Friday, October 5, 2012

Great News If You Believe It

Cheers. After 43 straight months, the unemployment rate has finally dropped below 8%. It’s a truly extraordinary feat given how few jobs were actually created.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 114,000 jobs were created in September. That’s 90,000 fewer jobs than were created in September of last year. It’s 40,000 fewer jobs than the monthly average for 2011 and 40,000 fewer jobs than what’s needed to keep up with population growth. It’s 30,000 fewer jobs than last month and 70,000 fewer jobs than two months ago.

Wow. Fewer jobs and less unemployment. How is this possible, you ask? Well, there are two surveys, the Employment Survey and the Household Survey. And, here’s the great news, according to the Household Survey, 873,000 were added in just one month. Can you believe it? 873,000 jobs in just one month. At that rate, we’ll have added 10 million jobs in just one year.

But wait, there’s more. Last week, the government discovered another 453,000 the country created last year but got missed in the reporting.

This economy’s on fire.

And, for all you doubters out there, I got just one question for you.

Who you gonna believe, the government or your lying eyes? 
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Lies, denials, smoke and mirrors said...

It's all about the smoke and mirrors that is Obama. Wait until you see the National Geographic movie financed by Harvey Weinstein who is of course the celebrated liberal and #1 Hollywood fund raiser for Obama. This movie is nothing more than a glorified election fluff piece and nothing more being shown to keep this idiot in office two days before the most important election in history. This purely political Weinstein piece shown two days before Election Day is to ensure the socialist liberal media controlling anti-America Obama hacks do everything they can to ruin America with another 4 years under this assholes leadership, By the way the same liberal Hollywood types for Obama also have mysteriously delayed until December the probing Navy Seal movie of what really happened leading up to and including the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The movie that will no doubt show the missteps by the Obama idiots in the State Department who will be shown for the liars they are. Maybe in a year or two we will know the truth of the Obama lies about the killing of 4 embassy people that the idiots in the Obama administration blamed on a little seen video. I can't believe these assholes run the country.

Let us all pray said...

The dems in DC are just like Heir Kauff an his monkee Taggy Tags here in Aberdeen. Obama and his clowns are running the country into the ground just like the dems do locally. Obama and his leashed and muzzled Biden are on pins and needles and hoping nothing else goes bad in the middle east. Biden is another democratic embarrassment to America every time he opens his mouth. Vote or we die a democratic death.

POlitics, liars and taxpayers lose said...

You can't believe these assholes are running this country? Look at the asshole running Aberdeen. Forget that you need you to change that to *look at the assholes ruining Aberdeen*.






Let us pray said...

Vote in this election or you will regret it. NObama 2012

Vote this plague of ignorance out of office.

The first debate showed you what a idiot NObama is.

NObama 2012 or else.

Next year we get to vote these Kauffidiots out.

I cannot wait!

That is of course if they are not all in prison.

Let us pray it happens before Election Day 2013.

Let us pray.

Anonymous said...

F Kauff

Anonymous said...

New way to spell Kauff


Anonymous said...

Political lies is all the democrats tell.

Kauff you crook said...



This is highway robbery what Kauff extorts from us.

Parking Wars said...

Still think the town is missing a big opportunity by not putting the parking guy on Parking Wars on A&E TV. Gotta figure giving out tickets like he does keeps Kauff rolling in the corrupt dough.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from my second job Mr. Kauff. Time spent working to pay these taxes you corruptly and greedily inflated this year. You and your council are hurting me and my family Mr. Kauff. So sell your house and let us taxpayers breathe. Stop choking us to finance yourself and your hangers on. We've had enough of you. Go!

Join us in our effort Kauff out now said...

Didn't Mayor T. say Kauff is not involved in Aberdeen?

Warren Drive said...

If Mayor Tags told you anything more than his real name is Fred it's a lie. That would be the only truthful thing he'd ever tell any of us. Anything else is pure Kauff bullshit and lies as told through the puppet Mayor.

