Thursday, January 22, 2009

The School Board’s Political Wings

Technically, school board elections are non-partisan. The reality is quite different. The Matawan-Aberdeen school board has two wings that are quite distinct in their voting records, their philosophies, and their management styles. It’s my understanding that both wings will promote candidates for this April’s school board election. Before people cast their votes, they should take the time to not only learn about the candidates but learn about their “political leanings” as well.

The majority wing includes BOE President Patricia Demarest, BOE Vice President Jan Rubino, Catherine Zavorskas, John Barbato, and Martin Ruprecht. Though the wing lacks any formal name, common nicknames include Left, Progressive, Quinn, and Barza. Left refers to where they sit from the audience perspective. Progressive because they believe much of education can’t be measured and therefore rely upon informal feedback to evaluate programs. Quinn because of their allegiance to former Superintendent Bruce Quinn. Barza because the wing is most strongly associated with the board’s two longest serving members, Barbato and Zavorskas.

The minority wing is Larry O’Connell, Gerald Donaghue, Charles Kenny, and Thomas Gambino. Common nicknames are Right, Standards, and O’Malley wing. They sit on the right, believe in setting measurable goals and standards, and appointed Dr. O’Malley as the new superintendent.

The differences between the two sides are stark.

Quinn was hired by the Progressive wing in 2002. In 2003, Demarest, an uncontested candidate for the board, said Superintendent Quinn was great for the district. Then, in 2007, an APP editorial (reproduced here without attribution) claimed Quinn resigned over disagreements with a divided board. In other words, the standards wing, which had a majority in 2007, made life difficult enough for Quinn to resign.

O’Malley was appointed by the standards wing. Despite his appointment being a sure thing, three board members took public stances against his appointment– Demarest, Barbato, and Zavorskas.

Education Standards:
During the 2008-09 school year, one third of seniors were taking remedial courses for failing to score 50% on a state assessment exam. The Progressive wing of the school board set a goal that more students should pass the 50% hurdle on state assessments but would not work towards pushing more students across the 75% line. Demarest, as board president, claimed that, in her opinion, scoring 75% on a state exam was “outstanding”.

Yet, Dr. O’Malley set a goal to increase test scores at all levels and introduced the three academies with rigorous standards.

Quinn appointed his former secretary, a high school graduate, to Director of Technology. He retained a Director of Testing and Director of Special Services despite knowing they lacked statutory qualifications for those positions.

Dr. O’Malley demoted two of those directors. (The third previously retired.)

Most of the Progressive members have admitted to using their positions to help acquaintances receive special consideration for jobs in the school district. Most Standards members have refused. (The deputy superintendent, as a matter of policy, gives special consideration to all “courtesy requests” by any board member or other public official.)

Fiscal Oversight:
During the 2007 audit, in a random sample of 60 vouchers, 7 had blanket orders, 9 vouchers were not encumbered, 2 lacked supporting documentation, 2 were from the year before, and 1 lacked a date of receipt.

Ms. Irons, the district’s business administrator and another Standards hire, corrected all problems in a single year.

In 2006, the Progressive wing voted to fund a $1.45 million field through a lease-purchase agreement rather than submit the proposal to a public referendum.

Last June, the board awarded a work-study position to Zavorska’s daughter despite the state department of education requesting that such practices be banned.

Personal Expenditures:
Each year, all board members have the prerogative to attend the New Jersey School Board annual convention. This past year, Gambino recommended the members no longer attend as a gesture towards the taxpayers. The entire Standards wing agreed but the Progressive wing insisted upon attending. The following is a table of all travel reimbursements for this convention since 2003. (The average is based upon years of service since 2003 and does not include the cost of attendance. Click here to view their itemized expenses.)

Since 2003 Total Avg.
Zavorskas $786.69 $131.12
Barbato $678.74 $113.12
Demarest $639.30 $106.55
Rubino $599.97 $100.00
Donaghue $212.73 $35.46
Gambino $48.50 $24.25
O'Connell $0.00 $0.00
Kenny $0.00 $0.00
Ruprecht $0.00 $0.00

The three top spenders were Zavorskas, Barbato, and Demarest, the same three who voted against Dr. O’Malley’s appointment. Trailing close behind is Rubino. Among the Progressive wing, only newcomer Ruprecht is in the bottom half.

The coming election will likely see candidates from both political wings. Be sure to ask them with whom they stand. Elections matter. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

The three "Progressive" Barza BOE members who voted against Dr. O'Malley being appointed are the same three who most rabidly supported Bruce Quinn, who if anyone has been paying attention in the last year--ROBBED the children and taxpayers of this district for 6 years! What was Mrs. Zavorskas' favorite victim rant when anyone of the "standards" members would dare to question a recommendation? "If the Superintendent recommends it, why are we even questioning it? We have to trust that he knows what is best" ---fast-forward: 3/08-1/09-- All she and the rest of Barza do is question the recommendations of the Superintendent! Not that the BOE members shouldn't question but give me a break! Like it isn't glaringly obvious that this new fiscally responsible Barza is just acting like a pouting baby in the corner because they can't have their way.

I for one think BOE terms should be limited to two terms and then you are done--18 and 16yrs is NUTS!!! New blood on the BOE is exactly what Dr. O'Malley needs to keep the change train moving!

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with sick-n-tired of Barza: two terms is long enough for any elected official to serve.

Maybe this community (and NJ in general) would not be so full of corruption if that were the case.

MrFF said...

I'm sick and tired of EVERYONE, not just BARZA. Also, hearing about a SPLIT Board, left, right or indifferent. This is all Politics (in a school board!!). What are these jokers trying to do, have a wing of a school named after them? What a joke!
Why don't all the School Board take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves "Am I doing the right thing for the people & children". I've been to several meetings and laugh the way these two sides act.
Get it together people and try doing what you were voted in to do. If you don't like the "pay", then resign. This is not about making a name for yourselves. If you think it is, then your going up the wrong street.
Try taking a different approach and "get along" for the benefit of whom it may concern, NOT YOURSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Right On, Mr.FF!!!

I dream of a day when there is nothing to talk about when it comes to BOE "politics"-- if you aren't there for kids, get the hell out! We finally have a Superintendent who cares more about kids than BOE members and teacher's union prima donnas.

Time to get it together and follow his lead! The future of our children depend on it, not to mention, out tax bills.

Anonymous said...

What we really need to get a hold of is the contributor lists to BARZA.
As of late YOU KNOW WHO AND HIS MINIONS have been pulling out all of the stops. Then mysteriously Quinn had an all of a sudden very cozy relationship with the cme folks. Who do you think pushed that one on Quinn. Like has been said before do we really have to say his name.

Anonymous said...

Once again your statement that Quinn was hired by the progressive wing in 2002 is incorrect. Donaghue was the president at that time and pushed very hard for Quinn. Their were no wings at that time as O'Connell was also in the affirmative for Quinn. Two of the now standards wing who were on the board at the time voted for Quinn and hired him. Put the blame were it properly belongs. As for the "gesture towards the taxpayers" keep it, and give us something more than gestures.

Aberdeener said...

