Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Stark Presidential Choice

Obama wants to raise the price of gas and electric to “save the environment” and make “green” energy sources more competitive. To that end, Obama closed half the Alaskan Petroleum Reserve and all of ANWR to any drilling. He blocked the Keystone Pipeline from Canada. He’s not issued any permits for any drilling on any federal land. He’s signaled, through the EPA, he will restrain hydraulic fracking. He’s issued new environmental regulations (blocked, for the moment, by the courts) that would shut down up to 12% of all coal-fired power plants and place our electric grid in jeopardy. And, despite a national drought that caused food prices to spike, Obama refused to issue a waiver that would have allowed us to use corn for food rather than fuel.

Romney wants to pursue “clean” energy. That includes developing fossil fuels in a way that doesn’t do major harm to the environment. It includes safe oil drilling in Alaska, the Keystone Pipeline, clean coal, and leasing federal lands for natural gas production.

Gas is at $4 a gallon. Would you like it higher or lower?

Obama needs more money and the only way to do that is through a growing economy and/or higher taxes. Since the economy is hardly growing and more people are becoming dependent upon government cash, that leaves just taxes.

There’s the Obamacare tax increases on investment income, payroll, individual and employer mandate, health insurers, health plans, medical device manufacturers, tanning salons, and early HSA withdrawals.  Obamacare also eliminates or limits tax breaks on health savings accounts and employer provided Rx drug coverage.

Then there’s the elimination of the Bush tax cuts and proposed tax increases on investment income and personal income for people earning over $200,000 a year.

Romney wants a 20% tax cut for the middle class and reform taxes for corporations and the upper class. For example, if a company earns profits overseas, it’s only taxed by the federal government if the company chooses to bring those profits home, giving companies an incentive to keep their profits abroad. Romney wants to remove that tax.

Romney also wants a simpler tax code with fewer deductions and loopholes. For example, GE and Whirlpool make billions but pay little or no taxes because of “green” tax credits. Romney would eliminate many of those loopholes and use the savings to lower the corporate tax, which is currently the highest among the largest industrialized nations.

That same logic of removing deductions and loopholes and using the savings towards lowering the tax rate would apply to the upper class and small businesses as well.

Which tax plan is more likely to improve your future?

Obama said the private market is doing fine and he wants to increase public sector jobs. Nor is he concerned that tax increases and costly regulations will hamper job creation. Nor does Obama believe in expanding free trade having only agreed to three small free trade agreements negotiated during the Bush presidency.

Romney believes high taxes and heavy regulations deter job creation and make America less competitive in a global marketplace. He would repeal Obamacare (while using other tools, like high-risk pools, to expand health coverage to the uninsured) and require congressional approval for all regulations expected to cost over $100 million.

Romney supports clean and safe energy development. And Romney would pursue additional free trade agreements.

Which plan is more likely to create jobs?

Obama will cut half a trillion dollars from the military.

Romney will sustain current projected funding.

Obama proposes annual trillion dollar deficits.

Romney will pay down debt by cutting programs, reducing government personnel through attrition, and increasing revenue from a growing economy.

Obama will cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obama care and institute a panel of unelected bureaucrats to determine which treatments will be covered and which will not. Obama has not offered a plan to keep Medicare solvent.

Romney will implement a healthcare model along the lines of the healthcare program provided to government workers. Medicare recipients will be able to select from a range products. The second to least expensive will be free. If the cheapest is chosen, the recipient will get a check in the mail. If a more expensive option is chosen, the recipient will have to cover the difference. Or the recipient could choose to remain in traditional medicare at no cost. And there will be means testing for the affluent. >>> Read more!


Obama the failed social experiment said...

Too bad Obama has used our money and

bought the student vote

illegal immigrant vote

welfare and social program vote

wasted billions on failed green energy vote

scared to lose healthcare and social security vote

and the don't know any better cause they are media believing and uninformed


purposely uninformed

of the real and costly damage Obama and his democrats have caused in the last 4 years under the Obama Czar society

that our children's grandchildren's grandchildren will
be indebted for for all of their lives

but never forget we did elect our first black president

so much for that social experiment.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Joey. I may disagree with you, but at least you're no longer pretending this blog is a non-partisan, unbiased forum for sharing ideas...

Anonymous said...

Democratic idiots rule! DC and Aberdeen! Too bad for us!

Anonymous said...

How can he keep saying he's black. His Mother was white and in the Jewish religion your mother dictates such things. Sure he looks black but his birthmother was caucasian.

