Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aberdeen Hides from the Sunshine Laws

This Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, at 7PM, Aberdeen Township will, once again, violate New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act, a.k.a. the Sunshine Laws. According to the agenda, “This meeting is being held in conformance with the Open Public Meetings Act.” But that can’t be. Why not? Because the township will be voting on the school budget and it’s not on the agenda. How do I know the township will be voting on the school budget? Let see.

  • First, the township has a state deadline (page 8) of May 19th “to determine and certify to the county board of taxation the amount of money necessary for school purposes to be raised by taxation for the ensuing school year.”
  • Second, it’s on Matawan’s agenda for that same night
Could it be they simply forgot to include one of the biggest votes of the year? No. This will be the town council’s third offense in just six months.

Last December, the township authorized, in secret and without a vote, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with developers to rezone two properties to allow for the construction of nearly 200 units. The authorization occurred a month after now-Governor Christie was elected following a pledge to demolish COAH and a month before a new mayor and three new councilmen would take their seats. By all accounts, the MOU triggered a series of events leading to the ordinance rezoning the properties, despite the likelihood of COAH being terminated.

On April 6th, Councilman Cannon motioned, Deputy Mayor Vinci seconded, and the council unanimously passed a first reading of the ordinance rezoning the properties to create an Inclusionary Housing Overlay Zone. Remarkably, only one month later, township attorney McCarthy, who was present at the meeting, couldn’t remember when the first reading took place. More remarkable still, despite being unable to recall the first reading, McCarthy was able to explain why it wasn’t on the agenda, claiming the council didn’t know it was going to be on the agenda until that day. (The ordinance had been in development since the March 10th COAH meeting.)

This time, the school budget isn’t on the agenda. The Sunshine Laws require “to the extent known” the agenda of the meeting be posted. Furthermore, all items must be public unless the law specifically provides for an exemption.

To understand how unusual this is, consider this – After covering the school district for over 30 months, there has never been an instance when the school board was aware of an agenda item that wasn’t on the public agenda. Nor has the board ever approved a motion by any board member that was pre-planned but not on the agenda.

Sadly, the town council’s record isn’t shocking. The township continues to retain an attorney who threatened police action against residents asserting their right to speak at a public meeting. McCarthy blatantly lied to the council. Yet, he remains the township attorney.

Enough is enough. Action will be taken.
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Deflect Dems! Deflect! said...

Get to it Dems, start deflecting!!! Change the topic, talk about grass not being cut, or whatever it takes to deflect this one!

poker Dan said...

Does anyone know when the next poker tournament in Aberdeen is? I had a great time at the last one, I especially enjoyed Poker Steve's hot wings.

Anonymous said...

Ummm when did the Mayor state publicly that he was "misled" by McCarthy?

Aberdeener said...

Watch the video. The mayor acknowledges that he thought we'd lose our COAH certification at the April 21st COAH meeting if he didn't approve the ordinance that night, which even McCarthy now admits was never a possibility.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the video and the Mayor never says he was "mislead" by McCarthy.

All the Mayor says is "yes" to your question inquiring whether it is his understanding Aberdeen was facing a loss of its COAH certification during the April 21st meeting.

You are truly twisting his words and coming to a conclusion which isn't even remotely present in the video that he felt he was "mislead" by McCarthy.

I've watched the video several times now and I don't get even the slightest impression the Mayor feels he was "mislead".

Maybe you should watch the video again yourself. Next time, please don't put words in someone else's mouth.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I also don't see any point in the video where McCarthy "admits" it was impossible for the Town to lose COAH certification on April 21st.

McCarthy is pretty clear in the video that he did believe it was a possibility and the only reason it wasn't on the agenda was that the developer withdrew their Order To Show Cause as the Township agreed to adopt the Ordinance.

Unless you had some subsequent conversation with McCarthy where he opened up to you and told you private thoughts, I can only go by the video you posted.

1) The Mayor didn't feel mislead
2) McCarthy stands by his statement COAH approval would have been lost on the 21st.

Joey... Stop saying people said things which they clearly didn't say. The only liar here is you. The video proves it.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time I have seen Joey take peoples statements and make generalizations about them which are NOT TRUE. Now he will tell you that it is his opinion which he is entitled to. But he fails to separate fact from opinion in his articles.

StemlerDrCkgIn said...