An honest Mayor? said...

Puppet Mayor?

Puppet Mayor?

He's his own man.

Wait are you talking about the Mayor of Aberdeen?

O'h yeah he's bought and corruptly paid for.

Never mind.

I thought you were talking about a Mayor that was honest, ethical and worked hard and diligently for the good of the residents, students, taxpayers and business owners.

The Mayor of Aberdeen does none of that.

None of the leaders under Kauff do any of that.

They only do what Kauff commands.

Every corrupt, unethical and corrupt one of them.

F all of them who drank the Kauff-aid of corruption.





Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone would say a bad word about Coach Tagliarini. Did you not get one of his loser trophies for trying hard but not winning.

6:30 train said...

Is town hall open today for Kauff and his CME to pilfer?
In other words is it just another corruption filled day?

6:30 train part 2 said...

My seat mate on my train just looked over and asked me if I really think the corrupt leadership will ever be investigated? My answer to him was immediate. I said yes Aberdeen must be investigated to save it from Kauff. I think the investigation is and has been underway for some time. I tie that into many things posted on here of letters being sent to specific authorities reporting the corruption laden Kauff control. Those facts as well as the Birdsall Engineering investigation bringing to light the too cozy relationships between men like Kauff and the unchecked charges allowed for taxpayer funded political donations. Charges by CME that are over 20 million dollars plus in Aberdeen alone. 20 million dollars during the Kauff reign of terror alone here in Aberdeen. That numeral fact alone is why Kauff must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

My family attended a birthday party in Cliffwood yesterday and while the party was great the old factory in the families backyard was terrible to look at. How can the town let such a old decrepit building exist like that. The husband says complaints to town officials years ago brought nothing. We obviously have the best politicians money can buy. It's truly a shame nothing has been done to this factory to help the neighbors and towns reputation.

Anonymous said...

Parking guy around today or is he off again like last Friday when I called with a complaint?

Anonymous said...

In a land far far away

There lived a man who stayed away

No public could see him steal our funds

Since he pays CME all of funds

A pice of the taxpayer pie he will get from CME

Because after all Kauff is just as corrupt as CME

Denials we never really hear about Kauff in town hall

Because our politicians tell us there is no Kauff as they get illegally paid off from their illegal CME haul

To prison they all deserve to go

Where they can all be someone's prison ho

Anonymous said...

No matter how you spell it is Tag-liar-ini. Right Mayor?

Anonymous said...

The real number for Americans on unemployment, looking for work or whom have given up looking for work is 14.7%. That's almost 15 people out of every 100. This is your Obama wake up advisory for today. Vote or else.

Anonymous said...

Still only one or two posting on here Kauffkins? Laughing!

It will happen said...

Obama will lose the debates. Bite-me Biden will lose the debates. Kauff will get arrested. All will be right with the world.

Aberdeen's terrorists are said...

Prison they deserve to be in GITMO since they are worse then terrorists. Kauff is the leader of the tax payer terrorists in town. Waterboarding should be the next stop for Kauff and his corrupt Kauffkins.

F Kauff said...

Ill believe the employment news on the same day Kauff

Hell with it Kauff is a corrupt unethical mess anyway

F Kauff

Hunting season has started said...

It's that time again. I think my fellow commuters should start looking up into the trees around the train lot. It's hunting season and Aberdeen's parking lot ticket guy is on the hunt from his lofty perches hidden from view. Watch out pregnant women and old ladies you are his targets to fill the Kauff controlled treasury.

Anonymous said...

The corruption so rampant in Kaufferdeen And its a joke. the Only thing is the taxpayers paying for it are not laughing. Right Coach Fred? Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred. Do you even remember the last time you were your own man Coach Fred? So many questions with so much political corruption.

Anonymous said...

Forgot they also asked about the town lawyer telling me he has been fired from numerous positions. One they mentioned was Near Rahway or Roselle. One Trooper said he is far from honest. Imagine that a lawyer being less than honest. Right Norm?