I stand by my statement. Quinn was selected by a committee controlled by the progressive wing and appointed by a board controlled by the progressives.

Whether Donaghue, the most moderate member of the standards wing, supported his appointment is inconsequential to me. Nor is the fact that O'Connell chose to consent to a done deal in the spirit of having a unified board welcome the new superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener,

i do not think you are being fair with the above post.... JD was once on the other side when they WERE THE POWER years ago - most likrly before you moved into town. He has now shifted "parties???" He helped get Quinn in as did Larry O. Please do not make yourself look like you have a serious agenda over looking that. Facts are facts. I was not behind closed doors but facts are facts....

Secondly, I was watching Corzine on PBS tonight, a Q&A with callers. He mentioned a needed constitutional amendment in NJ to have town combine Supers of Schools to save money and even BOE? I heard of this when he ran? What is the real story.... does his plan or idea have a shot? He swears as did the host, it would save property tax payers millions..... hear of this?

Aberdeener said...

Like you, I can't comment on what happened behind closed doors. I do have private conversations with elected officials from time to time but I primarily rely on the public record. Unfortunately, I can't find any records of public statements made by any school board members at the time of his appointment. All I have is the vote and the board composition.

My understanding is that the progressive wing primarily hired administrators with deep connections to the community. The standards wing chose people with no connection to the community.

I'm not sure what is the objection. Are you saying I'm factually incorrect or that it's an inappropriate portrayal because board support was unanimous? Do you recall specific statements made by any of the board members?

As for Corzine's plan, my understanding is that he wants to merge smaller school districts into regional structures, similar to what we already have. His proposal shouldn't affect us except in regards to any changes in the funding formula.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong!
You want the truth. I remember the facts. While it may be inconsequential to you which way Jerry Donaghue voted everyone should know the truth. As president he orchestrated and lobbied for Bruce Quinn. That was no secret at the time as most board members wanted a search. If there were behind door dealings as you say, they would have been lead by Donaghue, who didn't want a search, only wanted Quinn. But how would you know that, you weren't there and your sources are incorrect or now won't stand behind what they did. He made it public at the time he wanted Quinn and lobbied to get others to go along without a search, which is what a lot of us in the public wanted. While yes, almost everyone went along, putting the hiring of Quinn only on the progressive wing as you say is not factually correct.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter who voted to hire Quinn. Once he was is in charge, and showed how poorly he did his job, it was time for him to go.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It does matter because that was what the post was about. It is important people get the right facts or this blog then just becomes a rumor mill. Steps were taken and the post acknowledges that. No half truths when it supports your agenda.

Aberdeener said...

I agree. The article needs to be correct. I'm waiting to speak to Mr. Donaghue (I've already communicated with others) and will then correct the article as needed.

Anonymous said...

Many of you probably don't really know Gerry D. but if you did you would have heard him say for the past 6 years how his biggest regret is that he listened to other people and was taken in by Quinn's schmoozing ways.

He has said to me, personally, that he feels that it was his biggest mistake to vote for Quinn to be appointed. By the way, Quinn was lobbying ALL the BOE members for the job before Klavon even left.

Don't think for a second that Barza wasn't already recruiting Quinn while they were driving Klavon out. Cathy Zavorskas was quite vocal about her desire to get Klavon out and bring in someone else. It is very sad really,there was a time ..way back when ... that Mrs. Zavorskas was not the same power hungry control freak she is now, my guess is that in Quinn she and Barza saw a Superintendent who they could "work with".. too bad it wasn't about the students..they might have really done some good with all that energy they spent on secret deals and handing out jobs to friends and election supporters.

Unknown said...

Yes, I will agree on that point. As far as the post and it's statements, it does need to be correct.

As far as my personal opinion on the matter, I still say that it just doesn't matter who let the rat into the house to start with. I'm more concerned with who conspired with the rat to eat all the cheese, and how we can get rid of the whole mess before the plague gets completely out of control.

Anonymous said...

No one should question JD. That man right or wrong really cares and unfortunately he has to cast a vote quite often. I would prefer to have someone float across the lines like JD and try and get forward movement especially on a board so divided by BARZA. But why criticize JD when Zavorskas and Barbato truly got us into the Quinn mess when they brought him here and then controlled every move him and Shea made.

There is much more to come on the Barbato, Quinn, Zavorskas and Shea mess in the near future. Here is a hint. Once again Barbato will be found to have talked out of both sides of his two faces. Anyone read the Independent this week. It seems all of a sudden Barbato has a problem with an administrator being hired who is on a pension. What about your man Mr. Shea? John wasn't he on a pension? You said nothing then. Must be an election year lie. The first of many I am sure. What a dismal failure Shea was and they all know it. Quinn was to blame for him as well they were two idiots.

Once again the public was ill served by supposedly trusted and experienced professionals who were paid great sums and failed miserably to bring positive changes on many fronts to our students and taxpayers. History repeats itself once again with Klavon then Quinn. We never learn.

Professional, that may be the most overused word in the English language when it comes to school leadership and politics.

Barbato really needs to consider not running this year and save his family the embarrassment that he will bring upon himself in regards to his greed and lust for power.

Time to pay the piper John Boy.

Anonymous said...


I'm curious- you stated that many on the left admitted they use their influence to get jobs for friends. Who admited that and who did the advocate for?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to service to the community for service sake. No longer exists for the most part. Most get into office and right away they change. The immediacy of whats in it for me takes over and the rest is ignorant history with
bad decisions made under improper monetary influence and political pressure.

Once again welcome to America.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this?

How many interviews does it take to hire a superintendent?
One interview and a few phone calls to BOE members if your name is Quinn.

The board disregarded the single most important duty it had, namely to search for the most qualified superintendent available. Instead of a legitimate educational leader they hired a cagey bureaucrat. Quinn actively lobbied for the job, when he found out Klavon was leaving. He called individual board members directly, to get their support for the position. Gerry Donaghue did support his appointment, but the real push was from BARZA. Only Art Fumarola demanded that the board do a search. O'Connell was new and voted for Quinn to show support, since Quinn already had the votes he needed to be appointed.

APRIL 2002

Klavon Resigns

MAY 2002

Quinn Hired

What an exhaustive search…….

What did we get for it?

Quinn promptly proceeded to spend money like there was no tomorrow. He got rid of a great lady who knew curriculum and installed incompetent stooges in both the curriculum and business offices. He obtained the support of many dedicated people to pass the construction referendum. Quinn then betrayed many in the community who had helped him get the referendum passed by reorganizing the schools. The budget was raised 20 million dollars over his tenure with absolutely no improvement in student performance.

How did this happen? A simple case of "Quid Pro Quo", Barza allows Quinn to spend what he wants, and Quinn allows Barza to dispense patronage to their friends, eliminate teachers and administrators they don't like. Stacking the personnel committee with Barza members insured that preferred candidates were selected when a supporter needed a job. They were very effective in using the committee system to keep dissenting board members in the dark. They used many in PTO's as minions for spreading rumor and election foot soldiers under the guise of budget passing campaigns like "KIDZ COUNT".

