gross never asked if she had obtained certification, which he's not required to do, then Gross would be in the clear.

I believe Gross is smart enough to only ask what he needs to know.

Aberdeener said...

Demarest, Barbato, and Donaghue's seats are up for reelection.

Anonymous said...

two words - home school

Anonymous said...

O'Malley/Obama08-- Keep writing the stupid comments, it does a good job of highlighting how ignorant Barza/Quinn supporters are. In case you weren't paying attention, John from Matawan left a message the other day which refers to the State and all but says out right that they are looking into this crap. You just keep believin' what you want but you are in for a rude awakening this time. Oh, and what is this BS with lumping O'Malley in with Obama? What is your point? If you are going to "contribute" to the discussion, at least try not to be so transparent.

My wife and I have a bet on which ass backward board member you are, the wild card pick is that you are really a Quinn, that would be good for double $. So, put us out of our misery...which are ya?

Just remember, all the insults in the world won't erase what has come out now.

And Gross...you should try harder to sound like someone else..it's pretty obvious you are posting, what's your beef with Dr. Gambino?

Have a nice day!

Aberdeener said...

Just got a copy of the 2005-08 MRAA contract. Would you believe there's a special salary stipulation just for directors of special services? That position gets more than any other director. Looks like she was pocketing an extra 6K a year for the last three years.

Anonymous said...


I unlike others do not speak of or post anything that I do not know for certain. So ask some of our school board members about the lights that were discovered in a garbage dumpster outside the high school to be disposed of before the bill on their installation was even paid. Ask Gerry D. for instance.

As for the parking lot the $130,000.00 was not spent wisely and the entrance and exit at the busiest times could and should have been better configured. There is plenty of room to have done so to have availed smoother use BUT those in charge at the time allowed Klavon to screw that up as well. It was a Klavon pet project. He could not run the district properly much less configure a driveway design.

The windows were ALL REPLACED ever see what they used to replace them Steve. try WOOD frame windows which require maintenance and that can easily be written on and messed with.

Unlike you Steve we beleive men like him who not only spoke to the construction super but he was a man WHO KNEW and WORKED WITH THEM DURING CONSTRUCTION. That shows many of us who unlike you do not wear blinders and belieive like you seem to think that EVERYTHING IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD AND EVERYONE IS HONEST AND TRUTHFUL.

And that comment you made about "being PISSY" what the hell kind of man are you to use such a girly term as a retort. MAN UP STEVE or is it really Stepahnie.

Anonymous said...

Always thought JD was a dumpster diver. Thanks for the proof.
By the way-didn't he use his positon to get his wife a job in the district?

Anonymous said...

Once again the anonymous ignorance shines through. Did you ever think that Gerry Donahue in finding the lights being tossed away in a dumpster may have been the right thing to do, and perhaps he sought an answer for why.

That would make him far more responsible then the anonymous poster who chastised him for doing the right thing.

Question: Why would a district replace lighting only recently installed and waste #600k?

Answer: New Jersey politics 101.

Anonymous said...

GD did not use his position to get his wife a job. He was elected to BOE just after she began working here. He has pointed out waste many times under Quinn. I Find it interesting that the posters have started attacking other BOE members or O'Malley when the real issues are about Quinn and the other administrators conspiring to collect money they aren't entitled to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting me straight regarding JD. Three other folks said otherwise-just goes to show you that you can't believe everything you hear in the streets or read on this site.
As far as BQ is concerned I think it is a reach to accuse him of conspiring to steal money. You may not be happy with his reorganization plan, or facility imporvements but I think you need to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you are correct, let’s be fair to BQ. He left the district in horrible financial shape, over spent the budget, test scores in the sewer, hired unqualified personnel, and gave his friends high paying jobs in the district.

Yes, let’s be fair to BQ and be thankful he moved on from our district... what a disgrace as a Superintendent he was.

Aberdeener said...

I want to be very clear regarding the allegations against Quinn.

I believe he falsified state regulatory filings, defied a BOE vote, retained an employee in a position for which she was not legally qualified, failed to notify the state she was in a position for which she lacked certification, and paid that employee a salary she was not entitled to receive.

As a party to multiple suits that involved false testimony, he may have violated other statutes as well.

I believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation.

Anonymous said...

You have made your feelings known. I'm fine with that,now it is time for someone to investigate and put it to rest. To blame him for test scores is at the very least questionable. Scores have been poor under every super going back to Dr. Regan

Anonymous said...

If you are fine with low test scores, then you are clearly disregarding the abilities of the children in this district. To say it was fine Quinn did nothing to raise test scores because it was the status quo in this district is pure ignorance on your part.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to resort to school yard tactics - but Kimsmomshusband is attacking my use of the word "pissy?' You are questioning my manhood yet you call yourself a name after your wife's name? We see who wears the trousers in that family... Do you only go on the internet after you do your chores?

