Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tempest in a Teapot

Note: Certain individuals are trying to purposefully distort the record so I'm including my full correspondence with COAH.

Yesterday, several critics accused me of lying. Here’s the background.

On April 19th, the township attorney declared unequivocally and repeatedly that Aberdeen Township would lose its COAH certification two days later at the April 21st COAH meeting if the town council did not approve an ordinance creating an Inclusionary Housing Overlay Zone for the purpose of constructing nearly for the construction of 194 residential units.

I have since argued the attorney lied. We were never on the April 21st agenda, the developer had withdrawn its petition, and, according to an email from COAH, if the developer had resubmitted its motion, it wouldn’t have been considered until the May meeting.

On Sunday, I wrote “a majority of town council members have commented privately or, in the mayor’s case, publicly that they were misled by McCarthy regarding COAH.” Meaning, it was their understanding that we would lose certification on April 21st and, since the lie had been exposed, they were tacitly acknowledging being misled.

My critics have argued the council members have never acknowledged being misled and I’m wrong on the facts – that we could have lost our certification on April 21st.

Here’s one anonymous comment –
You have not established that it would have been impossible for the developer to have its Order heard on April 21st. I absolutely defy you to find anyone at COAH who will tell you that COAH would have turned away the developer on April 21st if they had appeared. [Bold in the original]

Well, I did something wholly unpredictable and unusual. I contacted COAH again and I’ve posted my email for anyone wishing to see the full exchange. [Bolding not in original]

COAH - Mr. Warren – COAH heard oral argument at its March 10, 2010 meeting regarding a motion filed by C&M Real Estate and RCM Group for an Order to Show Cause as to why Aberdeen Township will not abide by the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding executed with RCM on December 17, 2009, based upon a settlement agreement reached at COAH mediation. However, because Aberdeen Township passed the ordinance in question on firsts reading two weeks ago, the developer withdrew the motion. Presumably if the Township did not pass the ordinance last night, the developer would have refilled the motion to be heard at COAH’s May meeting.

Warren - I'm sorry to bother you again regarding this matter but could you please clarify the following point. If Aberdeen Township had failed to pass the ordinance on Monday, April 19th and the developer refiled his motion on Tuesday, April 20th, was there any likelihood the matter would have been considered at the April 21st COAH meeting?

COAH - No. Motions require a briefing schedule, which is usually 30 days. Emergent motions are occasionally scheduled, but the briefing schedule is rarely shorter than 10 days. The Council also would have had the option of issuing an order to show cause without a motion being filed.

So, there you have it. McCarthy told us if the ordinance failed to pass we would definitely lose our COAH certification two days later. He lied.

I’ll leave it to the reader to judge for himself – When a council member says he thought we would lose our certification on the 21st, is that the same as saying he was misled? One thing’s for sure – it’s the closest they’ll ever come to admitting the township attorney lied to them and lied to us.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Joey - You can't help but continue your lying ways. You are simply unbelieveable.

Once again you post the proof of your lie in your effort to demonstrate why your original lie wasn't a lie.

Let us go back to kindergarten and learn how to read.

Now, take two seconds and read what this person from COAH actually said to you because you actually asked the wrong question:

1) You inquired whether the developer's motion would have been heard on April 21st. The answer to this question is obviously no. MOTIONS require a briefing scheduling correctly indicated in the e-mail response.

2) What you should have inquired, but obviously intentionally neglected to do so in order that you could bolster your lie, was ask the question of whether the Council would have allowed the developer to reinstitue its ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE on April 21st. Keep in mind, the developer never filed a motion to begin it. It was always an ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE

3) AND low and behold, what does the COAH e-mail say about ORDERS TO SHOW CAUSE.... wait for it.... wait for it....

The Council also would have had the option of issuing an order to show cause without a motion being filed.

Really Joey, you can't make this stuff up. There you have it, clear as day. COAH could have heard the developer's Order to Show Cause without any motion being filed.