2007 - 2008

Quinn who was tired of having his spending plans opposed by new board members, and being held accountable "Resigned as Superintendent". He left us with worst financial audit in years and a fiscal mess which is still being sorted out.The board started a search with a reputable search firm to get the best possible replacement. Barza constantly criticized the cost of the search in the press and by word of mouth.
When Dr. O'Malley was hired they made a big deal over his qualifications.
---He was "only" a K-8 superintendent
---He did not have enough experience
---He was "mean" to teachers while in Mountainside.

Barza even enlisted the teachers association (during contact negotiations) to help them make Dr. O'Malley's appointment in February of 2008 a very contentious affair. Barza continually promoted his appointment to be seen as "part time" to focus negative attention on Dr, O'Malley and the leadership of the board at that time. This was very interesting since Quinn, who was hired without a search, never was a permanent superintendent in any district before he was hired. He never faced any kind of scrutiny, and was welcomed as a messiah who would save the district.

Barza figured after regaining control of the board after using a campaign of rumor and lies to defeat Aitken in the 2008 election that they could go back to business as usual. The concept of a "divided board" was a construct promoted by Barza to achieve their aims to paint certain board members as "mean","elitist" people that bullied administrators. Holding administrators accountable for results and actions is called bullying by Barza.
The problem was that Dr. O'Malley did not cooperate. He showed us that he was for children first and did not give a damn about the whims and interference of board members. He has been methodically addressing years of incompetence, entitlements, old curriculum and the status quo.


BARZA wants to get rid of Gerry Donaghue, so seeing disparaging comments on the blog and rumors about town does not surprise anyone. Spreading false information and attacking the integrity of their opponents is one of their hallmarks. They know if they cannot retain their seats in Aberdeen and increase their majority by getting a friendly face in Donaghue's Matawan seat, they will not be able to get rid of Dr. O'Malley. This is it for them, if they lose a seat in this election, Dr. O'Malley will almost certainly be renewed.

When they start their re-election campaign this spring. Do not be fooled by Demarest. She will try to take credit for everything Dr. O'Malley has done. Remember that she voted AGAINST appointing him. When Barbato runs, ask him if the schools are better off now then they were when he started his "service" on the board almost twenty years ago?
Want change? A better education for your children. Don't vote for Barza or anyone they support. If you are asked to run for the board by Barza, run away, run far away. You will be asked to sell out your vote when they want something. If you do not deliver, you will be a social outcast and ostracized. Don't believe me ask some former board members yourself. Just say NO.

I guess by now you can tell that I don't like them. You are right! They are not public servants, though they publicly serve themselves. They make sure they get the lions share for themselves and their supporters. Then leave the scraps for the rest of the community.

Anonymous said...

How do you ruin what could be a great school district? Hire an incompetent superintendent, who hires incompetent family and friends who are not qualified, all while being controlled by BARZAR.

A receipt for disaster.....

Thank you BQ for all you did to our district!

Anonymous said...

Riddle ME This?

Who was quoted as saying:

"We are really excited about this. Quinn has documented leadership ability. He lives in town, he knows our situation and he is qualified in every way."

"He is a hard worker, and I'm confident that he will be able to help us with some of the important issues facing us since he has expertise in these areas."

May 29,2002 - Independent

John Barbato?
Cathy Zavorskas?
Progressive wing?

Gerald Donaghue - Board President

Aberdeener, you asked for specific statements made by any board members? What more do you need to make your article factual. Was he lying? Was he put up to this? Was he not acting in good faith as the board president and not telling the public what he really believed?

I don't think so.

Just put the blame where it belongs, hold him accoutable if you wish, and keep your posts factual without bias.

Anonymous said...


I read the accusations and the innuendo's of who Quinn hired/fired. Who was the wonderful lady he got rid of and who are these people who recieved patronage jobs. It's easy to make the statements-can they be backed up?

Anonymous said...

If people did get jobs. Why would anyone want them named? Did they do anything wrong by filling out an employment application or asking a school board member for help.It would be the board member that pushes to get someone hired, that is doing something that may be wrong. How do you prove this? Only if a member of the school administration was willing to testify that they were pressured in to hiring at the behest of board members. If relatives are not involved, patronage is difficult if not impossible to prove.

However, if many friends and acquaintances of board members were hired, it would look suspicious. The Aberdeener did say a board member's daughter did get a job, I am concerned about that.

Anonymous said...

If you want a job, does it help to put out signs?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was the secret sign of the stone cutters.

Under the old regime of BAZA, putting out a sign during the school board election would of increased your chance of getting a job in the school district.

If you put out two signs, it would double your chances. If you have a high school diploma and put out three signs and make phone calls it would get you a position as a director or supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting people jobs the aberdeener gave people the wrong information and I would like to set the record straight. Aberdeener,
"His wife, therefore, would have begun working in the school district prior to Donaghue being elected to the school board."
Should have been factual, right?

Explain this then.
Donaghue was elected in April 1997.
His wife was approved at the August 24,1998 meeting for employment in the district. Check the minutes and you will find out that Donaghue and another board member abstained on the record. The other board members wife already worked in the district.

No board members family should ever get a job while a person is serving on the board. Period.

Aberdeener it is more and more looking like you have an agenda and are not holding the right people accoutable. The facts must be correct. Hold all accountable who do the wrong thing but have the facts straight. Your credibility is at stake if you do not.

Anonymous said...

If Donaghue abstained from voting for his wife, she was hired by the others on the board at the time, who did vote. They could have voted no if they didn't think her qualifications merited the job. That was their responsibility. They voted to hire her.

BTW, have we all forgotten that Bruce Quinn supervised Rappaport, who supervised B.Quinn's wife? Who did that hiring?

All this mudslinging about Donaghue is simply BARZA starting thier campaign to win another seat on the school board, to have the power to dismiss Dr. O'Malley. Barbato, Demerest and Zavorkas all voted NO to hire Dr. O'Malley. They were only interested in hiring someone they could control, and they won't be happy until they find some way to fire him. They don't care if Dr. O'Malley is improving the schools, (in spite of them). It all their power hungry insanity?

Pretty soon Zavorkas will be flying around town knocking on your door telling you to support Barbato, Demerest and whoever else they pick to run. I'm sure she'll be passing around rumors about O'Malley, (if she hasn't already). I'm guessing it's up to Rupheret this year (being the newbee), to drive around town placing signs on every teachers and school employees lawn, whether they ask for a sign or not, it's part of the job requirements.

I guess the SHOW HAS BEGUN!

Anonymous said...

Oh Aberdeener I realize you may not have lived in town for all of this drama and I know you are so unbiased that you would never ever form an opinion with out knowing all the facts. That is why you bash all the board members who have served the town for years, while you were not living in town. Just a little FYI you failed to point out back in May. At the May special action meeting Mr. Donaghue voted to appoint the new Ravine Drive Principal. What is interesting is that that principal is his wife's direct supervisor. I believe that is a conflict of interest, but i am sure you don't want make Donaghue look bad. But don't worry I am sure you will start doing you research.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah

Anonymous said...

This is what America is all about. Opposing opinions and open dialogue.

