Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Romney Growth Agenda

Obama’s second term agenda will be a repeat of the first but on steroids since he won’t have to worry about reelection. In the second term, we’ll get tens of thousands of regulations for Obamacare, Frank-Dodd, and the EPA.

In contrast, here’s a snapshot of Romney’s growth agenda.

Tax Revenue –
The economy is only growing at a lackluster 1%. If we get that up to 3-4%, that will mean over $3 trillion in additional tax revenue over the next ten years. Add reductions in welfare, unemployment, and Medicaid (because people will have jobs) and you’re over $4 trillion.

Tax Policy –
Cut rates across the board for everyone. For the upper class and corporations, simplify the tax code and remove or cap tax deductions. A simpler and lower tax code will be revenue neutral but a nice incentive for investment and business growth.

Energy –
Balanced regulations that encourage the safe development of our natural resources. That means clean coal, natural gas, the Keystone Pipeline, the National Petroleum Reserve, and whatever other energy resources we can develop while protecting our environment. At the same time, all new major regulations, defined as costing the economy over $100 million, must be approved by Congress.

 Finance –
Repeal Dodd-Frank, end the endless taxpayer guarantees to Wall St., and implement regulations for increased transparency to rebuild confidence in the marketplace.

Healthcare –
Repeal and replace Obamacare. Just repealing Obamacare will save over $2 trillion over the next decade. Replacing Obamacare means providing programs to cover the uninsured and allowing people to remain on their family healthcare plans.

Investing in our Future –
Future investments will go to research, not companies heading towards bankruptcy.

Free Trade –
We will build free trade with Latin America and developing countries around the world.

We’re America and we’re still #1. Let’s keep it that way.
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Really think about it said...

Didn't you get the Obama memo. It's all about people who don't work, won't work, have grown accustomed to the government tit allowing the federal government to be their daddy. That is what is truly wrong with our democratic *give me more cause others have it and I want it too* society under the democrats for far too many years. Those are the people we need to worry about right after the slug politicians in Aberdeen, Freehold, Trenton and DC that are selling America to China dollar by dollar we borrow. America borrowing from China is unbelievable. This is our America people.

Generational welfare and the too large to be believed segment of society that the democrats have wrongly convinced are better off being beholding to the likes of an Obama or Kennedy just because they are solely dependent on that check from the government. The same check that they get unashamedly for doing absolutely nothing to earn it. What's far worse is they are indignant to even be asked to contribute towards the governmental payment by doing community service or working in a soup kitchen or some other similar service. The excuses are in the thousands as to why they can't contribute or work. Who's gonna watch my children. I don't have a car. Who's gonna pay for my bus fare. So we have a political leadership that just gives and gives. My neighbor has a cellular phone so Obama gives them one. The government must stop allowing those to work to subsidize those who are our societal misfits and lazy individuals to used to doing nothing and getting paid to do nothing by our government.

Historically if you look at the welfare state over the past forty years if not longer the most important thing that jumps out at you is that the same people the democrat programs are supposed to help have only been kept beholding and downtrodden rather than even a bit self sufficient or proud to have earned that governmental check that mysteriously shows up twice a month that is paid for by hard working Americans who are the truly oppressed members of what is left of our American society.

The democratic social engineering only keeps that exact same segment financially beholding and oppressed while wrongly blaming those mean old nasty republicans who historically have done more for those segments of our dysfunctional society.

One most important thing I should point out is that this behavior and social welfare program is no longer anything close to affordable. It is ruining what is left of our America and the political liars all across the country and the laughable media only contribute to our societal failures.

I voted today by mail as i'll be in Florida on election day. I will be found hoping against hope that those who work, invest and think clearly that the great majority of people need to add to society not just take and take and take like now will choose a businessman rather then the joke we've had in the White House for the past three plus years.