So yes, Joey, COAH could have heard the Order to Show Cause on April 21st. And frankly, since they had already heard argument on the Order to Show Cause during the March 10th COAH meeting, the odds are that it wouldn't have been that big of deal for COAH to allow the Order to Show Cause to be heard on April 21st. There wouldn't have been any new argument to be made.

So in totality, you are still a liar Joey. You've proved nothing and COAH's emails actually support McCarthy's contention. Thanks for clarifying things for us!

You get nothing! You lose! Good Day Sir!

Anonymous said...

Oh as a disclaimer, I hereby indicate that my use of html codes in the preceding message does indicate my receipt of a legal degree. Believe it or not, the common man is intelligent enough to disect Joey's crap and expose it for the lies it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, the lyingest lying liar of Aberdeen, Joey Warren!

Anonymous said...

that should have said "does not indicate" ... see if I was a lawyer I wouldn't make these little mistakes.

But I digress... I now return you to your regularly scheduled program... The lying liar show starring Aberdeen's own (well not for long since his wife is selling his house) Joey Warren.!


Anonymous said...

Man, if you worked this hard against Kauff as you do against Joey, I would say Kauff would have been behind bars years ago...
What an a-hole you are. I guess you must be satisfied with the way things are run around here.
Joey, I wouldn't even waste my time anymore with this idiot. We all know the town is run by crooks and liars. They'll get theirs in DUE TIME!
By the way, I believe the ENTIRE COUNCIL was MISLED by McCarthy, NO DOUBT.

Aberdeener said...

Prior Anon,

Too bad you were too lazy to read the actual email. It's all referring to the order to show cause.

That's now two emails by COAH saying it would never happen.

McCarthy lied. You're just too partisan and morally bankrupt to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Umm which part of your e-mail question references an "order to show cause"?

I'm sorry to bother you again regarding this matter but could you please clarify the following point. If Aberdeen Township had failed to pass the ordinance on Monday, April 19th and the developer refiled his motion on Tuesday, April 20th, was there any likelihood the matter would have been considered at the April 21st COAH meeting?

Is it the part where you say "refiled his motion"?

Oh sorry, you said "motion" not "order to show cause".

What is evident is that the COAH representive responding to your e-mail definitely differentiates between "motions" and "orders to show cause" since he or she mentions both in their reply.

Once again, nice try Joey, but you lose.

If its any consulation, your title as the lying liar of Aberdeen remains in tact.

Aberdeener said...

Prior Anon,

Sorry I get so much joy proving what an ignoramus you are but allow me to point some highlights in the email.

COAH - "COAH heard oral argument at its March 10, 2010 meeting regarding a motion filed by C&M Real Estate and RCM Group for an Order to Show Cause"

Warren - "[If} the developer refiled his motion on Tuesday, April 20th, was there any likelihood the matter would have been considered at the April 21st COAH meeting?"

COAH - "No"

McCarthy lied. The town council knows it. We all know it. Even you and your ilk.

Anonymous said...

Joey -

Its your blog and so you'll always have the last word. And you can always add a new topic when you want to bury your earlier lies and deceit.

But on this one, you still lose.

COAH does not say: "No." To your question. They clearly say: "The Council also would have had the option of issuing an order to show cause without a motion being filed."

No matter how you want to twist this, COAH still says that the possibility for the Order to Show Cause to be heard on April 21st existed.

You can lie, twist words, and name call all you want. You still lose.

As I said before:

"You get nothing! You lose! Good Day Sir!"

Cannons a little B said...

Those who protest too much?????

They got caught up in Kufflies put forth by Kauffcontrolattorney and now they all have kauffegg on their corrupt little faces.

Cannon you are a jerkoff.

You little whiny bitch.

Typical scumbag Lawyer.

John said...

To the Anonymous tormentor:

What is your motivation? You refuse to identify yourself, you attack Mr. Warren for minor points that are not reflective of the larger issue, and you seem purely interested in "hijacking the discussion".