The problem is that when elections happen that are based of popularity contests and not on experience and the necessary judgments to shape a school district and to truly fix a broken educational system. The low test scores, out of control spending and the elected officials who worry more about how they are seen by the public rather than ensuring a learning environment based on the necessary learning tools all students need to excel.

Prior to the arrival of Dr. O'Malley we had a smoke and mirrors magic show posing as school district leadership. Sure it looked good from the outside but with the occasional distractions along the way like the moneys spent without taxpayer approval on the football field , the redistricting mess which is still yet to be proven a positive and the constant unfunded mandates that come from the state and federal government, all that come without precise instruction and most often they come with no money for anything they require. Such mandates are merely a good sound bite and make you think your government is working hard for you and in your best interest. History time and again shows that is most often never the truth in any way, shape or form.

The same individuals who played a part in the Quinn related damage to our district will never admit how their past mistakes, accompanied by their overwhelming greed and constant lust for power damaged this school district, almost beyond repair. The changes which may be needed like those Dr. O'Malley has instituted have not been popular or well received by many "inside" the school administration and its entrenched employees. Well too bad! Many on the inside always know who and what was is not working and they chose to say nothing and accept the status qou. Look what that brought our school district time and again superintendent after superintendent along with the deeply entrenched "administration insiders" who are no less guilty in this districts past problems and failures?

From the school board on down they all played a part and deserve a share of the blame. So too we the voters and taxpayers share a part of the blame. We are all too busy with our lives and we do not pay enough attention as we should. But I think that is changing and people are getting more involved and are not so worried about standing up and questioning anyone involved at a school board or council meeting. We must remember they work for each and every one of us.

These recent "O'Malley changes" also have the once "greedy for power" sitting on the sidelines and deservedly so. They now sit there as distractions rather then owning up to their sins of the past and with what little time they have left seek a change for the better. Some who continue to grandstand and interfere and the blame that they deserve is often deflected and wrongly placed on others, in their attempt for reelection. Likewise their supporters are no better off as they have their own portion of blame in all of this for selling out and being happy with some title, committee placement or patronage job, which was only done to make them feel self-important at the next PTO meeting. Just look at how many committees and committee members are in every school? In the past the misuse and stacking of these groups has merely allowed the greedy and arrogant a voting base on which to continue their lust to maintain their supposed power.

Think about it.

NOTE: I have recently been accused of "standing on a soap box" and to have "an opinion on everything". I do. So too should all of you.

"A silent majority is no less guilty when things go bad".
NsectionJoe 2009.

Let the attacks commence as it will bring about much needed thought and dialogue on those responsible for using $64,000,000.00 of our money to educate our children and prepare them for their futures. That is what a school is supposed to do, after all.

Anonymous said...


Take a breath. you are so full of hot air you might explode.

Anonymous said...

Once again the ignorant show there "anonymous" faces and criticize those who make us think. Good morning to the "anonymous" who accept complacency rather than question the obvious. The obvious by the way is that what Joe has expressed is truthful and thought provoking. As for the hot air comment that comment is without merit and insults those all of us who should expect and demand that our elected officials do the right thing on our behalf and for our children. Even you and yours anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous is right and we should just fade away and let the ignorant and power hungry run the asylum.

Maybe 'anonymous' is the way to go? We can all just hide in the shadows from now on and not be accountable.

'Anonymous for elected office' always gets my vote.

We should just stand silently and allow the greedy, self serving, corrupt, unethical, self promoting, self patronizing, pocket lining, job patronage awarding and completely inept run the government. In other words let those in charge stay in charge.

I feel better already by accepting complacency. They win. I accept that from now on and for forever I will accept being anonymous.

I am now and forever officially and ignorantly 'anonymous'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

None of you guys have any idea what really goes on behind the scenes. They are not corrupt. They have been checked out oh and look at that they weren't marked as corrupt. So the Aberdeener needs to shut his mouth and so all of you because none of you guys know nothing.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting it all into perspective. I too agree that anonymous is now the way to go. I mean you can criticize those who voice there opinions freely and without ever being identified. Just think what the founding fathers might not have done back in 1776 if they had to worry about no name people putting pressure and routinely trying to embarrass them from the dark recesses of anonymous invisibility. Politicians and elected officials deserve criticism if they fail the people. The anonymous people who attempt to embarrass us deserve rebuke.

Anonymous said...

Prime example would be the "anonymous posting just before my entry. Talk about perfect timing. They must have just arrived. FROM DISNEYLAND.

Anonymous said...

So lets see we have no idea, our elected officials have been investigated and not lableled corrupt and the Aberdeener knows nothing.

I am so glad I know that now.

By the way no one ever labeled serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer a cannibal before he killed those young men and ate some of them.

Thanks "anonymous" for once again setting the record straight. You idiot!

What time is the next showing of "its a small world" in your brain?

Anonymous said...

The school board's political labeling by the aberdeener reveals his own personal political bias. As a "progressive" I resent the obvious insult that he has hurled by claiming that the righteous do gooders must, of course, hold to all the same political leanings as he does. Give us a break! And a more well reasoned blog, please!

Anonymous said...

You guys are all idiots! Get it straight! You guys are pathetic losers that have nothing better to do then put people down. Go join the council. Oh wait none of you guys would be elected because you guys suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get a life and tend to your children because none of you have anything better to do. Actually you should run for council and show your faces and when you guys lose i'll laugh in your idiotic faces.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon

Wow, what a sophisticated argument you present. What school did you attend?

Anonymous said...

on a side note:

StemlerDrckgin - you make fun of annonymous - what the hell do you call your name here?

Nsection = ideas are interesting just stop the "woe is me" stuff...


Anonymous said...

Anon you would not even know where Stemler Drive is. Fact that is unfortunately true for many residents who only know there own block and not much more. At least with an ID like Stemler you can gauge his needs and background on his community representation. Similarly to Freneau and more. But as to Anonymous postings especially the idiot who still thinks going to a council meeting is the answer and is way off base also shows himself to be on the Kauff payroll. This council and its handler wants to know who we are and some of us would no doubt face retribution for sure. That is politics pure and simple especially under Kauff.

Anonymous said...

I just leave comments to piss all you off. And it works. How funny.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you get your tax bill genius. We are not laughing with you we are laughing at your simplicity, ignorance and belief that elected officials and their handlers work hard for you, are honest, un-corruptable and ethical.

Because of people like you we know that the nation is safe especially under your watchful eye.

I am once again laughing at you.


Anonymous said...

What is sad is that you anonymous types do not realize when you have been outclassed, out maneuvered and out-posted. Just keep thinking that all the way until the election door slams in your face.

All it takes is a listing of just some of the items posted on this site along with the dollar amounts that Kauff and crew have paid to CME. I can't wait. Can you anonymous?

Aberdeener said...

I'm sorry for the late response but I was away this weekend.

1) I feel the name "progressive" is reflective of that wing's philosophy. If anyone would care to suggest a more apt name, I'd welcome the suggestion.

2) Though I lack documentation, Barbato, Zavorskas, and Demarest have all acknowledged using courtesy requests (but not to the same extent).

3) I will try to speak to Donaghue after tomorrow's BOE meeting regarding Quinn's appointment and Donaghue's wife.