That was a silly comment. I have read you here before and laugh at half the stuff you write because you lack little personal thought and usually piggy back other's comments.

I did not agree with your money wasted comments. Though being an independent, mature, and rational thinker unlike yourself Mr. Husband, I can maybe change my mind about the lights IF THE HE SAID/ SHE SAID stories here are true and maybe, in hindsight, money was wasted. The windows needed to be replaced. I went to the school many years ago and they were the same windows. Were they replaced by a good brand - I don't know. I also think the parking lot was the issue - NOT RECONFIGURATION OR
REROUTING OF TRAFFIC. That too, bonehead, has been a problem for many years - Atlantic Ave. traffic in the morning.

So YOU open your eyes. You are the reason people do not like the blog or discredit it for your SOPHOMORIC comments toward someone who did not agree with you.

Also, I am not saying the SPED director caper should be thrown under the carpet, quite the contrary, I just said - let's stop beating a dead horse before the sacastic comments begin and SEE WHERE THE INVESTIGATION GOES AND IF THE OTHER PEOPLE WE DEPEND ON THE STATE DEPARTMENT DO THEIR JOBS.

And lastly, Kimsmomshusband, you tell me to man up - yet you only come at me behind the cover of an alias - one that in itself, sounds, using your words - "girly". I don't think you would be all big and bad toward me with out a private forum.

I would like it to end there, but judging by your previous posts - it won't.

Good work Aberdeener for your diligence in finding things "gone awry" in the schools and town.........

Anonymous said...

llyodrdsteve you are correct it should be kmismomspany waste. He, I guess is a loser just like Uselessbrother and haveanotherJD, all they do is agree with each other like three fools, talk tough and do NOTHING! Keep up the good work Joey, I love what you discover, I just wish some of your groupies would pipe down or show some really ones and go to a meeting and stand up and ask the tough questions. Instead they hid on this blog under goofy names and act like they are not anon's themselves!

Anonymous said...

llyodrdsteve you are correct it should be kmismomspany waste. He, I guess is a loser just like Uselessbrother and haveanotherJD, all they do is agree with each other like three fools, talk tough and do NOTHING! Keep up the good work Joey, I love what you discover, I just wish some of your groupies would pipe down or show some really ones and go to a meeting and stand up and ask the tough questions. Instead they hid on this blog under goofy names and act like they are not anon's themselves!

Anonymous said...

I'm not disregarding any child's abilities. My children do very well and their test scores have always been good. I do not credit the superintendant when they do well, nor would I blame him/her if they did not reach their potential anymore than I would blame their Physical Education teacher if they were overweight. It is my wife's and my responsibility to instill those values. Our concern and focus has always been with the person who spends the majority of the day with our children-the classroom teacher. Perhaps we are one of the lucky ones- we have been blessed with excellent instructors,some of whom folks on this site might critizize because they have/had relatives in high places.

I do believe that the super is responsible for making recommendations for programs and to oversee our budget - which I have to agree needs to be addressed.

Aberdeener- thanks for watching and informing. I don't agree with you all the time but that's ok- dialogue can be good.

Anonymous said...

Anon Above,
I too believe our childrens first lesson of values and hard work begin at home. And you are fortunate to say your children have always had excellent teachers, but that hasn't been our experience. I do have to ask though, and PLEASE do not take this as an attack on you or your family in any way, it is not my intention in anyway to insinuate you, or say you have done anything to garnish such luck in teachers. But I have to ask how well are you or your wife are known within the community, on the PTO, by the teachers in the district or BOE members? I'd be very happy and hopeful to hear they are all strangers to you. Please be honest, and again I am not insulting you. I just feel so many in this town are too cozy within this district, and it causes many other problems.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos above, didn't proof read, but please answer.

Anonymous said...

We vote,attend parent conferences, and know the principals names- other than that we have no ties.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick fact check would inform all you Aberdeener members that Gerry D's wife was hired after he was on the board. Aberdeener I would appreciate if you would go check the minutes or put in another one of your OPRA requests. I just think that it is important to have facts on this blog.

Aberdeener said...

Donaghue began serving on the school board in April, 1997.

The public record states that, as of 2007, his wife had worked 10.33 years.

His wife, therefore, would have begun working in the school district prior to Donaghue being elected to the school board.

Anonymous said...

The personal thing people have for Jerry D. I really do not understand. He is a man that truly cares about the kids and that is enough for me. The ones that need to be chastised are the BARZA CREW. Reelection for any of the BARZA CREW would be a sin and should be priority number one for this coming election. I will not vote for any of them. Join me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

They talk against him because they are followers of BAZARA. They'll keep it up to discredit him and to convince everyone to vote against him in the next election. It is always a wisper campaign against the person BAZARA wants out. People are too lazy and foolish to think for themselves and to demand that every BOE candidate clearly and pubically state their accomplishments, actual intentions for what they want to bring to the district, and reasons we should elect or re-elect them. Politics as usual in MARSD.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor came by this weekend and she was talking to my wife about how bad it has been at Lloyd Rd and now the Middle school for her Special needs child. She is very worried about Ms. Rappaport taking the school psychologist job there. I suggested she call to ask if Ms. Rappaport ever showed up for work but she says there are no answers when she calls. Can anyone tell me if Ms. Rappaport is actually working? Someone else said they heard she was calling in sick. Just wondered if anyone had the "true" story. I really feel bad for my neighbor, she can't sleep at night worrying about this.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding Ms. Rappaport, I asked about her attendance at last week's board meeting. Dr. O'Malley said she has been on sick leave since the first school day after winter break.

