Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where's Obama?

Have You Seen the President?

He wasn’t at the debate last night.
He wasn’t at the UN where he didn’t have time to meet with any world leaders.
He wasn’t on Capitol Hill where he hasn’t met with congressional leaders in over six months.
He wasn’t in the white house where he’s not been questioned by the White House Press Corps since May.
He wasn’t in the Oval Office trying to formulate a budget and avoid Taxmaggedon.

Where could he be?

Oh, I see the president.
He’s on the golf course.
He’s on The View.
He’s on the David Letterman Show.
He’s dining with celebrities.
He’s partying in Vegas.
He’s vacationing in Hawaii.

Maybe this can be the theme for his next book. >>> Read more!


Debate results said...

Romney did well and I love how the democratic spin doctors are working hard to cover the fact that the pres needs a teleprompter to respond intelligently. The Kyrillos v/s Menendez debate is on right now. Simply put it is youthful exuberance versus an old crooked hack politician that is as much an empty suit as Lautenberg.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of an empty suit hack politician

F you

Norman Kauff

Anonymous said...

Kauff sucks

VOTE or else said...

Is it not amazing how the last jobs report before election day 2012 shows the most drastic job numbers since the 1930's? Lies all lies is all I can say.

You might as well say Norman Kauff is not illegally and corruptly controlling the town council idiots in Aberdeen. I would sooner believe that lie instead of the aptly timed jobs report the spin doctors are weaving today. Obama out in 2012 or America loses even more of what it was before Obama got elected. Save the USA.

Now i just saw on the TV that the democrats are blaming the monitor Jim Lehrer for a bad showing by Obama. What's next? What other lie will they tell? Obama needs a tele-prompter to do anything. That is obvious from his inattention during the debate.

So many questions with so much corruption. VOTE!

Warren Drive said...

Got to laugh now the liar D's are saying it was the altitude problems in Denver Colorado that affected Obama on the night of the debates.

Obama affected Obama how is that for the truth?

Wait its politics I forgot truth does not enter into it.

By the way Menendez looked like shit and those debates happened in New Jersey.

Spin that one you liar D's.

Anonymous said...

Where's Norman game? That's funny really funny.

Anonymous said...



CBeach said...

All Kauff all the time works for me. Right Kauff?

USELESS! said...

Playing golf too much. Doing TV interviews. USELESS!

Anonymous said...

Just walked past Casa de Corruption today and still no FOR SALE sign. Just more secrets it seems. After all how many houses get sold without a FOR SALE sign on the front lawn? So much corruption leaves so many questions. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...



The corrupt never answer any questions.

Right Norm?
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council?
Right CME?
Right Town Attorneys?
Right Planning Board?
Right Zoning Board?