4) For those trying to insult, intimidate, or de-legitimize, I hope you understand that you don't win any converts that way. If you wish to convince someone of your position, stick to the facts, state your case, and keep an open mind.

5) I'm happy to see so many people participating on the blog. Let's try to be civil and remember that people post comments because they care about our community.

6) Within a month, we'll know who's running in the BOE election. I hope the energy we see on the blog will be carried into the election as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

Anonymous said...

Let's just do a brief comparison of Quinn vs. O'Malley shall we?


Here for nearly 6 years, in that time he:

1. Got a referendum passed to expand the schools and make much needed repairs.

Unfortunately, he hired idiots to design it, decided to invest a very large portion of the construction budget into useless things like a facade on the high school that doesn't even provide cover from the weather; wood Pella windows that can be easily defaced/damaged and cost much more than maintenance free alternatives, put in a unnecessary 2nd gym at the middle school for "intramural" sports?, did not build any bathrooms/locker rooms near it;was arrogant enough to feel he could cut corners by leaving federal/state ADA required access out of his construction plans and then even fought in court when the district was sued over it-- he did not win...surprise surprise! now the district must spend $100,000.00 a year for 10 years on ADA accessibility upgrades--in case you need to know what that's $1,000,0000.00 and God knows how much in fines/legal fees; fell way behind on the middle school project..only to have a suspiciously timed fire damage the school 2 days before it was supposed to open..buying the district and contractor more time, did not add nearly enough classroom space to the schools so that we will probably end up back in trailers eventually.

2. Instituted a redistricting plan to "reduce class sizes" less than a year after the referendum.

Many believe this was to try to "cover-up" his colossal mess on the referendum by forcing an unwanted redistricting plan down the community's throat; covertly informed the PTOs first in an effort to ensure support, vilified a popular/dedicated/hard working PTO parent because he thought she "leaked" the plan before he had a chance to snow everyone, held meetings in all the schools where he refused to answer any real questions and encouraged racist/divisive mud slinging between community members by claiming he had been warned by the feds that he needed to "mix" the racial make up of the schools, refused to provide parents with details on the supposed model for his redistricting "plan"-- The Princeton Plan-- which it turned out was a desegregation plan used in Princeton in the late 1940's, talked about going into the "crack addicted parent's homes in Cliffwood" to explain how important it was to do their kid's homework with them(said it at a Ravine Dr. budget meeting and also at a Strathmore budget meeting), had BOE president Cathy Zavorskas, brokering meetings "perhaps in one of the parent's homes during the day" to try to quiet opposition by a group of angry parents who called themselves CPMA,claimed the change would save the district money but it actually ended up costing us almost $700,000.00 over two years. Test scores have gone down in most of the schools and parents/students generally hate the way things are now, there was no marked improvement in student/community "race" relations as Quinn promised.

3. Quinn instituted "new" sports/electives/vocational classes at the high school..

at a great expense, yet did nothing to address the lack of academic rigour that kept kids failing the HSPA at an alarming rate (1/3 generally);got rid of some good teachers because they were not liked by Barza.

4. Quinn invested well over $100,000.00 in computers for the computer labs in the elementary schools

..based on the recommendations of his former secretary/high school graduate who knew nothing about technology herself(Vogler was the man behind the curtain), the computers were financed over a period of years and as, one "standards" BOE member pointed out, would be obsolete by the time they were paid for, failed to hire trained/experienced computer teachers to teach students how to use the computers, required the librarians to become "media specialists" and teach computers too, failed to mandate that teachers become trained on the computers so that they could use them with the students, in 2007 decided to do away with computer instruction and told teachers they would have to "incorporate" the technology into their lessons, the computer labs stood empty for the most part in 2007/2008. Bought 2 software programs @ $50,000+ each, one for accounting and the infamous/useless Pearson Inform to let parents access their child's grades..the accounting one was unused by Mr. Shea (BA) because he didn't know how to use it and the stellar Director of Technology apparently could not teach him, the pricey Pearson turned out not to be compatible with the SASSY program the district already one seems to know if we ever got our money back.

4. Quinn got the BOE to approve a new turf football field at the high school in 2006, it is lovely but...

It was not put out for a vote by tax payers and was approved by the Barza crew in the face of great community opposition due to the price tag...$1.4 million, except it actually really cost over 2 million because Quinn/Shea did not correctly enter it in the line items of the budget and he only bought a 8 year warranty when he claimed to have gotten a 15 year warranty.

5. Quinn billed RTI as an innovative program that would put MARSD at the forefront of improving test scores and reducing the Special Education costs/placements with in the State.

Except.. he put an inexperienced Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction in charge, originally demanded that the program be "rolled out" k-12 when in fact RTI was never intended to be used after 3rd grade and has no research to prove it works beyond 3rd grade, Spent $250,000.00 dollars training staff but then failed to oversee the programs in each building to make sure it was really being done correctly, left before the first year of the implementation was over, failing to see it through, but presented it as his innovation at an international conference in New Orleans, as if it was huge success; the program has not proven to be as effective as hoped in any school except Ravine Dr., which had the highest test scores on the ASK3 last year.

6. Quinn was hailed across the County as a great Business Administrator

Yet taxpayers saw a $20,000,000.00 tax increase in his years here; he hired a retired friend to fill in after Ventner bailed over night;he left the district with an audit that had 18 critical findings that had to be corrected; made a verbal contract for $9800.00(just shy of the $10,000 cap before BOE approval is required) with contractors who did the roof project at Crest Way, yet no one knows what work was to be done and if it was ever actually done at all--the bill showed up over 6 months later, after Quinn was long gone.

7. Under Quinn the district added a Behavioral Disability class, brought in a respected teacher to oversee the development of a Multiple Disability Class, brought in the Bayshore Jointure and put in an separate Learning Disability class in Stathmore

except that..the Behavioral Disability class was housed illegally at Crestway until he got his hand smacked by the State;he got himself appointed as the Superintendent of the Jointure, allowed them to over charge our district tuition by nearly $5000.00 a year per child, pocketed $6000.00 that was apparently supposed to be paid to the district by the Jointure(for being the Superintendent) in 2007(just ask Ms. Irons and check out Data Universe on the, told the BOE and parents that he was paid only $1.00 for that position, appointed a friend as BA making $23,000 per year at the Jointure overseeing a $100,000.00 a year budget, let the
Jointure operate with out a lease for over a year...did the district ever get paid?
The Multiple Disability class at Ravine Dr. is a huge success but what happens to the kids when they leave there and go to Lloyd Rd.? they end up with a program that is nothing like what they came from because the principal does not want "these" kids in her building in the first place.
He recommended a "head case" teacher for tenure at Strathmore for the LLD class, even though he knew she was bad with the kids and didn't show up for work half the time. He allowed an improperly certified employee to be Director of Special Services even after the BOE removed her to Supervisor in 2003, defied a BOE directive and lied to the state to hide that fact,he allowed her to operate her department unchecked, which resulted in a legal bill of $250,000.00 in 2007 for Gross's firm and God only knows how many children's ruined lives.

