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This post is for all the fabricators, connivers, fools, ignoramuses, and all their ostrich friends who prefer to stick their heads in the sand and live in the world of See-No-Evil.

Each of the articles below includes documentary proof so let's not hear anymore of those sham protests "Where's the evidence?"

I never claimed proof of criminal conduct. Rather, I have argued our elected representatives have violated their oaths of office, have stolen from our community, and have breached the basest standards of professional ethics.

For those wondering about the dearth of articles in 2009, my apologies but I've been busy on the school board.

Allow the evidence to speak for itself.

March 8, 2008 - Aberdeen Pays Hush Money to Ex-Town Manager - After working 25 months for the township, former town manager Stuart Brown is given about $75,000 and one year of health insurance. The severance contract bars Brown from making any "disparaging remarks" and from ever working again for the township. He's also barred from discussing any terms of the agreement despite the fact it's a public document.

March 24, 2008 - Aberdeen's Budget Turns a Loophole into a Noose - After running a campaign of no tax increases the prior year, the all-democratic town council launches the largest tax increase in the township's history.

March 28, 2008 - Campaign Finance Fraud in Aberdeen - The 2005 and 2007 local democratic campaigns fail to account for thousands of dollars in contributions and disbursements. Councilman Vinci is paid consulting fees by his own reelection committee.

April 4, 2008 - Aberdeen's Inflated Pensions - Aberdeen's former chief of police, former town manager, and former township attorney receive the largest pensions in Monmouth County for their respective titles.

April 17, 2008 - Councilman Vinci's Compulsion - The township sells 2538 square feet of land to Councilman Vinci for $1. This is in addition to the thousands of square feet he "bought" from the county, also for $1. The land purchased from the county was never added to the tax rolls making them tax-free.

April 29, 2008
- Of Mice and Men (and Women) - The township retains a developer, Silver Oaks, for the transit village redevelopment project. Silver Oaks' owner, William Bocra, was previously convicted of bribing an IRS auditor.

May 6, 2008 - Lucky Ciaglia's Luck Runs Out - The Ciaglia family, a prominent local developer, is allowed to overbuild on certain parcels and is saved from property tax adjustments until after the properties are sold. In 2006, Ciaglia paid $440.95 in property taxes for five homes worth a combined $3,000,000.

May 16, 2008 - All Roads Lead to Norm - Most of our professional vendors have a direct connection to Norman Kauff, the former township attorney and then head of the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee.

May 29, 2008 - Councilman Vinci at the Trough - Monmouth County spends nearly half a million dollars to purchase a private home, demolish it, and install a private driveway so that highway workers would no longer drive on the dead end street where Councilman Vinci resides. The councilman's intersection is also blessed with the only two "Do not Block Intersection" signs in Aberdeen.

June 12, 2008 - Councilwoman Gumbs' Special Land Deal - Councilwoman Gumbs, her family, and neighbors, are generously compensated for land dedicated to the township's vaunted road development program. The councilwoman receives the highest dollar amount and her relative gets the highest square footage rate. Also, the land survey conducted for Councilwoman Gumbs lists her property as wider than recorded on the tax records.

August 4, 2008 - Budgeting CME Associates Style - CME, the township's engineer and the largest contributor to Aberdeen's democrats, receives over $1,000,000 a year from Aberdeen Township. In two sample cases, CME raises their costs beyond what appears reasonable. In a third instance, they prepared a grant for outdoor lighting that was nearly double the actual cost and included nearly $80,000 in "administrative fees" when no such fees were needed or expended.

August 19, 2008 - Republicans Not Welcome - The prior year, Aberdeen enacted a pay-to-play ordinance that excluded all vendors providing professional services, i.e. the very people funding the local campaigns. At the time of its enactment, the ordinance was only pertinent to one developer, Jack Morris, whom Matawan had selected for the transit village. Coincidentally, the ordinance was passed while Aberdeen's developer, Silver Oaks, was suing Matawan for selecting a different developer.

November 16, 2008 - Another One Bites the Dust - Two months earlier, Councilwoman Gallo strenuously objected to some of the no-bid contracts being awarded to the party's political benefactors. It was the last council meeting she ever attended. Councilwoman Gallo resigned her seat, which was then assumed by now-Mayor Tagliarini.

December 22, 2008 - Affordable Housing for the Rich - The town planner does an about-face regarding proposals for new property developments after the Ciffeli family, a prominent local developer, takes the lead role.

January 29, 2009 - Will Aberdeen End Pay-to-Play? - After several complaints of pay-to-play, the town council considers a draft pay-to-play ordinance. The draft is never revisited, never adopted.

October 16, 2009 - More Politics as Usual - Recently posted town council minutes show the auditor criticizing the town for spending "money you haven't raised." Other goodies included CME requesting to increase a project's costs by $382,125.50 and the council reappointing convicted felon Bocra to be lead developer in the transit village.

November 1, 2009 - New Faces, Same Democrats - During the election season, the Democrats promote the pension deferral as a "spending cut" and run individual campaigns to circumvent campaign finance disclosure laws.
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Thank you Mr. Warren said...

This is the best thing I have read on this blog site. Let all of those so corruptly connected to Norman Kauff or better yet each and every one of our elected officials just try and explain all of these points. Explain them either one by one or in their entirety. The usual denials cast against Mr. Warren and all of us who seek accountability and show them all for what they are, will not hold water this time. Right Norman?

I would make the following suggestion to Mr. Warren. Send all of this post to the Asbury Park Press and the Independent. I would also send a copy to Walt Kane of the NJN "IN YOUR CORNER" segment and see what he has to say. If Walt Kane says that it is just more of what is so wrong with New Jersey under the corruptly entitled "Pay to Play" then copy it all and send it to Governor elect Chris Christie. For that matter put it on your letterhead, sign it and give it to me and I will deliver it to the new Governor personally or his Aide on the day he gets sworn in. I am lucky enough as to have been given an invitation to the swearing in ceremony on Tuesday. And Norman Kauff you should know that I am not even a Republican.

Mr. Warren give me a call as to my invitation. Thank you very much for keeping this sight up and running and keeping the taxpayers and residents informed of the realities of the very real and very expensive Norman Kauff corruption. .

Mr. J.

Anonymous said...

What corruption? The listed examples are merely business as usual in the fiefdom that is under direct and insulting to the bone control of that rat bastard Norman Kauff Esquire. What does the moniker esquire mean anyway? Is that how you say scumbag in latin?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to correct one thing in my last submission Mr. Warren. There are sadly many more examples of the Kauff corruption yet to come. Please look into everything Kauff touches and why he is allowed to do what he does as an unelected person. Take some sanitizer with you though as Kauff is riddled with disease and everything he touches turns to shit. Kauffs disease is called dishonestyandcontemptforthe citizenryitis. Right Norman?

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by Aberdeener's continuing to "imply malfeasance" and presenting opinion as fact. Let's give just one counter example. Such as "another one bites the dust" regarding J. Gallo. Has anyone asked Ms. Gallo the facts behind this. They may be way different than the assumptions that Aberdeener jumps to. But don't believe me. Look her up and ask her.

Aberdeener said...


If you look at the Independent article, Ms. Gallo was heard shouting with her fellow members over no-bid contracts. Ms. Gallo submitted a resignation letter saying she could no longer work with her fellow council members. And, yes, people did speak privately with her after the fact but that's not public record so I don't report it.

I only posted articles that had supporting documentation. The only article missing the links is the one on pensions which you can get from the APP's

CTYRDAINTHAPPY (still) said...

Anonymous at 7:06 AM has all of these examples at his or her control and the one thing they pick out to make their ignorant rant on is Janice Gallo. Janice Gallo while well intended dared to inquire about the millions paid out WITHOUT QUESTION to the 100% corrupt Kauff connected. For that and nothing more Councilwoman Janice Gallo was ridiculed by the Kauff faithful puppets who sat beside her on the council. Isn't that right former Mayor Soble? You yourself were the loudest and most critical voice against her. Then there were probably phone calls to harass her at her home for daring to question the corrupt money line directly to Kauff. Yes tThere is that foul word again K A U F F.