Get it yet Kauffkins? No one cares about you said...

Non partisan?


Sharing ideas?

Non partisan? Really? How about explaining a town leadership that is and has been entirely democratic for over ten years that are little more than handpicked marionette puppets totally and illegally controlled by an unethical, unaccountable and unelected political power boss that has needlessly cost us taxpayers over 10 million dollars rewarding CME for highly questionable engineering work while also getting illegal kickbacks for himself and his Aberdeen democratic party from those same engineers just like he gets from his handpicked legal work replacements who are also totally dedicated to hiding and continuing the Norman Kauff corruption that is negatively impacting the entire community.

Unbiased? Really? As if there is anything but democratically controlled and biased against the taxpayers the residents and us business owners through political crimes perpetrated against us taxpayers by Norman Kauff and his political puppets on the laughable Norman Kauff controlled town council.

Sharing ideas? Really? There are no sharing ideas in Aberdeen or it's political leaders since it is widely known that it is only what Norman Kauff says to do, how Norman Kauff says to vote and how Norman Kauff tells them how to respond and that is the joke that is our Aberdeen town council leadership.

Disagree? Really? No one cares what you think since you are just like our corruptly controlled political leadership who don't care what we taxpayers, residents and business owners like me think as long as Norman Kauff remains in illegally in control.

Back into your crouched position where you are ready to kiss Norman Kauff's ass at any moment.

Keep it up Joey you irritate them and that is all that matters.

Store is open come on in.

Anonymous said...

F Kauff and the Kauffkins

Anonymous said...

Black or white don't matter. Obama just plain sucks. Stupid is as stupid does. Bidens an asshole as we'll . Before I forget our assholes on the council suck too. This is our democratic government after all. Right Freddy Boy?

Anonymous said...

Just pulled into the McDonald's on 34 for some coffee and I see a Mercedes in the police only parking spot. Another post said recently this happens often. Our cops must be really busy? Doing what I wonder? Not much I think is the answer in Kaufferdeen.

Anonymous said...

Obama looked the fool again last night. Romney had facts and in this type of forum did all right over all. Obama though was dull in comparison to the Hope and Change bull he threw aroundvinn08. Thatsafactjack

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is a joke!

The only ones laughing are attached to Kauff's wallet.

The Kauff wallet filled with our stolen tax payers money.

Right Coach Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred?

5:00 train said...

Another day filled with political corruption in Aberdeen.

Some things never change.

Yet that is!

Attempted robbery home run said...

Swing away store owner. Swing for the fences. One of my local store owner brethren in Aberdeen was almost robbed Monday night as described in the press today. Seems a local criminal went into the Krauzers with a knife and tried to rob a worker. The robber got a little more then he expected though when the store employee grabbed a bat and swung away hitting the criminal. Good for you I say. The description did not give a color which is strange. I would have figured criminal is described as black and blue. Maybe the Aberdeen business community should hire the Krauzers employee to attend council meetings in Aberdeen and he can swing for the fences anytime money gets voted on by our Kauff controlled corrupt town council for CME or the Kauff leeches and hangers on.

Anonymous said...

Bubba and his prison rapists are waiting for you Norm. You and all your Kauffkins. Well deserved will be that pain. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Swing for the fences outside Norms house works for me.

School building tear down and Kauff said...

$850,000.00 to take down the old school building at the oldest Cliffwood school building in Aberdeen.

Let's do the typical Aberdeen politically corrupt math.

CME and their unchecked overpriced for any service they provide to a municipality or school district CME engineering fee.

Then there's the corruption laden political payoff to Kauff and to the Norman Kauff's handpicked attorneys for doing absolutely nothing.

Then there is the corrupt Of Counsel percentage payoff to Kauff.

That leaves about $5,000.00 to actually tear down the whole building.

Right Mayor Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Mayor Fred.

Need help about Kauff dealing said...

Just back from NJSP in Ewing and I need some help. Investigators were asking me this afternoon about a property purchase or as it was stated to me repeatedly an improper taking of a neighboring property by Norman Kauff some years ago. It seems the property questionably taken was from an adjacent property on Justice Lane that NOT SO SURPRISINGLY benefited Norman Kauff. If anyone can help please post what you know of this.

Bon Voyage said...

Be back a week from Monday with the answer. Aloha

Warren Drive said...

Normie takes property? I thought he only took the life's blood from a community? So many questions with so much corruption? Right Normie?

Anonymous said...

