Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Hillary Kiss-Off

There’s no love between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s. The Clinton’s believe Obama was an undeserving, unqualified, newbie who unseated Hillary, in part, by using the race card. Obama believed Hillary was getting a free ride on her husband’s coattails.

Nor is it a secret that an Obama victory would spell the end of Hillary’s presidential aspirations. Nobody expects a roaring economy under another Obama term and the public would likely turn against any democratic nominee after eight years of a lackluster economy. (You can only blame Bush and Republicans for so long before the public holds you accountable.)

However, after the next election, Hillary will probably be too old to run. She’s already 64 and the non-stop global travel and stress has aged her terribly.

Yet, she and her husband have been loyal Obama supporters. Bill Clinton’s speech was the highlight of the Democratic National Convention and he’s been stumping for Obama throughout the campaign season. Hillary has done her duty concealing her many foreign policy differences with Obama.

Can anybody recall the last time a US Ambassador to the United Nations did the rounds on the Sunday talk shows to address the American people? That’s not her job. But everybody else in the state department knew the truth of the consulate attack in Benghazi so Susan Rice was given her talking points and sent on her way to lie to the American people about a demonstration that never happened over a YouTube video no one saw.

Then the press discovered Ambassador Stevens had notified the White House of Al Qaeda’s growing strength in Libya and requested additional security but was denied. Now we learn the attack in Libya wasn’t a short-lived mob attack but a seven-hour firefight involving dozens of terrorists using machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, and mortars against 30 people trapped in the consulate.

Consulate personnel called for help with a detailed description of what was happening. The United States operates a NATO airbase in Italy, only an hour’s flight time from Libya, and had the opportunity to send AC-130 gunships to clear the area and a quick reaction force to secure the consulate and rescue our people.  Instead, only a five-man team was sent by car from Tripoli.

Furthermore, nobody, not consulate personnel, not state personnel, not CIA personnel ever suggested this 9/11 attack was sparked by a YouTube video.

So, who takes the fall? Secretary Hillary Clinton. She takes the blame for not providing security even though the requests were denied by the White House. She takes the blame for the “fog of war” and misinforming the White House although it’s clear Obama knew from day one that this was a major terrorist attack. She takes the blame for those commercials in Pakistan apologizing for the YouTube video, for Obama’s apology at the United Nations and on talk shows, for sending our UN ambassador to the Sunday talk shows.

This is her thanks from Team Obama.

I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton but she would have been a far greater president than Barack Obama and she’s more “man” than he’ll ever be. The least he can do is protect her reputation. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Very good subject. I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel a little OK a very lottle bit bad for Hollary. I know she's a conniving liar and all but how's men are still using her as a doormat after all these years? She marries that slug William Jefferson Clinton and allows him to be a wild dog fornicating with everything that walks and says nothing. Now with the latest screw up by BHO in Libia and when I say the latest screw up I mean it. Under BHO Erica has lost it's evening, world standing, terrorists at home and abroad scoff at our once powerful nations status. The Middle East is still a drain on our economy as we keep fighting a losing battle. The black panther party intimidates voters with violence and BHO and his joke of an Attorney General says nothing. The fast and furious gun thing was hushed up and far more under BHO and the in the bag for BHO say nothing. Anyone who speaks out against BHO is labeled a racist. I'm getting a headache I have to go. One thing before I go though. F you Norman Kauff I text to you and your sicophants that follow you and aid you in robbing Aberdeen in the name of politics.

Anonymous said...

You sleep with dogs you get fleas she deserves all she gets. You also Coach kiss ass you deserve all Kauff gets in the end. Ouch

F the Clinton's

F the Kauffkins


F Kauff

F Obama

Little over 2 weeks left Obama outta here vote Romney

It's our last chance to save America

VOTE Romney

Anonymous said...

Protect her reputation he's too busy making up his own. Too bad the 47% will put this idiot back in. And his little ceremonial lap dog Biden as well . Another stellar example of the dems. I hope I can hold on for 4 more years. Christie and Rubio 2016

Such a disappointment said...

Town hall opens tomorrow. Too bad Kauff&CME know. How long do we have to be extorted by these rats? So much corruption leaves so many questions. Right Fred?

Vote or else said...

Obama cannot lose bad enough

Romney rules the day

F Norman Kauff

And his little Kauffkin dogs too

Save America


Anonymous said...

