Sunday, October 28, 2012

Washington Gnomes Working the Math

So, the economy “surged” to 2% growth in the last quarter, due to a true surge in federal spending – 9.6%. Had the White House not opened the floodgates on spending, GDP growth would have been about the same as the prior quarter, just 1.3%.

The latest report piggybacks on the big drop in the Weekly Unemployment Claims due to California (oops) missing the reporting deadline. And that report followed the mystery 850,000 jobs (mostly part-time) that brought the unemployment rate to “just” 7.8%, the lowest rate of the Obama presidency. And that report was preceded by the “discovery” of 450,000 jobs that should have been added the previous year, thereby erasing the claim that we have fewer jobs at the end of Obama’s term than at the beginning.

Add this to the Libya scandal where we now know there was no demonstration, it was a seven-hour firefight just an hour away from a NATO airbase in Italy, and that CIA operators, a mile away, were ordered three times to stand down and not offer any assistance.

Then add the Fast and Furious program that walked 2,000 guns into Mexico. And you can keep adding and adding. At some point, it all adds up to we need a change. 

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Vote! said...

They're liars all the way from the Oval Office to Justice Lane in Aberdeen. Did you expect any different from this Chicago thug. BHO is nothing more. Vote!

Mayor of Corruptionville said...

Justice Lane? It's Injustice Lane. Right Freddy Boy?