Getting hammered in Aberdeen said...




Are you home Norman?

Norman you can't sell your house without a realtor sign on your front lawn.

It's just like trying to develop anything in Aberdeen?

All corrupt signs in Aberdeen lead to Kauff and CME.

In Aberdeen you see you really get politically hammered.

You've got to pay Norm and CME their corrupt, illegal and unethical fees before one nail that when homeowners and developers get with signs that say in Aberdeen you pay to play and thats a really costly hammer if you want to build in Aberdeen.

In Aberdeen Norm and CME are the corrupt realtors.

Getting hammered in Aberdeen is very costly.

Right Norm and CME?

Anonymous said...

Train lot guy got me again.

Time to turn yourselves in Kauffkins said...

Morning Aberdeen taxpayers! Look out for arrests of the Kauff faithful really soon. I go to Ewing very soon to discuss the Kauff Executive Committee. Seems multiple candidates had money raised for them and they did not run in that election. So we will discuss where the money went. I know they did it for Dave and some others. Monies moved around so the campaign donations that were donated were questionably transferred to the final candidate Kauff ordained.

I hope they are looking into all of it. I remember how it was discussed to hide the monies and to also hide who donated what and when. It makes for interesting fiction if you read the Kauff campaign filings going back years. The investigation is widening.

Kauffkins should do the right thing and contact the authorities before they hear the knock on all of your front doors and they take you out in cuffs in front of your crying and screaming families. The families deserve better for your political crimes. Save them the ridicule and shame for your Kauff crimes.

Aberdeen's Grand Canyon said...

When do the taxpayer tours start for the Aberdeen Grand Canyon? This must have been a big payday for the local politicians to have them think this thing off of our Van Brackle was anything close to a good thing for us taxpayers. My wife and I are thinking of taking pictures of this monstrosity and obvious political overbuild to move water and starting the Grand Canyon of Aberdeen T-shirt business.

This thing is only the latest example of out of control governmental spending. This thing is a local governmental example of the Little Dutch Boy story. The kids story where a young boy put his thumb in a crack in a dam to stop a small leak. This thing built over here is big enough to stop a lake full of water in an obvious overbuild with the obvious very costly to taxpayers costs. An overbuild build where a small stream was all this thing was and is now laughable.

It is ludicrous if you look at what this was and what was built to move a small amount of water. There had to have been other cheaper options than what now looks like the Aberdeen Grand Canyon. What were our town leaders thinking my wife asked me when she saw it for the first time. I did not have anything close to an answer for her even though I worked in construction most of my life until I retired.
What was our leadership thinking is all you can ask yourself if you go over and look at this monstrosity of taxpayers monies wasted to overbuild this thing.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us that our political leadership did something that cost us way too much money? No way!

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen town hall is the new CME headquarters.

F section Tom said...

The only *economy that is on fire* is the political corruption economy in Kaufferdeen. I've been reading a lot about this water thing off Duda Lane so I ran by there this morning. OMG WTF is that thing and how much did it cost? That was my first reaction to that thing. I'm no engineer except what I saw built there this morning is huge and obviously so much more than what was needed for that areas residents just to divert water. So if I think if it was too much of a build to divert some water and it was done by the joke that is our town council then it leaves only one question. Was it really necessary or did we taxpayers get a really big bill for the Kauffengineers again? The size of that thing is insane for what I saw there today. How many houses were really affected in that area and how much water really had to be moved? That should have been the question the town leaders asked. I think they could've bought the houses affected by the water for less money instead of this idiotic project. It's like the $100,000.00 toilet to go into space or the $500.00 toilet seat for a school. No one in authority is watching out for us taxpayers.
Feel free to hum the Price is Right theme song now.
The road paving rebuild monies were recently on the agenda to once again fund the Kauffengineers. Now this big mess must put the Kauffengineers into the stratosphere of corruption for 2012. By the way the Kauffengineers may be able to now be the #1 political contributors in the entire State of New Jersey off of the Kaufferdeen politicians corruption alone this year. Matawan Patch reporters you should take your heads out of your asses and do some substantive reporting for once. Stop being spoon fed by the Kauff puppets. Feel free to start with the project i described here. I can't wait to see the Kauff puppets in the paper taking credit for this huge waste of taxpayer dollars. I urge all of you to go over and get a good laugh. Then go home and look at your tax bills and have a good cry. These people are idiots to have allowed this thing to be built. Hell with the overbuilt is the real word to describe what I saw there this morning. Someone stop the Kauffengineers now. Please!