Why would anyone respect your view? You are an example of the internet at it's very worst. Anonymous bile that fails to provide any substance to the conversation.

I have no idea who is "right or wrong" on this issue, but I certainly have more respect for the individual who is willing to publicly identify and stand behind his statements.

Anonymous said...

John that is not how the deny deny deny of political hacks works. This Cannon guy they talk about or any of the other scumbags attached to walletkauff are only in it for the money. I still cannot believe that Jim Lauro sunk that low. I will say something to him this season for sure. As for the tormewntor on here the past couple of days it is a waste of time and many know that they are just hiding from the truth that they lied to the people and they got caught.

I had to go in for a permit last year also and got the third degree from a woman that seems to work at getting more paper then helping people. She wanted a grade plan and a bunch more bullshit for just expanding my driveway in order to fit my sons car in during the winter months. I did not even go back. Let them catch you is what my neighbor told me to do. Forget them all.

Joey is a liar, just like the council members said...

You can bet they will catch you. That's what they pay Bigmouth, that used to put all those long winded rants on this site, to do.







Anonymous said...

I think Joey should keep pissing the council off. Then maybe they will cut even more from the school budget. Maybe that is Joey's real goal.

Anonymous said...

Why would joey even care? As soon as his landlord sells the house he is staying at, he's out of here! Right Joey?

Anonymous said...

Is it necessary to have 3 VP's in the high school? Plus the director of SPS gets a VP title and the Athletic Director. Why couldn't we lay off a Phillips, Liotti or Scensey?

Anonymous said...

Well, you couldn't lay any of them off because they have seniority over other VP's.
But we could have saved $$$ hiring the other candidate who applied for the principal job at the middle school. You knwo the guy who has worked here in this district for a few years and has done an outstanding job!
You folks don't seem to get it. It isn't about saving $$$ it is about Tricky Dick getting what he wants,when he wants it.

Just another day in Kaufferdeen? said...

I'll explain how the council was able to cut another $500k from the school budget. That is on top of what O'Malley already cut of course.

Lets see Drapwig could not vote or have any input since his family conveniently works in the district. No pressure from you to hire them, right Drapwig? So that means Montone whipped them into a frenzy because her union connected husband lost his cushy do nothing job. Mayor Tag paid for private school tuition so theres that. Vinny, Laura and Gumbs don't have kids in the system.

But the Kauffouncil keeps giving CM&E and the Kaufflawyers all they want. Of course Kauffy gets his cuts from everyone, so all is right in Kaufferdeen.

I still wonder if tonights vote on the school budget cuts violates the sunshine laws again? Not that the sunshine law means anything to any of them. Not that it means anything in Kaufferdeen of course? Right Kauffy?




Anonymous said...

Coreena is the one getting sliced and diced now. LOL. Council and Kauff 1 Taxpayers 0.

We shall see?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard that the administrators just agreed to a 4.6% raise?
Unbelievable, so the superintendent gets a raise, the administrators get raises, yet the teacher's union is the bad guy here?
Wake up Aberdeen, wake up.

Try the truth for once ???? said...

Did the teachers take a pay freeze?

Did the teachers help out the janitorial staff?

Did the town councils recommend Martucci and other assistant principals and do nothing administrators be reduced or eliminated?

Of course not they need maroon and steal (steel) during the elections.

Don't you get it people?

It is all connected. Fire Dept. hierarchy connected. Planning Board and Zoning Bopard and Council connected and controlled by the Democrats. And for what? To ensure more money from the taxpayers to feed the blob that they themselves created?

But rail against and castigate the people like Joey Warren for pointing out the realities that are the throughly corrupt actions and rules that work against the residents, taxpayers and students? That is our reality.

Joey Warren is not right 100% of the time. He is however right far more often then the supposed leadership or our communities and school boards are.

Attack away.

The truth?

The truth?

You want the truth?

You can't handle the truth.






Anonymous said...