Doubt these facts? DON'T! That is what Kauff does. You disagree with Kauff and you are pressured. Your fellow members in the role of supposed leadership are turned against you. You are singled out for scorn and rebuke and worse. All this for daring to question Kauff.

Councilwoman Janice Gallo deserved to be listened to not ignored. But that is not what Kauff wanted. That is not what Kauff demanded.

Train time. I'm out!

Enjoy your day off but please remember Dr. King today.

Anonymous said...

In Aberdeen *APP Newsapaper today*

Township Forms Business Council

The township is forming the Aberdeen Business Council, a volunteer board designed to enhance the relationship between the town and the business community, officials said.

The advisory board will consist of nine members appointed by the township manager for one year terms.

For more information, contact Joseph Criscuolo, township manager at 732-583-4200, ext. 117.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute.

Doesn't the great newspaper the Asbury Park Press have proofreaders?

The above article, which I checked in the paper myself this morning has one very big mistake. The top line advisory states that (The advisory board will consist of nine members appointed by the township manager for one year terms).

So much for that proofreaders skills on the job last night as this article was being put together for the printer.

Any proofreader worth their pay would know that it should have read (The advisory board will consist of nine members appointed by Norman Kauff for one year terms).

Norm rules! For now!

So many ????????? said...

All of a sudden Aberdeen wants to start a business council. What started this? Anyone think that this comes out of nowhere? How about they start a corruption council? How about a who really runs Aberdeen and why? council. How about a lower my damn property taxes council? How aboput no council members can get jobs in the school district council?

They are not fooling anyone. Just more bullshit to make people think the council is doing something. You can also bet it has a very specific course or direction to come out of nowhere like this.

You can bet the supposed nine volunteers from the business community will all be big contributors to all things Normy.

Member 1 A Ciglia family member
Member 2 Anchor developer rep.
Mamber 3 County Rd-34 dev. rep.
Member 4 A Ciffelli family member
Member 5 Bank rep.
Member 6 Fast food business rep.
Member 7 Shopping Ctr. rep
Member 8 Small business rep.
Member 9 Kauff watchdog to be named

Is this a step in the right direction? Maybe it is just another committee to collect money from for *Corrupt Kauff Campaign 2011*. Can't start raising money early enough. Right Kauff?

Play ball said...

Maybe that should have read that no council members can get jobs for their families ?

When that happens SURPRISE that now connected by a a paycheck or two paychecks councilperson has to excuse themselves from any and all discussions having to with the schools, its budgets, its operation or worst of all its leadership.

Anonymous said...


Norm said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it Joey!!!

Proud2serveATFD said...

Come on everyone knows what prompted this business council thing.

Duke said...

The Business Council has been on the books since the 90's. It was established by a Republican town council [with Councilman Goldberg being a prime mover and shaker] as a replacement for the defunct Industrial Commission. Among its accomplishments were persuading A&P to build a new super store in Cliffwood, as opposed to closing down, which had been the company's original intent.
When the Democrats took over in the mid 90's, they let the Business Council fall by the wayside. Nice to see them rediscovering it again; it never should have been let go in the first place.

K. M. in the A said...

They did the same thing I heard with Shop Rite. Is that true? That is not a business council that is just a tool for fees and money for you know who. Maybe? I am not a conspiracy theory type person but where there is smoke there is often flame. Too many things get put up here that cannot be denied. They are denied by those it seem who keep silent when many of us would defend ourselves. What are they afraid of? The lack of response is no less troubling to many who read this blog.

Publius said...

Joey -

Geeze Joey, did someone hit a nerve or something? This is the most emotional response I have ever seen from you. Wow! You are really pulling out all of the stops to prove your point aren’t you?

One thing you don’t bother to deal with is the complete lack of arrests in Aberdeen when a county wide corruption probe was conducted by a Republican State Attorney named Christopher Christie who is about to become Governor.

You try and cast this fact away by saying: “I never claimed proof of criminal conduct.” But then immediately afterward you say our elected officials have “stolen from our community.”

Last time I checked stealing was a crime? So no arrests ... no crime .... no theft! Can’t handle the truth, can you Joey?

So your answer of course is to re-post blogs from days past which contain nothing but Warrenesque twistings of fact. You are actually pretty good at that. I have met few people in life who are so good at taking little pieces of information and then twisting them on their head to create the impression of inappropriate activities.

Unfortunately, as with EVERYTHING you write, the proof is in the pudding. None of these little warm morsels of information you have given us contain evidence of actual wrong doing by anyone. If you bothered to actually take the time to read what has been presented and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by your intense delusional paranoia, you would see all of this is much ado about nothing!

So here we ago Joey! Relax and enjoy the undoing of your unholy mechanizations. Of course this is your Blog so you’ll dismiss everything I’m about to write and claim it is just further chicanery. But that is what delusional paranoids do Joey..... they dismiss the real truth and always believe corruption exists around them. I can’t help you with that. For that, you would need professional psychiatric help — skills I won’t even claim to hold. Over the next few days I’ll explain why each of the above blogs reveal nothing even remotely scandalous, unless you are purposely looking for scandal, which delusional paranoids like yourself always do. Anyway.....

Plubius said...

1. Aberdeen Pays Hush Money To Ex-Town Manager - The thrust of this article is that a condition of Stewart Brown’s settlement agreement contains a clause, at paragraph 10, indicating “Brown agrees that he is not eligible for future employment by the Township.” You infer this clause is a devious one, included for the sole purpose of denying future council members the opportunity to talk to Brown and learn the true facts of his dismissal. According to you Stewart Brown knew of scandal and criminal activity running rampant in Aberdeen and was silenced as a result.

So, following your logic does this mean Brown sold out? Did he take a payoff of $ 75,000 and one year of health insurance rather than exposing the truth of corruption in Aberdeen? Why didn’t he instead take his evidence of illegal activity, such as the infamous parking lot shakedown people on here are so fond of referencing, directly to Christopher Christie’s office and end corruption in Aberdeen once and for all? If even half of your allegations are true, then Stewart Brown is as corrupt as the rest of the Aberdeen establishment because he took the money and ran! And he didn’t even make a good deal for himself!!! With all that knowledge of scandal and corruption, why didn’t he hold out for more money!!!! What a cheap creep!

PLEASE! You see, none of the above makes any sense. Any person not suffering from deep paranoid delusions would recognize this. The logic of both Aberdeen and Stewart Brown being equally corrupt just doesn’t follow suit.

Plubius said...

So what is the truth???? — YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH — but here it is:

Stewart Brown was a decent and honorable man who had fundamental disagreements with the Mayor and Council as to how the Township should be run. This doesn’t mean one was right or one was wrong, it was just a disagreement. In the end Stewart Brown was an employee of the Township and when the Township Council finds that it has reached an impasse with its most important employee, and let us not forget that the Township Manager position is in many ways more powerful than the Council itself, the only answer is to seek a separation.

That is exactly what happened here. The two parties realized they couldn’t work together and entered into a completely consensual Settlement Agreement and General Release. The Release has benefits for both parties. The Township is able to part ways with a employee it cannot work with and the employee is given a severance he can live with. To quote Stewart Brown himself from the March 8, 2008 edition of the Asbury Park Press: “He and the governing body had a disagreement about how the township should be managed.” Why not take the man at his word! BECAUSE YOU SUFFER FROM DELUSIONAL PARANOIA!

The clause you love to invoke, indicating Brown’s acknowledgment that he is not eligible for future employment by the Township is nothing more than necessary legal language to indicate this is truly the end of the employee-employer relationship. Without a clause indicating Brown was no longer eligible for Township employment, there would have been loopholes left open as to whether this truly was a termination agreement. If Brown could continue to assert he was eligible for Township employment, there would be complications with the agreement, not to mention open issues related to the State of New Jersey’s Pension system.

As you yourself noted in your original blog, there is absolutely nothing to prevent a future council from simply modifying the agreement and employing Brown in the future if they wish. As such, your inference that this clause portends some nefarious conduct on the Council’s part is simply ridiculous.