Well it is obvious an insider feels that he must defend now what Mayor Tag may have said, could have said or what he thought. F'n amazing! Get real people they know this is a sticky wicket and to say that Mayor Tag and the other idiots are not upset, privately or in public with the guidance, advice and outright lies from our well paid Aberdeen scumbag lawyers is bullshit. Every meeting the newbies *Montone, Lauro, Cannon and Tag* are feeling the heat from the corrupt, deceitful and taxpayer hurting ways of Normy.

So here is my suggestion. Joey W. goes to the next council meeting and tapes the following from several angles.

1. Asks each and every one of them what they think of the obvious control Normy has over the council, zoning board, planning board and town manager without being elected or accountable.

2. Ask Cannon the LAWYER if he realizes, believes or knows he is violating the SUNSHINE LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY over and over again. And these idiots don't even get a meal like Normy has done in the past. Breakfast was their favorite meal and always out of town. Right Ms. Gumbs.

3. Ask them each if they REALLY trust the leagl advice they are receiving from Mccarthy and Lackstien enough to not risk going to jail over their advice.

3. Ask them to explain themselves and give them the examples of the Sunshine Law violations they have committed. I would also tape these or get a copy of the entire council proceedings that they may deny. After all you cannot trust the typed agendas since Joey has reported they are most of the time months behind in being prepared. Does that violate the Sunshine Laws also by the way.

Deny, deflect or whatever they want to call it Normies people are feeling the heat over these two lawyers ethically challenged advice and guidance.

These are a couple of the reasons that lawyers and cockroaches would survive a nuclear holocaust. The lawyers would survive since they are the truly lowest forms of life. Lowest forms of life to be able to fit under a cockroaches belly. That is really low. Right Normy you scumbag.

Anonymous said...

How long Joey till you hire your fellow board members' wife back??? Next meeting I'm guessing. No favors there. She's the best candidate. How do you know???

Anonymous said...

Hey Stemler, how about YOU" check in" at the meeting and do what YOU think should be done...otherwise, how about YOU shut the fuck up!

team kauff play along or get benched said...

Insiders is all kauff allows in his aberdeen. All kauff does is put people on the boards that he can control from minute one. Forget the idea of independent thought from any of these kauff trained monkees. They all know what they get when the sign on to team kauff. And now they have an on field coach in Mayor Fred Tag. Play ball with kauff or you end up riding the bench. Except of course if you question cm&e like gallo tried to do. As for the last town manager they say he was another kauff and cm&e casualty. I doubt that he did not do his job he probably did not let boss kauff dictate to him like he did with the pedophile coren. Bus time got to go. This town and its leadership is arrogant and needs to be reported and investigated from kauff all the way down to magna cum loudmouth.

Aberdeener said...

Anon 11:43/12:00

Here's the exchange -

Warren: You [McCarthy] informed us if we did not pass it that night, April 21st, two days later, we would lose our certification. My question to the mayor is if that what his understanding.
Mayor: Yes.

If that's not a tacit acknowledgment that he was misled, what was it?

As to your second point, if we weren't on the agenda and the developer had withdrawn its petition, then there was no chance we could have lost our certification two days later. McCarthy knew we weren't on the agenda and knew the developer had withdrawn its petition so he must have known we couldn't have lost our certification two days later.

If you don't believe me, email COAH as I did and they'll tell you the same.

Are we going to argue what the definition of "is" is or are we going to acknowledge that our town attorney lied?

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey, first the township could add to the agenda right up to the meeting, so the sunshinelaw would not be broken, just because its not on the agenda as of Friday does not mean it cannot be added. Second, why should anyone believe that you you called COAH and really did not change what they told you. Its all heresay. Third the furniture in your house is pretty ugly. Fourth, let us know where you are moving so we don't move in the same town. You have destroyed Aberdeen and I sure don't want to move into another town which you could screw up and then move out.

Aberdeener said...


You're wrong on the law but I suspect you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Joey you are an idiot.

You obviously don't understand the concept of an Order to Show Cause.

Orders to Show Cause are emergency motions and are almost never on an agenda because the Court or Administrative body, in this case COAH, wouldn't know it was going to be filed in advance.

Motions would be on agendas because they are filed well in advance. Orders to Show Cause seek emergent relief and restraints which are typically brought the day of the meeting with no advance notice.

If you watch your own video again, McCarthy clearly states that your facts are wrong and the only reason the matter wasn't on the agenda was that the developer agreed not to bring its Order to Show Cause because Aberdeen passed the Ordinance.

You then ask the Mayor his understanding, and he says "Yes."

Again, no one says they felt "mislead". He doesn't feel mislead, because he wasn't.