Dr. O'Malley--Here 11 months, has done:

1. Was able to put an end to the contentious MARTA contract negotiations in less than two months after being hired--working "part time"

Unfortunately he did not demand teacher contribution to health insurance, which went up 7% this year in spite of a "promise" by the state not to raise it's rates on state provided insurance plans.

2. Restructured the administrative department by consolidating the curriculum department and adding accountability directors at each of the levels (k-5, 6-8 and 9-12),discovered that the Technology Director was not qualified and removed her, discovered the Director of Special Services was not properly certified and removed her to Supervisor..again, and ultimately deciding to restructure the Special Services Department eliminated her over paid position.

While Barza did not lift a finger to save Honnick..after pretending to be behind her after Quinn left, they fought removal of Cholewa and perhaps most disgusting of all..Zavorskas was the lone BOE member to stick up for Rappaport in a clearly coreagraphed defense set up by the lawyers/union.When the vote went 8-1, she began to cry and abruptly left the meeting.

3. Abolished old outdated curriculum across the District, particularly at the High School. Instituted a HSPA prep program for those students who needed it. Added Everyday it or hate it, it has a proven track record nationally. Made sure to have presentations to inform parents on how to help their children and was the only one to purchase home help books out of all the districts the company works with in NJ.Added Pre-Algebra at the Middle School to ensure students could meet their graduation/college requirements.

4. Brought in the computer-based NWEA assessments grades 3-8 to pinpoint were students' strengths and weaknesses are (and how well teachers are instructing their students), The program only cost $13.00 per student per year and they are tested 4xs a year and can predict whether a child will pass the State assessments and tell the district were problems in the curriculum are; ensured that parents receive copies of the assessment reports so they can be informed participants in the student's education and address problems early on if needed.

This was not supported by Zavorskas and Barbato at first because they were concerned about the expense and the extra work for teachers(? the teachers don't give the test)

5. Brought in a non-profit organization to work with and train students/teachers at the High School how to prepare for the HSPA throughout the school year by incorporating better writing skills and teaching better study habits.

6. Consolidated and reduced the number of administrative assistants across the District by not replacing those who retired/resigned with new hires.

A move that both Zavorskas and Barbato have rather vocally opposed each time there is a position vacated. That's right, they actually are arguing that the District needs more secretaries. Zavorskas was especially obnoxious when Ms. Irons' confidential secretary retired for health reasons and she decided to use the $ to hire a needed CPA rather than hire another secretary--which means Ms. Irons has to handle all her own stuff,Zavorskas actually argued with Ms. Irons over that one.

7. Worked with Ms. Irons to correct all of the 18 findings from the 2007 audit.

8. Developed the Academies at the High School to offer students a chance to have specialized, rigous programs in District, rather than having to fight for the two or three spots open at the County specialty schools.

9. Has increased the Technology being used throughout the District. Has bought more Smart Boards for the schools and provided more training on how to use them. Brought in Laptop carts to the elementary schools that allow an entire class to work on them at once. Brought back computer instruction as a Special so that kids are actually using the computer labs.

10. Worked with community leaders to develop a Mentoring program where kids can get tutoring help, play recreational games, get guidance and whatever else may be needed.

A program that Zavorskas and Barbato actively opposed..until confronted with rumors of their racism and community members who clearly supported it..

11. has established himself as a presence in all the schools, as much so that kids seek him out at District events and he can be seen at at least one of the schools everyday talking to kids, visiting classrooms or eating lunch with kids, he seems to be liked by many administrators and spite of the rumors spread by Quinn/Barza loyalists.

12. Perhaps most important of all, he has brought a shift in attitude/focus so that it is where it should be KIDS! He has brought accountability and refuses to engage in the self serving practices so loved by BARZA and friends.

Gee..kinda seems like Dr. O'Malley has done more in 11 months than Quinn did in nearly 6 years...

OK, let the hysterical ravings of Zavorskas and friends commence..this outta be fun!

Anonymous said...

Some valid points in the last entry. Don't have time to respond to those that I question,but I will say that you really don't blame Quinn for the fire. They caught the kid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they did catch the kid. And Quinn promptly gave away information in a public forum that the child was a classified child from the district who had not been taking his medication.

I believe it was Donaghue who stood up and asked "Can't we monitor THOSE KIDS to make sure that they take their medication".

That's a big NO. Fairly certain that's a big federal offense no.

Anonymous said...

Old Timer, thank you for posting this information. As a tax payer, I had no idea of these issues and what destruction our former Superintendent has done to our district.

I read things on this blogg over the past few months and had some questions, but the postings over the past week have been very informative and really put the puzzle together. My eyes are now open.

I thank everyone for this information on what our tax dollars have been used.

I now ask what can be done, what can we do, how do we make the desperate changes?

Anonymous said...

To say the kid who torched the middle school came from a dysfunctional home would be an understatement. Mom, the brother and the fire bug were well known to our local law enforcement authorities and had numerous responses to their home, which was not far from the school. We cannot be in every home to monitor such potential behavior and its aftermath but when it does happen there needs to be some recourse for the taxpayers to collect damages.

Most of what was said by Old Timer has been said before and routinely those people were criticized unjustly by the anonymous and invisible. Now what do you have to say. Allegations, possibilities, cover ups and all of it is a possibility.

Let our administrators and their mouthpiece answer some before you attack the possibility.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of his background, it was illegal and unethical for Quinn to give out information that he had from the boy's school records.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first or last time something like this happened.

Anonymous said...

OK maybe it isn't fair to imply that Quinn had anything to with the fir but you have to admit it happened at an very opportune time for him.

I will say he and the contractor are to blame for not making sure that job site was secure. Quinn had been warned that kids were caught goofing around on the heavy equipment in the weeks before the fire. A fireman who was at the fire told me that anyone could just walk onto the site from the ball fields behind the school. Funny how a worker for the construction company just happened to be on the site to catch the supposed fire bug hanging around earlier that day. At the very least Quinn was sleeping on the job by not making sure that site was secured.

Anonymous said...

Now that is believable. When Lloyd Road was going through construction, about 5-6 years ago, there was construction equipment left unattended constantly when the kids were around. Nails and other construction debris was left everywhere. This was when the school was still an elementary, with kids as young as 3 in the school for the LD preschool.

Overseeing construction safety was not a Quinn strong point.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with your # 4 response more, but that also applies to you when you construct posts. You were given quotes from the newspapers at the time of Quinns hiring, you were given the date of the meeting of the hiring of family members, yet you still need to check with the person in question. Do you do that everytime you post, ask for the persons response personally? Is this only going to be selective? You have the facts. If you are going to get the persons response to allegations you should then get that in all cases and post those as well.

Aberdeener said...

I was presented two questions -
1) What was Donaghue's role in appointing Quinn? The article cited was after Quinn's appointment. A board president promoting the district's new superintendent does not necessarily mean he was instrumental in the appointment.

2) Was Donaghue's wife hired after he became a board member? According to the APP's DataUniverse (which I cited in a prior response), she was hired prior to his election. Nor have I seen the referenced BOE minutes, which I will need to request through OPRA.

So, I'll ask him. To be honest, I agree with other comments that the greater issue is that Quinn was retained despite his abysmal record.