Go ahead and dismiss this away, but that is the TRUTH! Like it or not. No corruption here sir, just a fundamental disagreement as to how Aberdeen should be run and an agreement that was fair to all to settle the matter. To infer misconduct here is to say any disagreement which ever occurs in government, whether it be Aberdeen’s or the school board’s, implies maleficence upon those holding the opposing viewpoint.
I’ll return soon with item # 2 as this expose into the real TRUTH of the Aberdeener continues!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Can you tell me about the inturder incident at the HS on Wed? How about the 2 drug dealers they busted?

January 15, 2010 4:17 PM

January 17, 2010 1:43 PM

Anonymous said...

I like this new guy. A little long winded, but he makes sense. Joey, your theory was just shot to shit my man.

My gut feeling said...

It appears that Councilman Cannon has in fact responded, all be it not under his original identifying post subject. It is my gut feeling that our latest dubious Publius is in fact none other then our own Councilman Cannon. Conspiracy or not it is my gut feeling. I go with my gut feeling. That would be the same one that tells me emphatically that Kauff is corrupt and that his merry band of thieves are just as corrupt.

Anonymous said...

There it is. That is the truth about Aberdeen. Stewart Brown was a decent and honorable man. That is all that has to be said about his dismissal. The fact that he was questioning the bills and slowing funding from CM&E to Campaign Kauff had nothing to do with Brown being bounced. Sure it didn't. As for the supposed mutual agreement with Brown. What part of that mutual agreement involved Mayor Soble and the town attorney walking in and telling Brown to immediately leave the building. Maybe Mayor Buccelatto can tell the same story about the mutual agreement he used to oust their last town manager when he had the police escort the man from the building. Such agreements are hammered out long after Mayor Soble followed his orders blindly by doing the bidding of the evil Kauff. But there is a saving grace in all of this. Look at the stellar town manager that Aberdeen has now.

Can you hear the laughter?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, as rumor as it, Stuart Brown was very bad at staying with in budget. In fact he made so many bad economic decisions that is why he is gone. That is also the basis for "Aberdeen's Budget Turns a Loophole". See based on Brown's handling of matters the council had to increase taxes. This is just as believable as Warren's fairy tale, with just as much hard proof. NONE!


Maybe it is just me? Maybe I am wrong? Maybe Aberdeen is the new Disneyworld North?

Ask yourself a couple ????????????

Did not the entire town council know what Brown was doing wrong? Did not the day to day supervisors know what Brown was doing wrong? Did anyone ask questions or report these supposed inadequacies? Did not the town council use Brown to ensure a no tax increase for their elections while he was here along with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Aberdeen. Then as soon as the elections were over and the I O U came do to CME, the town leadership sent Brown packing. That was done you can be sure to free up the usual expensive billings from C.M.E. to pay back C.M.E. for the campaign financing. Much like O'Bama it is time to stop using the last guy as an excuse. We should also ask ourselves if the same thing is going on again right now with the latest management of our town. What will that excuse be then. Same council just playing move out management to protect the idiots at the top it seems. It seems all too easy for leadership to blame the men and women they are supposed to oversee when the shit hits the fan. The finger pointing continues in every direction but where the truth lies.

But will the new leadership under Mayor Tagliarini press for reform on pay to play? That will be their test. We can all be sure pay to play implementation will be discussed right up until the next election. Pay to play we can all be sure will never happen in Aberdeen. Reform that will have any real and actually beneficial pay to play reforms to protect the community and their monies. Monies that are needed every election season like clockwork.

By the way thanks for the governmental operation lesson from the anonymous insider who posted the supposed truth above as to why Brown is no longer the manager. So much for the clause against town management or Brown discussing the reason for his dismissal.

Then again maybe now that Joe Raymond, Tom Perry and Dave Soble are gone from their positions they can say or write anything they want. I myself hope very soon that they have to swear an oath in front of a judge very soon and give testimony on much that is going on and has gone on in Aberdeen.

Aberdeener said...


Thanks for your comments and I hope we hear from you some more.

CME gets over a million bucks a year in no-bid contracts. It's called pay-to-play. It's legal and it's theft because the town isn't awarding contracts on the sole basis of service and cost.

Brown got a $90,000 kiss off after only 25 months on the job. He was barred from disclosing the terms of a public document and from ever working for the township again. These are not standard terms for an early termination.

Councilman Perry voted against his termination and I take his opinion over the other five. (Gallo abstained)

As for Brown taking the money - He had just been fired during a recession after being forced to buy a house as a condition of employment. Of course he took the money. Like I said, no proof of criminal action and he has a family to feed.

Keep 'em coming. I'll be the pugilist to your Publius. :)

Try this one Kauffkins said...

What no quick response from any of the Kauffkins? Just more proof pointing to the facts that Kauff runs the town. Running it into the ground of course.

By the way how many towns have former town attorneys on the payroll of the legal firm that replaced the exact same lawyer as the town attorney?

How many former town attorneys head up developmental meetings, control all boards and committees as well?

How many former town attorneys hold, have held and still illegally hold meetings conducting this towns business in violation of the sunshine laws of this state? Meetings held by the way at the main offices of the towns number one contractor and the number one democratic party contributor being CM&E.

All circumstantial? Not likely.

Plubius said...

Joey --- there you go again. Lying about the facts to try and proof a point for which there is no backing.

Lets be truthful for once. We will supply the evidence that you have lied. Of course you will then come up with a way to discount the evidence as that is what delusional paranoids do best.

First of all, what does CME have to do with a discussion on the resignation of Stewart Brown? There is absolutely no factual basis for linking the two other than your lame attempt to imply improprieties in the result. Cite me one legitimate source the Stewart Brown resignation had anything to do with CME? You can’t, because there aren’t any!

Next, you try and lend credence to your argument by misciting the record of the vote on accepting the resignation of Stewart Brown and extending the settlement agreement.

You indicated Councilman Perry voted against accepting the resignation and Councilwoman Gallo abstained. THIS ISN’T TRUE! You have been caught in one of your usual lies. What would they do without those of us who bother to actually check out the facts?

Here is the truth — YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH ---- roll the videotape:

From the minutes of the Township Council meeting held on February 27, 2008:

the Township Manager, Stuart Brown resigned from his employment position with the Township of Aberdeen effective February 8, 2008.
by the Township Council of the Township of Aberdeen that
it hereby authorizes the Mayor and Clerk to execute a Separation Agreement with Stuart Brown, which will effectuate his resignation effective February 8, 2008.

Ayes: Councilmember Drapkin, Gallo, Raymond, Vinci, Deputy Mayor Gumbs and Mayor Sobel
Nays: None
Abstain: Councilman Perry

As you can plainly see, contrary to your musings, Councilwoman Gallo voted to accept the resignation and offer the separation agreement. Councilman Perry didn’t vote against it, rather he simply abstained.

Please do not pretend to have the ability to know why Councilman Perry abstained. You can’t infer anything from such a decision. You aren’t telepathic. It may have been as simple as his not having had enough time to consider the issue. Unless you wish to start maligining Councilman Perry as well, we have no doubt that if he had been against the resignation, he would have voted “No” on the matter.

Anyway, we will continue to rebut anything you write. It is time for your malicious postings to end. The good citizenry of Aberdeen have had enough!

Anonymous said...

the tooth fairy told me what Mr.Warren, playdead, the lyingtruth and dogface said are all true, so there. It must be true!

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing around town that Brown was fired because he was too generous with employee contracts.

Aberdeener said...


At least try to feign intelligence.

First you clamor "what does CME have to do with a discussion on the resignation of Stewart Brown?"

Nobody said one has to do with the other. You made two assertions and I answered both, or can't you count.

Then you claim a resolution approving the separation agreement was in fact a vote on whether to terminate Mr. Brown. The resolution you're referencing was made on the 27th. His termination was on the 8th.