If the developer brought the Order to Show Cause, COAH would have had no choice but to hear it on the 21st.

From your own conversations with COAH, you you know that COAH was very upset with Aberdeen. If the Order to Show Cause had been brought on the 21st, there was every possibility and every likelihood that the COAH certification would have been lost that night.

Again -- DON'T PUT WORDS IN PEOPLE'S MOUTHS --- especially when the evidence against your position is in the very video you posted in support of your claims.

Rather than assume the Mayor felt mislead, why don't you ask him that question in your next "performance" tomorrow night.

Its very simply asked. I'll even write the screenplay for you:

WARREN: Mr. Mayor, I left the last meeting with the impression you felt "mislead" by Mr. McCarthy. No one corrected me on that impression, so I wrote on my awesomely cool blog that you were mislead. People are calling me out on my assumption so I want to clear up the record. So, Mr. Mayor, I ask you, did you feel mislead by Mr. McCarthy.

Mayor Tag: Mr. Warren, there is no way for us to know what your "impression" is unless you actually tell us that impression. To answer your question, NO I did not feel mislead by Mr. McCarthy.

See, that would be easy. Again, in the future, please make sure you accurately report what transpired and don't make assumptions as to what people may or may not have felt. In this case, the facts support the exact opposite conclusion.

Good day Sir!

Aberdeener said...

Wow. So you still believe Aberdeen could have lost its COAH certification on April 21st.

Let's take a couple of your points -
"Orders to Show Cause are emergency motions and are almost never on an agenda because the Court or Administrative body, in this case COAH, wouldn't know it was going to be filed in advance."

Interesting except for one thing. RCM's order to show cause was on the March COAH agenda.

"If the developer brought the Order to Show Cause, COAH would have had no choice but to hear it on the 21st."

Yet, here's the email from COAH:
Mr. Warren –

COAH heard oral argument at its March 10, 2010 meeting regarding a motion filed by C&M Real Estate and RCM Group for an Order to Show Cause as to why Aberdeen Township will not abide by the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding executed with RCM on December 17, 2009, based upon a settlement agreement reached at COAH mediation. However, because Aberdeen Township passed the ordinance in question on firsts reading two weeks ago, the developer withdrew the motion. Presumably if the Township did not pass the ordinance last night, the developer would have refilled the motion to be heard at COAH’s May meeting.

Then there's the small fact that McCarthy had previously said "They told us if we didn’t pass this, we would get thrown out of COAH." And that never happened.

Too bad none of your arguments jive with the record.

By the way, you may want to look at the recording again. McCarthy no longer says we were in danger of losing certification at the April 21st meeting. Instead, he simply explains why we weren't on the agenda. Why do you think that is?

Anonymous said...

Joey - Do we really need to play this game? Are you really going to continue to lie even though your own video proves exactly the opposite of what you are stating?

Well, I can listen to a recording and I can transcribe it as well. What you say was said, wasn't said. Not even close.

But since you want to be a little baby and continue to lie about the facts, I'll go through the motions. Here is the transcript of the video you posted:

Warren: But there was no possibility of us losing our COAH certification on April 21st. My question to you is at that April 19th meeting were you under the impression that we were going to lose our certification two days later if we did not approve that ordinance.

McCarthy: Now Mr. Warren, I know you don’t want to hear from me.

Warren: Correct.

McCarthy: But unfortunately all of your factual underpinnings are false, they’re not correct.

Warren: Really? We were on the agenda April 21st?

McCarthy: They are not correct sir. We were not on the agenda because the developers conditionally withdrew their Order to Show Cause. The only reason why there was no action that was going to be taken at COAH – because the developers intended for that to occur at the April 21st meeting and in fact COAH staff --- and it was clear to us from being at the COAH proceeding that they were going to deal with the Order to Show Cause issue at the April 21st meeting. The action of the developer in response to the agreement that we would go through and introduce and potentially pass the Ordinance was the reason why it was off the agenda. That’s all.

Warren: You had warned us that if we did not pass it that night, April 21st, two days later, we would lose our certification. My question to the Mayor is was that his understanding?

Mayor Tag: Yes.

Once again, I submit that McCarthy made it very clear that the ONLY reason we were not on the April 21st meeting was that the developer withdrew its Order to Show Cause because Aberdeen introduced the Ordinance.

As per McCarthy, the issue would have been dealt with, on APRIL 21st, if Aberdeen hadn't introduced the ordinance.