Anonymous said...

Ewing investigators were also very interested in how often important meetings did not have enough members to hear Zoning Board, Planning Board and council agenda items.. Circle the wagons Kauff and make sure you and you soldiers know the court processes for taking the 5th. Amendment to protect yourself from self incrimination.

Warren Drive said...

You got it wrong. Aberdeen's municipal building is the CME bank. Or as we call it the Kauff's savings and no loans. Right Kauff?

Anonymous said...

Attend Planning Board Meetings

The township cannot force someone to build or buy the Anchor Glass Building. Oh wait maybe the town should buy it and build and recreation center, wow that would be nice.
Increase taxes to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Train lot guy did his job so pay up or fight the ticket. Stop being so cheap. Keep it up Joey Mac.

Is today the day Norm? said...

Will today be the day Norm? Those who know the damage you have done to this community certainly hope so. Will today be the day you get arrested and Aberdeen starts to recover from your political corruption? So many questions with so much corruption. Right Fred?

7:00 train said...

Little slow rising this morning since I went to the yankee game last night. Came home really late and as soon as I got to the exit for Aberdeen Norm Kauff came to my mind. The Norm Kauff nightmare continues to haunt this towns residents, taxpayers and businesses. Will not one council person say enough is enough of Norm Kauff and the damage he causes purposefully hidden from behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Buy Anchor Glass site? Never! That's the corruption cash cow for Mr. K and his hangers on. I'm still waiting for the building to fall down myself. If that was in Srrathmore that building would not be there or looking like it does. Right Mr. Swindle?

Anonymous said...

A council person say enough is enough? All they know how to say is more, more give me more. More of your tax dollars, charges, fees and escrows to charge without merit. That is your Aberdeen under Heir Kauff. Adolph Hitler had nothing on Heir Kauff.

Anonymous said...

A recent post discussed the old factory in Cliffwood that is falling down. Another post said that company promised developments and much more and what happened? Nothing is the typical corrupt Anerdeen political leadership answer. Now I read that the same company that promised to develop that factory property here is buying a big property in neighboring Holmdel and promising development there. I say don' t hold your breath Holmdel. Hope you have better luck or at least political leadership that won't sell you residents out like here in Aberdeen. Good luck Holmdel.

Anonymous said...

Polish your Television scree and get your snack to watch VP Biden prove he's just a typical hack politician. Just like Fast Freddy.

Anonymous said...

Sell out the town residents in this town. Not under our leadership. Wait a minute did you mean Aberdeen Maryland. You meant Aberdeen New Jersey. Never mind.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Put me in for a large Grand Canyon of Aberdeen T-shirt.

Kenny L. said...

I hear that the town leaders are embarrassed by the work on Imperia. My sister lives near it and was at a meeting a bit ago. That meeting had pictures or a video presented showing what a mess this thing is. I think the leadership have egg on their faces for this duck egg of a mistake after that meting.

Typical run and cover defense mechanism she thinks this is or just a typical overspend by government. That is what this is and nothing more. By the way i'll take an extra extra large shirt if they get made. Just like this a shirt of that size it would be too big for what I needed also.

7:00 train said...

Biden is still an idiot this morning. Just like the Kauffruption in Aberdeen. Electing idiots for elected officials must stop. Save America and save Aberdeen. Vote

Who's laughing? Not us taxpayers said...

It wasn't an over spend.