Here's a quote from the minutes on Feb 19th -
Mr. Aljian asked when this decision was made.
Mayor Sobel stated over a period of time, in the last few weeks.
Mr. Aljian asked when the Council met to discuss Mr. Brown.
Mayor Sobel stated there wasn't a meeting, there were informal discussions.
Mr. Aljian asked if Mr. Brown's resignation was asked for by this Council.
Mayor Sobel stated he is not at liberty to discuss that at this time.
Mayor Sobel stated to be fair to Mr. Brown no more questions will be answered by the Mayor.
Mr. Aljian stated as a citizen of the Town a month ago the Township Manager received numerous accolades.
Mayor Sobel stated Mr. Brown received a certification which is a requirement of the job and was congratulated.
Mr. Aljian stated according to the Faulkner Act there is a certain procedure to follow regarding the Township Manager.
Mayor Sobel stated without you explaining to me what the procedure is I can't not comment.
Diane Dabulas stated we can accept a resignation at anytime without a meeting and notice of a meeting. That is what the Township did. They accepted Mr. Brown's resignation.
Mr. Aljian asked who it was accepted by.
Mayor Sobel stated by me and the Township Attorney.

- Obviously Brown was fired. There was an informal vote, not recorded because it wasn't a meeting, and Perry opposed, Gallo abstained, and the rest agreed to ask for his resignation.

Go ahead and play make-believe some more. We know what happened, and we know where your allegiance lies.

Plubius said...

We are sorry Mr. Warren, apparently the only one operating in the land of make-believe is you.

First you mischaracterize our message as inferring Mr. Brown was terminated from his position. Such a concept was never asserted.

Throughout these postings we have stood by the position Mr. Brown resigned from the Township due to differences between he and the Council as to how Aberdeen should be run. This FACT comes from Mr. Brown's own quote in the Asbury Park Press. Unlike you, we choose to take Mr. Brown at his word. We will not malign his character.

Second, are we now to understand you will be citing informal unrecorded votes as your sources?

Wow! Do your paranoid delusions know no bounds? How convienant you are citing a vote that can't be proven. Could it be because it likely never took place?

Your allegation does not even make sense. Why on earth would Councilwoman Gallo have abstained from an informal unrecorded vote when there would have been no consequences for voicing her opinion. On that note, how exactly do you abstain from an informal unrecorded vote? Please elaborate.

And why, after abstaining in private, would she have then turned around and voted to accept the resignation when it came down to casting her vote officially during the meeting held on February 27, 2008?

Also, why would Councilman Perry have voted "no" during an informal unrecorded vote and then later have abstained when it came time to place it officially on the record? Are you now going to malign Councilman Perry as well and claim he was too afraid to voice his true feelings? If so, you must elaborate on your wonderful insight into Mr. Perry's true character which up until now we have found to be rather unassailable.

The lack of logic in what you state is proof positive of the falsities you allege. If Gallo and Perry had felt one way, they would have stuck to their guns on February 27th.

All we can do is stick to the FACTS, something you are obviously quite unfamiliar with. Unlike you, we will not make up scenarios which can in no way be proven.

Please remember your 9th Commandment Joey: "You shall not bear false witness."

We are Plubius and we will not allow you distort the truth any longer.

Anonymous said...

Publius, You have figured him out! But don't wear yourself out because as I have stated before, getting caught won't change who he is! Once he has his sights on a target, he is unmovable. You can't prove him wrong because his facts are based on his opinion. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee someday.

K.M. in the A said said...

Anonymous idiot at 9:40PM

Thank you very much for making our case for us. It is so clear that by harping on this one subject and nitpicking it to death all the while blaming Mr. Warren for exposing the towns problems you and the other faithful to Normy while in the face of so many other facts, proves our points through your select criticisms. Why did you not respond to the facts that our town council sat idly by along with numerous town supervisors who said and did nothing during Mr. Browns employment? Why did they allow the Mr. Brown to get them through the election season with no tax increases and giving the town its aniversary celebrations without one criticism or any type of corrections? Why did you fail to address the dictatorial control of Aberdeen by an unelected and unaccountable man in the guise of Norman Kauff? Why do you embarrass yourself while failing to address the numerous examples, facts, corruption and illegal activities this unelected man perpetrates on a daily basis? That is the ???? many want you to address. Not likely though as that will not be what you were told to do. It seems you have all the answers but not to the important questions regarding corruption, illegal payoffs, corrupt and benefiting relationships with former officials, special salary increases for a select few employees and much more. But you do come up with more typical politically convenient denials and finger pointing by the guilty and their supporters in any other direction then with the really guilty like Norman Kauff and his band of forty thieves.

Thanks for the laughs this morning though Anonymous. It is time to go to work so I can keep paying my taxes so as to reward all of the corrupt hangers on attached to Norman Kauff at the hip.

Inauguration Day 2010 said...

I am about to leave for the swearing in ceremony of our new Governor Christopher Christie. I would like to that Mr. warren for his bravery in ensuring that people get an opportunity to involve themselves in this blog site and make up their own minds.

I have spent much of the past weekend compiling some of the highlights of the past years posts and will try to get them to Governor Elect Christie. I have also been contacted by some of our neighbors from our Cliffwood section of Aberdeen. I have just late yesterday been given a letter to bring with me concerning the proposed building problems they face in their area. Building problems that they feel are improper and more as proposed.

I myself am very hopeful that these examples will bring some much needed attention to our community, its leadership and our fight against the possible improper control of our leadership.

Leadership in any form needs to be questioned to avoid arrogance, corruption and abuse of the citizenry.

Mr. J.

RetPDWhoKnowsHowitis said...

Look for NJ State Trooper Sullivan (in uniform). He is on the detail at the venue today in Trenton. Tell him his brother in law told you to look for him. Maybe he can move the letter in the right direction for you. Good luck.

Aberdeener said...


You think Brown wasn't forced to resign by the town council? You can't distinguish between a vote on a severance package and a an informal head count to terminate somebody? You've never spoken to any of the players involved to learn what happened?

You're a liar and I'm not going to waste any more time with you.

Really on my way this time said...

Thank you RetPD. My ride was late so I caught your suggestion just now. Thank you.

Mr. J.

CTYRDAINTHAPPY (still) said...






Anonymous said...

There you have it. Anyone whose opinion is different than Aberdeener's is a liar.

F U Kauff said...

How great would it be if Gov. C.C. said the following during his inaugural speech today *and to the big political power brokers like George Norcross and little ones like Norman Kauff I am here to tell you that the money store is closed. We are coming for you starting today. Business as usual is finished*.

I would love it!

Aberdeener said...

I initially gave Publius the benefit of the doubt that he was just a buffoon but even buffoons can recognize the truth when they see it.

Brown resigned of his own accord? Enjoy the Kool-Aid, liar.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen the Aberdeener so angry. What a different side to him.

Obviously Publius has really gotten to him. Apparently it hurts to see an intelligent argument rebutting his one sided, fact twisting blogs.

I have to agree with Publius that saying someone abstained on an informal, non-recorded vote makes absolutely no sense. I noticed the Aberdeener doesn't bother to explain that one.

I'm glad someone has finally been able to factually dispute the Aberdeener to the point where his face his red and the only retort he has is to call his counterpoint a liar.

Good job Publius! Keep up the great work.

Aberdeener said...

Councilwoman Gallo took office on February 4th. Brown was fired on February 8th. And you can't understand why she'd abstain from an informal vote on terminating him?

Enjoy your time with Publius.

Anonymous said...

Hey Publius,
Do you really think that the resident cannot distinguish between what is on record and what really happened. You should know that in politics, everything is done between the lines. We are not idiots. Why would Brown take the job and then resign(with a gag order basically. Did he find a better job. I think not. Obviously he was forced out. Perhaps the Council did not agree with his way but then why did they hire him in the first place. Did they not ask him the right questions during his interviews.
You can sugar coat everything that is shown on the record but all of us idiots CAN read between the lines.
Keep supporting Kauff and build, build, build, which inturn will raise our taxes even more (and then you can blame the school board).
I don't agree with everything Mr. Warren states but I do agree that you have been drinking the kool-aid. It will eventually catch up!

Anonymous said...

This time you are the one feigning intelligence.

The question isn't a matter of time. The question is how do you ABSTAIN from an informal unrecorded vote?

Abstaining is a legal term for when someone chooses not to cast a vote in a formal setting. If, as you allege, there was no formal vote taken on accepting Brown's resignation, then how could someone abstain? It doesn't make sense.