Mayor Tag never says: "I was mislead" and McCarthy never says: "You are right Mr. Warren, we were never on April 21st."

As McCarthy said in the recording: "All of your factual underpinnings are false, they’re not correct."

Now how about reporting the truth for a change rather than making stuff up to suit your agenda. Oh wait, that would be too difficult for you, now wouldn't it?

Joey Warren - the biggest lying liar of Aberdeen. The guy even lies when he posts the video which proves he lies. You are honestly worse than the perverbal boy who cries wolf!

Again Joey, why don't you ask Mayor Tag tomorrow night whether he felt "mislead" and then cry about how the council people couldn't read your mind and know what "impression" you had when you left the building.

I'm looking forward to the next video. These are great cause it makes so easy to prove what a lying liar you really are.

Aberdeener said...

Uhm, where's your evidence that we could have lost our certification at the April 21st meeting? Oh, I forget, you don't have any.

So, despite all evidence to the contrary, you still believe we could have lost our certification at the April 21st meeting had it not been approved that night. And you believe that Mayor Tagliarini still believes it. And, despite transcribing the full exchange word-for-word, you believe McCarthy claimed again that we could have lost our certification on April 21st.

You and Sad Sack would make a good pair. You should consider dating.

Anonymous said...

Like I said "boy who cries wolf"

What part of "All of your factual underpinnings are false, they’re not correct" did you not understand.

You are just unbelieveable Joey!

Enjoy living in la la la land (yes, I added an extra la for you Joey because you need a whole dimension of "la" to yourself)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this back and forth, and in all honesty Joey, I don't know where you are going with this one.

I watched the video and it shows exactly what the previously anonymous transcribed. Neither the Mayor nor McCarthy ever say what you earlier quoted them as having said.

Now, if you want to argue they were both lying to you, that is another subject. I just don't like when you make up things to support your theories. Stick with the truth, there is more than enough out there to expose. You are better than this Joey .

Anonymous said...

No, he's not better than this...this is exactly what he is.

Anonymous said...

StemlerDrCkgIn, I agree show up to the meeting yourself! We are tired of you saying someone showed ask these questions and read them off to us. Show up and ask them tomorrow, bet you won't once again. Stemler you are what's wrong with this town, you do nothing and claim to have all the answers, grow a set of balls and show up!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren are you moving? I have seen it posted several times and no mention if it is true or not.

Marc from FL said...

What's amazing here is there are hacks who feel the need to parse words to defend the actions of a political blowhard attorney and the Kauff-led Council that

- took action on an item that only serves the interests of a private developer based on incorrect information given to them by township "professionals"

- has proposed a deficit-ridden budget with no public involvement and minimal public discussion -- The Township Auditor that audits the budget, developed it as well?!

- routinely keeps major items off of the public agenda until they are added to the agenda the night of a council meeting to minimize public participation

-routinely delays publication of minutes to avoid public review until after final votes are taken

What McCarthy said at the meeting and what he told council is clear. He mislead a council that needed to be misled in order to vote the way that Father Kauff wanted them to vote.

When the baby smells, you know that there is shit in the diaper.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but where has it been proven McCarthy "mislead" the council. The transcript reveals exactly the opposite.

Just because you say it is so, doesn't make it so.

Aberdeener said...

This is unbelievable. Aberdeen wasn't on the April 21st agenda. COAH says that "Presumably if the Township did not pass the ordinance last night, the developer would have refilled the motion to be heard at COAH’s May meeting."

So there was no chance of losing certification on April 21st. If you believed there was, then you have been misled. Mayor Tagliarini believed there was.

For people to say where's the proof, they would have to either ignore or forget all the previous posts on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Joey -

What is unbelieveable is that you persist with your lies in the face of proof showing exactly the opposite.

McCarthy clearly says that your facts are wrong. Yet you've written more than once McCarthy made an admission which he didn't.

You've also indicated, more than once, that the Mayor stated something he didn't.

Why should we believe you on anything when you have been caught red handed in your lies?

Aberdeener said...

Oh, McCarthy says I'm wrong and therefore I'm wrong. Wrong about what, he never actually says. But he said I was wrong and that's good enough for you.

That's about the sum of your argument.

Oh, and you still believe we could have lost our certification on April 21st even when COAH says we couldn't have.

I guess you also believe the town council wasn't required to post the school budget on tomorrow night's agenda.

Anonymous said...

So basically you are now changing the subject because you've been proven a liar.

You clearly stated in your post that the Mayor acknowledged he had been misled.