1 race in the country went to the teabags - and that went against the Republicans in McConnell 's great state of Kentucky. A real Democrat beat turncoat Spector in PA.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Its Obama's fault for everything happening in Aberdeen. Something needs to be done about him immediately!

Christine said...


Did the school board, of which Warren is one of those leaders you were speaking about, offer the teachers a solid, in-writing, guarantee that the janitors would be saved if they took the pay-freeze? Not from what I've been reading on this blog. I remember seeing that MRTA wanted that guarantee, but it seems that apparently the board didn't want to be held to it.

I don't have much to say about Martucci and the Administration, only that I see you left O'Malley and his salary out of your rant. However, I would like to know which rules you mentioned work against the students? I had thought the whole firing scores of teachers was something that hurt the students. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Try the Truth for Once that posted today at 7:11 AM - hit the nail right on the head!
Go ahead Dems, try and dispute any or all of those points!

Anonymous said...

Joey, You boy O'Malley got crucified by the town council lsst night for mismangement in the administration area. They also were not happy with the raises the board inflicted on the public.

Anonymous said...


the answer to your question is NO. They would not give the union ANYTHING in writing. They wanted them to agree without putting it in writing. I guess they figured the teachers were just as dumb as the sheep.

Anonymous said...

Did the superintendent take a pay freeze?

Did he do anything to help out the janitors?

Did the administration take a pay freeze?

Anonymous said...

The Aberdeen council is not capable of criticizing the schools.

They are hypocrites who vote themselves raises and accept a salary for a "volunteer" position.

They are hypocrites that have a $1.4 million dollar hole in their budget.

They are hypocrites who let residents get raped by the engineering firm, township attorneys, and planners, while they ask for concessions from police officers and laborers.

They are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Funny the Matawan council also criticizing the schools, but I guess EVERYONE else is wrong except O'Malley and his robots.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, as we cobtinue to watch the facade of con men Warren and Omalley continue to crumble.

Anonymous said...

Whereas, Resolution No. 2010-83 obliterated O'Malley 17 times for not controlling administrative costs and giving himself and others outrageous salary increases in these economic times. It was noted many times he was not cooperative with the town councils. Be it further resolved that once again his inexperience is showing.

O'Malley gets his and should said...

O'Malley makes the money (185k) that a man who runs a 64m dollar should make. Explain to me then how none of you have a problem with Martucci, Spells and Glastien making 500k between them for doing close to nothing. Don't tell me they work hard for the money as they are just taking up space and have been for years.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with O'Malleys raise, but at least he's doing a good job with the schools and the test scores. More than I can say for anyone on that council. What have they done so far? Give me one positive thing? Approve some low income housing that the entire town is against is about all they've done.

Christine said...

How can one say O'Malley individually raised test scores and therefore he deserves his $185,000? He didn't take those tests himself. He wasn't instructing students or preparing them for those tests, and those who do make about a fifth of his salary. He gets the credit when the test scores are good, but the teachers get the blame if test scores fall. I know what job I should strive for.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't hear that the HS math scores dropped A LOT!
So much for that argument.

Anonymous said...

Christine you catch on quickly...next thing you know they'll be accusing you of being a teacher. Any one on here that speaks against the almighty O'Malley and Joe are automatically lumped into the teacher catagory.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Aberdeen council went after Omalley-He fired Drapkin's daughter, he fired Montone's husband and Baby Boy Cannon finally feels important and went after the administrator's that kicked him out of athletics and soccer when he was in school. They finally feel out of control becuase Omalley doesn't let them control the schools. Tag-your next!

Joey and Omalley's love child said...

Teacher! Teacher! Go Away!!! Joey is God!!! Omalley is perfect!!! All Janitors Must Be Unemployed!!!!!

Tags legal defense fund $$$$ said...