None of this makes sense Aberdeener. You just look completely foolish. Go ahead and call me a liar now. I very much appreciate your first grade level retorts. Billy Madison would be proud!

Anonymous said...

I think Joey is the liar here. That's why he's taking things so personal. Its over Joey, pack it in, you have outlived your welcome, back to Brooklyn with you.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, joey, when your wife sells HER house, can you ask her to sell it to someone who owns a lawnmower? Thanks. :)

Aberdeener said...

Unbelievable. Now people are arguing over the meaning of "abstain".

Since you're so adept at using a computer, go look it up. Of course, you can abstain from an informal vote, just like you can abstain from eating that last piece of pie.

Anonymous said...

Anger Joey ... Anger.... you are going to burst a blood vessel.

Your anger is very very telling.

Its nice to finally see you exposed for what you are.

Anonymous said...

That would be the teller of truth that you blame and try to embarrass for merely exposing the real facts and all too real corruption related to Kauff and his group of misfits.

You talk of Anger?

You don't know what anger is yet.

By the way Normy there is a new Sheriff in town and he is coming after you and your thoroughly corrupt kind. Start saving those cigarettes you will need in prison you rat bastards.

How can anyone trust anything our local elected officials of the boards and committees they control say? Fools you are. All of you.

Anonymous said...

FBI is coming .... bla
Sheriff is coming ... bla
Tick Tock Tick Tock ... bla

We have heard this all before. No evidence of anything. Hell, even the Aberdeen conceeds there is no evidence of any crimes.

What are they going to arrest people for? Alleged bad judgement?

You people are fools.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say:

Even the Aberdeener conceeds there have been no crimes.








Anonymous said...

FBI is coming .... blah
Sheriff is coming ... blah
Christie is coming ... blah
Tick Tock Tick Tock ... blah

We are so tired of hearing this. Show some evidence and maybe we will listen.

Anonymous said...

Bad judgment? Do you call gifting over $1,000,000.00 a year to the Kauff cronies bad judgment? How about the convicted felon chosen to develop crucial properties in our community. Is that bad judgment too?
Bad judgment surrounds the past ten years or so under Norman Kauff. I thought the speech was fantastic and feel it sends a very strong message as well. You deniers of the truth know no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Relax Owen.

Anonymous at 12:43 PM today.

Anonymous said...

I think the point was that we would like to see some evidence of a CRIME! You kinda need to establish a CRIME in order for an arrest to be made.

As previously noted, even Joey Warren conceeds there have been no crime committed.

Anonymous said...

Scene: Office of newly seated Governor Chris Christie

Chief of Staff: Governor, we just received a note from someone named Mr. J who claims there is evidence of crime on some website called the Aberdeener.

Governor Christie: The Aberdeener? Those kooks? I had to deal with them back when I was State Attorney. All I recall is alot of nonsense about deals in parking lots. Never a shread of evidence to back any of it up.

Chief of Staff: So do you want me to investigate further?

Governor Christie: Don't bother. It will just be a waste of your time. We've already investigated Aberdeen during Operation Bid Rig when we arrested all of the rest of the crooks in Monmouth County. There's nothing criminal happening in Aberdeen. What do they think, I purposefully skipped Aberdeen during those investigations? Please! Don't waste my time... What's next on the agenda....

Fade scene....

Anonymous said...

What? No quick response from the anti-dems? Glad to see you finally acknowledge your deceptions and falsehoods have been revealed.

Anonymous said...

I miss "Artist". She's in good company on this site! Where is she now with her insightful and controversial writing. She really has her hand on the pulse of Aberdeen. Like the time she wanted to expose the street cleaner for what he really is. (A real street cleaner.) Wow, what a website! This is great comedy relief, I'm hooked. Great job Joey M. Kudos

Aberdeener said...

So, after everything listed above, the best our critics can respond is the absurdity that Brown wasn't forced to resign.

And then they pat themselves on the back for such "genius". Talk about low expectations. :)

By the way, the last anon isn't in any position to ridicule anybody considering he doesn't even know how to spell the letter W.

Anonymous said...

Joey - I think Publis was clear that he would be back to deal with the remaining issues in your blog.

I'm sure he is just waiting for the fervor to die down on having dissproved your point # 1 before going into point # 2.

Try not to burst any blood vessels until this entire conversation is over. You provide us way too much humor to suffer an aneurism before then.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has argued Brown wasn't forced to resign. Publius was clear in his message: The two parties realized they couldn’t work together and entered into a completely consensual Settlement Agreement and General Release.

I'm sure the council realized they couldn't work with Brown and went to him to ask for his resignation. That doesn't imply there was wrong doing associated with it. Brown certainly didn't have to agree with the resignation and could have challenged it. Especially if he was sitting on so much evidence of wrong doing as is alleged here.

There is an old saying about knowing where the bodies are burried.

The point being made here is that Brown was not fired and paid "hush" money as you have alleged. Rather there was an agreement toward the two parties not being able to get along, so they entered into a mutually acceptable seperation agreement.

Your implication that this somehow infers wrong doing on either side is completely without factual or evidential support.

Aberdeener said...

Ah, another bright fellow who thinks Brown just quit his job with no future prospects shortly after buying a house. And that it's perfectly normal to give a township employee, who quit after 25 months on the job, a $90,000 severance package.

Well, birds of a feather . . .

Anonymous said...

Jeez Joey, give it a rest already. No one is suggesting Brown "just quit his job".

Based upon what Publius stated it appears both parties recognized they couldn't work together. Why is that so hard to believe?

Are you trying argue Brown should have stayed in an atmosphere where he wasn't wanted? Why would anyone want to subject themselves to such an uncomfortable workplace?

Stop trying to act like you know what was in Brown's mind. Unless you've personally talked to the man, you have no clue.

For now, I am going to believe what Brown told the Asbury Park Press reporter. He had a fundemental disagreement as to how Aberdeen needed to be run and therefore chose to resign.

Its fairly simple actually.

Anonymous said...

Joey seems a little bothered, no? Perhaps his charade has been exposed?
I called it a long time ago Joey, you are a politician, nothing more, nothing less.
You are using this blog to get all the conspiracy theory kooks to vote for you in the future, when you go for the prize. Don't bother, it won't work.

Aberdeener said...

Quick apology - My last response was directed at the prior anon, not the one directly above.

Next - If Brown wasn't forced to resign, please explain the following:

1) The township tried to conceal his termination for nearly a week
2) The suddenness of his resignation - no notice, no transition
3) His decision to resign prior to having a severance agreement
4) A $90,000 severance package after only 25 months of work
5) A clause barring him from ever working again for the township
6) A clause barring him from sharing the terms of the agreement
7) Brown's decision to resign shortly after buying a house and in the midst of a recession without any job prospects

The only evidence of a "mutual" understanding is the standard spiel every public employee feeds the press after being forced to resign.

(As an aside, I did speak to a number of people directly involved but most of those conversations were private and will remain so.)

Unfortunately, most of you fighting so hard to mischaracterize Brown's termination couldn't give a darn about the truth. The only reason I respond is so that others who are interested in the truth shouldn't miscontrue my silence for consent.

Anonymous said...


Why isn't it feasible they gave him eht money after only 25 months. You gave a hefty raise to the superintendent after a much shorter period of time. I know, he saved us money and that is why we rewarded him and we will do it again. Didn't he get a reward when we hired him?

Aberdeener said...

To say something is feasible is to suggest it's commonplace. Can anybody think of another example of a town employee getting a $90,000 severance package after a two-year tenure?

If Dr. O'Malley announced his resignation, I'd say thank you and give him a card, not $90,000.

Kauff and his supporters are idiots said...

An anonymous poster said the situation with Mr. Browns departure was mutual? The Aberdeener says it was forced?

Here is a hint. A man who was so heralded by Mayor Soble and others when hired was shown the door in a single and surprising move while in the midst of much accomplishment.

The one ever present fact is that our anonymous posters seem to ignore the facts that council leadership and other day to day managerial personnel sat idle. Or did Mr. Brown as has been stated cut off, limit and rightfully question the payouts to CME and others under the Kauff cloak of corruption?