You also clearly stated that McCarthy acknowledged the matter was NEVER on for April 21st.

Both of those statements BY YOU are lies because neither of them say those things in the video.

You made up those comments and are now getting defensive because you've been shown to be a liar.

Just acknowledge it for christ sake.

But no... instead you want to change the subject and now argue that regardless of what was actually said at the meeting, your overriding argument is correct since you know (albiet without providing any evidence) that it would have been impossible for COAH to hear the matter on April 21st.

Unless you can produce something from COAH indicating that they would have refused to hear this matter on April 21st if the developer had appeared and reinstated their Order to Show Cause (which is exactly what McCarthy alleges in the video) then I'm sorry --- I won't just take your word for it.

I'm not saying I would just take McCarthy's word either, but the fact is you've been caught in a lie and frankly your credibility is crap.

Aberdeener said...

There's some kind of miscommunication going on here because I don't understand your position.

Are you saying
1) That McCarthy maintains we were on the April COAH agenda?
2) That McCarthy still maintains we could have lost our certification on April 21st?
3) That Mayor Tagliarini still believes we could have lost our certification on April 21st?
4) That the email I received from COAH stating the issue would have had to wait till May is incorrect?

Is this your position?

Anonymous said...

Let me be clear so that there can be no miscommunication:

1) In your initial blog entry you state the mayor acknowledged "publically" that he was "mislead" by McCarthy. - My position is this is a LIE by you, because not once in the video does the Mayor indicate he was "mislead". All he says is that it is his understanding we could have lost our certification at the April 21st meeting.

2) You indicated in your May 16, 2010 11:35 pm posting that "even McCarthy now admits" losing certification during the April 21st COAH meeting was "never a possibility" - My position is this is a LIE by you because not once in the video does McCarthy make such an admission. In fact McCarthy is quite clear in the video that all of your facts are wrong and that certification could have been lost at on the 21st if the developer reinstated its Order To Show Cause.

3) You have offered no proof, other than your impression that the Mayor believes he was "mislead."

4) You have offered no proof that it would have been impossible for the developer to reinstate its Order to Show Cause at the April 21st meeting. All you have supplied is an e-mail from someone at COAH indicating what their "presumption" was. Just because COAH "presumed" the developer would have reinstated their Order For Show Cause at the May meeting, doesn't mean that they wouldn't have appeared at the April 21st meeting and done it then.

Essentially sir, you are a liar. And a liar of the worst order because you continue to lie even in the fact of video evidence that your lies are lies.

Ginger said...

Joey -

Seriously, where are you going with this? The facts are the facts and the facts are these guys didn't say what you say they said.

Give it up already. You look like a fool.

Aberdeener said...


You're correct that I mischaracterized McCarthy's statement in my midnight response. I took his non-response as an affirmation and shouldn't have.

But as for the other stuff, you're plainly out of your mind. COAH says we were not at risk of losing certification on April 21st. The mayor says he thought we were. Therefore, he was misled.

I've contacted COAH. I've spoken with two senior people in addition to the email I received. We were not at risk on April 21st.

You refuse to acknowledge that. You refuse to answer any of my questions. You refuse to provide any evidence of your own that we were at risk of losing certification on April 21st.

So, I'll keep it easy for you. On Monday, April 19th, McCarthy said we could lose COAH certification two days later. That was a lie. The council believed him. And so do you.

You can spin it any way you want but the fact is that Mayor Tagliarini said he believed we could lose COAH certification two days later and it wasn't true. You want to say he didn't use the word "misled"? Who cares. He admitted to believing a lie that McCarthy told him. That's the same as being misled.

You think it wasn't a lie? You think COAH was wrong? Then you can contact COAH and ask them yourself.

Cannon and the Bobblehead Ginger doll said...

Looks like Attorney Cannon took a day off from work OR he was just so pissed off that he spent his breaks and lunch hour anonymously posting things in advance of the Tuesday night Kauffouncil meeting where he will lie and break many ethics laws as a puppet. Cannon you are a joke. Magna cum scumbag is what you are awarded for your stupidity on here today. Go ahead deny it we know it is you.

As for Ginger you should know that Maryanne was the sexy one on Gilligans Island. You were just a bobble head. Glad to see you finally got internet on the island though. I'll bet your looks have faded and you look like Bea Arthur now. You beast.

Anonymous said...