It was Kauff and CME


And Fred Tagliarini and his town council

did and said


But don't put a sign up to save your business because they'll be on you in a split second.


Only people laughing are Kauff and CME


Peachtree said...

Neighbors, residents, taxpayers and business owners of Aberdeen should BEWARE OF THE WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING that are our town leaders.

Our supposed WOLVES that are pretend to be our political leadership is pulling another fast one I think. As a too long now neighbor to the ugly defunct glass factory on Cliffwood Avenue I want to let you know that I read in the legal notice section of the press news today that a meeting is soon to be held to allow manufacturing in this decrepit factory once again.

To my town leaders you should know that we're not stupid and have a great memory of when the town leaders showed us the plans for the factoryyears ago. That series of meetings allowed for a warehouse business without manufacturing. That meeting with its drawings and soft sell salesman was done only to sell us the expected big beneficial development. The big beneficial development never came about much like many other promises from this towns leadership. That presentation was attended by many of us here in our Peachtree condos and other area residents who all questioned the additional traffic and hours it would operate. We were assured repeatedly that the hours of use would be limited and watched by our town employees.

Lies is all that meeting was as we hear the truck traffic nightly and at hours far past the supposedly watched hours. The big beneficial development promised with a small Main Street, stores and if I remember correctly even a movie theatre was discussed. I look out daily from my car as I drive for the highway and see a crumbling factory that this town should tear down. Our town leaders should not allow manufacturing as the legal notice stated today in the paper.

If history repeats itself we residents will attend the meeting where we will be lied to again by our elected officials. Manufacturing will be approved and we residents will suffer with the traffic and noise. Why do they even publish these legal notices only to lie to us in the end. So typical of politics and politicians that sell the taxpayers out at every opportunity.

Warren Drive said...

How much money will Kauff and CME steal today?
So many questions with so much corruption.

Believe it? said...

Believe it?

The only thing Aberdeen taxpayers ned to believe is

Our politicians are killing Aberdeen

Norman Kauff controls them

Norman Kauff profits from them

GRIP 2012 or else in the national elections

GRIP 2013 or else in the 2013 Aberdeen elections

Norman Kauff out of Aberdeen or else

Warren Drive said...

Old factory? That is not just an old factory you look and live with. That is BancoKauffCME. What you see there is what you will see there forever. Just cause it is the politically corrupt democratic bank of Aberdeen. Do you really think anything would be built as big as that property is in this horrible economy.

Get used to it Aberdeen is bought and sold behind closed doors with the Masters of Taxpayer Thievery Norman Kauff and his greedy engineers from hell CME running the show. It is a corrupt political magic show with smoke and mirrors and disappearing tax monies disappearing and ending up in Kauff's pocket. Time for the curtain to be drawn on this democratic magic show.

What happened to you Coach Fred?

Go Yanks! said...

F Kauff and his faithful dogs of corruption. Go Yanks!

Stop the corruption now said...

How can any of you think that our towns government is not completely honest, forthright, dedicated, ethical and that they don't work hard on the behalf of us residents, taxpayers and business owners?

It's not like there is some shadow leadership hidden from public view that strives daily to sell us all out at an extreme cost. Extreme costs incurred to only benefit the politically connected by continually orchestrating extremely expensive and unchecked fees paid to engineering firms, lawyers and others all connected to the ruling democratic party that has thoroughly corrupted and maligned anyone like this blogs host for exposing their unethical, illegal and self centered politics.

Through their maligning, defaming and ignoring of this site they think no one knows of their corruption. They wrongly think that no one in authority is investigating their criminality and hurtful actions that they perpetrate against our community under the guise of so called political leadership.

The politicians defame and ignore all who post on this site and all of its participants for daring to expose and publicize their corruption in hopes of freeing their fellow residents and taxpayers from the corrupt political bondage that has for too long inflicted too costly governmental services far in excess of normal or anything close to fair costs of government services and operations.