It has been reported that Mayor Soble and the joke that is the town attorney walked in and unceremoniously told Mr. Brown that he was done as the manager of Aberdeen and suggested he resign immediately. Isn't that how it is done Mayor Buccelatto? Of course the public face after the fact is far different in Matawan. That was said to be mutual too? Liars all.

To say that Mr. Browns departure was somehow mutual would have me say clearly that the anonymous poster who wrongly suggested such a thing is an idiot. I can assure you that last sentence was not forced.

One final question for the support Kauff at all cost a.k.a. anonymous idiots. Why have you not responded to the fact that much of what Mr. Brown accomplished and was developing in Aberdeen as far as housing, development, business and more has stalled under Kauff and his puppet manager since Mr. Brown was asked to leave?

It is obvious that one could clearly make the argument that deaf, dumb and blind keeps someone in their job. Right Norm?

F U Kauff said...

Isn't it amazing that anonymous postings seem to be so clear on what our council leadership did or did not do in regards to Stewart Brown. Boy it would be nice to hear it from one of them using their real names.

Yeah like Kauff would allow that?

Kauff you suck! Just in case you did not hear anyone tell you that as of yet today.

Anonymous said...

If all of you truly believe that Mr. Brown was fired from his position because he had uncovered a vast network of corruption and illegal activity within Aberdeen, then why do you continually praise him?

In accepting a bribe to keep him quiet, isn't Brown an accessory to a crime?

Again, the collective logic on this blog is insane and beyond rational belief.

The far more logical explanation is exactly what Mr. Brown stated himself. He and Council couldn't agree on how to run Aberdeen, so he resigned.

Allegations to the contrary are without any evidential or factual basis and are stuff created of delusional paranoia because they make no logical sense.

Aberdeener said...

I'm alleging that Brown was fired because he was putting a severe crimp in the township's pay to play. For example, there's the lighting at Fireman's Field. CME expected a big payout and got nothing.

F U Kauff said...

Well it appears that the Aberdeen town council meeting maybe over and our once again *posting under anonymous at 8:11 PM tonight this while really being one of our councilmen and councilwomen* have finished their council meeting and are back to defending Kauff and their puppeteer actions.

Too bad council meetings don't happen more often to free the rest of us from the outright lies and contempt for the public they supposedly swore and oath to serve.

Anonymous said...

Joey -

Just because you keep saying something doesn't make it factual.

Your points have already been dealt with and explained away, so why continue to repeat your nonsense?

As Publius astutely pointed out:

1) Brown and the Council had a fundamental disagreement as to how Aberdeen should be run. The Mayor came to him and asked for his resignation. He gave it. None of this is in dispute. The man could have refused to resign if he wanted to. However, knowing he was unwanted in Aberdeen, he chose to resign. Who can blame him!

Stop trying to insinuate there is anything more to the story because you don't know. Anything you add to this tale is pure conjecture on your part, so just admit it already!

2) The suddenness of the situation is not really all that surprising either. Again, the Mayor and Council had apparently reached their limits with the man and asked for his resignation.

While I'm sure they had privately expressed their displeasure with him before hand, actually asking for someone's resignation isn't something you do with months of notice.

How would you expect such a situation to take place. Should Council have held a public meeting months earlier and stated: "We are displeased with our Township Manager so we are tonight asking him to resign in four months?"

Come on! I've never heard of a request for resignation, in ANY BUSINESS, being advertised in advance. What world are you living in where such communications happen?

Brown has indicated they had a fundamental difference of agreement as to how the Township should be run. That is pretty strong language. I'm sure the separation wasn't a happy one. Are separations ever happy?

However, none of that means there were improprieties taking place. If there were, there is no doubt in my mind Mr. Brown would have gone directly to the Chris Christie's office and turned everyone in.

Since he didn't do that, to infer he had uncovered something scandalous in town and had to be discharged as a result is pure fantasy on your part.

3) The severance package? Why is this seen as such a big deal. This was a mutual separation. He was obviously asked to resign after moving his entire life here. No one is claiming he just up and quit one day. So why is the $ 90,000 so hard to believe? The man chose to resign and the council did the right thing for him.

Trying to turn this payment into an alleged payoff to ensure Brown's silence impugns Brown's integrity as much as it impugns the Council's.

4) Didn't Publuis already deal with the issue about the non-employment clause? As he said, this was a legal necessity to ensure the separation agreement contained specific recognition by Brown that he was no longer employed by the Township.

Arguing this clause means anything else is simply foolish since, as Publius stated, it is really a meaningless clause since any future Council could chose to hire Brown if they wished. Arguing that it somehow prevents future councilman from speaking with him is simply silly.

So again, stop repeating the same nonsense over and over again.

Unless you have facts to the contrary, you should stop spreading lies which do nothing but impugn the reputations of good people like Stewart Brown.

Believe it or not, sometimes the simplest answer is the truth. In this case, as previous people have said, I choose to take Mr. Brown at his word. I haven't been given any reason to believe otherwise.

Just ask Normy?????? said...

Fundamental disagreement my ass.

Brown cut off the $$$$$$ to Kauff.

That is a fate worse then death.

Kauff is the reason Brown is gone.

Nothing more.

Facts are easily swayed and the truth when it comes to politicians is like arsenic to them .Telling the truth as a politician is a death sentence.

The examples of this are many when it comes to most politicians in New Jersey.

Right Normy?

Aberdeener said...

So, let me see if I get this straight. Anonymous somehow distinguishes between the mayor and council "asking" a town manager to resign and "forcing" him to resign.

Yup, birds of a feather.

By the way, if nothing's unusual in this agreement, you should be able to find similar examples somewhere in the world wide web. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

No dimwit. There is no difference between forcing someone to resign and asking someone to resign.

However, in either context, the person in question still has a choice. They can refuse to resign and require termination proceedings to commence.

Aberdeener said...

Sure he could do that. And, at the same time, kiss $90,000 goodbye and any chance of ever working in government again.

Glad we're agreed he was forced to resign. So much for your "mutual" theory.

Can't wait till you try explaining everything else away. No wonder you choose to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

So then you are alleging Brown is a crook for taking hush money?

Why do you keep ignoring that point?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Joey --- I have trouble following your logic here.

Are you saying by "pretending" to resign Brown preserved his ability to be employed by government again in the future? But if he refused to resign and was fired that would have prevented him from ever being employed?

I guess you are so smart that you can see through Brown's game but no other governmental entity would have that ability?

What would we do without your wonderful ability to show us the proper ways of the world? We would surely all be lost.

Aberdeener said...

Prior Anon,

Is that how you argue? Claiming I said things I never said?

Brown has no more proof of criminal activity than I do - which is zero. Pay to play is legal. Even egregious examples of pay to play are legal. Even if he has documentation of the parking lot shakedown, at worst it's an allegation against a "respected" attorney.

So the township gives him hush money so he doesn't badmouth the council. That's what happened.

As for resigning to preserve the opportunity to obtain future government work, it happens all the time. Look at Fred Carr. He's now the administrator in Bloomfield.

This is what happens when you argue with partisan fools. There's no convincing, there's no end. They don't care about the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you argue with partisan fools. There's no convincing, there's no end. They don't care about the truth.


Anonymous said...

Guess what tool, there are also plenty of examples of government workers being fired and then being hired by other governmental entities.

Aberdeener said...

Yeah, I just listed one, smart guy. Now, your turn. Give me an example of a government employee that ratted out his employers and then got another government job.

Anonymous said...

Your message presupposes that we buy your proposition there was something to "rat" about.

Most of us are taking Brown at his word. He had a fundamental disagreement with the council, was asked to resign, and then tendered his resignation. There was nothing to rat about. The leaving of the position was mutual.

Certainly you cannot deny that government workers have been fired and then hired by other offices? It happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Joey, It M for "Moron". The W would be "Weasel"

Attended inaugural event said...

All I can say is that it was an event I will remember always. I have never attended such an event like it and I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, informative and very exciting. To see some of the people whom we trust with the leadership of our state up close was similarly exciting. The event in total was well run and I am very glad I went. The letter I put together was delivered along with the letter from the individuals from Cliffwood.