Greg I think it is you also. It is obvious and I am amazed as it did not take you too long to forget all the legal stuff they taught you at South Bend. Looks like Mommy and Daddy could have saved a whole lot of money just sending you to The Political Scumbag by Kauff School instead of Notre Dame. You are a joke Greg around town. By the way stop in at the Jester when you get a chance. Maybe there will be another fight for you to cower from in the corner. Bet your running mates did not hear about that night. Now you cower in the corner from Kauff with your little manhood under your skirt.

Anonymous said...

Typical lawyer by the way, every response gets a lamer response. Getting paid by the hour from Kauff Greg?

Anonymous said...

Again Joey - You haven't in any way proved that Aberdeen wasn't in danger of losing its certification on April 21st.

All you have established is that someone at COAH made a "presumption" that the developer would re-file its Order To Show Cause in May.

You have not established that it would have been impossible for the developer to have its Order heard on April 21st. I absolutely defy you to find anyone at COAH who will tell you that COAH would have turned away the developer on April 21st if they had appeared.

Obviously the Township was told by the developer that if they didn't pass the Ordinance they would do just that .... appear on April 21st and demand their Order to Show Cause be heard.

By way, you are still lying. Whether you believe the Mayor was mislead is irrelevant. What you wrote is that the Mayor acknowledged in public that he was misled. You have yet to establish a single shred of evidence that the Mayor felt he was misled.

Unless the Mayor tells you himself tomorrow night that he felt misled by McCarthy, then you are lying to say he admitted he was.

You remain a liar with absolutely no credibility. At least you acknowledge that you completely lied about McCarthy's statement.

Enjoy your life big guy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey,

Did some research...

The Sunshine Law only requires the announcement of a meeting 48 hours in advance and an agenda "to the extent known" at the time of the notice. There is no requirement that a full agenda be posted if the public body is uncertain as to what action will be taken.

Maybe the council is still trying to decipher your defeated budget at the eleventh hour and find all the money you and O'Malley hid in there...

They wouldn't be in violation of the Sunshine Law if that were the case, right?

Anonymous said...

I really do love the fact that everyone on here thinks you need a legal degree to use html codes. It cracks me up everytime.

You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

You know, in the midst of this whole debate I just checked the COAH site and saw that the May COAH meeting was held on May 13th.

So even if we accept Joey's argument that McCarthy was wrong and COAH wouldn't have allowed the developer to appear on April 21st, then that would have only meant a two week difference as the Order to Show Cause would have been heard on May 13th and we would have lost our certification on the May 13th.

So what is this argument really over? Two weeks?

This is really quite silly.

Anonymous said...

By the way Joey, i was in town hall early this afternoon and the school budget was on the agenda. Checked with the township clerk who I am sure knows alittle more then you do about the Sunshine Law and you are WRONG again

Aberdeener said...

Anon 4:45,

The council knows it will be voting on the school budget. Even if they don't know the amount, they're still required to notify the public they'll be voting on the item - just like Matawan did.

As for the other Anon,

It doesn't matter if the mayor "felt" he was misled. If he believed and acted upon a lie by the lawyer, he was misled.

Furthermore, let's say the developer did get onto the agenda for April 21st (and I don't believe he would have). Who are you to say they would have instantly removed certification? What about the task force COAH organized in March?

By the way, I've emailed COAH again. Not that you care. If you did, you'd have done the same.

Aberdeener said...

Anon 5:20,

School budget is on the agenda? Then what's that thing they posted on the town website because it doesn't mention anything about a school budget? Are you suggesting they keep two "public" agendas? One they share and one they don't?

Anonymous said...

Is Cannon posting as "Aberdeener"? I see html codes...

Anonymous said...

Joey -

You are correct, I don't have a crystal ball. There is no way for me to know FOR A FACT that if the developer was heard on the 21st that our certification would have been revoked.

But see the difference between us is that I won't lie about that fact.

Since you got caught in your lie, you are now trying to change your original comment which was that the mayor publically acknowledged he was mislead.

As that has been shown to be a lie, you are now simply stating: "The mayor was lied to."

That is a really big difference. Saying you believe he was lied to and saying that he acknowledged he was mislead are two completely different concepts.

The only one lying here, as usual, is you! The lying liar of Aberdeen, Joey Warren.

Anonymous said...

Joey -

Two lies don't make a right!

Didn't your mama ever teach you that?

Anonymous said...

Go home Joey. I think the lawyer that allegedly runs from fist fights (if that's who it is) pulled your punk card. You lost this one, live with it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Joey would like to go home somewhere other than Aberdeen. This must be true because he has his house for sale, but refuses to acknowledge it.