Anonymous said...

Wait a Minute!
The entire blog was about what board members have been responsible for and this is not that big an issue?
Under Ethics it was worth commenting that Zavorskas daughter recieved a work study position. The district hiring Donaghues wife is not.
The main duty of the Board of Education is the hiring of its Superintendent. Once that person is hired (usually a three or four year contract)it is almost impossible to get rid of them. That is why those people must be held accoutable, whoever they may be. Find out the truth, get it right , and let the public decide at election time. Anyone who runs for these positions would have to be out of their mind if the facts are not presented without bias. Of course its your blog and you are entitled to your opinion as long as opinion is not presented as fact. My fear is good people will not seek these positions and once again we will have no choices.

Anonymous said...

Choices you want choices? How about the choice to go a school board meeting and express your anger when an administration removes your right to vote on a $1.5 million dollar football field. How about the choice to go to a school board meeting and demand test scores improve as well as school standings to ensure better college placement and considerations. How about the choice to watch every nickle that is spent on a football program while many other activities and clubs are shortchanged along with educational needs like working computers.

All of us have choices. The choices far too many of us make is to be silent. The choice I make is to stand up and scream as loud as I can. Lately that choice has been the choice of some to attack me and defame me from the dark with lies .

Is it your choice to stay home and let someone else make the choice to try and bring accountability and improved test scores for the children of this district. It is my choice to always try to bring accountability to those entrusted with the education of our children.

Make your choice.

Aberdeener said...


You're right. Whether a board member was involved in hiring his wife is a big issue. I was referring to the question of whether he was instrumental in Quinn's appointment.

Thx for bringing this to my attention and giving me the opportunity to correct myself.

Anonymous said...

Bravo NsectionJoe. Once again you hit the mark and make some of us think. Some of us are sadly are guilty of complacency. I for one applaud your constant dedication on many subjects, which always seems to have you put the town first, despite your few anonymous haters.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your going to bring up that one about the football program tonight. The great and powerful isn't goint to like that. Can't wait to watch the reaction on tv. Don't expect an answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

I must have been mistaken. We'll see?

At tonight's Bd. of Ed. meeting I asked about the fact that my daughter could not get into a classroom to see the inauguration last week. As I asked her that evening about the inauguration she told me that it was set up in the auditorium but that cable or network feed or the sound failed. She then stated that that she heard that a few classes were then brought into the media room and were able to see it as it happened.

Well apparently my daughter and I are wrong as I was just told by Superintendent of schools Dr. O'Malley at tonight's school board meeting that he was able to watch it at three different locations in the district. He further stated that 80% of the students in the district were able to see it as it happened. So I have to check that out because that would mean that with no students able to watch it in the auditorium due to TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES and we know that a few classes, let us say five classes squeezed into the media room that somehow my daughter was in a classroom that was only 20% that had no ability to watch it on a computer or television monitor. But Dr. O'Malley said 80% were able to watch it live. So that must mean that in the entire high school in classrooms 80% of students had the ability to watch it and my daughter was in 20% of classrooms without any technology in which to see it whatsoever.

So now I must ask some follow up questions of our Bd. of Ed. and its administrators. Simple questions like how many classrooms in the high school had the capability to see it live. How many classes do not have the capability. And how come it was not played over the all call system for the five minutes it took to actually swear in our new President of the United States.

I think it was poor planning, poor technology and this gives credence to a technology person that may not be spending our money wisely. Or maybe it was simpler than that and my thoughts that if an auditorium or gym was not used that only 20% actually saw it happen.

But I could be wrong I just do not think the numbers add up, nor the technology and capabilities of this school district allowed the *0% to see it. I could be wrong. Or do I start believing what school administrators tell me. That track record on honest administrators has been dismal as of late.

And to save my critics time yes next time I will keep my daughter home to see history unfold.

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

There are more important issues that your kid watching the candidate you voted for....

Did you wish her to see the BUSH inauguration 4 years ago when he was much more popular?

Some of your posts are ruining this forum..... Someone explained it to you in an earlier post.... what happened - some saw it others did not..... from what I found out the kids were able to move about from 10AM until 1215 from period to period- so MANY had a chance to see it at one point or another in the library or those class rooms... OVER THE CALL SYSTEM - you just want to see your own type, HUH?

Anonymous said...

Better yet keep her home everyday, and the two of you can watch history being made on how this great country was destroyed by socialism.

Anonymous said...

I guess the haters ate their wheaties this morning. Joe just wanted to know if every classroom did not have the ability to watch such an event how then could they say that 80 percent were able to and did watch it. If they set up the auditorium and that broke down 300+ lost the ability to watch it. If they did not set up something in the gym for a larger number to see it how then did 80 percent as they claim see it. No TV or computer monitors in the cafeteria so how did 80 percent see it. I think Joe is right and those in charge lied once again to cover up the fact that our district did not set it up in advance, that is typical. I also agree that it was an event that should have been seen as it was truly historic. To the genius who said it was socialism unfolding get a life. The other genius needs to shut up and slap yourself for being an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight NJoe and none of the rest of us are now permitted by decree of the "anonymous" posters to express our opinions, dismay or concerns about anything. We need to do this because such concerns expressed by many are unwelcome by the few who hide in the dark and spew their hatred as "anonymous".

Ok just so I understand.


Keep it up all of you and remember the truth shall set you free. As for the "anonymous" the truth just pisses them off.

Rightly so!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous(s) you attack Joe for expressing his opinion and asking questions but at least he doesn't hide behind a blog. He gets up and asks questions at BOE meetings, where are you? Could it be that you are there too but you sitting behind the table looking back at him? In case anyone doesn't get why this swearing in was more historical than the others before it..the country has it's first minority president in it's 200+ year history. Every swearing in of a new president is a big deal as Americans but this one was historical on a global scale, whether you voted for him or not.

Try not to so blatantly show your ignorance..someone might mistake you for a bigot.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alan Poole reeks of a fear based individual. Nevertheless, he need not fear. The Inaugaration and all the attendent activities have been recorded for posterity and can be watched by everyone, at any time, anywhere on the internet. Isn't technology grand!

Aberdeener said...

I spoke with Mr. Donaghue after last night's BOE meeting.

He maintains he supported Quinn's nomination primarily because Barbato and Zavorskas had already decided to hire him.

Also, it's his recollection that his wife applied for the position prior to his election but was hired after his election.

Anonymous said...

MR. Aberdeener,

So you are saying that because she applied before the election that it is okay for him to vote her into a position that will provide an income for his family. You also failed to mention that in may that he voted on the direct supervisor above his wife at Cliffwood. I bet you failed to mention that because you are wrong. How come there was no ethics violation brought up at that point in time. I don't support BARZA and have never voted for every person on their side. But if you want to be fair let's put the truth up here. AND FYI Mr. O'Connell spent a whole night lobbying a former board member to get Quinn voted into place. WHy don't you ask him about it, I know he reads the blog.

Aberdeener said...


I'm flattered that you think I know everything about the school district but I don't.

Are you referring to this past May? Who is Donaghue's wife's supervisor?