Manalapan police went over their overtime budget? Good thing no one watches how our Aberdeen police department spends their monies. Last week I went
in to get a police report and a very rude girl behind a glass window told me where to go for the accident report. She was far from pleasant to say the least. Maybe the police need to spend money on interpersonal communications classes instead of traffic control. When does the budget get done if anyone knows because i'd like to really see how much our police cost us in total each year for such rudeness.

Anonymous said...

Don't even think the true number would ever be known for police protection in town. That's as almost as secret as our arch nemesis Norman Kauff's illegal percentages aid by his engineers and hand picked lawyers pay to Norman Kauff. But there's no corruption innAbrrdeen. Right Fred? Such a disappointment you are Fred.

Anonymous said...

Dropped off my son at the high school and it was difficult to pull out this morning because a car was parked on Atlantic Avenue right as you make the left onto Atlantic Avenue from in front. I'm sitting here now to pick him up and the car is still blocking traffic and no ticket on it. Got to figure cops drive by here all day and not one recognized this traffic problem. All I can say is typical just so typical. Aberdeen is like they say a joke.

Anonymous said...

Just like Jan said on that old Brady Bunch episode




Except now it'll be Barrack Obama saying



I got Osama Bin Laden

Because Barack can't talk about his failed and deadly foreign policy that has made us the laughing stock of the world and endangered our own diplomats and many others all over the world. Foreign policy my ass.

Vote or die America!

Enough said said...

Bin Laden is dead but the Obama campaign will be DOA come this election day

Obama-Biden again =Disaster. for America

Vote or shut the F up

Kauff and his Kauffkins

F you

Enough said

Vote or die America said...

47% of loafers vote Obama along with the 2m illegal aliens Obama allowed to stay here are just a different type of financial drain on a hard working middle class society that can't afford to keep living off of the middle class. One thing that also does not look good for the oppressed middle class financing the Obama pipe dreams and sadly it is that the Obama socialist agenda that cares little for what it costs since Obama borrows 40% of every dollar he spends. And this makes sense to who? Vote or die America.

7:00 train said...

Obama debate was nothing but duck and cover one liners from Obama to duck and cover from his failed policies and non existent triumphs. Unless you count the financial crisis he's created for generations to come, the Arab Spring that has taken terrorism around the world to a new level while he calls it progress. Obama is an embarrassment and deserves to be fired for not doing his job ala Clint Eastwood's statements from his convention appearance with Obama being the empty chair. Obama is an empty chair and is an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

Romney looked presidential last night and Obama looked like a Chicago democrat thug. Back to your roots Barrack.

Anonymous said...

Does Aberdeen have a domestic partnership bill or allow domestic partners to be on a town employees insurance and benefits. Also I wonder if Aberdeen has any of its professionals on a pension illegally. That subject is on Jim Gearharts show today.

Coren did it said...

They may have one now for that type of thing but Coren had his woman on his insurance (not so surprisingly and illegally) for years when he was here under team Kauff. And our town leadership said NOTHING about it either. I mean Kauff said nothing about it. I forgot for a second who really runs Aberdeen. So much corruption leaves so many questions. Right Freddy Boy? You're a joke Freddy Boy.

Anonymous said...

Hillary like Kauff can kiss my big black ass damn traitors.

5:00 train said...

Looks like Nick Minutulo wants to come clean finally about letting Mark Coren steal benefits from us taxpayers for Coren's common law wife. Benefits illegally stolen from us taxpayers while Nick sat on the Kauff council and said absolutely nothing. So if it's Nick who said nothing right up until now because Kauff kicked Nick to the curb and leaks a little bit now and then. Don't worry about that little amount of money Nick because Kauff gave Coren the benefits so Coren would continue to play a big part in the Kauff corruption game all at taxpayers expense. So now poor lonely Nick all of a sudden wants to come clean a little bit because CME and Kauff are still stealing millions from us and Nick is mad because he don't get his share. Right Nick?


Nobama 2012

Save America from these low life socialist democrats

Vote or shut the F up

Oh yeah F Kauff and his assorted political criminals.

Nobama out!

Vote to save America from Nobama!

What no trophy for you said...

All this hatred of Coach Fred is not surprising. I mean he is more active then that slug Soble ever was. Of course neither of them was worth anything anyway cause both of them sell us taxpayers and business owners out for political corruption and millions funneled to Kauff and his gang of creepy hacks.