Aberdeener said...

Is this what we're arguing about? If I say such and such was not true. Was your understanding that such and such was true? And he says yes. That's not akin to saying he was misled?

McCarthy said we would lose certification two days later. No matter how you parse, twist, or fabricate, it wasn't true and the mayor said he thought it was. That's akin to saying he was misled, whether he recognizes it or not.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Joey is one of the few people that shows any concern for the state of this township. The Municipal and Sewer Budget keeps going up at significant rates with little or no services. I am personally outraged by the fraud, waste and abuse that has been ongoing in this town. Apathy is rampant in this town. We are dealing with inept and disconcerned administrators that are ripping off taxpayers for millions. Joey has been diligently trying to expose this waste. WAKE UP ABERDEEN!!

Anonymous said...

But what will happen if his landlord sells the house?

It is a lawyer no doubt said...

How about discussing the fact that Kauff is pulling all the strings to push this development through. I like my backyard just like it is and do not need corrupt political bosses getting rich on our quality of life. I have read the past 15 or so posts and think it is a lawyer as well. It is a typicl of a lawyer. That would be a like in a-hole.

Kauff-Coren and prison said...

Waste there is no waste?

Norman kauff is at the helm of the USS Aberdeen.

WARNING: Iceberg dead ahead.

Iceberg Christie that is Normy.

Kuaff is going down.

No not like Coren does.

Not yet anyway. Right Normy?

But you know what they say Normy.

Prison changes people.

Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

Joey -

You are such a liar that you can't even admit when you've been caught lying. So now you lie to cover up your lie.

You originally wrote:

Sadly, the town council’s record isn’t shocking. The township continues to retain an attorney who threatened police action against residents asserting their right to speak at a public meeting. Furthermore, a majority of town council members have commented privately or, in the mayor’s case, publicly that they were misled by McCarthy regarding COAH. Yet, he remains the township attorney.

Your point was quite clear. You weren't just saying McCarthy lied or misled the Mayor and Council --

No, your point was that nothing the council does is surprising since despite the acknowledgment by a majority of the council and the mayor that McCarthy misled them, they continue to retain him as their attorney.

If you were only commenting that they were lied to, then you wouldn't have continued the train of thought as to your lack of surprise of their continuing to retain him despite the lie.

See, in order for this to be an issue, they would have to first recognize they were lied to and still have done nothing about it.

Yet the reality is, as you now have been forced to admit, the mayor never "commented" on any such thing, nor have any members of the council.

So yes, Joey you are a liar. Why don't you just admit it already. You got caught. Be a mensch. Live with it and own up to it.

Smokey Bear said...

Where there is smoke, there is fire. I say, good job Joey. You hit on something here, and all those with vested interests (other than ALL of us taxpayers, who are of course vested in this mess) are the ones knocking you. Yes, those that work in town hall and don't want to lose their jobs are the only ones who defend Kauff and the elected Democrats.

The bottom line is, that anybody that was at the town council meeting where this debacle of a project was approved, knows that you are right in what you are exposing here. Those that weren't there, are obviously defending the status quo to the death, as they don't want to lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Joey! I think you've touched on a nerve of someone involved with the leadership in this town. Obviously something shady is going here in Aberdeen.

Funny how the town council seems to move so quickly on low income housing, but can't get anything started down by the train station or that senior housing that we've been waiting years on. I guess Normy doesn't have his hands in those projects. If thee council was approving things that would improve the town, I'm all for it, but for some reason those projects just seem to drag on and on.

Aberdeener said...

I stand by my original point - McCarthy lied. The council members say they acted upon his advice, which we know was based upon lies. That's the same as saying they were misled, even if they refuse to admit it.

Still, this argument is creating too much of a distraction so I've edited the post to simply say McCarthy lied.

Anonymous said...

Of course the town can get things done. Mayor Tag reminded all of us about the senior complex and that construction will be starting soon. Expect shovels in the ground around the spring of 2020. By then, CME will have been paid handsomely.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy lied - quality of life in Aberdeen died.

Anonymous said...

Ok If there is so much illegal crap going on in this damn town why cant we get the attention of a newspaper or news cahnnel to look into it? I dont doubt that there is to so extent. If it is as bad as everyone says it is then why wasn't Aberdeen caught up in the sweep?

Marc in FL said...

There's a bigger question than whether COAH would have heard the issue in April or May -- Why, oh why is the township bending over backwards to accommodate the developer? Why not fight COAH on this? Our lawyers can't litigate?