Tag and all the rest better hope the legal advice they are getting is right. Otherwise its a major problem. Tag and Cannon must not be getting along with the other Norm team members. I don't think they realize the violations of the sunshine laws are mounting first the notices don't get put out timely. Now no public input and another last minute notice on the school budget. That girl lawyer that used to attend meetings seems to rarely show up anymore. Mcarthy is obviously just an asshole who takes orders and likes to hear himself talk. So all is right under the Normy control plan. F Kauff and all his scum bags that follow his orders. Better start putting money away for your legal defense fund Tag. Maybe Cannonmanboy can defend you. Sorry that would not be allowed since Cannon will be a codefendant.

Anonymous said...

All this talk, I am sorry but your Three Minutes are up...

Am I being POMPUS....

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey, I hear you are looking at a house in Keansburg. When you buy the new house, you can start your blogg there and be known as the Keansburger instead of the Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the math scores, but it certainly sounds like things have improved,


Obviously the teachers deserve credit, but so does the guy in charge.

Anonymous said...

After all said and done alot said and nothing done , and Fred is still a weener Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I just need to see what my children are now doing in school since Dr. O'Malley came to the district, to know he is making many improvements to this school district.

I will write the check for Tag said...

I got the whole bill for Tag and his legal defense fund covered. All he has to do is come out in public and tell the truth about our corrupt Norman Kauff Esquire and the leeches that bleed Aberdeen dry. All Tag has to do is say what most of us all know in a very public forum in front of newspapers.

I Fred Tagleareeni Mayor of Aberdeen know full well that Norman Kauff Esquire the local political powerbroker is my lord and master. Everything i have done in my political life has been done to please Norman Kauff Esquire. Norman Kauff Esquire and his benefactors who run Aberdeen like there own piggy bank also control me completely and i do what they tell me. Everything i do is done to ensure that the millions in tax dollars flow unrestricted to the political bandits of Aberdeen.

As soon as Tag does that i will write the check so when the authorities come Tag will not be hurt financially by defending himself as the controlled and manipulated politician.

So sad Coach Fred.

Still no denials said...

It is not fair that our Mayor gets attacked like that. No proof of corruption has ever been........


My bad they are all no f'n good.

Kauff is truly the poster boy for corrupt power wielding politicians. Him and his buddies deserve to be outed for their greed. The statement that this is New Jersey don't hold water with me. It is the people who allow this to occur that need to stand up and say...

Im sick and tired of Norman Kauff and his corruption in Aberdeen and i'm not going to take it anymore.

Otherwise it will be just another day in Kauffville. Take Aberdeen back.

Definition of corruption said...


I looked up the word corruption in my Webster's dictionary and all it said was; (dick-shun-er-ee) see Norman Kauff.

That is funny i don't care what you say.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously the teachers deserve credit, but so does the guy in charge."

Right and he deserves 9.6% and they deserve a pay freeze. Obviously that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

After reading the article in the Independent thanks to Dr. O'Malley we have nothing to worry about in our school system. He has fixed everything in a short two and a half years. He has made the district a winning, high-performing district. He is quoted as saying we are there when it comes to our athletic teams and academic classrooms achieving at a high level. This guy really is a lying politician.

Anonymous said...

Those press releases were in the local papers (APP and IND) yet nothing about the towns resolutions on the reduction in the budget and the harsh admonishment of O'Malley and his cohorts. Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the state of nj saying the district is improved?

Anonymous said...

No, this is all O'Malley propaganda. This is a fairly new monitoring and evaluation system. Its aim is to help schools operate at a high level. It gives a holistic view of school districts. It's just a perspective. It is based on self-evaluation and self-assessment reviews. So is it really a great achievement as O'Malley would like you to believe? Is it really telling us how our students are doing? No, after a little research most schools in our area are receiving the "high performing" designation. Holmdel, Marlboro, Hazlet all the same designation. It will not even be looked at for another three years. Nice try, you political hack.

Anonymous said...

An improved mission statement was one of the criteria? Seriously? How many people pay attention or evaluate them? Didn't know the old mission statement had such a negative impact on our students.