The anonymous Kauffkins on here say there is no investigation and that no one really wrote to law enforcement authorities about the political corruption here. Myself I think that such a request for help on something like the question posted yesterday puts a whole new spin on things and comes from left field. That question and subject matter with a request for help is very different and gives us all another questionable view of Norman Kauff. I hope the Aloha posting knows the answer myself and it is able to help get rid of this political pest.

(Ret.) knows the real Kauff crimes said...

Great topic Mr Warren even if it will once again end up being about the corruption that surrounds Norman Kauff. That criminal activity and his soldiers of corruption who all need to look behind them constantly for Johnny Law.

Residents need to know that many former employees like myself and almost every current employee in town know the truth of what has gone on for too long under Norman Kauff.

My brothers and sisters need to know that my retirement is going great and I earned it unlike the politicians who fail in their sworn duties. When I took my position I swore an oath similarly to every elected official who has sat in the courtroom chairs. I am proud of my service to the community of Aberdeen and unlike most every politician in Aberdeen I earned my retirement having proudly served the residents and business community.

Live Free

Ride Free

Be Free

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service to Aberdeen. I hear subpoenas are soon to be handed out. Kauff's time at the helm is almost over. The USS CORRUPTION is soon to sink. Ahoy Kauffkins your Good Ship Lollipop is about to become a prison lollipop named Bubba. it can't happen fast enough for the white whale that is CME taking Aberdeen under the waves.

Reality bites said...

It's not a stark choice whatsoever. Obama wins we lose.

Anonymous said...

Much like Adolfo Hitler you too Norman Kauff will think you will rule forever. Not likely with that little info request the other day. You've got to know Norm something like that does not just surface out of nowhere. Right Kauffkins? Think about that one thing for a moment. Then call a good lawyer and turn states evidence against Adolfo Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Aberdeen!

F you Norman Kauff!

F you Kauffkins!

Anonymous said...

Town halls closed today no money for Norm&cme to rob.

James said...

Halloween traffic on 34 has hit Aberdeen today. Two officers directing traffic out there today at $100.00 each an hour. Does the state help out Aberdeen with that bill I wonder. It took me 20 minutes to get back to my W section today. Plan ahead people of Aberdeen or just endure the clogged roads until November starts.

Anonymous said...

I hope the state pays for the cops out there yesterday. Glad it's over in two weeks our cops make what I make in two years. What do they really do. Especially those at the top who hide in their offices or coach baseball when they're supposed to work. Can't tell you the last time I saw a cop car on my street. Drug dealers I see cops I don't. Glorified responders is all they are no prevention especially with the kids in school. Used to have a great guy in school now we got a player talking to the young teachers all the time I hear. It's a real joke the past three years or so since Kelli left. Don't even get me started on the managers either. Time for church now ill pray for our town to be saved from itself.

County Road said...

Amen brother or sister because Mr. Kauff needs to go now. I'm tired of that sleaze coming into our community and giving $50 or $75 to wrangle votes. Next election I hope Mr. Kauff don't have $1.00 in street money to give out. Votes is all he wants from us only to ignore us after he gets his puppets in again. Look around Cliffwood what have the Kauff democrats really done for our community for all these years and with all our votes. Look around Cliffwood the truthful answer my family and neighbors stares us in the face daily. Sadly the same goes for our President and his typically democratic lies and ploys. Hope and change is truly failure and excuses for all of us.

Anonymous said...

"Glorified responders is all they are no prevention especially with the kids in school."

I would assume you would be referring to the current SRO, who actually does his job and does it well. The kids respect him, inside and outside of school. He is NOT a babysitter. He is not solely responsible for prevention in the schools, he is simply supplemental. Parents are the key players in prevention, that is why they were invented! If your child is of an undesirable character and makes poor choices, no one but the two people responsible for raising that child can be blamed. As for prevention elsewhere, if you see something suspicious, pick up your phone and report it. They can't be everywhere.

"Used to have a great guy in school now we got a player talking to the young teachers all the time I hear."

The "player" does his job. He talks to the students, teachers, administrators, custodians, lunch aides, security personnel and any other group of people that are involved in the school. I would suggest that Mr. Anonymous remove his head from the dark orifice it is currently residing in and stick to the things he KNOWS about, not the things he hears. Thanks for the laugh though ;)

James- The Tough Mudder was held in Old Bridge on 10/20/12 and was responsible for the traffic you encountered, it was not "Halloween traffic". I'm sure it would have been much worse if they were not there. I'm also pretty sure there in no such thing as Halloween traffic. Unless children walking around in costumes is considered traffic.