Why is Tagliarini and council so willing to sell out existing commercial zoning to benefit a single developer who threatens the town under the guise of COAH?

We pay the township attorneys enough to represent the town and not for-profit developers whose interests do not equal the town's interests.

Why are the those that deny the obvious on here and in their votes on council not looking out for Aberdeen's interest? Why are they mincing words to defend a blowhard attorney?

Why is it ok to keep the school budget item off the agenda when they are required to consider it tomorrow? Why the secretive nature of the township's own budget development and the attempt to slam property owners with a whopper tax increase in advance of lower caps next year?

You are just delusional if you really think the Tagliarites can be defended. They should all be recalled.

Everyday there is news of a new trial or sentencing of local government politicians -- how long before this house of cards comes tumbling down!

Anonymous said...

Where has N section Joe been?











1 Pissed off Mom said...

Hey Mr. Aberdeener can you post the fax numbers for any of the following?

Mon. Cty Prosecutor
NJ Atty. General
Gov. Christies office
Sen. Kyriollos
Cong. Pallone
Mon. Cty. Freeholders
and anyone else who could help.

I want to send faxes every hour to these offices for eight hours a day. I will tell them it is not to harass them it is merely to tell them of our plight at the hands of politicians beholding and controlled. They won't be able to say they did not know.

Please post your response as Fax numbers to report corruption.

Anonymous said...

Come on people Mayor Tag got to his buddy NJoe. They go way back all the way to the Murphy years.

KoreanWarVetCB said...

Nsecjoe is MIA. They bought him off too? Don't you know by now that Kauff gets what Kauff wants.

Anonymous said...

Hey Retired Aberdeen Employee (Yeah right) if you want to really get the Governor's attention, you may want to start by spelling his last name correctly.

Anonymous said...


Two questions for today:

1 - When are you going to address the issue that your house is for sale on the real estate market.

True or not true.

2- When are you going to post Dr. Delaneys campaign contributions record.

Aberdeener said...

Dr. Delaney's latest filing is on the ELEC site.

Waiting for Sad Sack to tell us who "allegedly" filed the can't-be-found ethics complaint.

Anonymous said...

Dear pissed off mom, try a phone book. You know, that big yellow book with all the phone numbers in it.

Anonymous said...


What is going on with Rubino's charges and who filed charges against you?

Retired Cop said...

It sounds like Kauff, Shenton, Tagliarini, and Dropkin have sent their loyal followers to disrupt the Aberdeener site. They're good at that.

Eventually it all catches up, as in the case of North Arlington's Mayor and his wife who were sentenced yesterday for stealing from party funds. They're 60 and 61 years old and finally caught.

The feds will work their way down to the pond scum on Justice Lane, they'll take off Drapkin's wig, wash the polish out of V's hair.

The day will come.

Aberdeener said...

An ethics complaint against Ms. Rubino is still pending.

I have been asked to not discuss a charge that is related to my activities but is not against me. Nothing whatsoever has been filed against me. Nor am I a party to any complaint or the like (excluding complaints against the school board or school district).

I assure you if anything is filed against me, I will post the entire complaint and vigorously defend myself.

Anonymous said...

Town Council agenda has been updated to include the school budget. Still no resolution available on the website though...

Aberdeener said...

I see it. Too bad for them the law requires a bit more than a half day's notice.

Anonymous said...

What is the amount they will be looking to cut? Is that confidential or must we wait until tomorrow? The school district must know by now.

Anonymous said...

This is all about next years election. They will cut the budget the amount O'Malley tells them. That deal is done some time ago. Next year because of the election they won't cut a thing. They will raise taxes this year but never during election years, that is Kauff 101 plain and simple.
As for attorneys them and used car salesman are the worst. The hired by Kauff attorneys of this town are leading Fred and Jimmy down the road that will cost them all soon enough. Kauff is probably seeking donations for his own legal defense fund already. I also agree the employees know it all and will turn on Kauff and the rest if asked. They should also get to Coren and make him a deal on turning on Kauff. Kauff try this one out. Old men in prison are used and abused. You will pay Kauff for all of your crimes. In the end that is. Yes Kauff that end.

Aberdeener said...

In all honesty, I don't know how much the township plans to cut. I've been working under the assumption they'd cut from 2% to 1% but I don't know.

Anonymous said...

That is funny because Dr. O'Malley sent a letter to the teachers 2 weeks ago stating the the townships were cutting 1 million. Wonder where he got that info?