In closing don't even get me started on this being racist or picking on one segment, race or ethnicity in this posting as you yourself know every word is true and it crosses every color, race, creed and more of our society today under the democratic joke that is named Obama, Kennedy. Clinton and all the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Another great subject matter Mr. Warren. Thank you.

Vote or? said...

Obama wins this election it's all over. Vote Romney or?

7:00 train said...

Really think about it that is the #1 post is right there it's just too bad the 47%, college kid know it all spoon fed young people that are more interested in the latest technology than the true and very devastating costs of Obama care on their futures. That also coupled with the debt ceiling and financial cliff our America is teetering on the edge of a financial cliff that is about to be the #1 priority for whomever gets elected. If not properly dealt all that and more will cripple America. With the lack of real progress in dealing with unemployment, china borrowing and the middle east debacle that seems to escalate daily may doom America as a country for whomever is elected. Pray and vote to save our country.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend Aberdeen.

Not you Kauff and your little Kauuf scum.


What are all the liberal democrats, tens of millions on welfare and the 99% loafers going to do when




Warren Drive said...



Don't worry about a hurricane worry about Kauff.

Kauff and his political cohorts do far more damage.

F Kauff said...

Love the first posting D's will hate that truth. F Kauff!

Fast Freddy knows said...

A giant STORM IS COMING who cares? Kauff cares. Town hall might be closed and the taxpayer ATM won't work. Can't steal all our money if the taxpayer ATM is broken inside town hall. Right Fast Freddy? Such a disappointment you are Fast Freddy!

William K. said...

I am standing off of Imperia looking at the most idiotic thing i've ever seen in my 40 years in town. They must be kidding with the size of this thing for such a small stream of water. Sure an occasional heavy rain is sure to occur but this is not an area with monsoon rains or anything. This is beyond belief and needs to be looked into. Whoever approved this needs to explain this to us. First question that needs to be asked is how much did this thing cost us? I have to walk away before I get sick to my stomach. This thing just goes on and on past the houses is there not a simpler way to move the water away from these few houses at the end of the street. I'm an accountant and not in construction and even I know this is way too much for this much water.

Proud Huskie football parent said...

Great game Huskies you played great win or lose.

It's just a storm said...

The sky is falling?

Its a storm people!

We've lived through much worse.

We live with the Kaufruption after all in Kaufferdeen.

F you Kauff and all your Kauffsoldier criminals.

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Sandy? Why can't they give something so costly and damaging a real scary name like Kauff? That name is far more costly and damaging for us taxpayers. Hell might as well just call it Kauff or CME since both are full of devestating damage to taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I asked an employee of the town what they knew of that project off Van Brackle and who paid the bill at Stop and Shop today. All I was told was if the towns engineers were involved in it then it cost way too much. Even the employees can't hide their hatred for the fleecing of Aberdeen at the hands of Mr. Kauff and his engineers. Good for them I say to those who witness the hankie pankie in that building.

Anonymous said...

The big blow is coming!

Big blow?

Big blow?

Big blow that's gonna be Norms prison name.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Matawan and Aberdeen residents this is going to be some storm.

Hurricane Kauff's reality said...

A dangerous and expensive Hurricane is coming!

A dangerous and expensive Hurricane is coming!

Hurricane Kauff is already here in Aberdeen and the oppressive taxpayer gouging old blowhard on Justice Lane is already worse than anything that mother nature has in store for us.

At least the damage that Hurricane Sandy will do to us will quickly be a memory when it blows by. Too bad though that we taxpayers are unfortunately still stuck with the too expensive political corruption hurricane named Kauff long after Sandy blows through.

I know recent postings have alluded to the fact that Hurricane Kauff is slowly relinquishing control and another rumor even has Mayor Tags possibly wrestling control from Hurricane Kauff.

If you believe that I have a town to sell you. It won't be Aberdeen though because Hurricane Kauff corruptly owns it for far too long now.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Em Auntie Em there's a big storm abrewing.