Freddy Boy says what? said...

Stealing benefits is miniscule compared to the monies Coren and Kauff have stolen going back to the condos that they got at a *special price* to buy. Everything this council does is only done to get the engineers more tax money. That is our Aberdeen under Kauff and his puppets right Freddy Boy? You allow the engineers to dictate everything that's done with our tax dollars and you say what Freddy Boy? You know these engineers are overcharging for their services and what do you say Freddy Boy? What do you do to stop this Freddy Boy? You know the questionable work they do is damaging the town coffers and the individual homeowners and what do you say Freddy Boy? You know the Aberdeen Grand Canyon is a joke and an overbuild and Freddy Boy you say what? Paving roads does not have to be the priority to funnel money to the engineers when more roads could be paved if you really looked at the fees and overcharges but you say what Freddy Boy? I see you in church occasionally and laugh to myself as you stand before GOD knowing you are a disciple of the Aberdeen Devil Norman Kauff. Right Freddy Boy?

Need toilet paper? said...

If you run out of toilet paper anytime soon Obama just put out a pamphlet describing his vision for the future of America. I'm going to get a bunch of the pamphlets and store the Obama vision pamphlet on the back of my toilet just in case I get stuck on the bowl and need to - - - - -- ass.

That is all it is ALL THE OBAMA VISION IS going to be good for.




Obama has made us a joke on the world stage.

Vote America

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from democrats? You get the fair share plan that rewards those who don't want to work and struggle like us in the middle class. That is your Obama democrats version 2012. As far as the mayor of Aberdeen who is nothing more than a former republican that sold his soul to the Aberdeen political devil Norman Kauff. Fred thinks he is holier than though. He's not and even he knows it. His days like Obama are numbered next election he's out just like Obama this election. I will say his speech on Saturday was very good since he talks a good game and that's all.

Anonymous said...

what speech saturday. our mayor gave a speech i hope it was on the subject of ethical behavior by elected officials in new jersey. was it a speech about how he is being his own man and is not controlled by kauff at all. i would have paid to see that. was it about giving trophies to kids who lost but tried hard to baby them for the i deserve mine society that his democrats are building on the back of hard working americans. any speech that slug gives is only given to add to his future elected offices he wants and thinks he deserves or was promised by kauff and the airport plaza owner. as for nick who cares about him he can cry like a baby for not manning up and exposing kauff when he had the chance. putting it on here works to irritate the kauff group nothing more. remember there is no investigation into aberdeen going on. keep thinking that on all the way to prison. this town is a joke and no ones laughing but kauff. all the way to the bank. did cme get paid for the monument in the picture for the american hero in the patch. he's his own man sure he is right kauff.

Anonymous by choice said...

The Mayor of Aberdeen spoke at the dedication of a street named for a fallen hero killed in 2004 who resided in Cliffwood Beach. We were present and had our trucks placed properly in a salute. A Firefighter played the bagpipes and an honor guard and choir from the school sang. It was very touching ceremony and well organized. For this day politics and the dirty deeds took a back seat at least for this one day.

F em all! said...

One day?

One day?

Hopefully very soon Kauff and his assorted criminals will have much more than one day to ponder their political crimes against us taxpayers


F all of them!

Anonymous said...

F Kauff nothing more needs to be said.

Right Normie? said...

Sounds like it was a nice ceremony. Just as long as Normie didn't make any money or shakedown and potential developers in the parking lot. Wait it was during the day and we all know that Normie does his shakedowns at night in parking lights. Right Normie? So many questions so much corruption.

Anonymous said...

What's train lot code guy doing circling the train lot like a shark at 8 in the morning? Norm need more revenue since his house can't sell? So many questions with so much corruption. Right Fast Freddy?

Anonymous said...

Once again an anonymous attack on a guy who works.

Anonymous said...

I think my neighbors relative owns the McDonald's and he parks in the police spot out front that was on here a while back.

Mr. Kim said...

I go to the oriental grocery over there and know the sign in front of that parking spot. It does say police parking only and not store owners parking only. Why do our police allow a spot reserved for their use to be misused like that. I think it's disrespectful. I don't think the owner if related to a police officer would be that stupid or disrespectful to his relative if it's true. I've never seen a car parked there but if a car owner of the store or not should park in a place reserved for our police officers to use.