As a graduate of Monmouth College so many years ago I have not forgotten what I learned there in regards to living honestly with an eye to public service and doing right as a human being ever day. As I look at what purports to be our leadership sell out our community for the benefit of a few, I do hope the too costly political corruption comes to an end very soon and that those who've sold out their community, family and friends pay for their deceit, unethical and illegal hurtful actions and corrupt political decisions.

In a few minutes I will open my business in a few minutes and hope to be able to sustain my operation here in a town I have called my home for a long time now. I have watched political parties come and go and what I have seen here most recently of our so called political leadership is a complete and total failure that has needed to be fully investigated and derailed. Sadly some of my fellow business owners in this center that i've talk to say this is just the way politics is and people don't really care. Well I say to them and to those who fear this blog for their corrupt self serving acts that I hope you all get yours soon and that Aberdeen can be saved from the political deceit too long in charge.

I'm open come on in.

Reality of Aberdeen said...

I looked at the article from yesterdays post about the factory over in Cliffwood. I hope they allow the manufacturing now that I think of it. No kids in the school system is better for all of us taxpayers. I would put pressure on our idiots on the town council to make sure that the factory owners operate when they are supposed to. Unfortunately what I hear recently is that the owners of the factory just got the deal in Holmdel to build that huge project by Holmdel Park. So if anyone thinks that they could afford to build both projects I have a corrupt town council to sell you. Wait a minute our town council is already bought and paid for. Right Mr. Norman Kauff? Let the factory build tiddlywinks if they want just no kids in school at $14,000.00 a year.

Matawan Day was great said...

Nice day for Matawan Day. Took my family even though I don't live in Matawan. Know where I live? Kaufferdeen is the corrupt, unethical and illegaly answer. So going to Matawan Day was great since we did not have to see any corrupt Kaufferdeen politicians.

Yankees and Kauff said...

Go Yankees!

Go get Kauff Ewing investigators!

Go to hell Kauffkin scum!

Anonymous said...

Any bites on the house Normie? Let CME have it. They paid for it really anyway by fleecing the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Is Casa de Corruption sold yet? Anybody think that Norm might be moving to a senior complex where they will feed him and change his diapers? What an image that old bastard with some nurse feeding him mashed up food. Old duffer that he is he deserves nothing better than to have to gave some nurse wipe his mouth and ...... F you Norman Kauff. You'll get what you deserve soon when the FEDS come knocking.

Anonymous said...







F Norman Kauff and the Kauffkins!

Tailgate raking lot next stop.

Why wait in traffic after all when you can party?

Anonymous said...

No Norm should go to prison for robbing the taxpayers all of these years. I wonder often how much better Aberdeen could be if Norm and his assorted political thieves weren't so damn greedy.

Jets #1 fan said...

Its parking not raking. Too many beers at the game? Bet you partied in the parking lot until traffic eased? Hope you had a designated driver. Go Jets

7:00 train said...

Another workday for us taxpayers and another day for our politically corrupt Kauff controlled puppets to rob us blind in the name of Norman Kauff and his engineers from hell.

Anonymous said...

Kauff rules! CME rules! Corruption rules! It's Aberdeen!

To bad is all that can be said about that.

Right coach Fred

Anonymous said...

Coach Fred I love it.

Anonymous said...

coach fred is only coaching the criminal in the democratic party of aberdeen. coach fred may soon be coaching the prison baseball team. swing away and catching have new meanings inside the prison walls coach fred. like has been said on here before ouch.

Best engineers tax money can buy said...

Engineers from hell?


Norman Kauff has the best engineers that our tax money can corruptly and illegally buy here in Kaufferdeen.

Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

If you really want your child to eventually do well for themselves make sure they become an engineer and work for the first or second largest political donor engineering firm in the state. Right CME? So many questions with so much politically connected bills for state or municipal work right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Rumor around Matawan Day was that the Alston saga is finally coming to an end and he will be out soon. Anyone have any details on this. I can't see him going with empty pockets.