I had the opportunity to speak to O'Connell last night but never heard any rumor that he had actively supported Quinn's appointment.

As for Donaghue's wife, I don't believe the school district should hire a board member's immediate family.

Anonymous said...

You guys are dumb the taxes have nothing to do with the council dumbass

Anonymous said...

Donaghue is a liar!
So now that you spoke to the liar and got the facts based on the record of which he couldn't deny, his wife being hired while he was on the board, you should change your article under ethics or unethical. He is so stupid that he seems to think its okay that she applied before the board he was on hired her. This liar wants us to believe she applied before April 1997, when he got on the board, and wasn't hired until the August 24,1998 meeting. That gave him over a year to apply pressure to get her hired. Ask him if he did, I'm sure the liar will tell the truth. It is unethical no matter his lame explaination. Abstaining on the vote has no bearing at all as some believe. Change the article to reflect the most egregous act by any board member and nepotism. It should never be brought up about people getting people jobs unless he heads the list.
As far as Quinn:
Another bold face lie. As board president he could have insisted on a search as most of the public and some board members wanted at the time and gotten support. In the May 29,2002 Independent in which they quote "We are really excited about this. Quinn has documented leadership ability. He lives in town, he knows our situation and he is qualified in every way. He is a hard worker, and I'm confident that he will be able to help us with some important issuses facing us since he has expertise in these areas."-Gerald Donaghue
Does that sound like someone who is putting on a front to show board unity as the aberdeener believes? I know he is a liar but he is not that good. Either way he is lying to the aberdeener or the public. Can't have whats in print both ways. On the single most important job a board member has, hiring the top administrator, he wants us to believe he had no say in that as board president. Bold face Liar.

Aberdeener said...

I, too, have many disagreements with Donaghue, but I don't know anybody who hates the man. Why such vehemence? Or is it simply election time?

Anonymous said...

This blog has plenty of hate but that is not my intention. It must be pointed out when our elected officials lie or decieve the public. That is what this blog is all about. If you don't want that then post your articles and don't allow for comments. Just because we like someone doesn't mean all elected officials shouldn't have to undergo the same scrutiny. He aswered your questions, the facts that I pointed out didn't change. Why are you so reluctant to correct your article? You used to pride yourself and this blog on the facts. Now its about who we like or dislike?

Anonymous said...

Only The Truth, Are you going to run for the board in Matawan? Why don't you confront him at a board meeting? I can see a concerted effort being made to discredit, and personally attack Donahue. This is a futile attempt to redirect attention away from the constant meddling of Barbatos, Demarest, Zavorkas and Rubinos in proper operation of this school system for over a decade.
What you sow, so shall you reap.

Anonymous said...

I don't think many people hate JD. It's just that he isn't truthful and plays stupid( unfortunately-it's not an act). Do you really want a person on the board that will vote the opposite of other board members because he does not like them. Is that really someone who is for kids-or is it politics like the accusations that are tossed all over this site?

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Matawan and if I did I can assure you I would vote for Mr. Donahue this year over the likes of some whose greed for power and patronage give-aways and worse have cost this district dearly. Cost us dearly both in leaderhsip and educational standings for years. Gerry Donahue is merely one vote and that needs to be remembered.

Much like most of us, excluding of course the anonymous attacking geniuses like the post before me, I will agree that much like myself and most free thinking people who are honest Gerry Donahue, does not have all of the answers. None of us would. He may have knuckled under or made the deal on occasion but a vote was required to continue the process. I can assure you that the Gerry Donahue I know is always there to do the best for the kids.

I accept much about him and would rather he sit behind that long table then those whose lust for power, control and worse has cost every student, taxpayer and parent a great deal. I do not know all of the specific details but when a man admits he could have done better and that he made mistakes, that is the true measure of a man.

Those who refuse to admit their mistakes and sit stone faced due to their lack of majority control merely are trying to keep up a facade of power. Gerry admits he can do better and I for one believe him. We can all always do better. The personal attacks on him above is just ignorant and a failed attempt to embarrass him.

Aberdeener said...

There is a difference between a serious error in judgment and consistently being on the wrong side of every argument.

Can anyone tell me of a single time that Barbato, Zavorskas, or Demarest have ever been on the right side of a split vote?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the answer is to vote all board members off as they come up for election and start over with nine new ones.

Anonymous said...

We don't get a chance to vote some people off. They run unopposed and they don't have to defend the decisions they make.

Anonymous said...

1. I love people who use names on here like Karen, myself, or others and then attack those who are anonymous - unless you are a google member or a blogger - or N section for that matter, EVERYONE IS ANONYMOUS... get that through your heads.. some anonymous have godd things to say and they are blurred out by some who take the childish approach.

2. Nsection was not being attacked IN THE FIRST PLACE when he went after the school for not showing Obama and someone, god forbid, defended the school.

3. Not voting or going nuts over the the inauguration mishap at the HS for Obama does not make you a bigot like someone above said.

4. For JD to say he voted to Quinn because he BARZA was going to hire him anyway is a cop out in plain english. He should have stood his ground IF THAT IS WHAT HE BELEIVED WAS RIGHT and I wouldnt want a person or less character to lead a BOE who votes because of others votes. -

5. Like BARZA or not, I never voted for them myself, but at least they voted no for OMalley as a matter or principle - I think they are wrong b/c he doing doing OK in my opinion.

6. LASTLY, shouldnt all BOE members who have been around and VOTED the 20 million is budget raises and projects all be held accountable - THE BOE signs the supers checks. If the last 6 years are that bad, then all BOE who served should be looked at and scrutinized not just supers. Everything IS VOTED ON - remember that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say, but I have to question your fifth point. WHAT was the principle that BARZA stood on when they voted against hiring O'Malley? Zavorkas personally made a big stink presentation to me about the money spent on a search, supposedely running out Quinn, and Dr. O'Malley being a "part-time" super. (BTW, I think we paid him $700 a month for the time he was part time, I've never seen anyone spend so much time for so cheap.) None of BARZA's claims were based on truth, none of it made sense, and it was all grandstanding. So where is the principle?

They are still trying to discredit Dr. O'Malley. Why, because he is undoing their mistakes, and they are losing their power and control? Again, where is the sense in their positions, and opposition to Dr. O'Malley?

Anonymous said...

To answer the previous posts questions about BARZA and their excuses and more concerning O'Malley and more. It is simply politics 101 NEVER ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES.

Did BARZA not use a search firm to find Quinn? Did they not push out Klavon? They will never admit their wrong doings or the damage done to this district, so to a certain extent the only thing we can do in Aberdeen is vote them out and start over. BARZA and their perception of reality is this, we had power, we abused power and now our power is no more. Good thing I say as the power they held was held for far too long and was devastating to the taxpayers of our communities. For no other reason then that it is time that they hit the road.

Anonymous said...

They should be more like GD, and lie about their mistakes. What is more political than that. What is more political than kissing everyones ass. Your criticism should be spread around to all who have done us wrong, not just the ones you choose to hate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Russ #6

All BOE who have been on there for the past 5 years or so should be held accountable and responsible for the 20 million dollar increase in spending.... ALL no matter what "wing" they represent....