I would like to thank my neighbors in the Cliffwood area of our town for providing me with a copy of their concerns. With their permission I did read it on the way to the event and I found it enlightening, informative and exacting in its purpose. Their hopes that our new Governor could focus some of his attention on their plight was respectfully stated. I was able to give the letters to a young lady named Nora who had a name identifier for the Christie inaugural staff. She did also provide me with a fax number to send a copy to as well. As she told me several times everything is moving in and out of offices so quickly. I will send the information as a to our written requests as a backup on Friday.

If any of you ever get the opportunity to attend such an event go without hesitation. I can assure you it is well worth the day I took off from work.

Mr. J.

Aberdeener said...

So, I'm now being called a moron by someone who can't put a a sentence together.

Like the scarecrow, he could do so much if he only had a brain. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. J. for taking this step on our behalf. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Say Good Night Joey. They have figured you out. Oh, by the way. Saw the article in the independent about technology. Seems the new parent portal program was voted in last February. How come it is not up and running for parents to actually use??????? Every minute counts in education.

Aberdeener said...

I concur. Anybody who tries to end corruption in our town should be commended. Thank you, Mr. J.

Aberdeener said...


As you know, the prior board wasn't proactive in anything. And I mean nothing. You can look through the minutes and you won't find a single board initiative.

Shortly after taking office, I helped form a technology committee with Mr. O'Connell and Dr. Delaney. Our first job was to review and recommend candidates to the superintendent.

We decided to do something quite novel for this district. We only considered candidates who actually knew something about technology. Then we went a step further and only considered candidates who were certified to review a teacher's use of technology.

After interviewing four candidates with Dr. O'Malley, we recommended Dr. Farley. Although hired during the summer, we the committee waited until October to meet with Dr. Farley to give him a chance to interact with staff and get his feet wet. We discussed Realtime and I shared details at the full board meeting that month. Dr. Farley explained we'd be rolling out the system after the new year because teachers still hadn't been adequately trained to use the system.

In November, I requested login access to review the application but it wasn't ready yet. Instead, Dr. O'Malley sent me screenshots. I then emailed Dr. O'Malley some recommendations for improvement.

At Dr. Gambino's suggestion, we recommended a tech expo, which I believe is scheduled for next month.

So, if your question is why it's not up, yet, the answer is the staff isn't ready to use it. If your question is why I didn't do more, please let me know what more I should have done.

King Friday said...


From The Land of Make Believe Newsroom...


By Elmo Monster, staff writer


Gov. Christie today announced his first order of business is to rid the world of Norm. Christie, upon receiving a letter from national hero, Mr. J. Felt compelled to rid Aberdeen of the evil Norm.

When asked what his strategy was, the governor stated, " Norm is the most dangerous man in the world, and I will not hesitate to use any resource I have to stop him. I will appoint a committee, consisting of national heroes, THE TRUTH, FU Kauff, Mr. J., pleaseanswerme, and of course, Nobel Prize nominee, Joey Warren. Together we will overcome Norm"

Sightings of Norm have been confirmed in Afghanistan, where he is being protected by the Taliban.

Norm apparently left the country after his daring escape from Fraggle Rock Penitentiary last month

We will keep you posted as more developments occur.

Chris Christie said...

Stay strong fearless anonymous bloggers, I hear you loud and clear.
I will not rest until you are released from Norm's evil clutches.
You are very brave, all of you, and you do your country a great service by risking your anonymous imaginary necks exposing Norm on this heroic site. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

You people are so gullable about Brown's "resignation". Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

.... a bunch of rumors and unsubstantiated innuendos dreamt up by delusional paranoids?

We set the record straight ??? said...

So let us review.

Stu Brown was just a guy who saw things different than the leadership of Aberdeen and after moving here and buying a house he just made the council give him tens of thousands of dollars.

The parking lot mess on Gerard Street did not happen. C.M.E. did not have a big stretch of ground belonging to the parkway stripped, installed curbing, removed fencing and did not stop all work for months while also possibly installing a half moon driveway without approvals from the town at zero cost to the homeowner.

The million dollars a year that C.M.E. gets paid is on the up and up and Kauff and the D's never get a dime.

The fact that Kauff runs all things Aberdeen is a figment of our imagination.

And we are all crazy and delusional for even suggesting all of the above and more.

I am glad we got all that straight. I am so glad that no one suggested that anyone in leadership did not offer to approve a questionable housing development in exchange for a $750,000.00 fire truck or anything.

I am so glad we set the record straight.

After all honesty is the best policy.

Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

More craziness? No one approves a development and expects to get a firetruck out of the deal. Money makes the world around for Kauff. What would Kauff do with a firetruck.

Aberdeener said...

When I examined the file on the Avalon, one of the pieces I was looking for was a fire safety review. I had heard there were concerns firetrucks would be unable to fully maneuver in the area but those concerns evaporated after the developer agreed to purchase two Ford Expeditions for the fire department.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of records were missing from the file including all fire safety reviews.

More conspiracy???? said...

Not another conspiracy? Norman Kauff can't keep up with all the lies he needs to tell to cover what we know and bring to light. Wait I forgot we are all delusional? Yeah that's the ticket. By the way two ford trucks would only be about $65000.

Anonymous said...

didn't thr "retired" guy get one of the trucks?

Aberdeener said...

You're right about the price of the trucks but you need to add $6,400 for the light bars, $3,000 for the paint jobs, another $1,000 for something called "high rise packs", and then a couple of bucks for miscellaneous stuff. Total bill was $71,250.

Kevin L. Csec said...

Are you now trying to say that any reports about fire service response or analysis were missing from the file for some condos. Is that part of a normal approval process. Why would that come into play or be needed. Maybe just to make sure the roads were wide enough for trucks to respond and all that. This topic brings many questions for me.

li'l kauff said...

Norm would not know honesty if he was slapped across the face with it.
Everyone knows Norm rules. And we have to foot the bill for that rule. Norm how is Bob M. doing lately. Has he tried to develop anything else in town since the parking lot thing went down. So many questions and so little Kauff. Little Kauff and in more ways then one. Right Normy.

Aberdeener said...

Again, no documentation, but I heard the fire commissioner complained that the roads in Avalon are too narrow for firetrucks to maneuver. However, there were no reports whatsoever regarding fire safety in the file.

When I saw a letter or report reference another letter or report that wasn't in the file, I was able to submit an OPRA request. But, without any references at all, there was nothing I could do. An OPRA request requires sufficient detail for the clerk to locate exactly what you're requesting. It can't be a fishing expedition.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that no reports in a file concerning another questionably approved Kauff and Coren project. Like they did not get a shall we say a significant $$benefit$$ from approving that project.

I mean it is not like owning multiple condos in projects you approved years ago along 34. Residential projects they allowed along commercial highway properties removing tax benefits that always come from such commercial properties. I guess we need to ask Coren, Kauff and Robinson about their condos on thirty four.

Don't you just love this latest example of our supposed delusional behavior?

Anonymous said...

Those Expeditions were supposed to be one for each Fire District not both going to one. Also those vehicles don't have "high rise packs". A high rise pack is a length of hose with a nozzle that is held in a harness so that it can be carried into a building with standpipes. The hose is then connected to the standpipe and the fire is fought. These vehicles are "chief" vehicles and therefore would not be carrying high rise packs.

Aberdeener said...

Thanks for the explanation. I guess the township just stuck the high rise packs in the same accounting statement to keep things simple.

Here's a copy of the accounting statement. Unfunded means somebody else paid for it. Don't know why the purchase is referenced as "fire truck".

Anonymous said...

Maybe i am reading that statement wrong but did the town lay out money towards those vehicles? Did they fund $3,750 of the cost?

So many ????????? said...

This firetruck things surfaces every once in a while and never seems to get answered. So one vehicle for each firehouse was supposed to be part of a development deal? Was that little gem also missing from the file? Is this just another example of impropriety for the Kauff faithful to deny? Ain't life so honest in Kauffville?

Aberdeener said...

The developer's agreement called for $75,000. I think the funded number was simply cash left over from the original purchase.