Anonymous said...

Can I also add that Dr. O'Malley said, in a public BOE meeting, that anyone who does not want Mrs. Rappaport as their case manager or working with their child's CST, they just needed to write a letter stating it.

From what I understand, Mrs. Rappaport still has not shown up to work, nor has any child who had written letters requesting a different case manager been assigned one.

I'm not sure how they are working this issue out, but something needs to be done and done quick.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rappaport is coming to grips with the embarrassment that has been her deceptive service and the unearned pay increase and title she did not deserve to have bestowed on her. That as well as her failure to the students and parents she was supposed to guide has made many of us sick as well. Sick and tired of the favoritism, patronage and contempt for the taxpayers of this district by its supposed leadership for far too long.

Time to shake things up. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener and others who answered: Thank you for your information. I have already called my neighbor this morning to tell her. I am guessing that if she needs help she has to call Dr. O'Malley? Is that who the letter should go to? Thanks so much easing a troubled mom's mind! That Rappaport is a piece of work, I assume she collects pay while kids are left hanging...as usual.

Aberdeener said...

Actually, I'd contact the interim Director of Special Services, Dr. Michael Lake.

Email: mlake@marsd.k12.nj.us
Phone: 732-705-4023

Anonymous said...

We are new in town. I am very concerned that all of this arguing is hurting the education of our children. Why is there so much corruption in the schools? Why are the taxes so high?

One of my neighbors told me about this blog. He told me that they are spreading many lies on it. He said, the board of education is no longer controlled by the people who forced out good administrators.

I think he knows someone or is friendly with one the board members you refer to as Barza. He told me this school election is very important because the superintendent has too much power and is having problems with the teachers.

After spending some time reading the blog, I don't know who to believe?

Aberdeener said...

All I ask is that you review the sources I include in articles and reach your own conclusion. I've written dozens of articles on the school district. Any claim that all was rosy before Dr. O'Malley arrived is not reflected in test scores or school budgets.

This blogs receives scores of accusations that the articles are lies, half-truths, or spin. But nobody bothers to refute the sources I post.

Please check my sources and, if you continue to disagree with my views, I look forward to discussing the issues with you.

Anonymous said...

Set the Record Straight,

Please go to the school website and look under the BOE. John Barbato has been on the BOE for the last 2 decades. Cathy Zavorkas has been there for around 16 years. You'll see that the BAZARA wing of the BOE has had the majority vote and control over the board for the last 15 years all but last year, when Ken Atkin was still on the board. And thank goodness he was. He and the rest of the standards and accountability wing of the BOE(Gambino, Kenny, O'Connell), were crucial in bringing Dr. O'Malley on board and I and many others are grateful they did. Finally, in Dr. O'Malley, we have a superintendent who is concerned and has proven he knows how to raise the level of education that our students deserve. Please research for yourself, and be very weary of those who come up to you as a newcomer and try to sell you a load of bull.

Husky Special Ed said...

I think that the only "power" that anyone on the board is worried about Dr. O'Malley having might be the "power" to shine a light on all of the nepotism, dirty dealings and "deals" that have been made in the district for too many years.

Yes, this election is very important. It's important to get some new blood into the board. Hopefully we'll see some new faces running, and they will be connected to people who really want to make a positive change for the district, the taxpayers, and most importantly, ALL the children that are supposed to be represented and educated in MARSD.

Anonymous said...

Problems with the teachers. Who runs the school and spends the money? The school board and its superintendent are responsible for that not the teachers and their bloodsucking unions. If the teachers union has a problem with our new superintendent he will get my vote for sure. These teachers unions and some individual teachers have felt they run the school, and in some cases ran good principals and others out of the school by their connections to BARZA. That must stop and so must the excuses from BARZA.

So anyone who steps up and fights these too long entrenched teachers who have been allowed to apply pressure where they shouldn't have gets my vote and every one I know.

Anonymous said...

I need a legal professional NOW! I am disgusted with the whole thing .


did everyone know hoe messed up this "TITLE WAS ALL ALLONG"

I demand a re-accounting of last years crap!

MY daughter needs to take the YEAR of Pre Cal all over again,even though maintained a 92%

It was under the special needs and Ruschevage and Rappaport,who treated me so badly,
she was nasty
and abuseive on the phone and

MR GLASTINE approved to all of it!