Anonymous said...

Show me the district that received 4 out of 5 perfect 100%. If you do, we can say we are on par with them. That wasn't the case before he came!!

Tell me when we won the last state championship in football, tell me when our athletic teams had winning records, tell me when the scores went higher, tell me when teacher's were held accountable, tell me when bad employees were fired, tell me when the last super stood toe to toe with bad board members and they left and not him, tell me when books were replaced. Tell me, tell me. It seems too big to be a coincidence. Stop being so mad that the young inexperience guy has made fools of all of you naysayers!! He'll be gone soon making a lot more money and laughing at all of us. Stop and let our kids enjoy the ride before Zavorskas wants to come back and screw it allup again!

Aberdeen council should talk about leadership? said...

The town council admonished O'Malley for his leadership style?

At least O'Malley has a leadership style. With old man kauff running the show all Aberdeen will be good for is if they want to make a Titanic movie sequel.

S O S Aberdeen

Kauff and his cronies are sinking us taxpayers and ruining our town.

Anonymous said...

Thats a riotous laugh. Aberdeen and the word leadership used in the same sentence. Fred Tagliarini is such a disappointment. By the way how come no public input over the cuts they recommended. Did they recommend administration cuts by name? No! Did they reccomend football and other activities be cut or scaled back? No! Did they say cut the number of assistant principals? No! They are weak and merely did not want to piss off the athletic parents that are Tagliarinis ace in the hole. Did I mispell that was that supposed to be assinthehole. There goes another what is Marc Coren doing thought again. I'm sure Coren is popular where he is now? Yes! He is getting what he deserves. Kauff is next I hope. As for Zavorskissass coming back not without a psych test for sure. She has that wierd look.

reader survey said...

Who do you think will take over after Joey's landlord sells the house he lives in? Do you think it will be Zavorskas?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the LARGE decline in Math scores (HSPA) will become a flad he waves? Anyone want to take bets?

Lies lies all lies said...

Does no input from or no public hearing or a kauffvenient late announcement of the school budget review with votes by the town council violate the sunshine law.

Anyone know.

Lies and improper advice from lawyers, secret votes, no input, possibly illegal votes bypassing zother approvals, CM&E bills through the roof and getting paid over and over for there own screw ups. It is almost too much for one person to believe that this is america. Then again we have a new governor who loves to squash crooked politicians. Squash away Christie. Start on justice lane anytime you want.

How can anyone defend these people who defy anything close what is supposed to be our free and open government.

How can these people look themselves in the mirror.

So many questions so many lies.

Nevermind said...

Come on people lets all give our lying, thieving, corrupt and Kauff order following politicians a break.

What am I saying?


Anonymous said...

Who ever said O'Malley was admonished for his leadership style? He was admonished for giving himself and his cohorts large raises in the administration areas. While the town council budget is next, they did the right thing with the school budget. Lets see if they do the right thing with the township budget.

Anonymous said...

Joey, what are your thoughts on the recent death of Ronnie James Dio?

Anonymous said...

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Anonymous said...

No Joey. Did he move out of town already.

Anonymous said...

We could only hope.

Cut Pre K? God forbid? said...

Did anyone suggest cuting the pre k programs to save a boatload of money in the district. We all went to regular kindergarten and we are just fine. Mommy can spend a little more time with john and mary and save us a lot of money. We should not be paying babysitters so mommy can go work out and have lunch with the girls.

That is the problem in our society we want everything as long as someone else pays for it. People like Joey and many others are footing the bill for all these gifts this district and our town council refuse to cut.



Anonymous said...

Joey, have yoe ever seen a grown mad naked?

Anonymous said...

Joey isn't footing the bill for anything, he is not a home owner in this town.
Pay attention much?

Anonymous said...

Joey, any offers on your house which is for sale? Maybe you could take a few of your fellow board members with you when you move.

Duke said...

Maybe he's moving within Aberdeen. Ever think of that? Twit.