By the way, there's still $100,000 sitting in the township's bank account that's slated for Vinci's intersection. Vinci's not expected to run for re-election so I wouldn't be surprised if that money gets spent somehow.

So much dirt in town said...

Firetrucks who gives a damn. How about condos being ?bought? by the very same management people and public officials who ended up owning units in the developments they allowed. that is spelled

Also didn't a local councilman elected in the past five years also ?buy? a condo somewhere in town?

Just amazing how much dirt gets hidden.

So much more dirt in town said...

Vinci not running? Did he win the street number?

Anonymous said...

One truck to each district? That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Joey - Vinci's not expected to run for re-election

Who is running for the dems next year??????

Aberdeener said...

Cannon is the only definite. Vinci and Gumbs are unlikely. For new faces, keep an eye on the planning board. :)

Vinci will run. Too bad for us said...

That is the way it goes in Aberdeen. You drink the kool aid on the Kauff controlled Planning and Zoning Boards and you are rewarded with a twice a month $10,000.00 a year gig. Vinci will run without a doubt. He needs the money to pay the taxes for all of his properties. Being the Land Baron of Oakshades and all. Since he took the last raise along with Gumbs while all of the others took a pass on behalf of the overburdened taxpayers. Vinci and Gumbs have that against them along with the land deals and whatever else starts creeping out of these development messes that are waiting in the wings for Kauff to pull the trigger on.

Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the KING VINCI intersection and all the money he pressured the county to spend to keep 20 or so cars off of his street. Fn rat that he is. Vinci don't care about the little people. Elitist rat that he is.

Kauffkins are denial prone fools said...

You have to admit that this site and the input posted for whatever percentage of the public to log on is really pissing the Kauffkins off.


Keep it up all of you.

Then again the Kauffkins probably only think there are four people on the blog.

Keep thinking that Kauffkins.

Please !

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is some animosity over these firetrucks. Anyone else read between the lines and see that? That would be a shame since we have a good fire department and what is done or bought for one should be done or bought for the other. That is how it worked where I used to live. Anyone have any inside scoop.

The 750K fire truck truth said...

Fire trucks?

Fire trucks?

We don't need no stinking Fire trucks.

You see Fat Tony Spalleiro and his pals offered to buy one as part of a developmental approval negotiation with Kauff and Coren?

So the servants of the people like Kauff, Coren and the boys went for a fire truck when they could have finally gotten us sewers.



They don't need no stinking approval?

After all they had it in the bag.

The Kauff money bag that is.

Right Norm?

Post script: The development never happened. Spalleiro is heading to jail only for the political hacks he bribed in Marlboro. And Kauuf, Coren and the boys did not get their share of the corruption pie for a development in Freneau.
No firetruck was bought either.

That is the truth.

The whole truth.

And nothing but the truth.

So help me God.

Right Norm?

It is amazing what we know.

Right Norm?

Play ball said...

It seems from the last post that former councilman John Gartlee is back posting again. Keep them coming John. We hope you know and disclose much more.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a district chief?

O M G Mr. Kauff said...

Its Gartley -->not Gartlee. Mr. Gartley rules if he leaked that little gem about the fire truck in my eyes. If Mr. Gartley did not write the post I say who cares as long as the truth gets out to us and Norman Kauff and others will have to run for cover? The fire truck info is just the latest to be piled on. You can bet that Norman Kauff cares about that or anything else like that getting out. That Norman Kauff can try and hide from this latest post or just have his henchmen deny everything on his behalf once again. Just more and more denials of such information is getting old really quick. But remember we don't know anything. Sure we don't. What will be the next corrupt or questionable act or backroom deal to come out of the Norman Kauff closet? No response it seems will be coming from the Norman Kauff closet of lies or from Councilman Cannon. It is all too apparent that Councilman Cannon and his fifteen minutes is almost up. That happened quicker then I thought. So where is the proof will certainly be asked by the defenders of Norman Kauff as if they don't know it happened as reported. Maybe Mr. Gartley or whoever can provide more information after the usual attacks on the site and its contents commences.

Anonymous said...

I just looked up to see when the Firetruck thing first surfaced. It came to light on 1/20/10 at 7:22pm. Anyone notice that this one is not drawing the ire that most other posts do. Makes you say hhhmmmmm????
Like hhhhmmmm??? maybe they can't say it did not happen. The silence as they say is deafening.

Jim from Arbordale CB said...

Isn't it Anthony Spaleiro not
Vinnie ? He just built a house across from me. He seems very nice and was very considerate of our neighborhood while building. Is that the one in the recent post with this development and truck thing ? Fill me in.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Spalleiro was the developer in marlboro. He tried to develop some properties here years ago in aberdeen. He never built anything here that we know of. Maybe our team of Marc Corren and Norm Kauff wanted to much money. Maybe the crooks in marlboro sold there politically corrupt souls for much less then our Marc Corren and Norm Kauff would. Either way Anthony Spalleiro built much in marlboro. How long has our Kauff been involved in marlboro my husband wants to know.

My husband said Anthony Spalleiro is to be sentenced soon for bribing public officials to get approvals. There was some other thing to about about a girl he threatened. Just a crook and a bully from what my husband knows about the name. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

The post about the fire truck and development was not John Gartley. It mentioned finally getting us sewers. Our area is the only one still waiting for sewers. John Gartley lives by the water from a conversation I had with him when he was campaigning years ago. Whoever put the information up there deserves a pat on the back. They get a big thank you from me right here and now. Thank you.

Our sewers have been failing and not much sympathy comes our way for our problem. When we can flush our toilets and not have it come up through your lawn we will be thankful. We have been told for years that sewers were coming. Still waiting twenty three years now and i'm stuck and can't sell my house. Our areas elected official is looking into it. We have heard that and too much more from politicians over the years.

Got to flush now just like I flush what town hall has told us for years. It is the same thing going into my septic tank or my front lawn. Either way we still need sewers.

Anonymous said...

The technology post was hysterical.
They should go into the schools and see what is really there, what actually works, and what has been sitting there for months and months unused because they were ordered incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

You have no sewers? Oh my god!?!

When did you discover this travesty that we, all of the taxpayers of Aberdeen, should now pay for?

Was it when the shit started bubbling through your yard after flushing for 23 years while doing nothing about your old septic tank?

Was it when you paid $50k less for your house than a comparable house in the rest of town because it didn't have a sewer connection?

Was it when you bought the fucking house, knowing it had a septic tank and no sewers?

Or was it when you decided to blame the Township after getting exactly what you bargained for when you bought the house?

Is it buyer beware, or buy a cheap house with a septic tank and then blame everyone else when you have shit in your yard?

Charles St. still waiting said...

The sewers in that area of town are a health hazard and the town leadership knows it and has failed to act upon it for many years. The possibilities of development in the area similarly has been a stumbling block to getting sewers into the area due to the corrupted by Norman Kauff town management.

The other major factor is that Kauff and the rest could not get enough bribe money to make it worth their while. So the people of Freneau have been told for over twenty years that sewers are coming, sewers are coming. You get a little tired of being told that every election season, only to have been lied to again the day after election day. Lied to over and over again by the newly elected Norman Kauff controlled liars. It is a vicious circle of corruption that has kept sewers out of Freneau.

The last posting was by an uniformed idiot. I apologize for his ignorance and obvious stupidity.

Why does Freneau still suffer said...

Charles Street,

While I sympathize and appreciate all you stated, there is hope for you. In your own neighborhood now lives an elected council member who should press for the sewers you need. If she has any independence from all things Kauff. Perhaps you can now get some insider attention and pressure to focus on your plight. If you do notget the help and attention you need then the saga of the Kauff corruption will have merely garnered another soldier in the ongoing corruption. A soldier who will have failed her own neighbors by not standing up to the corruption that has kept ignoring you. The same exact corruption by the same corrupt people that have kept you in the health hazard that you have been allowed to remain in by your elected officials and their boss.


Captain Waxie said...

Councilman Drapkin at the store; when he gets to the checkout does the cashier ask, "Are you ready toupee for that now, sir?"
Don't be vain, Owen! Say it loud: "I'm bald and I'm proud!"
Clic my moniker for more info!